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Christmas at the Churches

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Bristol Wins National Compact Award




We Shall Never Forget

Hi, I you are listening to this using a reader could  you contact me at I'd like to see if me captioning helps. Thanks Les.

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

On Sunday 10th November many members of the community made their way to the War Memorial at the top of Park Hill to show their respects to the fallen in a short service with the laying of Poppy Wreaths. The local Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Scouts and Sea Cadets were in attendance and placed their wreaths on the memorial too.

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

This year saw representatives from the Irish Guards and Welsh Guards as well as several more men who served in Merchant Navy. The Merchant Navy played an essential role during the Battle of the Atlantic. They kept supplies coming into Britain from America despite a high loss of ships and lives to German battle ships and U Boats. Over 30,000 Merchant Seamen lost their lives during 1939 1945. At the time The Right Honourable Alfred Barnes, Minister of War Transport said :"The Merchant Seaman never faltered. To him we owe our preservation and our very lives."

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Neighbourhood Watch Awards

At the Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Policing Awards recently Avonmouth and Shirehampton Beat team won the overall Best on the Beat award for the force. Thank you for nominating us, it really helps us to know the work we are doing in the local community is widely recognised and appreciated.

Age UK Bristol advice and information

AGE UK BRISTOL have drop-in advice sessions MONDAYS from 9.30am to 11.30am, at Shirehampton HEALTH CENTRE, Pembroke Rd, Shirehampton BS11 9SB

We advise on welfare benefits, debts, housing, employment, family matters and other legal issues. We will undertake a full benefit entitlement check and help with completing forms.

Please note that the service is only available to people over the age 55 and/or their carers

Appointments & home visits are also available by contacting Tony on 07963 195435 (Mondays only) or by leaving a message on 0117 929 7537

New parking enforcement measures planned for the High street

Readers might be interested in the news that a Number Recognition Camera is planned in the near future, to catch all those who illegally stop on the double yellow lines along the narrow stretch of road between the Lifeboat and the Clic Shop (Lloyds Bank/Job Centre).

The new camera will complement the irregular visits of Enforcement Officers. Fines will be the standard 60 plus 3 points. Disabled Permits used there will be checked.

Avonmouth Footbal Club

are looking for new playears for their under 8 and under 9 teams.

Times and locations for training sessions are listed below.

They're fun, friendly and suitable for all abilities.

For further info please contact

MARK NESS ON 07835 316453

Under 7's: Tuesday 6-7pm at St Bedes College, BS11 0SU; Saturday 10am at Avonmouth Football Club, BS11 9ND

Under 8's: Wednesdays 6.15-7.15pm at Oasis Academy, BS11 0EB; Saturday 10am at Avonmouth Football Club, BS11 9ND

Under 9's: Saturday 10am at Avonmouth Football Club, BS11 9ND

Cotswold Community Association


to approve and adopt a new constitution

Thursday December 5th 2013

6:30 pm

Cotswold Community Centre

Christmas with Santa

Christmas with Santa








(Present from Santa 1.50)

Monday 23rd December

2pm 4pm

Shire Community Grants

The SHIRE committee is now in a position to offer a modest amount in community grants. If you run a local organisation which benefits particular or general sections of the community and need funding please apply by 15th January 2014. The committee will discuss applications and agree awards at our February meeting. Please give us a brief description of your organisation and the project you wish to fund. You can apply to or by leaving a brief note in the SHIRE folder in the Library.

Avonmouth and Kingsweston Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting

Tuesday 3rd December 7:00 - 9:00 pm

The Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton

Shire Christmas Street Market

Saturday 14th December

5pm 9pm

We have been organising the 4th annual Christmas Street Market in the village for December.

It's now time to invite you all to join in the fun!

We are now looking for volunteers to help with the smooth running of the event. Also we need help with printing posters/flyers and advertising the event. If you own a business or attend local groups please help by distributing a poster for us. If you can spare a few hours on the evening to assist with road closures and site safety we would love to hear from you.

If any of you would like to add to the Victorian theme and dress for the occasion it will be most appreciated

The event is being run for charity and we hope to raise funds for South West Children's Hospice and to donate to local good causes. This year we are supporting Wayne Sargent. Wayne is a client of PJ's Barber Shop and has been suffering with leukaemia. He has a young family. We would like to help him maintain a good quality of life, be able to go out and make happy memories for them all.

