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Shire's New Mural

THE NEW MURAL at the rear of Shirehampton Methodist church, viewed from the car park off Penpole Avenue. (Photo: Bob Pitchford)

MANY of you may have noticed the mural artwork being undertaken on the back wall of Shirehampton Methodist Church in recent months.

The mural is divided into two main scenes. The right side shows John Wesley, the 18th century founder of Methodism, preaching to a contemporary audience. An 18th century clipper ship, of the kind which would have carried Methodist missionaries to the New World, is shown sailing down the river, under the M5 motorway bridge towards the modern skyline of Avonmouth. The left side of the mural is set on The Green in the centre of Shirehampton, the background showing the main street and the varied architectural styles found in the village. The attention of the people in the scene is diverted towards the young middle-eastern man on the park bench, a modern Jesus, who is sharing bread, in a symbolic act of communion, with an elderly homeless man and a hooded figure at his feet.

The two scenes are linked by a brick wall which incorporates the real windows of the church building, and references the architectural features of the houses in the street. A walker with a dog passes in front of the wall, and a man sits on the windowsill reading the Shire newspaper – with '40th anniversary year' on the front page. Above the mural, in three recessed arches, are painted a cross with a dove, symbolising the Holy Spirit, and two short texts: on the left are the words of Jesus, and on the right a quote from John Wesley.

The mural was commissioned to fulfil two purposes. Firstly the church wanted to brighten up the wall and do something different that could be shared with the community and secondly it forms part of the celebrations of the Shire fortieth anniversary. Brother and sister artists Bill and Elaine Guilding were approached to produce some designs in collaboration with the Revd Jacky Quarmby and her husband Neil. After several discussions, a few changes, and the feedback from the plans being displayed at the Shire 40th Exhibition, the final design for the mural was decided upon at the end of April.

Work began on the wall in May but the weather; in particular the rain was proving rather challenging and slowed down the work taking place. However that did not dampen the enthusiasm of Bill and Elaine and the mural was finished in August. It looks absolutely stunning and certainly a work of art that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Elaine studied Graphic Design & Illustration. She has worked as a printmaker, an illustrator and museum exhibition designer as well as being a teacher. She has also worked in community arts and in adult education and has painted murals for private clients and for the museum service.

Bill studied Fine Art at Bower Ashton and was a teacher and now a lecturer at the City Of Bristol College as well as working at the Folk House in Bristol. He has painted a number of community murals as well as portraits for private clients. If you catch the train to Temple Meads his most famous mural can be seen at Stapleton Road station. You'll also find his work at Bedminster station, Barton Hill, the BRI, City of Bristol College, RUH Children's Department, Bath and the eight portraits can be seen on the SS Great Britain. Bill is returning to RUH, Bath for his next mural project later this year.

I had a chat with Bill about his most recently completed work. Unfortunately Elaine wasn't able to make the interview but her role in ideas and painting the mural is equally important as Bill's and this is their first collaboration together as artists, as equal partners. I asked him what was his inspiration with his art? “My inspiration is varied especially because in recent years my art has been applied to various contexts like the Methodist Church, for example, so my inspiration has come from the people I'm working for and with and that's been the same with my other public commissions for the last ten years or so”.

So was Bill surprised by the local interest, the knowledge and input from people in the community? “I was surprised by the warm response we got from the people in Penpole Avenue. So many people were interested in what we were doing and they said that they liked to pop by and have a look and see how we were getting on, especially the people who lived in the sheltered housing for retired people” (ed – The Orchards).

As for the challenges of the project, “The weather was always a challenge and I think two artistic egos working together can often be difficult but it usually produces good results because of that thrashing out of ideas and it's added something to this project too.”

Bill has done many murals before this one and I was curious as to how his and Elaine's latest creation differed from his previous projects. “Well, it has a religious theme, it's the first time we've done anything for a church and we wanted to see what happened. Although we have consulted with people in the past, the same with this one, there have been more by passers with this project, more interest”.

And what did Bill in particular enjoy most about his current work of art? “Seeing it come together, and fresh ideas coming even when we were working. It was quite exciting when Elaine and I disagreed about the kind of light that there should be in the right hand image of the Wesley scene and I suddenly realised we could do evening light because it's sunset and then I thought, oh no this is going to be so difficult and it could open up a can of worms. Afterwards I thought about it and realised I could do it and it wouldn't take that long to do. It was a kind of maximum reward for minimum effort, so making this big change was a big thrill. I think Elaine enjoyed talking to people, finding out their thoughts on what we were doing and taking on board any ideas. I think we found that exciting, it was nice to hear what people had to say. And the Quarmby's and I, we very often thought alike when I didn't think we would.”

