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KWAG Begin Restoration of Historic Common Land

Sansway House Celebrates 14 years of Childcare

Special needs school achieves prestigious award

Money Week At Shirehampton Primary School

Urgently Wanted Volunteer Deliverer for the ‘Shire’

Wishing for a smokefree 2014?

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Cotswold Community Association

Brownies celebrate their 100th Birthday

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Stepping Out For The Tea Dance

Model Railway Club Open Day

St. Mary’s News


KWAG Begin Restoration of Historic Common Land

The Kings Weston Action Group (KWAG) are now two months into their programme of clearance on historic Penpole Point.

View from Penpole 1840s - Joseph Walter.

View from Penpole 1840s - Joseph Walter.

In January and February, the volunteer group began by cutting down brambles and self-seeded saplings that had grown up between the ruins of Penpole Lodge and the stone dial. Their final scheduled working party will take place on 15th March.

Volunteers clearing Penpole Point

Volunteers clearing Penpole Point

For centuries, the common land at Penpole Point was famous for its uninterrupted views across the Severn and Avon, but since the 1970s, the area has been very much neglected.

Although KWAG’s planned clearance will only make a relatively small impression, they have already begun turning the tide. The area is already looking much more open and glimpses of distant views can again be glimpsed through the trees. The City Council has also applied for funding from the Forestry Commission to better manage the area in the wake of the group’s efforts.

KWAG have been further encouraged by the recent discovery of a previously unknown oil painting by local artist Joseph Walter. It shows the vista from Penpole Point in the 1840s with none of the trees that have since obscured the view. David Martyn of KWAG explains: "Discovering the painting has really spurred us on. Our volunteers can really achieve a lot in the space of an afternoon, but it will be some time yet before the same panoramic views are enjoyed again." He continued: "We’ve had some of our best turn-outs of volunteers for these events which just shows how much people value this corner of the historic estate."

KWAG’s final working party event at Penpole Point will be on 15th March, before their monthly events turn their attention to the ancient avenue leading up to Kings Weston House.

If you would like to lend a hand and contribute to clearing the area, please email or call 07811 666671 for more details.

Kingsweston House Storm Damage - 15th February 2014

Photo by Bob Pitchford

Photo by Bob Pitchford

The fallen tree is across the path leading from the Main House to the Echo and the two dogs posing on the tree are called Blaze and, believe it or not, Echo. What are the chances of taking a photo of a dog called Echo sitting on an Oak Tree that had fallen across a path leading to a place called the Echo? That’s spooky!

Sansway House Celebrates 14 years of Childcare

THIS month sisters Kelly Allaway and Alison Starkie will celebrate providing childcare for local families since February 2000.

The sisters opened Sansway House Day Nursery in Lawrence Weston aged 24 and 22. Along the way, they have faced some difficult times trying to sustain the small business amid the other neighbourhood nurseries, children’s centres and new privately-owned settings that have sprung up around them.

Sansway House today

Sansway House today

Kelly says that running a day nursery today is very different to how it was fourteen years ago. These days staff have far more qualifications and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. Soon parents will be able to receive photos and updates instantly on their iPad, PC or mobile.

The nursery has achieved the Bristol Standard for Early Years settings again this year and has used this as an opportunity to reflect on how it can continue to improve.

Sansway House will always be a special place and the sisters attribute their success at overcoming various obstacles to the support and encouragement they received from their dad. He built the house itself and extended it considerably over a 35 year period.

Kelly’s advice to anyone wanting to start a business is: "Do it! Yes, its exhausting but the benefits and the sense of achievement are amazing."

Special needs school achieves prestigious award

A special needs school has become the first in Bristol to achieve the prestigious Youth Sports Trust Goldmark Partner Status Award for providing outstanding PE and sport. It is the only special school in the South West region to have achieved this status and the award is nationally recognised and accredited.

Bristol Gateway School in Lawrence Weston, which only came out of Special Measures in April, has leveraged the support of sporting organisations such as Bristol Rugby Club and Bristol City Football Club to help achieve the award despite very limited resources.

Head Kaye Palmer-Greene said: "Sport can change lives for the better and we are showing this. Sport can provide so many essential life skills such as resilience and team work. "We are absolutely thrilled to become a Youth Sport Trust Partner School which recognises our commitment to delivering the best possible experiences for young people through PE and school sport. There are a whole range of educational, health and wellbeing benefits from delivering high quality PE and school sport and we see on a regular basis that when sport is delivered well it can transform the lives of a whole range of pupils."