Please contact:

LIZZY at PJ's Barber Shop on 01179 381123 or 07980812007

Shirehampton's New Methodist Minister

REVEREND Ajay succeeded Revd Jackie Quarmby in September. He and his family have been in Bristol for four years, living and previously serving in north Bristol.

Ajay trained and was ordained in the Church of North India, studying Divinity for three and a half years at Serampore University, and then serving for twelve years as a Presbyter, first in Patna, then in Lucknow, and latterly as Dean of All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad. The Church of North India being a union of six denominations, Ajay has worked with congregations of different backgrounds, including Anglican, Presbyterian and Baptist.

Ajay and his family came to England under the Methodist World Church in Britain partnership, and were in Swindon for five years before coming to Bristol. Ajay's wife, Latika, and two daughters, Shekinah and Sharon, have been fully involved in the life of Methodist churches in north Bristol.

Ajay says he has a passion to preach; he loves to meet people and exercise pastoral care; he values other people's opinions and looks forward to exploring how the churches can together serve the Shirehampton community.

Shirehampton Author's New Book

Local Shirehampton writer Katie Welsby would like to announce her new young adult e-book available on Amazon Kindle. Katie describes In the Shadows, set in Briggstow, as a "paranormal romance with a historical twist." She says "It's on trend with its supernatural themes, but gives a fresh spin on romance by taking it back two hundred years to the great romantic era of Jane Austen and Lord Byron." The story, we're told, deals with "the great teenage issues of friendship, family separation and physical appearance, offering much for the contemporary reader to identify with. Katie hopes that if you choose to read this e-book, you'll leave a review.

(Thank you, Katie, for your donation. Ed.)

Baptist Messy Church

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

PAPER HEDGEHOGS, cardboard mice, paperclip birds, corn dollies, and lots of people are what you would have seen at Shirehampton Baptist Messy Church on the last Saturday in October as families from the village met together to celebrate Harvest. You could try your hand at apple printing and making some coloured toast, or even a harvest basket, before writing a leaf for the thankfulness tree. After all of this there were also games of apple bobbing, table football and a harvest hoopla championship for those of a more competitive nature.

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Towards the end of the afternoon Rev Chris Grant shared some thoughts on the Bible story of the sower, and invited those present to reflect on how receptive they are to the seed of the message of the gospel. He encouraged all to be like the good soil in the story, where the message is accepted and grows and makes a difference to the way that we live.

The next Messy Church will be on Saturday 11th January from 3.00-5.00pm. Why not make a New Year's resolution to come and join us and see what all the fun is about.

High Flyers at Shirehampton Primary School

Year 5, Shirehampton Primary

LEARNING in Year 5 has really taken off this year with our trip to the Fleet Air Museum.

The final part of our topic saw us taking a trip to the Museum to provide the children with some real 'hands-on' experience of what life was like during World War II. The children had the opportunity to bring their school learning to life by dressing up and performing the duties of air raid wardens to the sound of the sirens ringing in their ears, to experience the games that the children during the war would have played and to see some of the aeroplanes that were flown during the war. We also had the opportunity to see Concorde and experience modern day equipment through a helicopter and an aircraft simulator which made you feel like you were part of the crew. It was great to see the children's enthusiasm and eagerness not only to show what they knew but also to learn more about what life was, and is, like for others. At Shirehampton Primary School we pride ourselves on being active in the community, and in year 5 we were really pleased to contribute to the school's overall total of 114 kg of food, collected and donated to the North Bristol Food Bank during our Harvest Festival celebrations.

Kids Time

Can you complete the words of these Christmas Songs?

J__ __ __ __ __ E B __ __ __ S

L __ __ __ __ E D __ __ __ __ Y

C __ __ __ __ __ O C __ __ __ L

W __ __ __ E C__ __ __ __ __ __ __S

Word Search: Can you find these words?



From Hetty and Arthur Cleaver

PBA Charity Dance

A great night was had by all on the 9th November at the PBA Club dancing the night away to 'Neil Diamond'. The event was organised to raise money for the charity Brain Tumour Research. The evening raised over 1,000 pounds for the charity.

Many thanks from Bridget and Daphne xxx.

