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Lord Mayor's award for local couple.

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Let's end grocery shopping Co-opoly on our High Street

Ye Old Ode To Paul The Butcher

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Risk to public

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Volunteer trustees required

Renovation of the Lamplighters

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Let's Get Cooking!

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Holy Week and Easter Services

From the registers at St Mary"s - February 2014

St. Mary"s News

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Kings Weston and the First World War


Lord Mayor's award for local couple.

DAVID and JANET THOMAS have been awarded the Lord Mayor's Medal for Community Service in recognition of their work for Shirehampton.

Both David and Janet have been active in community work in Shirehampton for many years, initially as members of the Board of the Shirehampton Public Hall Association. SCAF, the Shirehampton Community Action Forum, grew out of the Public Hall Association, and David has been its chair since its beginning in 2000.

David and Janet Thomas with the Lord Mayor

David and Janet Thomas with the Lord Mayor. Photo by Bob Pitchford

Local newspaper

David joined SHIRE Newspaper in 1995, became treasurer in 1996 and has maintained the paper on a firm financial footing ever since. The paper makes a modest profit every year, from the proceeds of advertising, and uses this to make small grants to a range of local community groups.

Public Hall

Janet joined the board of trustees of Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association in 1998. She soon took on the role of secretary and in 2006 became treasurer. Janet was involved with all the other trustees in planning events at the Hall to celebrate the Millennium which included among many other things a complete refurbishment of the 4-faced tower clock and restoring the garden at the Hall to a pleasant space for public use.She also took part in the visit to the Hall of HRH the Earl of Wessex in 2004, which commemorated the centenary of the Hall.

Long history

Janet and David have a long history of volunteering. Both have worked further afield, David as a magistrate and as a business mentor, Janet as a counsellor and school governor.

Interviewed by Shire's editor David said "I was pleasantly surprised and honoured to learn that both Janet and I had been nominated for the Lord Mayor's medal. The essence of community service is that it is carried out together with other members of the community. I pay tribute and give thanks to all those who have worked with me for the benefit of the community."

Janet said "Whilst I am honoured to be given this award, I would like to emphasise that all the voluntary work I have done has been in co-operation with others who are equally deserving of recognition. I strongly believe that working together with others on community projects is vital for the benefit of all in our society. This is what community spirit is all about."

Shire would like to congratulate Janet and David on their award and thank them for their many years of service.

Forthcoming Events. . .

Pamper Day

Calling All the Lovely Ladies of Shire

We're holding a Pamper Day

Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road

April 26th 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

£10 entry entitles you to TWO sessions of either:

Reflexology – Manicure – Facial – Massage – or Bodyshop Makeover

** All proceeds to Brain Tumour Research

(Thank you for your kind donation. Ed.)

Travel West Update:

Summary of forthcoming bus service changes in Bristol - 13th April 2014

501 502 Parkway Station - Shirehampton / Avonmouth Operated by Wessex Route and timetable amended.

Services will now terminate at Parkway Station, passengers travelling to the M.O.D or UWE will be able to use Service 18. Services will now operate via Southmead Hospital grounds. Combined frequency of services is increased to every 20 minutes with the addition of Monday to Saturday evening journeys on 501.

X40 Bristol City Centre - Avonmouth Wessex Service withdrawn.

Model Railway Club Open Day

5th of April at the Public Hall: 10am - 5pm

Shirehampton Public Hall - Events in April and May

5th AprilModel Railway Club open day 10am - 5pm
12 AprilGrainger Players Jazz Evening 7.30
26 AprilBarn Dance 7.30 Tickets £5 from Nightingales or Public Hall trustees
10 MayStamp Fair 10-4

These are typical of the social events happening at the hall. There are also the regular classes and activities to suit every taste

These can only continue through the work of the many volunteers and trustees who keep the show on the road by their commitment to the community.

Would you like to join in and become a trustee of the hall?

Get in touch on 0117 9829963 or pop in for a brochure.

Bristol Walking Festival 2014

The UK's largest urban walking festival will take place in Bristol from Saturday 26th April until Monday 26th May 2014. The month-long festival will include up to 100 guided walks throughout the city and beyond, covering themes such as leisure and learning, health, arts and creativity and active travel. New walks for 2014 will include opportunities for speed dating, sketching, business networking and learning about the suffragettes and female campaigners.

