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Metal Thieves Target Lamplighters

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Great Family Fun at Avon Primary!

Metal Thieves Target Lamplighters

Sometime between 26th and 29th July, vandals tore down the metal archway at the Station Road entrance to the Lamplighters Inn, damaging the brick wall on which it was mounted. They also broke a number of panes in first floor windows.

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

On the morning of 30th July a blue van appeared outside the Lamps and the men inside attempted to take away the arch. Police on the Portway, alerted by a passing driver, arrived and prevented the men from carrying off the arch.

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Photo: Bob Pitchford

Avon and Somerset Police say that the number of metal thefts in the area has risen sharply since January and they are working closely with local councils and local metal yards to help catch criminals involved in metal theft.

The police are encouraging people to be vigilant. Public buildings, and especially buildings which are unoccupied, are prime targets for metal thieves. So if anyone, including workmen, is seen working on the Lamplighters Inn at any time they should be reported to police so they can check if the work is legitimate.

The Squire and Marie Hall

It is interesting to learn from old press cuttings that Napier Miles, our last squire, and patron of the arts, was not only famous as a musician in Bristol and the West Country, but that his fame extended to London. He had several works performed there, to favourable reviews. It seems a shame that we hear so little of his compositions these days.

Marie Hall, who stayed with the squire at the same time as Ralph Vaughan Williams and gave the first performance of Lark Ascending at the Public Hall, was ranked, by one music critic of her day, along with the greatest violinists in Europe, such as Kriesler. She came from a poor background and, but for the patronage of people like Squire Miles, she may never have played in the Royal Albert Hall, or Carnegie Hall in New York.

Gil Osman

Do you use your local railway station?

I was recently very surprised to see the number of people using our train service from Avonmouth. Many use it to get to the local stations on the line but you can also link further afi eld by changing at Temple Meads - and you can pay and get your ticket on the local train.

I took the train from Avonmouth Station (10.35am) and went to Swindon. The average journey time is 1 hr 30 minutes and the cost £13.90 for a day return – it wasn’t worth getting the car out. Did you know you can also travel to Weston super Mare for just £6.80 day return?

The fares quoted are “off peak”. If you have access to a computer just go onto to fi nd out more.

Our railway is more than just a local line, it just means a short wait at Temple Meads – no traffic – no parking problems – environmentally friendly and stress free!

Bob Chubb

Letters to the Editor

Happy memories

Dear Editor,

I have just read the article in this month’s issue of Shire on Penpole School by Gil Osman. It brought back very happy memories of my own time at the school, from 1952 until 1955.

I too have been trying to get hold of photographs of the old place, without success. If anyone has photographs and is able to either lend them to me for copying, or can email them to me (, I would be most grateful.

Many thanks,

Terry Hughes

Wildlife garden

Thank you to everyone who came to the Open Garden afternoon at 65, Woodwell Road - you raised over £50 for the Tithe Barn! It was nice to see people interested - as it is rather diffi cult to fi nd the address! I hope you enjoyed the blackberries too. We will be working on making this even more of a wildlife garden in coming months and introducing some native species, as well as some rose arches or a maze and hopefully building another pond for next summer when we will be opening the garden again.

Caroline Penny

Dogs Trust

Dear Sir/Madam,

Over 70% of dogs arriving at Dogs Trust rehoming centres have received no basic training learning commands such as “sit”, “walking on the lead” and “retrieve”. With over 16,000 stray and abandoned dogs arriving at our centres each year, this leaves a huge task for the charity’s 24 Training and Behaviour Advisers.

To help prevent even more dogs being abandoned, Dogs Trust has set up a series of FREE online training videos called Dog Training Made Easy to help teach basic dog training and commands to owners. The videos are only a couple of minutes long and can be accessed online at

Training your dog should be every responsible dog owner’s duty and I hope these videos will help everyone to access training easily and have fun with their dog.

Yours sincerely,

Clarissa Baldwin OBE, Dogs Trust Chief Executive

“Thanks for the surprise!”

Bryn Chilcott would like to say a big Thank You to all his friends on the Cotswold Estate, who made his 80th birthday so special on July 16th. A very big Thank You to Bridget and Jane - Bridget for holding the celebrations in her home, and Jane for providing the lovely food along with Bridget. The party atmosphere was raised a notch when Bryn entertained everyone with some of his favourite songs, ably accompanied by Mair on piano! Margot did an excellent job of steering Bryn into Bridget’s after the two of them had walked their dogs, where he was greeted by everyone with a rousing ‘Happy Birthday’. A happy, merry celebration on The Cotswold. (Thank you for your donation - Ed)

Volunteer urgently needed . . .

