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Goodbye Flower World

Welcome Ruby Jeans Coffee Shop.

Young Carers in Shirehampton

Personal Trainer Breaks World record

From my doorstep

From 191st Bristol St Marys Shirehampton Scout Group.

Grainger Players Present Beauty and the Beast

Blaise Museum Re‐Development Project Needs Local Volunteers

News from Shirehampton Primary

Deputy Mayor Visits NOVA Primary

Nova primary school

Avonmouth C of E Primary School celebrate World Book Day

St. Mary's News -  April

The Wild West of England

Botany in the Shire

Nature Notes…

Letters to the Editor

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club

Bristol & District Cricket League

awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
Photo by Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
Sledging on the Golf Course. Photo by Bob Pitchford

Goodbye Flower World

The florist has always had a strong presence on Shirehampton High Street but retirement is beckoning for the owners of Flower World and the shop closes the end of March.

Tina and Ron Harpley have been providing a large range of flowers and services, with home delivery of special and surprise bouquets for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and additional special days. They will be remembered for selling a variety of plants and fledgling vegetables as well as for the creative window displays for Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Hallow’een and Bon Fire Night.

awaiting photo
Tina and Ron Harpley

Ron Harpley bought the shop thirty‐two years ago. Tina had already been working at the shop for almost eight years as a florist for the previous owner. As she said I just so happened to marry the boss!

Ron and Tina say they will remember The friendliness of the customers who come in time and again. We’re not going to miss the state of the high street because it has declined which is such a shame; but we will miss what it used to be like. But work? We won’t miss work.

We’d just like to thank everyone for their kind custom, business and support over the last thirty or forty years. If it wasn’t that we felt we needed to retire we’d still be here. Hopefully we’ll be able to pop into Shire occasionally and see a few people, we’ll wander round, you never know. said Ron

The building itself will be developed into two shop units and a self contained flat therefore providing opportunities for a couple of small businesses to make their mark on the High Street in the future just as Flower World has done over the years. Good luck and farewell Tina and Ron and enjoy your new adventures.

Kathryn Courtney

Welcome Ruby Jeans Coffee Shop.

You may have noticed that a new coffee shop has opened on the corner of Pembroke Road and Waverley Road in Shirehampton.

Doors opened during February. This is a family run business with Bridie Horridge and Chris King at the helm. Bridie said My late nan was called Ruby and Chris’s late granny was called Jean. So the coffee shop is named after two amazing women and means a lot to us.

awaiting photo
Ruby Jeans

Bridie and Chris have lived in Bristol for ten years and moved to Shirehampton last year. They had been thinking of setting up a business for a long time and found the village a friendly place. We saw this unit for lease and thought it was ideal as it was on a corner with lots of windows so we thought let’s give it a go. I’d worked part‐time in a coffee shop and thoroughly enjoyed it. I always wanted to go back to it and now we have a coffee shop that is ours. I’ve done a bit of retraining to refresh my skills and it all came flooding back to me said Chris.

What does this coffee shop offer for the community? We hope it provides something a little bit different to what is already available in the area. People can come here, have coffee with their friends or have lunch. It’s friendly, relaxed meeting place and we cater for everyone. We also do a take away service, said Bridie

awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Ruby Jeans provide a varied selection of premium coffee, organic and herbal teas, milkshakes, smoothies, a selection of soft drinks and hot chocolate with a difference . Basically it’s a chunk of Belgian milk, caramel or white chocolate on a stick, you put it in the really hot milk and stir it in and that creates a really good hot chocolate. We don’t use powders and we use organic milk with our drinks said Chris.

They work with local suppliers to ensure their food selection is prepared from the best ingredients. Sandwiches, Panini’s and wraps are the lunchtime options with tray bakes such as rocky road, brownies and flapjacks, and lemon drizzle, carrot and orange cake for those who have a sweet tooth. There are some glutenfree and vegan options available. We will look to increase our selection but have limited storage space so have to be practical. We value customer feedback and would like to know what people like and want and hope to offer slightly different options in the future.

