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We are on our way! Things are happening in Shire!

Rainbows Return!

Weave a Wreath with Tandem

Co‐op to Fund Public Hall

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Merry Christmas

Shirehampton Remembers

The Armistice of Compiègne was an agreement to end the fighting on the Western Front and brought an end to WWI.

Signed on the 11th November 1918 it came into force at 11am and ended fighting on land, sea and air between the Allies and Germany. Church bells, which had been silenced four years earlier, rang out across the country, to announce the war was over.

awaiting photo

Fast forward to 2018 and this year we mark the Centenary of the end of WWI exactly one hundred years ago to the day. Shirehampton marked this anniversary with poppies on lamp posts and poppies on The Green. Hundreds of people attended a short service at the War Memorial and paid their respects to the fallen, and to the men and women that returned home from both World Wars and conflicts to present day. Many gave their lives for our futures. The Daisy Field, originally the area for the Remount Station, also remembered the animals that helped our armed forces in battle with a display.

Our oldest War Veteran Lou Merrett at the age of 99 years was in attendance to remember friends and colleagues. Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Scouts, Fire Brigade, Avonmouth Sea Cadets, Darren Jones MP and other local organisations laid wreaths of Remembrance and family members and friends left Remembrance crosses for loved ones at our War Memorial.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them.

More REMEMBERANCE photographs

Kathryn Courtney

Hallow’een In Shirehampton

Shirehampton saw its own share of spooks and ghouls this year.

awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo

The Co-op, Super Saver Store, Break, Clic Sergent Elite Hair and Beauty and Sweet Tooth Delights all had Hallow’een themes for the day as a small selection of photos show.

awaiting photo
Autumn Disco in the Public hall
awaiting photo
awaiting photo

The Public Hall held its first Community Autumn Disco on Saturday 27th October. The afternoon turned out to be a great family event and children of all ages were thoroughly enjoying themselves dancing at the disco and hoola hooping, showing the adults how it’s really done! Tickets were only £3 with refillable soft drinks and tea or coffee for the adults. There were glow sticks aplenty for the children, face painting and glitter tattoos.

Yard Arts provided some spooky entertainment on stage with Hallow’een approaching and some children and adults got dressed up for the occasion too. The disco was very popular mixing in a few children’s TV show songs every now and again and including ‘Baby Shark’ which remained my earworm for the weekend.

Shirehampton Public Hall will be holding other family and community orientated events on a regular basis in the future. To keep updated please go to: or their Facebook page:

Kathryn Courtney

Christmas!! what’s it all about

Christmas has lost its sparkle, it’s tired and worn out
I have to ask myself now; what's it all about.

I remember making paper chains, red, blue and green
I thought they were the prettiest thing I had ever seen

Gone are those simple days, now everyone competes
To give to the ones they love bigger better treats

Everyone is racing round buying lots of toys and stuff
Trying to make their kids happy, ensuring they have enough

Being a child of the fifties, a simpler life was mine
No great expectations, anything was fine.

In those days, it was about the celebration not the race
And any present given; always put a smile upon my face.

Written by Jennie Frankowicz (nee Button) 02/12/2016

How Shire Are You?

Test your local knowledge

awaiting photo

32 pictures from around Shirehampton ‐ how many can you place?

Click here to start the quiz

The Making of Poppies on the Green

The whole of Shirehampton was invited to take part in making poppies to decorate the Green for the Armistice Centenary and the response was tremendous!

After the Shirehampton Greens Station Ladies began knitting poppies to decorate the station and Christmas Illuminations began their sponsored poppies for the High Street,’ Friends of the Green’ decided to decorate the Green with poppies. And Kathryn Courtney went into action!

awaiting photo
Sea Cadets - Poppy Painters fig.1
awaiting photo
Sea Cadets Poppy painters fig.2

She began to contact schools, churches and youth groups all over Shire asking them to make poppies. She organized collections of recyclable plastic materials and approached local businesses for donations of paint, brushes and wire. She set up a series of Poppy Painting sessions in St Mary’s, at the Methodist Church, at the Craft Fayre and in the Public Hall. She set up a Facebook page that provided helpful how‐to instructions for people working at home.

awaiting photo
Nova school - Poppy painters
awaiting photo
St Mary’s - Poppy painters
awaiting photo
Shirehampton Craft Exhibition - Poppy painters fig.1
awaiting photo
Shirehampton Craft Exhibition - Poppy painters fig.2
awaiting photo
Poppy painters - Painting poppies