A person is urgently needed to deliver Shire newspapers in Groveleaze nos. 33-69 and at the bottom end where the houses are turned into flats. Also to Shirehampton Care Centre.

The papers are brought to your door each month for you to deliver. This should take about an hour each month. If you can help, please telephone Pauline on 9826935. Many thanks.

If a volunteer cannot be found to deliver papers each month, your paper will have to be collected from either the Library of the Post Office.

Oasis Academy Brightstowe Says Goodbye

At the end of term, we said a final goodbye to Academy Principal Mrs Winterman and Vice Principal Mrs De Sousa Wyles.

We are very sad to say goodbye to these members of the Academy Leadership Team, and from all of us, we say a massive ‘thank-you’ for what you have done for Oasis Academy Brightstowe, which has benefitted students, staff and the local community.

We look forward to welcoming in September, our new Principal Mr Butler, and our new Vice-Principal Mrs Kaur.

Steve Chalke, Founder and CEO of Oasis Community Learning, is confident Mr Butler is the right person to lead the Academy. He said: “Matthew has been an exceptional Vice Principal and comes to Oasis with a proven track record and an outstanding reputation in team building, raising attainment and achievement in a variety of schools.

“He has helped guide his current school, an Academy in Pimlico, from strength to strength. In short, I am convinced that Matthew has the leadership skills, clarity of vision, educational strength and commitment to Oasis’ ethos that will enable him to continue shaping the growth and success of Oasis Academy Brightstowe and the students in our care.”

Ofsted praise for Oasis Academy Brightstowe

In a recent Ofsted monitoring visit, Oasis Academy Brightstowe was judged to be making good progress towards raising standards.

In their first visit to the Academy which opened in September 2008, inspectors found that Oasis Academy Brightstowe had a strong focus on learning, and high expectations in terms of student achievement and behaviour.

They also praised the school’s ‘calm and purposeful’ atmosphere, which they attributed to the ‘significant change in attitude’ which has taken place since becoming an Academy.

The Ofsted team recognised that the Academy had come a long way and acknowledged that student attainment was ‘rising strongly overall’.

Importantly, the inspectors reported that the quality of teaching and learning has improved. The report stated that ‘students are able and willing to talk about the progress they are making, with even the most reluctant learners enjoying learning as a result of better teaching.’

What was also very clear in the report was that Oasis Academy Brightstowe has a strong sense of community and provides a happy and safe learning environment for its students.

Principal of Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Julie Winterman, said, “We are really pleased with this report and feel that we have made a step in the right direction towards raising standards and driving improvement. “However, we recognise that there is still a long journey ahead of us. We will be continuing to work hard to improve the quality of teaching and learning across the Academy and ensure we are doing everything we can to meet the needs of each individual student to help them succeed.”

Jim Tolman Memorial Fun Run

ON Sunday 18th July, Oasis Academy Brightstowe held a Memorial Fun Run and Family Picnic event to honour the memory of Jim Tolman, a much loved member of staff who recently died from cancer.

Local people of all ages joined in a 1km Fun Run round our sports field in memory of the former PE teacher and, despite overcast skies, the event was enjoyed by all. With the help of generous donations from those who took part, the Academy raised £436.88, which will be split equally to fund a memorial to Mr Tolman and to make a donation to Cancer Research UK. The Academy extends a big ‘thank-you’ to all those involved.



We would welcome new trustees coming forward to join our board – if interested, or for further information about the AGM


Shirehampton Public Hall Newsletter

WE are currently making repairs to the Hall in the Kitchen and Model Railway Room due to leaks, caused by the theft of the lead from the roof. This has meant the replacement of ceilings and equipment and floor of the Model Railway Room. This was one water feature we could have done without!!

The kitchen is being refitted and should be ready for action again very soon. The trustees thank all the user groups and the many people who have been inconvenienced due to this vandalism.

Introducing the Trustees of Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association

The trustees are volunteers who oversee the running of the Public Hall for the benefit of the community. We meet once a month. If you would like to get involved, contact

Some of the trustees have agreed to describe their commitment to the community of Shirehampton, so here is Mary’s story.

Photo of Mary Hayball by Bob Pitchford

Mary Hayball: Chair of Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association (photo by Bob Pitchford)

My grandparents Jack and Alice Shields came to Shirehampton having escaped from France at the beginning of the First World War. My Grandfather had worked with racehorses at a big racing stable in France. They came as refugees carrying their belongings in a few suitcases. My mother Margaret was born in Shirehampton, as were her four sisters and seven brothers.

I have lived in Shire for the whole of my life. I am a Catholic, a parishioner at St Bernard’s Church, where I currently work with the younger members of the parish and also happen to be “Flower Lady”. I attended St Bernard’s Primary School and eventually went to St Thomas More Secondary Modern School on the very first day it opened.

