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42 Dwellings Threat to Daisy field

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Longest trading charity shop in Shirehampton celebrates 20 years

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Hovercrafts visit Shirehampton

The Fighting ‘G’ in the Dock

42 Dwellings Threat to Daisy field

Last year the City Council announced that it was developing an Area Green Space Plan covering each Neighbourhood Partnership in Bristol. Local residents were extremely concerned that this might lead to disposal of local open spaces.

A number of meetings and events took place to protest against the possible loss of open spaces, including Charlotte Leslie’s Big Picnic on the Lamplighters Field, and Caroline Penny’s Wassail on the Daisy Field. It was subsequently confirmed that Lamplighters was unsuitable for disposal because of its past use as a waste dump. However, no assurances were given about the Daisy Field.

Entrance to the Daisy Field from Station Road

Entrance to the Daisy Field from Station Road

The Council have now published their Ideas and Options for the Green Space Plan, which is available on the Council Website. It opens a period of public consultation between now and 29 October. It considers many open spaces in Shirehampton, and for most has suggestions for improving them, if and when money is available. However, it sees little value in part of the Daisy Field, which is ominously renamed ‘Portway Tip’. We quote from the Council paper:

“The southern part of Portway Tip is proposed for disposal. There is a large amount of open space is the area, with West Town Lane Open Space to the west and Lamplighters Open Space to the south. It is an aspiration of the council to recognise the ecological value of the wider area by investigating the possibility of creating a Local Nature Reserve in the Lamplighters Marsh area. This includes ecologically significant land not owned by the council and is not currently accessible to the public. The area proposed to [be] disposed of is not ecologically significant.

“The value assessment has clearly shown that members of the local community have made improvements to the potential disposal site.”

Another Council paper is called Options for Site Allocations and Proposed Designations. This document sets out options for use of land proposed for disposal. It also includes the Daisy Field, again named as the Portway Tip. It states:

“The Area Green Space Planning process has suggested that this site is no longer required as open space, and the site is considered suitable for housing due to its residential context. The site is owned by the city council. Development should:

  • provide enhancements to the Lamplighter's Marsh Site of Nature Conservation Interest to mitigate the impact of the loss of open space;
  • address noise and pollution issues from roads and railway.

This site is 0.8 hectares. If the whole of the site were developed for housing at 50 dwellings per hectare this would equate to 42 dwellings.”

1.Map showing the land proposed for disposal

1.Map showing the land proposed for disposal

The area shown on the map has been the focus of a great deal of community activity in recent years. It includes a Community Orchard, a hedgerow and daffodils planted by local residents, and a carved bench made by students from Portway School.

Bench made and carved by Portway Students

Bench made and carved by Portway Students

Reacting to the news, Renee Slater, the Chair of Shire Greens, said: “Shire Greens and local residents have invested time, effort and love in the Daisy Field over the past 7 years. In partnership with the Parks Department, they have improved it to give a valued resource for local people.”

You can see full details of the Consultation proposals on the City Council Website. A paper version is available at all libraries. You can comment on-line. Alternatively, paper and cd versions of the Ideas and Options Paper and questionnaire are available from:

Bristol City Council, Parks, Colston 33, Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4UA
Or by telephoning: 0117 922 3719
Or by e-mailing:

Area Green Space Plan

Many local residents will remember the Public Meeting held on 1 September last year, when council officers faced questions about their possible plans to sell off the Daisy Field and Lamplighters land for housing development. At the time they said that there would be full public consultation before any decisions were taken. The timetable for the formal consultation has now been announced. We do not yet know what proposals will be put forward.

This consultation is due to start on 14th June alongside the Bristol Development Framework Site Allocations consultation. This date will see the full Area Green Space Plan Document published , which we understand will give details of sites identified for potential future development.

The consultation events are being organised through the Neighbourhood Partnerships & we have been advised by Sam Parker that the Avonmouth & Kingsweston consultation event will be on Wednesday 15th September at Portway Rugby Development Club – times & details to follow. This event will be widely publicised by SCAF & The Neighbourhood Partnership.

Daisyfield consultations

In view of the consultations over the Daisyfield residents await the outcome, and I urge all those concerned residents who care about our green spaces to stick together and oppose all planning applications for these spaces applications which can be found on the council’s planning website, or you can write an objection to the Council planning department direct. These areas are important to us as a community and roads leading to those areas are narrow and not suitable for many vehicles. There are bigger issues at work as we gradually lose our facilities from the area if it continues we will be left with nothing in Shirehampton at all, so I urge everyone to do what they can to save what they have. We are not receiving as much support from the political parties now, it seems they have gone quiet on the matter so it is now time for us to speak out.

Caroline Penny

Medal for Shire Resident Bridget

Many of you will have read the brief letter in last months ‘Shire’ from Bridget Williams. It rather understated what she had done to help in raising money for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Bridget has, for many years, been a prominent fund-raiser for Guide Dogs and has served as secretary of the Bristol branch for almost 30 years!

Bridget with her medal, surrounded by the Lord and Lady Mayoress and Sherrie Eugene.

Bridget with her medal, surrounded by the Lord and Lady Mayoress and Sherrie Eugene.

For some reason, some months ago, she decided that a tandem parachute jump was a good way of raising money and bravely (crazily to my mind!) did just that in April. I thoroughly enjoyed the description she gave me of the whole experience and only wish her obvious modesty hadn’t prevented her from waxing lyrical in ‘Shire.’ However, the story doesn’t end there, because on May 11th at the Mansion House in Bristol , Bridget, along with other worthy people, received the Lord Mayor’s Medal in recognition of her selfless and continuing work for the Guide Dogs.

Congratulations Bridget!

Bobbie Perkins

Caption: Bridget with her medal, surrounded by the Lord and Lady Mayoress and Sherrie Eugene.

Tribute for Jim Tolman

On Tuesday 18th May, Oasis Academy Brightstowe received the sad news that long-standing teacher Jim Tolman passed away on Tuesday 18th May.

Mr Tolman had worked at Oasis Academy Brightstowe and its predecessor Portway Community School for 36 years, most recently as Assistant Head.

He had seen the school through many ups and downs and was much loved by staff, students and people in the neighbourhood.

The school set aside its library as a room of reflection and it was filled with cards, signatures, messages, posters and poems paying tribute to a man who many saw as an inspiration.

Staff said they looked up to Mr Tolman as a father figure, while students said he was like a grandad to them.

Jack Hembrough, 15, wrote a touching tribute as part of his GCSE English coursework.

The piece, which told how Mr Tolman had “taught everyone’s mums, dads, uncles, aunties and even grandmothers and grandfathers” and even described how “he used to be handsome back in the day”, was read to the teacher at his birthday party earlier this month.

The Academy’s Head Boy, Scott Jenkins, said: “Mr Tolman was pretty much the ultimate role model. I want to be a PE teacher. He has inspired me and I want to follow his example.”

Jess Griffiths, 16, said news of her A* result in Btec PE had been relayed to Mr Tolman recently and all the students were determined to do well in their GCSEs for his sake.

“I think he was everyone’s favourite teacher,” she said.

Mr Tolman had played semi-pro rugby for Bristol and became president of Old Colstonians. He was also a keen cricketer and swimmer.

He became ill with cancer of the kidney two years ago then returned to the school before developing bone cancer eight months ago.