She organized teams to put up the poppy displays on the Green and in the Daisy Field. She was there with staples, drills, wire and wire cutters, glue and varnish in the pouring rain organizing the drenched but willing volunteers. Even the men working on the bus shelter pitched in, anchoring the displays with paving stones and traffic cones.

awaiting photo
Daisy Field Volunteers 1
awaiting photo
Daisy Field Volunteers 2
awaiting photo
Daisy Field Volunteers 3
awaiting photo
Daisy Field Volunteers 4
awaiting photo
Friends of Shire Green Volunteers 1
awaiting photo
Friends of Shire Green Volunteers 2
awaiting photo
Friends of Shire Green Volunteers 3
awaiting photo
Friends of Shire Green Volunteers 4
awaiting photo
Friends of Shire Green Volunteers 5
awaiting photo
Friends of Shire Green Volunteers 5

After the wet and windy weather Remembrance Sunday was sunny, calm and mild. The poppy displays had survived the wind and rain and the Green looked lovely ‐ a real tribute to the fallen and to the creativity and community spirit of Shirehampton.

Row Upon Row‐ Battle of the Somme

Tiny figures all laid out
In row upon row upon row
What is the significance of
The row upon row upon row

Each one here marks someone’s life
In row upon row upon row
There’s nineteen thousand tiny shrouds
In row upon row upon row

So why are they all lying there
In row upon row upon row
They represent the first day’s toll
Shot down in row upon row upon row

From trenches men poured into No Man’s Land
In row upon row upon row
So quick and cruel they were cut down
In row upon row upon row

So now we must remember them
We’ll stand in row upon row upon row
We’ll hang our heads and think of them
Silently lying in row upon row upon row

The final cost in young men’s lives
Is so very hard to justify
So I’ll hang my head and shed a tear
And ask the question WHY !

Shirehampton Craft Exhibition 2018

Shirehampton Craft Exhibition 2018

For those who feel electronic gadgets are killing off the traditional crafting skills, a visit to the exhibition would have totally alleviated such fears ‐ as I walked in my first reaction was (to quote Strictly’s Craig Revel‐Horwood) AM‐AZ‐ING!

awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Click here to see more craft fair photos

Visitors were greeted by a flood of colour, texture and design expertly arranged and it just drew you in.

40 years

Well into its fourth decade the exhibition goes from strength to strength ‐ this year saw 55 exhibitors displaying 200+ entries (and that doesn’t include the items on the sales table). Visitor numbers were up on last year too.

We saw all our old favourites including obviously the wonderful quilts and related items, knitted garments and toys/animals, cross stitch, tapestry, glass painting, lacework, Christmas decorations, wall hangings and wreaths, cushions galore and the lovely model ships and fantastic pottery.

In more recent years we have been delighted by the papier mache animals (so impressive), up‐cycled furniture, decoupage and the inclusion of paintings from local artists ‐ this year the Twyford Art Group. Having not had any woodwork for the past two years it was great to welcome back items in this lovely medium.

Newer entries included one‐off items like the Harvest Cross with poppies, so appropriate for the centenary year of the Armistice, and if you felt you were flailing around in a sea of crafts help was at hand with the beautiful model of the Avon Lighthouse to guide you to safety.

There were clay knots and shells and polymeric constellation (items made from beach combing detritus) ‐ so attractive. There was also a handmade book and brass rubbing ‐ I could go on but there was just so much to see.

The demonstrations and workshops including the Avonmouth Knitting Group, papier mache, Christmas tree decorations and sewn decorations, nightlight snowmen and crochet added the extra dimension and interest, thank you to all who gave their time to share their skills.

children’s crafts were very much in evidence…

If people believe crafts are for ‘old people’ think again because children’s crafts were very much in evidence with exhibits from individual children, the 34th Brownies and 126th Beavers and St Mary’s Toddler group. I know Gail put in a lot of work to encourage uniformed organisations to come up with exhibits and it paid off.

On the subject of children there were plenty of activities to engage them. The cat hunt around the village was popular. Children had been asked in advance to submit names for cats which were made of various media and placed in 14 shops/businesses around the village so children could hunt them out.

Thank you so much to the businesses that took part. Then inside the hall were domestic and wild cats to find among the exhibits ‐ great fun and so engaging as a half‐term activity. Our skills need to be carried on by our young people so the Shirehampton Craft Exhibition can still be going well into a fifth decade!