I left School at 16 and worked in an office, I was a foster parent to small babies for the Catholic Children’s Society for 15 years.

I am married to David Hayball and we have to two grown-up children, Martin and Debbie. When Debbie started at St Bernard’s aged 5, her teacher Mrs Callaghan asked if anyone’s mummy could sew. Debbie very kindly said that “Mummy could sew”, so as Mummy and now as Nanny I have been sewing as the “Costume Lady” ever since! I was also School Secretary for five years to Tim Smith when he was Head Teacher at St Bernard’s. My grand-daughters left St Bernard’s in July, having taken part in the School Summer Production of Jungle Book.

We (the Ladies) spent several weeks up to our knees in fur making animal hoods and masks! I also run the Toddler Group based at the school, which meets on Wednesdays during term time.

I joined the Grainger Players when Shirley James first started the Group, (it has to be at least 15 years ago) and became the Group Rep on the Committee. I have been Chair of the Committee for two years.

Shirehampton Model Railway Club Exhibition Will be held at The Public Hall Date Saturday 9th October Doors open @ 10.30am until 5.00pm Layouts ~ trade Stands ~ Refreshments Prices ADULT £3.00 ~ SENIORS £2.00 CHILDREN £1.00 ~ FAMILY £6.00

Nature caught on camera

I have been told that this picture shows the footpath that leads to the elusive Buckle Well. Bucklefield was the name of a field near Horseshoe Bend and apparently the well is set in a cave in a limestone embankment. The path takes you on to Sea Mills. Also attached are pictures of some of the wild insects that live in the surrounding area and are frequent visitors to nearby ponds and gardens. They show an orangered and lime green dragonfly with two sets of dark wings - possibly a damselfly, usually the first to colonise new ponds - and a meadow butterfly that is brown and orange in colour - is it a Meadow Brown? Does anyone know? Caroline Penny

Year ends on a high with praise from Ofsted

SHIREHAMPTON Primary School is ending the academic year on a high note with a thumbs-up from the learning watchdog Ofsted.

Inspectors who visited the school in June said it was making good progress in raising academic standards after years of under-achievement.

“There are now few inconsistencies remaining and there is no doubt that standards are improving across Key Stage 2,” they said.

The school, which has more than 400 pupils, was given a notice to improve by Ofsted last autumn because of its historic low results.

But even then the inspectors noted that the school had “turned a corner” following the arrival of new head teacher Louisa Munton, who they said was “a breath of fresh air”.

The team of inspectors who came back to check how things were going said Ms Munton had high expectations and was demonstrating strong leadership in her drive to raise standards.

They said Year 6 test results for 2009, published since the first inspection, had shown a slight rise while teacher assessments for 2010 showed a clear improvement in attainment in both English and maths. “The proportion reaching the nationally expected level has increased by about 10 per cent and there has been a marked increase at the higher Level 5,” Ofsted reported.

Inspector Margaret Dickinson said the school was making good progress in addressing the issues raised. Assessment was being better used to identify individual pupils’ progress and marking was more consistent. Subject leaders were said to be having more impact.

The school was also praised for the way it had developed its provision to extend pupils’ awareness and understanding of different cultures. A map showing worldwide links and demonstrations of Bhangra dance and Chinese New Year celebrations have helped promote learning about diversity

Black belt for Jessica

Congratulations to Jessica Braywood (15) who passed her Shodan (1st Dan) black-belt on Friday 6th August. Jess, who trains at the Kyoto Shotokan Karate Club took her black-belt grading under the European Chief Instructor Hanshi Shiro Asano (9th Dan) in Nottingham, after completing a 3-day course in Shotokan Karate with two of the world’s top Japanese instructors – Hanshi Asano (9th Dan) and Sensei Kenji Sode (8th Dan).

In preparation for her grading, Jess has been training hard twice a week at the Kyoto club in Shirehampton and travelled to Nottingham, London and Torquay to attend national courses with Hanshi Asano.

To achieve her black belt Jess had to demonstrate her ability in a wide range of kicks, punches and blocks, perform a Kata and fight an opponent in Kumite (freefighting). On the Saturday following her grading, Jess competed in a couple of events in the SKI national karate championships and came away with silver medal in the girls’ jumite event.

