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walk on the wild side of lamplighters marsh sunday 14th june 2-4pm with steve england

Christmas Lights Going Out?

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80th Anniversary at St Bernard's

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Shirehampton Residents Write Letter to Co-op over Grocery Monopoly

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botany in the SHIRE

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Expressive Arts Week at Shirehampton Primary

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Lamplighter's Marsh: a Local Nature Reserve?

In 2002 Bristol City Council built the Portway Park & Ride. Planning conditions included environmental management and monitoring of Lamplighter's Marsh for twenty years; however funding stopped in 2007. Consent for the extension of the Park & Ride was given in 2008. Planning conditions included funding the implementation of a 15 year environmental management plan for Lamplighter's Marsh and its designation as a Local Nature Reserve. In 2009 the Council set aside £150,000 to specifically fund those planning conditions.

Early morning bird walk
Early morning bird walk on Lamlighters Marsh. Photo: Bob Pitchford

In September 2014 Natural England confirmed they are …”fully supportive”… of the designation of the Council owned section of Lamplighter's Marsh as a Local Nature Reserve. Yet as of April 2015 there are no dates for the implementation of the Lamplighter's Marsh environmental management plan, or the designation as a Local Nature Reserve. A spreadsheet provided by the Council shows that some of the £150,000 specifically allocated for environmental management and designation has been spent on the Riverside Festival, Wild City projects and, £4,000 for which “Records are not available”.

In this year of Bristol as the Green Capital, isn't it time that the Council did something environmentally positive for Shirehampton? I recall the recent past when there were proposals to sell some of the green spaces. We deserve better.

walk on the wild side of lamplighters marsh sunday 14th june 2-4pm with steve england

This event on Lamplighters Marsh will be led by Bristol Zoo's multi-award winning conservation educator and Bristol Post columnist, Steve England. We will be looking for and tasting wild edible plants, learning about plants and their uses, and the wildlife that lives along this stretch. Also the fascinating geology of the area which is Bristol's oldest rock dating back 350 million years a time before life lived on land.


Photo: Kacey O'Neill

The walk route on the “Yellow Brick Road” is paved, flat and suitable for wheelchairs. Children must be accompanied by an adult & well behaved dogs on leads please.

The event is FREE, but booking is essential as places are limited

To book please contact: Ash Bearman at SCAF Tel: 0117 982 9963 email:

shire newspaper AGM

Shire Newspaper will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday 3rd August 2015 at 5:30 pm in the Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton. This meeting is open to all members of the public and we would urge anyone who might be interested in joining the editorial team or contributing to any part of the production process to come along and find out more.

Shire Needs Distributors

Shire Newspaper needs 1 or 2 volunteers to distribute the paper in Watling Way. If you can help please ring Bobbie Perkins on 9831029 or 07811385385.

Christmas Lights Going Out?

Shire Newspaper received the following letter from the Christmas Lights Association:


It is with regret that the Shirehampton Christmas Lights Association is going to have to close up shop. We have found it increasingly difficult to maintain the level of activity that we have managed to in the past with very few people now involved. We have written to all the traders on the High Street to let them know and also to SCAF in the hopes that they may be able to lead an effort to get another group that can take on some form of Xmas lights in the Village. One of the key challenges for the future will be collecting enough money to have a more sustainable way to get lights for trees up in the village. At the moment because we have to power each tree from individual premises this requires a lot of knowledge of each individual set up and it is really difficult to continue to do the lights in this way. We will make the last collection from the boxes we have in some of the shops in the next month and then suggest that SCAF take a lead in trying to set up a group of interested parties to hopefully continue in a more sustainable way – using whatever of the remaining funds are available.

It would be remiss not to mention the merry band of individuals who originally started the group ( so to all of those who, still read SHIRE – Pat, Ced, Thelma, Gil, Chris and others) as well as the High Street traders, we salute your efforts and hope that a new way will be found to continue.

Shire Newspaper has always supported the Christmas Lights. We would be happy to co-ordinate any offers to set up a group of volunteers interested in finding ways to continue with Christmas Lights for Shirehampton.

If you are interested please get in touch with and putting 'Christmas Lights' in the subject box. You can also leave a letter for Shire in the Library or telephone (0117) 938 1709.

football friday at St Bede's


14 -19 year olds Friday 3:30 -5:00

Drop In and Play

come and try bowling at the city and port of bristol bowling club

Nibley Road, Shirehampton. Tuesday evenings 5:30.

