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Tribute to a Poet

If you were in the Co-op in Shirehampton on Monday afternoon 19th January, innocently going about your shopping, you might have been curious as to why a group of people were taking such an interest in a pillar opposite the checkouts.

All was revealed as members of the Shirehampton Local History Group and friends gathered to pay tribute to William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy by unveiling a plaque marking their sojourn in Shirehampton in 1798, in Chapel House on the site of the present Co-op Store.

It had been a long awaited moment for the history group who had been trying to procure funding for such a gesture and was finally fulfilled thanks to a community award grant from ‘Shire’ newspaper. This allowed us to purchase an engraved brass plaque which was mounted on oak by Dick Helme and also to frame a photograph of Chapel House, kindly donated by Ralph Hack.

That, together with the much appreciated cooperation of Mr Garland, manager of the Co-op who agreed to the fixing of the two items, saw the granting of our wish to celebrate just one of the many historic landmarks of our village.

Thank you Mr Garland and ‘Shire’ for making it possible.

We were grateful also to Ralph Hack who agreed to say a few words about the Wordsworths and the reason they came to Shirehampton. He very thoughtfully came armed with a modest bunch (rather than a host) of golden daffodils, and read a few lines from what is probably the most well known of Wordsworth’s poems I wandered lonely as a cloud. This was followed by the unveiling of the plaque and photograph by a founder member of the Local History Group, Cora Hallett. Those present then repaired to the home of a group member for refreshments and all agreed it was a most enjoyable and pleasant way to spend our January meeting.

The Local History Group meets on the third Monday of the month at 2.30pm, usually in the library, but we do have the occasional trip out somewhere. We are a very informal, small group of people with an interest in the history of Shirehampton and the local area. Some of our trips in the past have included a tour of the Roman Villa in Lawrence Weston, a guided tour of the Roman artefacts held in the Bristol City Museum, lunch at the Lamplighters with a brief history of the building given by landlord Leon Franklin, and visits to Myrtle Hall where Ralph has regaled us with information from his vast fund of historical research.

We have a project planned for this summer, more of which, when it is finalised, and welcome new members, but it is wise to check with the library beforehand if we are meeting there or have a trip planned.

In 1998, to commemorate the 200th anniversary, Ralph Hack wrote an article in ‘Shire’ about the Wordsworths and their stay in Shirehampton. Previous to that a member of the history group, Gill Sheppard had written a letter to ‘Shire’ having discovered from a trip to Dove Cottage, the Wordsworth Museum in the Lake District, that they had in fact been there.

Cora Hallett and Ralph Hack

Cora Hallett and Ralph Hack

It is perhaps very fitting, therefore, that ‘Shire’ funded the plaque. With his permission we have extracted some of Ralph’s article as a reminder. JH

The Wordsworths in Shirehampton

In 1797 William and Dorothy rented a house at Alfoxden, Somerset, close to their friends Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his wife. It was whilst here that Wordsworth met Joseph Cottle, the Bristol-based book and print setter, who knew Coleridge and the poet Southey. Cottle was very impressed with Wordsworth and offered to publish some of his poetry.

By late May 1798 Wordsworth planned a trip to Bristol to see Cottle about printing some of his poems in ‘The Lyrical Ballads’, but also to see his friends James and Cecilia Losh in Shirehampton.

Losh had recently leased a property in Shirehampton for a few months and had written to let Wordsworth know his new address, which was a Georgian property known as Chapel House, adjacent to the Chapel of Ease to the Mother Church of Westbury on Trym, known to us as St Mary’s church.

Chapel House was advertised as ‘A dwelling-houfe in the pleafant village of Shirehampton; (ready furnifhed, Plate and Linen excepted) it adjoins the Chapel-yard, has a small garden and a good Three-Ftall Ftable, with great plenty of both forts of water. It may be taken either for the Summer, or for one of two Years certain: or it will be left unfurnifhed, a Tenant taking to the furniture, which is almost new, at a fair valuation. For a view of the Houfe, apply at the Farm Houfe oppofite.’