Annette Montague, Education Director at the Youth Sport Trust, said: "Youth Sport Trust Partner Schools share our belief that sport changes lives and understand how it can be used across the curriculum to improve attainment. PE and school sport can be a catalyst for young people to live healthy, active lives and we are delighted to be working with schools across the country to support them develop this provision. We have an increasing number of schools applying for our partner school status which is a testament to the ongoing commitment that schools have in making a difference for young people and creating a world class system for PE and sport."

Brenda Massey, Assistant Mayor for Education, said: "I wish to give my utmost congratulations to Bristol Gateway School. This is a truly stunning achievement."

Bristol Gateway School also runs a sports ambassadors programme as a means to build community links. Students volunteer to mentor in local primary schools such as Badocks Wood Primary, with plans to expand to Bristol Gateway’s partner school Woodstock Primary and beyond. This programme has resulted in raising attainment across the school.

Money Week At Shirehampton Primary School

We recently had a theme week at Shirehampton Primary School which was money week. We have this event every year and we all really enjoy it.

This year the focus was on budgeting. The School Council were given the task of choosing four local charities which we were going to raise money for. The School Council chose Northwest Bristol Food Bank, Rethink Mental Health Charity, Wallace And Gromit Grand Appeal And Avon Riding Centre.

The pupils worked in their house teams to plan, cost, budget and advertise their items which were to be sold at a ‘mini fair’ at the end of the week.

In addition to this our lessons were all based on money from solving money problems in maths, caculating cooking ingredients, the power of advertising products and choosing which products were likely to give a good profit! It was tricky as lots of the ideas we had would have been too expensive and we wouldn’t have made any money!

At the fair there was a wide variety of items to buy including gingerbread, cakes, biscuits, fridge magnets, badges, fudge and games to take part in.

We made an amazing £280 which was divided equally between the four charities.

We all had a great time and definitely learned the art of budgeting and how difficult it is to stay in budget and not get carried away!

Urgently Wanted Volunteer Deliverer for the ‘Shire’

Chris Skelton has deferred his ‘retirement’ from the High Street delivery round a couple of times now and would be grateful for someone to take his place. The round is the historic heart of Shirehampton Village and a guided introduction will happily be arranged.

Please contact

Wishing for a smokefree 2014?

Extra help in Bristol to support quitters

Up to four extra support sessions are available across the city for anyone ready to give up smoking. The extra sessions from Smokefree Bristol are in addition to three rolling groups, one to one appointments available in six clinics, two drop in clinics, three pregnancy support sessions and appointments available with 62 pharmacies in Bristol.

Smoking is the largest avoidable cause of premature death and disability in the UK. Currently it is estimated that 23 per cent of Bristol’s adult population are smokers, compared with 21 per cent nationally. Assistant Mayor for Health Cllr Barbara Janke said: "Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions to give up smoking but don’t always realise they can get really helpful support. One benefit from the support sessions is that there are tried and trusted and very effective ways of helping people quit once and for all. If people are thinking of giving up they should contact Smokefree Bristol or local pharmacy or GP. No-one need feel they have to do it alone."

Paul Lloyd, aged 70, was a lifelong smoker having up to 20 cigarettes a day. He has recently achieved his four week quit and isn’t looking back. "Just after I retired as a driving instructor I noticed a rapid weight loss. My GP told me that quitting smoking would help me put weight back on and increase my energy levels. The pharmacy was very helpful and put me in touch with the smoking clinic at the Greenway Centre. "I’ve tried to quit before but I found these sessions struck exactly the right balance for me and were very relaxed and friendly. I would urge anyone who hasn’t tried it to give it a go even if you start smoking again there are no judgements or pressure and the support continues. It really worked for me and my health has improved."

Smokefree Bristol manager Lynn Stanley said: "If you are one of the 7 out of 10 smokers keen to become smokefree in 2014, then do call one of your free local NHS Stop Smoking Services for practical help and advice, from tips on how to cope with cravings, to finding the best tailor made way to help you quit. Last year Smokefree Bristol and our partners helped 6,000 people make a quit attempt and half of these quitters were still not smoking at four weeks. We are here to help when anyone is ready to stop smoking."

