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Volunteers' Week: The Big Celebration of Local Volunteering 1-12 June 2016

Shire Post Office will re-open soon

Photo by Kathryn Courtney

On 26th April 2016 around 2:15am an explosion was heard in Shirehampton village.

After the dust had settled and two thieves had scarpered with an undisclosed amount of money from the cash machine, there was very little of the local Post Office left. Debris was strewn across the parade, the ground floor destroyed and the upstairs badly damaged.

"We'll be back!"

When I spoke with the Post Master, Garry Thomas, on 12th May, all he could confirm was "investigations are still on going, that's all I can say at the moment".

With the first day of cleaning up and clearing out the Post Office I asked Garry how he felt. "It was a big shock and very much so, devastated. we all were. I'm just relieved that today with the clear up we are making a start to get the Post Office back."

Photo by Kathryn Courtney

Reaction from the community has been very supportive for Garry and his staff with offers of help to clear up and 'let's do a DIY SOS Shirehampton style'. The thieves definitely hit a raw nerve and people wanted to do what they could for Garry to get the Post Office up and running again. So what are Garry's plans?

"We're going to re-open…"

"We're going to re-open, there is no truth in the rumour that we have closed down. As you can see we are starting to clear up the mess. On Monday we get the contractor in and then it's the question of where we go from there. I have absolutely no idea how long it will take before we re-open but it will be very soon."

"I really really appreciate the public's thoughts and wishing to give help. Unfortunately due to the fact I'm having to claim on the insurance, it's all a question of public liability and although once again I appreciate them wanting to give me help unfortunately due to public liability we can't really let them on site." said Garry.

At least we now know that despite recent events the local Post Office will remain a permanent fixture in Shirehampton.

Time Travellers in Shirehampton Primary!

Move over Doctor Who, there are some new Time Travellers in town!


Paris and Barcelona class (Year 1) have been looking at important periods and events in history as part of their Time Travellers topic. They started by looking at the sinking of the Titanic before travelling back to the time of the dinosaurs to examine the differences between carnivores and herbivores. Then they visited the Stone Age, looked at some of the weird things they ate (lizards and the contents of stomachs – urgh!) and made a Stone Age village.


Next stop was Ancient Egypt to learn about mummies and hieroglyphics. They all had a go at writing their names using Egyptian letters. This week Year 1 went to Ancient Rome to find out about bathing and Gods and Goddesses.Their itinerary for next few weeks includes the Great Fire of London, Victorian England and the first moon landing. Phew! They will be exhausted by the end of term!

Colouring Competition at the Co-op

A colouring competition was held at the Co-operative Shirehampton at Easter.


It involved Avon Primary School pupils with a winner being chosen from each year group. The lucky winners who each received an Easter egg are Lacey, Tia-Mai, Bethany, Ellie-Mae, Molly, Grace and Sophie. All the other children received a bar of chocolate each for entering. Mike Mullett, the Co-operative Manager, said that he was very pleased with the enthusiasm from the children and hoped to do more with the local schools in the future.

School's new name has Star Quality!

The future looks bright for local school Avon Primary, situated on Barracks Lane in Shirehampton.

After a year of consultation with parent focus groups, staff and governors, the two form entry primary school has made the brave and exciting decision to change its name and unveil a whole new image.

From September, Avon Primary will be known as 'Nova Primary School'. Nova is the brightening of a star and as the observant amongst you will have noticed, is also the reverse spelling of the original name, a nod towards the sixty-three year history the school has in serving the local community.

Headteacher Jane Atkins explained, "We are building on what has been a brilliantly successful two years for us: the building is bigger and better and our recent Ofsted report celebrated so many of our strengths. It's the right time for us to show the community how we enable all our pupils to shine brightly and fulfill their potential."

The children are already excited about the changes. Over the next year, children will begin to sport a new, emerald green uniform, with a fresh, modern logo. The green is particularly apt, as the school boasts extensive playing fields, brand new outdoor areas for the Reception classes and even a large pond.

"user-friendly website…"

The icing on the cake will be a stylish, user-friendly website and interactive social media communication that will allow parents to receive up to the minute information and feedback.

The school has planned a series of events leading up to the changeover including drop-in sessions to view the new uniform and web design, a prize draw and a family barbecue in September to celebrate the official launch of 'Nova Primary'.

