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New 101 number

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Marathon girl Jodie needs your support

Crucial help closes cannabis factory

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41 bus service re-routed

LADY - 1982-2011

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Drug dealer ordered to repay £25,275.40

Shirehampton Park Petition

Gospel Choir Raise the Roof

Shire Gospel Choir:  Photo by Kathryn Courtney

Shire Gospel Choir: Photo by Kathryn Courtney

Shire Gospel Choir held a concert at St. Peter's Church, Lawrence Weston on Sunday evening 10th July 2011. The choir performed in front of a packed church and were led enthusiastically by Geraldine Latty.

New 101 number

In September, communities across Avon and Somerset will be able to dial 101, a new national non-emergency telephone number; our current non emergency number 0845 456 7000 will be phased out.

The introduction of the 101 number will help communities to keep their neighbourhoods safe by giving them one easy way to speak directly with their local police to report and discuss all non urgent police related issues. This new number will not change the way we respond to non-urgent calls and calls will still be received by call handlers in our control rooms.

Calls to 101 will cost 15p per call, irrespective of how long that call may last. This cost applies to landlines and mobile phones.

In an emergency the public should still call 999, such as when a crime is in progress, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

C/Insp. Debbie Palmer-Lawrence

Bristol District Community safety

Pride of Place Awards

Kingsweston and Avonmouth Neighbourhood Partnership celebrated being voted winners of the Stronger Communities category and runners up in the Overall competition in the 2011 Pride of Place awards announced at the M Shed on 27th July

Celebrating their success  are (L to R) Alv Hirst, Val Pospischil, John Bees, Mark Pepper, and Hayley Ash

Celebrating their success are (L to R) Alv Hirst, Val Pospischil, John Bees, Mark Pepper, and Hayley Ash

Marathon girl Jodie needs your support

A local Shirehampton girl, Jodie Graham, is running the Bristol Half Marathon in September and the Brighton Marathon in April 2012 with all funds raised going to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Jodie has ran the Bristol Half Marathon for the last two years for The CF Trust but this year decided to try something a little different happily winning a place in the Brighton Marathon.

Jodie is dedicated to running these marathons for the cause as her best friend’s daughter Anya suffers with this life threatening disease. Anya was diagnosed at 20 days old through the heel prick test and immediately started her medication and physiotherapy. Daily medication and physiotherapy is vital for CF sufferers. Anya was very poorly as a toddler and spent a lot of time in hospital. Currently Anya is a very happy and healthy 11 year old. This is down to her medication of which she takes approximately 50 tablets a day and the support of the Cystic Fibrosis team at the Bristol Children's Hospital. Her active life in swimming and singing contributes in strengthening her lungs and the support of her loving sister Layla (who does not suffer with the same disease) and beautiful mum Kathryn also contributes to her well being. It is fantastic that Anya is healthy at the moment but this will not always be the case. Who knows what the future will hold for Anya and others who suffer with this illness but raising awareness and funds will hopefully help to find a cure for the condition as there currently is not one.

Jodie can often be seen running The Portway in her fluorescent CF top so feel free to give an encouraging beep to keep her going!! Jodie is hoping to raise a huge amount of money for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust so it can continue its plight to find a cure!! You can help by sponsoring Jodie on

Messy Creation

I hope you woke up in a reasonably comfortable bed this morning. You may even have been brought a nice cup of tea by a loved one before you had to make that inevitable move out of bed and let your feet touch the floor. Whether your floor is covered by a nice warm carpet, or you prefer the cold touch of floorboards you will have been grateful that the floor was there and that you were reasonable sure that it would support your weight! A wash, bath, or shower would have followed (I hope), then the important issue of breakfast, before you felt ready to tackle whatever the new day may hold.

Have you ever wondered where the materials to make your bed, your floor, or even your breakfast, have come from? If you have cotton sheets they would have once been bolls of cotton on a plant somewhere, or if you prefer synthetic materials they would have originated as black sticky crude oil. The wood in your floor comes from trees of course, but the metal for the nails to connect them to the joists underneath is extracted from rocks, as are the materials for the cement that keeps the walls of your house standing - without which a floor would look pretty silly! All of the materials on which we rely come originally from the earth beneath our feet, the water that collects on it’s surface in various places, or the air that we breathe. We rely on the created world for our very existence.