Mr Tolman, who lived in Downend, leaves a wife Jan, an English teacher who used to work at Portway School , son Joe and daughter Katy.

Julie Winterman, Principal of Oasis Academy Brightstowe said:

“The entire Academy community was deeply saddened by the news that Jim Tolman had passed away.

“Jim gave his whole life to this school, and that he made a significant difference to the lives of very many people is evident from the overwhelming amount of tributes we have received from students, their parents, and the wider community.

“He was most certainly the essence of all that is good in our school and during the 36 years that he taught in this community, he managed to inspire and support all our young people to always achieve their best.

“Jim Tolman was also an inspirational colleague and a wonderful man. He will be sorely missed by all of us.”

Maureen Mason, Finance Manager, previously Secretary to Jim Tolman when he was the Head of the Lower School in Park Road, Shirehampton said:

“I had known Jim for 28 years and am very sad to see him go. He taught my daughter Sarah and son Adam, and was a good friend and colleague of mine.

“I was his Secretary back when he was Head of the Lower School , and he was a lovely man to work with, although he could talk for England ! Life without him at Oasis Academy Brightstowe seems unthinkable at the moment.

“I remember one staff Christmas party when I was recovering from my cancer, I was still too weak to join everyone on the dance-floor, but he came over and picked me up and danced with me. That memory will always be with me.”

Karl Robottom Head of PE said:

“It is difficult to express what a great influence Jim had on everyone who knew him.

“For years he was a driving force in the school and helped us to develop a strong and successful PE Department. The way he looked at things, there was no obstacle that couldn’t be overcome, and he encouraged everybody to adopt the same attitude.

“For the students, he was a constant presence during many turbulent times and they knew they could always rely on him if they had a problem or needed someone to talk to.

“He was also a very active man who enjoyed rugby and cricket, and was very good at passing this enthusiasm onto the students, especially those who struggled with sports.

“Jim was a great mentor and leader and we will always remember what he did for this school.”

Claire Kerslake, PE Teacher said:

“For me and my colleague Emma, Jim was like an adopted father. He was the backbone of the PE department and leadership team for so long, and he was always there for us throughout everything as our friend and tutor.

“One of the many highlights of Jim’s career was in 2008 when our Year 10 netball team won the league and were rewarded by Oasis with a trip to Los Angeles to help teach sport to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. I know that the experience made a big impression on him and he worked hard to share what he had learnt with all of us.

“What I will remember most about him is that he was always ready to help a student or member of staff – he never turned anyone away, and we will all miss his guidance and friendship.”

Danny Haines PE Teacher said:

“Jim was an inspiration to me and all the PE team, and we will miss him greatly.

“Teaching with him was a real privilege, and in many ways he taught me everything I know. One of the things I admired most about him was that he never lost his temper and always kept his cool in difficult situations.

“He had a real way with the students too and could always convince a reluctant child to pick up a tennis racket or join in with an activity. They used to call him ‘David Hasselhof’ because of his love of swimming, and I know that they will miss him greatly.”

Julian Mines Hub Co-ordinator said:

“Having taught at the school since 1974 and organised many events with local primary schools and sports clubs, Jim was held in very high regard by the immediate community.

“He had taught many generations of local people, and was a poignant link with their pasts. He saw students grow up and start families of their own, and then taught their children in turn.

“He devoted himself to this community and stuck with them through difficult times and changing scenery. This courage and faithfulness is what made him so well-loved and are what he will most certainly be remembered for.”

Avon (University Settlement) Community Association

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (sponsors of Shire Advice Service) will be held on Wednesday 14th July at 7.15pm at 115 High Street , Shirehampton.

This is an open meeting

Singing for our Heroes

Last month The Grainger Players performed their show “The Fantastic 80’s”, once again raising funds of £190.00 for Help For Heroes. Monica, Liz and The Grainger Players would like to thank everyone for their donations to the cause and of course your continued support to The Grainger Players and the shows they perform.

The next show will take place on the 5th and 6th November at Shirehampton Public Hall and is entitled “A Rainbow Of Memories”. Songs will cover over five decades of music and there will be one or two old favourites that will be performed.

If you’d like to join The Grainger Players then please contact us via e-mail: or simply call into Shirehampton Public Hall to pick up a form. (Please be aware there is a waiting list to join this group.)

You can also check out our web page: for the latest photos taken from “The Fantastic 80’s” show

Volunteer Urgently Needed...

A person is urgently needed to deliver Shire newspapers in Kingsweston Avenue to Mancroft Avenue – odd numbers only.

The papers are brought to your door each month for you to deliver. This should take about an hour each month. If you can help please telephone Pauline on 9826935. Many thanks.

If a volunteer cannot be found to deliver papers each month, your paper will have to be collected from either the Library ort the Post Office.

Re Distribution

May I also ask, please that the people who put the papers through the doors, do so as quickly as possible after their receive them from the drivers.

If you are going on holiday when the newspapers are due, will you please arrange for some-one to deliver the papers on your behalf or ask some-one to accept the papers on your behalf, until your return. When you have done this please advise Pauline (9826935) so that we may advise the driver where to leave the papers.

Thank you

Avon Cycleway

An 85 mile circular route taking in the Avon Gorge, Chew Valley and the Severn Estuary. The Avon Cycleway follows the Railway Path from Saltford to Mangotsfield.

Leaflets are available from: Life Cycle UK, 86 Colston Street , Bristol BS1 5BB . Tel: (0117) 929 0440 or visit

Bristol City Council tel (0117) 903 6701

Visitor Attraction Scoops Another Award

A popular Portbury visitor attraction is celebrating after picking up another gong.

Oakham Treasures was awarded a silver medal in Best Small Visitor Attraction category at enjoy England’s National Awards for Excellence ceremony.

The attraction opened in 2008 and features one of the largest collections of vintage farm machinery and retail items in the country. It also has a large on-site farm shop.

This national award follows the attraction’s recent gold in the regional South West Excellence Awards.

The Summer Reading Challenge

SPACE HOP One giant leap into Libraries

Where? At all Bristol Libraries

When? From 12th July - 10th September

Why? Have fun reading!

How? Pick up a Space Hop folder from your local library. Read books, collect stickers and play games on the website.

Take part! In fun activities happening in Bristol Libraries during the summer holidays.

At the end? Collect a medal, certificate and one voucher for a free DVD issue and enter a prize draw.

Join the library! It’s easy and free. Ask staff at your local library to help you. Children under 15 will need the permission of a parent or guardian.

Smelters Belters

The National Smelting Co Amateur Boxing Club (NSC ABC) finished its season in fine style at its boxing show held at The Pill Memorial Club on Thursday Night the 20th of May. The show was kindly sponsored by Mr Declan Harrington of D & D Trophies.

The Pill crowd where treated to a bill which featured 11 competitive bouts with nine boxers from the host club climb through the ropes. Opening the show for the ‘Smelters’ was 11 year old ‘Big’ Ted Philips in his first competitive outing matched against Leon Hogan from Tiverton. Philips showing no first time nerves as he set to business with an all action three rounds of boxing. Informed Smelters Head Coach Garry Cave “I was really impressed with Ted’s performance he boxed brilliantly for his first bout, at the Smelters we don’t put our Boxers out until we know they’re ready, can defend themselves and are fit for the three rounds. Ted showed all that with a great display of boxing.”