More information is available at

Blaise Weston Court

A vibrant Extra Care Housing Scheme in the heart of Lawrence Weston

Bringing people together in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Regular Activity Programme

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bingo: Fridays 2.30pm and Saturday 6.30pm
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Tuesday Together – Church Group
  • Tea Dances
  • Singing Group
  • Friendship Groups
  • Quiz : Thursday 3pm

Other Facilities open to the wider community Include

  • Restaurant open 12-2pm - 7 days a week.
  • Hair Salon – open 6 days a week
  • Age UK – Foot clinic every 3 weeks.
  • Meeting Room Hire
  • Open to suggestions and New Groups being formed by community Groups

With many more events taking place on a regular basis. If you are over 55 and would like to join us – please drop in at anytime or phone us for more information.

Lynne Stevens 0117 982 2072 or Sue Appoo 0117 938 2912 Blaise Weston Court, Broadlands Drive, Lawrence Weston, BS11 0AF -

Hope to see you soon! We are on the Lawrence Weston Community Transport Route

Table Top Sale at the Tithe Barn

Saturday 24th May 10am – 12 noon

If you would like to have a table at this event ring the church office:

0117 9077026

Table £10

Let's end grocery shopping Co-opoly on our High Street

FAMILIES in Shirehampton, Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston are being hit hard in the pocket by a lack of choice for grocery shopping, the city council will be told.

Shirehampton councillor Wayne Harvey will tell councillors that Co-op has a near-monopoly meaning local people are being forced to head out of their neighbourhood to find good deals on their weekly grocery shop.

He will be joined at the council meeting by local campaigner Matt Melias to present a 500-name petition signed by local people calling for better choice in the high street.

Cllr Harvey is calling on Mayor George Ferguson to back his campaign to attract major brand name convenience or supermarket express stores to the communities of Avonmouth, Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston.

He said that: "The old City of Bristol College site in Lawrence Weston or even an empty shop (ironically owned by the Co-op) on the high street in Shirehampton, which has lain vacant for 10 years, are suitable for this purpose and remain ripe for redevelopment.

"I have previously criticised the effective retail monopoly enjoyed by the Co-op in our part of the city. These outlets are able to charge a premium on their products because they are classed as and operate as small convenience stores.

"The current dominance exercised by a single retailer is not good for competition or the paying public. The prices currently charged for basic food items are hitting residents really hard in their pockets. Moreover, this is in an area which already experiences high levels of unemployment or contains large numbers of families who have to get by on low incomes. Many people simply cannot afford to shop locally any more."

Cllr Harvey is being backed by Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie.

She said: "People in these areas are crying out for a store which will give them all the basics without the need for either spending hefty amounts of money or travelling out to Cribbs or other outlying superstores.

"Wayne has been working tirelessly for local people and the message is always the same – people want choice, quality and affordability with the store close to their home. This is especially true for elderly people or people who may not have a car."

Ye Old Ode To Paul The Butcher

Go into Paul's Butchers shop
You're sure to have a treat!
He will tell you all about his work
And all the cuts of meat

There's a cut called Brisket
And another one called Rump
And then there's all the sausages
Like bananas in a bunch

There's Ham and Pork and Chitterlings
Laid out in trays, all neat
And if you ask him nicely
You can even have pigs feet!

There are also things called Sweet Breads
Don't fancy them at all
I asked the butcher what they were
He just said "George McCalls"

So if you're in the High Street
And in the Butchers Shop
I think the safest bet would be
Just half a dozen chops!

Come along and join the monthly gardening club

MARCH 12th saw the return of the Gardening Club at the Tithe Barn in Shirehampton. The Garden Club will be meeting once a month, every second Wednesday from 2:00pm – 4:00pm. The cost is £3.50 each session.

Chris Purvis runs the Gardening Club. She is patient, knows her subject well, and explains things in simple terms. She makes it fun and is always willing to answer any questions you have. Chris is passionate about gardening overall and brings a sense of belonging, growing friendships and swapping ideas and tips.

Kath said "We learn a lot from Chris. She answers all our gardening questions and I really do enjoy coming along as it gives me the chance to put together a hanging basket for example and socialise with everyone."

Eileen says "It doesn't matter what your ability is with gardening. I enjoy doing plant pots and patio pots. I've grown flowers, tomatoes and cucumbers on the patio. I've made my daughter a hanging basket too. I also enjoy the company. We can have a laugh and swap ideas."

Whether you live in a flat and have a corner in a room where your plants reside, have a balcony or a window box where your plants are flourishing or even a patio area in a small courtyard or garden that you have access to, your plants add life and colour. If you do have a garden this Gardening Club is for everyone even if you're not very good at it.