Were there many changes made to the artwork that we see now? “On paper yes, before we started work, but it was pretty much in the can when we started work on the wall, but we did a lot of changes on paper and on the computer. Elaine took care of most of this. However the left hand side of the wall took a lot more sorting out than the right side. There was a difference of opinion on what kind of characters should be in it and then what should be in the background, should it be a general view of Shirehampton?, and everybody had different views of what Shirehampton looks like. Eventually we offered the church various options and they went for a fairly realistic view of the High Street, of The Green looking onto the High Street rather than compilations of other views and other buildings”

When you look at the mural it's vibrant, exciting, and tells a story. But what materials were used to achieve this effect? “The wall was painted with masonry paint and Neil organised and painted that. We used artist acrylic paint and masonry paint. Acrylic paints are easier, more practical to use than oil paints because they dry fast, they don't smell. It's got three layers of varnish on it, two glossy ones and then finished off with a matt one. It is a special kind of varnish where we can take off tagging, felt pen, lipstick for example without damaging the paint underneath”

So what sense of achievement has Bill got from completing this mural? “Well, I think it looks pretty smart, don't you think? It's not only painting the figures and things, I'm also pleased with how the boring bits have come together like the brick wall. The brick wall in the middle where the windows are, I thought this was going to be a bit of an eyesore but it looks fine, especially where we put architectural details on, it makes the building look really smart. The main achievement is that we've succeeded in what was the purpose of the mural and we hope we've fulfilled it.”

And finally, what has the feedback been like from the local community? “Overwhelmingly positive, but then anyone who didn't like it wouldn't say so. Sometimes people were uncritical and it would have been good if they had been constructive in their criticism. However two young men on their way home from the pub one day tried to be provocative and wind me up and of course they made out that they didn't like it. However if you unpicked what they said they could see faults in it and that was actually useful.”

So when you get the chance, take a look at the mural and let us know your thoughts, your feedback and in the meantime enjoy viewing the mural on the wall.

Kathryn Courtney

Linkafe Classes for Over 55s in Shirehampton

The three classes (Paper Craft, Line Dancing and Gardening) piloted in July will restart beginning 10th September. As there are limited places for at least two of these. Please call the LinkAge office (0117 974 1691) for further information.

Community Learning

FREE short courses in the area for adults who have few or no qualifications.

Are you interested in any of the following courses - Computer Skills and English for Work, Money Skills and Budgeting at Home, Improving play opportunities in the community? Play in Action starting in May at Avonmouth Community Centre. This course aims to support local residents to improve their park or green space with a focus on giving residents the skills to get more play opportunities for children into the area. If you would like to bring more play opportunities into the area, this course may be for you!

Money Matters

FREE course at Five-ways Bungalow in Lawrence Weston, starting Wed. 18th April. 9.15-11.15am for 7 weeks. Learn how to improve your budgeting skills, find out how to save on your energy bills, find out about local credit unions.

Computer Skills and English for Work starting on Friday 4th May, 1-3pm for 10 weeks at Shirehampton Primary School. For more information, please contact Suzanne on 9030072 or email suzanne.gaffney@bristol.govuk

Shirehampton Community Action Forum Meetings 2012

  • Wednesday 3rd October 7-9pm
  • Thursday 29th November

Kings Weston History Walk

The Kings Weston Action Group (KWAG) is running a History walk around the Kings Weston estate on Saturday 29th September. The walk will take in many familiar and lesser known parts of the landscaped parkland and offer new insights into the history of the estate based on KWAG's recent research. The walk will begin at 10am from the public car park on Shirehampton Road and run until about lunchtime taking in a variety of points of interest across the estate. David Martyn of KWAG will guide you through the epic history of Kings Weston from the Seventeenth Century through to the modern day shedding light on the people that created it and the legacy they left to the City of Bristol. From 'Capability' Brown to World War II the story of the estate can be interpreted through the features still visible today.

Places on the walk cost £4 per person with funds going toward future KWAG projects to record, restore and enhance the public park. Children under 16 can come along free and well behaved dogs on leads are welcome. If you are interested in attending please make sure you reserve a place on this walk by getting in touch with KWAG by phone on 07811 666671, email at, or by post care of 75A Alma Road, Bristol, BS8 2DW. Spaces are limited.