To find out more about the sessions telephone 922 2255, visit or text READY to 80011. Follow quit attempts on twitter at @smokefreebriz


  1. Every year around 200,000 people aged 16 and under start smoking, and of those who remain smokers, half are killed by their habit.
  2. ASH estimates that smoking costs Bristol £117 million a year in lost productivity, health treatments, litter and house fires.
  3. Smokers are five times more likely to quit for good with practical support.
  4. Smokefree Bristol is part of Bristol’s public health team and works with Smokefree South West to reduce smoking prevalence and health inequalities in the city by delivering a comprehensive tobacco control programme.
  5. Bristol has a high rate of pulmonary disease, the majority of which is caused by smoking

Join KWAG for a Dawn Chorus Walk

Join KWAG and local naturalist Ed Drewitt on Saturday 12th April to listen to Kings Weston’s early birdsong.

Before the leaves are out, Song Thrushes, Robins, Blackbirds, Goldcrests and many other birds will be attracting mates and showing off to each other. This is a special time to listen to all the birds and find out what they all are!

Meet at Shirehampton Road car park at 5.15am for a 5.30am start. Please wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear and note that, unfortunately, dogs aren’t able to join you for this event. It should finish at around 7am. The cost is £5 per person, payable on the day.

Places are strictly limited and must be booked in advance. Ed’s walks are very popular so book now by emailing or phoning 07811 666671.

You can find out more about KWAG and its work on the group’s brand new

Tynings Field News

The weather has battered the field this winter and our greenhouse was blown down. So now we are preparing for the growing season. If you would like to grow veg for yourself or family then get in touch.

Members pay £10.00 a year and have enough space to grow large amounts. They also have the chance to pick what they need before we sell the remainder to fundraise.

We have set tasks so no-one works the field on their own. Honey and free range eggs are also available for those who regularly participate.

If you want to grow from home and have a space in your greenhouse or window sill, we provide seeds and home growers can keep up to a third of the plants they grow.

If you are thinking of keeping poultry then we run an introduction session here where you get hands-on experience of wing clipping and crop clearing, dusting etc. The growing space and orchard areas are being extended this year for whole families to get involved and feed themselves, so if you are a practical person please get in touch. Tel 0117 9090440 leaving a message.

Nature Notes

I recently spent half a morning giving my bird feeders a thorough clean. The wet weather had found its way into the seeds, turning them into an inedible, hard mass. Some were even sprouting green growth!

After removing the footholds and gently prodding out the mess with a screwdriver, a thorough rinse out left them ready for fresh seed. However, things are very quiet in the garden I think the birds are beginning their preparations for the breeding season!

I have been pleased to see the return of the herons along the river-bank. Whatever the weather, they take up residence in January and by Feb/March they are sitting on eggs.

The other treat on the river-bank is a beautiful buzzard which is frequently to be seen. I am reliably informed by a young man who lives next to the field that it is a female (I have no reason to argue!) The flock of povers dipping and soaring over the river is a sight to see too. It may be the dullest and wettest of winters but there is still plenty of beautiful wildlife to cheer us.

Letters to the Editor

Work starts

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Dear Editor

So very pleased to read that the Lamplighters is to re-open. Congratulations to all involved in it’s re-birth, and every best wish for a long and profitable life.

My wife, Denise, and I remember the pub with fond affection. On June 5th 1959, early evening we sat outside the pub celebrating prior to our wedding at St. Mary’s the following afternoon. It would have been nice to re-inact that occasion this year as we celebrate our 55th Wedding Anniversary. However, living now in Adelaide, South Australia, distance prevents that from occurring. If, in the future we do re-visit our old ‘aunts’ around Shire, make no mistake, the Lamplighters will be high on our ‘must visit’ list.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Kind regards,

Dave Wills Retirement

Dear Editor,

I should like to express my thanks to colleagues, family and friends for the lovely gifts and kind wishes for my retirement as caretaker at Avon Primary School. The party was amazing and the Lord Mayor’s visit and speech, thanking me for 38 years of service for Bristol City Council, was the topping on the cake. I shall miss everyone and hope they will keep in touch.

Thank you,

The item headed ‘Avonmouth Primary School Caretaker Retires’ in last month’s Shire, said Dave was caretaker at AVONMOUTH Primary School but this should have read AVON Primary School. Ed.