From growing vegetables in pots, hanging baskets, flowers and plants to finding out more about the best soil and feed to use and how to deal with plant pests, it's very much hands on so don't forget your gardening gloves unless you don't mind getting your hands dirty! If you want to learn something new or simply enhance your gardening skills and knowledge why not come along and join in each month. Mark the following dates in your diary. Wednesday 9th April. Wednesday 7th May. Wednesday 11th June. Wednesday 9th July. Look forward to seeing you there!

For more information please contact Laura at LinkAge on 07930 559293.

Public Hall event

Risk to public

Organisation warns of risk to public from blood-borne diseases through increase in popularity of tattooing and body piercing.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) is calling on the government to address what it sees as a major public health risk posed by the dramatic increase in tattooing and body piercing. It has warned that the inability of local authorities to insist that tattooists and piercers undergo accredited training is putting the public at risk.

Concerns centre on the ease with which skin infection and blood-borne diseases can be spread through poor practice. In particular diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D and HIV can all be transmitted through unhygienic practice and an unclean working environment.

CIEH principal policy officer, Ian Gray, said: 'We have been telling successive governments of the need for proper training and qualifications in this area for some 20 years. Putting things right now will require nothing less than a complete overhaul of the existing controls.'

Local authorities are currently using existing licensing and registration powers as well as adopted bylaws to stem the worst practices, but increasing numbers of tattooists and piercers, colloquially known as "scratchers", are operating outside of these controls. In reality this can often mean that local authority officers can only take action once things go wrong.

The CIEH is calling for local authority regulators to be given better powers to stem poor practice and to make it a requirement that practitioners are given adequate training, particularly in infection control.

Ian Gray continued: 'In terms of infection control there is little difference between a doctor and nurse carrying out a medical procedure and a tattooist or body piercer injecting or cutting your skin in order to insert dyes and body jewelry."

The CIEH has criticised the government for missing a golden opportunity to introduce public health controls on non-surgical cosmetic procedures in its response to the Keogh Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions. While the Department of Health has agreed to introduce controls on cosmetic procedures carried out by doctors, nurses and beauticians it has chosen to ignore the risks posed by tattooing and body piercing.

Ian Gray concluded: 'Just like other cosmetic procedures, tattooing and body piercing can cause serious harm when they go wrong - not only infection, but disfigurement and even disablement. It is time for the government to accept that standards and accredited training are needed for all non-surgical cosmetic procedures.'

The CIEH has responded to a Health Education England consultation on non-surgical interventions calling for the introduction of accredited training for tattooists and body piercers.

In August the CIEH published the Tattooing and Body Piercing Guidance Toolkit, a web-based toolkit available to regulators and practitioners providing evidence based standards and a wealth of advice and support to help raise standards in the industry.

Thank You To Nisbets

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Sandra White from the Penpole Luncheon Club would like to thank Nisbets, Avonmouth for their kind donation of a food mixer recently given. This item is very much appreciated and will prove to be very useful in the preparation of some meals served by the volunteers of the Penpole Lunch Club. (Sandra White and Hazell Houston are pictured)

Volunteer trustees required

THR Avon (University Settlement) Community Association is a local charity that in one form or another has been in existence since 1918. It was established by Miss Rotha Clay as a 'welfare' system to help the poor and needy of Shirehampton, with small grants to buy essentials such as food and clothing.

In the 1970s the Advice Service was started to provide a quality delivery of general advice on a wide variety of issues including welfare benefits, debt, housing, consumer and employment law. This was later re-named the 'Shire Advice Service'.

Our aim is to relieve poverty through the provision of free, high quality advice services, and to raise awareness within the community of legal rights and entitlements.

The charity is run by a board of volunteer trustees and we are now in a position where we need to augment our numbers with new members. We are therefore looking for members of the local community who perhaps have experience of being a trustee and understand the responsibilities. Ideally they may also have a particular skill such as fundraising, or understand the field of welfare and/or debt advice and can network with partners in the field.

We meet every two months and oversee the out-sourcing of our advice service, so no longer have the responsibility of employing our own advisor. The role of trustee in a well respected local charity is rewarding and would suit anyone wishing to give something back to the community.

If you feel you could offer your services, or would like to meet and discuss further, please contact our Chairman Jonathan Swithinbank, or 07901 336 136.

A Tynings Field Open Day

Once again we plan to open to the public at 11 am on Sunday 8 June with Open Farm Sunday plus the Get Growing Trail and Chelsea Fringe weekend. This year we step back in time with a Dig for Victory plot. Sometime between the wars the 'land by the railway bridge was a small farm run from the old Scout hut' which is now Cotswold Community Centre so we'll fly with a few Union Jacks and a sign that says 'We need You ' to do a bit. Feel free to be a bit 1940s style with wartime recipes: uses for veg in deserts, Bar-b-que, honey, produce and 1940s style cakes, plants and produce. Also a poultry demo and bee-keeping experience. You can look for the golden egg hidden in the field, take the guided nature trail to see the hidden pond and the Anderson shelter foundation, or help with thet the pollinator survey. If you find the egg you can exchange it for a prize. There will be a Photography Competition run by Open Farm Sunday.