All equipment supplied and lots of experienced bowlers on hand to get you started.

There is no charge and no obligation, so come on down and enjoy a session of bowling.

It's fun, healthy, outdoors throughout the summer, and you meet lots of people. If you like it and want to join us we are offering a special half price Bowls Club membership to all new bowlers this year.

Want to know more? Call David Hinksman on (0117) 908 2713 for information.

shirehampton public hall newsletter

Firstly, thanks to Bristol City Council new LED lights have been installed in the main hall. The result is brighter and cheaper to run, and the LED lights have a much longer life span than the old fluorescent strip lights.

Our annual Barn Dance on April 25th was a fun evening with Forbes Robertson who told us that he last hosted a barn dance in Shirehampton at the old St Mary's church hall (where the health centre now stands)! That must be a few years ago.

Don't forget our AGM, which is open to all at 7.15 on Tuesday 21st July at the Public Hall. We are still very keen to recruit new trustees for the Public Hall Community Association. Some existing trustees are due to retire and we have an exciting future ahead of us as we work together with the library to retain and improve the service we offer to the people of Shirehampton. We are looking for people who are interested in the community to bring energy and new ideas to our organisation. Get in touch at or phone 0117 9829963. Also, take a look at our website to see our varied and interesting range of activities – there's something for everyone!

Shirehampton Pillow Lace Group

We are a small friendly group who are willing to help anyone who would like to try this craft. We meet

Every Friday 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Penpole Room, Shirehampton Public Hall

Come and have a go at Lace Making! No experience needed. We can provide all the equipment you will need to get started.

Don't Miss Well-being Day on 1st July

Summer is almost here and LinkAge will be holding their Well-being Day 55+ on Wednesday 1st July from 10am – 2pm at the Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton and it's free!

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

As in previous years LinkAge will be showcasing what they do best. This is a free fun taster day of activities that will be available for people to try. Some people have tried out a cooking experience, been let loose with computers and been very competitive with ping pong and indoor kurling at previous events.

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

This year will see some new experiences to engage you, including the basics of photography session for those who want to know more. You'll also be able to find out more about local groups and organisations in the area that will be present on the day. So why not pop along to find out what's happening in your neighbourhood and share a cup of tea or coffee and a chat, with LinkAge on hand to answer any questions you may have.

For further information please contact Laura Burchett at LinkAge on 0117 3533042 or 07930559293 or email:

80th Anniversary at St Bernard's

This year it is St Bernard's School 80th anniversary and we are planning an afternoon of entertainment and activities on Friday 19th June 2015. The school will be holding a ‘St Bernards 80th Birthday Open Afternoon' and will be opening its doors to the community inviting them in to enjoy a cream tea. We will be creating a St Bernard's timeline display and collecting some school memories for this (if any readers of The Shire have any old photos, reports, stories about St Bernard's over the years that could be contributed towards this it would be greatly appreciated!). The children of St Bernard's will also be entertaining us by performing songs from each decade.

The PTA will be continuing the celebrations from 3:30 to 5:00 pm with its ‘80 years celebration event'. There will be entertainment, a St Bernard's 'Bake Off', traditional games, refreshments, face painting and tombola. Everyone welcome!

Letters to the Editor

Goram Fair


I am currently planning to resurrect the Goram Fair of the 50's. I have a venue and the date is set (this will be released in due course). I also have a traditional funfair complete with the oldest working Ferris wheel in the UK.

I am trying to get local groups involved and use this event as a way to showcase what they do and make this a true community event. I already have some from Lawrence Weston and Avonmouth and would like groups from Shirehampton to get involved. There is no cost to them and it could be a good opportunity to raise awareness / funds. If you know of any local groups that may be interested could you please pass on my email address to them.

When is Shire Community Coming Together?

Dear Shire,

May I ask the question When is Shire Community Coming Together? Bank blown up, guns pointing to a house on the Portway. I have lived in Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Shirehampton for over 68 years. I have seen nothing like it!

Syb & Les Revell

To Whom it May Concern:

Many thanks for presenting the article referring to the late Syb & Les Revell.

Much appreciated. Continued success to your excellent Publication.

Reinstate Portishead Bus

Dear Editor:

Are there any other residents who feel as I do? Can we not have the bus which ran along the Portway to Portishead reinstated please. They have a choice of supermarkets AND a swimming pool. We have neither.


Dear Editor:

Readers of Shire should be alerted to another telephone scam operating in our area.

