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Brightstowe Debate Team Places 2nd In Bristol Regional Debate Mate Cup

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A Treasury of Talent

From quilts to knitted cardies, from pictures, paintings and pottery to lace, woodwork, stained and etched glass, hand-made dolls and cards... a true treasury of artistic and creative talent was on display at St Mary's Church at the end of April to raise money for the Tithe Barn Appeal.

The 'Treasury of Talent' exhibition took place on Fri 29th and Sat 30th April and involved over 15 artists who exhibited their work and donated items for sale or auction.

The exhibition began with a special 'private view' on the Friday evening at which over 40 people topped off their Royal Wedding celebrations with a glass of champagne and regal nibbles as they previewed the exhibits and submitted early bids for the much-coveted auction items - including a knitted version of the scene on the Buckingham Palace balcony, complete with the Bride in an authentic replica dress which was only completed on the Friday afternoon for utmost accuracy!

Saturday saw many more members of the community coming in to browse and buy or watch the demonstrations. For the youngsters there was also the chance to try their hand at some pottery.

There was a great atmosphere throughout the weekend and the quality of the exhibits was commented on by many visitors.

Thanks to all who took part and shared their talents on our behalf as well as to everyone who supported the artists by visiting and buying: the event raised a staggering 1300 for the Tithe Barn Appeal!


Brightstowe Debate Team Places 2nd In Bristol Regional Debate Mate Cup

On May 10, a group of 10 students from Oasis Academy Brightstowe's first ever Debate Team travelled to the University of Bristol to compete in the first ever Bristol Regional Debate Mate Cup. They faced off against opponents Fairfield High School and The City Academy in a gruelling 3-round debate competition and walked away with a 2nd place finish.

During each round the debaters were given a topic with each side, made up of a four-person team, arguing a position: for or against. Each round lasted approximately 40 minutes with debater being given 5 minutes in which to argue his or her point.

"It's tiring," said Leanne Wilson, year 9. "You are doing one topic then you are on to the next. But it is worth it as well. The hardest part is trying to get the best points, to get the judges' attention to make them want to listen to you."

During the Debate Mate Cup the students were given a variety of different topics which they had to debate. Round 1 focused on whether or not it should be legal or not for an individual to sell his or her organs to the NHS. Round 2 found the debaters arguing whether or not music with violent lyrics should be banned or not. And in the final round, Round 3, the debate was over the issue of whether or not prisoners should be allowed to vote.

This group of students began meeting after school for the first time last autumn. Debate Mate mentors come to Brightstowe once a week and work with the students, helping them develop their skills in areas such as developing arguments and delivering speeches. Currently students from years 7, 8 and 9 are participating. The age difference, far from being a difficulty, has been an asset to the group.

"Our debate team is like a family. We respect each other and get along very well," said Sophie Davis, year 9. "The whole thing about the debating experience is to meet new people. Because I work in debate team every week with people from other years I'm not afraid to talk to people in other years now."

William Campbell-Harrison, a year 7 student who participates in the debate team agrees. The youngest student to participate in the debate team in the entire region, William said one of the strengths of the debate team is all the learning and growing that takes place.

Leanne Wilson is a prime example of that growth. When she started debate team last autumn Leanne was extremely shy. Over time, with the encouragement of the Debate Mate mentors and the rest of the debate team, she was finally able to give her first speech. She now participates regularly in debate team activities and was part of the team which won 2nd place yesterday. Leanne was recognized for her achievement by Debate Mate yesterday with a certificate and medal for the Most Improved Overall debater in the Bristol region.

Brightstowe Students Get Inspired By KPMG Execs

The students laughed and leaned forward to listen to the story of KPMG auditor Sarah Webster. Sarah was one of four KPMG executives who recently spoke to a group of year 7 students at Oasis Academy Brightstowe. They came as part of the Inspirational Speakers program which recruits professionals in different fields to come in and address the students about how they came to choose their profession and to describe their unique professional journey. It is hoped the students will be inspired by the stories of these inspirational speakers. That they will realize their own dreams are not out of reach and will begin thinking about how to make those dreams become a reality.

The four KPMG executives who visited the school each hold different positions at the organization and each took a different path to get where they are. Three went to university right here at Bristol University while another did not get a university degree until many years after she began her career and had to take classes at night while pursuing her career. One is a sale and marketing executive, the other in financial support, the third an auditor and the last a senior manager.

"Keep a picture in your head of what you want to be when you grow up and do something to help yourself reach that goal," said Carolyn Tiley, KPMG Sales and Marketing Manager.

The students appeared to respond. To hear the speakers recount their experiences made university, specifically, seem very appealing. Student Tom Murray was very enthusiastic.

"I plan to go to university," he said. "I plan to go to Oxford and study sports."

KPMG Senior Manager Valerie Keld said getting the students to think about the future is what it is all about.

"I think the talks today have made them think a bit more, think a bit wider about possibilities."