So we crack on now and get things up together. Anyone wanting to help out from home can by planting up some hanging baskets nearer the time, making jam or cakes and helping us by growing from home. Anyone wanting to clear weeds from the field, cut brambles etc., and prepare plots should get in touch. We need donations of compost and grow bags.

We are one of 30 taking part in the trail, which is all part of Big Green Week, and one of thousands on the Open Farm Sunday list. Last year we had 100 visitors.

We participate in the Community plant collection growing rare plants for Bristol zoo last year.Yew Class Kingsweston School grew calendula triptocarpa. We thus welcome enquiries for voluntary work from schools and community groups as well as individuals and families who would like some practical outdoor learning tel: 01179090440.

Renovation of the Lamplighters

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

If you've been down to the end of Station Road recently you will have seen the work going on at the Lamplighters Inn. The roof has been renewed and made water tight so that work on renovating the interior can begin. The trees in the front garden have been trimmed and pollarded, ready for the summer's new growth; the side wall to the south has been stripped of render; there are panels of different colours of paint on the front wall, waiting for a decision. The upper wall at the back facing up Station Road has been painted blue - as an experiment? Would comments from the locals be welcome? Residents are delighted to see the pub being taken care of, and hoping for a summer opening.

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Letters to the Editor

Marjorie Fennell

Dear Editor,

My step Nan Marjorie Fennell passed away on 24 February at Kingsmead lodge. She lived in Portbury Grove since 1926 and before that in Barracks Lane and the army huts at Penpole. She was well known as the egg lady. If you want any more information please feel free to call me on 01934853455

Memories from far away

Dear Editor,

As I live in New Zealand, it is always difficult to keep up with news from the Shirehampton area, & that is where I rely on 'Shire on the Web' to provide useful snippets. However, I read in the February issue that Patricia Gould (nee Williams) had passed away. I'm not sure if I have the right person but I believe I knew her. In 1953 I was going out with her sister Jean & attended the wedding of Pat. She married a soldier in the Welsh Guards in Church @ Shirehampton. He looked splendid in his Guards uniform & this always stuck in my memory. Maybe Marilyn Gorry [Nee Curtis] could confirm this. Although 60 odd years have passed I would like to write to Jean & offer my condolences, perhaps Marilyn could recall that era. Jean kindly posted 'Shire on the Web' to me for many years, 'till I was able to receive your fabulous magazine on line & I have never thanked her. Should you ever require anyone to send news or stories about New Zealand of general interest I would be very pleased to do so.

Thank you

Dear Editor,

Ramon, Maureen and Garry would like to say thank you for all the cards and messages we have received for the loss of our beautiful granddaughter Hollie Gazzard tragically killed in Gloucester.

A shining light has been taken from us.

Thank you everyone.

(Thank you very much for your donation. Ed.)

High tide

Dear Editor,

Seeing the pictures of the high tide at The Lamplighters in the February issue reminded me of the time, possibly in the early sixties, when the river came up Lower Station Road, past Franklins Junk Yard, almost to the railway bridge.

Can any other long term residents remember that and when it happened?

Thank You Shire Publications

As you probably know, "Shire" each year distributes any profits in small grants to local community projects. Here is a letter describing how one of those grants has been used.

When Bloor Builders developed the old BT headquarters behind the Bristol Conference Centre in Lower High Street the plans included a playground for the family homes on this development. At the time of this build (1998) the city planners insisted on and approved a playground for the 64 houses on this site.

Fifteen years on and the panels have been vandalized from time to time, covered in graffiti, and some of the play equipment has been removed but not replaced. At times the playground is used by teenagers during the night for gatherings and other 'activities'. Some of the home owners on this site regularly keep an eye on it, removing rubbish (beer cans, etc.) and informing the playground inspector of the damage and general condition of the playground.

The good news is Shire Publications have awarded a grant for the replacement of a number of panels (see photo) and the playground is looking much smarter. We thank Shire Publications and look forward to BCC replacing the rest of the panels before the summer. Pat Todd

Shire Needs Help!

We are seeking a volunteer to help with the distribution of the Shire newspaper. This role entails spending approximately one hour a month sorting the newspapers into individual bundles, so that our team of drivers can deliver on to our team of door-to-door distributors. This takes place on the last Friday of the month, at the Public Hall, between 4pm and 5pm.

