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For Your Tomorrow, We gave our Today

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For Your Tomorrow, We gave our Today

ON 11th November every year at 11am, a nation honours the many men and women that gave their lives so future generations could live without fear, oppression and tyranny. Although mainly dedicated to the fallen of the Great War and World War II, it is also honours the armed forces who have served our country since then.

The Sunday nearest this date is for Remembrance. A time for all to remember the sacrifices made by others, the ones who returned home safely, their families and friends and the many that also played their part in keeping the Country together especially during World War II.

This year marks the 90th year since the first Remembrance Service was introduced by the Royal British Legion.

Once again the people of Shirehampton and the surrounding villages paid their respects at the War Memorial at the top of Park Hill, Shirehampton Road. Many local organisations including the local Scouts, Brownies, Rainbows took part and the Sea Cadets from TSS Enterprise paraded to the memorial. Young and old alike wore their Poppies with pride. Poppy Wreaths were laid and six smartly dressed local war heroes took part in the Remembrance Service. The Bugler sounded The Last Post and two minutes silence was observed before the service recommenced. May we never forget the fallen.

Kathryn Courtney

Evergreens Day Trips 2011

Monday 5th December – Christmas Lunch at Cameley Lodge Hotel

For further information ring (0117) 938 1725 or call in Shirehampton Public Hall on Friday afternoons 2:00pm – 4:00pm

What's On in December



  • KEEP FIT - Avonmouth Community Centre 7:30-8:30pm
  • S.T.O.M.P. DANCE CLUB St Mary's Church Term Time 4-4:30pm age 4-6; 4:30-5:30pm age 7-11 6:00-7:00pm age 11-16 FREE
  • DROP IN ADVICE SERVICE 9:30-11:00am St Andrew's Church, Avonmouth. Sponsored by St Andrew's Church
  • TOTSTOP - for under 5's at St Mary's Church 1:15-2:45pm
  • KYOTO SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB 6:30 – 8:30pm St Bernard's School
  • THE PULSE ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC Every Monday at the Health Centre
  • BUMP AND RHYME for babies and toddlers 11:20-11:40am; 12:00-12:15 Story Time - Library
  • SEA CADETS 12 –18 years old Monday and Thursday 6:45-8:45pm T.S. Enterprise, Station Rd
  • NSC BOXING CLUB Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:00 – 8:30pm, Smelters Gym, Barracks Lane, Next to Avonmouth Rugby Club, BS11 9NG. For details ring Head Coach Garry Cave: 07876-233621
  • TWYFORD ART CLUB 9:30-11:30am Penpole Room, Shirehampton Public Hall
  • NORTH BRISTOL ADVICE CENTRE 9:30am-12:30pm Drop In Housing Office, Ridingleaze House, Ridingleaze


  • SHIRE ADVICE SERVICE – 982-9399 9:30 – 11:30am Drop-in session Over 50's Shirehampton Health Centre
  • PENPOLE LUNCH CLUB – 11:30am – 2pm; 2 courses, tea/coffee, cake £3.50 details from Sandra: 0117 938 1236
  • ST MARY'S CRAFT GROUP 2 – 3:30pm St Mary's Church
  • MAINLY MUSIC FOR UNDER 5s Shirehampton Baptist Church 9-11am during term time
  • CRICKET at ST BEDE'S COLLEGE 5:00-6:00PM ages 11- 16


  • SHIRE ADVICE SERVICE –982-9399 9:30-11:30am Shirehampton Health Centre
  • NORTH BRISTOL ADVICE CENTRE 2:00-5:00pm Debt Housing Office, Ridingleaze House, Ridingleaze
  • SHIREHAMPTON MODEL RAILWAY CLUB 7:30pm in the Public Hall
  • SHIREHAMPTON CRAFT GROUP 1:30 – 3:00pm Guide HQ, St Mary's Rd. Tel 982 3192 for information
  • ACTA COMMUNITY YOUTH THEATRE 5:00 – 6:30pm at the Public Hall
  • KEEP FIT - Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road 10:30-11:30am. For those with some movement experience.
  • AVONMOUTH HOCKEY CLUB practice night 7:30-9:00pm Henbury Comprehensive School
  • TWYFORD ART CLUB 9:30-11:30am Penpole Room, Shirehampton Public Hall
  • NSC BOXING CLUB Smelters Gym, Avonmouth 7:00-8:30pm
  • TYNINGS FIELD COMMUNITY PROJECT Workday 2:00-3:00pm Also alternate Saturday afternoon


  • SHIRE ADVICE SERVICE – 982-9399 9:30-11:30am Shirehampton Health Centre
  • ADVICE SERVICE 2:00-3:00pm St Mary's Church (session sponsored by St Mary's)
  • NORTH BRISTOL ADVICE CENTRE 1:30-4:30pm Benefits Housing Office, Ridingleaze House, Ridingleaze 9:30am-12 noon Debt Only Seamills Health Centre, 2 Riverleaze, Seamills
  • STROKE SUPPORT 1:30-4:00pm PBA Club, Nibley Road
  • KICK BOXING 5:15-7:15pm Public Hall
  • GRAINGER PLAYERS DRAMA CLUB 7:30-9:30 Public Hall
  • SLIMMING WORLD 5:15pm and 7:15pm Jim O'Neill House tel. 01275-844825 for information
  • KYOTO SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB 6:30-8:30pm Avonmouth RFC
  • SEA CADETS Juniors 10-12 years old and 12-18 years old, 6:45-8:45pm T.S.Enterprise, Station Road
  • AVONMOUTH RUGBY CLUB 6:00pm practice for Junior Colts Ring 9852426 for details
  • TWYFORD ART CLUB 7:00 – 9:00pm Penpole Room, Shirehampton Public Hall