Next up was 11 year old stable mate Luke ‘The Force’ Connors hoping to clinch his second win boxing Jack Rice of Downend ABC. After a close opening round, Connors in the second switched his attack to the body landing some thudding hooks to the ribs of Rice taking the wind right out of him. Said Cave “We’ve been working on body punching in the gym and Luke throw some great hooks, once you get nailed with a sickener like that it’s very had to comeback from and the Referee was right to wave the bout off midway through the second. Luke use to be the Joker of the pack, but he’s settled down now, is a pleasure to coach and it will take a very good boy to beat him”.

Third up was 13 year old Jack Harper versus Lee Knight of Gloucester . After a spirited display from Harper, which saw the NSC youngster have to dig deep to stay with the punch rate of Knight, the three judges awarded the bout to Knight. Said Cave “Jacko showed a lot of heart and hopefully with some extra training he’ll win next time out, you can’t win em all”.

Hoping to get the club back to winning ways was ‘Dazzling’ Dan Shackell boxing local rival Tom Williams of Downend ABC. Meeting in their third encounter with the score one win each.

Said Cave “These two lads always put on a good bout and are an even match, after three very closely contested all action rounds Dan did just enough to get two of the judge’s votes with a majority points win. Added Cave “ A wins a win and it will go again, we wouldn’t have moaned if it had gone the other way but Dan always seams to do just enough to get the nod”.

Next to box was Dan’s brother James pitched against Broadplain’s Jake Smith. Reported Cave “ Again this was another close bout, but Smith had the higher work rate and threw some eye catching combinations but James had a tight defense taking many on the gloves and countered back with some scoring shots of his own. After three hotly contested rounds Smith won with a majority points decision. James boxed really well but was just edged out against the best and oldest kid he’s boxed so far, he should be very proud of his performance”

Sixth on for the Smelters was Western Counties Champion 13 year old Jerry ‘Mighty Mouse’ Connors the older brother of Luke boxing the bigger and taller Sam Parkins of Tiverton. Said Cave “I’d really struggled to match Jerry and we gave away weight, height and bouts to secure him a match for the show. I was a bit nervous that I might have over matched him but I needn’t have worried Jerry turned in a great display of boxing to win on points. He’s a class act and one to watch out for the future, I think this kid could go all the way” With both Brothers winning on their home show the Connors supporters went home very happy. Said Cave “I was hoping to get their older brother 16 year old Tom on also, but we lost his bout late and couldn’t find anybody else that was good enough for him to box at short notice”.

NSC's Jerry Connors Scoring with the Jab (Pictures Courtesy of

NSC's Jerry Connors Scoring with the Jab (Pictures Courtesy of

Light middleweight 16 year old Joe Edmonds was next to box hoping to get his first win after losing out in two previous close battles. Edmonds proving too strong with his body punching for Broadplain’s Ryhs Milton. Edmonds winning the bout after the Referee stopped the Contest (RSC) mid way in the second. Said Cave ”Joe was due a win, he missed out in his first two but has worked very hard in the gym and I’m pleased that his efforts have paid off, he’s a fit strong kid and is learning all the time”.

Bout of the night was 16 year old light welter weight Reece Godfrey-Sharp, known affectionately in the gym by his stable mates as ‘da Rat’ boxing against the very accomplished Priory Park ABC’s Jackson Collins of Birmingham . Said Cave “Rat’s one of a handful of really good lads we have at the club that have a lot of experience and wins. We found a top class opponent in Jackson Collins as he won the ABAe’s last year and made it to the Three Nations Finals, so we knew Rat had a task on his hands. It was a top class bout of skillful boxing, very close but Collins just did that bit more in the third to win a majority verdict. There’s loads more to come from Reece yet, he’s boxing top lads all the time and I’m hopeful next season he’ll fulfill his potential. He’s a real prospect and I tip him to do great things”.

Last but not least was Welterweight Sam Fitzgerald boxing Shaun Gauld of Chard.

Said Cave “Sam boxed really well and threw some lovely fast hand combinations he deserved his majority points win, he never misses a training session and is improving all the time. We’re very lucky got a great bunch of young men at the club and any club would be proud to have Sam wear their club vest”.

The National Smelting co is always on the look out for new boxers and especially over 18 year old beginners. Said Cave “We’ve got loads of good juniors at the club but still have room for a few more seniors. So if there’s anybody that fancies a go now is the time to join the club and get ready to box in October on our next show at Pill, we’ll get you fighting fit that’s for sure” NSC train every Monday, Wednesday & Friday night 7pm till 8:30pm at their new purpose built boxing gym on Barracks Lane next to Avonmouth Rugby Club. For more details on the club see or call Head Coach Garry on 07876 233621.


Ted Philips NSC WON PTS V Leon Hogan Tiverton; Luke Conners NSC WON RSC2 V Jack Rice Downend; Riley Cox Downend WON PTS V Thomas Lewis Gwnifi; Jack Harper NSC LOST PTS V Lee Knight Glos; Dan Shackell NSC WON PTS V Tom Williams Downend; James Shackell; NSC LOST PTS V Jake Smith Broadplain; Curtis Cano Downend WON PTS V Kyle Jefferies Gwnifi; Jerry Connnors NSC WON PTS V Sam Parkins Tiverton; Joe Edmonds NSC WON RSC 2 V Ryhs Milton Broadplain; Reece G-Sharp NSC LOST PTS V Jackson Collins Priory Park; Sam Fitzgerald NSC WON PTS V Shaun Gauld Chard.


The AGM of ‘SHIRE’ will be held on July 5th at 5.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall. You will be most welcome

Longest trading charity shop in Shirehampton celebrates 20 years

Staff and volunteers of St Peter’s Hospice charity shop in Shirehampton gathered together this week to celebrate 20 years of trading and being the first and longest trading charity shop in the village.

Volunteers and staff from St Peter's Hospice shop on the high street in Shirehampton celebrate 20 years of trading in the village

Volunteers and staff from St Peter's Hospice shop on the high street in Shirehampton celebrate 20 years of trading in the village

The shop on the high street opened its doors in 1990, was the 6th shop in a chain which has now expanded to 48, and has raised over £500,000 for patient care at Bristol ’s only adult Hospice

Gwen Dicker and Maureen Grant (pictured in front row) have both been volunteers at the shop since it first opened and were awarded their 20 year long service award by St Peter’s Hospice Commercial Director Andrew Hufford.

Gwen said “my niece used to work at Knowle Hospice so I knew about the work they did with people who had cancer and sadly I lost my brother to cancer as well so when I heard the shop was opening I thought I might be able to help and have been volunteering ever since, I even got my daughter involved and we both work in the shop on a Friday. I did work in the shop for 19 years when it was the chemist so I have actually clocked up nearly 40 years of service in this shop! “

Maureen Grant has also been at the shop since 1990 said:” When I retired from nursing I wanted something to fill my time and heard they were opening this shop. I love working here as you get to know all the regular customers, I think more people should volunteer as it’s only a few hours a week”

Lin Hayward, manager of the shop said: “We really are part of the local community here in Shire and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s helped us over the years – from our volunteers who work mornings or afternoons, to all those who have brought in clothes, books and bric a brac. The success of this shop depends on the generosity of local people and we wouldn’t be able to continue without your support. We are always looking for good quality items to fill the shelves so please continue to give generously. ”

The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 5.00pm and would welcome good quality donations of ladies, gents and children’s clothing, bric a brac, music and books. If anyone has a few hours to spare and would like to volunteer please pop into the shop and speak to Lin or Lizzie.