Local History Talk

ON A WET AND WINDY November evening, local historian Judy Helme and Bristol City Council community archaeologist Peter Insole came out to the Public Hall to give fascinating presentations on local history.

Despite the weather a large, interested audience turned up for the free event sponsored by the Wild City project. Judy took us on a walk back through time along the Yellow Brick Road describing settlement along our stretch of the Avon from very early times to the present day. We learned about the pottery industry in West Town and Pill, the smugglers at Ham Green, the press gangs haunting the pubs at Hung Road cottages, and the early history of Lamplighters Hall.

Peter Insole told how he had come upon a plan of the WWI remount which stretched from Station Road down to the Avonmouth round-about. He was able to superimpose the map from 1914 on present day maps to show where the remount buildings and paddocks once stood. Most of these remains are now covered by housing, but Shirehampton people still turn up horseshoes, buttons, medals and rusting pieces of tack in their gardens. If you have discovered remount remains, or if you have family stories about the remount, Peter would love to hear from you.

Answers: Jingle Bells, Little Donkey, Calypso Carol, White Christmas

Letters to the Editor . . .

Reply from Helen Hewitt

Dear Sir:

I hope you can find space to print [the following letter] as a follow up to my letter to Helen Hewitt in the October Shire. I think the people of Shirehampton, especially those who signed the petition, should know the Council's position as outlined by their officer.

Dear Mr. Osman Re Shirehampton Park

In response to your petition to change the management of Shirehampton Park, I make the following comments:

Shirehampton Park is part of Penpole Wood & Quarry Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI).It consists of semi-improved calcareous grassland, which has previously been recorded as species-rich at the eastern end. Nationally much of this type of habitat has disappeared over the last 50 years . . .

As a consequence this habitat is listed in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan as priority for restoration and maintenance. Furthermore the Council has duty under Section 40 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 to have regard to conserving biodiversity and has signed up to the Bristol Biodiversity Action Plan. This also contains an action to carry out appropriate management on all council owned species-rich grasslands, to ensure they are in favourable conservation status by 2015.

Historically, if this area was managed as Parkland, it would have been grazed. Unless it is possible to introduce grazing again, changes in management will not be possible without losing its substantial nature conservation value. Introduction of an amenity grassland cut would result in a loss of nature conservation interest....

Notwithstanding the above, if there is a genuine request brought forward through the Neighbourhood Partnership to open up this area and provide spaces where people can picnic it would be possible to consider a balanced approach, whereby Bristol City Council carry out botanical surveys next summer, to identify any areas that are less species-rich and then look at the possibility of allowing an amenity cut so the informal paths could be opened out in a few selected areas to allow a space for people to sit/picnic whilst appreciating the surrounding wildlife.

Furthermore, I am intending to open the Park to reduce the amount of trees and scrub that have invaded the grassland ...and thereby increase the extent of species rich grassland and create a more open area.

Thank you to the team and customers

Dear Sir

Charity Search is a small charity based in Avonmouth and Shirehampton, providing much needed assistance nationally to over 60s who may not know where to turn for help. The only way we can keep going is with the dedication of our staff and volunteers.

The Trustees would like to wish a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to all our hard-working team in the office and shop, and to thank them and our wonderful customers for making 2013 a successful year for the charity.

Kindest regards,

Tim, Kate, Paul, Nathan, Chris and Liz

Trustees of Charity Search

With fond memories of Shirehampton

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank so many of you who sent cards and good wishes when I left Shirehampton. My decision to move was rather abrupt as I was offered a charming flat in St. Monica's care home and had to make some quick decisions. I am now more or less settled and am enjoying quite a busy life here.

My address is 32 Westfield House, Cote Lane visitors welcome! With fond memories of Shirehampton and greetings to all.

Brenda Dammers

Responsible dog owner

Dear Sirs,

I have never written to you before although I am born and bred in Shirehampton. I own a dog. I have owned her for over two years and she brings great joy and love to me and my family. However, in recent weeks I have been spoken to very rudely by people accusing me of allowing my dog to do its 'business' inappropriately. The first person shouted at me saying "I hope you're going to pick your dog's mess up!" My dog had just had a wee, there was no mess to pick up. She'd done the 'other business' earlier and I was still carrying the bag.