Brightstowe Students Take 2nd Place at National Event

"To show our simple skill, that is the true beginning of our end."

~William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

This past Autumn 13 Brightstowe students participated in National School Shakespeare Festival. As part of their participation they performed "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Tobacco Factory Theatre. This was an unusual group in that it was comprised of students from various years, as opposed to students who are all in the same year.

Last week the efforts of this group of students were recognized by the national Oasis family of schools. Nine of the 13 students who originally performed "A Midsummer Night's Dream" attended the Annual Oasis Learning Community Awards. This is a yearly event which celebrates all the great things going on in Oasis schools throughout the year. The Brightstowe group was entered into the "Best Team Endeavour" event and walked away with 2nd place!!

"It was really unexpected to get the award but it was really nice for someone else to recognise all the hard work that our team put into the performance," said Georgina Reed who played Peter Quince.

Helen Ashcroft, Learning & Lead for Drama for Brightstowe, agrees.

"They didn't know each other before the play but, by the end of it, they did. And they helped each other along and worked really well together. They deserved an award because they are a special team."

Warming June

Flaming flowering flowing June
the month when all the flowers bloom

For when it rains in flaming June
We say that summer's gone too soon
Roll out our mats upon some sand
and say that aerosols should be banned

The forest fire is eating tinder
leaving nothing but a cinder
The parched earth is put asunder
Someone said they heard thunder

We roll out our mat upon some sand
umbrella neatly in one hand
Sheep are shivering on the mountain
they've been shorn but we're still counting...

Dorothy Cole

Letters to The Editor

Who are they ?

Four photographs were rescued from 'The Priory', High Street, Shirehampton, prior to the house being converted into flats. The location is now known as Priory Gardens, and is adjacent to the Tithe Barn.

The three adults were photographed in various studios in Birmingham, the baby at a studio in Ilfracombe. On the back of the military gentleman's photograph there is a pencilled name, which could be MONTAGUE. This could either be a Christian or surname.

From old 1966 and 1973 Kelly's Directories, I have listed as residents of 'The Priory', High Street,

Shirehampton a Miss R. Yearn and a Mrs. M. Clarke. Were the people in the photos any of their relatives ? Does anyone know anything about these people ?

I don't want to throw the photographs away but, as I am trying hard to 'declutter' I would like them to go to a 'good home'.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Y.I. Macey

Tel. 07742 914786

Shirehampton High Street

Dear Editor

You may have noticed that over the last few days Alan Cox and his team have been cleaning the High Street. I have just received this e-mail from Alan:

Many thanks for your positive response to our action cleansing the shop fronts and clearing the chewing gum. We are arranging for posters to be displayed in the shops around the village which hopefully will be an encouragement to dispose of the chewing gum in a responsible way in the future..

We will arrange for the Clean and Green Team to visit regularly so it does not build up again.

Best wishes,

Area Co-ordinator,
Waste Services and Streetscene.
Neighbourhoods. 01179222100. 01179224720

This is great news for those of us that enjoy shopping in the High Street without the eyesore of chewing gum and cigarette ends. This would make great news in the Shire.

I have thought for quite some time shopkeepers' could support Alan and his team by keeping their shop fronts clean by sweeping them from time to time. I'm thinking in particular about the cigarette debris outside the Lifeboat and the CO-OP is a regular eyesore.

Best wishes

Pat Todd

In Memory of Mary Miles, 5th May 1927 - 6th January 2011

Mary's family, Vic, Sarah, Sue, Annette and Keith would like to thank family and friends who attended her funeral in January; and also to say thank you to those who made donations to the Alzheimer Society in memory of Mary. The grand total collected was 185.00

So a big thank you to you all,

Sarah Miles

Mrs Miles

I am hoping you might print my letter in The Shire which my Dad keeps for me. In the May 2011 No. 472 edition, I noticed a letter heading Mary Miles. I went to Portway School with Sue Miles and spent many a dinner hour at her Mum's as it was a short walk from Portway Lower School. I remember Sue's mother as a lovely, kind lady and was very sad to read of her passing. Mrs. Miles always stopped for a chat when I saw her which was not often as I moved away. My late mother was a cook at the same time Mrs. Miles worked there.

Dorothy McCulloch's name and address are New Road Farm, Upper New Road, Ceddar, Somerset, BS27 3DW (Tel. 01934744685).

My name then was Jan McCulloch, Thank you.

Jan Debfield

Shirehampton Cemetery

I have noticed for several months now that the gates of Shirehampton Cemetery have been left open at night. As I have close relatives who have been laid to rest there, this matter is of huge concern to me and I am sure it is a problem for many other local residents, too.

I contacted Canford Crematorium & Cemetery and I was informed that, at present, stepping up the security at Shirehampton Cemetery wouldn't be possible due to costings. I was, however, advised that at Brislington Cemetery a group of local volunteers monitor the security of the cemetery and it has worked with a positive outcome for many years.