That is why ‘creation’ is going to be the theme of the next Messy Church at Shirehampton Baptist Church. The best part of the seaside (the sand) will still be there from last time, but there will also be the opportunity to ‘bob’ for apples, print some leaves, or even throw some rings on an elephant’s trunk! If you fancy making your own bug or insect, or even some paper people then come along on the 24th September at 2.30pm to the church in Station Road. Look out for the banner to be sure you are in the right place.

With such a wonderful world to live in, which contains so much that we rely on to continue living, why would anyone want to destroy it? Well someone did and you will have to come to Messy Church to find out about who, why and how.

Keeping Safe in your Bristol Hackney Carriage

Anyone hailing a taxi at a rank or in the street in Bristol, should make sure it is blue or they may not be insured to travel, warns Safer Bristol. It is against the law for a private hire car to pick passengers up without having been pre-booked. In almost all cases the vehicles insurance does not cover this type of work which can often mean that their passengers are not insured should there be an accident.

Safer Bristol, backed by the police, now require all Hackney carriages to be blue for passengers' safety so it is easy to tell that you are in a legitimate Hackney carriage. But if you ring and book a private hire car they will be any other colour but they will not have a blue livery.

It’s always a good idea to make a note or text yourself the number on the taxi plate when you get in. That way if you leave anything behind or you want to praise or complain about the service you know who they are. More information from Vicky O'Loughlin on 07747460496

Edward’s Books

Local resident Edward Morganstern has recently begun to collect books from friends and acquaintences in order to recycle and sell them to raise funds for orphaned children in Nepal.

The BlinkNow foundation is the name of the charity that supports the orphaned children of the Kopila Valley Home and School in Surkhet, Nepal. The story of how a young 22 year old American student, named Maggie, started the project is very moving and inspired Edward to want to raise funds for these children. All of the proceeds from the sale of books goes to BlinkNow, which are able to pass on 96% of the money they receive, because everyone involved works on a voluntary basis. The wonderful story of Maggie Doyne's dedication is available at

Edward need donations of unwanted books that are in good condition. Any type of book is acceptable. The books need to be post 1980 and have an ISBN number. Edward is happy to collect the books and to keep the kind donor informed of the outcome of their gift. At the moment he is able to send about £30.00 a month to benefit the children of Kopila Valley. If you have any books that you would be willing to donate, please contact Edward on 0117 9144835.

You can help us get there

"You can help us get there" is the message to drivers in a campaign being launched by Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) to educate motorists about what they can do to help emergency vehicles responding to 999 calls.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service’s Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive, Kevin Pearson said: "Our research told us the biggest concern for drivers was being the person responsible for holding up an ambulance, police car or fire engine. Although the issue is covered in the Highway Code we found drivers weren’t always sure what was the best action to take.

"The aim of this campaign is to provide clear and practical advice under the headings Listen, Look, Think, React. The message is simple ‘You can help us get there’ if you take a few seconds to think about the safest thing to do to help an emergency vehicle get past."

The three films aimed at learner drivers, new drivers and experienced drivers have now been posted on YouTube, with more information at .

Crucial help closes cannabis factory

A man from Shirehampton has been sentenced at Bristol Crown Court for producing cannabis with a street value of more than £7,500. Lewis Pepper, 20, has been handed a 12 month prison term suspended for 18 months.

On 8th December 2010, police executed a drugs warrant at an address in Shirehampton based on information received from the public. As a result of this intelligence, a cannabis factory was discovered containing 27 plants with a potential street value of £7,885.

It was discovered that the electricity meter had been bypassed and a quantity of amphetamine was also found in the address. Pepper was arrested from the premises and was found to have 22g of cocaine concealed on him in custody with a street value of around £1,200.

PC Amanda Patterson of Avonmouth Beat Team added,"Receiving Intelligence from the public really is an essential part of Policing our communities. This positive result proves just how crucial it is and the public have assisted us in removing drugs that were destined for our streets".

Anyone who wishes to provide information to police in relation to drugs intelligence is reminded that they can do so anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Tour Success

KWAG’s walking tour of the lost landscape of Kings Weston ran on Sunday 3rd July and proved hugely popular. Booking quickly becoming oversubscribed it was fortunate that some late cancellations left a manageable group of 27 to undertake an extensive circuit of the historic estate. The tour visited many familiar landmarks as well as some brand new discoveries including the terrace behind the Echo where it was revealed that 30ft of Kingsweston Hill had been removed in an ambitious and early attempt to unite Kings Weston and Shirehampton Parks. Although the two-hour walk over-ran considerably the majority of attendees stuck it out to the end and remarked, almost universally, that they hadn’t realised just how much there was of the historic parkland still left to explore. Thanks are due to Nicola Brownlie, ranger of Blaise Castle Estate for assisting in organising and marshalling the event and to all those who attended for making it such a success. Following the interest in the walk it will now be re-run on Sunday 2nd October. Contact 07811 6666 71 for more details.

