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Information about how to place an advert in Shire.

Advertising is really important to us at Shire. It is a resource that local residents can make good use of, if they are in need of a business or service. It is also a space where local businesses and services can be brought to public notice.

The revenue that we receive from advertising is the paper's primary source of income and as such, helps us to keep the paper free for the local community.

Current Advertising Rates

Inside Pages: £7.50 for each charging unit 

Outside Pages: £8.25 for each charging unit

Half Page: £140.00

Full Page: £280.00

How does Advertising work?

Adverts are created to fill a certain space, known as a 'Charging Unit'. You can place an advert to fill a single Charging Unit or you can choose to expand your advert to fill a number of charging units. You will be charged for the number of single Charging Units that your advert covers.


A single charging unit has a depth of 3cm and spans a single column width (approximately 8cm). This costs £7.50.

An advertisement can span one, two or three columns.

For example: An advertisement spanning two columns and having a height of 6cm would equate to 4 charging units which would cost £30.00.

All Advertising prices include the option for colour printing.

Interested in placing an advert in Shire? 


 Please email or phone Paul McMillan, Advertising Manager on 07742804737

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