I was therefore wondering if there are any volunteers in Shirehampton to help me manage this on a voluntary scheme? If you would like to offer a little of your time to help look after our cemetery, please email me at

Many thanks

Helen Edgeworth

Treasure Trail Walk

Join SCAF for a fun treasure trail walk around Kingsweston on Sunday afternoon 17th July. Further details will be in next month's Shire, where to start and where to get entry forms etc. There will be a prize for the best entry of 5, decided by a draw if more than one correct entry.

From Mrs T Tillett Tel 0117 9825486

Ron Redwood 1916-2011

Ron, originally from Shirehampton, was born above his parents' shop in Station Road. The shop, Redwood's Dairies, was also known as Victoria House.

Ron had many memories of the village, including his days as the local milkman and, more recently, he moved from Clevedon 'to come back to his roots'.

I would like to thank all the staff of Bradley House Residential Home for the friendly, professional care Dad received during the last five years of his life.

Sheila Parsons (nee Redwood)

Volunteer Urgently Needed

A person is urgently needed to deliver Shire newspapers in Kingsweston Avenue, EVEN side, from Mancroft Avenue to Lower High Street, approx. 50 houses.

The papers are brought to your door each month for you to deliver. This should take about an hour each month. If you can help, please telephone Pauline on 982 6935. Many thanks.

If a volunteer cannot be found to deliver the papers each month, your paper will have to be collected from either the Library, the Post Office or Hawkins Newsagents.

Recycling Initiative with Tynings Field Community Group

We are seeking your old clothes to fundraise for our group. We offer you 2 per 10kg of your old clothes a percentage of the money we get for each bag goes to our group. We will take all good quality reusable clothing, household textiles, shoes and belts, handbags and soft toys.

Please drop off at 65 Woodwell Road on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week, bag it and put your address on the bag to receive your money.

Our next meeting is on the 23rd May at 7.30pm Cotswold Residents Association, Dursley Road, Shirehampton.

Public Hall Newsletter

Introducing the Trustees of Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association.

The trustees are volunteers who oversee the running of the Public Hall for the benefit of the community. We meet once a month. If you would like to get involved, contact or telephone 01179829963; there is also a website, so do have a look,

The trustees have agreed to describe their commitment to the Community of Shirehampton; last month it was Barbara's story, this month is Jean's.

My name is Jean Edwards and I have been a Public Hall Committee member for many years, firstly representing the Playschool group and more recently the Shirehampton Fellowship.

I am very much a local girl having lived in Shirehampton all my life. My great grandfather lived in Avonmouth from 1891 and my grand parents lived in Barrow Hill Crescent from 1941. My mother was one of ten children and I was her only child. I attended the Old Nursery and then Infants and Junior Schools, followed by Portway Girls School.

I started work in the Co-op in the village straight from school and stayed for nine years. I married Mike Edwards in 1969 and three children quickly arrived, Sean, Mark and Amanda. They all attended Shire Infants, Junior and Portway School and due to those establishments all three achieved places at university. I now have four beautiful and lively grandchildren to help take place of Shirehampton Playschool with which I was involved for some thirty four years.

I think it is important that the lovely Public Hall remains as one of the focal points of life in this village of ours and continues to cement the lives of local people in so many ways.

The Public Hall AGM is being held on June 29th at 7.30pm - All welcome.

All Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

Bristol (Avonmouth) Sea Cadet unit held its biennial Royal Naval Parade and inspection, one of the most significant dates in its calendar, on 12th May. "It's an extremely important event, every bit as rigorous as an OFSTED inspection for a school." said Lt (SCC) Barbara Hillier RNR, commanding Officer of Bristol (Avonmouth) Sea Cadets. "If we do really well, it's a chance for the unit to re-obtain our 2008 burgee status, which is only held by the top ten per cent of Sea Cadet units." The unit held a pennant for 2010, which is awarded to the upper 50 per cent of units nationally. "This year was a really big event when the cadets were not only inspected but had to demonstrate to a senior Royal Navy officer some of the skills they have been learning over the past two years".

Commander J Rees RN, the new SW Area Officer inspected and spoke to the cadets, who meet at TS Enterprise by the river on Station Road, Shirehampton. The event involved an inspection of the cadets by Commander Rees, followed by a simulated open day event demonstrating the skills of the Sea Cadet Corps to the Area Officer and the cadets' families. "They worked really hard to pull it together and we are, as always, very proud of them." said Lt Hillier.

The evening concluded with the blessing and commissioning of the unit's new Trinity 500 class pulling (rowing) boat, 'Puffing Billy' by Cdr Rees, Lt Hillier, the unit chairman and ships company. The service was led by the unit's padre, Rev. James. Prior to the evening the Lieutenant-Commander (SCC) Alison Fowler RNR, District Officer for the Avon District and her staff examined the facilities of the unit as well as the promotions and qualifications gained over the previous year.