The second person walked passed me in the village whilst my dog was sniffing a wall where another dog had recently 'been' and said "Don't let your dog do anything here, there's shops and everything" and then proceeded to watch me walk down the road. I know there are people out there who allow their dogs to defecate anywhere and do not clear it up - I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. I am in the majority of responsible dog owners who always, ALWAYS clear their dog's mess up.

I always have multiple poop bags on me and the one time I did not I actually picked the offending article up with my bare hands because I did not want someone to step in it the next day. I have children myself, I do not like it when they step in dogs' 'doings' on the way to school so I make very certain I am not guilty of such things.

All I can think is it's easy to have a go at a woman walking a dog on her own in the dark. Would you be so quick to have a go at a young man or group of youths with dogs or even an older person? I doubt it. Both these incidents have made me feel very ill at ease walking my dog. Please think before you accuse people of things they might not have done.

Yours faithfully

Julie Rands (Mrs)

Golden Anniversary

I would like to thank my husband Ray for 50 years of happy marriage. Also my children, grandchildren, family friends and neighbours for all the lovely presents, cards and flowers, and all my family from Scotland, France and Minehead for being there at the PBA for our party.Thank you all very much for making our Anniversary so special.

Shirley Ray Harvey

(Thank you for donation. Ed.)


Dear Editor,

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

My wife and I were amongst a marvellous number of people, between 200-300 I guess, gathered around the War Memorial in Shirehampton this morning to remember those lost in conflict whilst serving this country. Sadly the occasion was spoiled by the lack of a working sound system. "Farcical" was one comment I heard as people departed at its conclusion and farcical, as well as sad, it was.

Unless you were very close to where words were being spoken there was no chance of hearing them and therefore taking part in the service, so most of us were not able to.

We did sing a hymn --- without music, and this was very good --- but, please in the next twelve months can whoever is responsible for the sound system sort it out. We would all like to join in next year.

David Hinksman Avonmouth

Hanging in Hope

Every Autumn, a spider arrives
To hang out in the downstairs loo,
But where it lives for the rest of the year
I do not have a clue.

It hides behind the door-jamb
And just above the skirting,
Then spins a web in the evening
To sit the night awaiting.

Awaiting what? I do not know
For there is little to guzzle,
A wandering woodlouse, gnat or fly?
This does present a puzzle.

Should I wish to spend a penny
And need to switch on the light
The spider makes a quick retreat
And disappears from sight.

I brush away the cobweb nets
and feel a human vandal,
But arachnophobic visitors
Might prove too much to handle.

Easily could I leave the web
If this were a money-spider
But the creature is simply a squatter,
A skinny, brown spider-miser.

Pat Squire, 2013

Christmas at the Churches


The first thing I have to tell you is that we shall be holding our Service of Light at 6.00 pm on Sunday, 1st December when our Tree of Light will be illuminated. This is the Christmas Tree you always see at the west end of the church which is covered in white lights. It has particular reference to those of us who have lost loved ones who we sadly see no longer.

Saturday 7th December is our Annual Gift Day. Someone will be in the Lady Chapel from 9:30am until 12.30 pm to receive any gifts of money you may care to make to St. Mary's. This year the money is to refurbish some of our internal lighting and update our external flood lighting which has been in position now for over ten years and is beginning to show signs of age (A bit like me!!!).

On Sunday, 8th December our Area Choir will be presenting their Annual Christmas Carol Concert in the Church. This year it will start at 2.15 pm. Tickets for this concert will be available from Gill Sawyer in the Church Office price 5.00. During the Interval we will give you a glass of wine and some light Buffet Food. All money raised will be donated to Charity. At 4.45 pm the same afternoon there will be an Ecumenical Carol Service at the Cotswold Building in Dursley Road all are most welcome.

Sunday, 15th December at 4.00 pm there will be the children's Christmas Presentation "Christmas Letters" - followed by Tea. All are welcome, especially the families of the children taking part. Something not to be missed on this build up to Christmas!

On Sunday 22nd December at Kids Klub, after everyone has eaten their breakfast, there will be a Christingle Service the one when all the children are given an Orange decorated with sweets, a red ribbon around it and a magic candle stuck in the top of it. This service which always excites our children, so don't miss it! This will be followed by Holy Communion at 10.00 am and later at 6.00 pm with a Service of Nine Lessons and Carols a great favourite with many people who like to come and sing.