Avon Primary's Skipping Superstars

On Thursday 28th April, all 12 classes at Avon Primary School took part in the British Heart Foundation's 'Jump Rope' event.

It was wonderful to watch everyone aim to improve on their personal best, whether this was increasing the number of simple skips, working with a partner, skipping using one leg, moving backwards, or with arms crossed!

Pupils' enthusiasm continued into break time with well over 100 children choosing to continue skipping - taking advantage of the wonderful, extensive school grounds (that enable so many to skip at once)!

The event was organised by the School's Health and Well-Being council to raise awareness about fitness and well-being and also to raise money.

Pupils are now working equally hard collecting their sponsorship - one pupil raised over £100 by himself!

Letters to the Editor

Thank you - Alice Robson

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank all my family, friends and neighbours for their kind words, thoughts, cards and donations, which have been sent on the death of Ivor Robson. At such a time, the support and care shown by all has been very much appreciated, as we come to terms with the loss of Ivor, a warm and caring man, who will be deeply missed.

Thank you Steve Simmons - Sue Husher

Dear Editor,

Would you be so kind as to put a Thank You to Steve Simmons for delivering my bundle of papers when I can't get to the Public Hall to collect them.

Picnic area access for wheelchairs - Gil Osman

Dear Editor,

I have written to Bristol Parks Department, asking for a path to be provided linking the car park to the picnic tables at Shirehampton Park. This is so that disabled people's wheelchairs do not sink into the ground and get stuck on their way to the tables, which have special provision for wheelchair users.

Retiring Challenge - Ellie Truss

Dear Editor,

Dr Addison will be retiring mid September and as a post retirement challenge she is going to do a 250 mile sponsored cycle ride for Penny Brohn UK, the cancer charity. If you would like to sponsor Dr Addison, she has a Just Giving page: Alternatively if you would like to donate, you can hand your donation into reception.

Many thanks,

Ellie Truss

Deputy Practice Manager Shirehampton Group Practice

Pembroke Road, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9SB

Thanks - The editor

Dear Editor,

Shire would like to thank Marc of Lee Hill Partnership, Accountants, for auditing end of year accounts for Shire by Post.

Cat problem - Catherine Wilson

Dear Editor,

Can you please put out an article in each months edition about neutering cats? There is a serious problem of un-neutered cats in the area and I am seeing female cats being attacked by different male cats over and over again. There are kittens running around at the end of my street and I saw the same thing last year in another part of Shirehampton. RSPCA and cats protection offer discount neutering, Something needs to be done about it as the area will end up being over run with cats.

Thanks, Catherine Wilson

Advertising - Peter Browne, Avonmouth Resident

Dear Editor,

Living in Avonmouth if I need any repairs done in the house i.e. electrical, plumbing, gardening etc, I need to look in Yellow Pages, as "The Shire" is not delivered to Avonmouth residents. I'm sure there must be local Tradesmen that could benefit by advertising in 'The New Bridge'. I think I would prefer to appoint someone local. Contact P. Browne on for details.

What's happening to Shire! - (Name and address supplied. Ed.)

Dear Editor,

What's happening to Shire. First it was Lloyds bank then post office then we have had the co op shutters doors rammed.

I think we should have a police van. The ones they have a table and seats in the back just move around the village and park up after the pubs and petrol station has closed and stay there till about 5 o'clock with say 2 police officers have it as a mobile station. We have been having garden sheds and garages in lower part of shire broke in to not once but 3 times.

Buses and then none come along...(Name and address supplied. Ed.)

Dear Editor,

Re: Sunday Services to Westbury On Trymm and Southmead Hospital

We used to have TWO buses an hour on this route. NOW we have NONE ! !

The 18 said "502 was doing the same route" SO the 502 ceased to operate their Sunday service.

NOW the 18 has also ceased to operate this route on a Sunday.

There is now no way to go on a bus to Westbury-on-Trym (Canford Park) OR visit Southmead Hospital on a Sunday. Unless you have a car.

Come on all you Councillors and Lord Mayor...How can we 'leave the car behind ' ( if we have one) and use buses.

First Bus say they cannot run empty buses. SO how come on some routes there are buses every 5 – 10 minutes!!

I have heard "Oh, First Bus do what they want, they have the monopoly."


Shirehampton Colts Need Recruits

I am the Coach for our current under 11 7 a side squad who play at Sea Mills.

In September we are to change to a 9 a side squad, and I am considering offering try outs to anyone wishing to join our soon to be under 12 squad. I will be looking to take on up to five new players from those that are successful.

We will be playing on Saturdays moving forward,

Ideally, I would like the tryouts to be in June or July. To give those who are successful time to gel with the squad.

Kind regards, Simon Bruton (coach) 07725335440

Shire Newspaper AGM

Shire Newspaper will hold its Annual general meeting on Monday 1st August 2016 at 5:30 pmin the Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton.

The meeting is open to all members of the public and we would urge anyone who might be interested in joining the editorial team or contributing to any part of the production process to come along and find out more.

Shirehampton Public Hall June Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of the Public Hall Newsletter!

Spring is now striding towards summer and the garden at the Hall is in full bloom!

  • Activities at the Hall are also blooming – we now have ZUMBA!! Our inspirational new teacher, Elaine, is on hand to encourage you all the way at 6pm on Thursday evenings. Do come along and join her for some energetic fun – no experience necessary!

  • PUPPY TRAINING is also proving very popular, so we expect to see a lot of well-behaved pooches around Shirehampton and the surrounding areas!

  • Our dance teacher, Zoe, is doing well with her two classes on a Tuesday evening, however if you would like to take a relaxed approach to contemporary dance please come along between 6-7pm for children, 7-8pm adults and teens each Tuesday evening!

  • Our very friendly and welcoming Monday meeting of the Twyford Art Club is still looking for new members, so if you have a flair for art and would like to make new friends and have a chat and a coffee for a couple of hours, please pop in and introduce yourself – the meeting is held from 9.30am most Monday mornings.

  • Similarly, our Pillowlace Club would love some new members. Pillowlace is a wonderful art, and very relaxing, so whether you are young, old or somewhere in between, come along from 7pm on Fridays and join in with something different and make new friends!

  • The Hall Trustees would also like to invite volunteers to start an IT Club at the Hall – anyone welcome, from all age groups and backgrounds. The idea of this club would be to bring the community together and learn about technology from each other. Please contact the Hall Manager if you think you could carry this forward.

  • Also, a Chess Club has been proposed and will be run by Trustees of the Hall to raise funds for the Hall. If you would be interested in joining further details will soon be available on our website.

Shirehampton Public Hall is now on Facebook, so please "like" us and follow all our up and coming events on there.

The Hall is still in urgent need of a voluntary Treasurer. If you think this might be you please ring the Hall Manager on the number below.

Rachael and Jack – two of Bristol's Young Heroes

Two of seven winners in the latest Bristol Young Heroes Awards are students at Oasis Academy Brightstowe.

Rachel Clarke (15) and Jack Long (12) with their awards.

Rachael Clark (15) was named as Bristol Caring Hero as a result of a Youth Worker's nomination. The award recognises the central role she has adopted in her family, looking after her seven-year-old sister and mother.

Her sister requires support because of her autism and her mum has a lifelong health condition.

"I have always liked caring for other people."

Rachael said: "I have always liked caring for other people. It must be something in my nature I suppose. My sister and my mum need me now, and looking after the household really comes naturally."

She also paid tribute to the friendship and support she receives from her fellow Year 10 Students at Brightstowe.

Twelve-year-old Jack Long was nominated in two categories – Sporting Hero and Super Hero, and was astonished to receive the most senior award of Super Hero. Jack suffers from a physical disability, causing walking and balancing difficulties. As a wheelchair user he amazes all around him with his tremendous zest for life.

His nomination was submitted by Adam Knight, Head of Year 7 at Brightstowe.

"He represents the South West at wheelchair basketball, has attended rugby practice and joins in with passion and enthusiasm in PE lessons," said Adam. "He took part in all of the physical activities on the Year 7 camp.

"His determination, perseverance and resilience are inspirational"

"His determination, perseverance and resilience are inspirational; he never moans or makes excuse, just gets on with it with a smile on his face. He literally and metaphorically falls down and gets back up again. Incredible!"

With typical modesty, and the usual smile on his face, Jack said: "I like to take part in all sports, but wheelchair basketball is my favourite and I've been playing for South West Scorpions for two years.

"I couldn't believe that I had been nominated in two categories. You didn't know in advance who the winners were, so to be a winner was a huge surprise.

"The Sporting Hero was a blind rower. She totally deserved to win that, but for me to win the overall Super Hero award was absolutely amazing and something I can share with all my friends at Brightstowe."

Joe Docherty, Academy Principal, said how proud Oasis Community Learning was to have two Bristol Young Heroes at Brightstowe.

"Huge congratulations from us all to Rachael and Jack. They typify the friendship and support our students give to each other, their families and the wider community.

"Like so many other high achieving students, Rachael and Jack are modest about what they have achieved and don't seek fame. But now it has come their way, let's all celebrate with them."

Volunteer Opportunity - Treasurer Shirehampton Public Hall

This is an excellent opportunity to join the team at the Public Hall providing a great community facility adjacent to the library.

The hall is run by Shirehampton Community Association to provide leisure, exercise and cultural activities for all in Shirehampton.

The day-to-day management of the hall is carried out by a part-time paid employee.

The treasurer would need:

  • Time commitment approximately half a day per week
  • Oversee the income and expenditure and banking, prepare annual accounts.
  • Report on the finances to the monthly trustees' meeting.
  • Pay wages and make returns to HMRC monthly.
  • Training and support available.

Plants of the Yellow Brick Road

Dr Clive Lovatt of Bristol Naturalists Society, who writes the monthly botanical column in Shire, introduced the Friends of Lamplighters Marsh to some of the unusual and interesting plants that thrive in the Marsh and along the Yellow Brick Road last Saturday (May 7th).

The walk began in Lamplighters car park and in the Sailing Club compound. Dr Lovatt reminded us that Station Road was for centuries a main thoroughfare into Bristol and that often the most interesting plants appear along the edges and borders of roads and paths and reserves, and rivers. So walking along the river's edge we saw the tiny dark green Sea Pearlwort and the white flowering Scurvy-grass that sailors ate to fend off disease. Some of us had a taste of leaf and flower: not bad, a bit like rocket!

Common Scurvy Grass - Photo, Stephen Judd

Alongside the many familiar plants like Teasel and Bargeman's Cabbage, the Reserve contains a number of scarce plants, some of which, like Marsh Dock, Early Meadow-grass, and Lesser Chickweed we saw, some of which, like the rare moss need magnifying lenses to be seen.

Bargeman's Cabbage. Photo, Stephen Judd

We botanical amateurs learned a great deal on the walk. Many of the plants were photographed and catalogued and may appear on the Friends of Lamplighters Marsh website. And Dr Lovatt's column will give more advanced botanists the scientific detail they need.

Nature Notes


These photos were taken in a field not far from Oxford last month. The lambs were about 12 days old, and the ewe with her baby was looking anxiously on as my grandson James cuddled the other twin.

It was a super surprise, not least of all for me, to get up close to such a young animal. We had walked along the lane hoping to get a couple of half decent pics, when the man who lived at the site managed (with difficulty!) to catch hold of the lamb and bring it across to us. Needless to say we kept the treat very short and soon returned it to its baaing mum!

Back home things are just as absorbing at present. Have you noticed how often you find yourself much closer to many of the birds than normal? They are so absorbed with hunting for food for their young, that it's often quite easy to get near them before they fly off.

This is particularly true of sparrows, jackdaws, blackbirds and crows. I've missed a few opportunities to get a 'Pitchford' type shot because I've forgotten my tablet! No threat to you yet then Bob! However, hopefully next months offering might change that!

The Bird Song walk along Lamplighters Marsh on 28th April was a huge success. We were treated to so many songs- too many to list. But a couple less seldom heard were Song Thrush and Whitethroat, and we were treated to the sight of a pair of beautiful bull finches. I highly recommend a stroll along the Yellow Brick Road, especially VERY early in the morning! The dawn chorus is stunning.

A quick observation: putting bread out for birds isn't really a good idea. It doesn't provide what the birds need, especially at this time of year and can, in fact, be harmful. Seed and grain is much better, and sunflower hearts are particularly welcome. Lots more to come this year, so happy nature watching!

Dance explosion

St Mary's Shirehampton STOMP Dance Club, run by ConfiDANCE, invites everyone to their end of year show

St Mary's Church Friday 24th June at 5:15 pm.

Donations on entry will go to the Tithe Barn, ConfiDANCE, and St Peter's Hospice.

Refreshments will be available.

Goram Fair

Goram fair will return to Blaise Castle in July.

It will be a community event and funfair celebrating the legend of Bristol's giant Goram on Saturday 30th July 10am – 6pm.

There will be:-

  • stalls to savour tasty delights from the vintage café or hog roast.
  • You can take a ride on vintage funfair supplied by Albert Rogers Funfairs, who were part of the 1950's Goram Fair.
  • Blaise Castle House Museum and gardens will be alive with Goram activities:
    • you can view photos and share memories from Goram Fairs of the past.
    • Listen to author Oliver Rigby read his children's book Goram and Ghyston the Bristol Giants
      to find out how they are said to have shaped Blaise Estate.
    • Play giant games or become a giant in a miniature city for giants.


Or for a quieter time you can explore a Blaise Estate walking trail to Blaise Castle and find the Goram landmarks or get some gardening tips from Blaise Community Garden.

You can get involved in this local community event by helping out with stewarding or having a stall to promote what your organisation does to new audiences. Or if you have an idea do let us know.


Botany in the Shire

Trails of the Riverbank

I had the pleasure last Saturday, 7 May, to go out with about ten Friends of Lamplighters Marsh and several members of the Bristol Naturalists' Society. It was a good opportunity to show the Friends just where the special plants of their area grow, to help them in their management.

I learnt to my satisfaction that the area was duly declared a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) on 15 September 2015 and that the designated area includes most of the populations of the rare plants. In particular, it covers the river bank from the boundary of the Sea Cadets enclosure to just north of the M5 Bridge. Specifically, the recently disturbed ground by the water outfall where so many unexpected plants occurred in recent years is a part of the Reserve. The perennial Marsh Dock is still there at its only Gloucestershire site.

The Friend who painted the wild flowers on the Reserve sign, Jenny Brooks, was with us and explained that the Bee Orchid on the board came from the Daisy Field by the Portway – also a designated part of the LNR. Just north of the landing quay is a little bit of saltmarsh with the Long-bracted Sedge, which has only spread in or into the Avon Estuary during recent decades.

Walking slowly as botanists do, we eventually reached the rabbit-grazed ‘end'. Rabbits don't eat everything and the sprawling Lesser Chickweed is often found near their scrapings, and the somewhat woolly leaves of Viper's Bugloss (not yet in flower) were untouched. They do eat the Early Meadow-grass, here in the second-discovered Gloucestershire site, which as some of the Friends could see with the aid of a good lens, is identified by its tiny fingernail-shaped anthers. We then went to see the general area, previously occupied by Fyffe's bananas, where a rare moss grows at what is currently one of two known places in Britain. Thus satisfied and after two hours (and a bit) of botany the meeting ended, a participant later drawing attention to the melodic piping of a Song Thrush which at one point was competing with the leader for attention!

Nisbets Apprenticeships Move a Step Closer

A unique apprenticeship programme linking Oasis Academy Brightstowe with near neighbours Nisbets has taken another step forward with a visit by a group of Year 11 students.

By September four of these ambitious young people could be working for the UK's leading supplier of catering and kitchen equipment.

Our students were warmly welcomed to the Nisbets Contact Centre at Access 18, one of four units at Avonmouth. The company also has 17 retail stores

Before touring the building they were given a brief on the business and the apprenticeship scheme which forms part of the ‘Nisbets in the Community' programme. They learned that Nisbets supplies more than 20,000 products for professional caterers, and that all orders placed by 8pm are delivered anywhere in the UK the following day.

Established in 1983, Nisbets now has 1100 employees in Avonmouth, A quarter of them live locally in Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston or Shirehampton.

The Brightstowe applicants will be interviewed in July, and the four successful students will take up their full-time salaried positions in the 100-strong Contact Centre in September.

One day a week will be spent at the City of Bristol College where they will study for a Level 2 Customer Service Diploma, entirely funded by Nisbets.

Alison Eynon, Assistant Principal at Oasis Brightstowe, was with the visiting party.

"The facilities at the Contact Centre are so advanced, and it is a wonderful place to start a career and learn how the business works throughout the UK," she said.

"We know that recruits who start in the Contact Centre frequently progress through the business, gaining promotion and achieving highly successful careers.

"The Academy is so grateful to Nisbets and City of Bristol College for setting up this scheme and providing such a wonderful opportunity to our school leavers."

Zoe Joyner, Nisbets Engagement Manager, commented: "It's very exciting for Nisbets to launch our apprentice academy in the Contact Centre. Brightstowe students will be given encouragement and support in this environment and also a permanent position within the business."

Year 11 students who visited the Nisbets Contact Centre to hear more about the company's apprenticeship scheme and tour the facilities included (left to right) Libby Foley, Camara Tarling, Bethany Coleman Sophie O'Flaherty, Jack Larrea and Alfie Giles. Pictured with them in the centre are (left to right) Alison Eynon (Oasis Brightstowe Assistant Principal) and Nisbets colleagues Zoe Joyner (Engagement Manager) and Caroline Shears (Contact Centre Manager)

Navy Blues Legacy: Fundraising for Sister Academy in Uganda

A year of consistently high achievement by the student leadership team – The Navy Blues- has drawn praise from staff and students throughout Oasis Brightstowe.

As is customary, they handed over to the newly selected Navy Blues after Easter. Steph Jones is the Navy Blues co-ordinator.

"The previous Navy Blues left a legacy by implementing the fundraising for Oasis Academy Musoto which will continue to run for many years to come," she said.

Oasis Musoto in eastern Uganda is the first Oasis Academy to be established outside the UK. Money raised by Oasis Brightstowe will help it grow from its primary beginnings to secondary level, offering free education in a region where only 10% of children who finish primary school have access to a secondary education.

"The Navy Blues ran our first Oasis Musoto Week and also played an important part in Brightstowe's history by introducing the radio and television link to Tim Peake on board the International Space Station.

"They have assisted with all parents' evenings, open evenings and options evenings as well as planning our next big Ugandan event.

"They have set the bar high, and we hope their successors will produce an even stronger performance in the coming year."

LAST YEAR'S Navy Blues stand aside for their successors. Left to right are Phoebe Griffiths (who was Assistant Head Girl), Morgan Ackerman (Deputy Head Girl), Yasmin Kongsfelt (Head Girl), Alfie Taylor (Head Boy), Harry Clarke (Deputy Head Boy) and Steph Jones (Navy Blues Co-ordinator). Sitting are the new Navy Blues (left to right) Abigail Gillespie (Assistant Head Girl), Seema Tawakoli (Deputy Head Girl), Emily Hignell (Head Girl), Lee Beecham (Head Boy), Finlay Lynton-Jenkins (Deputy Head Boy) and Peter Clark (Assistant Head Boy).

St. Mary’s News

Hi Folks!

I can't believe that in three weeks time we shall have reached the longest day. It doesn't seem five minutes ago that we put the clocks forward. Anyway, let us enjoy the summer now that it is here.

The May Day open church day when we had lunches & teas for sale was a great success and one of the choices for lunch on the menu was sold out by 12.15pm, and all were completely sold out before the 2 o'clock deadline, which resulted in over 100 meals sold. Then of course there were the cream teas which were delicious. Not so many as the lunches were sold no doubt because we filled people's tums up on the first session. Nevertheless it was a great delight to raise the sum of £764 towards church funds. On Saturday 7th May we held a Bric-a-Brac at the Tithe Barn which raised the wonderful sum of £620. Thanks to all those who donated items and all who helped or supported the morning.

Back on Sunday 8th May the new members of the PCC elected to serve for the forthcoming 12 months were dedicated and prayers said for them. Also, the Lay Assistants, who assist in administering the sacrament at our Communion services were commissioned and anointed by the Rev. Dr Ian Bailey.This

Sunday was also the 150th anniversary of Lay Ministry in the Church of England and need I say any more - Gill Sawyer preached a very amusing sermon. The theme of the morning was ‘Serving Others'. We give thanks to God for her ministry in this parish and all that she does to keep St Mary's on the road.

  • The first social event this month will be on Friday, 3rd June at 7.30pm when we shall enjoy ‘An Evening with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers'. Tickets are £10 which includes a buffet and a free glass of wine.

  • On Sunday, 12th June at our 10am Holy Communion service, we shall have the joy of witnessing the Admission of Children to Communion before Confirmation. They will make their first Communion at this service. Please come and support them on this important step forward in their Christian life and worship.

  • The weekend of Saturday 2nd and 3rd July is our Patronal Festival & Summer Fayre. The Fayre will take place from 10am until 12 noon on the Saturday and from 2.30pm until 3.30pm the Shirehampton Area Choir will be performing their Summer Concert. This will be followed afterwards by cream teas and a chance to walk around the church to admire our Flower Festival the theme of which is "A Grand Day Out". On the Sunday the Kids' Klub Service begins at 8.30am, followed by Holy Communion service at 10 with the day ending with a quiet service of Compline at 8pm. Please come and celebrate this festival with us - you will be most welcome.

Before I go, do you think this ever really appeared on a Church Notice Board? The Low Esteem Group will meet at 7pm on Thursday. Please use the back door.

‘Bye for now. C.M.E.

Birthday Street Party

The Sea Cadets, Lamplighters Pub, Cotswold Community Centre and Friends of Lamplighters Marsh

have joined forces to organize a Street Party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday.

The party will be held in

the Lamplighter's car park,

Station Road, Shirehampton, BS11 9XA


Sunday June 12th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

St. Mary’s Registers - April 2016

Baptisms ’we welcome you’

24thLisa-Rose Christine Saunders
 Luke Christopher Harry Saunders
 Vinnie Robert Joseph Sage
 Noah James Laws
 Rosie Alison Colleen Harvey
 George Charles Geoffrey Harvey

Funerals ‘At rest and at peace’

12th Alison Tallant Canford
13th Margaret Bridgeman Canford
26th Marjorie Williams Canford
29th Barbara Thomas Canford

Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF) Needs You!

SCAF is a small, grass-roots community organisation working in Shirehampton, North West Bristol within the Avonmouth ward, within a clearly defined geographical area with approx. 6,800 residents.

Shirehampton is on the outskirts of Bristol, approx 6 miles from the city centre, is semi-rural and does not benefit from many of the facilities and resources afforded to more central neighbourhoods.

SCAF is a registered charity and not for profit company limited by guarantee which works for the benefit of everyone in Shirehampton and the neighbourhood. Work areas include - community safety, youth support, environment and planning and development issues. Most of the community work is carried out by SCAF's Action Groups. However, the management of SCAF itself depends on its charitable Trustees.

We are looking for additional Trustees to join the Board – as well as general Trustees, we are also specifically looking for a new Company Secretary.

The Board meets approx every 6 weeks on a weekday evening at Shire Public Hall at 6pm. The meetings are usually about an hour and a half long, occasionally longer, but always finish by 8pm

We would welcome any enquiries – if you would like to talk over the role please contact David Thomas at You can also attend a Trustee meeting as an observer – with no obligation – just to see what goes on

Picnic in the Park

There will be a

‘Grand Family Picnic In the Park'


Sunday afternoon, 3 July,


the new picnic area in Shirehampton Park.

All are welcome. Please make a note in your diary. G.O. (Gil Osman)

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club

Wrington - First game of the season.

The new season started with a very mixed bag of weather. From the warm start at Wrington it was rather different through the second full week when bowlers had to wrap up against the arctic blast.

But all games were played and the Tuesday evening session for new bowlers and practice for established ones went ahead as planned. Results were about equal in games won and lost. But friendly fixtures are made to enjoy the sport of bowling with results being much less important than the pleasure gained from rolling woods towards that sometimes elusive jack and the banter between bowlers that is all a part of the game.

Both Ladies and Gentlemen's League games are underway with both teams hoping for another successful season.

The Club Monday night league has also started and once again there are six teams taking part. Teams play three times against each other until late August. During that time there is also a knock out Cup Competition.

The draw has been made for this season's Club Competitions and it has thrown up some very interesting ties in first rounds.

"Welcome return of Ladies Competitions"

There is a welcome return of Ladies Competitions after an absence of two seasons. The climax of Club Competitions is Finals Day which is on Saturday September 10th. A highlight of the club's season, this is when trophies are won and winners decided.

The club will play host for a game between Gloucestershire and Somerset on Monday July 25th at 2pm. This is an honour for the club and it is hoped that some very good bowling will be on show for those who come to spectate.

Other notable visitors to the green this summer include Milford Haven on Tuesday May 24th and Bristol Blind on Wednesday July 6th. Milford Haven are visiting for the first time, having accepted an invitation to do so when City and Port of Bristol played them as part of last summer's very successful tour.

Tuesday evening sessions for new bowlers and practice for existing ones have been well supported so far this season. Shirley Callaghan who came to the first one on April 19th has now joined the club and will soon be playing friendly games along with Frank Jordan who joined last season and is now ready to enjoy his first game. Matthew Price has returned to the club this season and has already played a number of friendly games.

There will be a further opportunity for anyone interested in trying the sport of bowling on Saturday June 18th when the club will have an open day. No need to book - just come along and give bowling a try. All equipment is supplied and there will be experienced bowlers on hand to give help and advice.

Volunteers' Week: The Big Celebration of Local Volunteering 1-12 June 2016

Volunteers at CLIC Sargent shop in Shirehampton will be thanked for their contribution at a tea party taking place on 1st June to mark Volunteers' Week 2016, which runs from 1-12 June.

CLIC Sargent helps support children and young people with cancer. We have 18 volunteers in our shop, who help us to achieve what we do in raising vital funds for the charity.

This is our way of saying THANK YOU!

"It gives us pleasure to know there are so many people out there willing to give up their time for FREE to help such good causes"

"Volunteers are central to the work of countless charities…"

Volunteers are central to the work of countless charities and other organisations. They are a valuable presence in many communities, helping out in places as diverse as sports clubs, libraries, schools and hospitals.

Hundreds of events will be taking place across the country to mark Volunteers' Week. The annual campaign, which was established in 1984, recognises the contribution volunteers make to our communities every day. This year it has been extended by an additional five days, enabling more people than ever to take part.

Charities across the UK will hold events to thank their volunteers and celebrate the power of volunteering to bring communities together. Last year more than 750 events took place, from awards ceremonies to tea parties and barbecues.

"showcase the range of volunteering opportunities…"

For many charities the week will also be a chance to showcase the range of volunteering opportunities on offer. Many organisations will be developing short-term, flexible or remote volunteering placements to encourage people to take part who normally wouldn't be able to commit and to help them play a bigger role in their communities.

The end of the extended Volunteers' Week will coincide with The Patron's Lunch on Sunday 12 June, a celebration of Her Majesty the Queen's lifetime of service to more than 600 charities and organisations to which The Queen acts as a patron, on the occasion of her 90th birthday. Communities across the UK (and the Commonwealth) will be encouraged to participate by holding their own street party or event, and to use this opportunity to support their local communities through fundraising or giving of time.

Volunteering facts

  • In 2012-13 volunteering output contributed an estimated £23.9billion to the UK economy. This is equivalent to over 1.5% of GDP.
  • 21.8 million (42%) people in the UK volunteer formally at least once a year and 14.2 million (27%) of people do so at least once a month.
  • There are 162,965 voluntary organisations in the UK, many of whom rely on volunteers.
  • Lots of volunteering also takes place within the public and private sector. For example, there are an estimated 3 million people volunteering in health and care.

Shirehampton War Memorial


Betty Marten's drawing shows the War Memorial located on the junction of Shirehampton Road and Penpole Lane, on land donated by Napier Miles of Kingsweston.

The memorial comprises a metal finial (cross) on a stone pillar set on a stone base which bears an inscription. The whole is set on three tiers surrounded by a paved area. The structure was dedicated on 4th September 1921 and bears 57 names of servicemen who gave their lives in World War 1, 13 of whom came from one street - Bradley Crescent. Many readers will remember Mrs Louie Goffe M.B.E. who dedicated 70 years of her life to looking after the memorial out of respect for those who died, two of whom were her brothers killed in France. Each year on Remembrance Sunday a ceremony is led by St Mary's church for anyone to pay their respects to the fallen.

Try Sailing Day

Sailing day at Shirehampton Sailing club Bob Pitchford

Shirehampton Sailing Club ran their forth annual Try Sailing Day, in near perfect weather conditions, on Saturday 14th May.

The event was part of this year's Royal Yachting Association "Push the Boat Out Week". The event is to introduce new people to sailing, the aim being that some will take the interest further and take it up as a sport or hobby. Club members welcomed 30 guests and 28 of those guests took to the water in sailing dinghies with sailing instructors or experienced helms. Five dinghies were used for half hour trips. A great time was had by all. The slightly worried faces of the guests as they got into the dinghies had turned into big smiles at the end of their trip.