And Finally... It's Back!

After five years of SCAF asking for a replacement (and pressing with follow ups on progress every two months… no money this year, maybe next year etc etc) of the Shire figure post sign to be installed on the green grass triangle at the junction on Shirehampton Road, a brand new four figure post sign has been installed in the traditional style and it looks great!.

Woodwell's Wave

During early August, there was a torrential downpour, and thunder and lightning, in Shirehampton. The drains couldn't cope and pictures taken during the storm show that Woodwell Road became a river. A large buddleia tree fell down behind the old school near the public toilet blocking the road, and as another cloud opened, a mini boar wave rolled down Woodwell Road, across the Portway into the other part of Woodwell following the old water course that leads to the old well, which would have been near the junction of St Bernards Road, but is now under the pavement in its course it soaked people's feet as they took cover and hid from the storm.

Tynings Field News

JUST a big thank you to all who have supported us one way or another over the past twelve months. We still need more volunteers.

At the moment we are harvesting and cropping so are thin on the ground and working flat out to get a winter crop and green manure planted. Tynings field has produced half a ton of spuds, some were donated to Penpole resident's lunch club along with beetroots which we grew 200 of. Many were sold and donated to local people and shared between us. Our beetroot was made into a beetroot and chocolate cake for British food week. Simply follow a standard cake mix replacing the liquid with liquidised beetroot and cooking oil with a tablespoon of cocoa. There are so many alternatives to just eating it as it is. By September we will have been to the Summer fair and a monthly farmers market at Westbury primary care centre car park. We are trying a small number of saffron bulbs to see how this goes, and we have garden perennial flowers available that come up year after year. Once again thanks to all involved Dorothy Cole

Growing Seeds at Messy Church

SOME seed is thrown on a field by a man who then goes to bed and forgets about it. The seed sprouts and grows.

The man is not a scientist and he has no idea how it happens, it's as if the earth does it all without his help. First a green stem of grass appears, then a bud, then ripened grain. When the grain is fully formed the man reaps – its harvest time!

Come to Shirehampton Baptist Church be creative with seeds and things and celebrate harvest time with us. Do you know what an autumn loom is? The picture below night help, but have you ever made one? Do you think you could make cress caterpillars, or handprint hedgehogs? Did you know that with some nuts and seeds, two wooden spoons and an empty bottle you can make a fine bird feeder? If you want to know how, come and join us at the church in station Road between 3.00 and 5.00pm on Saturday 23rd September. And you might also find out what the seed thrown on the field is meant to represent.

Public Hall Newsletter – September

September has arrived and the new term has started. If you would like to try something different or join a group that interests you, the answer could be here. Either look on line or call in to the hall to see what's on offer. It could be an opportunity to make new friends or meet up with old.

The hall is run by a group of voluntary trustees, you can find out more about us from our website We are always pleased to welcome new members and trustees.

Harvest Service

Shirehampton Methodist church are holding their Harvest Festival service on Sunday 16th September at 11am. The service is led by the Revd Dr Jacky Quarmby. Harvest gifts will be donated to the Bristol Methodist Centre in Midland Road, St Phillip's, which provides shelter, sanctuary and support for homeless people. Our service is followed by a harvest lunch. A warm invitation is extended to all.

Co-op Fundraising Success

Once again staff members at the local Co-op in Shirehampton had a fund raising day and this time the theme was the Swinging Sixties! They got dressed up in the fashion of that era and had great fun. Shoppers to the store got into the spirit and shared a laugh and a joke with the shop assistants and gave generously to the collecting buckets. Sandra White of Sandra's Lunch Club was running the raffle and selling cakes whilst other staff members sold items in aid of Help The Heroes. In total £538.40 was raised and the money split between the two organisations. Well done to the Co-op Staff and thank you to everyone who helped by buying raffle tickets and giving donations.

Kathryn Courtney

Cotswold Community Centre

  • 8th September - Table Top Sale, £5 per table. Refreshments available. Ring Daphne on 07554 642440 to book a table
  • 8th September Quiz night 7.30 pm
  • 29th September Greek night £5 per head, byo drinks

Lamplighters Marsh Early Morning Bird Walk

Wednesday 17 October

OUR next event in this year's programme of the BCC Wildcity Project partnership with SCAF is a fun and informative bird walk around Lamplighters Marsh, to be led by bird expert Ed Drewitt

WHEN: Wednesday 17 October, meet outside the Lamps Pub for a 7.15am start.