  • "LEAN AND GREEN" ALLOTMENT PROJECT 9:30-12:30am Lawrence Weston Allotment, Lawrence Weston Road (behind St Bede's School). For information phone Barrowmead Project on 373 0267
  • FRIDAY FUN for parents, carers, and pre-school children 9:30-11:00am Beachley Walk Centre
  • EVERGREENS 2:00-3:00pm Public Hall
  • BINGO 6:30-8:30pm Public Hall
  • PILLOW LACE GROUP 7:00-9:00pm Public Hall
  • SHIREHAMPTON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB 7:30-10:00pm T.S. Enterprise
  • KEEP FIT 10:30-11:30am Cotsworld Community Centre, Dursley Road
  • NSC BOXING CLUB Smelters Gym, Avonmouth 7:00- 8:30pm
  • FOOTBALL at ST BEDE'S COLLEGE - FREE. Twilight Community Football 6:00-7:00pm. Ages 11-15, Pitch 1 - Ages 16 -21, Pitch 2


  • PAY AND PLAY FOOTBALL £1 per person. St Bede's College 1:30 - 4:30pm


  • KIDS KLUB at St Mary's 8:30am most Sunday mornings Breakfast and a short service. Tel. 9077026 for information
  • COTSWOLD CHURCH SERVICE 1ST and 3RD Sundays of the month 1st Sunday led by Baptist Church 3rd Sunday led by St Mary's Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road 4:45-5:30pm
  • SHIREHAMPTON BAPTIST CHUCRH Services at 10:30am and 6:30 pm



  • 3rd Monday of the month, 2:30pm in the Library 19th December next meeting


  • PBA RETIRED EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION, 2nd Tuesday of December, PBA Club, Nibley Road, open from Noon 13th December - Christmas Lunch
  • AVONMOUTH LADIES CLUB First and third Tuesdays of the month 7:30pm St Andrew's Church Hall


  • BRIGHT HOUR WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP - Fortnightly 2:30pm Shirehampton Baptist Church
  • WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP Public Hall 7:30 – 9:30 pm
  • MOTHERS' UNION 2nd Wednesday of the month St Mary's Church, Shirehampton, 2:30pm
  • SHIREHAMPTON STITCHERS 3rd Wednesday of the month 7:30pm Public Hall


  • CARERS GROUP 3rd Thursday of the month 2:00pm at Ridingleaze, Lawrence Weston


  • COFFEE AND CAKES 1st Saturday of the month 10:00-11:30am Shirehampton Methodist Church All welcome.


  • COTSWOLD CHURCH SERVICE 1ST and 3RD Sundays of the month 1st Sunday led by Baptist Church 3rd Sunday led by St Mary's Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road 4:45-5:30pm
  • SHIREHAMPTON BAPTIST CHURCH Services at 10:30am and 6:30pm


  • PLAYGROUP at the Public Hall, Station Road 9:15 – 11:45am Monday to Friday 12:30 – 2:45pm Mon –Wed only
  • GIRLS FOOTBALL 8-16 Saturdays 11:00 –12:00am St Bede's

The Rock Community Centre

St Peter's Hall, Ridingleaze, Lawrence Weston


  • Rock Lunch Club 12 noon
  • Over 50's Forum 1:30-3:30pm (1st Monday of month)


  • Mum and Toddlers Messy Play 9:15-11:15am
  • Healthy Eating Class 11:30-12:30pm
  • Gentle Exercise Class 12:30-1:30pm
  • Knit & Knatter Group 1:30-3:30pm
  • Karate Class 5:30-7:30pm


  • Indoor Bowls10:00-12:00noon Coffee Morning 10: -11:30am
  • St Peter's Bingo 2:00-4:00pm
  • GKR Karate Class 5:30 -7:00pm


  • Rock Lunch Club 12 noon
  • Sports Ball Yoga 6:30-7:30pm


  • Well-being – Feel Good group 9:00am -12noon (1st Friday of month)
  • Tidy Toes Clinic 9:00am -12noon (2nd Friday of month)
  • Gentle Exercise Class 12:30-1:30pm
  • Karate Class 5:30-7:30pm

Community Learning

Basic Skills Classes

Literacy Skills weekly at Lawrence Weston Tel: 9138824 for details

City of Bristol Basic Skills Classes - Free

Adult and family learning courses. Free short courses for adults over 19 years with few or no qualifications: Basic Computer courses; IT Skills for Work; Literacy and IT for Work. Introduction to Working in Hospitality; Introduction to Counselling; Reiki; or Creative Writing - at Avonmouth Community Centre.

For more information ring Suzanne on 9030072 or Veronique on 9030065 or email or  Visit

The Christmas Spirit arrives early with The Grainger Players

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

THE one thing guaranteed with The Grainger Players is that you will always be entertained. And their "Christmas Crackers" show was no exception.

Once again the cast worked hard creating the festive spirit in costume, character and song under the guidance of Liz and Monica. Of course the audience were invited to join in with a sing-a-long too as many duly did. Father Christmas made an appearance, well in fact four! Frosty the snowman was also bounding around on stage and there was a surprise appearance by Jack Frost too.

Traditional and modern Christmas songs mixed well together and, a rare sight, Carol Singers appeared on stage. Something we no longer see in this day and age unless you count a chorus of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' sung by two or three older children that make the odd appearance on doorsteps these days.

