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Lamplighter’s Marsh Riverside Festival

NEARLY 500 people came down to Lamplighters Marsh June 22nd for the Wild City Riverside Festival. The Yellow Brick Road through the Marsh was lined with art works made by children from six local primary schools, by local fabric art group Shirehampton Stitchers, and by the over 60’s Art Club at Penpole Community Centre.

Alan May and Year 6 children from our Lady of the Rosary made Welcome Banners using shadows of plant life collected from the Marsh and projected onto material, or silk-screened or block printed.

Picture of large wooden figureheads at the entrance to Lamplighters Marsh

Large wooden figureheads at the entrance to Lamplighters Marsh. Photo: Bob Pitchford

As you entered the Marsh proper you were met with large wooden figureheads reflecting the maritime history of the site. Artist Peter Margerum and children from Long Cross Primary Year 5 and Shirehamptom Primary Year 6 designed and made these using a variety of found wooden objects.

Ruth Worsley and Shirehampton Primary Year 5 made a colourful flotilla of small ‘rocking’ boats from scrap timber, each decorated with painted sails and carved Marsh animals, to accompany the large bowheads.

Lydia Barker and Avonmouth Primary Year 5 made bunting by printing images of plant and animal life onto fabric to fly as pennants above the ships.

Shirehampton Stitchers lined the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ with mini quilts displayed on masts at the side of the path. There were foxes and badgers, herons and butterflies, ships and rivers ­ all beautifully realized in fabric and stitch.

The Penpole Art Club’s beautiful blue and white Cyanotype images of Marsh plants collected on 17th June were strung in a sheltered spot beside the path and a little further along Bridget Ely had decked a tree with ‘books and bugs‘ made by St Bernards RC Primary Years 4 and 5 from paper they had made and decorated themselves.

At the far end of the road, Ruth Worsley and Avon Primary Year 6 created a Sack Trail based on the history and wildlife of the Marsh. They made stencils, printed sacks and displayed them on posts. They painted fake bulrushes to entice visitors into their site and marked the entrance by hanging stuffed camouflaged creatures on trees.

When you‘d walked the length of the road and back you could have something to eat from Bella’s Banquette and still have time for one of the on-going activities: making driftwood boats or weaving willow fish, printing flags with river mud, casting impressions in plaster, learning more about Books and Bugs, or having your face painted.

Picture of people entering Lamplighters Mash

Lamplighters Marsh entrance. Photo: Bob Pitchford

There were guided walks: Wild Food and Foraging with Steve England, The River and its Wildlife with Ed Drewitt, Insects at Lamplighters with Pete the Bugman, or Wildlife on the Edge with Justin Smith and if you were just too tired you could sit comfortably for a story with Wild Storyteller Michael Loader, or watch the ritual ‘Piling of the Drums’ performed by the Sea Cadets.

The widely predicted rain held off and everyone enjoyed a sunny, if blustery, day out in Shirehampton’s local Nature Reserve.

Shirehampton Primary


SHIREHAMPTON Primary School welcomed their most recent Ofsted visit on the 28th February and 1st March this year. Ofsted commented that teaching across the school was at least good and in some cases outstanding and the range of activities provided interested pupils greatly. It is particularly pleasing to note that the school continues to improve and its aim of becoming outstanding in the next three years is an achievable reality.

Picture of Shirehampton Primary School pupils

Shirehampton Primary School pupils

The report states that strong provision and good teaching ensure all pupils in the Foundation Stage start school well and across the school, in all year groups, most groups of pupils make better progress than typically expected. One of the recognised strengths of the school is how reading is taught and pupils are inspired to read widely and show a love of books. Louisa Munton, Head Teacher said, “Shirehampton Primary School is committed to ensuring all pupils receive a high quality education and it is wonderful that the hard work of the school community has been recognised. Ofsted were impressed that our curriculum encourages learning, develops curiosity and sparks an interest in all our pupils.”

The team of four inspectors noted that in lessons there are high expectations and a brisk pace which engages and excites pupils but also allows for speculation, reflection and consolidation. Behaviour around the school and in lessons is good and a major factor in the good progress that is made by pupils; the use of Restorative Justice is appreciated by members of the school community and pupils told inspectors that issues are dealt with swiftly and fairly. All four inspectors commented on how friendly and well behaved our pupils were and how they excelled in the positive learning climate provided by staff.

Louisa Munton described the massive impact that the support staff have on raising standards too and was delighted that Ofsted concluded that adults are deployed skilfully and the school works well with parents and carers.