This is a free event, all welcome* but booking is essential as places are limited!.

It will be mainly on flat path & suitable for wheelchairs.

*Children must be accompanied by an adult & well-behaved dogs on leads please.

To book & for further info please contact Ash at Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF) on 0117 982 9963 or email

Letters to the Editor

Beanacre Cottage – History

Dear Editor,

I am very Interested to find out the history and/or photos of my cottage, Beanacre Cottage at Barracks Lane, Shirehampton. I believe the 1st of the 3 Cottages (converted to one cottage many years ago) pre-dates 1750. I only have maps depicting the building dating back to 1840. I know Beanacre Cottage was once a dairy & believe it was once part of the Kingsweston Estate at one time. If any of your readers could help with any Information regarding the history of the cottage, I'd be most grateful.

Yours faithfully

John James
Beanacre Cottage,
BS11 9NG Tel. 07758289426

Ladies Rugby

Dear Editor,

I am writing as a member of Bristol Ladies rugby club and a local resident to inform you of the club's relocation to the Portway. We are the best side in the South West playing in the Premiership against the likes of Wasps, Saracens and Richmond.

We are hosting a launch day on Sat 18th Aug (the weekend in-between Olympics and Para-Olympics) and would like to invite the local community. The highlight of the day will be a game between Bristol, Worcester, Cross Keys and there will be 15+ Eng/Welsh internationals on display. We are also inviting the police/fire service to bring mounted horses, vehicles etc. If anyone owns a bouncy castle I'd love to hear from them!?

Kind regards

Julie Price
Shirehampton Road
Shirehampton Tel. 07889601018

Floral Displays

Dear Editor,

Once again the George has a breathtaking display of flowers it seems to me it gets better every year. Even on the dullest days it is a very bright spot in our village. Thank you to the landlord. Thanks also for whoever is responsible for the flowers on the green, I think the council put them there but I am sure somebody in Shirehampton must have instigated the idea.

Name and address supplied

Brenda Dammers Replies

Dear Editor,

I am very grateful for the kind words about my departure from the Shire committee. I miss you all but am sure it was the right thing to do and feel rather less pressured now.

To avoid any misapprehensions and to give credit where it is due I would like to acknowledge the time and effort of the producer of the crosswords, Steve Hooper. Steve lives in the village.

My editing of the crosswords, as they unfailingly arrived, was no chore, gave me a lot of pleasure and not a lot of work, owing to his accuracy. I don't think he ever challenged the few changes I made when I thought his clues a little obscure.

So I hope they will continue to arrive, and I'll be happy to check any that come my way. So keep puzzling and please send your creations to our Editor when you are inspired.

Brenda Dammers

Alert from Police

Dear Editor,

We have been advised from other neighbourhood watch members that a trader is leafleting and cold calling in relation to a request for valuable items. As a result a coordinator has sent out the following message to their watch members:


Regarding the leaflet to sell/buy Antique Furniture/Gold/Silver/Silver Plate items, which has been put through letterboxes today, do be very cautious when dealing these people if that is what you wish to do. Don't let them into your house as they will probably see things which are precious to you and put pressure on you to sell them, which you may very well regret.

Your safety is your priority and the advice is do not let them in and do not show anyone any valuables inside your house that has cold called on your door step. If there is activity in relation to your street and you are concerned about it then phone 101.

Thank you.

Sergeant Amanda Frame

Roy Miller

October 9th 1938 - June 18th 2012

June, David, Jason and family wish to express their sincere thanks to all who attended the service to celebrate Roy's life and for the generous donations to St Peter's Hospice. A special thank you to Trevor Hearn and Gill Sawyer for conducting a lovely service. Roy was a fine man and will be very much missed.

LinkAge Activities Prove A Popular Choice For All

DURING July I was given the opportunity to go along to several activities organised by LinkAge that included Paper Crafts, Line Dancing and Gardening, all of which were introduction taster sessions that ran throughout the month and proved very popular indeed.

LinkAge is a charitable organisation that aims to involve and inspire people to enjoy and make the most of life. It challenges social isolation that seems to effect the older generations by helping to set up positive local activities for the over 55's. With reduced social contact, being alone or isolated, this can result in reduced quality of life, but by encouraging people to attend local activities, this allows them to communicate with those in similar situation, keep active both physically and mentally and embrace a sense of local community.

Many of the local activities and events run by LinkAge throughout Bristol have a nominal fee payable that is used only to pay the cost of running the activities and you can book on a week to week basis.