The unit, which currently has about 30 cadets, provides training and a whole range of recreational and life-skill activities for its members on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Among the highlights for the unit in the past year are the sporting achievements and the successful visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard's Festival of a Victorian Christmas where the cadets performed 9 hornpipe demonstrations in two days plus a guided tour of the brand new HMS Dauntless. TS Enterprise also takes part in many local public events. "Many people will have seen our cadets at the Veterans' Day commemorations in Kingswood performing the Piling of the Drums routine and as a regular fixture at the Festival of Remembrance at the Colston Hall." said unit chairman, Pat Homer.

"We are all looking forward to a number of events in the next few months including the unit's summer camp at Pier Cellars in Cornwall, swimming gala and Trafalgar Night dinner in October and again the Festival of Remembrance at the Colston Hall in November. Plans are also afoot to re-visit our friends at HMS Sultan in Gosport. We are always interested to hear from former cadets or anyone who would like to join us as an adult volunteer or cadet." concluded Petty Officer (SCC) Christopher Batt.

Sponsored Head Shave

On Saturday 18th June at 10am I shall be having my head shaved to raise funds for St.Mary's Church and the Tithe Barn Appeal.

This seems a rather extreme act you may say, but I feel very strongly about the need to keep St.Mary's Church going and to have a social centre for our whole community and the Tithe Barn will fill this need. It costs a lot of money to keep St.Mary's church open every day and the Tithe Barn Appeal is still in need of funds in spite of some very generous donations from individuals and corporate funding.

So you can either come along in person on Saturday morning and watch me squirm under the razor and give a donation...or you can add your name to the sponsor form on the notice board in church. Any cheques can be made payable to St.Mary's Church Shirehampton and you may use the Gift Aid envelopes in church if you are a tax payer to boost your donation without costing you more! Please ensure that your envelope is clearly marked 'sponsored head shave ' so that the funds go to the appropriate place.

I can't go ahead with this head shave if I don't raise enough money. After all would YOU go through with having YOUR head shaved bald for a few quid?? So please give generously and let us together, as a community, keep St.Mary's as a living growing church and look forward to the completion of the Tithe Barn for us all to enjoy. Many thanks and many blessings to you all.

Sandra Neate

Volunteers Needed for Brownies - We Need You!

Are you looking for something fun and challenging to do? Were you a Brownie, Guide or Leader? Would you be able to spare 2 hours per week to help the next generation of Girlguiding? Can't help every week?

Don't worry, any help would be appreciated. We are in urgent need of volunteers in the Shirehampton and Avonmouth area to work with Brownies as these groups will need to close unless we find some help!

Please help if you can or know someone who can! If you are interested, please contact Emma Weston on 07949491224 or email:

Search is on for the Missing Statue

Photo copyright David Martyn

Photo copyright David Martyn

Bristol community group KWAG (Kings Weston Action Group) have launched an appeal to track down an historic marble statue from one of the Pavilions in the public grounds of historic Kings Weston House in the North of Bristol. The house and the 'Echo' pavilion are both Grade I Listed buildings designed by Sir John Vanbrugh, one of Britain's foremost architects who also designed Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard. The 'Echo' was built in the 1720's and whilst it's still home to the ornate plinth, the statue was last seen forty years ago.

The Georgian statue is clearly seen in a copy of an early photograph generously given to the group by Country Life magazine. The statue is of a woman draped in classical robes and with her hair dressed in a distinctive braided manner though no one has yet been ably to identify whom it represents. Architectural Historian Andrew Foyle said:

" Although we don't know who she was supposed to represent, this Greek- or Roman-inspired figure clearly formed a highpoint of the gardens east of the house. Tracking down the original figure would be of huge significance in the story of Kings Weston heritage."

The statue was toppled some time during the Second World War when the park was used as barracks for the US Army and may have been badly damaged. It was removed to the basement of Kings Weston House where it stayed for a number of years. Until 1970 it was the focus of the student's common room of Bristol College of Science and Technology Architecture department but since then its location has become a mystery. Searches of the City Museum and art gallery have produced no leads.

To coincide with the launch of their campaign KWAG have recreated a scale replica of the statue from the Country Life photo. The full-sized flat figure mounted on board gives the impression of how it once looked and will hopefully help people recall whether they have seen it. As part of KWAG's wider ambition to restore and enhance the whole of the Kings Weston estate the group believe the eventual relocation of the real statue will ultimately prove to be a tough, but iconic achievement.

KWAG representative and architect David Martyn said:

"There must be people in Bristol who know what happened to her. The house has been the home of a school, college, and Police training centre since the War and hundreds of people must have passed through. I'm sure someone must have seen the statue and remembers when she left and where she went. We'd really love to relocate her and see if she can be reinstated."