Work gets underway at Tynings Field

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

During July the "Tynings Field Community Group" began work on Tynings Field, Woodwell Road. Volunteers began clearing the field of overgrowth, brambles and weeds. Not an easy task. Another weekend saw part of the field being ploughed and readied for planting all sorts of vegetables. The community group have also received a donation of a selection of fruit trees by a local lady who forgot to leave her name and the group would like to pass on their thank you for this. The trees will be planted in the field in the future.

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

At present more weeding and planting is being done by the group every Sunday and it certainly has a community feeling about it. As the project grows more plans will be put into place. The group already has their own 'Wurzel Gummidge' who has been making appearances at local markets and you may have spotted him at the recent Harbourside Festival. Various selections of cordials and jams have already been sold at these events raising funds for "Tynings Field Community Group". They are also selling and swapping seeds.

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

Photo: Kathryn Courtney

If you wish to join up or want to find out more information please check out the web site: You'll also find them on Facebook. Make a search for "Tynings Field Community Group" and there you will find regular updates.

Kathryn Courtney

The Big Dig

Map showing location of Tyning's Field

Map showing location of Tyning's Field

Starting 24th July (Sunday) and every Sunday afterwards from 10am onwards for as long as you can manage. Tynings Field Community Group are clearing a community area and seek volunteers to come along and help, bring petrol mowers, petrol strimmers, spades, forks, and clippers. We are also working on alternate Saturday afternoons during September. From about 3.30pm onwards weather permitting.

Refreshments on the house. Ploughmans lunch 50p. All donations go towards maintaining the field for future generations.

Fruit Tree Donation

Tynings Field Community Group wish to thank the lady in Dursley Road who very generously and kindly donated us three fruit trees for the community orchard at Tynings Field. This means the first trees to go into the orchard have been given to us by a member of the community and planted by members of the community and will hopefully be there for us all to enjoy in years to come.

Caroline Penny


I read with interest the article by G Sheppard about Woodwell Road. It does seem to be a jewel of rural-ness inside a bigger picture. The field next to the lane is called Tynings field its name comes from the word Tynan anglo saxon for tied in hedge presumably as it was an enclosed piece of Leyfield now the larger allotment site. Mentioned in the Doomsday book as a ridge and furrow agricultural field rented by Henry Rossiter in the Parishe of Westburie. The lane itself is quite possibly pre roman, a track that led to what was then Abona the Roman Port of Sea Mills and branching off to the ancient well.

As for the story of the lane, at the present time it seems to be continuing. Tynings field Community Group are working on the field. Whilst clearing a hedgerow along the Woodwell road side the remains of what appears to be an old air raid shelter or gun implacement was found. This must have been there when the land was allotments during the war providing a shelter for the nearby houses does anyone know?

Regards the community orchard area, a lady from Dursley Road kindly donated us our first fruit trees. This means that the first trees will be given by a member of the community for the community and this is how people can begin to shape their environment as opposed to the 'authorities' shaping it for them which is something we hope will set this project apart. To work in a field on a summers' afternoon planting field beans and see swifts and butterflies is all part of the course. We will be getting some interesting traditional apple trees like foxwhelp an old Gloucestershire cider apple tree too in the autumn. We are not a city farm and only seek to keep about 20 ex battery hens and geese but not until Spring when we will be looking for poultry carers. So if you are committed to the welfare and resettlement of rescue hens please get in touch. Also if your school or organisation is interested in getting involved or you would like to come along on a workday which is Sunday 10am or Tuesday 3pm or Wednesday 3pm please contact us. Refreshments and locally made produce is available to try. Also we seek local children to make us a couple of scarecrows. Our telephone number is 01179090440/9773413 or e mail

It is also worth pointing out that it is vitally important the members of the community become engaged with this project or the land may well not be preserved for future use. If the land is not used as an allotment or not enough people engage with this in the years to come, then the future use of the land will fall back to the council's discretion, ie gypsy camp or social housing. This is why we are explaining to people that they need to come and actively do something with the field and shape it for future generations of people.

In the meantime if you are up the lane and are picking blackberries here's a recipe for blackberry cordial.