If you are interested volunteering as a "counter", please email or call 07525 267198."

Let's Get Cooking!

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

There is a new activity run by LinkAge taking place at the Tithe Barn. 'Let's Get Cooking' is encouraging people with varied cooking experience to do just that. It is safe to say there is no Gordon Ramsey or even a Delia Smith cracking the whip. The cooking sessions are great fun and pretty relaxed. Any mistakes are taken in stride and easily solved. The worst kitchen accident has been a cut finger – soon plastered – due to the enthusiasm of chopping onions or some other vegetable! So far the smell of burning has definitely been absent so Jack and Debbie are proving to be good cooking guides as they don't see themselves as teachers. They believe everyone taking part in class has the ability to cook anything from chocolate brownies, bread and butter pudding and smoothies to lamb hotpot, soup, curry and even chilli con carne. They have boosted everyone's confidence in their cooking abilities. At the end of each class everyone sits down to try the food they have cooked that afternoon and that takes care of lunch for all of them.

Barbara has found the cooking sessions an enjoyable experience. "When I cook on my own I don't enjoy it that much but being here I enjoy the company, I'm cooking with friends, chatting with friends and that makes it an enjoyable experience".

Colin is another attendee. "I've come along to learn some new methods and some new recipes. I do cook at home but I want to learn how to make stews and casseroles. Today's food tasted good. I may have added a bit more salt or pepper, but that is personal preference. I'll still be coming back each week."

Stephen joined for one simple reason. "I want to know how to cook. Today I helped make omelette popovers as well as banana and raisin flapjacks. I've leant a few recipes but hoping this will improve my confidence and I'll be coming back on a regular basis to learn more".

The next 'Let's Get Cooking' sessions begin after Easter on Wednesday 30th April. Cost is £3.00 each week. To book your place or find out more please contact Ricky Bush on 07807 706310.

Tynings Field News . . .

How much do you spend on fresh vegetables?

Try 50p for a packet of seed. The Spring is here and we are starting work on the vegetable plots. Daffodils and primroses flower in the hedgerow, jackdaws and rooks seek worms as we turn over the soil. Our phone line was down due to severe underground flooding but is now back on. The storm-destroyed greenhouse is being recycled to make dutch lights, cold frames and grow-tunnel frames. If you have carpentry skills or practical skills we seek people to spend an hour or two making bug hotels etc. So if you would like to get involved in growing your own veg, the annual Membership is £10 per year and you will grow much more than £10 worth of vegetables. Tynings Field are taking part in the Community Plant Collection where we grow so many plants of a rare variety for planting at Bristol Zoo, last year we successfully grew a variety of calendula which was potted up by Kingsweston School pupils.

Four plots were cleared and dug over yesterday to be planted up this week with parsnip turnip etc. Jo has made a new coldframe and replacement gate for chicken run. Next week another few plots will be cleared and planted up with peas etc. Three new fruit trees are going in next week and fruit bushes. I have connected with the zoo again to grow for the community plant collection and written an article for Shire news. Plots are being cleared of old crops and a person is coming with a support worker to work on raised beds this week.

Early in June, Open Farm Sunday and the Get Growing Trail will see our gates open to the public again. If you would like to grow plants - please get in touch, as we can provide seed for people to grow plants at home, they can keep a third of what they grow, and we keep two thirds for the field. If you are a school or other organisation that would like to get involved we ask you to make contact with us as we can provide a valuable learning facility that people can enjoy at the same time. Tel 01179090440. e mail:

The Mildews

Daffodils on the Green

This scene got photographer Bob Pitchford thinking…

…Do Daffodils sleep?

Holy Week and Easter Services

Shirehampton Methodist Church

Palm Sunday, April 13th 10:30am Rev Ajay Singh (Communion)

Maundy Thursday, April 17th 3:00pm (Communion)

Easter Day, April 20th 10:30am Mrs Susan Hatton

Hope, a Musical Celebration of the Resurrection

There is fabulous news from Spirit of Life Church, the church that meets at the Oasis Academy Brightstowe Shirehampton. According to Dia Moodey, the senior minister, the church has settled in well and is preparing for one of the major events in the Christian calendar, Easter. "This year, we are filling a large part of our Easter Sunday service with a musical celebration of the resurrection of Christ," said the minister.

The congregation, who recently moved from the city location to Shirehampton, have been on a walkabout on the High Street, meeting local residents. They hope to strengthen their ties with the community over the next few months. The Easter Sunday, Hope, a Musical Celebration of the Resurrection is a good opportunity for local residents to check out the new church. Sunday Service begins at 10.30am and finishes at 12.30pm. Refreshments are usually served afterwards. For more information please visit You may like to chat with the church's minister, you can do that by calling 0117 9070850.