The Grainger Players always provide great value for money and more besides raising funds for "Help For Heroes" with each show.

Highlights of "Christmas Crackers" included comical performances from Lisa Curtis and Sarah Powell with renditions of "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth", performed in an entertaining child-like way, and neither could whistle at the end. Later in the show there was a dance improvisation entitled "Grandma got run over by a reindeer".

In one sketch Father Christmas needed three helpers/relatives to meet the challenges of delivering presents in Shirehampton, Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston and Sea Mills. How to park the sleigh and reindeer on a roof with solar panelling? And why bother when there was no chimney anyway? And then double glazing and house alarms had to be dealt with. It all made for sharp social observation!

Daisy Powell deserves a special mention as her performances of "Last Christmas", "Santa Baby" and "Warm This Winter" shone brightly with total belief in each song and a great voice too.

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

"The Twelve Days Of Christmas" was thoroughly entertaining with each member of The Grainger Players arriving on stage with their picture card and the song was completed without a mishap. Teddy Powell sang "Jingle Bell Rock" with a bit of a cheeky smile that ended with cheers and claps from the audience.

Charlotte and Sadie Harrington performed "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with such inspired improvisation and curiosity that you could believe it was their first taste of Christmas.

One of my favourite performances though has to be "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" sung by Teresa, Daisy and Laura. With a spotlight on stage and the singers voices blending almost perfectly, Christmas had certainly arrived early and I think many of the audience went away with the Christmas spirit firmly implanted in their minds and humming away many of the songs sung that night. A memorable and thoroughly entertaining evening for all the family.

Kathryn Courtney

The Reunion of Class 4A - 1957

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

ON THE EVENING of October 22nd 17 girls from Portway Girls School, class 4A 1957, held a reunion at Shirehampton Golf Club. This was the third time the class had met and the friendship and camaraderie was as much in evidence that evening as it was back in their school days. Back row maiden names:- Marilyn Evans, Valerie Mapstone, Rosemary Whybrow, Betty Lippiatt, Pat Pinnock, Margaret Ann Stinchcombe, Jenny Aldridge. Middle Row:- Pat Jones, Doris Trethewey, Margarat Walker, Anita Crownshaw, Pauline Knapp, Christine Harris, Bottom Row:- Thelma Taylor, Norma Chivers, Pat Northcott, Annette Miles

Public Hall Newsletter

GOOD NEWS! We have had a visit from the BBC who made a documentary about Ralph Vaughan Williams whose musical masterpiece 'The Lark Ascending' was first performed at the Hall. Filming also took place at Kingsweston House. It was fascinating to be a part of this project culminating in a recreation of the original performance of this very special piece at the Public Hall. The programme will probably be aired some time in January next year.

Once again Santa will be visiting the Hall on the 19th December from 2pm - 4pm. Hope to see you all there!

The Trustees of Shirehampton Public Hall are volunteers who oversee the running of the Hall for the benefit of the community. We meet once a month. If you would like to get involved contact or telephone 01179829963. There is also a website, do have a look.

The Trustees have agreed to describe their commitment to the community of Shirehampton. Last month it was Gerry's turn, and this month our final Trustee is John Yorke.

My name is John Yorke and I have lived in Shirehampton on and off all my life.

I went to Portway School and then on to college in Bristol before joining the RAF as a flight simulator engineer. I have worked for Microtech, BAE systems and now, for the last 5 years, CAE systems, which is a Canadian company located in Montreal.

I have been involved with the Public Hall through the Model Railway Club, and have been the group representative and Chairman of the club for the last six years.

As my interest and involvement in the Hall grew I was asked if I would consider becoming a Trustee. I have now been a Trustee for several years and where possible I try to support and help whenever I can.

Chapel Film 4 Kids @ Christmas

The first Chapel Film 4 Kids screening held on 25th October showed the Aardman / Dreamworks animation "Flushed Away". Children and adults alike really enjoyed the film and the hot dogs served afterwards. We are pleased to announce that the next screening of Chapel Film 4 Kids will be held at 2pm on Monday 17th December at Shirehampton Methodist Church. As usual admission is free and refreshments will be served after the film. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If you have any film suggestions, want to find about our plans or just want to find out more details why not go to our Facebook page at

Station Road Pre-School

Has Moved to The Beachley Walk Community Centre, Beachley Walk, Shirehampton

We offer morning or afternoon sessions or full day places for children aged 2 and 1/2 - 4 years

Mon - Fri 9:15 -11:45 Mon - Thurs 12:30 - 2:45

Fees: £7.50 per session or £16:50 for full day. The first term after a child's 3rd birthday we can offer them the Nursery Education Funding for 6 sessions.

For further information please call mobile or email

Mob: 07757547193 ; ;


THERE was some confusion over community awards in the November issue.

The Council Tenants Participation Unit nominated Tynings Field Community Group for a Council Tenants Participation Award and the Group took second place. Shire Greens, through the Neighbourhood Partnership, nominated Caroline Penny who, with her husband Jim Penny, started the Tynings Field Community Group, for a Green Volunteer of the Year award. These awards will be announced in the New Year.

Our apologies. The Editor.


SOME TRUSTEES of Avon (University Settlement) Community Association and members of the Evergreens returning from a carvery lunch at the Salutation Inn on 4th November.

Library Jottings . . .

AFTER a staffing review within the Library Services we have said a sad farewell to Jess, who has moved to pastures new at Southmead and Henbury libraries, and a warm welcome to Collette and Neil who have joined us as full-time assistants.