Tablespoon of lemon juice, 4 tablespoons sugar and 2 pints of water. One clove. Washed blackberries about a half pound. Boil the lemon juice sugar and water and clove then add your blackberries and boil for 10 minutes. Sieve well and drink chilled. To make it into wine add a teaspoon of brewers yeast and a sprinkle of brewers pectalose (90p available in Wilkinson) boil up once more to disolve then transfer to plastic containers. Store in the dark until Christmas and shake occasionally.

Dorothy Cole

Letters to the Editor

In response to the letter in your July edition from Mr Wayne Matthews.

Dear Editor,

The Golf Club are responsible for the maintenance of the entire site. The National Trust have a purely watching brief . Had Mr Harvey taken the trouble to speak to the Golf Club Management team rather than young inexperienced greenstaff we could have answered his question immediately.

The priority of the greenstaff is naturally to the paying members and in the height of summer growing conditions are at their fastest which keeps them fully occupied. Pathways have been attended to over recent weeks and the staff do their best to keep up. However it is also regrettable that their time also gets diverted by people who do not respect the course and who cause damage or remove flags.

We contuine to hope that can work closely with all our Neighbours for the pleasure of as many people as possible.

Kind regards

Karen Rix

Club Secretary

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Shirehampton Golf Club

Sponsored Head Shave

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank all the good people of Shirehampton who so generously sponsored me to have my head shaved on Saturday 18th June to raise funds for St Mary's Church and the Tithe Barn Appeal.

The event raised in excess of £600 so all the comments of 'baldy' and 'skinhead' and all the strange looks have been worth it!

Many thanks

Sandra Neate

Flower Display at The George

Dear Editor,

How many people notice , as they walk through Shirehampton, the flowers on the green and on the lampposts? Thanks to the council for this I believe. But what cannot fail to be noticed is the flower display on The George. Thanks for this to the landlord - every year a marvellous display which I never think can be bettered but every year gets better and better. Thank you from us all for this striking display which is very much appreciated by all Shire residents.

Mrs T Tillett

P.S. The winner of the Treasure Trail Walk was Mr C Rich. Thank you to all who took part.


Dear Editor,

I would like to say a big thank you to all who came to my aid on July 8th. I was knocked off my mobility scooter. I don’t know you by name but God Bless you all.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Pullen

Win tickets to London 2012

From today until 03 April 2012, Lloyds TSB will be running a series of ticket promotions giving away over 100 pairs of tickets per month for the next eight months, with the lucky winners drawn at random from those customers signed-up to Lloyds TSB’s customer-exclusive programme ‘Trackside’ at

Richard Gwyn from Shirehampton, one of 40 ticket winners from the Bristol and South Midlands region to be going to the London 2012 Games with Lloyds TSB, said "I was really enthused when I found out I won the tickets - as an athletics coach I can really see the impact the Games are having on sport in this area and the country."

Free electric blanket testing

Bristol City Council and Avon Fire and Rescue Services are offering a free electric blanket safety check in Shirehampton at Shirehampton Health Centre 09.30 - 16.00 on 12th September. "Our advice is get your blanket checked now, minor faults will be repaired free of charge. Also on offer will be free safety advice and a chance of a free home safety inspection. Spaces are limited so booking is essential," said Phil Parkyn, principal trading standards officer for Bristol City Council. To find out more or to book a session Bristol residents should ring 01179 223522.

Betty Iris Clarke (92)

Passed away peacefully on Wednesday 27th July 2011

A much loved mother, grandma and great-grandma who will be sadly missed by all who knew her. The funeral was held at St Bartholomews Church Failand, on Tuesday 9th August.

Lawrence Weston Community Day

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

The Deputy Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Colin Smith, officially opened the Lawrence Weston Community Day on Saturday 6th August. The event was organised by the Avonmouth and Kingsweston Neighbourhood Partnership and held at the BMX Track, Henacre Road (off Long Cross).

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

L'Dub BMX Race Club, run by Nick Pepper, gave a fantastic display of BMX racing during the day. All riders looked very professional in their leathers and helmets, the youngest being just three years old. A very friendly day with bongos, bouncy castles, free burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks for all.

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford


Joyce, John, Lin and June would like thank family, friends and neighbours for their kind thoughts, cards, flowers and support following our sad loss.

We would also like to thank everybody who attended the funeral and celebrated the life of our much loved husband, Dad and Grampa.

Bill was born in Priory Road in 1914 and lived in that house until he passed away in June 2011 aged 96 years. We wonder if this is a record and he was Shirehampton’s longest resident?