“The work our teaching assistants carry out with small groups and individual pupils as well as the work of the pastoral team was recognised as outstanding which demonstrates that not only do we expect our pupils to achieve the best results they can but also prioritise their emotional well-being too.”

Ofsted found that leaders and managers have an accurate view of the school’s strengths and weaknesses, are swift to respond to any identified area of need and communicate ambition for school improvement. Governors hold the school to account and immerse themselves in the life of the school.

The school‘s Chair of Governors, Rebecca Golder, commented, “The Governing Body would like to personally thank Louisa Munton and all of the staff at Shirehampton Primary School for all their hard work and commitment, in ensuring that all pupils receive an inspiring and challenging education.”

BRISTOL Northwest Rotary Supports SCAF

DR TIM MITCHELL, President of Bristol Northwest Rotary Club, presenting a cheque for £100 to David Thomas, Chairman of SCAF

BRISTOL Northwest Rotary club is very pleased to support the work of SCAF after learning about it from David Thomas when he spoke at one of our meetings.

The club is a new name in the area but has grown out of Avonmouth Rotary and is keen to re-establish Rotary as a local resource and a chance for local people to help their community and join in the international side of Rotary service.

The club meets at Henbury Golf Club on the 1st, 3rd and any 5th Wednesdays with a meal at 7.30pm usually followed by a speaker ­ often talking about local issues and charities that need support.

Rotary is a worldwide organisation and Rotarians come from many different backgrounds representing a cross-section of local communities. The club would welcome guests at its meetings where you can find out about local activities such as Young Musician and Young Chef competitions, grants available to local groups and people, support for Bristol Area Stroke Foundation and an international link with Nepal through an education charity, Pahar Trust Nepal.

A thriving Rotary club is a great asset to any community so the club is keen to expand its membership and links with Shirehampton and surrounding areas.

To find out more look at the website and contact Dr Tim Mitchell on

Cotswold Community Association


THE Cotswold Community Association would like to give a very big thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who joined us at our barbecue on Sunday 26th May to celebrate the current community building‘s 20th anniversary.

Picture of three men at Cotswold Community Barbecue

The weather, thankfully, was great and everybody enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon tucking into burgers and hot dogs whilst basking in the sun. We would also like to thank F.C. Hammonds Engineering for repairing our gazebo poles at very short notice and Leon Franklin for very kindly donating some picnic table umbrellas. Not forgetting a big thank you to committee members for making salads etc., Sean Pepper for manning the BBQ all afternoon and his good wife Lynn for the amazing cake.

If you haven‘t had the pleasure yet of attending one of our functions and you would like to be notified of upcoming events please email

Bishop visits St Bernard‘s

Picture of Bishop of Clifton

Bishop Declan at St Bernard's

THE BISHOP OF CLIFTON, Bishop Declan, paid his first visit to St Bernard’s Roman Catholic primary school June 4th. The Bishop had been invited to bless the school’s new prayer garden, which the children and parents have just completed. St Bernard’s, which has achieved a Good with elements of Outstanding in its recent Ofsted inspection, welcomed the Bishop with a colourful programme of song, dance and readings performed by children from every class. Then the Bishop, accompanied by Monsignor Canon Massey and St Bernard‘s parish priest, Father Cosmos, blessed the garden and cut a celebration cake to be shared by all who had attended.

Letters to the Editor

Dock Railway Engines

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Desmond Baker for listing some of the engine names on the dock railway. However, I don’t remember any of these being the names of the steam loco‘s in service during my time there 1958-64, when Fred Milkins was the shed foreman.

Many thanks

Terry Hughes.

PBA Fireman

Dear Editor,

I worked for the PBA railway department 1961-1968 ending up as a fireman, Steam engines I remember (my engine was the Hallen) Thornbury, Hudson, & Henry, ( I am the son of Samuel Milkins) I do remember Terry as a fireman.

Alan Milkins

Signal Box Name Plate

Dear Editor,

I was most interested to see the article on the St. Philips Station name board. I well remember St. Philips Railway station which was in Midland Road, Old Market as I went to school in nearby Redcross Street. Looking at the shape and size of the board it looks very much like a signal box nameplate.

The Midland Railway made them of wood whereas the Great Western Railway made them of cast iron. If it was a running in board (a station name board displayed on a station platform) then I would have expected it to be much bigger in size.

This board is similar in size to the cast iron Henbury Signal Box nameplate which I own. I would be interested in other readers opinions on its origin - perhaps someone may know of a photograph showing it in situ!