Kyoto Shotokan Karate Club trains on Monday evenings at St Bernard’s School and Thursday evenings at Avonmouth Rugby Club. Beginners of all ages (5+) are welcome - for details contact Steve on 07890 396 276 or visit

St Bernard’s Team Trampoline Success

Congratulations go to everyone from the St Bernard’s trampoline club, who competed at this year’s team trampoline competition on 21st July at St Bernard’s Primary School. The children delivered many outstanding performances, and produced the following results – 1st Place - Sarah, Amber, Harriet, Daisy; 2nd Place - Gemma, Ellie, Deanna, Freya, Niamh; 3rd Place - Caitlin, Charliann, Hannah C, Hannah N, Eleanor; 4th Place - Aimee, Annalise, Franca, Melyce, Grace

This year’s event also awarded one outstanding student with the title of ‘Trampolinist of the Year 2010’, which went to Gemma Staddon. The top 3 scores of the day were attained by Sarah Sturch, Gemma Staddon and Daisy Staddon.

'Trampolinist of the Year 2010' Gemma Staddon

'Trampolinist of the Year 2010' Gemma Staddon

Everyone worked very hard in preparation for the event and should be very proud of their achievements. I look forward to seeing you all on Sept 8th when we resume training. Lisa Sawyer – Club Coach


The St Andrews Ladies Club is celebrating 40-plus years together. Previously in the 60’s as Young Wives then changing to St Andrews Ladies Club in 1970.

Over the years, our groups has taken part in carnival floats in Avonmouth and Shirehampton, we have raised funds for charities including Guide Dogs, local hospices, Wallace & Gromit appeal and many others. Our current charity is Bristol Stroke Club.

Our meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of the month at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Avonmouth, with various themes from speakers to quizzes and hilarious beetle evenings. We have a summer outing and a Christmas dinner.

On September 21st we are having an evening with supper to look back at happy times and to look forward to many more years together.

So, if you are old members, bring your mementos or memories; or if you think you would like to join, take this opportunity to come along and meet us.

Preserving Shirehampton’s Green Spaces

After the success of “Shire’s Big Picnic” last year, this year we held “Bristol’s Biggest Picnic Protest”- four picnics across North West Bristol to help make the people’s voice heard over Council plans for the City’s green space.

One of these picnics was held on The Daisy Field. Following “Shire’s Big Picnic” and public meeting last year, The Lamplighter’s Land was removed from the list of land at risk from development, but the Daisy Field is still at risk. The picnic was held to show strength of feeling against building on the land and to demonstrate what a valuable community amenity it is.

I’d like to thank Cllr. Siobhan Kennedy-Hall for all her hard work in making the day a success.

I would also like to give a special thanks to local resident Caroline Penney, for all her hard work in defending Shirehampton’s green spaces.

Caroline was responsible for organising Wassailing on the Daisy Field earlier in the year, and is also campaigning against Council plans for a traveller site on Woodwell Road.

We will continue to work to preserve Shirehampton’s green space.

If you want more information on the plans, the Council is running a drop-in where you can look at plans and ask questions. It is on: 15th September at the Portway Rugby Development Centre, Portway, Sea Mills, Bristol, BS9 2HS

If you want to make a difference, write to the Council yourself, detailing, factually, your views on the plans for Shire’s green space.You can write to:

Site Allocations (CD/BH) Freepost BS6529 Bristol BS1 5BR

You can also sign the campaign petition online: Thanks again to all who are working so hard to preserve Shirehampton’s green space for generations to come.

Charlotte Leslie MP Member of Parliament for Bristol North West

Take time to avoid getting “clocked”

Following the conviction of a local tradesman who took a million miles off the clocks of ten vehicles for sale, Bristol Trading Standards have put out the following advice to car buyers:

• Check the MOT history online The MOT history of all vehicles is now online at http:// DG_10020539

Five minutes on the internet can save car buyers months of anguish. You need the vehicle registration mark and the test number of the existing MOT certificate or the reference number on the log book.

• Check the service history Check the mileage figures displayed in the service history and look for service stamps from a genuine dealer. Ideally the service invoices will accompany the service history. Phone the garage that serviced the vehicle and ask if they had any problems with it.

• Speak to the previous keeper Get in contact with the previous keeper (you should be able to find their details in the log book). They can identify the mileage of the vehicle when they sold it and you can check to see if this adds up with the current mileage.

• Get it in writing Check the mileage and ask the seller to record it in writing.

• Look for signs of wear and tear Does the condition of the car match its mileage? Be careful to look out for signs such as worn seats, shiny steering wheels, worn brake/clutch pedal rubbers and other vehicle parts.

If you think a car has been “clocked”, contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or your local Trading Standards Office for more advice.

Craft Exhibition Shirehampton Public Hall Station Road, Shirehampton Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th October 10.00am – 4.00pm

If you would like to take part in this popular exhibition please fill in the booking form below. There is a small charge to enter of 50p per item or £2.00 for 4 or more items. Exhibits are to be brought into the Public Hall on Monday 25th October between 9.00am and 5.00pm. We are not only looking for exhibitors but we are also looking for demonstrators and stewards. So if you would like to help in any way please fill in the booking form or contact Pat Davidson – 0117 9823192

Splice the Mainbrace!