They are sure to be a benefit to our friendly team and will help us to provide some continuity in the faces you see on your visits. With their help we will be continuing with our current activities:

BUMP & RHYME for under 5's during term time:

  • Shirehampton Mondays at 11:20am
  • Sea Mills Tuesdays at 11:45am
  • Avonmouth 1st Wednesday of the month 9:30am

COFFEE MORNING Sea Mills, Tuesdays 11:00 - 12:00

READING GROUP Sea Mills, 2nd Monday of the month

LOCAL HISTORY Shirehampton 3rd Monday of the month

IT taster sessions shoud be running regularly at Sea Mills on Thursdays 10:30 -11:30 for beginners or for Family History when you can access free of charge.

We are also planning to continue improving our links with local schools and groups following on from our successful class visits and story times with many including the Palm Class. So if you are involved with any local groups please call in and introduce yourselves to us and discuss how we can work together.

May we all take this opportunity to thank you for all your support over the last year and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Christmas at Shirehampton Churches 2011

Christmas at St Mary's

  • Sunday 3rd December - 4.00pm - A special service for Christingle with a short play, Shine, Star, Shine by the children from Kids' Klub, followed by afternoon tea.
  • Thursday 8th December - Messy Church - for children of all ages - crafts, activities & refreshments (at least one adult per family please) - The Wise Men's Gifts
  • Sunday 11th December - 2.30pm - Shirehampton Area Choir Christmas Carol Concert. In aid of charity. Tickets £7. Wine and festive nibbles in the interval.
  • Sunday 18th December - 6.00pm Christmas Carol Service followed by mulled wine and mince pies
  • Christmas Eve - Saturday 24th December
    • 2.30pm - Crib Service - a quiet and reflective service, mainly for adults
    • 4.00pm - Crib Service for all the family. Come dressed as a person or animal from the nativity story.
    • 11.30pm - Midnight Holy Communion for Christmas.
  • Christmas Day: Sunday 25th December - 10.00am - Holy Communion for Christmas Day, with Carols

Christmas at Shirehampton Baptist Church

  • Saturday 17th December 3:00-5:00pm Christmas Messy Church
  • Sunday 18th December 10:30am Christmas Family Celebration, 6:30pm Carols by Candlelight
  • Christmas Day 10:30am Family Service

Christmas at Shirehampton Methodist Church

  • Sunday December 18th 4:00pm Carols by Candlelight
  • Christmas Day 11:00pm Family Service

Messy (Christmas) Church

IN the summer it was 'holidays and the seaside', in the autumn the theme was 'creation', and now it's almost the end of the year and so the next Messy Church at the Baptist Church in Station Road will be Messy Christmas Church, or Christmas Messy Church, or Messy Church Christmas, or even Christmas Church Messy… I think you get the idea!

Winter is here the weather is getting colder and the mornings dark and frosty. Will it snow? Will we have a white Christmas? Will family and friends make it in time for Christmas Eve (if they are staying for the whole holiday) or for Christmas dinner (if not)? What gifts should we buy for those we love? Should we have some new decorations for the tree this year? Will Father Christmas make it down the chimney, and what happens if we don't have a chimney?

Two of the best things about Christmas are the decorations and the gifts, but the problem is that they can both get very expensive. The answer might be to make your own. It is good fun, and all the family can get involved. Two of the best things about our next Messy Church are the opportunity to make your own Christmas decorations and to make your own gifts. It will be good fun, all the family can get involved, and it won't be expensive (actually its free!). There will also be some Christmas themed games for when you want a break from all that cutting, glueing, and glittering, and we will have the next best thing to indoor snow - Shirehampton's very own indoor sandpit! At the end of the afternoon there will be some food to give you the energy to carry home your gifts and decorations and put them on the tree. Rumour has it that there might be a certain man dressed in red visiting during the afternoon as well.

Begin your Christmas celebration with us at Messy Church, 3.00-5.00pm on Saturday 17th December at the Baptist Church in Station Road (look out for the banner!). Join us the next day for our Christmas Family Celebration at 10.30am or Carols by Candlelight at 6.30pm, and on Christmas Day you will be very welcome at our short Family Service at 10.30am. Two of the best things about Christmas may be the decorations and the gifts, but better than both is the gift from God to all of us of his own Son whose birth is what Christmas celebrations are really all about.

Annual Graft Exhibition

THE annual Craft Exhibition was held this year during half term, from Tuesday 25th October to Saturday 29th, and the comment "it gets better every year" certainly is true.

The crafts on display were many and varied: knitting, card making, decorated eggs, lace, leather work and wood craft. This year a special tribute to Doreen Hunt, a founder member of Shirehampton Lacemakers, was made with a display of her lace and pillow.

The demonstrations through the week included egg decoration, glass painting and pergamano, with our resident cowboy/red Indian chief Dick Helme arrayed in all his glory, and happy to play a request on his harmonica.

Our visitors were all ages and we welcomed a Canadian couple visiting friends in Shire. He was very interested in the pillow lace and moved bobbins on the pillow set up for anyone to try. His comment to his wife was "I can say I have made lace."

All credit to Pat Davidson and her helpers for a truly remarkable display.

Shire looks forward to next year!

St Bernard's Team Trampoline Competition

Congratulations go to everyone from the St Bernard's trampoline club, who competed at this year's team trampoline competition on Wed 19th October at St Bernard's Primary School. The children delivered many outstanding performances, and produced the following results -

Teams Medals

1st Place - Aimee, Olivia, Melyce, Amy & Eleanor; 2nd Place - Gemma, Annalise, Hannah, Ellie, Daisy & Scarlett

Individual Gold Medals

U7 Scarlett, U9 Freya, U11 Daisy, U13 Olivia, U15 Gemma

The highest score of the competition was awarded jointly to Gemma Staddon & Olivia Johnston.