Although initially aimed at the over 55's age group, future projects are in the pipeline that will bridge the generations, so teenagers and above can learn from older people and the younger people can help them with new skills, exchanging life experiences.

The first event I attended was Paper Craft. - Card making, flowers and mosaics are just some examples - This 'social' class where I made new friends saw card making using all sorts of stars, shapes, beads, tissue and coloured paper, for example. With a cuppa, biscuits and plenty of chat and banter the afternoon passed very quickly. It was certainly a productive day where we took our creations home with us and also look forward to the following week so we could meet up with new friends.

Line Dancing was the following afternoon where I learned I had two left feet or maybe I should blame Sandra White for distracting me too much! I've never done line dancing before but with all these activities laid on, despite taking photos for the Shire, they had to be experienced first hand too and it was great fun. An hour of line dancing will help you keep moving, flexible, fit and share a few laughs too when you get the dance steps wrong.

The third activity was Gardening class a couple days later. Me and gardening don't get along very well but having taken mum along too thought I'd listen in and learn one or two things along the way. I now know how to deadhead a dahlia, arrange a pot of flowers and next week will cover hanging baskets that mum is going along to.

All three events are highly sociable, great fun, with new friendships being forged. Refreshments and biscuits are provided. Classes are relatively cheap ranging from £2 for the Paper Craft, £3.50 for the Line Dancing and £3.50 for Gardening, for each person and the various activities took place at Penpole Community Centre, Oaktree Court. More activities are being planned for the future and LinkAge also have a volunteer scheme if you'd like to help out with any of their activities.

Although advisable to phone and book, attendance is flexible, so if you miss a week because you have a hospital appointment, classes are easily picked up again the following week. These activities are expected to restart in September so keep an eye out in the Shire 'What's On' listing for more information. You can also check out the LinkAge web site for further details at or ring their office on 0117 9741691.

In addition Healthy Walks for the over 55's will be coming to Shirehampton. There will be four different levels of walks with level 1 more suited to those with mobility issues and need to rest at regular intervals or have to use walking aids, through to level 4 which is more ambitious for those who like a bit of a challenge. One of the first walks to take place is on the 16th August (at the time of going to press the walk area has not been confirmed) and Cheryl Martin is the Health Walks Co-Coordinator. You can contact Cheryl for further information on: 07530 564332 or e-mail her at:

Kathryn Courtney

Avonmouth Party in the Park

THE sun shone brightly on Saturday 21st July and it seemed that summer had finally arrived for the Avonmouth Party In The Park held at St. Andrew's Park.

Now in its second year this event has got bigger and many families especially with young children were having a fabulous time. I recognised many people from Shirehampton in attendance including several stall holders. There was plenty to see and do including fair rides, bouncy castle, face painting, the play bus and Mamma Bear from Mamma Bear's Pre-School was meeting many young children that day. There were plenty of stalls ranging from wood carved items, jewellery, books, plants, clothing to charity and business organisations to food and candy floss stalls. However as someone pointed out there wasn't anywhere you could get a cup of tea. There was live music, a Zumba demonstration that looked quite exhausting and a medieval fight demonstration by Oskorei, a local organisation that re-enacts how we used to live in the dark ages up to medieval times which proved very interesting. All in all a great day out for everyone! Kathryn Courtney

New Adult Learning Partnership

HELEN GRIMSTON from B&Q, with Helen Humphries from Southern Brook and local learner, Norman Best from Yate.

THREE local authorities and colleges in the West have learnt today (Friday 13 July) that they have the go-ahead to develop a new way of delivering adult learning for the region.

A new one-year pilot will see the launch of the West of England Community Learning Partnership to improve and deliver new ways of learning for adults who want to boost their skills.

Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council, with the City of Bristol College, Weston College, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College and the Workers Educational Association, are joining up with more than 100 other partners to improve community learning across the area.

Over the coming year, courses ranging from financial management, learning English, using information technology and parenting, to pottery, languages and local history, will be co-ordinated by the new Community Learning Partnership. A growing group of local learning supporters and providers are getting involved such as businesses, libraries, voluntary groups and schools.

Bristol City Council Cabinet Member for Skills, Cllr Clare Campion-Smith, said: ”This new partnership will help deliver more learning opportunities to more people, close to where they need it. By tapping into rich expertise from businesses, colleges, community groups and local authority community learning teams, the partnership will be able to share resources and target them where they are needed most.