John Edward Palmer - born 9th October 1929

Dear Editor

It is with great sadness to announce that John Edward Palmer, known as Johnny to his friends, passed peacefully away on 12th January 2014. Johnny, formerly of the Portway, Shirehampton, will be greatly missed by daughters Gillian and Sara, also Jonathan, Richard and grandchildren Abi and Chris. RIP dad.

Cotswold Community Association

March Events

March 8thCoffee morning from 10-12
March 22ndCurry night from 7.30 onwards

For further details contact John on 07790426691

Brownies celebrate their 100th Birthday

This year the Brownies will be celebrating their 100th Birthday and as part of their festivities our local Brownies are taking part in the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge. There are fifty-seven activities themed around events in twenty-one specially chosen years based over the last one hundred years. These activities feature You, Community and World themes. From this the Brownies have to choose six activities, two from each theme. There are also three compulsory activities from each theme that have to be followed through as well. Once the Brownies have completed all nine activities they will then be awarded The Big Brownies Birthday Challenge Badge.

So far our local Brownies group have completed activities that include the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, designed a room for the future, planned a trip where they have chosen a place to visit, working out the date to go and how much it will cost. They’ve also taken the role of a war time evacuee and sent postcards back home and, more recently, did a Big Brownie Birthday Stay Away Event where they spent the night at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway and slept outside Boots, a place carefully chosen by Barney their Brownie Leader. Altogether there were 522 Brownies and 99 adults involved in the sleepover making Brownie wooden dolls, each coloured in with different Brownie uniforms from around the world. They also made colourful bunting and played Beetle Drive. The highlight apparently was McDonalds for dinner and breakfast as well as staying up late and getting very little sleep!

Brownie Pack Leader In Charge, Barbara Deasy (Barney to the Brownies) said "It was a busy buzzy night with the children very excited and getting very little sleep. Cinnamon slept like a log but I didn’t get any sleep and Kestrel stayed awake too.

Falcon was really disappointed not to be there as she was in New York. The Brownies loved the experience despite very little sleep, they had great fun and it’s something they will never forget".

Charlotte said "I was quite hyper because everyone was at The Mall and it was quite noisy so it was hard to fall asleep but it was fun and tiring all at the same time". Beth thought it was cool and said "I only slept for half an hour but enjoyed making the Brownie wooden dolls with all the different uniforms" whilst Hannah confirmed "I liked staying up all night making the Brownie dolls but the Beetle Drive was really hard to do and it got complicated!"

Good luck to the girls in completing all their tasks and we’ll see you wearing your ‘Big Brownies Birthday Challenge Badge’ later in the year.

For more information about The Brownies check out the web site:

Welcome to the 191st Scouts

On Thursday 30th January, a new Scout was enrolled into the 191st Shirehampton. Coalan Kennedy came into the troop through the Lovejoy Beavers and the Dixon Cub pack. Welcome to the new troop.

If you would like to know more about the Scouts see

Join the New Arts and Craft Club

THERE is a new Arts and Craft group that takes place the Penpole Community Centre every Friday. This LinkAge activity is lead by Tracy Zehtabi who has been doing arts and crafts herself for a number of years.

To date the Arts and Craft Club has made a selection of Christmas decorations, candle decorations, a selection of greetings cards for Christmas, Birthdays, St.Valentines Day and other celebrations, sweets and currently silk painting. Other arts and crafts that will be done in the future include decorated Easter Eggs and collages for example.

"You don’t have to be an artist or even an expert with craft ideas to join in" said Tracy. "Everybody has different abilities and as long as you have an interest in arts and crafts and willing to have a go you could surprise yourself with what you can really do and achieve.

The Arts and Craft Club is fun with a friendly relaxed atmosphere. I show you how a particular art or craft is done and then I am on hand to help you as and when you need." said Tracy

Eileen has attended the Arts and Craft Club from the beginning and said "I find it really enjoyable and interesting. I didn’t feel I was good at arts and crafts but Tracy has proved otherwise.

At the moment I am doing a silk painting for a cushion cover that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do and I’m really pleased with what I have achieved so far. I look forward to Fridays each week and enjoy the social aspect of the club too".