'Trampolinist of the Year 2011' Award went to Franca Eaton

A big well done also goes to Sarah, Caitlin, Beth, Tia, Alana, Grace, Daisy & Morgan for giving such fine performances.

Everyone worked very hard in preparation for the event and should be very proud of what they achieved. Our next challenge will the South West Schools competition in December for which I wish everyone the best of luck.

Lisa Sawyer - Club Coach.

Shirehampton Primary School Christmas Fete

Friday 9th December

from 4.30pm-7.30pm. There will be fun for all the family.

Santa's Grotto, Festive Stalls, Bar, Hotdogs, Hamper Raffle Entry £1 adults and 50p

for school aged children.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Letters to the Editor

Mavis Beryl Johnson

Dear Sir,

My beloved wife Mavis Beryl Johnson passed away on 19.10.2011. She was born at 446 Portway and also lived at Bradley Crescent, Dursley Road, Clifford Gardens, and Kingsweston Avenue.

She worked for the BBC at Whiteladies Road and for Butler Oil Products at Avonmouth. Anyone who knew her is welcome to contact me: 29 Armstrong Close, Newport, Gwent NP19 4SG, tel. 01633-272041

Yours sincerely, David Johnson

Charity Search

I would like to wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and New Year, and thank you for your continued support. I would also like to say a big thank you to June, Betty, Meg, Gwyneth, Jan, Cliff, Pauline and Julie - a fantastic team of volunteers who work hard all year round and make my job a pleasure to do.

Wishing you all Seasons Greetings,

Lorraine (manager)

(Thank you for your kind donation. Ed.)

Lost Photo Album

A few months ago 'Shire' kindly published an article regarding an old red photo album I had lost. I am pleased to say it has now turned up and I would like to thank everyone who asked over the months if I'd ever found it.

Val Lloyd

(Thank you for your donation - Editor)

In Memory of Cora Griffiths (nee McCulloch)

15.4.1916 - 2.10.2011

CORA spent fifty good years in the prefabs at Hadrian Close in Sea Mills before moving into Stow House at Nibley Road in 2004. She found friendship and happiness at Stow House and had great relationships with the Wardens. When she became unable to care for herself, she moved into Hayleigh Care Home in Bedminster but after a short time had to go into the BRI where she passed away on the 2nd October.

Cora was fun loving and young at heart and known by many in the village. Her funeral on the 13th October was well attended and thanks to Rev Neil Mobb for holding the Service at Canford Crematorium and to BCM Funeral Directors in Henbury for their professionalism and care.

Cora asked that instead of family flowers that donations be made to the Bristol Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, we don't know the total raised yet but do know that it is in excess of £200 of which £45.00 was donated by the residents of Stow House.

Barrie & Marina Griffiths

Roger Frank Barives 21.4.1923 3.9.2011

Betty and family would like to thank everyone for cards and messages of sympathy in their very sad loss. Thanks also to the Rev. Chris Grant, Shirehampton Baptist Church, for his support and kindness. And thanks again for money given to the Alzheimer's Society.

Sally Alexander

SALLY Ann Alexander (nee Stewart), a local school teacher and resident of Shirehampton, passed away on the 13th October 2011 after a long illness. Sally taught at Sea Mills Infants School from 1971 until her retirement in 2006 and continued part-time until she became unwell. She leaves a devoted husband, Jim. She is sorely missed by her mum Juliet too, the many members of her family spread across the world, her friends and everyone who knew her.


Shire I was born and bred,
A lovely place to live is said.

In the centre is a green,
Sit on a bench and be seen.

Lots of shops on the main street,
Saying hello to all you meet.

Some shops are still from old,
These are worth more than gold.

As Shire is a true village place,
That is why it is so ace.


Christmas with Santa

Monday 19th December 2pm til 4pm Shirehampton Public Hall

All welcome, refreshments, children's activities, raffle, presents from Santa £1.50

Remember Nelson!

Local youth group dine in the naval tradition

The cadets of TS Enterprise (Bristol-Avonmouth Sea Cadets) commemorated the 206th anniversary of Admiral Nelson's great naval victory at their annual Trafalgar Night mess dinner.

The Commanding Officer, Lt (SCC) Barbara Hillier RNR said: "The cadets have been practicing hard for the recent Festival of Remembrance at the Colston Hall and Remembrance Sunday parades. Whilst this is a formal occasion it gives them a chance to relax and dress up to the nines." She added, "The aim of the Sea Cadet Corps is to encourage valuable personal attributes and high standards of conduct, using a nautical theme based on the customs of the Royal Navy. That includes of course the fun parts!"

The dinner followed the traditional routine of parading the Roast Beef of Old England, grace and the spectacular parading of the chocolate ships-of-the-line aflame with sparklers under the watchful eye of Mess President, Able Cadet Ryan Price. The after dinner speech, which on Trafalgar Night has a Nelson theme, was made by the manager of the Portishead Branch of Mc Donald's, Andrew Longley, and grace was said by the honorary padre for the night Able Cadet Siobhan Mc Anaspie. Andrew kindly stepped in at the last minute when local MP, Charlotte Leslie fell ill.

TS Enterprise is based in an old signal station by the river Avon. The Cadets are lead by the commanding officer, Lieutenant (SCC) Barbara Hillier RNR. The Corps is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers with a track record, since 1942, of producing excellent opportunities, training, adventure and qualifications for the young people of Bristol and North Somerset. The Marine Society & Sea Cadets is the UK's largest maritime youth charity (number 313013) and the world's oldest youth organisation. 2010 saw their official 150th birthday.