Avonmouth Sea Cadets celebrate with an old naval tradition After the Royal Navy withdrew the tot (of rum) from sailors in 1970, the only time that rum is issued in the Navy today is if the order ‘Splice the Mainbrace!’ is given and, would you believe, it is only for medicinal purposes.

So, since one of the unit staff’s wife had recently had a baby girl, it seemed like a good excuse to demonstrate one of those old naval traditions.

Cadets watched the rum (apple squash) measured out and the water added. An officer was present to look after the Navy’s interests and a Cadet to ensure no-one was defrauded of their full measure. Each cadet was given a tot of the ‘grog’ and a chocolate bar. We even had a rum rat “catching the ullage” (Come and see us and we will explain!)

So, where does the phrase come from? Splicing the mainbrace was a reference to fixing the mainbrace (the largest and heaviest of all the moving rigging called the running rigging) of the mainsail that had broken, usually in a storm or battle. It was hard and dangerous work to splice ropes, some up to 5 inches in diameter, in such a situation. It became typical to reward the sailors with an extra rum ration.

2010 marks the 100th birthday of the original Bristol Sea Cadet unit that was founded in 1910. TS Enterprise was created when this unit was split into the four more local community based units. We would like to remind all former TS Enterprise (or Bristol Sea Cadets pre-1943) shipmates (cadet, staff or committee) about our Cadet 150 reunion on 4 September 2010. We would be delighted to see you (and guests) at our reunion to commemorate this event and the Cadet 150 year. If you wish to attend please contact the unit chairman on 0117 982 39 38, via e-mail or at the address below.

Any photographs, documents and memories of former shipmates would also be gratefully received so that we can mount a small display on the night and to add to our website ( We also have a small number of vacancies for cadets (boys and girls aged 10-18) due to a number of older cadets reaching their 18th birthday. For more details of what we do or how to join please see our website mentioned above or visit the unit.

Bristol Avonmouth Sea Cadets TS Enterprise Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9XA

Shirehampton Christmas Lights Association

The Shirehampton Christmas Lights Association (SCLA) would like to thank the ladies of Methodist Bright Hour from the Methodist Church for their kind donation to their funds. SCLA Vice-Chairman Christopher Batt said “Without donations from organisations like the Methodist Bright Hour, and individuals, we would not be able to put up the nearly 60 Christmas trees along the High Street and the big display on the Co-op. The details of the display for 2010 are currently being finalised including the official switch-on. We will let people know of the date closer to the time in the Shire.” He went on to say “We are always looking for help to dress, erect and remove the trees. Anyone who is interested in sparing a couple of hours please contact me at or call 0117 938 1845.”

Bristol residents offered free electric blanket testing

Bristol City Council and Avon Fire and Rescue Services are once again offering free electric blanket safety checks, together with free safety advice and the chance of a free home safety inspection.

National figures show that 95 per cent of electric blanket fires are caused by blankets which are over 13 years old. Modern designs can also be potentially dangerous as, although they are made to fail safe, problems can still arise through misuse, such as poorly wired plugs and broken switches.

The checks are being held as follows. Spaces are limited so residents are being advised to make that booking now!

Date Venue Time

July 27 Southmead Fire Station 0930-1630

Aug 17 Redland United Reformed Church 0930-1400

Sept 2 Greenway Centre, Southmead 1100-1500

Sept 27 Shirehampton Health Centre 0930-1600

Oct 19 Southmead Fire Station 0930-1600

To make a booking or for further information on testing ring 0117 922 3522


The appeal to refurbish and re-open the Tithe Barn as a community outreach centre has received a threefold boost worth £60,000.

Offers have been received from Bristol-based charity, the Anchor Society, which pledged £25,000; and from the Clothworkers’ Foundation in London, which committed £30,000.

In an added bonus, these two amounts also triggered the release of a grant of £5,000 from the Avonmouth-based Churngold Environmental Fund which had previously been agreed in principle.

Together, the three pledges bring the fundraising total to £154,000, over three quarters of the way to the appeal target of £200,000.

Michael Bothamley, President of the Anchor Society, said:

“The Anchor Society exists to support the needs of the elderly in Bristol, particularly through our LinkAge programme, and so we are delighted to have the opportunity to work in partnership with the team at St Mary’s in realising their plans for the Tithe Barn. Their work will undoubtedly be of huge value to older people in the Shirehampton area and we are excited to be a part of it.”