Not an easy thing

Once again there was the Stitcher’s Challenge, this year the theme was ‘Song Titles’ and visitors were asked to vote for their favourite from the ten entries. Not an easy thing as they all had something special to commend them but 187 people voted. The winner was Jenny Winfield with ‘Flowers in the rain’ closely followed by ‘Hey diddle diddle’ by Sue Cowdell ‐ well done!

Poppy painting was held on some of the days where anyone could paint a plastic poppy to be placed on the Green for Remembrance Sunday, demonstrating the community‐wide appeal of the exhibition.

As a non crafter but huge fan of those who have these skills I must say a massive thank you to Gail, Ed and their team for pulling off yet another triumph.

I know work goes on all year to support this one week and may this iconic event carry on bringing pleasure to the community for many years to come.

Judy Helme

Thanks from Craft Exhibition Committee

Shirehampton Craft Exhibition committee would like to thank the army of local volunteers whose efforts made the event possible.

The crafts people who provided the exhibits, trusting us with their precious work (56 exhibitors in total not including the children in groups) and the leaders of Stomp, beavers, brownies, rainbows and toddler group who enabled children to exhibit.

The committee who meet throughout the year to ensure the event happens, producing application forms, systems for tracking entries and sales ensuring the organisational elements are in place.

The designers of the poster and the children’s colouring sheets who give their talents to ensure a unique look to the exhibition .The volunteer who arranges the exhibits so, wherever you turn there is something of interest

The people who publicise the event by getting posters displayed, flyers distributed and information on to social media.

Thanks to Shire who remain our key vehicle of communication

The label creating team, punching the holes and adding the string.

Those who accept the entries, checking them in with care and respect(team of around 10).

The heavy lift team, getting the boards and display pods in place and those who wash the units down. This is hard, dirty work, key to the exhibition but goes unseen (around 12 people)

The exhibition relies on stewards who not only taking money, make coffee and teas, but ensuring everyone receives a warm welcome and that the exhibits are kept safe. They are key, (along with the homemade cakes) to the atmosphere that encourages visitors to come multiple times during the week. The cakes are also donated by very able cooks adding the flavour to the event. The challenge completed by Shire Stitches members always engages the visitors and, again is much appreciated.

The demonstrators and workshop leaders, sharing their craft and chatting with visitors are another important element of the exhibition. We were pleased to welcome the poppy painters this year. The numbers of people taking part were not monitored but they produced 100’s of poppies for the Green , coordinated by Kathryn O’Neil

Volunteers also specifically made the items (24 cats in total) for the children to hunt in the hall and in the shops (181 children took part in this activity this year)

Without the visitors the efforts would be wasted, so a thank you is due to those who visited adding the hum and excitement to the exhibition days.


And at the end with a happy and exciting event over

the volunteers who do the physical work of packing away the furniture whist others ensure the protection and return of the exhibits to their rightful owners

The time and effort expended suggests those involve feel it is worthwhile to create this community event.
I hope, if you didn’t come along this year you will try and come next time!

Same time, same place, Tues 29th Oct 2019 ‐ Sat 2nd Nov 2019

Shirehampton Craft Fair

This was a huge success again this year, not only with the number of exhibitors who entered but also the large increase in the number of visitors who came to admire some truly wonderful crafts.

Gail and Ed Amphlett, along with their daughter, Jenny worked like Trojan’s to put on a beautiful colour‐coordinated display of work.

The workshops were well attended, especially the paint a poppy table run by Kathryn Courtney which are to be displayed in and around Shirehampton over this coming special Remembrance weekend. Moreover, the Hunt the Wildcats competition intended for children was as enthusiastically carried out by many an adult as well!

Thank you so much to all who made the Fair such a success but special thanks to Gail and Ed for the huge amount of time and effort they have given to make it happen.

This really is appreciated. Jayne Warren

SCAF ‐ Shirehampton Community Action Forum

awaiting photo

Cast your mind back to SCAF’s AGM in November 2017.

Residents and members spent an animated hour discussing and agreeing five new objectives for the organisation. What emerged was a three‐year work plan for SCAF, which the trustees adopted. The good news is that we are well on our way to meeting those objectives by 2021.

Raising awareness of what SCAF does was top of the list of jobs to do. Everyone agreed that there are many who do not realise all the work that SCAF does in Shire. We now have a Facebook page, our logo is used more than previously, and we launched a new website this year. We also needed more involvement of residents in deciding the direction SCAF should take so we have recruited two new trustees. We welcomed Jess Martens in the summer and John Knight in November who are both involved in the life of Shire in many ways.