Petty Officer (SCC) Christopher Batt says "Any one aged from 10 to 18 who wants to know more about being a cadet call 0117 938 1845 or send me an e-mail titled 'let me join the fun' to".

Tynings Field Community Group Newsletter

WINTER'S here, although the weather is mild, which has caused grass and weeds to flourish late into the season. It has also benefited the crops of lettuce as they have not yet required frost protection, but the soil is 'cold' as the field is now technically sleeping. But we are still working. The sun shone out from behind a cloud and made a lovely rainbow over Horseshoe Bend, sadly we didnt have time to look for the end of it as we were busy planting Andulace beans ready for an early spring crop.


People have worked hard and continue to do so planting fruit bushes and trees and clearing bramble. We have several varieties of apple pear and plum. Soon some cider apple/cooking apple trees are due to arrive, one called 'foxwhelp', and one 'slack me girl' - these are local to the area. We are not allowed by the Council to plant native trees as such only fruit trees.


The kale and cabbages are doing well. Some were sold at a local market in Westbury-on-Trym, others were pickled and will be available as 'Tynings Field Pickled Celtic Cabbage'. We also have a pickled turnip done in sugar and vinegar with spices, various other jams and pickles too, and a range of second hand but good quality outdoor clothing ideal for wearing on your allotment.

Table top sales:-

The next table top sale is will be on 2nd December at the Christmas Fayre.

Thank you to all those who made donations of produce or clothes.


We are growing on some plants ready for spring. We have some strawberry seeds that are in pots and anyone who is interested in helping us in this way please get in touch as we are also growing on some sweet peas. We have another 100 woodland mix bulbs to go into the field and need help! We also need people to come into the field and dig, digging is easier this time of year, the soil is softer and the weather cooler and it makes things easier in the Spring.


A pond has appeared in the thicket, probably due to the increased rainfall. It settles nicely in the concrete foundations we found creating a hidden pond attracting wildlife, possibly great crested newts. This is something we are following up but it should remain as undisturbed as possible.

Concrete foundations:

We are informed that this is most likely the remains of the WWI Remount Depot, the first picture as evidence the Archeology Dept have seen of this. According to the Shirehampton Book of Rememberance it stretched with outbuildings and huts down to the riverbank. Over 30,000 horses came and went from here during the first world war. After the first world war, the huts were used by people as accommodation, one became a farm between the wars. Later after the second world war one big one became a community centre for the prefab estate by Woodwell Road railway bridge. I was drawn to an old photo in the Shire News a few years back - could this be Tynings Field during WWI?

Bonfire Night November 5th - A large bonfire was up and ready to light and all welcome. A wassail is planned to awaken the young orchard in January

The Legal Department in the Council have offered the lease on a peppercorn rent for three years under a farm business tenancy. After three years it will revert to a market rent.

We have contacted the Council to find out what that rent is and await a reply. This means that the field will need to be in production on a regular basis by 2013. We have started to keep cropping records in accordance with the tenancy and this is regularly monitored to see how we are doing.

The aim is not to become grant reliant. We hope that the Community will come forward and help the farm to run and we are actively seeking volunteers to help with this.

Although this is a non profit enterprise we run the horticultural side of things to bring in an income. All profits go back into the farm, and produce can be shared out amongst the members. Currently we are marketing our vegetables at Westbury-on- Trym Country Market. Wouldn't it be a good idea to get such a market in Shirehampton? Next year we hope to do some more market stalls. Thank you to all who have donated produce, jams etc and also to those who have donated clothes. This has helped us to fundraise.

Christmas is coming and we look forward to the Shirehampton Christmas Fayre in early December, a chance to buy some goodies ready for Christmas. Just wanted to share a winter recipe with you, as many of our members have recipes to share. This one is made from Kale, Butter and Potatoes, a strong flavour cheddar cheese, an onion and black pepper. It is cheap, nutritious and filling. 'Collcannon (a'la Shirehampton)':

Chop and fry an onion in a little butter whilst you boil up some potato, boil some kale for a couple of minutes not too long, leave the steam to come out the potatoes whilst draining the kale. Put the kale into the potatoes and mash all together with the onion and butter until is soft and mixed, then add a good amount of strong cheddar, grated cheese, allow the cheese to melt in, put into a big dish and serve, collcannon is something my Irish side of the family taught me to make many years ago, it can be served as a side dish with cold meats or a main vegetarian meal - enjoy.

Caroline Penny

St. Mary's News

Hi Folks

MAY I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very merry Christmas - I know it is still a few weeks away but we are now well into the Festive Season as the great day approaches. My grandchildren are getting more and more excited in anticipation of what Christmas will bring. So am I really - the only thing I don't like is another birthday for me rapidly approaching on Christmas Day! Wonderful when I was young - but not so good now I am old - more grey hairs and creaking joints with every day that passes.

Our Christmas Gift Fayre at the end of October raised over £2,000 for church expenses. Thank you to all who attended and spent their hard earned money on that day. St. Mary's is a big building to run and maintain and every penny we can raise will go towards that goal!

On the last Sunday in October we were blessed by having a visit by the Archdeacon of Bristol - the Venerable Tim McClure. He arrived to preach to us at a Family Service, but found he also had to perform three Baptisms. He was delighted to do so and met the families at coffee time after the Service and shared some of the Baptism Cake - which is a tradition at all Baptisms at St. Mary's.