Chris is at the forefront of the business whilst Bridie takes care of everything behind the scenes. Every decision is jointly made apart from one thing I played quite a large part with the interior of the shop. I choose the wallpaper so I can take credit for that. said Bridie

For further information about Ruby Jeans Coffee Shop please go to

Kathryn Courtney

Young Carers in Shirehampton

Local young carer, Sarah (aged 16), has designed a poster to raise awareness of how being a carer impacts on the mental health of young people.

The aim of the poster is to tell other young carers that it’s OK to talk about how they feel, and to improve understanding amongst their teachers and peers. Her poster is to be displayed in schools across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

awaiting photo
Young carers at City Hall

Sarah lives in Shirehampton and cares for her mother who has arthritis and kidneys problems.

In coming up with their ideas, Sarah and other members of local campaigning group Young Carers Voice, thought about how they feel when things become a struggle. The designs are based on their own personal experiences, as well as sharing tips for maintaining good mental health; thinking about what works for them and what might be helpful to share with others.

Young Carers Voice were invited to visit City Hall for a tour with Bristol City Mayor Marvin Rees; and they took this opportunity to present their posters to him.

Sarah and Young Carers Voice were supported by the Young Carers Service at local charity Carers Support Centre. The charity will be sending the posters to local schools, as part of their Young Carers in Schools programme.

Keith Sinclair, Chief Executive of Carers Support Centre, said:Young carers miss out on their childhood. They can often become isolated due to caring duties, missing out on playing, seeing friends and other leisure activities. They can often miss lessons and as a result, can struggle to keep up with school work and not achieve their potential. They can also suffer from bullying at school. Many young carers have no choice but to look after parents and other family members, and many take on this responsibility without a second thought. It is crucial young carers get the help and support they so desperately need.

Personal Trainer Breaks World record

Linda Thorne is a Personal Trainer in Shirehampton.

And she also takes part in competitive powerlifting. Linda has recently competed in the deadlift at the BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) British Championships in Weston‐Super‐Mare.

At these Championships she achieved a deadlift of 150kg thus breaking the previous world record in her class, which is Masters 4 (50 ‐ 59 years old) and weight, by 10kg.

From my doorstep

The sunshine catches on my face as I go to start my day
I look around to see lots of people rushing on their way

They’re travelling with great intent, on their journeys to and fro
rushing up and down, where they're going I don’t know.

An old man is struggling with his heavy shopping bags
His struggles go unnoticed and his face is looking sad.

I don’t suppose he ever thought that there would be a time
When he wouldn’t be able, no longer in his prime

His dog is barking furiously in the window of his home
obviously frustrated with being left at home alone

Children all laughing as they make their way to learn
Life for them has just begun, no worries or concerns

They are innocent to this world and its very stony path
Happy in that moment just to play and run and laugh

All this I have noticed just five minutes from my door
I’m wondering what my day will bring, I hope it’s plenty more.

Written by Jennie Frankowicz ( nee Button ) 29/09/2016

From 191st Bristol St Marys Shirehampton Scout Group.

I am writing as chair of the 191st Bristol St Marys Shirehampton Scout group to thank the residents who voted for our group in the process for the award of the PCRF grants.

This together with the hard work of Darren Burke and others has ensured we have moved onto the 3rd stage of the process. PRCF grants require match funding, so to be completely successful the group must raise some funds itself. It is with this in mind that the group will undertake various fund raising activities this year to support the work required. We hope parents and the local community will continue to support us in this regard.

In addition, we will place collection boxes in various local businesses so people who have benefited from involvement in the group or whose children and grandchildren have, can donate. Similarly, you can donate on line at:

Monetary donations are not the only way people or local businesses can help. Volunteer time and material donations will also be gratefully received. I can be contacted via email at The intention of the funds is replacement of the roof, new heating and electrics i.e. the monies are to be spent on essential capital projects required for the survival of the group. I can assure residents close to the hut that we will talk with them regarding the planned work, but the proposal is uncontroversial and will vastly improve the appearance of the hut, so their support would be mutually beneficial.