On Christmas Eve, Tuesday, 24th December, at 2.30 pm there will be an Adult Nativity Service led by members of our Mothers Union in church. A Christmas Crib Service for children and their families will follow at 4.00 pm. This is a great favourite and we would encourage any of you to come dressed as a nativity character.You can join in the fun as well as the kids! Our service of Midnight Mass will take place later that evening at 11.30 pm. This is a very spiritual time for many of us which reflects the true meaning of Christmas.

The following morning Christmas Day there will be a service of Holy Communion at 10.00 am when hopefully we shall see folks who are not busily engaged with the preparation of Christmas dinner.

Shirehampton Methodist Church

Sunday 22nd December 4:00 pm

Carols by Candlelight

Christmas Day 10:30 am

Rev. Sandra and Rev. James Heap

A warm invitation is extended to all.

Carols on the Green

The Administrative Committee of SHIRE newspaper is delighted to announce that we will be joined by a familiar face on The Green on Christmas Eve.The Venerable Christine Froude, former Priest in Charge of St Mary's and now acting Archdeacon of Bristol, and Archdeacon of Malmesbury, will be leading our carols.

As ever, we will be accompanied by the musicians of the West Bristol Music Centre under the direction of Philip Sims.

Please remember to bring the centre pages of your SHIRE, where the words to the carols are printed, and a torch to read them. The committee extends a warm invitation to all.

Join Line Dancing at Bristol Manor Farm Social Club

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Bristol Manor Farm Social Cub having been running Line Dancing sessions on a fortnightly basis since November. Many people have been going along to learn new dance steps with professional instructor, Christine Power, and having fun at the same time. Line Dancing is for all no matter what your age. It's a chance to socialise with others and making new friends. The next session is taking place on Friday 6th December 2013 from 7:30 to 9:30pm at Bristol Manor Farm, The Creek, Sea Mills, Bristol, BS9 2HS. Entry is 2.00 per person so why not turn up on the night. All welcome.

For further information contact Bryan Orgar on: 07768 058875

Photo: Keith Fussell

Halloween Fund-raiser at the Co-op

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

On Thursday 31st October the local Co-op in Shirehampton had a day of Halloween activities. The staff members got dressed up as zombies, witches, pumpkins, Frankenstein and Dracula. There was also a spooky house for the children where some were dressed in Halloween costumes. They had dead fly pie and bat dropping biscuits as tasters for the shoppers to taste. There was also a raffle and a mini cake stall.

This year the Co-op raised 246.50 for their chosen charity, the Carer's Trust. Thank you to everyone who took part and helped with the fund-raising that day.

Kathryn Courtney

Bristol Wins National Compact Award

NEARLY 1,600 incidents of hate crime were reported in Bristol last year and many go unreported. Bristol's new Hate Crime Service is being delivered by a partnership of voluntary and community organisations. Led by SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality). The partnership includes Brandon Trust, Bristol MIND and LGBT Bristol.

The value of Bristol's partnership working has been recognised at a national level, with Safer Bristol winning the 'Advancing Equality' Compact award for its commissioning of Bristol's Hate Crime Services. The award was announced at a ceremony in Westminster last week, hosted by Simon Blake OBE, Chair of Compact Voice, and Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society.

The 'Compact Advancing Equality Award' recognises commissioning examples which demonstrate an outstanding commitment to equality through promoting services, activities, or events which help advance equality of opportunity, or actively seek to tackle and challenge discrimination.

Announcing the winners, Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society, said:

"The winners of the 2013 Compact Awards all display thoughtful and collaborative partnership working. The winners show just how much can be achieved when people work well in partnership.

Gillian Douglas, Interim Service Manager at Safer Bristol says:

"The early engagement of commissioners in the process was key to Safer Bristol winning the Advancing Equality Award. Partnership working, supported by the Bristol Compact, created real, balanced dialogue which considered the needs of equalities communities comprehensively.

Wendy Stephenson, Chief Executive of Voscur says:

"This award is important for the voluntary and community sector because it shows what can be achieved by innovative commissioners: high quality services delivered by local organisations."