The Kings Weston Action Group is a community organisation set up to protect Kings Weston Park and House, fight for it's future and protect its past. Formed from a group of local and professional volunteers it hopes to increase awareness of the history of the estate, take direct action to improve and maintain the park, and work with the City Council to inform and secure a new plan for conservation and enhancement.

For more information or to schedule an interview with KWAG please call David Martyn on 0781 666671 or e-mail

Tynings Field Community Group Shirehampton Bristol

We are a new group welcoming members to our community gardening project. With us, gardening is a whole experience. Our aims are to keep chickens and garden and encourage recycling, sustainability, low carbon footprint and local produce. Membership is 5 a year pioneer rates and we are open to membership now. We aim to show that food, nature and animals work together and are going to hold butterfly watch and nature walks as part of a walk for health initiative. If you are interested in joining then our e mail address is find us on or tel 01179773413/9090440/

Hope to hear from you soon.

Connors Hits Gold

Left to right-Tri Nations Gold Medallist Luke Connors with winning Brothers Tom and Jerry.

What a week it's been for the National Smelting Co Amateur Boxing Club. The Shirehampton based club hosted its fifth show of the season at the Henbury Social Club on Thursday 14th of April which was kindly sponsored by Mr Declan Harrington of D & D Trophies. The club promoted an 11 bout bill with ten of the bouts featuring a boxer from the host club. Local MP and NSC club president Charlotte Leslie was on hand to cheer the club's boxers on and hand out trophies.

Smelters head Coach Garry Cave reports "I thought we might be cutting the bill a bit fine with only 11 bouts but thanks to the great support from the visiting clubs we got them all on. We opened the show with three skills bouts featuring Smelters boxers Tommy 'Gun' Dolan, 'Big' Ted Philips, Max Morgan and James Allen which gave the newer boxers the chance to showcase their skills without the pressure of having to win or lose. All the lads boxed with composure showing variety in both defence and attack. We followed with eight competitive bouts, seven with NSC boxers in them, winning five and only losing two, Winners where Cameron 'Cannonball' Lusted, Ben '10' Harvey, Sam 'Smash' Ash, and boxing brother's Jerry 'Mighty Mouse' Connors and Tom 'Tucker' Connors" Informed Cave "Win or lose and most of them won; I was pleased with all the lads' performances , Cameron got his first win after training very hard in the gym, proving that hard work pays off, Ben Harvey landed some great body shots to force a third round late stoppage, Sam Ash returned after sometime out with a win.

Left to right: Tri-Nations Gold Medallist Luke Connors with winning brothers Tom and Jerry

Left to right: Tri-Nations Gold Medallist Luke Connors with winning brothers Tom and Jerry

Both Jerry & Tom Connors put in very polished displays to beat two very experienced boxers from Poole ABC; Jake 'Monster' Musgrove and Shane 'da Bomber' Brown lost on points after both gave it their all.

Luke Connors with his gold medal

Luke Connors with his gold medal

Whilst brothers Jerry & Tom were boxing on the Henbury show, 12 years old, younger brother Luke 'The Force' Connors unbeaten in six bouts, was on his way up to Manchester to compete for England in the Tri Nations Tournament, which sees the National Finalists from England, Wales and Scotland all competing for gold. Luke was crowned National Champion after winning the Royal Navy Schools ABA Championships in Manchester the month before. Said Cave "We tried our hardest to get up to Manchester in time on Friday for Luke's Semi Final but, due to the heavy traffic unfortunately, we missed seeing him winning the semi's by a points decision over the 52kg Welsh Champion Liam Taylor. But we were there on Saturday to see Luke at his very best with a forceful display of nonstop power punching, when he won with a third round stoppage over the other English Rep Jamie Aramayo. It was a proud moment to see Luke on the podium with his gold medal whilst the national anthem was played. What an achievement for this young lad of only 12. Luke's now eight bouts with eight wins National English Champion, Tri Nations Champ and Gold medalist as well as winning both his bouts boxing for England."

The NSC train every Mon, Wed & Fri night from 7-8:30pm at their newly built boxing gym, next door to Avonmouth Rugby club at the end of Barracks Lane, BS11 9NG. All equipment is provided. Ring Head Coach Garry Cave for more details on 07876 233621 or visit the club website

Top Tips to keep your home safe in summer

Always secure windows and doors - even in warmer weather and especially at night.

Keep small high-value items like your car keys, mobile phone, wallet, handbag and jewellery out of sight, and ensure they can not be seen through cat flaps and letter boxes.

Don't keep pin numbers in your diary or saved on your mobile phone.

Set light switch timers for when you are out or away on holiday.

Take an interest in the security at the homes of vulnerable family members and look out for your neighbours.

Report any suspicious behaviour immediately through a 999 call. It is common for an offender to check out a number of properties for entry points before finding a vulnerable home.

Keep photos of your jewellery, take a note of serial numbers and mark your property with a forensic code liquid, like SmartWater. For further information please visit

You should also register your property on

St. Mary's News

Hi Folks!