Hazell would love to see more people join the Arts and Craft Club. "I’m really enjoying it all and love all the craft projects we’ve done so far. I’m really enjoying the silk painting at the moment. So come along and join in for an enjoyable couple of hours doing various art and craft projects." said Hazell

The Arts And Craft Club takes place every Friday at the Penpole Community Centre, Oaktree Court, The Ridge, Shirehampton every Friday from 10:30am until 1pm. Cost is £3:00 and no experience necessary! Please call Laura at LinkAge on 07930559293 for more details or simply go along to the venue and join in. You can also go to to see more about the Arts and Craft Club.

Stepping Out For The Tea Dance

ON February 5th at the Public Hall in Shirehampton LinkAge held their Second Tea Dance. Norma Dakin led the dancers through a number of dances including the cha-cha and the waltz with a break for tea, coffee and cake served by Ricky and Laura.

More dancing followed and one or two dance moves ended with laughter. It didn’t matter if some got the dance steps wrong.

"I enjoyed the tea dance very much but would like to see a LinkAge dance class in Shirehampton where you are taught the basic steps" said Diane. Eileen was in agreement with her "I’d love to learn more dance steps and would join a dance class. I really enjoyed today".

Wendy and Tony Phillips loved their first tea dance. "The teaching of the dance steps was excellent" said Tony. "We’re glad we learnt the foxtrot as we couldn’t do that one" said Wendy. "We also did the cha-cha that we couldn’t do and rumba number one that we haven’t done in a very long time but it brought back some good memories for us" added Tony.

For more information about LinkAge activities please contact Ricky Bush on 07807706310 or Laura Burchett on 07930559293. You can also pop into the Tithe Barn, Shirehampton every Tuesday and Wednesday for a tea/coffee and a chat with Ricky and Laura too.

STOMP Dance Club at Colston Hall

On Sat 1st February two groups from St. Mary’s Shirehampton STOMP Dance Club joined together to perform at the Colston Hall in a show called ‘STAGES’. This event consists of schools and clubs around Bristol coming together to display their dances in a professional show.

This was a great opportunity for the dancers to perform on a full theatre stage and work with a professional sound and lighting team.

The dancers are aged between 7-16 and meet weekly as 2 separate age groups (primary and secondary) for free community dance sessions at The Tithe Barn, Shirehampton. This is the first time that St. Marys STOMP group have performed at STAGES and they were really looking forward to it! They danced to ‘Oh! So Quiet’ (but with a bit of a street dance twist!) with the theme of the dancers trying their best to stay as silent as possible but being a street dance group, this doesn’t last very long! Well done to all dancers involved, you were fantastic and made the audience really happy!

Happy 50th Birthday to Expat Keith O’Neill

Photo: Maria Matoe

Photo: Maria Matoe

Reaching your 50th Birthday is a milestone for anyone that shouldn’t go unmarked and therefore every good reason to wish my cousin Keith O’Neill a very happy 50th birthday on 26th March. He was born in 1964, lived round the corner from me in Shirehampton and we more or less grew up together. Summers were spent in the back garden playing on swings and slides, splashing around in paddling pools, riding our bikes and his Dad (Uncle Ray) fixing our cycles. Every Sunday lunch time we would go to the PBA Club with his Dad, my brother and our Grandad collecting the weekly eggs from Mr and Mrs Taylor afterwards. As a teenager he would drive his Dad’s car up and down the driveway. Keith attended Avon Primary School and Portway Comprehensive School. He even tried to hide the fact he was smoking whilst still at school but stuffing a cigarette down his sock one time just didn’t work! He failed dismally. When he left school he worked at his brother Stephen’s shop for a little while and then moved onto working at several companies in Avonmouth including Geest. He was also the Steward at the Shire Workman’s Club. Keith has a daughter Gemma and he is also a Grandfather. He also has a stepson Nick. Keith then moved to Australia with his then wife Kerry in 1998.

Since then his life has moved on at a pace and he now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He now works at the local Rockingham Hospital as part of their Security Team. Each day is different especially in A+E.

With good weather and plenty of sun that the UK lacks, barbecues and an air conditioned home to stay cool during the very hot summers, Keith does return to his home city of Bristol to visit friends and family. Today he is very settled and happy with his partner Maria, who in fact provided the photo for this article ‘without him knowing the reason’. After reading this he will now know why! So even though you may be miles away Keith your birthday cannot go unmarked.