Photo caption: Volunteers and staff from St Peter’s Hospice shop on the high street in Shirehampton celebrate 20 years of trading in the village.

Letters to the Editor

Friends of Shirehampton Primary

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank your for supporting us with our Table Top Sale. We raised almost £800 which will all be put towards the complete refurbishment of the library.

We are all working hard top ensure our Summer Fete is a huge success. Again all funds raised will be put towards the library – a space which we hope will inspire the pupils to enjoy reading.

Yours faithfully, Emily Duguid

St Mary’s Scout Group

Pictured are David Smith and Sol Hawker, who were invested into the 191st St Mary’s Scout Troop.

On Saturday 22 May the troop held a coffee morning at their headquarters.

The group wish to thank all visitors for buying and drinking, and a big thank you to all Mums, Grannies and supporters for the cakes. The morning raised £75 for group funds.

G Watkins, Scout Leader


Dear Editor,

At St. Mary’s we have been saddened to see that both new benches recently installed in the churchyard have been damaged. One has some scratches on the surface of the seat and the other has some initials on it. Both benches have been donated by bereaved families as a fitting memorial to their loved ones for everyone to enjoy. It is particularly upsetting therefore, especially for the donors, to see damage so soon after installation. Also of concern is that the cost of repairs will have to be made from St. Mary’s funds at a time when every penny is being saved to refurbish the Tithe Barn for the community. Over time there is bound to be some wear and tear but if we are all vigilant and careful the benches will remain in good condition and give us many years of enjoyment. To quote from St Mary’s original application to install the benches, “they will provide facility for the whole community as a peaceful place for anyone wanting to ‘take the hurry out of life’ or a welcome rest for those with heavy loads”.

On a brighter note, in the week following the Spring Bank Holiday we had some glorious weather and it was wonderful to see the new benches being used and enjoyed by so many. The donors must be very pleased to know that their memorial benches are appreciated. There is further good news; a third bench is soon to be installed at the Pembroke Road side of the churchyard.

The Churchwardens.

Appeal to readers and thanks for your support re MNA memorial appeal.

Dear Editor,

Many thanks for your support with our appeal for donations for the MNA Bristol’s Lost Ships memorial. Confidentially we have almost reached our target figure.

Could you please place an appeal by a Mrs Pamela Wortley (nee Low) in your July edition of your paper on her behalf? Pamela, who attended Portway School and represented the school at swimming, receives a copy of Shire sent out every month by her friend Dick Carey from Bedminster.. She moved to Australia in the 1960s with her Australian husband Kevin, who sadly passed away recently. She would love to hear from her old friends, neighbours and former school pals whom she has lost touch with. Her address is 29 Wooleen Avenue , Podraka 5095, Adelaide , South Australia . A commemorative brass plaque was unveiled on Sunday 30th May 2010 to her husband Ken at the Merchant Navy Memorial on the Welsh Back, Bristol . He was a member of the Bristol Branch of the Merchant Navy Association. He will be missed by his shipmates of the branch, not only for his generosity but his loyalty. Pam and Ken first met at the Mission to Seafarers in Avonmouth. They had six children and one is an Australian Member of Parliament.

H.G. (Hamish Grant, 18 Church Leaze, Shirehampton , BS11 9SY )


Dear Editor,

I live in Sea Mills near the school at Hallen Drive . I make a habit of picking up discarded bottles and glasses along the pavements before they are shattered by the next bunch of yobbos. I do this because I don’t want the little children to fall and cut themselves on the way to and from school. What is most remarkable about my picking up glass is that none of the mothers walking their children to school ever do this. I expect they are too busy talking on their mobile phones to even notice the glass, and of course their reasoning would be, ‘ well I didn’t drop it’. At what stage of life are these people going to develop a social conscience?

Regards. M.Macey

Re Daisy Field Event

Dear Editor,

N. Robson does refer to one event, they refer in their lettter to the editor in April’s issue to the matter of the Daisyfield. If you read the letter in the first paragraph they refer to the matter of the Daisyfield, why do they say they are not referring to any event or issue when it is clear by their letter in April that they are by referring to this one? Charlotte Leslie is talking about the future of the Daisyfield as if it is already condemned. There are no planning application proposals on line yet, so if you want to know the state of play for the Daisyfield please check on line or phone the council and see if there are any in the near future. Then object. I was contacted by Radio Bristol who told me that the information Charlotte Leslie had was that 42 houses were going to be built on it. Where is the planning application?

Caroline Penny

Co-op staff dress up to raise funds for Help For Heroes

On Thursday 27th May you couldn’t help but notice that the Co-op staff were in fundraising mode and dressing up as their favourite characters from ‘”Allo, Allo” and “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”. From wigs and dresses to desert uniforms, everyone made a huge effort to look the part and shared a few laughs along the way with friends, colleagues, family and customers alike. One customer loaned the store a gas mask and an old fashioned hose pump that could easily be found in your garden sheds during World War II. And staff made pretend home made bombs out of French bread sticks that could be found in Renee’s Cafe.

This year the Co-op in Shirehampton are raising funds for ‘Help For Heroes’ and through the sale of raffle tickets, bear badges, bracelets and teddy bears as well as collection buckets and staff donations the total amount raised was £1,032.00

“We all had a good time that day and we would like to thank Mrs Pat Gould for all her help with selling the raffle tickets and Help For Heroes goods. We’d also like to thank our customers for their donations and joining in the spirit of the event”. said Nigel Mein, Deputy Manager of the store.

First prize in the raffle was a bike that was won by Mrs Pat Dixon. Congratulations.

Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF)

Next Meeting: Tuesday 13 July 2-4pm, Shire Public Hall, Station Road . Everyone Welcome

The first part of this meeting will be to start the process of a strategic review of SCAF, as next year will be our 10th anniversary, and we want to take this opportunity for a review of who we are & what we do.

We will review our original aims and objectives, look at what we do well, what else we could be doing…

We are your community organisation, working for the benefit of all who live and or work in Shire and surrounding areas. Please be part of this important process & tell us what you think, either at the meeting, or by phone, post or email.

Many thanks

Ash Bearman, Community Development Officer
Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF)
Shire Public Hall, Station Road , Shirehampton
Bristol, BS11 9TU
Tel: 0117 982 9963 - Email:

William (Bill ) Burt

Alan and Edna would like to thank friends and family fopr the cards and support they received on the death of their father.

We thank Canon Christine Froude for the beautiful service held at Canford and her kindness in helping with arrangements.

To Kingsmead Lodge our gratitude for the care and support our father received during his stay there.

Shirehampton Group Practice


Held on Thursday evenings 5.30pm – 6.30pm at Shirehampton Health Centre. Lots of support and friendly chats. The group will run for 7 consecutive weeks – dates to be confirmed.

If you are interested please contact Ali Aitchison, Karen Trueman or Carolyn Gorny on 9162213 or give your details to one of our receptionists on 9162226 or at the reception desk.

(Please note that places are limited and fill quickly)

Local exhibition celebrates girlguiding through the ages

Anyone who has ever been a Girl Guide or who would like to know about the Girl Guide movement through the past 100 years is invited to take a closer look at a new exhibition, which opened on Tuesday, June 8 at Bristol Record Office. The exhibition has been made possible thanks to Girlguiding Bristol and South Gloucestershire .