It was on 3rd June 1798 that William visited Bristol to see Cottle now at Wine Street. Losh visited Cottle’s shop the following day where they met Wordsworth who returned with them to Shirehampton. After a stay of three days he left for Alfoxden on the 6th June but returned a few days later and spent several more days with Losh, exploring the area, visiting and socialising with neighbours and reading his poetry to Losh.

The lease on the house at Alfoxden had run out and the Wordsworths were given notice to quiet at the end of June. The obvious place to go was Bristol to see Cottle and Losh in Shirehampton. They left Alfoxden on 25th June, spent a week at Nether Stowey with Coleridge then arrived in Bristol on 2nd July, staying with Cottle for a week. Dorothy hated the noise and bustle of Bristol, after the quiet peace of Alfoxden, so they decided to go to Shirehampton. Dorothy wrote to her aunt Mrs William Rawson on 3rd July 1798 “We are going in lodgings at Shirehampton, a very beautiful place in this neighbourhood”. (She did add “we shall certainly not stay in Shirehampton more than three months”.)

They probably walked to Shirehampton from Bristol, as they were great walkers and may have followed the tow path along the river, although the most direct way was over the Downs, through Stoke Bishop, Snead Park and Sea Mills before they came to Kingsweston Park and would have walked along the turnpike road, with its views of cattle grazing on the slopes leading down to the winding river Avon.

Descending the hill they would have passed Park Hill and Sunny Hill farms and arrived at the village green flanked by trees and Georgian houses.

Finally arriving at Chapel House they could settle in and hear the local news, especially about the war with France which was causing much concern with the threat of invasion. From the front window of Chapel House they could see the gabled manor house with its yard, outhouses and large field running to the foot of Penpole Hill.

Whilst with the Losh’s William and Dorothy took many walks and probably enjoyed the view from Penpole Point and lunch at the Kingsweston Inn. They probably attended services at the chapel (Losh made a diary reference to a ‘stupid sermon’).

During their stay the Wordsworths visited the Wye Valley on 10th July. They probably walked to the Severn Ferry at Aust, and having crossed the river walked a further ten miles to Tintern Abbey, described by Wordsworth as “a very beautiful ruin on the Wye”. The next day they walked through Monmouth to Goodrich Castle, slept there and returned to Tintern the next day, then to Chepstow. From Chepstow they returned to Tintern then back to Bristol by boat. It was on this visit he was inspired to write “Lines written about Tintern Abbey” and about which he said “no poem of mine was composed under circumstances more pleasant for me to remember than this …”.

On July 14th Losh left to take the waters at Bath to the Wordsworths had Chapel House to themselves. Dorothy wrote “July 18th, William’s poems are now in the press; they will be out in six weeks”.

Cottle was to publish ‘Lyrical Ballads’ which included ‘Lines composed a few miles above Tintern’, as well as ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ by Coleridge.

Another visit to Wales was planned with Coleridge and they departed on 4th August following the Wye and the Usk, returning to Shirehampton on 10th August. They spent a further fortnight or so there before leaving for London at the end of August.

Judy Helme

The Daffodils

What if Wordsworth had composed his most famous poem, not in the Lake District

Here is the Shirehampton version.

The Daffodils - (Wordsworth parody)

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er Barrow Hill,
When all at once I saw a crowd
A host of golden daffodils;
Beneath the trees, therein the park,
fluttering and dancing, bold and stark.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And countless as the drops of rain
They stretched in never-ending line
From Iron Bridge to Penpole Lane:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

And oft, when on my couch I lie,
In Chapel House, ‘neath Penpole Hill,
They flash upon that inward eye
That lingers in my memory still;
And then my poor heart fills with fire
And dances with the daffs in Shire!


Brian Blandford - a Tribute

Mair Blandford would like to thank everyone who expressed sympathy over Brian’s sudden death. A special thanks to friends from the Cotswold Estate for their generous gift which will be used to buy a memorial seat for the Cotswold Community Gardens.

Brian died suddenly just before Christmas on December 23rd. Brian was a man of many talents. In 2002 he came with his wife to live in Shirehampton, retiring after spending 40 years as a Baptist Minister, among the churches he had served were those in Welwyn Garden City, Penarth and Southampton. He was Chairman of the Cotswold Community. He joined the “Shire” rota of editors in the Spring 2005, and since then has always been very helpful to the administration.