We all realised that the Shirehampton Community Plan would influence how SCAF develops over the next few years. We met our target of developing and launching the Plan in June this year. We have already found, in less than six months, that the Plan is a powerful tool in involving more residents in improving life in the village and in our ability to influence decisions about the village with other organisations such as the City Council.

Shire Planning group and Shirehampton Community Plan group have become action groups supported by SCAF, joining the well established Community Safety group and Shire Greens. The work of all the action groups feed information into the SCAF Full Forum, ensuring that many more people know about how to get involved in the life of the village.

We are on our way! Things are happening in Shire!

awaiting photo

Renee Slater met with Helen Thorpe, Deputy Head at Nova Primary, in November.

They will be working together on the campaign to encourage residents of Shirehampton to learn more about the history of the Village and all it has to offer, and to take responsibility for making the Village an even more attractive and welcoming place. They also discussed ways in which the Village and the campaign could be integrated with different aspects of the school curriculum. We hope to talk to the children about the different ways in which they themselves can be involved and contribute to the life of the community.

Our Future ‐ Our Young People

Ash Bearman continues to meet youth organisations and residents. We are all very optimistic that there will be new activities for our young people in Shire, starting in early 2019. We’ll keep you updated as these ideas are developed. We have found that other surveys as well as our Community Plan survey have identified Shire as being a long way behind other areas in activities for young people.

Healthy and Active Shire

Shirehampton Health Centre is eager to work with Shire residents to address some of the issues highlighted in the Plan survey. Dianne Frances has met with staff, management, and members of their Patient Participation Group (PPG) talking about how we can all work together to achieve the targets devised by residents in the Community Plan. Contact the Health Centre if you wish to become a member of the PPG.

Our High Street ‐ The Centre of Our Village

We will hold workshops in the New Year for residents, traders, and organisations to attend. We need ideas from everyone on how to change our High Street into a place for residents to meet, shop, and socialise. High streets are struggling across the country with the same problems. Shire needs to work together to decide how we want to tackle them.

Rainbows Return!

I have recently moved to the area and have decided to re‐open Shirehampton Rainbow group based at the Girlguiding HQ on St Mary’s Road.

There was 178th Shirehampton Rainbows for many years but due to a lack of volunteers, the unit hasn’t been able to run for around 6 years.

awaiting photo
Join rainbows

Pat Davidson has been a great help in getting the unit off the ground and we aim to open in early 2019.

We should be grateful if you would place this image in the Shire to make young families aware of the unit re‐opening. It will take place on a Wednesday evening at Girlguiding HQ on St Mary’s Road between 4.30 ‐ 5.30pm. I would like to get an idea of interest so am encouraging parents/carers to email to register their child’s name.

Please let me know if you require any further information.

Kind regards,

Elise Burvill

Weave a Wreath with Tandem

Tandem Arts like to be in step with the seasons and look for ways to reflect them in the workshops held at their studio.

They would like to bring the year to a close with a wreath making session on Dec 22nd 11‐1pm

All materials provided, places are limited.

awaiting photo

Check out their fb page

Look out for the event appearing on Nextdoor, or join their mailing list for more details closer to the date or

Wishing all a Merry Christmas!

Co‐op to Fund Public Hall

The Public Hall is very honoured to have been chosen to receive Community Funding from the Co‐op this year, so come on, register your coop card online and chose to support the Public Hall with your 1% this year! Follow the link and start helping us save our building!

St Bernard’s Mammoth Mission

On Friday 19th October, St Bernard’s Chaplaincy Team and School Council organised a ‘Mammoth Mission Afternoon’, to support Clifton Diocese’s Year of Mission for a Future Full of Hope.

awaiting photo
Artwork by house group
awaiting photo
Brightening up harvest

Throughout the afternoon, we Brightened Up Harvest for CAFOD by wearing bright colours with our uniform. We worked in our House Groups to create some beautiful colourful artwork.

awaiting photo
Cake sale after school
awaiting photo
Sale of class artwork

After school the fun really started, we had a cake sale for MacMillan Cancer, a nail bar and a sale of class artwork to raise money for CAFOD, and a food collection for the local Food Bank.

We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who came, helped and donated!

We are still counting up the money as donations keep coming in, but we know we have helped a lot of people with our Mammoth Mission!