The exhibition showcases archives, objects and memorabilia collected over 100 years and is part of national celebrations marking a centenary of girlguiding. It looks at the exciting activities local girls and young women have taken part in over the years.

Thousands of girls and young women from Bristol and South Gloucestershire have been pushing the boundaries, enjoying new experiences and having their voices heard through guiding. The exhibition will show how guiding has always been at the forefront of providing girls with modern and relevant experiences as well as celebrating the achievements of local members from the very beginnings of the movement through to the modern day.

Visitors to the exhibition can expect to learn more about the impact guiding has made on Bristol and South Gloucestershire, including a letter, written by Lord Baden Powell in reply to May Jones of Brislington asking to set up a Girl Scout patrol in 1908.

Joint County Commissioners, Julia Blackmore and Wendy Nicholls commented: “Our centenary celebrations have been enhanced by the opportunity to have this display at the Bristol Record Office. For 100 years we have been putting girls in the lead and supporting them to have life-changing experiences in a unique girl-only space, whether that is learning out about something new in their weekly meetings or travelling abroad to experience another culture.

“So come along and celebrate with us, you can even find out what guiding can offer today.”

The exhibition, which is open to the public until September 24 is part of Girlguiding UK ’s Centenary celebrations that run from September 2009 to October 2010. For more information about girlguiding, visit

Central Library Tours 2010

Come to the Central Library for a behind-the-scenes tour of this historic building and discover the basements, light wells (and ghosts?) or architect Charles Holdern’s Bristol Central Library.

To arrange a place on one of these free tours, please ask

  • at the Lending Enquiry Desk
  • or telephone us on 0117 9037249 or 9037250
  • or email

Tours are at the following dates and times and since places are strictly limited, booking is essential.

Monday 12th July 2-3.30pm; Saturday 11th September, Open Doors Day, various times; Friday 1st October 2-3.30pm; Saturday 27th November 10am-12 noon.

Sansway House Celebrations

The families at Sansway are celebrating! The massive outdoor space has been developed into a wonderful all weather outdoor classroom. We have a storytime gazeboo, look out towers, bird cameras, pond dipping area with forest school sessions, indoor soft play, baby soft floored play zone, big tube slide & climbing nets, friendship benches and lots more!

Our all weather play deck with wooden mushroom seating provides undercover classroom time so our doors are always open to the outside fresh air which the little ones love.

This is a community nursery providing very friendly local childcare you will always find a familar face and will always be made very welcome.

Childcare costs can be met by a number of schemes, grants & credits just ask.

For more information do call and please pop along and test run our new garden with your little ones!! 0117 9829609


  • BASIC SKILLS CLASSES. Literacy Skills weekly at Lawrence Weston. Tel: 9138824 for details
  • CITY OF BRISTOL BASIC SKILLS CLASSES – FREE English, Computers and Communication; Art and Communication; Maths Contact Gill Lloyd on 3125530
  • FREE IT FOR WORK course starting in May in Lawrence Weston, Wed. 6.30-8.30pm, contact Suzanne on 9030072 or

Free Confidence Building course in Avonmouth, on Wed. 9.45-11.44am, contact Veronique on 9030065 or

For information about free short courses for adults with few or no qualifications contact Suzanne or Veronique as above.


  • July 13th - Weymouth
  • August 17th - Swansea
  • Sept 14th - Swanage
  • Nov 16th - Abegavenny Market
  • For further details ring 9381725 and to book.

Severn Beach Line Sunday Service

First Great Western are running a Sunday service from Bristol Temple Meads to Severn Beach until 5th September, leaving Shire Station at 9.29, 10.43, then hourly until 16.43, then 17.14, 18.15 and 19.14.

Twyford Art Club 38th Annual Art Exhibition

The exhibition was held in the Public Hall over the May Bank Holiday 29th to 31st May and featured nearly 180 works of art

The exhibition was opened by Canon Ryan of St Bernards R C Church, Shirehampton who commended the standard of exhibits on view. He related how some years ago, he had been persuaded, perhaps against his will at the time, since he felt he had little talent, to take up painting, and had found much enjoyment and relaxation in the past-time. He appreciated the blood sweat and tears that accompanied the process of producing paintings for an Exhibition, and felt everyone’s efforts had been well rewarded with the quality of exhibits on display. He commented his current workload did not permit him to continue his interest in painting at this time, but he maintained an interest in sketching from time to time, and indeed he looked forward to “taking up the brushes” again at some point in the future

John Case, Chairman of Twyford Art Club, in introducing Canon Ryan, thanked those who had participated in the organisation of this annual event, commenting that much hard work had gone into staging the Exhibition, and the exceptional standard of work submitted this year was truly impressive. Apart from paintings in oil, pastel and watercolour, there were a collection of paper-Mache exhibits featuring Wallace & Gromit, a large pig and two giraffes one measuring some six feet in height!

Canon Ryan was thanked by Gerry Bessel, a member of Twyford Art Club, for opening the exhibition, and presented with a small gift.

Twyford Art Club wished to thank staff of the Public Hall and Shire Newspaper for their continued help and support.

The Club meets at Shire Hall on Monday and Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings (except July to August) and are keen to attract new members who would like to commence painting. Contact John Case on 01179507916

St Mary’s Notes

Hi Folks!

Summer here at last - hooray! Now is the time for the season of Open Gardens once more and the very first one this year was when Canon Christine opened the Vicarage Garden on Monday, 31st. May (Spring Bank Holiday).

Lunch was served from 12 noon until 2.00 pm and the garden was again opened in the evening from 6.00 pm onwards for Supper. Whilst the weather could have been a bit warmer on this day - at least it didn’t rain on the guests. This was a very successful fund raising event which realised the sum of just over £1,000.

But before this there was the Open Church Day on the May Day Bank Holiday which raised £550 from the sale of Lunches and Cream Teas all so ably prepared by Gill Sawyer.

Also back on Friday, 14th. May there was a Barn Dance held in the PBA Club at the rear of Nibley Road which raised a further £640 for the Tithe Barn Appeal. This was enjoyed so much it is intended to repeat this event at a future date. I unfortunately missed this as Jill and myself were on holiday in Chester .

Now three sad events I have to report. The first is the tragic and unexpected death of Judith Forder at the age of 54 years. Her funeral took place in St. Mary’s on Tuesday, 1st June when the church was filled to capacity - it is estimated that around 500 people attended to pay her their last respects - every seat was taken and there was standing room only at the west end. We send our deepest sympathy to her family and friends and know from the eulogy at the funeral service that she will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her.

The second death I have to report is Vera Lock who lived at Merrimans Road . Vera had been unwell for some time and was a faithful member of our congregation. She and her husband Norman were longstanding members of the Wednesday Lunch Club. Her funeral is yet to take place as I write these notes. Once again we send our deepest sympathy and prayers for her husband Norman and members of her family at this sad time.

Also Maureen Emery has died. Maureen formerly lived in Pembroke Avenue but latterly resided at The Orchards, Hermitage Close. Once again her funeral is yet to take place as I write these notes, and we also express our sincere condolences to members of her family in their sad loss.