Well, it is nearly 9 months since we had a Vicar at the helm in St. Mary's - but I can assure you that all our activities are continuing and it is "business as usual". Pop in and see us for Coffee or Tea any morning or afternoon - you can be assured of a warm welcome! (With our heating system I reckon we are the warmest church in the Diocese)!!!

In October a member of our congregation, George White, reached his 90th birthday. He is an absolutely amazing man. George is more like a man in his sixties - he has boundless energy and his brain is still very sharp! I reckon it is all due to the way he is cared for by his wife Beryl - I must find out from her the secret ingredient she feeds him with to keep him in such remarkable condition! If she would care to sell jars of this mystery elixir, St. Mary's would have no more money worries ever again!

Our Christingle Service this year is at 4.00 pm on Sunday, 4th December, and I am reliably informed that the children from Kids Klub are to perform a play called "Shine Star Shine". Tea will follow after this Service. Please make every effort to come and support the children who have been working so hard to put on this play.

Messy Church this month is on Thursday, 8th December from 3.30 pm until 5.00 pm and is a special one concentrating on the Wise Men's Gifts. There will also be a chance to enjoy crafts & other activities and of course refreshments - and all this is for FREE! I went to the October session and was amazed at how many children and young people were there. It seems to be growing in popularity each month.

Saturday, 10th December is our Annual Gift Day when we appeal for money for a particular project. As we have no Vicar our Lay Minister - Gill Sawyer - will be present in the Lady Chapel to receive your Gift and give a prayer of thanks with you. Remember, if you are a Tax Payer you can "gift aid" any money you donate, which means that every £1.00 you give is worth £1.25 when we claim the tax back from the Government. The appeal this year is for the refurbishment of the Audio, Visual and Loop System.

Sunday, 11th December is the date of the Shirehampton Area Choir Christmas Concert. It starts at 2.30 pm and tickets are £7.00 available from the Church Office and include Festive Nibbles. This year all money raised from the Concert will be donated to SARA - which stands for Severn Area Rescue Association. They perform rescue services and also have an inshore Rescue Boat for use in the Severn Estuary and surrounding area. Also at 4.45 pm that afternoon there will be an Ecumenical Carol Service at the Cotswold Community Centre Building in Dursley Road followed by Tea and Mince Pies.

Saturday, 17th December will see a number of people singing Carols in the churchyard from 10.30 am onwards. This is in order to raise funds for Christian Aid. If you are interested in joining them please have a word with Richard Powell, who is usually available in Church on a Sunday after the 10.00 am Service.

On Sunday, 18th December at 6.00 pm we shall be holding a traditional service of Nine Lesson & Carols in St. Mary's. After this Service you are invited to stay behind for mulled wine and mince pies. I shall be there somewhere in the queue!!

P.B.A. Club in Nibley Road is hosting a Carol Service in the Ballroom at 8.00 pm. This Service will be led by our Lay Minister Gill Sawyer. All are very welcome.

On Christmas Eve (Saturday, 24th December) at 2.30 pm there will be a Crib Service which is more suitable for Adults as it will be a service of quiet reflection. But have no fear because there will be another Crib Service at 4.00 pm suitable for Families and all young persons. Please come dressed up as an Animal or any person connected with the Nativity. I must say this usually produces some ingenious costumes - so I look forward again this year to seeing your different creations. This is really Christmas - all the kids are so excited and it is wonderful to see so many happy smiling faces.

Midnight Mass follows later on at 11.30 pm and is the first Communion of Christmas. This is a wonderful moving service and is not to be missed.

On Christmas Day morning there will be a service of Holy Communion with Carols at 10.00 am,. a chance to take your Christmas Communion if you were unable to attend the Midnight Mass Service.

Now some early information about our Alternative New Years Eve Party which is to be held in St. Mary's at 7.30 pm on Friday, 6th January, 2012. Tickets will cost £7.00 and will be available from Gill Sawyer at the Church Office.

Your prayers this month are asked for all the people who live in Penpole Lane and Shirehampton Road.

Just before I go - did you hear about the Clergyman who was driving his sports car at a fast pace when he had to scream to a standstill to avoid an accident. When the angry driver of the other car stormed over to exchange words the Vicar handed him his card - "The Rev. Paul Green is sorry to have missed you. He hopes to make contact with you next time".

'Bye for now - C.M.E.

From the Registers at St. Mary's

October 2011

Baptisms "We welcome you"

  • Jonan Charles Attwood
  • Keira Millie Brown
  • Isaac Michael Davies

Funerals "At rest and at peace"

  • 4th Ken Woodman, South Bristol
  • 5th Shirley Gould, St. Mary's
  • 11th Susan Piper, St. Mary's
  • 12th John Morgan, Canford
  • 26th Mary Cutler, Canford
  • 31st Jean Hancock, Canford


The Cotswold Community Association Christmas Draw will take place at the Community Hall on Saturday December 3rd at 7:30pm. It will include an 'American Supper' evening.

Everyone Welcome.

Be Safe This Christmas!

Be safe when out Christmas shopping

Think about shopping with a friend or relative, it's more fun and can increase your safety

If you are driving, park your car in a well-lit and busy place, preferably a well-run and safe car park

Remember where you leave your car, people who look lost can be more vulnerable to robbery. The same applies if you are using the bus, work out what bus stop you need to go home before your hands are full of shopping

Be careful when using cash machines. Be aware who is around, do not count your money in full view of other people and put your cash in a safe place.

Split your cash between several pockets and carry your bag underneath your coat.