Chris. Eynon.

PBA Engine Names

Dear Editor,

In response to the article expressing interest in locomotive names:

The Names of all the Steam Locos used in Avonmouth by the PBA 1900-1963


Mr. G Hawkesby

Thank You

Mrs S. Husher would like to thank Mr Marc Lee of LHP Partnership Accountants, Office 3, Rear Mews, 24-26 Station Road, Shirehampton, for kindly balancing the Shire by Post accounts for this year 2012-2013.

Thank You

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Mr. Chani (High Street newsagent) for placing the Daily Sport on his news-stand with the back page displayed, so that young children are not subjected to inappropriate adult images ­ which also offend some women.

Yours sincerely,

Gil Osman

SHIRE Community Newspaper


Monday 5th August 2013 5:30 pm
The Tithe Barn,
High Street,

All members of the public and anyone interested in joining the committee are welcome to attend this public meeting.

Wild City


Picture of information board

Interpretation panel

A new leaflet and two interpretation panels explaining the fascinating history and rich wildlife of Lamplighters Marsh are soon to be produced.

These helpful guides to understanding what this Local Nature Reserve has to offer should include important local stories ­ and you may be the reader who knows them. For example, did you know that the war horses of World War 1 were shipped abroad to British troops from here? Or that special micro-habitats and rare plants are thriving at Lamplighters Marsh LNR?

Or are you the person who has the old photo album of the area in its heyday - or an old bus ticket, luggage label or postcard with the picture that‘s worth a thousand words?

If you have anything to contribute, or would like to share ideas about where the panels should be sited, please come along to the SCAF Full Forum meeting at Shire Hall, 2-4pm Thursday 18 July. Designer, Ruth Coleman, will give a short presentation about what‘s possible, collect your memorabilia and welcome your knowledge and views.

The new leaflet and panels are being funded by the Wild City Project, Bristol City Council.

If you would like more information about all the exciting activities and improvements taking place at Lamplighters Marsh, please contact: or See you there!

The Orchards Celebrates 25 Years

Picture of Mayor at Orchards

The Lord Mayor, Peter Main, with Molly Webb

THE LORD MAYOR Peter Main on one of his last official engagements attending an open event at The Orchards, a Places for People Sheltered Housing Scheme in Shirehampton, to celebrate 25 years. Pictured with the Lord Mayor, Molly Webb who has lived at The Orchards since it first opened. Molly said there had been many changes during this time, but she still loves living at The Orchards. Members of the community of Shirehampton, local Councillor Doug Naysmith, residents and family attended this very enjoyable event.

The Picnic With No Food

AT LAST the fine weather is here, and we are all hoping that it will last through the summer holidays. Whether you are at home or away on holiday, when the sun is shining and the days are long it‘s great to take something to sit on, something to eat and drink and go out to find a nice spot to have a picnic.

Have you noticed that you always seem to feel hungrier, and the food tastes much better, when you are in the open air ­ or may be it’s just all that energy that you have used up in walking to the perfect picnic spot, and the game of rounders, or hide and seek, or football that you have to make the picnic experience complete.

Imagine the scene; everyone has got to the picnic spot, it has been a great afternoon with all the usual picnic activities and now we are all sitting on groundsheets, picnic rugs, or in fold out seats and deckchairs, and ready for the feast. But disaster strikes! No-one remembered to bring any food. It’s a bit like the story about Anybody, Nobody, Somebody, and Everybody?

An important job had to be done (to remember the picnic) and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn‘t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done. And now there is no food to eat. There is a story in the Bible where Jesus was part of a picnic where there was no food, but before Somebody got angry Jesus solved the problem.

If you come along to Shirehampton Baptist Church Messy Church on Saturday 6th July you can enjoy lots of picnic themed crafts and games, have a picnic (with food!), and find out how Jesus solved the problem of the Picnic With No Food. The fun begins at 3.00pm!

Shirehampton Public Hall


TUES 16th JULY 2013 7.15pm
All are welcome to attend this public meeting at:
Shirehampton Public Hall
Station Road

Walkie Talkies Take Some Interesting Learning Walks

Picture of a group of walkers

Cheryl Martin and a group of Walkie Talkies. Photo: Kathryn Courtney

DURING the month of May the local Walkie Talkies walking group went on a couple trips that expanded their knowledge of wildlife in several ways.