The Childrens’ Holiday Club held during the Half Term Holiday in June was well supported and enjoyed by the children who attended. There are numerous photographs of them taking part in a variety of activities on display at the back of the church. The children also helped make an Altar Frontal for use in St. Mary’s - which was used for the first time on Sunday, 6th. June. Unfortunately my grandson Danny missed the event because he caught Chicken Pox at the beginning of the Half Term break. Never mind there will be another opportunity to attend in the future!

Sunday, 6th. June saw the last Sunday with us for Jenny and Jim Bridgman who have been on placement with us from Trinity College for the last couple of years. Both are leaving us to be ordained as Deacons in Chester Cathedral and to serve in a parish in the Wirral, Cheshire . In place of the sermon Canon Christine had them sat on a stage in the middle of the Chancel Step when she asked them both how they had become Christians and what brought them to that decision. Jenny had a bit of a head start on Jim as her father was a Vicar and she had been closely associated with the church virtually from birth. During a time in her late teenage years she regrettably developed glandular fever which left her laid up and isolated from people for some little while and it was during this time she had time to reflect on her future and felt God calling her to consider entering the Ministry of the church. She subsequently went on to University where she met Jim. Now Jim had been a choir boy in his local church and was no stranger to Christianity, but he had always had it in mind to join the Police Service and went on to University with this intention still in mind! (No Jim - not a good idea - you are too nice a gentleman!!). However, there were a number of other students at University who were also Christians and Jim felt the call to perhaps change tack and enter the church, whereupon he met and married Jenny and then it was a done deal - Trinity Theological College here I come! Both of them were each presented with a Stole made by Christine Porter (renowned internationally for her quilting skills). They were beautifully hand made by her and she used some of the colours in the design taken from our stained glass East Window. Alf Hall also presented Jenny with a Bouquet of flowers and as far as I recall both of them were presented with a Cheque from the congregation at St. Mary’s. We wish you both well in your future ministry and will miss you here with us. Jenny and Jim are to be ordained in Chester Cathedral on Sunday, 4th. July. Jill and I had the good fortune to visit Chester Cathedral when we were on holiday and heard the Choir practising for Evensong - regrettably we could not stay as we had to return to our Hotel for our evening meal - at least we can now picture in our minds eye where Jim & Jenny will be on that momentous day for both of them!

Now here is some news that will brighten up the faces of any young man (and older ones too!) - Miss Bristol is to open our Summer Fayre on Saturday, 10th. July which is also our Patronal Festival. Normally I would have said - “Form a queue behind me please!” but regrettably I shall be away with my son on the Severn Valley Railway for a Rules & Regulations re -examination on that day! Nevermind Miss Bristol - I am sorry to disappoint you - perhaps you can see me on another occasion!!!! The Fayre opens at 10.00 am until 12 noon and Cream Teas will be from 2.00 pm until 3.00 pm. There is also a Flower Festival in the church with the theme of “The Sea”. At 3.00 pm musical entertainment will be provided by the Shirehampton Area Choir. The next day the Rev. Trevor Hearn will be preaching the sermon as it is also “Sea Sunday” as well as our Patronal Festival Day. On the Sunday afternoon the Bristol Brass Consort Concert will perform in the church followed by Afternoon Tea. Tickets for this event are £7.00 and are available from Gill Sawyer at the Church Office. All funds raised will go to the Tithe Barn Appeal.

During the warm dry spell of weather we have recently enjoyed, I expect many of you will have seen Douglas Hastings sat in the church yard hand carving in wood - Praying Hands. He has also been selling Raffle Tickets all in aid of the Tithe Barn Appeal. His wood carving skills are extremely good - another person in Shirehampton who is gifted with such a talent!

The proposed Holy Land Pilgrimage in 2011 now has 33 people who have definitely signed up and paid their deposit. If you intend going - you need to be in contact with Canon Christine as soon as possible.

Finally, did you hear this one? It may well one day appear in the Tithe Barn Kitchen - a Notice saying -”Ladies when you have emptied the teapot please stand upside down in the sink”. To which has now been added - “No hot bottoms on the formica”!!!!

‘Bye for now - C.M.E.


BAPTISMS “We welcome you”

  • May 30th - Elicia Ellen King, Mae Christine Porton, Lily-Rose Anne Turner, Poppy Marie June Turner, William Joshua Mwakijungu

WEDDINGS “All that I am I give to you”

  • May 1st - Thomas Courtland & Gail Derrick
  • May 29th - Christopher Davies & Stacey Gormley, Graham Hawker & Zoe Thompson

FUNERALS “At rest and at peace”

  • May 4th - Eric Perry
  • May 12th - William Gray, Grace Cooke
  • May 13th - Kenneth Everitt, Phyllis Pitt
  • May 14th - Amy Dunn, Claude Rimmer
  • May 19th - Arthur Page
  • May 27th - William Limbrick


Wednesday 30th June 2010 at 7.30

All members of the public are welcome to attend the AGM. Light refreshments will be served

Nature Notes

After all the excitement over the winter, with rare visitors to the garden, things quietened down a little and then, or course, Spring arrived!

We watched all the to-ing and fro-ing as prospective parents busily found a mate and then began next building. The nest-box in our cherry tree again attracted a pair or great tits and so we waited expectantly for the fledglings to emerge. Of course we missed the actual moment but we did spot them soon after and one of then has to be hustled out of our garden shed! The parents stayed close for several days and they have all moved away now but in their place we have a lovely family of blue tits who are using our garden to feed all the time. What a treat. The babies are almost independent , but still get some meals from mum or dad, whilst perfecting their skills around the feeders.

The baby starlings are coming on in leaps and bounds and as soon as the cherries are ripe on our tree we will be inundated with them and what a racket that will be!!

The greater spotted woodpeckers, male and female, keep popping in so they have a nest nearby too. You have top keep stock still when they fly in because the slightest movement near the window and they’re gone!

Well, it’s time to refill the feeders and top up the bird table, then sit back and see what else might be tempted to pay us a visit.

Happy birdwatching!

Bobbie Perkins

What is the Older People's Forum?

The Older Peoples Forum is independent of the Council. It began in 1993 and grew directly from the European Year of the Older People which took place in that year.

The Forum works for human rights and aims to improve the quality of life of all Bristol ’s older people – now and in the future.

Our founders’ hopes were to raise the profile of older people, locally, nationally and internationally and to achieve for Bristol pensioners the same rights, influence, security and income enjoyed by older people in other European countries. We still have a long way to go.

The Forum meets every two months. We also have a management committee which meets monthly. We publish a free quarterly newsletter and maintain a close working relationship with the City Council, Age Concern, Help the Aged and with the National Pensioners’ Convention.

Membership is open to everybody aged 55 or over. There is no membership fee.

Bristol Older People’s Forum, c/o Age Concern, Canningford House, 38 Victoria Street , Bristol BS1 6BY . Phone: (0117) 927 9222, Fax: (0117) 922 1911. Email: Website:

Supported financially by Bristol City Council.