A very plausible-sounding woman calls to say that she represents an agency checking on rate-able property bands and your number has flagged up on-screen as being over-rated.

On investigation, with a refundable administrative charge, you could save pounds to be back-dated to 1993, so would you like to sign up now? Do Not Agree!

Bristol City Council are aware of the scam and some people have been caught out. Any person wishing to query the rateable value of their property should contact the Council directly.

A foreign-voiced man by the name of Robin also calls. Just tell him to fly away!

Forthcoming Evergreens Trips 2015

  • June 16th Moreton-in-the-Marsh and Burton-on -the-Water
  • July 14th Torquay
  • August 11th Weymouth
  • September 15th Poole
  • October 12th Abergavenny Market
  • January 2016 Pantomime: Strode Theatre Peter Pan

Shirehampton Residents Write Letter to Co-op over Grocery Monopoly

People in Shirehampton have united to write to Co-op, telling them that the firm's supermarket monopoly in the area is ‘financially crippling' for some people. In the letter they say that with many people on low incomes, the weekly shop is an ‘almost unmanageable expense'.The letter, which is being signed by local people, was written following a public meeting earlier this month organised by local councillor Wayne Harvey and prospective MP for Bristol North West Charlotte Leslie.

It is currently available for signing at St Mary's Church on the High Street and also online.

Charlotte, who has been campaigning to end Co-op's monopoly, also complained that Co-op is sitting on its lease on the former Alldays store on the High Street, paying £50,000 a year for what is effectively an empty building.This, campaigners say, means the only suitable premises in the area is not available to other grocery chains.

Charlotte said: “The people of Shirehampton cannot make it any clearer – they need choice on the high street. We want Co-op to consider their founding values of social responsibility and ask whether having a monopoly is really in the best interests of their reputation or the good of the community. We want them to look at their pricing so they become affordable and also to make a concerted effort which would lead to other providers entering this market.”

The full text of the letter reads:

“We write as the residents of Shirehampton and the surrounding area, local representatives, and those concerned for the residents of Shirehampton, Bristol. You will no doubt be aware of a campaign that has been ongoing to get an alternative supermarket provider into Shirehampton Village. Many of us are on low or very low incomes, have very little disposable income, and for many of us, the weekly shop is an almost unmanageable expense.

Co-Op prices are far above that which we would otherwise be able to pay, but because your store currently (many would say aggressively) monopolises the High Street, and many of us are not mobile, we have absolutely no choice. We have no access to the budget supermarket this community needs. This is financially crippling for us.

We note that your organisation claims it is different from other supermarkets, and other businesses, and has a strong ethical dimension. We note that you state:

“In common with organisations across the Co-Operative movement, we believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. Our ethical policy is founded on those values”

We now appeal to those founding values of your organisation and ask you to take steps to either: significantly lower your prices, so that your stores are affordable to the population they and they alone, serve as a local monopoly or make a concerted effort to allow other grocery providers into the market.

This latter point is with specific reference to the former Alldays site.

A concerted effort may either comprise renegotiating the lease to enable Co-Op to sublet the site at an attractive rental (providing concrete evidence that Co-Op is not saying ‘no' to retailers who approach them, as has been, rightly or wrongly, reported); or it may comprise Co-Op exploring whether the lease can be re-negotiated to end earlier, thus relieving Co-Op of £38k plus £18k business rates per year, for maintaining an empty high-street site.

We would very much like to invite a senior head-office representative from Co-Op to Shirehampton, to meet residents and hear their concerns. We would also invite the property owner.

We would very much like to give Co-Op the opportunity to demonstrate in practice the values articulated so eloquently in your ethical policy.”

New 55+ Singing Group in Shire

Fancy getting creative? Having a bit of fun? Meeting new people in your community?

Join us for singing!

All abilities and experience welcome.

Thursdays 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Methodist Church, High Street, Shirehampton £3.00

Please come along to the BLOOMING GREAT TEA PARTY

Cotswold Community Centre

Dursley Road, Shirehampton

Saturday 20th June 2015


Help raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care

City and port of bristol bowling club


The 2015 Bowling Season is now well underway, with almost thirty mixed friendly and ladies only friendlies being enjoyed already. In the first month of this season games have been played at some attractive venues such as Yatton, Congresbury and Olveston. In addition to games with other clubs there is a Club League, played between teams within the club on Monday evenings.

The Bristol and District Men's League team made a good start to their programme, winning two of the first thee games played. Hopes are high for a good season and a return to a higher division for the 2016 season.