Announcement from St Mary's

The Bishop of Bristol has issued the following statement regarding St Mary's Church:

Over recent months, Rev Geoff Waters and St Mary's Shirehampton's churchwardens have been seeking to work out differences in vision for ministry and mission through St Mary's. This process has been facilitated for some months by the Bishop and Area Dean with support from Diocesan colleagues and officers.

As a result, all have agreed that the best response is that, while remaining Priest-in-Charge of St Mary's, Shirehampton, Geoff will be seconded to the parish of St Edyth, Sea Mills from 28th October.

Please pray for Geoff and his family and the St Mary's Leadership Team as they adapt to this change.

If members of the community have any questions or concerns regarding this news, please contact the Churchwardens via the Church Office on 0117 907 7026.

West Bristol Concert Band Seeks New Members

Once again the West Bristol Concert Band is providing the accompaniment for Shire's annual Carols on the Green at 7.30pm on Christmas Eve. Formed in 1976 at the Public Hall in Shirehampton as a playing opportunity for ex-students of the former Portway School, the band is now based in Southmead, at the Bristol Centre for Music and the Arts, Stanton Road. Having enjoyed many years of performing at a high level at events both locally and nationally the group is now in the process of rebuilding and would welcome enquiries from those who are interested in returning to playing (brass, woodwind and percussion). Membership is free and more information is available on 07971 926282. Philip Sims has been the conductor/organiser throughout and must surely be due for parole soon!

Kings Weston Tree Trail

New guide launched on the historic trees at Kings Weston

The Kings Weston Action Group (KWAG) has launched a free guide to the historic trees on the Kings Weston Estate. Of the thousands of trees in the parkland thirty-nine have been selected as the most special or interesting. Each tree on the self-guided walk has received an identification label to help visitors pick them out.

The Trail starts at Shirehampton Road car park and follows a one and a half mile circuit through parts of Penpole Wood, to Kings Weston House and the Echo before returning along the south walk.

A number of the trees have been singled out as unique or rare in Bristol, or as giving an interesting perspective on the historic development of the landscape and the people who created it. These include the oldest avenue in the City, the first Himalayan Cedar in the country, and a group of unusual evergreens collected by the Miles family when they owned the estate in the Victorian era. A brief guide to the history of the park and its planters is included with some interesting archive images.

David Martyn of the Kings Weston Action Group said "This is a different way of looking at the history of Kings Weston. We learnt a lot when we were putting it together and it's given us an insight into who developed the gardens and the fashions they followed". He continued "amongst other new discoveries we identified the remains of an oriental garden planted around the Echo at the end of the Nineteenth Century that included Japanese and Chinese trees and plants. At one time this even included bamboo and Japanese Knotweed!"

The Tree Trail is part of the group's Heritage Lottery funded project and has been produced with the assistance of naturalist Richard Bland who donated his time and expertise to the project. 5000 copies of the Tree Trail have now been printed and are being made available through the City's Library network, at Kings Weston House, and through KWAG's leaflet dispenser in Shirehampton Road Car Park.

KWAG Clearing Undergrowth

Above: Before and after views from the Circle, looking out across the ha-ha and tennis courts we cleared earlier in the year, towards the avenue along Shirehampton Road.

Above: Before and after views from the Circle, looking out across the ha-ha and tennis courts we cleared earlier in the year, towards the avenue along Shirehampton Road.

KWAG Seeks Photos

As you may know, KWAG are trying to build an archive of old photographs and other material relating to Kings Weston and Shirehampton Park. In November Shire published a photo of the speedway on Shirehampton Park just after the war and in 2005 Shire published a photo of the scouts hut in Penpole Wood supplied by Bob Clarke of Godalming, Surrey. KWAG is keen to maintain as wide a collection of Kings Weston Material as possible and would love to acquire copies of any pictures of interest relating to Kingsweston and Shirehampton Park. If you have photos you'd like to share you can contact David Martyn at


Hi Folks!

Christmas is just around the corner and where has 2013 gone? I love all the Christmas Festivities but unfortunately my birthday is Christmas Day which means I have clocked up another year of my life and I'm now in the high numbers which is rather worrying. Still I must be grateful that I am still here having passed my three score years and ten!

At our Festive Food Fayre, back in November, we launched our Christmas Raffle with all money raised going to St. Mary's. The first prize is a John Lewis Voucher for 150 together with a number of exciting smaller prizes. Tickets are priced at 1.00 and may be obtained from the Church Office and will continue to be available after Christmas and into the New Year.