Thank you

Joyce and family

41 bus service re-routed

From 4th September First Bus has announced that the route of the No 41 service will change. It will no longer go down Westbury Lane but at the Park Gates will continue down Shirehampton Road to the Sylvan Way Traffic lights - and turn left into Sylvan way and then proceed along to join up with the present route - so Westbury Lane will not be used. The present stops in Shirehampton Road and Sylvan Way will be used for the 41

Bob Chubb

LADY - 1982-2011

It is with great sadness that I had to make one of the hardest decisions I've ever made but the day had come to have my beautiful long term companion put to sleep.

Lady came to live with us back in 1984 at the young age of 2yrs. She was eventually broken to ride and gave me years of pleasure doing so and after 14yrs of riding she was broken to harness and gave me another 10yrs of carriage driving of which we both thoroughly enjoyed...... we would still however go out for the odd gallop and jump through the woods. During the 27yrs of owning Lady we had lots fun times together and Lady was also a huge part of the community.

She carried out a wedding, led the May Queen in her carriage through her procession, dressed up for many Christmas events delivering presents to children and the older folk at Stow House and she was even blessed at Shirehampton Church. Lady loved the attention and nothing seemed to phase her, especially if there was a carrot or two at the end.

Lady's health took a turn for the worst back in the winter 2009. A very aggressive cough came from nowhere and after various medications from the vet, nothing seemed to work. After 6 months of fighting the cough disappeared as fast as it arrived.

All was going well until a tumour was discovered late summer 2010. It grew very fast and had to be removed. Lady was booked into the Bushy Equine Clinic at Failand and boxed up for the operation to get rid of this huge growth. Scott Milnes who has been Lady's vet all through her life carried out the procedure with huge success.

Winter came again and the aggressive cough reared its ugly head once more. Lady struggled through the cold winter months and lost a vast amount of weight despite extra feeds and supplements. Amazingly the cough like the first disappeared and everything seemed well. Unfortunately to my horror another tumour was noticed. This one was slower growing than the last but Scott (Vet) advised that this one couldn't be operated on so I decided to keep Lady going until she showed signs of discomfort or pain.

On Friday 15 July 2011 Lady was put to sleep in her field and passed away very peacefully.

She will be hugely missed by all and I would like to thank everybody that made Lady's life a happy one. She enjoyed all the visits from many around the area giving her the daily treats she loved. She certainly won't ever be forgotten and was truly a very beautiful specular horse.

Jo Feltham

Public Hall Newsletter

Once again the Hall had a visit from a person or persons unknown, this time to remove the last section of lead remaining on the roof. It caused damage to the Hall and Library. On Friday 8th July, staff arrived to open up the Library; they found water coming through the ceiling. Their phone, computer and floor were affected. A Trustee of the Hall was informed and on entry to the Penpole room, above the Library, found the floor inches deep in water. All meetings for the Penpole room had to be cancelled and we are now having a new floor put down. The Library remained closed until 20th July for repairs and replacements to be made.

The Trustees of Shirehampton Public Hall are volunteers who oversee the running of the Hall for the benefit of the community. We meet once a month. If you would like to get involved contact or telephone 01179829963. There is also a website, do have a look.

The Trustees have agreed to describe their commitment to the community of Shirehampton. Last month it was Normans’ story, this month it’s Geraldines’.

Geraldine Somerville

I was brought up in Avonmouth where I lived with my mum, dad, 4 brothers and 1 sister. My siblings and I all attended Portway Comprehensive School.

I married a Shire boy and for the last twenty years have lived in Shirehampton where we have brought up our three children, who between them have given us five grandchildren.

I have worked in several of the local shops over the years but now enjoy an early retirement. This gives me time to enjoy my hobbies of painting, scrap booking and walking my dog. Through attending an informal art group on a Tuesday afternoon at St Mary’s Church and becoming a member of Twyford Art Group on a Thursday evening at the Public Hall, I have met fellow Trustees and my interest in The Hall has grown to the extent that I have, for the last year, become a Trustee.

St Mary’s News

Hi Folks!

Here we are into September already, with the kids going back to school. Some going up into new classes like my eldest grandson and grand-daughter, others moving on to Senior School and some preparing for further education and going to College or University. A challenging time for them all so we must hope and pray that they settle down soon in their new environment. Once September is here I always think that Christmas is just around the corner. It just doesn't bear thinking about!