From the registers at St Mary"s - February 2014

BAPTISM "We welcome you"

23rd Jacob Fudge

FUNERALS "At rest and at peace"

5th Brian Morgan St Mary's

6th Dennis Hole Canford

Heather Reagan Canford

10th Carol Brownjohn St Mary's

19th Albert Forrest St Mary's

St. Mary"s News

Hi Folks!

It is indeed a joyous sight to see the early Daffodils appearing on Shirehampton Green – the first sign of Spring in our Village this year. By the time you read these notes hopefully we shall see the green leaves bursting out on the trees. Easter is later this year – well into April in fact

Saturday, 5th April our Spring Fayre in the church from 10.00 am until 12.00 noon.

Crafts, Gifts, Cakes and Preserves will be on sale. We will be serving Cream Teas to whet your appetite from 2:30 to 4:30. We would love to see you at both functions – you know that you are always welcome at St. Mary's.

Sunday, 13th April is Palm Sunday when we celebrate Jesus rapturous welcome into the City of Jerusalem when Palm Leaves were spread out onto the road before him. This is commemorated at our 10.00am Holy Communion Service when Palm Crosses are distributed to members of the congregation. There will be Compline, a quiet reflective service of Evening Prayer at 8:00pm

Monday, 14th April is the beginning of Holy Week. Compline will be said at 8:00 pm.

Tuesday evening Compline will be said at 8.30 pm with special prayers for Holy Week.

Wednesday at 8:00 pm we will say Tenebrae, a service which reflects on Light into Darkness, An interesting act of worship for anyone who has never experienced it.

Maundy Thursday there will be NO HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE AT 11.00 am. This is ecause many of us will be attending Bristol Cathedral at 10.30 am for a Chrism Service Blessing of the Oils). However, there will still be "Messy Church" at 3.30 pm followed by a service of Holy Communion at 6.30 pm which will include the "washing of feet". This service this will be followed by Supper.

Good Friday begins with a Family Service presented by the Kids Klub on the theme – "Colours of Easter". After this service we shall enjoy our traditional Hot Cross Buns with a cup of Tea or Coffee. At 1.00 pm there will be a short service of Meditation and Prayer before the Shirehampton Area Choir sing Stainers "Crucifixion" at 2.00 pm.This choral act of Devotion will conclude the events of the day.

Easter Day, Sunday, 20th April, begins with the 7.00 am Sunrise Service on Shirehampton Park which lasts about 25 minutes. We are normally lucky with the weather and more often than not the early morning bird song is truly inspirational! At the conclusion of this act of worship we retire to The Tithe Barn for a Full English Breakfast – which would put many hotels to shame. This will be followed at 10.00 am by our Easter Communion Service.

There will be a competition this year for the best decorated Cup Cake for Easter. There is one competition for Children and one competition for Adults. So get out your Cook Books for some novel ideas which should prove very entertaining. We will round off this rather hectic day with a service of Compline at 8.00 pm.

Sunday, 27th April there will be a Family Service at 10.00am and a short service of Evening Prayer at 6.00 pm. This will be followed immediately by our Annual Parochial Church Meeting, when, if you are on our Electoral Roll, you can vote for the persons you wish to serve on our Parochial Church Council and also this year for members to serve on Deanery Synod for the next 3 year period.

This is allegedly true – a Vicar announced "The Restoration Fund has finally reached its target thanks to the £10,000 realised from the sale of the rare coin which was donated anonymously in last week's collection plate!"

'Bye for now – C.M.E.

On Your Doorstep . . .

On 13th February 2014, Bristol NW Foodbank gave out a food parcel to their 6,000th client, a local family experiencing crisis. People use the Foodbank for a variety of reasons with debt, sickness, benefit changes and/or delays, unexpected bills, delayed wages and redundancy being the most common. Many older people at this time of year find themselves having to choose between whether to 'heat or eat,' and every day parents are forced to skip meals so that their children can eat, particularly during the school holidays when Free Schools Meals aren't available.

Bristol NW Foodbank is a charity supported by local churches and individuals, who donate food and offer financial support. Our first outlets opened in Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston in March 2011, and are part of the Trussell Trusts' network of over 400 foodbanks across the UK. There is now an additional outlet in Henbury, and a fourth planned to open at Hope Chapel in Hotwells during the summer of 2014.