Appeal Manager, James Harris, added:

“We’re now into the final straights of the fundraising campaign and the finish line is within our grasp! We will be pressing on enthusiastically with our local fundraising events over the next six months but hope that other charities and businesses will now take note of our progress and help us with that final £50,000 we need to reach our target.”

Anyone wanting to support the appeal or discuss an idea for a fundraising event can contact James Harris, the appeal manager, on 07886 217139 or email james@

Farewell to Dr Lisa Ward

Dr Lisa Ward came to Bristol in 1990 to complete her medical training. She joined the Group Practice at Shirehampton Health Centre in the summer of 1993 and became a partner in January 1994.

In 2007 she developed a rare form of leukaemia but, after intensive treatment, including a bone marrow transplant from her brother, she was able to return to work 10 months later.

Unfortunately the leukaemia recurred in June last year. Further treatment involving chemotherapy and a second bone marrow transplant has brought the leukaemia under control but at the expense of significant side-effects that have forced her to retire from medical practice.

Dr Ward said: “It has been a great pleasure and privilege to look after so many people in and around Shirehampton. I have known some families for over fifteen years. I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received from patients, staff and colleagues following both illnesses.

I will very much miss being part of the community in Shirehampton.”

Ham Green Hospital staff in the 1930s

Here are some photos of the staff of Ham Green Hospital in 1939 – it is the building that you can see across the river when walking along the river bank, past Hung road where the old iron moorings or ‘ship hanging loops’ were.

During the ‘30’s and 40’s, my grandad Mervyn Cole worked there as a Medical Assistant. Do you recognise your grandad or anyone you know? At that time, before 1948 and the start of the NHS, the hospital was used mainly for treating things like tuberculosis. The hospital closed in 1992.

Caroline Penny

Clean and Green

Safer Bristol headed up two days of action again this year alongside residents, Bristol City Council, the Police and SCAF.

Tuesday 27th July involved a clean-up through The Ridge, Penpole Lane, Penpole Close and Woodview.

During the day, Bristol City Council’s Clean and Green team took away 1.960 tonnes of rubbish and bulky waste, which had been dumped. This year we had a group of young people working alongside the agencies to help with the clean-up and they worked really hard all day. Thanks to Jobie Snailham, Grace Snailham, Amber Snailham, Jack Laird, Cameron Short, Sam Jenkins and Brandon Pittard.

The second day of action focused on enforcement, which involved BCC Parking Services who issued a total of 14 penalty charge notices during the day, mainly for line contraventions. BCC Licensing Enforcement and Trading Standards visited three retailers and two public houses, for which there were a couple of breaches of conditions and a couple of issues to be followed up with a letter and a return visit. DVLA were out and about through the day and Safer Bristol Street Scene Enforcement also conducted two commercial visits for waste disposal and licences.

Both days were a success and highlighted the importance of partnership working. Thank you to everyone who was involved.

St. Mary's News

Hi Folks!

Our Summer Fayre raised over £2,000 on the day and the Band in the afternoon a further £806.25p. Fortunately for me, my examination on that day on the Rules & Regulations on the Severn Valley Railway was postponed for a fortnight, and I had the pleasure of meeting “Miss Bristol” - Amy Willerton - and even had my photograph taken with her. She is a charming young lady - just 18 years of age and has just completed taking all her “A” Levels!

She mixed easily with everyone and even volunteered to assist with the washing-up in the kitchen. Amy is an excellent Ambassador for the City of Bristol - and it was hard to realise that I am no doubt old enough to be her Great Grandfather!! What a pity my youth has now passed me by!!!

On Thursday, 23rd. September, from 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm we are holding an “Alpha Course Introductory Supper” in St. Mary’s for anyone who may be interested in knowing what the Course is all about. The Course proper starts on Thursday, 30th. September and will be for every following Thursday until 25th. November - each Session starts with Supper. Go on - give it a try - see Gill Sawyer or Canon Christine if you are interested! Our theme at our Harvest Supper will be the “Samaritans’ Purse”. “Whatever is that?” I can hear you asking. Well, this year our Harvest Appeal is to fill a shoe box with gifts suitable for children. These boxes will then be distributed to 13 different countries for children who have NEVER ever received a gift at Christmas time.

A “Sale” is to be held in St. Mary’s from 10.00 am until 12.00 noon on Friday, 24th. September when items suitable for filling one of these Shoe Boxes will be available for purchase. Although we may in this country be in Recession our children will certainly be receiving gifts this Christmas - although they may, because of circumstances, be reduced in number!

Through your generosity in filling one of these Shoe Boxes you can make a lot of young unfortunate children ecstatic with joy and excitement this coming Christmas. Also on that same Friday evening, from 7.30 pm until 10.00 pm, we will be holding our Harvest Supper in church with an “Evening of Illusion” - now there’s something to make you all think. Tickets are available - price £7.00p - from Gill Sawyer at the Church Office.