May I wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year and close with this definition of a Committee "A committee is a collection of the unfit chosen from amongst the unwilling by the incompetent to do the unnecessary!"

'Bye for now C.M.E.

New Management Plan for Lamplighters Marsh

Bristol City Council has published its new management plan for Lamplighters Marsh. The Council intends to designate Lamplighters Marsh, including the Daisy Field, a Local Nature Reserve. The new plan is intended to inform policy making for the nature reserve over the next 50 years. It will be active for a period of 10 years from 2014 to 2024. The plan contains a 5-year action plan that will be reviewed and updated annually with stakeholders and key members of staff.

The plan notes that Shirehampton Greens, an action committee of Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF), have campaigned to secure the riverside area of the Marsh from future development and to protect and improve the Daisy Field area as a community park. The Greens, supported by SCAF, are the Friends group for Lamplighters Marsh.

The Management Plan is full of interesting information on the history of the Marsh and Daisy Field, the flora and fauna of the site, and the role of the Council in preserving and maintaining the site as a nature reserve. You can read the whole plan on the Bristol City Council website at

Craft Exhibition

THIS year's exhibition was a great success with some new exhibitors. We were up again on last year's figures for the number of people coming in to see the exhibits.

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Knitting seems to be back in fashion as we had some really beautiful knitted garments. The small quilts that the Stitchers made for the River Festival on Lamplighters Marsh were very interesting and had some lovely designs. We had our usual demonstrators which really helps to make the visit interesting and gives visitors a chance to pick up some hints and new ideas.

This year we had some spectacular metal sculptures made by Ruben Warren and some interesting models by Jane Stewart.

The 191st Cubs, who enter every year, put in glass engraving and decorated boxes which were admired by everyone who visited the show.

One of our youngest exhibitors was Sofia Winfield who entered some beautifully stitched Christmas Tree decorations.

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helps to put the exhibition together: who came on the Sunday afternoon to get everything out of the garage and set up the tables; those who sat and put the wool and pins on all the labels (not an easy job); those who came on Monday to take in the exhibits and Jenny Winfield for yet again making the exhibition look spectacular. Lastly those who helped steward throughout the week; without them we would not be able to function.

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

I have said that next year will be the last time that I am going to organise the exhibition, so if you think that this is something you would like to take on please contact me on 0117 9823192.

It would be a great shame if next year was the last as people look forward to it every year and it gives the craftspeople in the area an opportunity to show off their skills. Pat Davidson

Youth Painting Competition

Youth Painting


Putting (a new) Lawrence Weston

on the map!"

and Art into the Heart of our Community

Choose and tick an option:

A. What I like in Lawrence Weston

B. What I don't like in Lawrence Weston

C. What I would like in Lawrence Weston

You might live, learn, play or train in the area, so please give us your opinion in the form of art.

Title of my Artwork:

Fantastic Prizes to be won!

Exhibition at Kings Weston House, from 15th to 17th of December, and a great event.

Name:___________________________________ School:____________________________

Age:___ Why I like, don't like, would like it:

"Putting (a new) Lawrence Weston on the map"

Hi, - whether you live, learn, play or train in Lawrence Weston, we want to invite you to take part in our fabulous painting competition. We are the board of ALW Ambition Lawrence Weston, which is a charitable trust working towards the vision to make Lawrence Weston a better place.

You are our next generation, and we want to invite you to give us your opinion about what you like or don't like in our area in the form of an artwork. A title and a few words about the image would be a great contribution from you.

The exciting thing which will happen then will be: Your art work will get exhibited for a few days in Kingsweston House from Sunday the 15th to Tuesday the 17th of December. There are fantastic prizes to be won for all different age groups. And there is another chance to win by being drawn for a prize in a Raffle! And there will be a big event on the last day, to which you and your family will be invited.

So think about all those images which come to your mind, all the memories and situations that made you happy or grumpy, when you where in Lawrence Weston.... As the theme choose either: A. "What I like in Lawrence Weston", B. "What I don't like in Lawrence Weston", or C. "What I would like in Lawrence Weston". Then get your art kit ready, decide on the style and put your idea into art! Attach a 'Painting Competition' slip with your name, age and school towards it, and give it to your teacher or group leader. Make sure its ready before the end of November! We from ALW can't wait to see it. We are sure it will be a very exciting event for us all.