“Some parts of the region will want to boost literacy rates, some might want to offer parenting or home improvement skills. This new model will help co-ordinate targeted training. We are delighted to be building on the work of successful providers, including our own Learning Communities Team.”

Weston College Director of Partnerships, Jacqui Ford, said: ”We embrace the opportunity to work in partnership with the local authority and other local providers, to offer people in North Somerset rich and varied opportunities for community learning.”

Southern Brooks is a charity based in Patchway, currently offering courses to help people into childcare, or youth work and family support. Training co-ordinator, Helen Humphries, said: “Through the new partnership, we will be able to offer more opportunities to help raise aspirations. If people have been out of formal education for a long time they respond really well to getting their confidence to learn back in the informal setting we can offer. Working in a new way across the region will help us share best practice and styles.”

Organisations supporting the new partnership include Bristol City Football Club, B&Q, the University of the West of England, Knightstone Housing Association, Avon Wildlife Trust, Avon Fire and Rescue, Bristol Bike Club, the Festival of Ideas, city farms and a range of schools and children's centres.

The partnership will be able to deliver more learning, such as the free or low cost DIY courses run by B&Q in their Cribbs Causeway store. B&Q have signed up to the partnership and senior service manager, Damian Barnden, said: ”We are seeing at least 60 people a week learn new skills through our 'you can do it' classes that run in store. It is easy and convenient for the community to access and we are filling a gap for those who have never been taught any DIY skills and don't want to pay a tradesman for small jobs. Through the partnership we'll be able to make these opportunities more widely known.”

As well as co-ordinating community learning, the partnership is developing a new website where learning experiences can be rated and building a bank of volunteer learning mentors and tutors. It is also to support locally organised learning groups such as the U3A (University of the 3rd Age) and the Pub Art School.

One of the first adult learning promotions to run are free, or low cost, DIY courses being run by B&Q at their Cribbs Causeway store. For more information, go to

Launch events will be taking place in the week of September 10th in each of the three local authority areas. For more information contact:

Passionate about Penpole!

KWAG takes action at lost monument

ON Saturday 4th August volunteers from the Kings Weston Action Group (KWAG) began detailed recording of the ruins of Penpole Lodge on the historic Kings Weston estate South Gloucestershire Council's archaeology Officer Paul Driscoll supervised KWAG efforts to record what's left of the once-iconic building to professional archaeological standards.

Penpole Lodge, also known as the Breakfasting Room, was designed by one of this country's most renowned architects, Sir John Vanbrugh at about the same time as he was completing Kings Weston House for the Southwell Family in the 1720s. The Southwell's had the lodge built as an ornamental gatehouse at the boundary of their park and take advantage of the spectacular views over the Severn and Avon. By the mid Twentieth Century it had been abandoned and it was finally demolished by Bristol City Council in 1952 as a danger to the public, but the building's outline and some of the walls still stand today.

In preparation for the event, and with the approval of the City Council, KWAG had diligently cleared the undergrowth from around the ruins so a full study could be made using traditional and modern laser surveying techniques. Aided by South Gloucestershire archaeologists KWAG hopes that the survey will be the first step in properly conserving the ruins and, perhaps, a future bid to reconstruct it in its original form.

The recording has added a lot to what was previously known about the building. Previously unknown features have been uncovered and new observations have been made about how it was constructed and how it evolved over time. Perhaps the most interesting discovery was a pair of stone chisels which, it was concluded, were some of the tools that had been used to demolish the building in 1952 and forgotten when the workmen left.

The outline of the building has now been fully exposed for the first time since its demolition and KWAG hopes to ensure the site is maintained by the City Council, its owners. David Martyn, Chairman of KWAG said “we hope that an interpretation board explaining the history and importance of the building can be placed there in the future.

So many local people still have fond memories of playing on the building before it went, but a lot of people had begun to forget that it was even there”. KWAG will return to the lodge in the future for further recording which they hope will add more to the understanding of Bristol's most important lost buildings.

For more information or to schedule an interview with KWAG please call David Martyn on 07811 666671 or e-mail

St. Mary's News

Hi Folks!

Well, didn't we do well in the Olympics and even the weather began to show an improvement as well! I told you all that August was going to be good for us all. Wasn't it a wonderful time when the medals started to roll in for Great Britain. It was another feel good factor to lift us out of all the economic gloom that seems to be a daily thing in the news media. It will be a shame when the Games are all over - but never mind -we can still hold our heads high for what has been achieved!