Do not carry too much cash (you can always get more if you run out)

Do not buy too many presents at once, buy what you can sensibly carry: if your hands are full of shopping you may be more vulnerable. If returning to your car, put your gifts safely in the boot. Whatever you do, DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES VISIBLE IN YOUR CAR

When you return to your car have your key ready in your hand, it will save time. If you can get away quickly it can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of robbery.

Be Safe at Home

Do not leave presents or valuables on view in the window

If you are expecting a parcel to be delivered try to let a friend or neighbour know, just in case you have to go out

Make sure that your house is secure when you go out and when you go to bed

When the big day comes and you have opened your presents do not leave big boxes outside by the bin for days, put out on the morning of recycling/bin collection. Computers, TV's, game consoles and stereos all come in nice big attractive boxes that advertise to burglars all the new goodies you have in your home

Be Safe from Fire This Christmas

Check that your Christmas lights are in good condition, do not cover them with other decorations when they are on the tree. ALWAYS SWITCH THEM OFF AT BEDTIME

A real Christmas tree in a warm house soon becomes very dry and is easier to catch light.

Cigarettes and alcohol are at the root of many household fires. If you are feeling sleepy after too much food or drink, make sure your cigarettes are out before dozing off!!

Make sure that your smoke alarms are working, if you do not have any, GET SOME FITTED

Avon Fire & Rescue Service offer free home fire checks and advice, ring 0117 9262061 for details

Cold Callers

If you are not expecting anyone to call upon you and someone does, it could be someone you do not know. It is likely that the person/persons could be trying to sell you something or trick their way into your home. Not all cold callers are of a pleasant disposition and are not always agreeable to "No Thank You".

Here are some simple tips that may help you avoid getting into a difficult or unpleasant situation.


  • Do always use your door chain if you have one
  • Do always ask for the person's identity card (give yourself time to have a good look at it to check authenticity)
  • Do always shut the door and leave them to stand outside if you think you should telephone the company to check that they are who they say they are (they will not mind if they are honest)
  • Do ask them to come back at a later time if you are on your own
  • Do say "No" if you are not interested
  • Do call the Police if you are threatened, intimidated or conned

Do Not

  • Do not answer the door if you are unsure
  • Do not let any person/s into the house
  • Do not leave the door open whilst the caller is still on the doorstep (if you go to get your purse or some money)
  • Do not take your purse/wallet to the front door with you
  • Do not take their word for it
  • Do not sign anything you are unsure about

Be aware of postal scams (competitions, lotteries) that require you to ring a number to claim your prize of £1000's. They are mostly SCAMS.

Oasis Academy Brightstowe News

Brightstowe Hosts Launch of Bristol Debate Mate

BRISTOL'S Debate Mate annual kick-off event. Four other Bristol schools attended the event, including Fairfield High School and Oasis John Williams.

The purpose of the event is to inform students about Debate Mate, what it is and what students can expect to experience as part of their school's Debate Mate team. Part of the launch event included a demonstration of a debate. The topic of the demo debate was corporal punishment in schools. Oasis Academy Brightstowe took side proposition, proposing that corporal punishment be reinstituted in schools, and Fairfield High School took side opposition, opposing the reinstitution of corporal punishment in schools.

Last year 15 students participated in Oasis Academy Brightstowe's Debate Mate Team. The group went on to place 2nd in the Bristol Regional Debate Mate Final. Fairfield High School took 1st place. This year 20 students are involved with Oasis Academy Brightstowe's Debate Mate team.

Debate Mate aims to help students improve their verbal skills by equipping them to form arguments and present their ideas in a concise and articulate manner.

"I enjoy being part of Debate Mate because it really helps your confidence" said Leanne, a Year 10 student. "Before I got involved with Debate Mate I used to be so shy I would not speak in front of people. Now I get up and make arguments in front of rooms full of people."

Activities Opportunities at Oasis Academy Brightstowe

HAVE you ever wondered what happens after the school day finishes at Oasis Academy Brightstowe? Oasis Academy has teamed with Schools-Plus to create an active, inspiring and creative programme of activities after 6pm evenings, at weekends and during school holidays. They are actively seeking local inspirational people to hold new events, clubs and activities at Oasis Academy.

The Sports Hall is already an excellent venue for Skybound Women's Netball, Panthers Kickboxing, and as a Go Kart Party venue. It will soon be used by Shirehampton, Stoke Bishop, and YMCA Cricket Clubs for training sessions.

The School building has much more to offer the Shirehampton community than just sports. It's a great place to do dance classes, choirs, music tuition, band practise, cooking classes, language learning, drama rehearsals . . . the list is endless. Young or old and whatever you want to do, Schools - Plus want to hear from you. This is Shirehampton's opportunity to create something amazing for the community. Email and tell Schools-Plus what activities you would like to do at Oasis Academy Brightstowe.

'Gases in the Air' @ Oasis Academy Brightstowe

STUDENTS at Oasis Academy Brightstowe recently enjoyed a special assembly led by 'Gases in the Air' of Bristol ChemLabS, University of Bristol. 'Gases in the Air' is an educational lecture-demonstration which focuses on introducing students to the different gases in the air and some of their properties. It is led by Tim Harrison.

The Year 9 and 10 students who attended observed demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen, oxygen foam, dry ice and even a few explosions.

Gasps, laughter and applause spontaneously erupted from the students as they closely followed Mr Harrison's every word and demonstration. Attending students unanimously agreed that the assembly was very involving.

Jack, a Year 9 student said: "The exploding balloons were my favourite part. It made chemistry fun."Georgina, another Year 9 student agreed: "It makes us want to do it ourselves."