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY KEITH, have a fabulous day with love from your Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Sister Pat, Brother-In-Law Shawn and nieces and nephews in Bristol.

Cannabis Factory closed in Avonmouth

Five people have been arrested after a cannabis factory was uncovered in Bristol. On Tuesday, January 21, police officers acting on intelligence stopped a vehicle in the area of Ullswater Road, Southmead.

A search of the vehicle uncovered a bin bag of cannabis worth around £1,000. Further enquiries lead to the search of a flat in Meadow Street, Avonmouth, where a cannabis factory was discovered and drugs believed to be worth £60,000 were seized.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the production and sale of drugs and the investigation continues. They have been bailed pending further enquiries.

Anyone with information should contact Southmead police station on 101. Alternatively, you can call independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They never ask for your name and they don’t trace your call.

Model Railway Club Open Day

The Shirehampton Model Railway Club will be holding an Open Day on 5th April at the Public Hall. The club’s and some of the club members’ layouts will be on show, and there will be a second-hand stall selling railway items. You never know - you might find just what you have been looking for.

We will endeavour to answer all your queries, however trivial you might think they are. We all had to start somewhere!

Refreshments will be on sale, including tea, coffee, soft drinks and homemade cakes.

Doors open at 10am and close at 5pm. Admission prices: Adult £1.50 Senior £1.00 Child £0.50 Family £2.50. Please come along, find out what we do, and have an enjoyable and cheap day out!

Activities Champion Retires From Kingsmead Lodge

Pam Brooks is retiring from Kingsmead Lodge Care Home after 11 years of dedicated work. In that time, she has been a tremendous support to so many of our lovely residents, some no longer with us.

She has spent endless hours and days organising day trips, garden parties, sing-alongs, fabulous bingo sessions, harvest festivals, great Christmas parties, church sessions with Jill and well-loved shaboo. Pam has also managed to raise a great deal of money during this time for residents’ funds.

Before coming to Kingsmead Lodge, Pam and her lovely husband Dave owned Pam’s card shop in Shirehampton. A lot of people will remember her from the shop.

She will be so sadly missed; we would all like to wish her well in her future retirement - and once again a very big thank you Pam!


In response to the request for information and stories regarding individuals from Avonmouth/Shirehampton who fought in the First World War, Steve Fell replied "I would have no objection if you used the information on my website It contains details of those who were killed during WW1 and some have stories in the form of regimental records, shipping reports and aircrash reports in the data, for instance Charles Miles, killed in a train crash on his way home from the Western Front 15 days after the war ended:"

Charles A H Miles

Son of James Thomas & Catherine Miles of 12 Dursley Road, Shirehampton

Private, 2nd/8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment

Service number 43272

Age 19

Date of death 26/11/1918

Buried Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille & listed on the family plot, Shirehampton Cemetery, Set 477

Below is an extract from the Regimental History:

The 2/8th Battalion ( 61st Division ) moved back to Cambrai by a two-day march on November 14th and 15th (1918).

Together with the other battalions of the 61st Division, the 2/8th Worcestershire remained billetted in that wrecked city for over a week. Then orders came for the Division to move right back for training, and rest. The 182nd Brigade entrained on November 24th and were carried back by way of Denain and Douai to Arms. Thence next day the train journey continued, through St. Pol and Frevent to Auxi-le-Chateau. Just outside that station occurred a disastrous accident. The railway engine left the line, coaches violently collided and one of them was crushed. Five soldiers of the Battalion were killed and six more were seriously injured.

The Battalion perforce detrained and marched to its destination, Cramont, where late in the afternoon the companies found billets.

Robert Francis Newton

Son of Marcellios Henry & Emily Katherine Newton

2nd Lieutenant, 52 Squadron, Royal Air Force

Killed in action, France, 03/04/1918 Flying RE8 aircraft, A3868, becoming the 75th victim of the Red Baron

Listed on the Arras Flying Services Memorial & family plot Shirehampton Cemetery, Set 798 and in the army photo album are photos of the two Sansum brothers, both killed in action within a year of one another.

There are other photos on the album. If you have any questions that you think I can help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the web site.

St. Mary’s News

Hi Folks!

Thank you all for your good wishes, cards, prayers and telephone messages following my recent heart surgery. I am pleased to inform you that I am well on the road to recovery.