Anyway, I must tell you of our most recent social event - which was our Car Treasure Hunt on Friday, 5th. August. It was a beautiful sunny evening as we all assembled on the Health Centre Car Park and the first car was off bang on time at 6.15 pm, followed by the remainder at 5 minute intervals. The treasure hunt took us through some delightful South Gloucestershire countryside until we eventually reached "The Upton Inn" at Upton Cheyney. The food which followed was delightful and plenty of it. Then came the results announced by Tim Forder. First was Rev Trevor Hearn & Roger Derricks car; Second came Gill & Tony Sawyer and Third was Bill Patten and the passengers in his car. A great fun evening thanks once again to all the hard work put in by Tim Forder in thinking it all out and planning the route. Thanks Tim - we all had a wonderful evening - this must be the most popular social event of the year. Dare I ask if you are starting the preliminaries for next years' treasure hunt? We certainly hope so!!

Going back to July and our Patronal Festival Weekend - this went off like a well oiled clock. The Summer Fayre was a great hit and on the Saturday afternoon the Shirehampton Area Choir provided songs to entertain those who were enjoying Cream Teas. This was very much appreciated whilst they were adding inches to their waistlines!! On the Patronal Sunday afternoon we had some first class entertainment by the Bristol Brass Consort. They played a variety of music to suit all tastes and very generously charged no performance fee. As a result of the Fayre and the Brass Band Concert we raised the sum of £2,000 during that weekend. Money is still coming in as there are a number of pots of jam and other preserves still available for purchase. So if you missed the event you may still be lucky, as there may be a few jars left by the time you read this. I have seen the Salvation Army Officer - who stands outside the Co-op on Saturday mornings - topping up his supply of Marmalade when he pops in for his mid morning cup of coffee. You can always tell when he's bought his jars of Marmalade as his trouser pockets are bulging sideways!!! Thanks are once again due to Gill Sawyer for the supply of all these jars of goodies - which are prepared over a period of several months - and to all of you who come in and make your purchases.

On Sunday 17th. July all the children from the Kids Klub received their Book Prizes. Well, they are not prizes really, because they do not have to compete for them. They are really Presents to reward them for 12 months attendance on Sunday mornings. They all looked so proud as they stood on the Chancel Step clutching their books whilst Gill Sawyer took a photograph of them!

Did you know that our worthy Organist & Choirmaster - Tim Forder - has held that position for the last 25 years. Tim is an accomplished Organist and is the current President of the Organists Association. This is an organisation very close to his heart as he has the opporturnity to visit other churches and Cathedrals to play on their Organs. Tim and I are very much in agreement that there is no better sound in a church than the sound of a Pipe Organ. It surpasses all other instruments in its versatility. Well, in order to mark this occasion Tim is going to hold a Musical Evening in St. Mary's at 7.30 pm on Saturday, 10th. September when he will be playing a number of pieces of music on the Organ and also on our Grand Piano. Tickets for this Concert are £7.00 and will include a Buffet with Wine. Tim has expressed his wish that all money raised from this concert should go towards The Tithe Barn Fund. This is something not to be missed - so put the date in your Diary and get your Tickets from Gill Sawyer at the Church Office.

The next Introductory Alpha Course - which is open to all - will be held in St. Mary's on Thursday, 15th. September from 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm and will start with Supper. If you like what you see on the Introductory Evening and wish to start the Course proper - this will start on Thursday, 22nd September. Once again each Course will start with Supper and be from 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm each Thursday thereafter until Thursday, 24th. November. Please see Gill Sawyer or either of the Churchwardens who will be only too happy to supply you with any further information you may require.

This year our Harvest Festival will be on Sunday, 25th. September and will be a Family Service at 10.00 am. This year our Harvest Appeal will be in aid of the Rawdat-El-Zuhur School for Palestinian children in Jerusalem. Those of us who went on the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land back in May, visited this school and saw the children in their classrooms together with a group that performed some singing and dancing for us.Rawdat-El-Zuhur means Garden of Flowers. Under the current Israeli regime the Palestinian children receive absolutely nothing. They are totally ignored and treated as though they do not exist. The school endeavours to educate them, purchase books etc., and feed as many children as they are able. Many of these children have been picked up off the streets and will attend the school until they are 12 years of age when they have to leave and make their own way in the world once more. The Headmistress - who took us on our tour of the school - said that any contribution we could make to keep the school going would be more than welcome and will enable them to continue educating these children who would otherwise have nothing. Our appeal is - Help this garden to grow by buying a flower - £5 each and this can be Gift Aided. We have a direct link with them so money can go straight to the school's bank account - every penny will reach the children. Many of these children arrive traumtised by the journey to school through checkpoints and their circumstances. Our flowers are cut out from pieces of card and in the centre is a photograph of one of the children. We have already filled up one of our Notice Boards and have now started to attach these flowers to the pillars in the church. Thanks to those of you who have already made your response - how many pillars can we grow the flowers up?