First of all I can tell you that the Parochial Church Council recently had a meeting with the Bishop of Bristol concerning the vacancy at St. Mary's. Bishop Mike said that all our paperwork was more than satisfactory and the process can now move forward towards a new appointment. The vacancy at St. Mary's is to be advertised in the Church Times during the autumn. So it is all a matter of “wait and see” from now onwards!

Our Harvest Supper this year will be at 7.30 pm on Friday 28th September and Tickets for this event can be obtained from the Church Office for the sum of £7.00. Our Harvest Festival will be on the following Sunday, 30th. September - Kids Klub at 8.30 am which includes Breakfast, followed by our monthly Family Service with Baptism and ends with Holy Communion with Healing at 6.00 pm the same evening.

Our Harvest Appeal this year is for something in our own country. The Parochial Church Council has decided to support an appeal on behalf of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. It is their 160th Birthday and our goal is to do 160 different things to raise the sum of £1600 towards their appeal. Look out on our Notice Board at the back of the Church for the different things you may like to support. If you have any ideas of your own of an event which would you like to see take place - then please see Gill Sawyer - Our Lay Minister - who will gladly add it to our List.

Our Bric-a-Brac Sale last month raised £500 in the 2 hours that is was open - which is an excellent result for us. Thank you all who came and had a browse around and spent your money. We need every penny we can raise to ensure we are able to pay our Bills. It may be appropriate here to mention here that the Church receives no Government support and is entirely reliant on its own ability to raise money in order to keep functioning.

Photo Kathryn Courtney

Also our Summer Fayre raised the magnificent sum of £2,000 on the day and there are still sundry items and jars of jam etc., available for sale. Jars of Jam and Marmalade can still be purchased for the sum of £1.20 and you can be certain that it is all home-made and produced to the highest standards.

Photo Kathryn Courtney

I must apologise to you all for having a little moan - and it is to do with car parking spaces. As you enter the Health Centre Car Park the first two spaces on the left (next to the Emergency GP spaces) are reserved solely for the use of persons having business at St. Mary's Church. These spaces were allocated as a Condition of the sale of church land to the NHS. Both these spaces are frequently occupied all day by persons having absolutely no connection with the church whatsoever. This means that if a Funeral Service is to take place there is no space for the Organist or Verger. These spaces need to be occupied for some time - certainly much longer than the 2 hour maximum period in the Public Car Park at the rear of the Health Centre. I am aware that the markings indicating our 2 spaces are now becoming very worn and I will ask the Churchwardens to arrange for their re-painting. But the straw that really breaks the Camels' back is that some shoppers are using the Churchyard as a public parking space. We recently had a vehicle parked in one of the Disabled Bays in the Churchyard for several hours - albeit that a Disabled Permit was on display! I must point out that the Churchyard is PRIVATE PROPERTY and not a public Car Park! Your co-operation in this matter would be very much appreciated as we are all aware how limited the number of parking spaces are available in the Village - Thank you!

Finally, I must give you the dates of our “Alpha Course” which commences with Supper and an Introductory Session to see if it appeals to you and the date is Thursday,6th. September! Each Course commences at 7.00 pm with Supper and will run for ten Thursdays from 13th September until Thursday 15th November. You will be made most welcome - so come along and try it!

This story allegedly is of a 4 years old girl who went to Sunday school and was given some money to buy sweets and some to be put in the Church Collection Plate. When she came home with some sweets her Mother asked if she had given some of the money to God? “No” came the innocent reply from the little girl - “He wasn't there!”

'Bye for now


From the Registers at St. Mary's

July 2012

BAPTISMS 'We welcome you'

29th - Robert Andrew Crea, Megan Anne Frankcom, James Michael John Howard

WEDDINGS 'All that I am I give to you'

  • 7th - Jamie Corrigan & Emma Daniels
  • 14th - Stuart Cordery & Elizabeth White
  • 28th - Richard Estcourt & Rebekah Curtis

FUNERALS 'At rest & at peace'

  • 6th - Mervyn Greening, Canford
  • 12th - Douglas Hendy, Canford
  • 18th - Audrey Comley, Canford; Margaret Fredericks - Canford
  • 20th - Patricia Langley, Canford; Melville Kington - Canford
  • 27th - Karen Alexander, Canford

Craft Exhibition

Children's Craft Session. Wednesday 31st October. 2.00 – 3.00pm. £1.00

Please come to the Public Hall on Monday 29th October between 9.00am to 4.00pm to register.