First of all I must tell you that our Book and DVD Sale raised £520 on the day and that cash is still steadily flowing in from after sales. Thank you to all of you who supported us on the day and the time since.

Our Alternative New Year’s Party on 10th January was a great success with home produced entertainment after the meal. A great source of amusement was the table top races with clockwork people with Zimmer Frames! Later on Ian Wylie piped the ‘New Year’ in. Thank you Ian it was wonderful.

Two special services of note were our 84th Anniversary Service on 19th January and on 24th we celebrated Candlemas. This was when Simeon declared that Jesus would become the Light of the World. Two very interesting and informative services.

Now, looking ahead to March the Women’s World Day of Prayer will be on Friday 7th March at 2.30pm at the Methodist Church. The service was prepared by the women of Egypt with the theme Streams in the Desert. Men are also welcome to attend this service.

At 7.00 pm the same evening at St. Mary’s we shall be showing the film "Les Miserables" on which our Lent Evenings will be based. On the subject of Lent Evenings, they will be held at 7.00 pm on the following Wednesday evenings 12th 19th & 26th March and 2nd and 9th April. Each evening will commence with Supper and conclude with Evening Prayer. A retiring collection will be taken and all monies received will be donated to Avon Riding for the Disabled. All are very welcome please sign up on the list at the back of the church.

Our next Social Evening is at 7.30 pm on Friday 21st March. It will be on the theme "Then and Now" - favourite food from the past, up until the present day, together with Entertainment, past and present, which will include music from the Quartet "Now and Then"! Tickets are priced at £8 and will include food and are currently available from Gill Sawyer at the Church Office.

On Saturday 29th March we will be holding a Quiet Day for Lent at Trinity College, Stoke Bishop from 10 am until 4 pm. This will be led by Canon John Poarch and based on "Long for abide until". Lunch will be provided and a retiring collection taken at the end of the day.

On Sunday 30th March at 10 am we will be holding a special service for Mothering Sunday together with a Baptism. This will be followed at 6 pm that evening by a service of Holy Communion with Prayer of Healing led by Canon Douglas Holt which will be his very last service before he retires.

Now here is Advance Notice of our Spring Fayre which is to be held on Saturday 5th April from 10 am until 12 noon and will include Crafts, Gifts, Cakes, Preserves etc. This will be followed by Cream Teas from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm. Please put this date in your Diary.

No joke I’m afraid this month as I suspect I have over-run my allotted number of words!

‘Bye for now - C.M.E.

From The Registers at St Mary’s - January 2014

Baptism "We welcome you"

26th Maya Heal

Loula, Sarah and Sophia Poole-Ougard

Funerals "At rest and at peace"

8th Joseph Jarrett Canford

9th John Dixon Canford

13th Jessy Walsh St Mary’s

14th Lester Langley Canford

22nd Maisie Palmer Canford

28th Leslie Vokins Canford

31st Kenneth Hunt Canford

Women’s World Day Of Prayer

Women’s World Day of Prayer is an international, inter-church organisation, which allows women from all parts of the world to share their hopes, concerns and prayers. The preparation for the day is extensive. An international committee works from New York and each participating country has its own national committee. Regional conferences meet to consider the service, and then local groups make their plans. Finally at a church near you! women, and men, will gather to celebrate, this year using a service put together by women in Egypt.

Shirehampton Methodist Church will be hosting this year’s WWDP service at 2.30pm on Friday, 7th March. All are welcome to attend, men and women, and people of all ages. Light refreshments will be served in the church hall afterwards.

For further information about WWDP, see their website:

New Cartoon Series for SHIRE

We will be printing a series of cartoons about Shirehampton and its people in coming issues. First, and introduction to characters.

Proposed new development for Avonmouth Football Club

Later this year Avonmouth Football Club will celebrate its 95th birthday. As the club reaches this milestone, it remains committed to meeting the demand for local grassroots football for children. It has four senior teams and has a renewed focus on helping to fill the gap in community sports facilities in North West Bristol.

The club is looking into a new community development on its King George V ground to ensure that local people can benefit from football, sport and non-sporting activities.

Secretary and Welfare Officer, Chris George, said: "Over the last 24 months, we have put into motion Phase One of a business plan that was set up to help the football club, not only to survive in hard financial times, but to allow us to provide more for the local people than we could back in early 2012."