Well what a wonderful Spring we have all enjoyed and an absolutely super Easter. The good Lord has certainly looked kindly on us after that cold Winter. What a joy it has been to bask in Summertime temperatures!

Looking back, Good Friday seems so far away now. We had a busy day at St. Mary's. First there was the Family Service where the children acted out the appearance of Jesus before Pontius Pilate. They did it very well and we may even have some Charlton Hestons in the making! This was followed by Tea and Coffee and Hot Cross Buns before many went off on the Procession of Witness through the Village. At 1.00 pm there was the Stations of the Cross followed at 2.00 pm by "The Final Sacrifice", a series of readings and music presented by the Shirehampton Area Choir which commemorated Jesus' final hour on the Cross before he died.

After the solemnity of Good Friday it was a joy to attend the 7.00 am Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday morning on Shirehampton Park to celebrate the rising of Jesus from the dead. It was a beautiful sunny morning with the dew fresh on the ground and you could smell the newness of day. Our service lasted about 25 minutes and was led by the Rev. Trevor Hearn. Afterwards we all adjourned to the Shirehampton Cricket Club Pavilion, where, by courtesy of Maureen & Don Geddes and Pat Carter, we were supplied with a Full English Breakfast which really set your taste buds going. Also grateful thanks must go to "Tubs" the Butcher, who once again supplied the food free of charge. Without his generosity we should not have enjoyed such a wonderful breakfast. Thank you, "Tubs". You have really been so kind to us over the years!

After breakfast it was back to St. Mary's in time for Kids Klub at 8.30 am when all the children had a chance to enjoy their usual breakfast and a short service afterwards. This was followed at 10.00 am by our Holy Communion service for Easter. After the service there was a chance for the children to find an Easter Chick in the churchyard which they could exchange for a Chocolate Rabbit! At 8.00 pm to end a very busy day we had a service of Compline - a service of about 20 minutes for quiet reflection on the meaning of Easter Day.

On Friday, 29th and Saturday, 30th. April, St. Mary's held a "Treasury of Talent" - an exhibition of work by local artists and craftspeople with items for sale in aid of the Tithe Barn Appeal. On the Friday evening we had a VIP Private View, when a 7.00 ticket brought you a glass of champagne, canapes, and the opportunity to make an early purchase. You were also asked to toast the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on their marriage earlier on in the day. On Saturday the exhibition was open to all from 10.00am until 4.00 pm. The event was well attended and produced a sum of 1,322.60p towards the Tithe Barn Appeal.

On May Day Bank Holiday Monday we had another of our Open Church Days, when lunches and cream teas were served. This was worth all the hard work and effort by Gill Sawyer to prepare the meals, and raised the sum of 524.00 for the Tithe Barn Appeal.

Now on a sadder note I have to tell you that the dear old black Persian cat - "Squeak" - who was frequently seen around the church and churchyard has sadly died. She was owned by Ray and Liz who live at the top end of Bradley Crescent. She had been diagnosed with thyroid problems and when her condition worsened the only option was to have "Squeak" put to sleep. She was a lovely animal and adored spending time in the churchyard and sitting on the wall near the Co-op where everyone who passed her would stroke her fur, speak to her and give her tit-bits. She was such a regular in the churchyard that even the undertakers would bring her treats when there was a funeral on at St. Mary's. Often "Squeak" would walk in during a Sunday morning service - she would walk right up through the church, around the choir stalls, back down the side aisle and back out through the west door, to the great amusement of any young children present. We will miss you "Squeak" coming in for your regular saucer of milk, but you were such a character it will be a long time before anyone forgets you!

On Sunday, 8th. May at our 10.00am Service the new Parochial Church Council members were dedicated. The Council this year will have an awful lot on their hands. There is the likelihood of the Tithe Barn coming on line, and they will be running the church without a Vicar. Not an easy task, particularly where finance is involved!

Now that the Summer season is with us we once more turn our attention to Open Gardens. If you would like to open your garden to friends or indeed any person, there is a list at the back of the church. You can open your garden at anytime convenient to yourself and it is customary to offer visitors some form of light refreshment. A strategically placed Collection Box is ideal to persuade your visitors to make a donation before they leave - such cash will then be hungrily accepted by our worthy Treasurer towards Church Funds. You do not have to have a garden set out like a park, a suburban garden or courtyard garden is often just as pleasing to see. Whatever type of garden you have - we would love to see it!

At 7.30 pm on Friday, 10th. June we shall be holding in St. Mary's an evening of "Midsummer Memories" - an evening of entertainment that will take you back to your younger years. Even if you are a young person you can see how and what we did when we were your age - so don't be put off by the title! These memories will be accompanied by a knife and fork buffet with Summer Punch. Tickets for this event are 7.00 and are available from Gill Sawyer at the Church Office.