Their first trip was to Portbury Nature Reserve and Portishead Marina. Making their way through the lanes the Walkie Talkies found themselves learning about many wild birds in the area and even saw a deer. Cheryl Martin from LinkAge and Healthy Walks led them through the fascinating trip highlighting things many wouldn’t have seen before. They also had a wander through Portishead Marina to stop off for a coffee and I think one or two chose which houses they would buy on the waterfront once their numbers had come up on the lottery!

The second trip was the Wildlife Walk along Lamplighters Marsh and the Yellow Brick Road. This time around the Walkie Talkies were helping experts collate information about rare plants and flowers and learning about the birds nesting in the area. They also helped with the collection of bugs with nets which some seemed to be having great fun with! It turned out to be a lovely morning with wildlife experts on hand explaining how important Lamplighters Marsh is and answering questions along the way. It was certainly a different walk to the norm and everybody enjoyed themselves.

For further information Healthy Walks Groups contact Cheryl Martin on: 07530564332 Kathryn Courtney

St Mary‘s NEWS

Hi Folks!

Summer at last and I have been taking the chance of some Vitimin D by sitting in the sunshine in our churchyard and chatting to the people who have been passing by. I have been surprised to see many folk I haven’t seen for ages - no doubt they were outside taking advantage of the lovely weather too!

First of all I must give you a final reminder of our Patronal Festival and Summer Fayre and Flower Festival on Saturday, 6th July, 2013. Rev, Geoff is anxious to try a different format for our Fayre this time - so make sure you come along. We shall be pleased to hear your opinions.

Patronal Festival Day is of course the next day Sunday, 7th. - we hope to see you there also!

Kids Klub Prize Giving will be at the beginning of our 10 am Eucharist on Sunday, 14th July after which the children go home. Each child who is a member of Kids Klub will receive a gift - no child goes home empty handed.

Tuesday, 16th July is the date of our next Beetle Drive. Lunch is at 1.00 pm - sign up if you are coming to assist with numbers for catering.

No charge is made for Lunch but a retiring collection will be taken to help defray expenses.

Our next Social Event is on Friday, 26th July commencing at 7.30 pm and it is St. Mary’s Last Night of the Proms. We shall have a traditional English Supper and Music. Why not come dressed up in your formal dress.

Tickets will be 8.00 and available from the church office.

On Saturday 3rd August we shall be holding a Bric-a-Brac Sale in church from 10.00 am until 12.00 noon. Please come and support this sale and all our other fund raising social events as we are desperately in need of funds this year!

Finally some sad news - one of our long-standing and faithful members of St. Mary’s - Joy Webber - died shortly after returning from a Cruise holiday with some close friends. Her funeral took place on Friday, 7th June, when a large number of our congregation attended to pay their last respects to Joy. She will be sadly missed by us all and we offer our condolences and prayers to her family.

Before I go I must tell you of what was seen on a West Country church notice board -We may be suffering from inflation but the wages of sin remain the same!

‘Bye for now. C.M.E.

From the Registers at St Mary’s

MAY 2013

BAPTISM “We welcome you”

  • 26th Charlotte Carrel
  • 26th Katie Quinn

FUNERALS “At rest and at peace”

  • 7th William Tudor St Mary‘s
  • 9th Enid Edmunds Canford
  • 10th Paul Price St Mary‘s
  • 15th Kathleen Sully St Mary‘s
  • 17th Andrew Munn Canford
  • 31st Glenda Monks Canford


  • 11th Mandy and Brendan Skelton

Group Practice Flu Clinic

In line with Department of Health advice, we recommend that all people aged 65 or over should receive a flu jab every year.

Anyone else who is eligible will receive a letter in the post inviting them to come to the Practice.

This year’s clinics will be as follows:

  • 11th October 2013 - Capel Road Branch Surgery 14:00 ­ 15:00
  • 12th October 2013 - Shirehampton Health Centre 08:30 ­ 09:30
  • 29th October 2013 - Shirehampton Health Centre 16:00 ­ 18:30
  • 8th November 2013 - Capel Road Branch Surgery 14:00 ­ 15:00
  • 9th November 2013 - Shirehampton Health Centre 08:30 ­ 09:30
  • 19th November 2013 - Shirehampton Health Centre 16:00 ­ 18:30

These sessions will operate first come, first served basis.Please put these dates in your diary and calendar NOW!

Remember - If you are 65 or over you will NOT receive a letter



“Lamplighters could reopen as community-run pub,” says MP Charlotte Leslie

Picture of people outside the Lampighters

COMMUNITY management could be the key to re-opening the Lamplighters Pub, Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie, and local Councillor Wayne Harvey have said. They are launching a survey to see if the community has the desire and ability to take the pub on as a community-run venture.