Brian organized the production of the annual calendar which we give as a “thank you” to all those who help with the distribution of the paper. He also liaised with Bristol City Community publications, which resulted in “Shire” gaining an award. He was computer literate and also very handy with a digital camera, and provided the paper with photographs. In December 2005 he was the Master of Ceremony on Christmas Eve for Carols on the Green. He was involved with the local Baptist Church and also with the monthly service which was organized by the Baptist Church at the Cotswold Community Centre.

A great hobby of Brian’s was walking, he belonged to a Rambling Association in which he regularly took part.

Like everyone who knew him we shall miss him a treat deal, and send our heartfelt sympathy to his wife and sons.

APOLOGY: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the tribute to Brian Blandford and the account of the Thanksgiving service was accidentally omitted from the February edition of ‘Shire’; we are very sorry.

February editor.

Service of Thanksgiving for Brian Blandford

St. Mary’s church was full to overflowing on January 9th for the service of Thanksgiving for the life of Brian Blandford, who died suddenly on December 23rd. Shirehampton knew Brian as a energetic worker in community projects and all his many friends and co-workers in the community were at St Mary’s. But this service also revealed the extent of Brians work as a Baptist minister and pastor. Colleagues from congregations in Southampton and Penarth, which Brian had served before his retirement to Shirehampton in 2002, gave tributes. These showed Brian as a man of faith tireless in his service of others. Among other things he worked to bring about greater cooperation between the Shirehampton churches. St Mary’s generosity in holding the Thanksgiving service while the Baptist church was undergoing refurbishment is a mark of his success.

A Tribute to Brian Blandford from the members of the Cotswold Community Association Committee

I first got to know Brian as a fellow dog walker on our beloved river-bank. I was soon aware of how involved he had become in the community of Shirehampton and was impressed by his commitment after such a short time of living in the area.

He discreetly worked on his ‘doggie’ friends, without us realising it and before you could say ‘walkies’ several of us volunteered for the CCA Committee. I’m sure they would all agree it was a good decision and under Brian’s steadying chairmanship we developed a friendly, close relationship with each other and with the long-serving members Norah Taylor, Barbara Beattie and Margaret Wilkins, who welcomed us with open arms.

Brian was always modest about his own work in the community but quick to praise and encourage the efforts of others.

He saw the good in everyone, always reluctant to criticise, where some would argue it was justified! All of us who worked alongside Brian considered him to be a good friend, always willing to offer his help in any way, no matter how busy he was and he was ALWAYS busy.

His sudden and untimely death shocked and saddened the Cotswold enormously. He will be sorely missed but such was his gift for engaging people, he has ensured that the work he was such a big part of will continue.

Bobbie Perkins

Member of the CCA Committee
8 Burford Grove Shirehampton
Tel: 9831029

Letters to the Editor

Do you remember this?

Dear Editor,

This is my first communication to ‘Shire’ although I have thought about it several times.

This time I could not resist when I saw the old photo on the back page of the February publication.

The photo in question shows the tobacconist and sweet shop owned by my late aunt and uncle and his parents.I have so many happy childhood memories of days spent playing in the vast walled garden at the rear of the shop and of the exciting bonfire nights we had there.

Next door to the shop was Hermitage Cottage where my other aunt, uncle and cousin lived.

Next to them was a large house owned by Mr Daw the dentist who I was told had various stuffed birds in the waiting room, although I never saw these for myself.

I am now living back in Shirehampton, having spent my childhood there, so I am always pleased to read ‘Shire’ congratulations on your publication.

One last point can I congratulate everyone involved in the Christmas lights, they were in no way drab as previously suggested but tasteful there is a distinct difference.

Brenda Haines.

Thank You

Shirehampton Colts Football Club would like to thank Dr David Thomas and the committee of SCAF for the funding which we received. This funding came as a complete surprise to the club, it is so difficult to source funding within the present climate. The money was such a massive help to us, it enabled us to purchase winter clothing and equipment for all the children signed on within the club.

Shirehampton Colts would also like to send our condolences to the widow of Dr Michael Morgan. Michael was instrumental during the whole process along with Mrs Robathan. On behalf of everyone involved with Shirehampton Colts, thank you very much.