Our Harvest Supper will be at 7.00 pm on Friday, 30th. September and will include a Silent Auction and a Knife and Fork Buffet. This will be followed by John Penney showing us some more of his films of old Bristol. Tickets for this will be £7.00 and available from Gill Sawyer at the Church Office.

Finally, our prayers and sympathy go to Sheila Bubb - a member of our congregation - who sadly lost her son Paul who lives in Tasmania. Paul who was in his early 50's died after suffering a heart attack. This was a terrible shock for Sheila - as you do not expect your offspring to die before you do! Please remember her at this very sad time.

This month you are asked to pray for all those people who live in the following streets in Shirehampton - Home Ground, Broadleaze, Penpole Lane and Penpole Close.

Did you hear this one - A clergyman was standing in for a Vicar who was ill. The church was in a rough part of town and most of the church windows had been boarded up with cardboard. On his last Sunday he said to the congregation -"I have enjoyed being with you but of course I am not your Vicar; rather like those pieces of cardboard in your windows they are not real panes they are a substitute, and I have been a substitute". At the end of the service the church warden thanked him for helping and said, "We want you to know sir that to us you have not been a substitute - you have been a real pain". I am sure that our Church Wardens would never ever say such a thing !!!!!

'Bye for now - C.M.E.


BAPTISMS "We welcome you"

July 31st - Ruby Louise Patricia Pearson, Bethany Claire Sage

FUNERALS "At rest and at peace"

July 11th Mollie Sweeney (St Mary’s)

14th Joan Nicholson (Canford)

20th Norah Roberts (St Mary’s)

1st Gwen Lark (Canford)

22nd Eric Grimes (Canford)

26th John Davis (Canford)

29th Cecil Webber (St Mary’s)

WEDDING BLESSING "All that I am I give to you"

July 23rd - Ryan Thompson & Kelly Ridgeway

30th Christopher Allaway & Kelly Clark

30th Mark Dempsey & Lynsey Thomas


Shire newspaper is a success story for many reasons - including loyal readers, advertisers and committed volunteers at every stage of the process from editing to production and, importantly, distribution.

We proudly say that we aim to deliver a paper to every home in Shirehampton - not to mention those who read it further afield or on the web - and our team of counters, drivers and distributors are the ones who make that happen. Their role is important - after all, there wouldn't be much point in producing the paper if no-one got to read it.

We now have a vacancy on the committee for someone to co-ordinate the distribution each month, following the retirement of Pauline Godwin who has held the role for ten years. We are looking either for an individual, or a small team of people working on a rota, who could take over from Pauline and join our team.

The role involves being at the Public Hall for an hour at the end of each month to oversee the counting of the papers into bundles as well as liaising with the drivers who then take the bundles around the village to the individual distributors. It is a relatively straightforward but vitally important role and full instructions will be given to anyone who feels they could take it on.

If you would be interested in giving a small amount of your time each month to be part of Shire's success, please give me a ring or drop me a line for an informal chat.

James Harris


Drug dealer ordered to repay £25,275.40

A Bristol man has been ordered to hand over assets worth £25,275.50 which he gained through crime.

Jason Barnett, aged 36 and from Avonmouth, pleaded guilty on August 31, 2010 to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs (cocaine), possession of a firearm without a certificate and possession of prohibited ammunition. He was sentenced to a total of seven and a half years in prison.

The conviction arose after police attended Richmond Terrace in Avonmouth on March 6, 2010. A search of a house uncovered more than £6,000 in cash, electronic scales and keys to a Ford Transit parked outside. The van contained 19 kilos of caffeine and benzocaine (cutting agents for cocaine) and the scales showed traces of heroin, cocaine, cannabis and cutting agents.

The Financial Investigation Unit have examined Barnett's assets and financial records and established that his benefit from crime was £30,664.97. At Gloucester Crown Court on August 12, 2011 HHJ Hear ordered Barnett to hand over £25,275.50 which represents the value of all his assets. He was given six months to pay and will serve an extra 14 months in prison and will still be liable for the amount on his release.

Dr Kirstie Cogram, the manager of Avon & Somerset Financial Investigation Unit said "We are committed to seizing all assets that criminals have gained as a result of crime. It is not acceptable that criminals benefit from illegal activities and we will relentlessly pursue them through the courts to ensure their money is taken. By doing this we show criminals that they will not benefit from crime and deter others from entering a life of crime."