Hovercrafts visit Shirehampton

Many long term residents of Bristol will have been used to seeing unusual craft plying the waters of the River Avon over the years. We have seen the return of the S.S. Great Britain from the Falkland Islands , we have seen the maiden voyage of the Matthew replica. We have also seen the Waverly paddle ship, the Balmoral and many pleasure boats of various types and sizes. But what greeted us on a very hot, and sunny Saturday 22nd of May, was a sight never seen before on these waters. Eight brightly coloured hovercrafts came to Shirehampton Sailing Club on the banks of the River Avon, opposite the Lamplighters pub. They were here for a charity event, to raise money for the local Portishead and Bristol Lifeboat Trust, a registered charity that receives no funding from the RNLI. Amongst those taking part, were some of the members of The Hovercraft Club of Great Britain. They all came together to join in a sponsored cruise to Bristol and back with the aim of raising £1,000 for the trust. Members of the club came from as far afield as Southampton and Sheffield to take part in this worthy cause. The Portishead lifeboat, manned entirely by volunteers, is on standby 24 hours a day and covers the waters of the River Severn from Clevedon to the first Severn Crossing, and along the River Avon to Temple Meads , as well as some parts of the Welsh coast. The hovercrafts were given special permission to exceed the normal river speed limit in order to undertake this journey, and they were accompanied by the Portishead lifeboat.

Shirehampton Sailing Club, from where the hovercrafts launched, happily gave up a days sailing to play host to the hovercraft pilots, and also to assist in the launch and recovery of the hovercrafts. The club also provided parking, and the grassed area was used for a picnic for the crews and their support teams. The sailing club has been operating on this site since 1978, and provides a very low cost way of enjoying the fun and exhilaration of dinghy sailing in a friendly atmosphere.

The new Lord Mayor of Bristol , Councillor Colin Smith, swapped his chain of office for a life jacket, and became a passenger for the trip to the Cumberland Basin on a hovercraft – a first for a Bristol Lord Mayor!

At the end of an enjoyable day, the charity event had raised an as yet unconfirmed, £1300 for the lifeboat trust.

Shirehampton Sailing Club

Shirehampton Sailing Club can be found by going down Station Road past the railway station, passing under the railway bridge, and going to the end of the road by The Lamplighters pub. At the end of this road is the river bank. On the right-hand side is the Sea Cadets building, and to the left you will find the sailing club, where we have been since 1978.

This small, dinghy sailing club, is ideal for sailors that may wish to cruise the local area, or to try low-key racing in a friendly atmosphere. Some of our members also visit other sailing clubs in the south of England for some more serious racing, having had their first race here on the River Avon, whilst others are just happy to be afloat for a few hours. Whatever style of sailing may appeal to you, you will find us all very friendly and approachable, most of us having lived and worked in the area for many years. A safety boat operates on all listed sailing days and is manned by club members on a rota basis. The sailing area extends for some 2.5 miles towards the River Severn.

Come and make some new friends, have a chat and a cup of tea after sailing. This is a great way to get some fresh air, relaxation and exercise away from the TV or computer.

There is a car park and also a lock-up dinghy park, (subject to space, at extra cost).

A small grassed area next to the clubhouse is used for barbeques and picnics.

Various dinghy classes are sailed on these waters, and our mixed fleet includes the Wayfarer, GP14, Wanderer, Laser, RS200, RS400, Lightning, and Solo.

There is always someone at the sailing club on Saturday mornings carrying out maintenance or just pottering. Come and talk to us in the clubhouse, car park, or dinghy park and see what we can offer you.

Well Done!

We hear that the Nailsea Insurance Brokers A.M.S. has won the title Commercial Insurance Broker of the year. They were chosen from nearly 200 Westinsure Brokers and one of the directors of the firm is Simon Thomas, whose parents Mr and Mrs Vivian Thomas founded lived for a long time in Shirehampton Road , Sea Mills, so Simon grew up and is well know locally. His father Vivian founded the insurance firm Redcliffe-Brunel in Avonmouth. Some time ago now, Mr Vivian Thomas was the first person to give ‘Shire’ a six month contract to advertise.

P.S. If you have any news of anyone with local connections doing well, please let us know either via the Library or our website.

Shirehampton host Sixers Cricket Competition

Come and join us after work to watch the sixer’s cricket competition. 12 teams from across Bristol will be playing an exciting version of the game at the Shirehampton Cricket Club on Penpole Lane . The six-a-side competition is being held on the 20th, 21st & 22nd of July. Games start at 6pm, come and cheer on the local lads. The bar will be open and food available.

Fish & Chip Night

We will be having a fish & chip night after the cricket on 3rd July. Please contact Bob Palmer at the club to place your order.

World Cup finale!!

Why not watch the World Cup Final on the 11th July with the family at the Shirehampton Cricket Club? We have a large screen and projector and soft matting for the kids (leant courtesy of the Baptist Church ) to sit on at the front. The bar will be open, tea and coffee available. Home made curry (mild or medium-hot) will be available before the game from 6pm.

Are you aged between 5 - 11?

Would you like to come to a holiday club just for you?

Shirehampton Baptist Church are holding a fun week just for you. From 26th - 30th July between 10am - 12pm where the fun begins! Including arts & crafts, games, songs and much more!

If you would like to come then pop into the church to get a registration form to be filled in before coming along, or bring it with you when ‘Pyramid Rock’ begins.

Alternatively contact Chris on 0117 9829400 for more information.

The Fighting ‘G’ in the Dock

Bristol SEA CADETS from TS Enterprise (Bristol - Avonmouth) accompanied by Sea Cadets from Gloucestershire and Shirehampton Army Cadet Force cadets had the opportunity to see life aboard a famous Royal Navy destroyer! The cadets spent four hours aboard the Type 42 destroyer, HMS Gloucester. The cadets joined Gloucester at Avonmouth Docks during her two day visit to the area prior to deployment to the South Atlantic . The acquaintance day enabled the cadets to visit the main departments of the ship and chat to the crew. Cadets were also given an insight to the ‘real’ Royal Navy and its worldwide role which encompasses disaster relief, diplomacy, fishery protection, anti-smuggling and anti-piracy patrols in addition to the more obvious warlike function.

The Fighting ‘G’ gets the affectionate nickname from World War II when in less than a year’s service in the Mediterranean, HMS Gloucester had won five battle honours and lost over 700 men, including two Commanding Officers. The then Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham observed, “Thus went the gallant Gloucester . She had endured all things, and no ship had worked harder or had had more risky tasks. She had been hit by bombs more times than any other vessel, and had always come up smiling.”

Lieutenant (SCC) Barbara Hillier RNR, Commanding Officer of Bristol - Avonmouth Unit, said: “These visits are important to the Cadets as it gives them a chance to see the origins of their Sea Cadet training and to remind them of why they are proud of the uniform they wear. As always the cadets were a credit to themselves and the unit.”

She went on to say “The visit tied in well with the events of Cadet 150 marking the official 150th birthday of the cadet movements. There is a series of events across the country to celebrate this important milestone.”

While on board the visiting cadets were invited to see all aspects of the work the modern Royal navy carries out. All week cadets were able to look at or to test equipment in activities called stances varying from flight deck activities, logistics, modern warfare, navigation, catering, and how to rescue of a ‘man’ overboard. Fire prevention and fire fighting were of particular interest as TS Enterprise cadets were, earlier in the year, the first to complete Avon Fire and Rescue’s new fire fighting course. The visit was rounded off by a very welcome lunch in the Lynx helicopter’s hangar.

Petty Officer (SCC) Christopher Batt who accompanied the cadets said “We were made most welcome by all and we heartily thank Gloucester ’s Captain, Commander David George RN and crew for the wonderful experience. The professionalism of all sections was inspiring and nothing but admiration and respect can be given to the officers and crew.”