Wayne Harvey
Under 11s coach/fundraising co-ordinator

Loss of Woolworths

Dear Editor,

With the sad loss of Woolworths to the village, what do the readers of Shire think could be done to encourage another supermarket chain into a good location. This can only be a positive suggestion and should help to keep people shopping locally, which would benefit other shop owners also. With only one supermarket in the village, to have a Tesco Extra, Lidls, Aldi or anyone else, can only be an improvement and give a welcome lift.

Richard Paviour

Christmas Lights

Dear Editor,

I was very disappointed to read criticism in the last edition of Shire about the wonderful lights in our village at Christmas Had the writer seen the abysmal lights in Westbury, Henleaze and other districts or Bristol? Yes, blue is a strange choice of colour for the lights but at least we had trees and lights for the whole length of the High Street, and even going into Station Road. So much time, effort ad money goes into our Christmas decorations that I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed, both with their time and their money to make this happen.

I am also very encouraged to see so many new businesses opening up in and around the High Street. It is very sad that we have lost Woolworths but in the last few months we have seen an electrical shop open, Chinese/Thai takeaway, a bike shop in the old pet shop premises, a sandwich shop and tots clothing outlet. With so many shops boarded up in other districts it is good to see that Shire is bucking the trend. We must all make sure we use these local traders to keep them in business.

Christine Chamberlain, Shirehampton


Dear Editor,

My name is Jenna, My auntie worked in Woolworths in the High Street of Shire for many years! I was sad to hear it had closed down. I remember going in there and buying heaps of different goodies. What is that shop going to be now? And what about the employees, is there any hope for them, as my auntie is unemployed and will find it hard to find work, especially in Shirehampton. I think there needs to be some community spirit to help out our fellow Shirehamptonians. I am from Australia but my mother’s family all live in Shirehampton and have done for a very long time.


Jenna Hulme
Torquay, Australia

Beth Ford CDs

Dear Editor,

Those who attended the Christmas dinner at Kingsweston House may be interested to know that the Beth Ford CDs are now ready for sale. Please contact Beth on 07801274766

Thank you


Lyn from Portishead

Could Lyn from Portishead who emailed Shire on the Web in connection with our recent picture of Avonmouth Football Club please contact us via

We have attempted to reply to your query but the email you gave us does not work.

Christmas Lights

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank all of the people who wrote letters in support of the Christmas lights display in Shirehampton. Portishead Christmas Lights Association (with whom we have been in contact during 2008) have an advantage because they have been awarded large grants from their town council over recent years so direct comparisons are unfair. . Their display costs significantly more than ours. We do depend solely on the kind donations of people in the village. Our collection tins are located in many of the local shops. We are also planning some sponsored events for the year ahead to try and raise more funds to make the 2009 display even better.

Anybody who wishes to join the Christmas Lights Committee is more than welcome. the more people who get involved, the more we can achieve!

William Duguid

Chairman, Christmas Lights Association

World War 2

Dear Editor,

Mementoes . . .can you help?

I am in the process of trying to put together a History Resource Box of items an artefacts to help teach Primary School Children about World War 2 (it being part of the syllabus for National Curriculum History Key Stage 2).

Please can any reader help by donating or loaning items such as:

A gas mask and /or case; Home Guard/ARP helmet; ARP armbands; Identity cards; Ration books, Letters/postcards; Comics; War diary - or any other related item.

I will be very happy to collect and return any item kindly loaned.

Please call me on the telephone number below if you can help.

Thank you

Anne Ford Tel: 0117 9821675

(Thank you for the cheque - Ed)

New Year, New Address, New Savings

SEVERN FOUR CREDIT UNION (SFCU) has moved into new offices from its old office in the High Street. they are now situated in the Springfield Room, Shirehamptoin Public Hall, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9TX/ tel: 0117 9381439.

A collection point still runs from 10.30am to 11.30 on Friday mornings at St Mary’s Church, Shirehampton.

Account holders are welcome to pay in at St Mary’s and have a cup of coffee in warm, comfortable surroundings. New account holders are also most welcome and the early part of 2009 could be one of the very best times to start the habit of saving for something on the horizon, whether is isnext Christmas, a special treat, or just the comfort of knowing you have a next egg to rely on. In this time of financial uncertainty it’s good to be saving.