Mike Britton

Grainger Players Present Beauty and the Beast

The Grainger Players would like to thank everyone who came to watch Beauty and the Beast.

It was a fabulous performance with an excellent turn out both nights. With lots of fun and laughter throughout the evening the show was enjoyed by young and old. Children from the audience joined the cast on stage for a brilliant performance of the Hokey Cokey.

awaiting photo
Hokey Cokey with the Grainger players

Our dedicated charity Magic Moments, which helps send terminally ill children and their families on a holiday each year, raised £211.00, which is fantastic, so a great big thank you to all that came and contributed. We hope to see you all at our next performance Peter Pan. Details of which can be found on our face book and our local Shire magazine.

Blaise Museum Re‐Development Project Needs Local Volunteers

Blaise Castle Museum is looking to recruit a number of local volunteers to work as Community Researchers who could contact other local people about Blaise Museum and local history with a view to boosting visitor numbers at Blaise. If the project is successful, we hope to encourage more visitors to Blaise Museum and establish better links with local schools.

Volunteers do not need any previous experience as training will be provided. The training will take place at Blaise Castle museum and within the local community in April/May.

For further information contact Carmel Zapata, Community Learning Tutor, Bristol City Council: or (0117) 352‐1648

News from Shirehampton Primary

Year three had an eggcellent time during Shirehampton Primary School’s STEM week, learning all about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We had lots of fun during the week, tasting different fruits from around the world and thinking about how they were transported and stored in different ways. We surprised ourselves with which ones we liked, even if they didn’t always look very nice! We particularly liked guava, lychees, pomegranate and rhubarb.

We also looked at sugar content in different soft drinks and measured out the amount for real. We were shocked at how much sugar was in some of them especially when we compared the amounts to recommended guidelines. We decided milk or plain water were the best options.

For our final challenge we had to design the tallest tower possible that would support the weight of an egg. This may sound easy but our only materials were newspaper and masking tape! We had to work well with our group and listen to each other’s ideas. Through trial and error we all constructed our towers and then they were ready for judging. This was eggmazing fun! Surprisingly, we only managed to smash two eggs and the rest of the towers were able to carry the weight of the eggs. The tallest tower was over 60 cm tall.

Deputy Mayor Visits NOVA Primary

In the first week of term, Nova Primary School had a visit from Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor, to present Nova with the new Mental Health and Wellbeing Badge.

awaiting photo
Badge presentation with deputy Mayor Asher Craig

Cllr Craig spent time with the Health and Wellbeing Council to find out how they have impacted on wellbeing across the classes, before seeing the Daily Physical Burst (15 minutes of activity to wake up bodies and minds) in action. She then spoke at a special whole school assembly, before presenting the Badge to Andy Hamilton, Chair of Governors (and Nova’s Wellbeing Governor) and Gracie‐Mai, one of our Year 1 pupils..

Nova are the first and ‐ only school‐ in Bristol to currently hold this award!

Nova primary school

School Governor Vacancy

At Nova Primary School, situated in Barracks Lane, we are very fortunate to have a full complement of Parent Governors, however we do have two vacancies to fill from within our local community. Are you someone who has time to give, to join a team of dedicated Governors with an interest in educating our young inspiring pupils? No experience is required as full training is available.

Do please contact clerk.nova.p@bristol‐ for further information or Tel: 0117 9030446 and leave your name and telephone number with the school office and we will get back to you.

Avonmouth C of E Primary School celebrate World Book Day

Avonmouth C of E Primary School had a brilliant day last month celebrating World Book Day. Children and staff came to school dressed as book characters. It was truly magnificent to see the efforts that all the children had gone to.