TS Enterprise (Avonmouth Sea Cadets) is a 53-strong Unit, comprising of youngsters aged from 10 to 18. Founded in 1943, the Unit provides opportunities for young people in Bristol and North Somerset to undergo adventure training and life-skills activities, as well as gain qualifications. The cadets are now gearing up for a weekend visit to HMS Sultan near Portsmouth and Veteran’s Day duties.

Lt Hillier concluded by saying “The Cadets from our unit have a very good reputation in the area for being polite and courteous young people who are up for anything. We meet from 6:45 to 9 o’clock every Monday and Thursday evening at our unit headquarters, and I would encourage any young people who are interested to come along on one of these nights to see what we do.”

To find out more, please call the Unit on 0117 982 39 38, email or visit

The Marine Society and Sea Cadets is the UK ’s largest maritime youth charity and since it was founded in 1854, the world’s oldest uniformed youth organisation.

Shirehampton Methodist Church

Saturday July 3rd 10am-11.30am. Join us for tea and cakes at the last Church Coffee Morning before the summer break. Back in September.

Sunday July 4th 11am-12pm. Today’s service of Holy Communion will be led by Revd Jacky Quarmby.

Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

Dates for your diary 2010

  • Saturday 3rd July: Asda Collection will be from 9.00 until 17.00, volunteers needed.
  • Saturday 10th July: Barbecue at No 1 Dock Cottage. Commences 1400hrs ‘til late.
  • Sunday 11th July: Sea Sunday
  • Friday 16th July: Seafarers UK – in celebration of 2010 The Year of the Searfarer the Bristol Committee of Seafarers UK/King George’s Fund for Sailors presents a Sea Medley of words and music with singing group ‘Miscellany’ at 7 for 7.30pm at Shipham Village Hall, New Road, Shipham, Somerset BS25 1SG.. Tickets £10 each to include a glass of win on arrive. Cash bar and finger buffet after the performance. Leaflets for ordering tickets, see Pauline.
  • Friday 30th July – Sunday 1st August: Bristol Harbour Festival, Merchant Navy stall will be located near the SS Great Britain.

Pill Bomb Scare

Community spirit was alive and well in Pill recently when a bomb scare hit the village.

Residents reacted well when they were told a suspicious unidentified object might be an unexploded wartime bomb.

The object was later identified as a harmless collection of corroded scrap metal, possibly from a boat and a larger cylindrical item.

Pill is seen as a medium risk area for unexploded bombs because the nearby docks at Portbury and Bristol were a regular target for German bombers during the war.

North Somerset Museum, Weston-super-Mare

Where you can enjoy discovering the past. Come and explore the exciting history of North Somerset from pre-history to the present day.

The museum is a real treasure trove that tells the wonderful story of the area’s varied and colourful past.

For further information about any of the museum’s services please contact us on 0193 621 028 or visit the museum’s website:

North Somerset Museum, Burlington Street , Weston-super-Mare BS23 1PR .


What a year for classical music fans! Not only is it the 90th anniversary of the first performance of ‘The Lark Ascending’ by Ralph Vaughan Williams but it is also, the 75th Anniversary of the death of Dr. Philip Napier Miles, the last squire of Kings Weston estate. Napier Miles was a keen patron of the arts and without his generosity of spirit, it is unlikely that a small parish hall on the outskirts of Bristol would have become the venue for one of the nation’s favourite pieces of classical music.

To commemorate the life of this remarkable man, the Community Centre in Sea Mills have kindly agreed to host a display, which will also include the story of the ‘The Lark Ascending”.

It is hoped that, with support from Bristol City Council Neighbourhood grant funding and others that the display will form the basis for a book. Already publishers have expressed an interest but we need your support to convince them there is a demand! The contribution to classical music in the first half of the last century made by Napier Miles was not just a local one; he was very prominent throughout Bristol , particularly in the Clifton area, and throughout the West Country. He was also a respected composer and staged performances of his work in London theatres and concert halls.

The display will be held on Saturday, the 17th July from 10am to 4pm at Sea Mills Community Centre. (Next to the library in Sylvan Way ). It will be set against a backdrop of recordings, reflecting the music played in village halls up and down the country during the early part of the twentieth century.

You are also invited to an interesting slideshow depicting different aspects of the city, set to music. This will take place at approximately 2.15pm.

We hope you will join us on this occasion and that this will be the first of a series of events. If you feel the display may be of interest to other organisations Please let us know. Alternatively, if you feel you are able to contribute to this project, known as ‘The Viotti Project’, by way of old photos, programmes stored ‘in the attic’ or even a small recital of choral music, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Lynette Withy on 0785 4706 755 or email

Refreshments will be available and there will be a small entry charge of 50p per person to enable the project to move forward.

We feel that the advancement of classical music in Bristol owes a great debt to Napier Miles. In his booklet ‘Bristol Music Club’, John Dobson writes, ‘ Bristol University made this modest man a doctor of music, but he seems to have taken more pleasure in conducting the village choir’.

What better time to start a Kings Weston Choral Society, than in this anniversary year when the economic climate is urging us all to pull together and tighten our belts.

Summer Fete

Fun for all the Family! Saturday 17th July 2010. 11am-3pm Shirehampton Primary School

Following the huge success of our Spring Table Top Sale, Friends of Shirehampton Primary School invite you to attend our all new annual Summer Fete!

Stalls, Nearly New Clothes and Toys, Taffle, Morris Dancers, Refreshments, Cakes, Entertainment and much, much more...

A Fox's Tale

What will happen to me said the stoat to the fox? I will chase you until you are tired of running What will happen to the pretty grass that I run in? It will die and be gone forever under tarmac. So let me run forever until I reach the river where I can swim said the stoat
You can’t said the fox, it is all enclosed and you will need to dig or climb over the fencing
So the stoat looked around at all the flowers and grass and lay down.
The wild flowers cried ‘why?’
‘Because they can’ replied fox.
The wind blew their petals from them along with their tears. Soon there were no more flowers.
The fox said ‘ I know how to survive’ stoat must learn from fox. And fox headed off into some nearby dustbin scavenging for his meal.
Fox became urban for here were the bulldozers to remove his home.
Crushing the grass and killing the wildflowers, uprooting the trees and stoat lay down.
The birds circled him above and the sun was hot and he knew no more until he heard a human voice a man said ‘poor little ferret chuck it over there’.
Stoat looked around at all the concrete and bulldozers the grass was disappearing. He heard the trees whispering and flowers crying and the wind told him bad news as the butterflies flew away. He saw the deer running so he bit the man on the hand and he let him go.
‘Why did you bite me when I was helping you?’ said the man
‘Because I can’ said the stoat then he bit the man on the leg. He ran around the field biting every man in his path chirping ‘because I can’. People moved into the houses, and they complained about the place they lived, they were not happy people. When they went outside their garden’s were small and stoat would go in and see what they were doing. He saw the drawn faces behind the curtains and the uptight children with no place to kick a ball. Parents shouting at them. Stoat did his best to entertain them by pulling funny faces and standing on his hindquarters before fox came and raided their bins leaving a mess behind. Fox took their rabbits from inside their cages and terrified their cats. Fox made their dogs bark as this seemed to make them shout even more. For these were not happy people they had nowhere to relax. The seeds floating in the wind from the dead wildflowers settled in their gardens but the trees never grew. Soon it became an urban area full of cars and criminals. People longed for an open space that they could enjoy and they didn’t have one, and they lay down and cried but the wind never blew away their tears.