The Ladies took part in the prestigious Top Club Competition on May 5th when they entertained Kingswood and Hanham. Although the outcome was an overall win for the visitors, City and Port competed well and did win one of the four rinks played. The Ladies League season commenced on Friday May 8th with an away win at Yate – a good start to the campaign which runs through to late August.

The invitation to Come and Try Bowling on Tuesday evenings has been taken up by a dozen prospective new bowlers. Several have already joined and it is hoped that more will follow. The invitation is still open – just come to the Green at 5:30 on a Tuesday evening and have a bowl.

The club now has a new changing facility in the form of a large Portacabin, modified internally to meet the club's requirements and it will be in use by the end of May. With two separate changing areas it provides a much needed flexible facility to cater for mixed teams or for larger numbers of bowlers which are at The Green on occasions. On July 26th the club is playing host to a game between Gloucestershire and Devonshire Vice Presidents and this is likely to be one such occasion.

For more details contact David Hinksman on (0117) 908 2713.

Nature Notes

I was walking with one of my dog-walking friends the other morning, and he told me that a pair of robins had built a nest in their garden. Lucky them I thought! Then he told me exactly where they had built this nest.


If you look closely at the attached photo, you will spot their somewhat unusual choice! It must be said though that robins are known for their adventurous home-making aren't they? The heronry is looking like a still life picture through my binoculars at present, with not much action. I'm guessing things will get hectic soon when the chicks appear. I've begun to put out meal worms now for any new chicks locally, and hope to see baby blackbirds soon, as mum pops in most days for a quick bath! The solitary bat I mentioned a while ago is still to be seen by my friend in the next road, which is good to know. I haven't popped round to see it yet, but it's on my to-do list. Thanks to Mark Hares for the super pic of the 'pied blackbird'. I hope to get to grips with some wildlife photos of my own one of these days!

Happy nature watching, Bobbie Perkins.

Open Farm Sunday 7th June

Open Farm Sunday, will be held as part of the Get Growing Trail at Tynings Field Community Group Orchard in Woodwell Rd on 7 June (Sunday) from 11 am till 5pm. If you are interested in growing here we have some space to take on more grower members.

Please drop by and say hello. Or telephone: 01179090440.

Regards, Caroline Penny Cole

up-date - shirehampton park

On Friday 1st May I met with Sarah Tyler of the Area Parks Department. I pointed out the remains of the old picnic tables, which the petition of 1050 signatures had asked to be replaced. Ms Tyler said it would be a good idea to include a Barbeque for general use in the plans – a suggestion I fully endorsed.

I also pointed out the area described in the petition as 'that piece of land between the car park and Penpole Lane', which was needed for recreation. She stated that, as there was an existing contract for hay collection, nothing could be done this year. However, after collection of the hay (late June), the grass could then be cut short to match the existing pathways which criss-cross the land, making it suitable to use for the rest of the summer.

There is a similar provision at Blaise, where people sometimes choose to have their picnics on the grass in the sun, rather than under the shade of the trees. Family games, such as throwing or kicking a ball around or French Cricket, can then take place nearby. I have even observed children playing in small tents at Blaise.

Ms Tyler is reporting back to the meeting on 12th May of the Kingsweston Steering Group. This meeting is attended by local councillors (including Councillors Wayne Harvey and Matt Melias). It is also attended by representatives from KWAG (Kingsweston Action group) as well as council officers. This meeting will, of course, have taken place by the time this is printed in the June Shire.

I am hopeful that we may have our picnic tables (and BBQ) in place by mid-summer, together with short-cut grass, to be used and enjoyed by all.

St Mary’s News

St. Mary's News

Hi Folks!

The lightest nights will be with us soon and before you can blink they are starting to go back again. Let us hope we have a lovely Summer!

May Day Bank Holiday Open Church Day has just gone as I write these notes and it was a really great day. The day dawned bright and sunny although just a little chilly, but that did not deter the numbers of people calling in for Lunch and later for the Cream Teas. We are delighted to say that not only did a large number of people enjoy themselves but we made the sum of £724.50p. Thank you to all who came and supported us and by the time these notes appear in print hopefully you will have enjoyed a similar day on the Spring Bank Holiday Monday.