The following Friday - 17th. June - Charlotte Leslie - our Local Member of Parliament - will be holding a surgery here in the church from 5 pm until 7.00pm. So if you have any particular concerns which you feel she can assist you with, here is the opportunity to speak direct with her. Two things which have been close to her heart are the future of the now derelict "Lamplighters Pub" and the Daisy Field. She may know something that we don't know!

The following Friday, 24th. June (Mid Summers Day) our Parish Outing will be to Winchester Cathedral, where we shall have a guided tour, followed by a Cream Tea and then Choral Evensong. I'm afraid all seats have been booked. When the booking list appeared it was very quickly filled - which goes to show how popular the previous Outings have been! If we get weather like we have been enjoying recently then it will truly be a wonderful day to remember.

Finally, just a reminder that next month - Saturday, 9th & Sunday, 110th July is our Patronal Festival Weekend. There will be a Summer Fayre from 10.00 am until 12.00noon and Cream Teas from 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm on the Saturday with entertainment by the Shirehampton Area Choir from 2.00 pm until 3.15 pm. On the Sunday, Kids Klub will be 8.30 am and Holy Communion at 10.00 am. This will be followed at 3.30 pm with a concert of music by the Bristol Brass Consort. Tickets for this Concert will be 7.00p and will include Afternoon Tea.

Did you hear about the old lady walking past a Sunday School, when two small boys came out. The first boy said to the other one - "Do you believe in Satan?" The second boy answered - "No, it's like when they tell you about Father Christmas - it's your Dad really!"

'Bye for now - C.M.E.

Shirehampton Book of Remembrance

1914-18, 1939-45

A new, online, Book of Remembrance remembering those who lost their lives during both

World Wars can be found at:


It contains both military and family information and covers families living in Shirehampton, Avonmouth and West Town.

From the Registers at St. Mary's - March & April 2011

BAPTISMS "We welcome you"

  • March - 27th - Tobias Mac MacDonald, Charlotte Jennifer Swiegers, Poppy Jane Wake, Ellie May White
  • April 10th - George Grahame Matthew Marley

FUNERALS "At rest and at peace"

  • March 4th - Catherine Coombs (Canford)
  • 17th - Edward Gibbs (Canford)
  • 22nd - Gordon Weeks, Doreen Hunt (St. Mary's)
  • 25th - Deborah Toy (St. Mary's)
  • April 1st - Elizabeth Fryer (Canford)
  • 6th - Mackenzie Whitton, Charlie Whitton (Canford)
  • 7th - Gerald Harns (Canford)
  • 12th - Ken Long (St Mary's)
  • 13th - Teresa Bruce (St. Mary's)
  • 27th - Ronald Redwood (Canford)

WEDDING BLESSING "All that I am I give to you"

March 26th - Robert & Christine Purdy

Advice Service

Thank you the people of Shirehampton

The Collection Day on behalf of the Shire Advice Service on 23rd April 2011 raised


Thank you for all your generosity and support given to your own local Charity.

A Different Kind of Church... A Messy One!

What would you expect to happen if you went to church on Sunday? Would you expect a rather draughty place with chairs all set out in rows. People all dressed up in their 'Sunday best' clothes, looking rather uncomfortable and not sure what to say to one another. At some point someone at the front might stand up and welcome everyone, some music might play and as if by magic (because no-one has told them to) everyone stands up and begins to sing - and everyone else seems to know the tune, and the words, except you. There are more words, and more songs, and yet more songs and more words. And then a very long bit of talking, another song... .and then everyone goes home.

You are left thinking that it isn't really the way you want to spend time on the one day off you have in the week. Yes you may not have to be at work on a Saturday either, but Saturday is the day when you spend time doing something with your friends, with your family, and with your children. But finding something to do with all the family isn't easy. One of your children might like making things, another wants to play some sort of game, another doesn't really mind what they do so long as whatever it is doesn't take very long and then they always seem to need something new to take their interest. And you can't remember when you had the chance to make or draw something, or try some arts and crafts for yourself. Wouldn't it be better just to take everyone to the seaside for the day? But that can turn out to be really expensive, especially when you have to think about paying for transport and then feeding everyone, and after all that you can't always rely on the weather.

Come and join us on Saturday 25th June, in the afternoon, when the seaside is coming to Shirehampton Baptist Church in Station Road. There will be lots of activities for the whole family to try together and all on the theme of the seaside. There will be games to play, crafts to try, food to eat, and stories to hear. This is church, but not church as you think you might know it... this is church on a Saturday, this is church for the whole family, this is Messy Church... and not a row of chairs in sight!

Shirehampton Cricket Club Update

We spent April getting ready for the new cricket season. Thanks also to all those who helped on the Natwest Club day both internally and externally. The outdoor nets were cleaned and netting hung. The score box was given a good clean and a coat of paint, and the outside of the club was given a tidy up and the flagstones were cleaned. The bar was cleaned and tidied.