Our Harvest Festival Service will follow on Sunday, 26th. September at 10.00 am and will be a Family Service with Baptism - so come and sing your hearts out to “We plough the fields and scatter . . .” At 6.00 pm we will be holding our monthly evening Holy Communion Service with Healing - again all are most welcome.

On Sunday, 3rd. October our 10.00 am celebration will include a “Pets Service” when we would welcome pets of all kinds and sizes - I know we will be having a Pony or Horse from the Kingsweston Riding Centre for the Disabled if all goes to plan! At that Service, the Venerable Reverend Alan Hawker - Archdeacon of Malmesbury - will preach to us.

This will be the last opportunity to hear him preach as he is retiring at the end of October.

Tim Forder has asked me to remind all members of the Shirehampton Area Choir - and anyone else who would care to come and join us - that Rehearsals commence again on Tuesday, 14th. September. Christmas is not that far away!!

On Wednesday 8th. September, from 4.00 pm until 5.30 pm there will be a new “Girls Only Group” for girls aged 9 to 11 years. This will meet in church and will be on each Wednesday thereafter and will include Tea and Activities. Call into church beforehand to sign up - there is NO CHARGE everything is absolutely FREE!

On Monday, 20th. September we are starting “STOMP” - which is “Hip-hop” and free style dance sessions. Look into the Church for more information. There are to be two - 1 hour Sessions - one for Keystage 2 children and the other for Keystage 3 children. These Dance Sessions are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

On the third Thursday of each month - commencing on Thursday, 16th. September from 3.30pm until 5.00 pm will be “Messy Church”.

I bet you are all saying to yourselves - “but the Church is always tidy!” Well this is aimed at Children of any age - who should be accompanied by an Adult per family and will include Refreshments, Crafts, Activities and lots of Fun and once again is FREE TO ALL! Do look into the Church on the third Thursday of the month and see if it appeals to you. If you don’t come - you will never know!!

Well, that’s all for this month.

But did you hear about the Priest who became rather deaf, and as people tend to whisper at times of Confession, he requested that members of his congregation write them down on a piece of paper and pass them over. This worked quite well, until one day a woman handed the Priest a slip of paper bearing the message - 1/2lb of Tea, 1/2 lb of Butter, 2lb of Sugar, 3/4 lb of Cheese. When the Priest passed it back, the absent minded woman could only reflect bitterly on the list of sins she had left with her Grocer!!

‘Bye for now - C.M.E.


BAPTISMS “We welcome you” - July 25th, Mia Blunt, Niall Dark, Ava Matthews, Charles and George Rawlinson

WEDDINGS “All that I am I give to you” - July 17th Paul Turner & Kayleigh O’Donovan

FUNERALS “At rest and at peace”

July 1st Graham Burke, 5th Iris Fletcher, 6th Arthur Price, 7th Richard Jeffears, Esme Lowe, 14th Lillian Bakewell, 15th Winifred Driscoll

Thomas Davis Rededication ON Wednesday 11th August

Canon Christine Froude and representatives of local churches joined Michelle & Roy, the staff of Thomas Davis, where Canon Christine led a very special service of re-dedication and blessing of the newly refurbished office and Chapels of Rest

Creatures of the Holy Well, Woodwell Road

Old maps of Shirehampton show a well in Woodwell Road at the junction of Woodwell and St Bernard’s Road – and no doubt it was used by villagers, but where is its source?

If you follow Woodwell Road down into the old part of Woodwell, past the cottages, you are in fact following the course of an underground stream. Let the evening breeze rustle the trees as bats come over your head; you are walking on a pilgrimage to the holy spring of Bucklefield.

Somewhere, known to only a few, deep in nature and not far from the allotments, it lies undisturbed; access is limited and steep.

Its waters may have served Roman villas nearby or neolithic man. Records from 1894 state that the waters of the holy well in Shirehampton were favoured by opthalmic patients and the water was said to aid sight.

People travelled to the well from far and wide. The area is surrounded by animals and rare species

such as the great crested newt, and a badger’s den. Those of us lucky enough to live nearby benefit from an abundance of wildlife and rare species in our garden ponds as our gardens are havens for these creatures to travel the hedgerow and railway line as a natural corridor.

Anyone who lives along the Portway or near the allotments who has a garden pond would be advised not to keep fish as they can kill baby newts. Alternatively, simply build a ‘newt pool’ in the garden, a black liner filled with water or rain water and a little weed will attract them in a rough area of your allotment or garden. They like the shelter of long grass and stones to hide under.