Mr Norman Routledge, Chair of ALW, and Ms Val Pospischil, Director of ALW.

For more information:

ART at the Heart of Lawrence Weston

Competition for young people who live, learn, play or train Lawrence Weston. The paintings should be on the theme of 'What I like in Lawrence Weston' or 'What I don't like in Lawrence Weston' or 'What I would like in Lawrence Weston'.

Entries will be exhibited at Kings Weston House on Sunday 15th December from 9:30 to 4:30, and on Monday and Tuesday, December 16th and 17th until 6:00 pm to allow more students to attend.

There will be one or two big events on Tuesday, when prizes will be given out. (One early afternoon, to allow some schools come along during their normal hours, and one around 4pm, for everyone coming after school finishes.

For more information contact:

Ms Val Pospischil (ALW Director)

Be a Good Neighbour This Winter

WHETHER you believe the predictions that an Arctic winter is on its way or not, Bristol City Council is already fully prepared for snowy conditions in the coming months. To highlight readiness plans, appeal for more snow wardens and remind all residents how they can be good neighbours should severe weather strike, Mayor George Ferguson joined seven snow wardens to fill one of 100 extra grit bins.

Teams across the council have been planning for months to lessen the impact of cold, ice and snow on city life. However, residents are also being asked to do what they can to help ease the difficulties snow and ice can bring to their communities.

The council has more road grit in stock than previous years with 1,500 tonnes of rock salt in store, 100 extra local grit bins are being installed at sites identified by Neighbourhood Partnerships and nearly 100 community snow wardens have been recruited, equipped and trained.

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol said, "While winter weather, especially snow, is great fun for some, it can disrupt city life and be particularly difficult for some of our most vulnerable residents. Council teams are more prepared than ever to keep Bristol moving and keep people safe during the winter but, as ever, it's the little things that can make the most difference. If you can, help with snow clearance and please keep an eye on any neighbours who might need help. Clear their pavement or even knock on their door, make them a cuppa, do their shopping or lend them blankets or clothes to keep warm."

More snow wardens are needed all over the city but particularly for Cotham, Henleaze and Stoke Bishop. Free information and training sessions are taking place at City Hall from 6.30pm on 19th November, 18th December and 16th January. For more information email:

Snow warden Nigel Currie who lives in Horfield and recently attended a snow warden training session said "Snow and ice were a real problem where I live last year. I did what I could to help clear pavements but I didn't have the right equipment. A friend was already a snow warden so I went along to a training session where we were given health and safety training and proper equipment. I think it's a good thing to be able to help out in your community and would encourage more people to volunteer as snow wardens."

Road gritting covers all secondary, special schools and health and social care sites as well as major arteries and bus routes so day to day life can continue as normal for as many people as possible. Around 375km of Bristol's 1,200km road network is gritted when there is a forecast of sub-zero temperatures with moisture present.

The council also has staff such as the Parks team on standby to help clear snow around schools and residential homes and provide 4x4 vehicles for staff providing social care. Community payback teams have offered to clear roads around the Bristol Royal Infirmary and May Gurney, the council waste contractors, will help clear snow if they can't deliver their usual service.

War Artist visits Oasis

RENOWNED war artist Sergeant Major Douglas Farthing MBE visited Oasis Academy Brightstowe recently to show students his work and teach them how to produce dramatic visualisations quickly on any available material.

Douglas Farthing

Douglas Farthing

Douglas used a range of materials from paper and cardboard to ammunition boxes while on active service and his impressionistic style portrays a vivid sense of action and emotion. Our students were producing high quality work within minutes and an example by Chloe Ralph illustrates how effective his methods are.

Painting by Chloe Ralph

Painting by Chloe Ralph

Douglas now lives on the Suffolk, Norfolk border but spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq opening up his painting kit and capturing images as they happened, often under stressful situations. His work is exhibited in major galleries and for sale from his web site.

Students and staff are keen to have him back next year for another assault on their senses.

Painting by Douglas Farthing

Painting by Douglas Farthing

Photographer Bob Pitchford captures the season

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford