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Councillor and MP united in bid to revitalise high street with new supermarket

Bedminster’s tobacco women

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Thank you for caring

The management of the Co-Operative Store, Shirehampton would like to thank all of their customers and staff for supporting the latest raffle and sponsorship event in aid of the Co-op’s charity for this year - the Carers’ Trust. We are pleased to report that we have raised more than £655 for the charity.

Picture of co-op staff

Co-op staff Shirehampton.

A special big ‘thank you’ to Chris and Ryan for riding round all the local Co-op stores and gaining sponsorship for doing so.

Shirehampton Co-operative's not so secret weapon! Pat Gould

Shirehampton Co-operative's not so secret weapon! Pat Gould

Also ‘thank you’ to Pat Gould without whose time and support we would not have sold so many raffle tickets.

The Management Team

Councillor and MP united in bid to revitalise high street with new supermarket

A city councillor is inviting big name stores to Shirehampton as he steps up his long-running campaign to bring a supermarket to the area. Conservative Cllr Wayne Harvey, who is being backed by local MP Charlotte Leslie, says the area needs a supermarket, operating alongside the hard-working independent traders in the area.

Picture of Charlotte Leslie MP, Councillor Wayne Harvey and Paul Wood of Wood Family Butcher

Charlotte Leslie MP with Councillor Wayne Harvey and Paul Wood of Wood Family Butcher

Cllr Harvey, who has been working hard for many months to bring a big store to the area, has already gathered hundreds of names in a petition locally calling for a supermarket. He has now made approaches to four ‘big name’ stores, inviting them to look at vacant premises which have potential.

Meetings have also taken place with city council officials to iron out planning issues ahead of possible discussions with the big stores. Independent traders have told Cllr Harvey that a ‘big name’ would revitalise the high street in Shirehampton.

Cllr Harvey said: "My ward covers the communities of Avonmouth, Shirehampton and part of Lawrence Weston, with over 10,000 people, yet we are without a main local supermarket.

"We desperately need a major supermarket to open in our community to benefit the residents I represent. I have been campaigning on this and received substantial local support for this. I am also supported by our Member of Parliament Charlotte Leslie who supports the provision of more local shops. The current retail provision is not sufficient to meet the needs of the local community, which has a lot of elderly people who would like the benefit of a local store."

Bristol North West MP Ms Leslie said: "Wayne completely understands the needs of people in Shirehampton and he has recognised this real need for a supermarket which will both serve the residents and also revitalise the high street. "I will support all his efforts to get things done and make this a reality."

Paul Wood of Wood Family Butcher on Shirehampton High Street said a supermarket would help revitalise the area. He said: "A supermarket would definitely bring more people to the high streets. It would keep local people in Shirehampton instead of going elsewhere for their supermarket shopping. It would certainly be a boost for my business."

Cllr Harvey has also begun plans to create a local business group for traders which would work to give support to each individual business, along the model which exists in other parts of the city.

Bedminster’s tobacco women

A project is under-way to record and preserve the history of the tobacco factories that existed in Bedminster. The researchers want to talk to both men and women who worked in the industry in any capacity, from the shop floor to senior management, cleaners to office staff but the emphasis will be on the lives of women workers since their history is often overlooked. People who are willing to gather the stories are also required and training and support will be given. There must be many people in and around Shirehampton who worked in the red brick buildings of WD & HO Wills and other tobacco firms in South Bristol, where thousands of people made cigars and cigarettes. Tobacco was a major part of the city’s heritage and is in danger of being forgotten. An exhibition will be held in 2014. If anyone can help contribute you can find out more by searching online ‘bedminster tobacco women’, emailing or phoning Helen on 0117 9631032.

St Mary’s News

Hi Folks!

First of all to all of you who enquired where the joke was last month I’m afraid for some unknown reason it became a victim of the Editor"s pencil. I will put another one in at the end of this article. Our Bric-a-Brac sale last month raised the sum of £425.00 towards church expenses. This was a magnificent result when you consider it was raised by selling people’s unwanted goods and was just over a third of what we made at our new format Summer Fayre! Thank you to all of you who came and purchased things

On Friday 27th September we shall be holding our Harvest Supper in church at 7.30 pm. Tickets will cost £8.00 and are available from the Church Office. As well as the opportunity to enjoy some excellent food you will also be able to enjoy some entertainment. Please bring your own drink if you require it.

The Rev Geoff Waters is organising another Men’s Breakfast in the Tithe Barn at 8.00 am on Saturday, 28th September. Cost £5 payable at the door. The Guest Speakers’ identity and subject is unknown.

Our Harvest Festival service is on Sunday, 29th September. Kids Klub will be at 8.30am followed by a Family Service with Baptism at 10am. A Holy Communion service will be held at 6pm in the evening. Our Harvest Appeal this year will be given to the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal for Bristol Children’s Hospital. Please keep your eyes open for all the fund raising events which will be taking place in church. I know I can rely on your generosity as in previous years! We shall also

be very grateful for donations of tinned and packet foods which will be equally shared between the Sisters of the Church and the local Food Bank.

Last month we enjoyed a fun evening when we had our social event - The Last Night of the Proms. We started off with our Starters & Main Course before being entertained by The Melody Makers - who were as good as they always have been. We then returned to enjoy our dessert before taking part in Community Singing as they do in The Royal. Albert Hall - together with loud cheers and waving of numerous Union Flags. Once again Gill Sawyer provided us with delightful food and fun entertainment. I really don’t know where she gets all her ideas - she certainly is a God given gift to St Mary’s - and it provides the money we so desperately need!

The joke you missed last month was - Seen on a church notice board - If you have nothing on this Saturday, come along and join in the fun at our Summer Fayre! Bye for now. C.M.E .

From the registers at St Mary’s July 2013

BAPTISM "We welcome you"

28thAceson Hoggans
28thAnnabella Welti

FUNERALS "At rest and at peace"

5thJames TantrumSt Mary’s
11thColin FarquharSt Mary’s
15thSidney MartinSt Mary’s
15thMargaret AngusSt Mary’s
17thBrian YoungCanford
23rdEsme DukeSt Mary’s
24thPeter FredericksCanford
24thWilfred PayneCanford
25thSylvia YoungCanford
26thGladys DandoSt Mary’s

WEDDINGS "All that I am I give to you"

20th Rebecca Blannin & Simon Bell
27th Kerry Scott & Nicholas Rogers

Joint meeting on counter terrorism

The Avonmouth beat team, in company with their colleagues from Special Branch, held an event in relation to counter terrorism on Wednesday June 19.

The event, named Project Griffin, is a police initiative aimed at encouraging our communities to engage with us and to provide any information or intelligence that helps us detect counter terrorism activity.

This was the first event to be run in the Avonmouth area and those who attended fed back that this was really helpful in assisting them at reviewing some of their own procedures in dealing with emergencies.

A large number of employees from local business attended the meeting held at Nisbetts. Thanks to Costco and Bookers for providing refreshments.

Bristol North Fibromyalgia ME/CFS support group

We are a group who have Fibromyalgia ME/CS (FM.E) in common, working towards supporting each other and raising awareness of the issues regarding the complexity of FM.E and its long term effects. The group is often open to people who have Fibromyalgia ME/CFS, their carers and family members. We meet on the Second Wednesday of every month 11.15 - 13.30 at the Wescott Community Room, 1-9 Westcott Grove, De Clifford Road, Lawrence Weston, BS11 0WG. For further information contact Shass on 0844 8872475 or 0796 3937383 or

Evergreens Trip

The last day trip for 2013 is on October 8th and is a tour around the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean with lunch at the Abbey Mill, Tintern. Norman Sims

Shirehampton Public Hall Newsletter

Picture of Shirehampton Public Hall committee

From the left: Lisa Curtis, Theresa Cox, Gil Osman, Pat Comer, Barbara Wylde, Gerry Bessell, Janet Thomas, Marilyn Gory, Rosemary Watkins, Gerald Hayward, Geraldine Somerville, Jean Edwards. (Not present: Norman Sims, John Yorke) Photo: David Thomas

Our AGM was held on 16th July. The Annual Report and Accounts were approved. Barbara Wylde continues as the Chair of trustees. Lyn Sylvester has retired and her contribution to the running of the hall was greatly appreciated. Two new trustees were elected, Rosemary Watkins and Gerald Hayward, which makes 14 in all. See the photo of the dedicated people who keep the show on the road. Our manager Katie returned from maternity leave at the end of July and we say goodbye to Sean who has served the hall very well in her absence.

St Andrews' Ladies Club

We meet on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Avonmouth from 7.30 - 9.15 pm. All Welcome. Our programme for the rest of the year is as follows:

3rd SeptemberQuiz
17th SeptemberRuth Eddolls talking about Globle Charity
1st OctoberEdith Anderson - writing/poems
15th OctoberJackie Elliot - Nativitie
5th NovemberPeter Goodchild - St Peter’s Hospice
19th NovemberKen Edwards - 100 years history of Avonmouth
3rd DecemberIn house Christmas Party
? DecemberChristmas outing to be arranged
7th Jan 2014Beetle Drive

Their Lives Beneath Our Feet

During June and July, year 6 at Avonmouth Primary School learnt about the First World War and the effects the conflict had on their community and Bristol. They were looking particularly at the Shirehampton Remount Depot, part of which stood on the site of their present school. Local Learning and the Bristol Old Vic worked with Year 6 to create a play to help others understand the important role played by Shirehampton and Avonmouth during WW1.

Picture of year 6 at Avonmouth Primary School performing "Their Lives beneath Our Feet"

Year 6 at Avonmouth Primary School perform "Their Lives beneath Our Feet". Photo: Bob Pitchford

The play was developed from letters written by Charlie Day, stationed at Shirehampton in 1916, together with research collected by Local Learning. Charlie Day’s great nephew Roger Day visited Year 6 in June with letters, photos and other wartime documents, and told the class Charlie had won two medals including the Victory Cross. He survived the war and died at the age of 85 in 1973. The information Roger gave the children helped them feel close to Charlie whose accommodation was close to their school.

Picture of year 6 at Avonmouth Primary School performing "Their Lives beneath Our Feet"

Year 6 at Avonmouth Primary School perform "Their Lives beneath Our Feet" Photo: Bob Pitchford

The theatrical piece that evolved drew on song, acting and movement. The first week of production challenged the students through the theatre devising process whereby they composed music, wrote lyrics and text and worked on rhythm, movement and physical theatre. By allowing the students to create their own piece of theatre it had its own unique identity.

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Year 6 at Avonmouth Primary School perform "Their Lives beneath Our Feet" Photo: Bob Pitchford

The production of Their Lives Beneath Our Feet took place on July 12th at Avonmouth Primary School.

Shirehampton Methodist Church

On Sunday September 8th 2013 10.30am Rev Ajay Singh commences his ministry. A cordial invitation is extended to all.

Sunday September 29th at 10.30am - Back to Church Sunday with Mr Tim Lansdown from Hanham. A warm welcome is extended to everyone, especially former members and friends.

Penpole Point, Shirehampton

As an older Shire person born and bred in Chelwood Rd, I decided to take a walk back in time, just to visit once again what was one of Shire’s noted beauty spots - Penpole Point.

There,I had learned to play as a child and I loved it. I mooched from old Portway School sometimes just to play up there; needless to say I always paid the penalty for it ,but with my brothers and sisters of which there were a few, we had picnics as did many many other families, it was great fun ,plus the ice cream van was never far away. The old Sun Dial was a great meeting place for parents and the kids , the grass was well trimmed just right for lots of fun and games - really good old days

Now I sigh. Starting at the bottom of the hill the steps, if they can be called that, could more likely help to break your leg than help you up the hill. Nettles,wandering blackberry bush fronds plus lots of mud all there to (help you)as you progress upward. You then enter a wilderness of weeds, bushes and various trees which you have to thread your way through. On my visit I there spotted the remains of a bench seat in the middle of a bush; although a little breathless I did not try to sit on it. I pushed on a small opening which appeared in the wilderness. I also noticed the grass was reasonably short and there was the Sun Dial like a framed Gainsborough with the sun actually on it. I whooped inwardly but I didn’t spot the ice cream van!

Now, I wonder if the Shire community as a whole realizes that one of Shire’s most beautiful of views from Penpole Point, held dear to our ancestors old and young, is about to be annexed by Penpole Woods. Oh dear.

Tom Worlock

Shire Advice Service

Avon (University Settlement) Community Association has been running a free drop in Advice Service (now known as Shire Advice Service) since 1977 and until just recently, the small group of volunteer trustees have employed a dedicated advisor. With the resignation of our last advisor and in order to keep this important service available, we have made the decision to out-source the advice service for a trial period. This means Shire Advice Service still exists but we pay for the services of advisors from North Bristol Advice and Age UK. This means we can access a wider range of skills and facilities to help our clients, and maintain the service all year round without closing for holiday or sickness absence. So if you require free advice on welfare benefits, debt, housing etc, you can use the drop-in sessions at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Avonmouth on Monday 10am-12 noon, or Shirehampton Health Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-12 noon. - AUSCA Trustees

The Annual General Meeting of Avon (University Settlement) Community Association will be held on Wednesday 11th September at 7.15pm at the Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton. This meeting is open to members of the public.

James (Jim) Tantram, 12/12/34 - 10/6/13

Mary, Neil, Gina and family would like to thank relatives, friends and work colleagues for their cards and kind words after the loss of a dear husband, father and grandfather. A big ‘thank you’ to Gill for the wonderful service and Tess for the lovely food that she provided at Shirehampton Working Men’s Club. The donations in memory of Jim came to a total of £316.00 which has been sent to CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) in memory of our dearest Andrew (Jim’s grandson) reunited together.

(Thank you for your donation - Ed)

Wilf Payne, 20 September 1933 - 10th July 2013 (79)


Wilf will probably be remembered in Shirehampton as the White Heather Laundry Man. He worked there for his entire working life, starting as a van boy when he was a young teenager, until he retired as Depot Manager.

Picture of Wilf Payne with his White Heather Laundry van.

White Heather Laundry Man Wilf Payne

Wilf was born in Evesham, came to Shirehampton when he was eight years old and helped out on a local farm in Avonmouth, milking cows and later helping with the ploughing. Wilf met his wife Eileen when they were working at the White Heather Laundry; they married on August 9th 1952. Their children, Janet, Susan and Alan were born.

Wilf managed a football team, Avon Athletics, devoting a lot of time and effort and he was very proud of his team, almost following in the footsteps of his father Ernest who ran Avonmouth Old Boys’ FC.

Wilf and Eileen celebrated 60 years of marriage last year at a Blessing conducted by Gill at St Mary’s Church, where they were married in 1952.

A very private man, he would have been very proud to have read that his Managing Director considered him to be a dedicated, fun-loving professional man. Wilf pass away suddenly on 10th July at the BRI, with his wife (his Rock as he affectionately called her) at his side. The funeral took place at Canford. Wilf will be sorely missed by wife Eileen, his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, friends and former work colleagues. He was our Dad, our Nandad, loving husband - Our Hero. Janet Howard, Susan Terry and Alan Payne (children)

Avonmouth FC are looking for a match ball sponsor for the 2013-14 Seasons

Big Football Clubs like Bristol Rovers & Bristol City offer Match Ball Sponsorship from £300-£1900 per Match. Avonmouth FC isn’t looking to make a profit from this offer, but simply cover our costs. We are looking for £150 to cover all 3 of our Adult teams for the whole season. That works out less than £5 per game. What will you get in return?

  • Sponsors name mentioned in all Match reports
  • A nice warm feeling inside knowing you’ve helped a good cause
  • Eternal Gratitude from everyone involved with the Football Club
  • We’ll also chuck in a few free pints for the 1st game of the season you attend
  • For further details please contact Will on 07976 771407 or at

Support Your SHIRE!

Every month, 16 pages of adverts, articles, pictures and letters are put together to create an edition of SHIRE.

5,000 copies are then printed and distributed throughout the village as well as winging their way around the country and the globe, plus appearing on the World Wide Web. But, have you ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen? You may be interested to know that well-over 100 people are involved in the process from start to finish- and each one is vital in ensuring your edition of SHIRE gets to you each month.

As we look to the future after our fantastic 40th anniversary celebrations last year, there are some changes on the horizon concerning the way SHIRE is produced. Don’t worry - the end product won’t be changing at all - but new technology and production techniques mean we will be making some changes in the coming months and, as a result, we are looking for new people to join our team.

Flow diagram of Shire newspaper production

How Shire gets to you

The diagram above gives you just an indication of the different stages each edition of the paper goes through and there are all sorts of opportunities to get involved and contribute your skills and time - see below for more details.

SHIRE is a fantastic asset to our community and is a fascinating, rewarding project to be involved in. We want to ensure it keeps going from strength to strength for at least the next forty years, so why not think about doing your bit to support the village we all love?

If any of the opportunities interest you, we’d love to hear from you - please get in touch for an informal chat by contacting James Harris on or 07886 217139.

Opportunities to join the SHIRE team

Website manager

SHIRE on the Web is a vital way for people who no longer live in the village to keep in touch with what’s happening in the community. We are looking for someone who can help us upload the content of the paper to our existing site each month and maybe explore ways in which we could develop the site in the future too. This role would suit someone who enjoys working with computers and has approx. 2-3 hours to spare each month, working from home.

Production assistants

The way the content of the paper looks on the page has a significant impact on how easy and attractive it is to read. We’re looking for people who would like to join a team who are learning to use our newly acquired software to lay out the adverts, pictures and articles in a creative and attractive way. This role would suit people who are computer-literate, and willing to work in a team to produce a quality publication. We operate a rota system which, ideally, would mean each person working on two or three editions of the paper each year.


Our editors are responsible for reviewing all the articles that are submitted and tailoring them to make sure they are the appropriate style, length and format for inclusion in the paper. There is also sometimes the opportunity to write articles of your own on topics of local interest. The editors will work closely with the production assistants to ensure the quality of the overall publication. This role would suit someone who enjoys writing, understands the value of good spelling and grammar and has an eye for detail. As with the production assistants, we operate a rota with each editor ideally working on two or three editions a year.

Assistant Treasurer

SHIRE has an annual turnover of about £25k and so our Treasurer has an important role to play in keeping the accounts in order and making sure invoices are issued to advertisers promptly every month. We’re looking for someone who could work with the Treasurer to learn about how our finances are managed and support him in this vital job. This would suit someone who enjoys working with figures but doesn’t require any formal financial experience.

Assistant Advertising Manager

Our loyal advertisers provide the income to keep us going from month to month and it is important that someone is available to look after the existing customers as well as help new ones who wish to start using the paper to promote their products or services. We’re looking for someone who could alongside our existing Advertising Manager to help keep our advertisers happy and ensure we offer them a good service. This would suit a ‘people person’ who is willing to be a point of contact for enquiries.

Shirehampton Cricket Club

Picture of Shirehampton Cricket Club Pavillion 1989

Drawing by Betty Marten shows the club in 1989

The drawing by Betty Marten shows the club in 1989 and much as it is now. According to Ethel Thomas in The Continuing Story of Shirehampton the club was already in existence in the mid 19th century but referred to as Shirehampton Park. There did not seem to be a regular Saturday pattern and matches took place either in a field in the centre of Shirehampton or on the parkland in front of Kings Weston House. Recognising the need for a permanent ground the Revd A J Harvey of St Mary’s and Herbert Howes on behalf of the club negotiated with Mr Philip Napier Miles for a four acre field bordering Shirehampton Rd on the corner with Penpole Lane, for an annual rent of £8. The lease was signed in September 1891 and has remained the Shirehampton Cricket ground ever since.

In May 1900 there was a celebration game to mark the Relief of Mafeking with all participants wearing tall black stove-pipe hats.

One famous Gloucestershire and England cricketer, Gilbert Jessop who lived at Walton House, Shirehampton, often played for Shirehampton and is remembered for spectacular hits out of the ground and into the golf course opposite. In the pre motor mower age the square was kept in peak position by huge rollers pulled by horses wearing special leather overshoes. With no pavilion in the early days players changed beneath the trees but when funds were available a wooden pavilion was built on the west side of the field, opened in 1928.

During WW2 matches were abandoned, however the American GI’s stationed in huts on the golf course, awaiting the ‘D’ Day landings, used the ground for parades on Sunday afternoons, and with their military bands, glockenspiels and whistles produced a very musical entertainment for local people.

The wooden pavilion was destroyed by fire in 1966 and a new brick one sited at the east end of the field was opened in August 1967. J Helme

The Bristol Shiplovers' Society

Talks take place at The Wardroom, HMS ‘Flying Fox’ Royal Naval Headquarters, Winterstoke Rd, Bristol BS3 2NS starting at 1930 hours. The programme for 2013/14 - meetings held on Mondays.

9th SeptemberGeoff Williams - Bristol and its ships
23rd SeptemberVincent Neave - The Bristol Channel
14th OctoberNigel Coombes - Bristol Port through the ages
28th OctoberPeter Tamlin - A life at sea
11th NovemberDavid Blanchard - RNVR and Diving
25th NovemberJohn O’Conner - Osprey Shipping Agents
24th FebruaryArthur Clarke - On and around the Thames
10th MarchDavid Verghese - The Role of the Royal Navy and the Royal Commonwealth Navies during the Korean War 1950-53
24th MarchDVD evening
14th AprilJohn Wynn - Wynns Heavy Haulage
28th AprilAlec Lewis - P.S. Waverley
12th MayRichard Clammer - Paddle Steamers

(Thank you for donation - Ed)

Avonmouth Work Club

Avonmouth Work Club runs at Avonmouth Community Centre every Wednesday morning (Evening Post Jobs Page day) from 9:30 to 12:30 in the room behind the kitchen area. With support we look for work together, build our CVs, get our own email addresses and register for email job alerts.

Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF) needs you!

SCAF is a small, grass-roots community organisation working in Shirehampton, North West Bristol within the Avonmouth ward, within a clearly defined geographical area with approx. 6,800 residents. Shirehampton is on the outskirts of Bristol, approx 6 miles from the city centre, is semi-rural and does not benefit from many of the facilities and resources afforded to more central neighbourhood

SCAF is a registered charity and not for profit company limited by guarantee which works for the benefit of everyone in Shirehampton and the neighbourhood. Work areas include - community safety, youth support, environment and planning and development issues. Most of the community work is carried out by SCAF’s Action Groups. However, the management of SCAF itself depends on its charitable Trustees.

We are looking for additional Trustees to join the Board - as well as general Trustees, we are also specifically looking for a new Company Secretary.

The Board meets approx every 6 weeks on a weekday evening at Shire Public Hall at 6pm. The meetings are usually about an hour and a half long, occasionally longer, but always finish by 8pm

We would welcome any enquiries - if you would like to talk over the role please contact David Thomas at You can also attend a Trustee meeting as an observer - with no obligation - just to see what goes on

Please contact either David or Ash Bearman, SCAF’s Community Development Officer (

Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF)
Shire Public Hall,
Station Road,
Bristol, BS11 9TU.
Tel: 0117 982 9963

Lamplighters Marsh


A new leaflet and two interpretation panels explaining the fascinating history and rich wildlife of Lamplighters Marsh are soon to be produced.

These helpful guides to understanding what this Local Nature Reserve has to offer should include important local stories - and you may be the reader who knows them. For example, did you know that the war horses of World War 1 were shipped abroad to British troops from here? Or that special micro-habitats and rare plants are thriving at Lamplighters Marsh LNR?

Or are you the person who has the old photo album of the area in its heyday - or an old bus ticket, luggage label or postcard with the picture that’s worth a thousand words?

If you have anything images or memories to contribute it’s not too late! Please be kind enough to email them to the designer, Ruth Coleman by no later than 16 September:, or call to discuss: 0117 963 3178. The new leaflet and panels are being funded by the Wild City Project, Bristol City Council." Ruth Coleman

Has someone in Avon and Somerset gone that extra mile for you?

If so visit to see the Neighbourhood Policing Awards website, from here you can find out how to nominate anyone in the following categories:

PCSO of the Year - Neighbourhood Team - Special Constable - Outstanding Customer Service - Volunteer of the Year. The awards are jointly organised by Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens and Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

The Neighbourhood Policing Awards acknowledge and reward our dedicated officers and staff for their hard work in ensuring the communities of Avon and Somerset be safe and feel they are extra special because nominations come from the public and we are touched to hear about the excellent work that goes on across Avon and Somerset.

Cotswold Community Association

The hall in Dursley Road is available for children’s parties at just £10 per hour. For booking details ring Richard on 07779 227107. NOTE on Saturday 7th September at 7.30pm there will be a Race Night. (Thank you for donation - Ed)

Leap of Faith for MS Centre

The West of England MS Therapy Centre (Reg. Charity No. 801155) is looking for willing volunteers to jump into Portishead Marina on September 14th, to be rescued by a Newfoundland Dog.

The event, now in its fourth year, will see 30 brave men, women and children (12+) taking the dive into the Marina, closely followed by one of these 150lb canine heroes to pull them to safety.

Newfoundland Dogs were bred as water rescue dogs, and are known as the St. Bernard’s of the sea: they have a special water resistant coat and webbed feet to help propel them through the water to rescue anybody in distress.

It costs just £10 to take part, and we ask you to raise £120 to help provide support for people with MS in the Greater Bristol area. To find out more, please call Janet, Jenny or Julia on 01454 201686 or email

Kingsweston Action Group News

New route for Kings Weston ramblers! The Kings Weston Action Group launches the second of their series of estate walking guides . Following the remarkable success of their free walking guides last year the Kings Weston Action Group (KWAG) have published a new route, the second in what is hoped to be a regular series. The new tour takes in more of the historic Kings Weston landscape and includes Kingsweston Hill, the former stables, lost carriage rides and other historic sites on the eastern side of the 300 acre estate.

The attractive full-colour guides take a two-and-a-half mile circular route across the Bristol City Council-owned parkland from Shirehampton Road as far as the boundary with the better-known Blaise Castle Estate and back. The walk follows the line of the Nineteenth Century carriage drives that are still a significant feature through the woods and over Kingsweston Hill. The new walk is about 2.5 miles in length, or an hour and a half’s walk taking in dramatic scenery, beautiful woodland and extensive meadows.

The hill itself was once a famous vantage point overlooking the Severn Estuary and was a popular excursion for early tourists visiting Bristol and Bath. Today visitors are invited to follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen, John Wesley and many famous artists and poets by taking the same walks as they once enjoyed. The new guide is full of interesting historical facts about the sights visitors will pass including the grand Georgian stables and walled gardens, a long-lost pub, and a Regency iron footbridge by the famous engineer John McAdam. Of course Grade I Listed Kings Weston House is also included in the route!

David Martyn of KWAG said "we were blown-away by the popularity of our first walking guide and it was great to bump into people on the estate who were making use of it. We hope that this new route will bring some of the other historic landmarks to people’s attention and bring more visitors back to the estate. It’s an incredible place with a fascinating history and we are keen that people get the most out of it".

KWAG has designed and financed five thousand of the new leaflets which will be available free of charge. Over the coming weeks they will be distributed through the city’s Library network, local venues in Shirehampton, Sea Mills, and Lawrence Weston as well as being available at Kings Weston itself.

Success at the Kings Weston Foraging Frenzy with Steve England

The Kings Weston Action Group (KWAG) kicked-off their programme of free community nature walks on Saturday the 27th July with Bristol’s own "Ray Mears" Steve England leading a foraging tour. The eye-opening walk took visitors through the historic woods and meadows of the Kings Weston Estate in search of edible plants, roots, and seeds. With Steve’s expert eye there were few plants that escaped attention and everyone was shown how to identify each and which to stay well away from.

From the familiar hazelnuts and nettle leaves to the more adventurous bramble stems and burdock there is a wealth of edible plants growing on the estate. Even the historic lime trees of the avenue were tucked-into! But the highlight of Steve’s tour was definitely Crows Garlic the seeds of which Steve served up to everyone sprinkled over soft cheese and biscuits.

David Martyn of KWAG said "Learning about the history of an historic park like Kings Weston told through its plants is really important. Knowing what grows here naturally and what has been brought here helps our understanding about how the gardens were used and what the owners wanted it to look like. During Steve’s walk we identified plants that can only have been planted for food but in the least likely of places."

The foraging walk has identified areas in Penpole wood where the under-storey beneath the trees has been planted with raspberries, cherries, non-native hob nuts and other berries. Mr Martyn added "we know this part of the wood was laid out as an ornamental walk and we’ve learnt that the plants grown here must have been for people to pick food as they promenaded up to the old Penpole Lodge".

The series of free nature walks has been put together by KWAG as part of their Heritage Lottery funded "All our stories" project and aims to uncover the hidden estate and help visitors understand the historic landscape through its natural history. Anyone interested in other free events happening through September should get in touch with the volunteer group.

Wake up with the birds at Kings Weston!

Have you ever spotted the UK’s smallest bird, the goldcrest? Or wanted to see the mouse-like tree-creeper scuttling up the trunk of one Kings Weston’s magnificent trees? Here’s a fantastic chance to find out about, hear and see some of the many bird species in Kings Weston - and it’s free!

Picture of a Robin

During this early morning walk well known local naturalist, broadcaster and author, Ed Drewett, will take us through the woodland and open glades of Kings Weston. We’ll be looking and listening for the birds as they feed on insects in the trees and devour ripening berries and fruits. After the quiet summer days, autumn is the time when the birds become more active and visible.

The walk will take place on Saturday 28th September. Meet at Shirehampton Road Car Park. Please arrive at 7.15 am for a 7.30 am start. The event will finish at around 9.00 am approx.

If the early start has made you hungry you could take advantage of the breakfast menu at the Café Retreat in Kings Weston House (normal charges apply). Although this is a free event places are strictly limited and must be booked in advance. Ed’s walks are really popular so book early!

E-mail or call 07811 6666 71 to reserve a place. Sorry, we’re unable to accept dogs on this event.

Farewell to our Shire Centenarian

Picture of Violet Cameron


Last year we celebrated the 100th birthday of Violet Cameron, who had been born on August 11th 1912. She was the daughter of Frederick and Louise Johnston who had nine children. She spent her childhood in London, had three sisters and five brothers, one of them was killed in March 1945 during the Second World War and one of her sisters and three other brothers also passed away. Two of her sisters are still alive; Audrey, who lives in Kent and Beryl in Buckinghamshire. Her brother Les Johnston still lives in Alabama, USA.

Violet married Donald Cameron, a Director of the Egg Marketing Board, in August 1951 and they lived in Bishopston, Bristol. Sadly Donald died of cancer in August 1961. They did not have any children. Violet later came to live in Ely Grove, Sea Mills before moving to Bradley House Residential Home for Older Adults in Shirehampton, on January 20th 2007.

She was a very talented dressmaker and also enjoyed doing embroidery and knitting. Although she had a very happy 100th year at Bradley House, her health deteriorated quickly during the past few months and she passed away peacefully in her bed on 26th July 2013.

Everyone is sadly missing her at the Home where she was the eldest resident for the last six years. Her funeral took place at Canford Crematorium on Friday 16th August 2013. Our sincere condolences to all the members of her family, her carers and friends.

Enjoyed the 2013 Bristol Harbour Festival?

Picture of fireworks at Bristol Docks

Fireworks at 2013 Harbour Festival

Spare a few minutes to give us your feedback at:

Your views will help the council plan next year’s event, attract future funding and gauge the impact of the festival.

Views wanted on helping low-income households pay their council tax

The council is reviewing its Council Tax Reduction scheme for working age recipients. This scheme supports low income households by reducing their Council Tax. Government funding has been reduced since the scheme replaced Council Tax Benefit in 2013/14. So we need to review how much support we can offer and how it should be funded. We are consulting on two options for 2014/15 and would like your views. Find out more and have your say at

Volunteers to Deliver ‘SHIRE’

The following areas need volunteers to deliver the paper.

  • Portway nos 596-636 and Kingsweston Avenue to Mancroft Avenue (odds) - 80 houses
  • Springfield Avenue (up to Burnham Rd) - 25 houses
  • top of the Portway by Valerian Close
  • If you feel you could volunteer your services for a short time each month please phone the General Enquiries number Mon-Sat 07886217139