The historic Lamplighters, which has been closed for four years, was a favourite of the Shirehampton and Avonmouth communities before Enterprise Inns closed it down and sold it off in 2009. Since then local people have complained that there are no family pubs in the immediate area and hundreds of residents have signed a petition saying they would use The Lamplighters if it reopened.

One key challenge is the amount of investment needed to renovate and refurbish the pub building. Current owner Churchill Properties has secured planning permission for a small number of homes in the Lamplighters’ large gardens to fund renovation works but has not yet found a brewery willing to run the pub. Now Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie, along with the area’s new city councillor Wayne Harvey, is exploring the possibility of reopening the pub as a community run venture or co-operative. An extensive survey is being circulated in the local area to establish levels of support for the plan.

Ms Leslie said that a combination of local tradesmen, professional skills and the community’s burning desire to return the Lamplighters to its former glory could lead to the pub reopening. She said: “This could be a great opportunity for the community to step in and reclaim a vital local facility for local people.”

Ms Leslie has held discussions with the Plunkett Foundation which supports community ownership of pubs and shops in areas where facilities have declined, and is also in conversations with “Pub is the Hub” which helps communities take on their local pub, as well as talking with other community groups about the idea. “We have now launched a survey to establish the level of support for such a venture and we urge every resident to take part, give us their views and let us know if they think they could get involved and have a skill to offer.”

Wayne Harvey said: “ I’ve been coming to this pub for years, and remember it from when I was a youngster. It is a tragedy to see this amazing old pub lie derelict, and I know I am not the only one who feels this - everyone wants to see this beacon pub re-opened and returned to its glory-days Our community here in Shirehampton and Avonmouth is so rich in talent and energy. It makes perfect sense to harness our collective skills, abilities and determination to get our beloved community pub up and running once more. But this can’t happen unless people get involved, so I’d urge anyone who wants to see the Lamplighters re-opened to get in touch, and join the project.”

Ocean Wins Letting Award

Picture of Ocean Staff

Ocean's award winning Staff

ON FRIDAY the 24th May Ocean attended the Letting agency of the year awards at Lancaster Hotel London. Ocean is pleased to announce that they were voted The Times and Sunday Times Medium Letting Agent of the Year in Bristol and the South West.

This was voted for by an independent panel headed by the Property Ombudsmen and the Chairman of the NFOPP (National Federation of Property Professionals). The judges stated that ‘there is a thriving lettings industry in Bristol and competition among the local agents is strong but it is the agent that responds to its clients’ needs in the most innovative ways that comes out on top’.

After a detailed application process and a subsequent telephone interview, Ocean was mystery shopped and judged by a panel of industry experts which selected Ocean as the best medium sized Letting agency in the South West. The competition was fierce and Ocean was finally shortlisted against 13 other candidates in their category. It was obvious to the judges that there was a passion for the business at Ocean and its proposition was in a ‘different class’.

The judges went on to say that Ocean are full of clever ideas, ensuring they are active across all social media, keeping their blog up to date, making an app available to clients, and also producing an in-house magazine.

Ocean also won a bronze award nationally in the customer service category. This is a huge achievement given the competition they were up against. With the customer satisfaction rate sitting at 95%, the judges agreed Ocean is ‘definitely an agent that has not lost sight of good customer service’.

The awards Ocean has won are a fantastic reflection of the hard work that everyone has put in and are a glowing tribute to the whole Lettings team. The awards are a massive achievement for Ocean as a company and will enable them to continue to grow and develop.

Scott Hudson, one of the Directors of Ocean Letting & Management, said ‘It will not stop here, we will continue to develop the service we provide to our customers further, ensuring we are always striving to do our best in everything we do.’

Garden Club Enjoy A Day At The Botanic Gardens

Picture of local Garden Club at the Botanic Gardens

Local Garden Club at the Botanic Gardens. Photo: Kathryn Courtney

The local Garden Club made their way to the Botanic Gardens to view many of the plants and flowers being grown and find some unusual species in the greenhouses. It was a chance to get out and about in the sunshine after spending several weeks at the Tithe Barn doing practical things such as planting fruit, veg, plants and flowers in large pots and baskets that can easily be placed on balconies and small patio areas. Proof that you don’t need a garden to grow what you want. They also learnt about various soils, how to get rid of garden pests such as greenfly, bugs and slugs, along with picking up short cuts and tips on growing a variety of plants.