The Foodbanks are run by volunteers, who help make up food parcels to be given out, serve in the café area, and offer a 'listening ear.' People can also be directed to services that provide further help and advice, such as Christians Against Poverty (CAP), debt advice and other local advice services.

We are always in need of volunteers, however little time they can offer. There are many ways to help, for example drivers who can collect donated food or people who help with fundraising. We are currently fundraising for a part-time van driver.

One Client Rachel said recently, "I have always worked. My hours have been cut recently due to funding cuts, so I can't afford a lot on food. Thanks to the Foodbank for making a difference to my local area."

To find out more please visit or email us at

Do you love me more than fish?

I know that we had already seen him a couple of times since he had died it seems strange to say that, 'seen him since he had died', and it was very strange then because it was all so new.

Although, as I said, we had seen him and spoken with him, we still couldn't really believe that it was true, you know, that he was really alive, and that we weren't just imagining it. Actually every time I got to thinking that, that I might be imagining the whole thing, that was when he would turn up again, as if he knew that I had been doubting him and he had to make an appearance just to show that it wasn't all a dream and he had really risen from the dead and was there to encourage us. Well that's what we thought he was doing anyway because it wasn't very clear at that time, you know, just after he had risen from the dead (it still sounds strange) what he planned to do. We weren't sure what was going to happen next. Was he going to take up where he left off with the teaching and the healing, but that seemed pretty unlikely with what had happened after we arrived in Jerusalem and all. I mean what should he do: go to the Sanhedrin and say 'Here I am, you tried to kill me but it didn't work d'you wanna have another try?' I tell you if he had done something like that I would've loved to have seen their faces, what then their accusations of blasphemy because he said he was God's Son? It's pretty good proof isn't it, coming back from the dead! But no, that wasn't his way, or his plan. But as I said we didn't really know what he had planned, and I wasn't even sure if he wanted me as part of his plans whatever they were… because… well… well… not after what happened after he was arrested. He hadn't said anything about it you see and so I didn't know where I stood. I didn't think I could be much use to him if I was the sort of person that bailed out at the first sign of trouble. But then again, if he had been killed and come back to life maybe death wasn't something to be so afraid of, and if that's true and I was in the same position again I might do things differently, be able to stand up for myself, well stand up for him really, but with a bit more courage. The thing was I didn't know if I would ever get the chance to prove it, to myself or to him I mean I hadn't even had the chance to say that I was sorry!

That is I hadn't until that morning on the beach. I was in one of those down patches. As I said when I was like, that it got so that I wasn't sure that we hadn't all been suffering from some group hallucination. And at times like that there is only one thing to do. I might not be sure that I am still a disciple, I mean you can't be a disciple with no-one to be a disciple to, can you? And even if he was still going to need disciples I wasn't sure I was really cut out for the job. But the one thing I am cut out for, and the one thing I know I can do, is fishing. So I said to the others one night 'I'm going out to fish' and some of them said that they would come too. I don't know if they were also feeling down, or if they just decided to keep me company or may be they thought I might do something stupid you know out on the lake at night, all on my own. Well anyway we went fishing, and that's when I found out I might not be much good as a fisherman anymore either. D'you know we fished all night and we didn't catch anything. Not even a tiddler. I was in a foul mood come the morning I can tell you. And as we were making our way back to shore, you know at first light, there was this joker on the beach and he began shouting at us. Something about 'haven't you caught any fish'. Blooming cheek I thought. I bet he couldn't have done any better, and I said as much to the others. Then he shouted that we should try putting out nets the other side of the boat. It was a good thing he was on the beach and I was in the boat I can tell you. I mean we had only just hauled the nets in and were stowing them away. Why would we want to put them out again? It was obvious that the fish weren't biting. I mean we had been out there all night. But the others calmed me down and said it might be worth a try. I wonder if they had begun to realise who this bloke was and what was about to happen. I mean it had all happened before, hadn't it, and that should have made me stop to think, but it wasn't until we were trying to haul in the biggest catch I can remember for a long time, particularly that close to shore, that it clicked. Actually one of the others, I didn't see who it was, took the words right out of my mouth. 'It's him' they said as I hit the water and began wading ashore. What with the miraculous catch of fish, and the 'throw the net over the other side' scenario it was obvious that it was indeed him.

By the time we all got ashore he'd got breakfast going. A fire with a few fish cooking, and some bread, and we added some of our catch as well. That was quite a breakfast I can tell you. There is nothing like freshly caught and cooked fish eaten in the open air, especially when they are part of your own catch, and the whole meal shared with such good friends. Well I thought that he and me were friends, but as I said before we hadn't really had the chance to clear the air. To put things right. You know after…well…well what happened, you know… after he was arrested. I was just wondering if I should say something when he did. He caught my eye, looked straight at me and said the most odd thing. Well it seemed odd to me at the time. He said 'Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these'. What did he mean? Did he mean do I love him more than the other disciples did? How was I to know if my love for him was stronger than theirs? Or did he mean do I love Him more than I cared for them? Or did he mean do I love him more than the fish? Do I love Him more than what I am (a fisherman) and more than what I do everyday?

Come to the Easter Messy Church at Shirehampton Baptist Church on Saturday 12th April (3.00-5.00pm) and find out who Simon's friend was and what had happened to make Simon feel that he had let his friend down so badly and whether he did indeed love him more than fish!

Kings Weston and the First World War

THE Kings Weston Action Group and English Heritage are developing schools projects.

The Kings Weston Action Group (KWAG) has recently discovered a new photograph of Kings Weston House during the First World War when it was used as an Auxiliary Hospital for wounded servicemen. The photo will now help form part of an important local resource for Bristol schools that KWAG are developing with English Heritage as part of the events marking the Centenary of the beginning of the war.

The 1916 photo shows some of the patients of the hospital gathered on the main steps of the house. Amongst the stern looking soldiers you can pick out some of the injuries that saw them returned from the fronts in Europe. All of them are wearing 'Hospital Blues', a form of uniform that was adopted for use rather than military uniforms in hospitals, but from their regimental cap badges we can tell that the hospital cared for soldiers from across the UK including the Royal Irish Fusiliers, The Royal Scots, Royal Leicestershire, and Gloucestershire and Bedfordshire Regiments.

KWAG have already built up a small quantity of material relating to the use of Kings Weston House as an Auxiliary Hospital as well as other activities in the surrounding area, but they are keen to expand on what they have to help teach the next generation through the Heritage Schools Project. Whilst plans for events later this year are still in progress it is likely that in the autumn groups of children from around Bristol, including local schools, will be brought to Shirehampton and Kings Weston to visit the sites for themselves.

Shirehampton's war memorial at the entrance to the estate and the plaque over the door to Kings Weston House commemorating the "happy memory of the wounded from every land of the British Empire who were gathered in this house" will be part of a guided tour of WWI sites in the area. The artillery works at Avonmouth, the Remount Depot, and the prisoner of war camp on the estate also form part of an important record of the war in Bristol.

KWAG and English Heritage's 'Heritage Schools' programme invite anyone with any stories or material to get in touch with them so that they can record it for future generations. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact KWAG on the following details:

KWAG, c/0 75A Alma Road, Bristol, BS8 2DW Telephone: 07811666671

Shirehampton's First Hairdressing Training Academy

JAYNE AND GILL are very excited to be launching their new business adventure: The Hair Lounge and the Select Hair Academy here in Shirehampton.

For the past six years Jayne owned and ran the salon, it was known as Jupe Hairstyling.Jayne has worked in the village for 22 years and has now decided to branch out and join forces with her sister-in-law, Gill. Gill used to live in Shirehampton years ago and had a freelance business in and around the village. She has been hairdressing for 30 years and taught hairdressing in a college near Bath. In January 2014 Jayne and Gill decided to pair up their skills and expertise to create the Hair Lounge and the Select Hair Academy.

The Hair Lounge - Over the past few months the salon has been beautifully refurbished in a shabby chic style to give it a comfortable, warm feel. The salon will continue to offer a wide selection of hairdressing services where clients can enjoy the friendly atmosphere. The salon will now be open on a Sunday from 10.00am till 2.00pm so clients can relax, have their hair done, enjoy the Sunday papers and nibble on a croissant with their tea or coffee. "We are also introducing a nail bar so clients can enjoy extra pampering in the very near future."

The Select Hair Academy – "We are very proud to be opening the first training school of its kind in Shirehampton." This will operate on a Monday and Tuesday, the courses currently available are the refresher courses. These are tailor made to suit individual needs and run on a one to one basis so the training is focused and thorough. There is also a full NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing programme available this year with progression to Level 3 next year. Gill explains: "These two courses will be run in small focused groups, a ratio of six students to one tutor, so students gain excellent support and guidance throughout their training. My approach to teaching is more personal, I like to develop my learners at a pace and style that suits them."

Jayne and Gill have been very pleased with the amount of interest shown so far in the academy and there will be a free taster session available for anyone interested in an NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing course starting in May 2014. The evening will be held April 24th 6.00pm till 7.00pm. You will be able to meet the staff and have a look at the course content. Please contact the salon to book a place: 0117 9822767.

"We both look forward to serving the community further with our new business."