We had a special assembly where we looked at some of the amazing costumes that the children were wearing. The teachers read poetry to the children which they thoroughly enjoyed.

awaiting photo
World book day at Avonmouth Primary

Throughout the day, children had the opportunity to join in plenty of book related activities. We held a book quiz for all the children, Year 5 visited Reception to share books with them, and at lunch time we had a book swap for everyone so that the children could swap a book for one that they hadn’t read.

We ended the day after school with a book sale and many parents bought new books for the children to enjoy at home.

At Avonmouth CofE Primary School, we put great value on the importance of reading. We enjoy celebrating events such as World Book Day as they help to raise the profile of reading and also provide the children with lots of fun!

St. Mary's News -  April

Hi Folks!

Oh dear, I got it wrong last month when I said Spring was here and the Winter was gone. Storm Emma caught us all unawares and gave us a nasty sting in the tail to show that Winter was determined to have a last minute bite! Hopefully, you were not suffering in any way. I feel a bit like Michael Fish who said back in 1987 that Great Britain would not be affected by an oncoming storm in the Atlantic. How wrong he was!!

Now I do hope and pray that this edition of Shire reaches you in late March, as I have some amended information for activities in Holy Week and on Easter Day.

  • On Maundy Thursday, 29th March there will be no 11.00 am Holy Communion in St Mary’s as we will be attending Bristol Cathedral for the Chrism Service.
  • However, at 6.00 pm on the Thursday evening we shall now be holding a service of Holy Communion which will include the washing of feet.
  • Good Friday services remain exactly as mentioned last month.
  • St Mary’s will be closed on Easter Saturday, so there will be no Tea & Coffee served on that day.
  • On Easter Day 1st April we will be holding our usual Sunrise Service at 7:00 am on Shirehampton Park, together with our friends from Shire Methodist Church, Highgrove Church, and St Edyth’s, Sea Mills. Afterwards, breakfast will be served at St Edyth’s and NOT Shire Methodist as previously published.

Please also note there will be NO KIDS KLUB SERVICE at St Mary’s on Easter Day. However, we shall be holding an all‐age Holy Communion service at 10.00 am followed by an Easter Egg Hunt in the Churchyard!

  • The Rev Dr Ian Bailey Thursday, 19th April

    On Thursday, 19th April, The Rev Dr Ian Bailey will be leading four weeks of Table Talks in the Tithe Barn until 24th May. These talks will be a series of stimulating conversations thinking about life’s great issues of hope, evil, justice, forgiveness, suffering and death.These sessions are absolutely FREE ‐ so come along and talk things over with a glass of wine!

  • Dementia Information Day Saturday 21st April from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm

    Shirehampton Methodist Church is holding a Dementia Information Day for Shire and other local residents on Saturday 21st April from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. If you are affected in any way by someone who is suffering from dementia you may well find this useful.

Shirley Flanagan wishes to thank all who gave so generously in the collection boxes recently for The Children’s Society. A fantastic £1,007 was raised ‐ a truly magnificent effort.

Pam Crawford, who looks after and cares for The Andy Crawford Memorial Garden, has been extremely upset to recently discover five lots of dog’s faeces around the memorial garden and evidence of food being consumed there. This shows a total disrespect for where the remains of loved ones have been laid to rest. Food and drink is not permitted in this Memorial Garden and dogs are discouraged. If you do take your dog with you, then please remove any deposits in a Poo Bag and dispose of it in the appropriate receptacle. Your co‐operation will be much appreciated

Finally, I have to ask you ‐ How do groups of Angels greet each other? Answer: Halo, Halo, Halo.

Bye for now. C.M.E.

Shirehampton Baptist Church

We are situated in Station Road and our roots go back a long way.

The congregation was formed in 1890 and met in a rented building until a permanent church was built in 1904. On the 29th of March 2014 past and present members and friends met to celebrate the completion of the beautiful refurbishment. Much of the work was done by the men of the church under the guidance of Peter Mann, a retired builder. The transformation is amazing andbeside our worship times it is used for a variety of other activities

Our church motto is, Closer to God,Closer to each other, and Closer to the Community.

We meet every Sunday at 10 30 am and we would be pleased to welcome you. So give us a try.

Mair Blandford

The Wild West of England

This is a publicity photo of a prolific local author: Harry Austin Jones (1912‐1983).

awaiting photo
Harry Austin Jones. Photograph by Colin Momber.

How many Shire people knew him? He was a Welshman, but his life locally began in the 1950s, when he moved from Kent to work in the Haven Master’s office at Avonmouth Docks. He had a parallel life on the Great Plains of the USA. Writing under the pseudonym Hal Jons, he wrote eight Westerns of around 150 pages, starting with Montana Nemesis in 1960 and culminating with Alamosa Guns in 1965. Some of them are visible in the photo. They were all published in London in Frederick Muller’s Sombrero series. The 1950s‐60s were the heyday of Harry’s type of classic Western, but someone saw a chance to make a fast buck in the 1970s: his novels all reappeared unannounced to the author in the London‐based World Distributors’ Bandolero series.

awaiting photo

On retiring from the PBA in 1980, Harry released a further pent‐up stream of seven Westerns with genre fiction publishers Robert Hale. The last, Guns At Chinooga Peak, appeared posthumously in 1983. With yet another identity, Harry Graham, he had produced a Second World War adventure novel which was translated into several other languages, and a fictionalized account of his mining‐village childhood in Ebbw Vale. All his novels are all‐action where the goodies always come out on top, which may be why his literary star has stayed hidden behind fairly thick cloud. There’s more where all that came from: he left more novels and short stories unpublished. But all his published work has been republished in 100‐page paper and electronic format locally by Burnham Priory Publications ‐ named after the two streets in Shire that Harry lived in in the opposite order! His son Mark Jones announced this new venture in Shire in May 2014.

You can find out more about this local author and his books on a web‐site devoted to his work, hal‐, and you can get copies of them through‐and‐adventure.

Richard Coates

Botany in the Shire

The Wild Plants of the Shirehampton area

For a while last month I had the best office in the world ‐ the observation lounge of a Norwegian coastal cruise ship. I’ve always found a sight of the sea to be conducive for botanical writing, which is what passes for work now I’m retired. Of course, when we went ashore, the land was covered in snow and there were few plants that could be seen or recognised ‐ a Dock here and a Birch tree there, and occasionally Juniper, the bringer of Gin, which grows wild near to us on the Stroud commons.

Back home, the snow came to Shirehampton and covered the ground here too, but it didn’t last. So, it was quite nice when I went for a short walk by the Trym and saw, all in flower, celandines, a couple of speedwells, a variety of daffodils, ‘escapes’ such as a garden Hellebore and a creeping Comfrey, and a solitary primrose.

It might be a surprise to read that we have Saxifrages growing wild in Shirehampton, but they are not the sort that flower as the snow melts on British mountains and in the Arctic (and to a vanishingly small extent in Cheddar Gorge). The Rue‐leaved Saxifrage is a small annual with tiny white flowers in April and has three‐fingered leaves which turn completely red when the plant goes to seed. Look for it on the broken tarmac near the War Memorial at the junction of Penpole Lane and Shirehampton Road.

Another small white‐flowered annual we have nearby is the rare Rock Hutchinsia. It was discovered in Britain before 1690 by the Bristolian Richard Kayse. Where he found it passed into print as St Vincent’s Rock near Goram’s Chair, in the parish of Henbury. This caused subsequent botanical writers some confusion, because, unless you are Giant Goram or his mythical protagonist Vincent, the two places are hardly near each other at all; but clearly there is a missing ‘and’. It still occurs in the Avon Gorge but seems to have last been recorded from Goram’s Chair in the 1850’s and from elsewhere nearby, around 1910.

Clive Lovatt

Nature Notes…

The Beast from the East was much talked about recently, and not in a good way! But… what a silver lining it brought with it! I refer, of course, to the invasion of our shores, and particularly of Shirehampton, of beautiful field fares and Red Wings.

I was alerted to their arrival by a friend, who texted me to say the Red Wings were to be seen all around the Cotswold Estate, then others got in touch on social media to cheer the sight of field fares in their gardens.

I felt robbed, as I thought I might not see any, but after a short while, as I glanced out of our window, I was rewarded by a gorgeous Red Wing standing on our garden path. Thank you Beast from the East!

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Lots of springtime action is underway, although the constantly changing weather isn’t helping much! A male tree sparrow was tempting the ladies to the box in the tree outside our garden before the snow, but his efforts came to nothing a day or so later poor chap! He’ll be back!

The herons have arrived in very big numbers, and at time of writing, are firmly sited on their nests. This morning I watched as one glided in, Concord‐fashion, with a large twig to be added to the nest. I counted twenty or more pairs this year I think.

Still missing my sparrows on the feeders, but the blue tits, great tits and happily a couple of robins are feeding here regularly, so it’s not all bad!

Happy nature watching all, Bobbie Perkins

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐>

 Fly tipping ‐ Penpole Lane ‐ Name and address supplied

Dear Editor

Late January I contacted the council service on line referring to fly tipping in Penpole Lane.There was a health and safety issue which the council policy states that it would be removed in 48hrs .When it was not cleaned within a week I reposted again and again after another week. My concern is that school children using the lane daily will come across glass, white goods, a tv and bags of unidentifiable rubbish. So I contacted local councillor Donald Alexander. Within days, all rubbish was cleaned up .Great result.Thank you, Donald.

Name and address supplied.

 Graham Waite photographs ‐ Melvyn Waite & Kathryn Woodage


In the last November issue of Shire there was a letter printed under the above section of the paper which asked if any person knew of any relatives of my late father Graham Waite. This was spotted by my cousin Mary Derrick, who kindly informed me. The end result of this was the successful retrieval of many old family photos which has brought many happy memories for both myself and my sister.

awaiting photo

So my Sister and I would like to express our thanks to all those who enabled this happen.

Mrs Callaghan who I believe found the photos in a house once owned by my father and placed the notification in the Shire newspaper, my cousin Mary Derrick, and of course all those at Shire newspaper.

Thanks again very much.

Melvyn Waite & Kathryn Woodage

Shirley and John Callaghan bought their house in Shirehampton from Graham Waite, Melvyn’s father. Graham’s father, Austen Waite, had an ironmonger’s shop in the Village. Shirley Callaghan found the photos in a box in the house once owned by Graham Waite. She brought the box to the Shire photo exhibition last November. Mary Derrick handed the photos to Melvyn Waite when he visited Bristol in February. Ed.

 Friends of Lamplighter’s Marsh ‐ John Knight

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the excellent coverage of the Friends of Lamplighter’s Marsh on the front page of the March edition, it couldn’t have been bettered. You even included all three photographs. One small correction, I took the photos. Thank you again.

John Knight

Secretary, Friends of Lamplighter’s Marsh

 heartfelt thanks ‐ Jean Blowen

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everybody who, during the last five months,has sent me get well wishes, messages of support, cards, flowers and included me in their prayers. Special thanks to Gill Sawyer, doctors,nurses and all staff at Shire Health Clinic , Southmead Hospital and Bristol Royal Infirmary.


Jean Blowen

 No job for the Job Centre ‐ C. Thinge, Sea Mills

Dear Editor,

On Thursday 15th February I happened to be in Shirehampton and noticed a burst water main was leaking into the gutter outside of the Job Centre.

I went into the Job Centre and spoke to a ‘Job’s Worth’ who was sat at a desk doing nothing, and asked him if he could report the leak. He replied that ‘they’ were not responsible for reporting water leaks.

Being a responsible person I went home and emailed this leak to the water office who were very appreciative and will be repairing the pipe.


C. Thinge, Sea Mills

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club

It is not very often that an indoor bowls match falls foul of the weather, but when the beast from the east and storm Emma come together anything is possible. City and Port of Bristol were due to play Severnvale in the third and final indoor game of the Winter Season on March 3rd but ‐‐‐ the snow arrived and the City and County Indoor Arena was closed so ‐‐‐‐ the game was off.

awaiting photo

But, the new outdoor season is almost here ‐ first game at Wrington on Wednesday April 11th and there will be plenty of bowling on grass and under the sky, friendly and competitive to enjoy until late September, including the Summer Tour to the Isle of Wight in July, a return to the island for the first time since 2008.

So, why not come along and be a part of all that is going on?

You can come to the green next to the main club building in Nibley Road on Tuesday evenings and try bowling free of charge, all equipment supplied and with experienced bowlers on hand for help and advice ‐‐‐ first session on April 17th. You can have three sessions before deciding if bowling is for you. Sessions start at 6pm.

If you decide to join and pay your club membership you will receive a club shirt ‐ free of charge.

The City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club runs all the year round, has a large free of charge car park and welcomes new members. During the close season there are indoor games and social evenings as well as the Winter Bowling break in Torquay.

The next Sunday evening social event will be a quiz night with Gordon Dimond once again as quizmaster and maybe some skittles at the end!!

For further information about the club, its activities and how to join please call David Hinksman on 0117 9082713.

Bristol & District Cricket League

Bristol & District Cricket League Senior Division

Shirehampton 1st XI

CaptainGareth NicholsMob: 07967853955
Vice‐CaptainJohn StillwellMob:
AprilSat 14th (F)Victoria (Armagh, NI)H14.00
Sat 21st (F)ClaverhamA13.30
Sat 28th (F)Merton (Surrey)H14.00
MaySat 5thTimsburyA13.00
Sat 12thFrenchayH13.00
Sat 19thNailseaA13.00
Sat 26thBWI & PheonixH13.00
JuneSat 2ndPortisheadA13.00
Sat 9thOld Bristol / WestburyA13.00
Sat 16thPak BristoliansH13.0
Sat 23rdBradley StokeA13.00
Sat 30thCoalpit HeathH13.00
JulySat 7thTimsburyH13.00
Sat 14thFrenchayA13.00
Sat 21stNailseaH13.00
Sat 28thBWI & PheonixA13.00
AugSat 4thPortisheadH13.00
Sat 11thOld Bristol / WestburyH13.00
Sat 18thPak BristoliansA13.00
Sat 25thBradley StokeH13.00
SeptSat 1stCoalpit HeathA13.00

Bristol & District Cricket League Division 5

Shirehampton 2nd XI

CaptainCharlie Cook
Vice‐CaptainChris Moss
MaySat 5thP.R. Royals 1stH13.00
Sat 12thBristol 3rdA13.00
Sat 19thAbbots Leigh 1stH13.00
Sat 26thWrington/W’Peckers 1stA13.00
JuneSat 2ndBristol CS 1stH13.00
Sat 9thBarrow Gurney 1stH13.00
Sat 16thBedminster 3rdA13.00
Sat 23rdBristol Lions 1stH13.00
Sat 30thBath 4thA13.00
JulySat 7thP.R. Royals 1stA13.00
Sat 14thBristol 3rdH13.00
Sat 21stAbbots Leigh 1stA13.00
Sat 28thWrington/W’Peckers 1stH13.00
AugSat 4thBristol CS 1stA13.00
Sat 11thBarrow Gurney 1stA13.00
Sat 18thBedminster 3rdH13.00
Sat 25thBristol Lions 1stA13.00
SeptSat 1stBath 4thH13.00