The club started by developing a ‘community programme’ to allow supporters and locals to keep up to date through social media, a quarterly newsletter and the club’s website. Since expanding the youth section, it has also become clear that the club needs a new development as its current facilities are around 75 years old and very basic.

Plans are at the early stages, but it is hoped they will include a sustainable community hub, changing and function rooms. They have attracted great feedback so far, especially as there are so few sporting opportunities in Avonmouth and Kings Weston wards.

Chris George said: "We need the community’s input on how and what else they want us to provide, allowing them to play a bigger part of not just the football club’s future, but the area in general."

For further information and to share your thoughts on the proposed development, please contact Chris on either 07968 062327 or

Avonmouth Football Club will also be holding a number of community events throughout 2014, including its annual Evelyn Rowley tournament, a youth team competition and a possible music festival or fun day. If you would like to get involved, then please contact Chris using the details above.

The club will be setting up ‘Soccer Tots’, starting on Saturday 12th April 2014 for 4-6 year olds, working alongside its current youth teams. You can stay updated through the club’s website:

Sea Mills Library 80th Birthday

Sea Mills Library celebrates its 80th birthday on Thursday 13th March 2014 although it’s actually Wednesday 12th March, but we’re closed on Wednesdays!. We are marking the occasion with a tea party. We would be delighted to see as many of our customers/Shire readers as possible. However, it would be nice to know if you are going to come so that we can make sure we have enough cups, cake etc! We are particularly looking forward to hearing/reading people’s stories about coming to the Library in childhood and how it has changed. We are collecting photos from various staff members, past and present, which we will be putting up on our display boards. If you would like to write any poetry or prose or provide us with artwork (any age welcome) we can add it to the display.

Also at Sea Mills Library we have a drop-in IT help service for the over-55s. This takes place on Thursday afternoons from 2.30 to 4.30 pm. Our expert can help with laptops or tablets so bring them in but make sure they are charged, as, at the moment, they can’t be plugged in to library sockets. For further information, call in or phone us on 0117 903 8555.

Sea Mills ‘Feel Better with a Book’ Reading Group, which started in October 2013, has been a success, however, it has been decided to change the start time from 10 to 10.30 am, running until 12 noon. All welcome and there is no individual responsibility to bring along reading matter unless you have something you really want to share!

The Library


All is quiet. All is still.
The only noises to be heard
Are those of pages being turned,
As all eyes scan the written word.
The lady in her grey suit stands
Behind her desk, austere and pale.
‘SILENCE’ states the big black sign,
Which overhead hangs from a nail.
Hard-backed books in greys and blacks
Sit uniformly on the shelves;
They look so neat and hardly read,
But seem to take pride in themselves.
A word is spoken in the hush;
Librarian’s eagle eyes alert.
She spots the culprit in a trice.
Her eyes glare (with a tinge of hurt).
‘SHHH!’ she says in teacher tones.
Her gaze looks up towards the sign.
Her book-realm has been violated;
They must learn where to draw the line!
The would-be reader tip-toes out
With guilty and embarrassed looks.
To avoid the stern librarian’s wrath
He’d rather not take any books!


The library staff greet with a smile
(Many regulars by their names).
Little children chatter gaily
Reading books and playing games.
Another day might see them listening
To a story - all wide-eyed;
A young and bright librarian
Their narrator and their guide.
Older people browse the shelves
Searching for that ‘special’ book.
The library staff are always there
To tell you where it’s best to look.
Computers manned by internet ‘geeks’,
Or those contacting family/friends.
Sounds of coins which drop through slots;
The noise of whirring printer ends.
On some days ‘special interest’ groups
Meet to share their recreation.
At other times schoolchildren come -
A treat for them, by invitation.


The modern library is a place
As needed as the local shops
A place of learning, into which
Any local person drops;
A book of fiction (romance, mirth),
Non-fiction - all there to be seen;
A place of entertainment, too;
Of information (print or screen);
A place for the community
To meet and chat (a social hub);
A place alike for young and old;
A vital place - but there’s the rub.
Our libraries are under threat,
Facing closure; staff - the sack.
Will future generations say:
‘When will we get our libraries back.’

The above poem was written in praise of the public library system and to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the opening of Sea Mills Public Library.