Penpole Residents Association

Penpole Residents Association are holding a table top sale on Sunday September 4th (11am - 2pm). Tables £3, set-up 10am Contact Sandra on 07818260419.

The association hold weekly lunch clubs every Tuesday. They have some vacancies. If you would like to come along please call Sandra.

St Andrews Ladies Club

The autumn program at St Andrew’s Ladies club, Avonmouth, starts on September 6th with a quiz. Our meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at St Andrews Church Hall from 7.30 - 9.15pm. On September 20th we welcome Cyril Routley to talk about ‘A life on the Ocean Wave’.

Port of Bristol Pensioners (and their dependents)

The P.B.A. Retired Employees Association meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the City and Port of Bristol Sports and Social Club in Nibley Road, Shirehampton and we would welcome new members.

Port of Bristol Authority eldest member

Port of Bristol Authority eldest member

The ages of our present members range from mid sixties to ninety nine and the above picture is of our oldest member. For those without transport, there is a coach available which comes via Hotwells, Sea Mills, Avonmouth and Shirehampton - for details about this please telephone Mrs. Tilley on0l275 871250.

The Social Club is open from Noon when a snack and drink can be purchased. Then following a cup of tea and a biscuit we have a Speaker from 2.30 p.m. for about an hour and below is listed some of the subjects which will be covered over the next few months:

  • A retired BBC Editor will be telling us what it is like being 'On tour with the Queen';
  • The Life of Victorian Servants;
  • Dyrham Park and Dutch Tulip Bulbs;
  • The experiences of a British Nurse working with the Army in Afghanistan;

Also, throughout the year coach trips are arranged and recent visits were to St. Fagan's in

Wales, Minehead with a train trip and Weymouth and future outings include Stratford and

Evesham Garden Centre, Webbs of Wychbold and during January the Pantomime in Bath.

In December we have a Christmas lunch for our members. You can easily become a member and would be most welcome.

Shirehampton Park Petition

A petition signed by over 500 people calls for the restoration of Shirehampton Park to its original condition and intended usage. It is important to point out that these signatures were collected by one person, with limited time, standing in the High Street and accostingpassers-by.

This suggests that the overwhelming support for such a move by the signatories is indicative of much wider public support.

Squire Napier Miles meant the park to be 'enjoyed by the public in perpetuity'. However, its present restricted usage limits this enjoyment to dog-walkers and people passing through. The practice of allowing the grass to grow long makes this a no-go area in early summer for hay-fever sufferers.

When I was a child, people would use this park for picnics and recreation. There were picnic tables under the trees. I and my friends would knock down conkers and play in the little 'quarry'. Other children would play games on the flat area, whilst the banks toward the Iron Bridge still provide beautiful views for picnickers across the golf-links to the river and Somerset.

To those who argue that the grass should be allowed to grow for the benefit of flora and fauna, I suggest they look more closely at the local area. There are two large wild-flower meadows on the other side of the golf-course (Sylvan Way and near Horse-ShoeBend) plus a large wild area immediately below Kingsweston House. In fact, with its woodlands, river-bank sites, saltmarshes and other wild places, this area could easily claim to be that part of Bristol with a larger variety of wildlife and flora habitats than any other.

I can foresee a future Shirehampton Park, reverting to its former glory, used and enjoyed by many. The flat area is ideal for young families, with clear boundaries and constant oversight by passers-by and traffic. The woods and larger open space are nearby for older youngsters to use. The old tennis-court space, with a suitable surface, would make an ideal, formal children's play area.

The petition will be presented to the appropriate authorities in September.

(I have just received a public communication from the council regarding local green spaces. I was interested to note that an enclosed map designated Shirehampton Park as 'very poor' - the lowest category - in its'current provision of Children's Play Space and Formal Green Spaces and quality of open spaces')

Gil Osman

Chapel Film Club’s East African Blessing

Following on from their donations to Help for Heroes, Chapel Film Club members once again generously dug deep to donate £150 to Tear Fund’s East Africa emergency appeal at the film screening on 15th July. Filmgoers had enjoyed seeing James Nesbitt in the film ‘Blessed’, beautifully filmed on the remote west coast of Scotland.

Our September films will be shown on Monday 5th September and Monday 19th September. Film performances start at 2pm. Refreshments will be served after the film. Our licence prevents us from naming the films in the Shire. If you’d like to find out what we’re showing please call Neil Quarmby on 01173771015.