The ground is looking immaculate thanks to the efforts of Martyn Bowyer and Chris Day, aided by the purchase of a new pitch cutter(mower).

Internally we made some cosmetic changes with some moving of the pictures and new curtains on all windows. Feedback so far has been positive, so thanks to Mark and Julia Atherton, and Alyson Bowen for their work in completing these. There are more changes planned, and we are working hard to ensure the right balance of improvements/modernization without forgetting our 152 year heritage.

Following the success of the big screen projector we have purchased a brand new, professionally mounted one. Funding for this came from the successful Rugby dinners that were held at the club during the Six Nations Championship. Thanks to Maureen Geddes, Pat Carter, Pat Allen and Ross Geddes for preparing food, waiting on tables.

Another new addition to the club house is a new high table and four swivel stools. This was kindly donated by Sinead O'Connor. Internal redecoration and furniture replacement will be our next big priority.

Despite the fact that everyone who attended the race day at Cheltenham returned with considerable lighter pockets, we still managed to have a great day out and contributed to club funds in the process.

During the season Rosina (Catering) will be looking to host some post match food when teams are nearby, and when Rosina is unable to do this we will be looking to roll out Ben's Burger bar again! Dates when food will be available will be published in advance - so keep your eyes open.

We are planning to host a big Community Fair on August 28th. We will need ALL club members engaged in this as it is an ambitious project, so keep the date free and watch out for more detailed communication on this topic.

The cricket season has started!

Outdoor Nets - 2011

Seniors and U17's

Main nights will be Tuesdays with a second option of Thursdays. Practice will start at 6.15.

Under 15's and Under 13's

Main practice night will be Fridays from 6-7.30pm.

Under 11's

Usual practice will be Monday night's 6-7.30pm.

The first games of the season have been played with our 1st & 2nd X1 and our Under 17s all notching up good wins.

I wish all teams at every age group a successful season in 2011.



Shirehampton Community Fair

On Sunday 28th of August Shirehampton is going to have its first summer community fair at Shirehampton Cricket Club. Preparations are well under way and we have a variety of stalls already committed.

The aim of the fair is to get everyone together for a fun filled day and highlight the vast amount of clubs, Groups , schools and charity's within the local area and give them a venue to advertise and to raise funds.

The fair will be from 12.30 till 5pm with face painting, bouncy castles, an array of food, beer, cider tent, coconut shy, beat the keeper and lots of fun and exciting stalls. Also during the day there will be music and entertainment on our outdoor stage. From 5:30 there will be a BBQ and a number of bands to finish the day off.

There are still a number of stall and entertaining spaces available. So if you would like to be a part of the fair or have any enquiries please contact Ben or Monica (0117 9048905)

We are having 2nd planning meeting on the 12th of June at Shirehampton Cricket Club at 5pm. so if you would like to know more or be a volunteer on the day please come and join us.

Let's show off what Shire has to offer!!

Football Crazy

Calling all footballers out there - young, old, good, even not-so-good. Oasis FC (part of the Oasis Community Hub: Brightstowe) would like to recruit footballers of all abilities to play:

Saturday mornings - we have an adult team playing in the Bristol Churches League and hope to start a 2nd/development team.

Sunday mornings - (hope to enter the Bristol Casuals League) for veterans and 'non-footballers'

Friendly Football and 5-a-side - irregular fixtures and midweek 5-a-side for fun and fitness.

Our home ground is the glorious setting of the Port of Bristol Sports Ground (Nibley Road), which includes the Social Club for an after match drink, to watch Sky Football on the big screen and to reflect upon moments of football brilliance or disasters.

We want to cater for all abilities with no upper age limit. So it's time to dust off those old boots and show the kids a few moves !

If you would like to get playing again and/or you play already but would like to join a local club to play for fun, fitness and friendship, then contact:

Julian Mines (07747309321) or

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Shire Publications will take place on Monday 4th July at 5.30pm at Shirehampton Methodist Church, Penpole Avenue.

The AGM is a time to look back on all that has been achieved over the past year as well as plan for the future. This year, we will be thinking especially about our plans to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Shire which falls in February. We are hoping to organise several events during the course of 2012 to celebrate this great milestone so watch this space!

All members of the community are welcome to come along to the AGM to find out more about how your local newspaper is organised and maybe get involved. There are opportunities to help with the editing and production of the paper as well as other administrative support roles on the committee.

If you are interested, we look forward to seeing you there or you can contact me directly on 07886 217139 or email

James Harris


Man Charged with Attempted Murder

SHIREHAMPTON: A 30-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder following an alleged stabbing incident last month.

Lee Hahn, of The Ridge, Shirehampton, is accused of stabbing Robert Bosley in Speedwell Road on April 27.

Hahn appeared at Bristol Magistrates' Court on Saturday.

No application was made for bail and he was remanded in custody by magistrates until this Friday when he is due to appear by video link at Bristol Crown Court for a further hearing.