The crested newt looks like a mini crocodile but is not crested all year round, and females in particular are not. They are dark in colour maybe a bit blotchy with a yellow orange underside and larger than average with tails. It is a criminal offence to destroy or handle them but not to watch them. Report any sightings of wildlife to BRERC 3rd Floor Central Library Bristol or better still phone/ write to the Council ecologists.

Anyone who knows if the Woodwell area is haunted or who has any stories to tell of it about wildlife they have seen or experienced please do, as wells and springs are said to be very spiritual places for Christians and Pagans alike and shrouded in mystery. Caroline Penny

Shirehampton Baptist Church welcomes you . . .

. . . to ‘come as you are’ on Sunday 26th September from 10:30am. This is an open invitation for you to come and see what church is all about. If you don’t want to come on your own then bring a friend along with you. If you have been to a church service before – perhaps when you were younger - and remember it being cold, uninspiring and not relevant to your life, it is quite possible that it has changed and isn’t how you may remember - so come and join us. After the service has finished there will be the normal tea and coffee followed by a fellowship lunch, where you can find more about the church.

If you are free on Tuesday Mornings during term times and are aged under five, then where have you been for the past year? For the past year Mainly Music has been helping children to develop skills through music, rhyming and social interaction. This takes place between 9:00 and 11:00 am at the church and will be starting again this month. Not only do carers and parents meet, make friends and chat while their children play, at 10:00 am everyone joins in to songs with actions, words and rhythms which are familiar. If you would like to ‘Make a Rainbow’ with ribbons or sing a few rhymes then put September 14th in your diary (or ask your parent or carer to) so that you can see what Mainly Music is all about.

On Sunday 3rd October we would also like to invite you to our Harvest Service at 10:30am, where there will be a chance to see what God has provided. The service will feature dramatic pieces and inspiring teaching in a warm and friendly environment. It would be lovely to see you there.

If you would like to find out more information then log on to our website at: or call the Church Office on: 0117 982 8238 and ask for Chris Grant.

Great Family Fun at Avon Primary!

Great fun and excitement was had by the children, families and community of Avon Primary School at their first Summer Bazaar.

The sun shone and the event, which was held in the school’s lovely grounds, provided an entertaining and assorted selection of activities, stalls and games.

Year 3’s Mr Parslow was in charge of the football net whilst the Chair of Governors, local resident Darren Burke, did a grand job on the bottle stall.

The children from Year 6 worked hard during the afternoon setting up the tables and stalls and helping clear away afterwards.

Many of the raffle and stall prizes were donated by the local community, and the School and the Parent Teachers Association would like to express their thanks to the following for their generosity and support:

Bobbetts Greengrocers; Co-Op; Elite hair and beauty; Nails; Pauline’s Hairdressers; PJ Hairdressers; Premiere Store; Shirehampton Bakery; Shirehampton Golf Club; Spud Murphy; Avonmouth Stores.

The children so enjoyed the event there are already plans in the pipeline for a Christmas extravaganza. Watch this space!

Proposed changes on the Portway

The City Council is consulting the public on 2 proposed road safety proposals on the Portway.

The fi rst is a review of all speed limits on the A4 Portway. The road has been reviewed with reference to government guidance Circular 01/2006 to provide greater consistency and ensure that speed limits refl ect the needs of all road users. This consistency aims to improve respect for speed limits and to help continue to reduce road casualties and especially the number of speed-related collisions.

The second scheme is the installation of a new TOUCAN (signalised crossing - catering for both pedestrians and cyclists) on the Portway, near Roman Way. This crossing is being proposed to help pedestrians and cyclists cross the road safely and will be particularly useful for people waiting at the recently improved bus services. As part of the scheme the speed limit will need to be reduced from 50mph to 40mph to aid the safe operation of the crossing.

Full details of the schemes are on the City Council website, at Any comments should be sent to the following freepost address, before 10th September 2010:

Customer Focus (CMB/WH), FREEPOST BS6529, BRISTOL, BS1 5BR

Jungle mural brings school wall to life

PUPILS in Shirehampton can imagine they are in a tropical jungle thanks to a new mural.

The outdoor mural has been completed at Kings Weston Centre at Shirehampton Primary School, thanks to the work of artist and teaching assistant Ed Howe.

The unit works with 24 children with special needs and is based in the grounds of the primary school, in St Mary’s Walk. Staff, children and parents helped to organise a traditional summer fete to raise funds for materials.

Centre learning director Sara Pollock said: “We held a mini summer fete with the children, there was a raffl e with prizes such as respite days out for children. In total we raised about £185 and we wanted to put this towards the paint for an outdoor mural for the children to enjoy.