Join us for our computer courses at the Tithe Barn

(In association with LinkAge)

Get IT Together is a national programme that promotes access to information and communication technology (ICT) particularly for people aged 55 plus; disabled adults and their adult carers.

Are you new to the internet? Then you can come and learn how to get online, search for your favourite hobby, save money on bills, communicate with friends and family using Skype, e mail, and get easy access to local services. Our volunteers will be here to take you through the basics and help you discover the wonders of the internet.

When: Dates to be confirmed

Where: The Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton, BS11 0DE

If you would like to attend please contact the Project Coordinator:

Marius Jennings
T: 07785 462568

Boost for St Peter's Hospice

A fun day and evening was organised to raise funds for St Peter's Hospice in memory of two special people, Trevor Templar Snr and Anne Higgins. On Saturday June 2nd a football match was played at Avonmouth Rugby club between two local pubs, the Royal Hotel and the Hope and Anchor. Each player made a donation to the fund and a raffle and games raised additional contributions. The cheerleaders, Maria, Yvonne and Emma provided additional entertainment.

In the evening, at the Royal Hotel, local band 'In a Jiffy' provided excellent music alongside a buffet, auction, fun bingo and raffle. Local companies provided the raffle prizes and auction items. Special thanks goes to the band, John and Sue of JustXclusive Limos, Yvonne for the buffet, Heff, acting doorman, Steve, auction and bingo caller and Carli-Ann for all her help. The Big Bloomers Co in Cornwall kindly supplied the LARGE briefs and boxers signed by all the supporters! A massive £175 was raised. A big thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Yvonne Tatters, Liz Moore, Perry Rogers and Maria Murray proudly hold their fundraising cheque for £1,785 outside St Peter's Hospice shop.

Thank you to the following for their donations: Avonmouth Rugby Club, Martin Green, Donna Thompson, S J Motors, AMS Motors, The Miles Arms, JustXclusive Limos, Big Bloomers Co, Ambrose Wilson, Brookers, Accolade Wines, Arco, Costco, Ashmeads, The Inner Heart, Truffle Shuffle, Julian Roe, Nandos, Dave Moore, Nick Baldwin, Julie & Chris Martin, House of Doby, Plaster Master, Cala Heating.

Oasis Academy Brightstowe

Bristol Schools Rounders League Winners 2012

Congratulations are to be given to Oasis Academy Brightstowe's year 7 rounders team for their brilliant performance in the semi-final and final games held at Kellaway Ave sports ground on Tuesday 17 July.

In the semi-final Ashleigh Perrett and Courtney Barfield hit rounder after rounder to help secure a victory over Colston Girls School who put up a good fight but lost to a stronger team on the day.

Brightstowe then had to face their very worthy challengers Redland Green who in the past had beaten them. This however was not going to dampen very high spirits and the girls were certainly up for a challenge.

With some outstanding fielding and catches from Molly Male, Sinead Loveridge and Ashleigh Perrett and great team camaraderie led by captains on the day Shauna Arendorf and Natalie Turner, Brightstowe went on to beat Redland Green by 2.5 rounders, leading them to victory.

Congratulations to R. Morris, Ashleigh Belton, Sinead Loveridge, Shauna Arendorf, Georgia Sarkozi, Courtney Barfield, Ashleigh Perrett, Molly Male Natalie Turner ,Olivia Starr and Lydia McGregor. Coaches were Julie Beeton and Claire Kerslake.

We Got Talent!

Photo Bob Pitchford

LAWRENCE WESTON AND SHIRE'S GOT TALENT Show was a success on 11th August, with the Lord Mayor of Bristol Peter Main attending, he entered into the spirit of the show and even joined in with an impromptu dance with the local youths as well as giving out the prizes to the winners. Adam Wheaton who is a community police officer was the organiser of the event with some help from the local youths of Lawrence Weston managed to raise over £100 for the community farm which is based in Lawrence Weston. The BBQ, Disco and Talent Show proved to be a great experience for everyone, including the local councillors, and young people who helped judge the event. (Photo: Bob Pitchford)

Photo Bob Pitchford

Shirehampton Sailing Club Open Day

Held on the 12thAugust at the Lamps was a great success despite the lack of wind at times. The Club member took in excess of 60 people onto the water for their first experience of dingy sailing. Anyone interested in joining this local Sailing Club can visit the Website or send an e:Mail to

(Photo: Bob Pitchford)