I am sure some of you will have noticed in recent months an increase in the number of children in the Church Choir. We are pleased to welcome three new girls - Maisie Robinson, Grace Mwakijungu and Lily Eynon. If there are any more children out there who may be interested in joining I am sure Tim Forder our Choirmaster will welcome them with open arms. Choir practice is from 6.45 until 7.30 pm on a Tuesday and the Sunday Service is at 10.00 am. We would also welcome any adults who may be interested, particularly any men who can sing bass. This would enable us then to enjoy full four part harmony throughout the practice.

Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting took place towards the end of April and we welcome a first time member, Nikki Robinson, and Phil Fowler who has rejoined us again this year. Each year all members stand down and if they wish to serve another term of office they offer their names again for re-election and a vote is taken if there are more candidates than there are places. A democratic process which is exactly the same as electing members of Parliament. Julie Smith and Roger Derrick were elected unopposed to serve as Churchwardens- two safe pairs of hands for what can be a very onerous task. We thank them for continuing in this most responsible office.

On Sunday, 14th June at our 10.00am Holy Communion Service we shall be holding the Admission of children to Communion before Confirmation.This is for children who have received instruction and hope to go on to Confirmation when they are a little older.

Sunday, 24th May, is the last time James Harris will share a Service with us. He has completed his Ordination training and he is to be ordained Deacon at Bristol Cathedral at 10.30 am on Saturday, 4th July. He will then serve as a Curate at St Mary's, Stoke Bishop. He has been given a gift of a white Stole, which has been made by Christine Porter, a nationally known Quilter,who worships here at St Mary's.

We welcome back her husband Neil, who is the Chairman of our PCC, after a recent operation. It is good to see him back in his usual seat amongst the congregation. It is great to see you again, Neil- make sure you hasten slowly!

This was allegedly seen on a Church Notice Board. You will have to make your own mind up whether it is true or not. Honk! - if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him.

From The Registers of St. Mary

April 2015

Baptism ‘we welcome you’

26th Siena Fabiano

Lucas Anthony Martyn John Ashton

Funerals ‘at rest and at peace’

8th Dorothy Sumsion Canford

10th Rob Kindred Westerleigh

14th Anna Hole Canford

16th Bill Estcourt Canford

16th Peggy Beale Canford

22nd Sidney Lear South Bristol

24th Violet Goessens St Mary's

28th Charles Dunn Canford

Butterfly Sighting

Whilst walking along the Horseshoe Bend, in the direction of Sea Mills I saw a little silver studded blue butterfly flying about the grasses looking for food. I recorded the sighting to Bristol Wildlife Records office, and found out a little more about the little fella. It is a fairly rare butterfly these days. The plants they love to eat are heathers, gorse, birds foot trefoil, horseshoe vetch and rockrose. They also have a strange relationship with ants.The larvae give off a honey dew which ants feed off and in return they protect and look after the pupae. The ants are often seen carrying the pupaem to their nests where they hatch out into butterflies.

This made me look closely at the plants that grow around the area and the first one I saw was a woodland speedwell. Just hope this gives people an idea of what wild plants to plant to attract this butterfly.

Gift of Music


Last week Avon Primary School was lucky enough to have some very special guests from a Cardiff-based orchestra, organised by Bristol Old Vic. A fantastic string quartet with their own conductor came into school and performed to a hall full of captivated and enchanted children. Some extremely lucky pupils then had the chance to take over conducting duties, giving them a small taste of the wonderful power and creativity felt when leading a group of musicians.

Following this, Year 3 then had a more intimate workshop with the orchestra, listening to distinctive pieces of music played in different ways – upbeat and happy, then transformed into eerie, spooky sounding pieces. Again, some of the children were then invited to lead the quartet – this time varying the tempo and volume of the players, before some were even allowed to compose their own tunes! It is not often seven and eight year olds get the opportunity to direct classically trained musicians and their faces beamed with joy as they did so. This just demonstrated how accommodating, interactive and fun Bristol Old Vic is.

Finally, in a private performance, held just in front of the toaster and the microwave in the staffroom, the teachers and staff were treated to a couple of beautiful renditions, and then informed about the grand scheme behind the visit: to promote Bristol Old Vic's Gift of Music initiative! Children from Year 3 have the chance to write a letter asking to send the string quartet to someone very special to them. As you can imagine, this is an incredibly rare and heart-warming opportunity, and the draft letters already written bring a lump to the throat. The winning few children will get the chance to attend a short workshop at the theatre, where they will again meet the musicians and arrange everything for their most special of gifts.