Shirehampton Primary Remembers

This term in year 5, at Shirehampton Primary School, we have been looking at WW1 and the centenary of the RAF.

To celebrate this, we have designed aeroplanes to be able to fly the longest distance.

awaiting photo

We have also been studying John McCrae’s poem‐ In Flanders Field. We have written the poem down in our finest handwriting and decorated poppies. The decorated poppies will be on display on the local Green in the trees, to commemorate the Armistice centenary.

Hopefully you will be able to visit the Green to see the fantastic display.

The children are excited to learn more and see how it is celebrated in their local community.

St. Mary's News -  December

Hi Folks!

Well, Christmas is almost upon us with excited children and frustrated parents wondering if they have forgotten anything for the big celebration.

It is also a busy time for St Mary’s, as you will see reading these notes.

  • Advent Sunday 2nd December

    Advent Sunday this year falls on 2nd December with Kids’ Klub at 8.30 am, a Sung Holy Eucharist at 10.00 am and our Annual Tree of Light service at 6.00 pm.

    • At this 6pm service the Christmas Tree at the west end of the church is illuminated with white lights and the Memorial Cards completed at the earlier Memorial Service back in November are hung on the branches.
    • There are still Memorial Cards available at the back of the church for you to hang on the branches if you so wish, as the tree will remain in the church until Epiphany, which is in early January.
    • We will also have our normal decorated Christmas Tree standing near the Lady Chapel for you to admire.
  • The Golden Oldies Wednesday 5th December

    Wednesday 5th December is the time when The Golden Oldies have another of their singing sessions in the church from 10.30 am until 11.30 am. As I write these notes I am being serenaded by them at their November session ‐ they sound good and are having a wonderful time.

  • Shirehampton Area Choir Christmas Concert Saturday 8th December

    Saturday 8th December is the day of the Shirehampton Area Choir Christmas Concert which will be held in church at 7.00 pm. This year all monies raised will go to BRACE as mentioned in last month’s St Mary’s News. Tickets will be available from the Church Office, price £5.00, and during the interval you will have the opportunity to enjoy Mince Pies and a glass of mulled wine.

  • Sunday 9th December

    Sunday 9th December begins with our

    • Kids’ Klub Service at 8.30 am followed at
    • 10.00 am by our All Age Communion Service. But that is not all, as at
    • 4.00 pm that afternoon we will be holding our annual Christingle Service.

    For those of you who have never been before please come and join us as you will be pleasantly surprised at what takes place!

  • Messy Church Thursday, 13th December

    Messy Church this month is on Thursday, 13th December and is from 3.30 pm until 5.00pm. It is a time for children to enjoy some craftwork, a story and, of course, refreshments. Please encourage your children to come along and enjoy themselves!

  • Carols in the Churchyard On Saturday 15th December

    On Saturday 15th December at 10.30 am there will be a group of our church members singing Carols in the Churchyard adjacent to the High Street. You are welcome to come and join their singing. They are collecting donations towards the work of Christian Aid, so if you feel unable to sing, please come along to support them and this worthwhile charity.

  • Sunday 16th December

    Sunday 16th December will follow the usual pattern with the Kids’ Klub Service followed by a Holy Communion Service with Hymns. At 6.00 pm we will be holding a Service of Christmas Carols with Readings, which will make you realise that Christmas Day is even nearer than you first thought!

  • Carol Services Thursday 20th December

    On Thursday 20th December there will be no coffee served in the morning as the local Primary School will be holding their own Carol Services in church at 9.15 & 10.15 am, followed by our weekly Said service of Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel at 11.00 am.

  • Family Service Sunday, 23rd December

    Our next Family Service is on Sunday, 23rd December at 10.00 am. Please come and enjoy it as it is a very laid back informal service.

  • Christmas Eve Monday, 24th December

    Monday, 24th December is of course Christmas Eve

    • 4.00 pm we shall be holding a Family Crib Service which will include Nativity scenes by members of our Kids’ Klub. Please also feel free to come dressed up as one of the characters in the Nativity if you so desire.
    • Later on at 11.30pm is our service of Midnight Mass which is a Holy Communion Service with Hymns and Carols to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.
  • Christmas Tuesday, 25th December

    Christmas Day the first Communion of Christmas which will be an All Age Service at 10.00 am. It is not likely to be very long, so it shouldn’t interfere with preparation of Christmas Lunch!