Chris Purvis was guide for the afternoon and she explained about the many plants being grown and answered questions. The Garden Club found the Botanic Gardens fascinating.

Eddie said “It’s well worth seeing. Until you’ve been round the Botanic Gardens several times it’s difficult to choose a favourite part of the various gardens”. Kath added “I’d never thought of coming here and thanks to the Gardening Club it’s been amazing. We’d also like to thank Chris for everything she’s done for us. We’ve learnt a lot from her over the last couple months or so”

The Gardening Club is a joint venture with the City Of Bristol College and LinkAge. To find out more about activities run or supported by LinkAge contact Ricky Bush on 07807 706310

Kathryn Courtney

Free Street Cricket

Oasis Brightstowe Academy,
Penpole Lane,
Bristol BS11 0EB,
Mondays, 6-7.30pm

Coach contact: Chris Munden 07557 924 941 email:


Sun Shines On Tynings Field Open Day

Picture of Strawberrys

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Over 100 people visited Tynings Field in Shirehampton as part of the Sunday Farm Open Day that ran right across the city of Bristol on the 9th June. Some new members signed up as volunteers or supporters. Plants were sold, pollination surveys completed, bee keeping demonstrated. There was honey tasting and food and drink aplenty. Visitors saw how Tynings Field has progressed from a derelict field into a fully fledged fruit and vegetable garden talked to volunteers who have been working hard on the land for the past two years. People sat down to relax and chat in the lovely warm sunshine. Tynings Field Community Group raised 39.80 from the plant sale which will be re-invested in the group. Tynings Field Community Group always welcome new members, supporters and volunteers. You can find out more by calling 01179090440. You can also get news updates by visiting their web page:

Kathryn Courtney

Students Undertake Community Project For Sea Cadets

Picture of students clearing Sea Cadet yard

Students clearing Sea Cadet yard. Photo: Kathryn Courtney

A GROUP of Weston College students made sure a Sea Cadets unit was all ship-shape and Bristol fashion ahead of an important Royal Navy inspection. Level One Horticulture students from the College’s Hub building, based at the South West Skills Campus (SWSC) on Locking Road, went along to T.S. Enterprise in Shirehampton, home to Bristol Avonmouth Sea Cadets. The unit is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and were due an inspection by Royal Navy officers. So nine students and course leader Pete Lane got to work, cutting back and trimming the grounds in time for the inspection. They will be returning to the unit over the next few weeks to plan and upgrade the planting.

Christopher Batt, Account Coordinator at Weston College, said : “We were approached by a local Sea Cadet unit on the edge of Bristol for some help with their grounds ahead of their forthcoming inspection. This plea for help is making a great community project for the Hub’s horticulture students based at the College’s SW Skills Campus.” Lieutenant (SCC) Vicky Sidwell RNR, Commanding Officer of the Unit, said: “This inspection by the Royal Navy is very important to the Cadets and the unit as it gives them a chance to demonstrate what they have learned and it has a serious side as it is very much like the College’s OFSTED inspection.

“As a small charity 100 per cent staffed by volunteers the help given by the students from Weston College’s Hub has made a real difference to the unit’s appearance for our big day. Thank you from the whole ship’s company.”

Sailing Club

Open Day

SHIREHAMPTON Sailing Club held its 2013 Try Sailing Day on Saturday 19th May.

Picture of Shirehampton sailing club slipway

Busy slipway. Photo: Bob Pitchford

The sailing conditions were almost ideal for the event: low tide, slightly below average temperature, overcast sky and light to medium wind. The Sea Cadets ( who are situated next to our club, provided a second safety boat. The day went very well with every member doing a great job before and/or on the day. There were 90 guests on the day with 62 sailing. 8 people took application forms away and are now at various stages of joining the club. The Shirehampton Sailing Club Try Sailing Day was arranged as part of the RYA Push the Boat Out weekend.

If you are interested in sailing with us but were not able to come down to Shire for the Try Sailing Day please call in at the club any Saturday morning (we are the end of Station Rd) or ring Bob Hayes on 0117 9422906.

191st St Mary’s Scout Troop

Picture of scouts on cycles

Scouts assemble 'ready for the off'

ON SATURDAY MAY 18th the 191st St Mary’s Scout Troop held a fund-raising cycle ride. The route was down the Portway, over the swing bridge, along the cycle path to Pill, over the M5 bridge to the HQ. The troop wish to thank everyone who supported them, and the final amount raised will be revealed later.