So, if you see two violinists, a viola player and a cellist knocking on your door in the near future, the chances are it's part of a very, very special gift from someone at Avon Primary School with the help of the fantastic Bristol Old Vic.

botany in the SHIRE

The Wild Plants of the Shirehampton Area

I wrote last month about the long tradition of making records of the distribution of wild plants. Another long tradition is writing about natural history in a diary or letter format, which is one of the things this column seeks to do. Gilbert White's Natural History and Antiquities of Selbourne is probably the best known example. Published in 1789 it has never been out of print.

There are two local examples of this genre. John Leonard Knapp lived at Alveston, 12 miles north-east of Shirehampton and his book, The Journal of a Naturalist was published in 1829. He cited Selbourne as an inspiration for his love of nature. He wrote how Dyer's Greenweed used to be pulled up by the cart load and sold at eightpence a hundredweight. I saw a few plants on development land - a relic of an old common perhaps - at Cribb's Causeway a couple of years ago. It makes a good show in yellow masses on the banks of the motorway cutting on the way there.

One evening the other week I took an evening walk on Durdham Downs and was surprised to see the Goldilocks Buttercup in a couple of places on the northern boundary. It is normally a plant of woods (especially ancient woods) and hedge-banks. Then I remembered that a Clifton naturalist of the Victorian era, James Cundall, had something to say about it. Evidently he knew it close to the other side of the Downs, beside Gallow's-acre Lane before it was developed and renamed as Pembroke Road.

Cundall's Every-Day Book of Natural History (1866) has, as its title suggests, his observations on nature for every day of the year, one species at a time. Goldilocks, with “yellow cups so bright and clear” takes its place on the first of May. Take, as Cundall did, a walk in Leigh Woods on the first of June (he suggests a bright morning, soon after sunrise) and look in the dappled light for Sweet Woodruff, its leaves in a ring like that Elizabethan adornment.

The Big Dig


Shirehampton Primary School have a piece of land close to the school that is used to educate the children about growing fruits, vegetables and flowers, sustaining wildlife and a quiet place to enjoy and appreciate. April saw the launch of their Big Dig campaign. Parents, grandparents, teachers and children all took part in the first arranged Big Dig event, clearing the land to be ready for planting. Everyone worked hard together and cleared a lot of weeds and overgrowth.

There is a lot of work still to be done and help is still needed. So if you have an hour or two spare and can do a spot of digging, weeding, land clearing or planting seeds, shrubs, flowers etc or even have seeds and plants you would like donate to school please get in touch with Nicky Carey at Shirehampton Primary School.

Avonmouth Sea Cadets Fund Raiser

Come and enjoy an insightful evening with the talented Trevor Jones. He is a medium who works with humour and empathy and always steers clears of doom and gloom.

Money raised from this event will be going to Lyns Sunflower Trust and Avonmouth Sea Cadets.

Tickets are priced at £10 and include a welcome drink on arrival, entry into the raffle and of course the evening with Trevor. More raffle tickets and refreshments may be purchased during the interval. To purchase tickets please email:

Volunteers Needed! At Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Fencing Day and BBQ Sunday 7th June

Could you spare a couple of hours between 10am- 3:30pm to help the farm put in some new fencing? No experience needed- farm staff will be here to guide you.(Over 18's only). A good chance find out about other volunteering opportunities at the farm too.

Refreshments provided all day BBQ 3.30 - 5.30pm Please bring something to put on the BBQ

Contact: Ian 0117 9381128 or if you are interested in coming along or turn up on the day.

Expressive Arts Week at Shirehampton Primary


The week beginning the 27th April was Expressive Arts Week at Shirehampton Primary School and Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed all the music and art activities the week offered! We started the week by listening to “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edward Grieg and writing our own version of the Peer Gynt story. Later in the week the children listened to “The Aquarium” by Saint-Saens and drew their own “fish tank” pictures to illustrate the music. We also experienced playing percussion and tuned instruments, using them to accompany the “Happy Birthday” song. The children made and played their own rainmaker instruments so blame us for all the recent downpours! Our challenge for the week was to learn and perform the Gershwin song “I Got Rhythm”. The first verse took us a while to get the hang of, but by Friday we could sing and do actions without any music! Judy Garland, eat your heart out!

Thank You

Shire and Sue Husher would like to thank Marc of Lee Hill Partnership, 3 Rear Mews, Station Road, for auditing the Shire by Post accounts this past financial year. (The Editor)


Kathryn Courtney sent in the front page story and photos about the Lloyds Bank robbery in last month's Shire. We regret that her name was missing from the article. (The Editor)