    • Please note that the church will be closed after this service until Wednesday, 2nd January, with the exception of Sunday, 30th December when again we shall have another Family Service at 10.00 am.
    • Please also note there will be no kid’s Klub service and no evening Holy Communion or Healing Service on this day. The closure of our church until the New Year will give our hard‐working volunteers a much deserved rest and break.

May you all have a peaceful and blessed Christmas and I leave you with this thought ‐ Who is never hungry at Christmas? The turkey ‐ he is always stuffed!

’Bye for now! C.M.E.

Shirehampton Baptist Church Carol Service

The Cotswold Estate is a very pleasant and friendly part of Shirehampton.

We are blessed with a thriving Community Centre, providing us with many activities thanks to the hard work of the committee members.

For many years Shirehampton Baptist Church has held a short service once a month, followed by refreshments. This is held in the Community Hall on the second Sunday of the month at 4:45 pm.

Recently, the Methodists share the service with us. The highlight of the year is our Carol Service which will be on December 9th at 5:30 pm. St Mary’s will share in this service which has become popular with the residents. Wherever you live, whatever your denomination, faith or no faith, you are welcome. Christmas is a busy time, but why not stop and reflect on the religious side of the Festive Season.

Mair Blandford

Nature Notes…

We are able to enjoy every season of life of this lovely chestnut tree, which grows just yards from our home.

awaiting photo
Chestnut tree

It produced a great amount of fruit for passers by this year, but this sight really caught my eye last week, as its crazily beautiful limbs were revealed after months of being shrouded by leaves and VERY prickly chestnuts.

Lapwings have been gathering along the river over the last few days, creating a lovely display against the autumn sky. Oystercatchers too can be heard as they hunt for food along the mud banks.

Whilst walking the dogs this morning with a friend, we spotted a seagull in the PBA field. Not unusual you might think, and you’d be right! But this seagull was feeding: and he was busily using a technique that kept us entertained for ages. I had seen this on TV but not on the riverbank! I noticed his legs stamping up and down at great speed, and his eyes glued to the ground until……BINGO! he was rewarded by a hapless worm emerging, to seek what it had been led to believe was rainfall! Clever and resourceful seagull ate well this morning.

On a serious note, a friend and neighbour pointed out to me recently, that two of our Ash trees on the riverbank had been cruelly scarred around their entire trunks. The damage is considerable and will probably cause irreparable harm. This is depressing to see, when we all know how vital trees are to our planet’s and our existence. We must all be alert to the abuse of the nature on our doorsteps, in light of what is going on on a global scale, don’t you think?

Bobbie Perkins

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐‐>

 Narford House  ‐ Renata Eley Long

Dear Editor

I have just read online the interesting article on house names by Richard Coates which includes mention of Narford House, named after the Fountaine Family seat, Narford Hall in Norfolk, near where I live.

I am researching the provenance of a painting that once hung in Narford and which my late father bought at a Lalonde Bros. & Parham auction sale in Bristol in the latter part of 1960/early 1961, and am hoping to find the Fountaine family connection to the city. I have found that the marriage of Hill Mussenden Leathes to Geraldine Fountaine (of the Narford family) was announced in The Clifton Society Journal of 7th October 1897.

So far, I have followed a possible trail from Narford to Bath with further potential connections to the Lee Warner family of Tibberton Court, Herefordshire and the family of Carteret de Mussenden Leathes.

The inclusion of the painting with many other lots from the same residence suggests this might have been an auction sale resulting from a deceased estate or a person perhaps emigrating. (The auctioneers’ archive was destroyed some time ago.) I have placed an enquiry in the next edition of the BAFHS Journal but wonder whether Mr. Coates has any further knowledge of the Narford/Fountaine connection to Shirehampton/Bristol, or can direct me to someone who may. I would be grateful if you would pass this email to him or anyone you know of who might have anecdotal information. It is rather a challenging research project!

Yours truly,

Renata Eley Long

 re: Narford House  ‐ Richard Coates

Dear Ms Long

The Editor of the Shire web‐site has forwarded your query to me. I’m afraid my connection of the house name with Narford in Norfolk was complete speculation ‐ in the absence of any secure information at all ‐ but in the light of your email it becomes a fraction more plausible. I can find no mention of Fountaine in the 70‐odd volumes of the Bristol Record Society. I’m sorry I can contribute nothing more, but if you ever find anything which improves the connection I would be delighted to hear, and I will do the same for you!

Best regards

Richard Coates

 tatty banners and the DRILLED advert board  ‐ Mrs Anita Molnar

Dear Editor,

My name is Mrs Molnar. I have been living in Shirehampton for 8 years with my family.

We love this part of Bristol because we have green places at out doorsteps but also have good public transport connections to town.

My family is really pleased to see the hard working constructors setting up the new bus stops on the Green so finally we will have a clue if the bus is coming.

Though, there is a little challenge. I hope somebody will remove those tatty banners and the DRILLED advert board from the tree trunk. How come somebody was allowed to commit that kind of a crime? That person hasn’t behaved according to the green expectations of the 21st century.

I am happy to give a helping hand or chat with the Shirehampton Green‐Team.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Anita Molnar

 Shire 2018 Poppy Appeal  ‐ Henry Michallat

Dear Editor,

I would like to personally pay tribute to the Shire 2018 Poppy Appeal for their fantastic efforts in supporting the Royal British Legion with the idea of putting Poppies on the lamp posts in Shirehampton.

It was great to see that local businesses supported this idea, and as this is the 100 anniversary of the end of the First World War, what a fitting tribute this was.

Kind regards,

Henry Michallat

 beautiful and simple gestures  ‐ AJ Goff

Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate everyone who participated in the wonderfully understated but beautiful and simple gestures on Shire Green.


AJ Goff


Dear Editor,

This was a huge success again this year, not only with the number of exhibitors who entered but also the large increase in the number of visitors who came to admire some truly wonderful crafts. Gail and Ed Amphlett, along with their daughter, Jenny, worked like Trojans to put on a beautiful colour‐coordinated display of work. The workshops were also well‐ attended, especially the paint a poppy table run by Kathryn Courtney. The poppies are to be displayed around Shirehampton over the special Remembrance weekend. Moreover, the Hunt the Wildcats competition intended for children was as enthusiastically carried out by many an adult as well! Thank you so much to all who made the Fair such a success but special thanks to Gail and Ed for the huge amount of time and effort they have given to make it happen. This really is appreciated.

Jayne Warren

 Poppies in the Village Vandalised  

Dear Editor,

Shirehampton has always done Remembrance Sunday proud and this year I was very happy to see that so much extra effort had gone into celebrating this special 100th Anniversary. A big ‘thankyou’ to those who gave their time and effort so willingly.

I was proud to sponsor one of the Poppies on public display through Shire but extremely saddened to hear of the mindless vandalism where several were damaged. The Poppy I had sponsored for my two little granddaughters, with a message wishing them peaceful lives, was at the bottom of Park Hill and I was livid when I found it had also been vandalised! The damage wasn’t as bad as those that were replaced but nevertheless it was clearly a deliberate act of violence against a harmless decoration with a loving message.

What are these mindless vandals so angry about? Why don’t they put their energy into something more positive? After all, there are many people around Shire that could use a little physical help regularly and many organisations that will help them to find those people. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have helped someone in their hour of need.

I know I should have more compassion but really, what reasons could possibly excuse or forgive that sort of behaviour? I guess the irony of vandalising a message about love and peace would be lost on them as they clearly have no pride in Shirehampton and no pride in themselves.

Name and address supplied

Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Evans

Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Evans Dottie and I were friends for 47 years. We came to meet at Playgroup for our kids, her one and my two.

My daughter Joanne was 6 months old. Dottie was like a second mum to her and we all spent many hours together. I will miss her very much.

God bless you, Dot, Love Sandra

Glad Morgan 7 Dec 1938 - 9 Sept 2018

Kim, Jess & Tom, Nick & Linda, and Greg would like to thank everyone for all their kind words, messages and cards.

Our family were so touched that so many people came to the service at Canford, and to the PBA afterwards, to celebrate Glad’s wonderful life.

Her zest for life and people was amazing.

Also, many thanks for the donations we received, which were sent to the Bristol Heart Institute Appeal and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

Many thanks to you all.

Community Learning

Gain a certificate with Indigo Bubble Training.

Useful for your CV and work or volunteering. FREE course if you (or a partner) receive an eligible means tested benefit, otherwise it will cost £21.

Venue: Avonmouth Children’s Centre, Catherine Street, Avonmouth, BS11 9LG

Dates and time: Thursday 25th January to 8th February, 3 sessions, 12.30 ‐3pm.

Introduction to Working With Children

This FREE course will explore opportunities to work or volunteer in different early years settings, it will increase your confidence and knowledge about working with children.

Venue: Sea Mills Children’s Centre, Riverleaze, BS9 2HL

Date and time: Thursday mornings, starting in January 2019

The YardArts Village, an update:

We have been talking with planning since April to try to get all aspects of our proposal in one application.

However, due to the nature of the system we were advised to make two applications, one then the other. Since the cafe and workshops can be done via markets/ food stalls and local business such as Paulio’s Piazza, till the planning is through we felt it best that they were in the second application.

We will be doing community events/ markets/ maker days/ circus classes for all ages and abilities if the first application is successful, as soon as we are in.

The second application is nearly ready to go and will be submitted once the outcome of the first is announced and if it is successful. (This should be a much quicker process than this one).

We will be attending any community meeting we are invited to. YardArts is happy to answer any questions via email at

Your local MP's Report Darren Jones

Darren has had a busy month in Westminster and in Shire with a focus on Brexit and the recent budget.

He thanks those of us who went to his Brexit briefing event at Shire Public Hall or completed his online survey.

awaiting photo
Brexit briefing

Darren is aware of the real challenges with congestion and road works on the High Street and the lack of bus services going through some parts of the village and is hoping to be able to secure funding to make some improvements. We’ll hear more in the new year.

local people didn’t want the site…

YardArts has also put in their planning permission for a residential site and circus dome on the junction between Kingsweston House and Oasis Academy Brightstowe at Penpole Lane. Following his public meetings (one on site and one at the Methodist Church), a leaflet to residents and an online survey Darren had to conclude that local people didn’t want the site in this location. He has therefore passed on our feedback to Bristol City Council.

He regrets that we’re still talking about trying to fix the Iron Bridge between Kingsweston House and Blaise Castle, but thanks to our local councillor Don Alexander we’re making progress

Darren attended the Remembrance Sunday service

This year, Darren attended the Remembrance Sunday service in Shire. He joined veterans and representatives of the Armed Forces in the procession from St Mary’s Church and laid a wreath on behalf of the House of Commons. He was especially impressed by the fantastic community effort that created Poppies on the Green.

Darren hosted a coffee morning on Saturday 24th November at Cotswold Community Association anda special Christmas coffee morning on Saturday 1st December at Stoke Bishop Hall.

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club.

A generally good season was reported by club officers and captains at the Annual General Meeting on October 25th.

A fine summer meant that almost all planned fixtures were played and enjoyed.

The election of officers and committee saw David Hinksman remain as President, Lis Davies as Chairperson, Heather Champion as Secretary, Bill Hatherall as Treasurer and Phil Cormack as Fixtures Secretary. Gill Hinksman will continue as Ladies League Captain and Bill Hatherall Men’s League Captain as well as Club Delegate to the City and County Association. Delegates to the Gloucestershire Association are ‐‐‐ Flo Grimes for the ladies and David Hinksman for the men. Merv May will once again be Week‐End Captain.

Indoor bowls

awaiting photo

Saturday November 3rd saw City and Port play the first of three indoor games planned for this winter and this one was against the host City and County Indoor Club Team ‐‐‐‐ a real challenge against a side that plays a lot of indoor bowls. The game, played on five rinks, was very enjoyable and resulted in a win for the City and County Team by 122 shots to 75. But City and Port did have a winning rink, skipped by Ken Davies with Steve Reed, Flo Grimes and Mervyn White playing numbers one to three.

awaiting photo
Indoor November 3rd

An excellent two course meal followed the game to round off a good afternoon.

The next indoor game will be on Saturday 19th January against Begbrook Green and this will start at 6.15 pm.

Beetle drive

awaiting photo
Beetle drive November 4th (No Volkswagens were harmed during this event)

To complete a busy week‐end there was a challenge of a different sort on Sunday 4th ‐‐‐ The Beetle Drive, when throwing a six is all important and guaranteed to raise frustration levels considerably. Almost thirty bowlers, family and friends enjoyed the evening at the end of which there was a winner and Beetle Champion ‐‐‐‐ Mary Lomas had most points when the last beetle of the evening had been drawn ‐‐‐‐ well done to her. The next Sunday evening social event will be on December 9th ‐‐‐ a Gordon Dimond quiz ‐‐‐ something to look forward to.

Green preparation

Work at the green and on the green has already started in preparation for the 2019 season, and will continue through the winter and spring so that all will be ready for the much awaited green opening day on April 12th.


Ten Bowlers were amongst the group of main club members present on October 30th for a course on how to operate the recently installed defibrillator ‐‐‐ situated near the main club main entrance. It is now fully operational and available to club users and the Ambulance Service alike.