Come and see us on a Friday morning between 10.30am and 11.30am at St Mary’s Church, Shirehampton for a friendly and welcoming service.

It’s a Small World

“It’s a small world”, is one of those clichés that we all use from time to time, to-day was no exception. Every so often I do a voluntary duty as a New Room steward in Broadmead, (the New Room is the oldest Methodist Church in the world and is well worth a visit if ever you’re passing) two of us are on duty at any one time to meet and greet the visitors and today one of them was a tall, cheerful, friendly man. When my fellow steward asked him if he lived in Bristol we discovered that he was the vicar of Winscombe and Sandford near Weston-super- Mare and was on his day off-so he wasn’t wearing his dog collar. He’d brought two German friends on a day out to Bristol, and said that this was his first visit to the New Room. As a child and young man he had lived near Park Gates, adding, “But no-one ever knows where that is.” “You’re joking! I live near there!” His family had moved from Lawrence Weston to Elberton Road in about 1958, he had gone to Sea Mills Infant and Junior Schools and had attended Portway School from 1966-1972. We reminisced about the staff that he could remember – Miss Draper, Mr Hawkins, Mr Francis and Mr Perry among them.

After he left school he worked in the civil service in Westbury- on-Trym for some years before his work eventually took him to East Anglia. Here he made some good friends and through their influence and that of his Christian boss started going to church. He said that he had always questioned things and realised that what he really wanted to do was to go into the church; several years later he trained for the ministry here in Bristol at Holy Trinity. His parents lived in Elberton Road until 1985 when they moved to Clevedon

Does the name Mike Slade ring a bell?

As I said “It’s a small world!”



Photo of a Portway Boys’ School Class

We have been given the names of several of the boys in the photo on p12 of the February issue. It was of Mr.Tagney’s class and was taken in about 1950/51. Mr Tagney was a P.E. teacher.

Mollie Price rang to say that her brother, Bob, is second from the left in the second row. The photo was taken at a time when the Hotwells’ school children of secondary age were bussed from Hotwells to Portway School while the new school at Ashton Park was being built.

Graham Weeks rang and identified a number of the other boys for us. Unfortunately Graham isn’t on it.

Front row: X X Steven? X Mr Tagney X David Hackett, David Dyer, Roy Briffen.

Second row: George Peszynski, Bob Price, X X Max?,Tony Hamilton, X X X

Back Row:X X Norman Brower, X X X X David Boon.

Graham left school and went to sea in 1952; when he later went into the Cunard offices in Bristol he ran into Mr Tagney who was emigrating to Canada.

George Peszynski became the Polish Consul in Bristol, Norman Brower was from Michigan, U.S.A. whose father was on a twelve months’ exchange.

A Tribute to Kate Pollard

Kate passed peacefully away in her sleep on New Year’s Day.

I was privileged to know her when she came to work at the Public Hall. Kate worked closely with Jeanette Cossey and was very involved with the celebration event of the One Hundred Years of the Public Hall. Kate also shared some of her research in local history with Judy Helme for the book on the Public Hall, she also proof read the manuscript and assisted in the editing process. I will remember her with affection, she was a very caring person and passionate about her work with the community.

I was working at Shirehampton Library at that time and Lake was working on the Album ‘Shire reminiscences’ she met up with Shire people and asked them about memorable events in their lives, these events were written down and entered into her Album, when it was completed Kate donated it to Shirehampton Library. It was Kate’s wish that the people of Shirehamton would carry on writing some history of their own or exchange information from perhaps friends abroad who used to live in Shire and place it in the Album.

Marilyn Gorry

The Tiger Roars to 2nd Title Victory

Patchway schoolboy and National Smelting Co amateur boxer, Tyler ‘The Tiger’ Davies, 14 years old, roared on to his second Western Counties championship title on Sunday at the school’s ABA Championships held at Broadplain Boxing Club in Bristol.

Tiger Davies

Tiger Davies

Tyler’s coach, Garry Cave, told us: “After winning a Western Counties title last year and narrowly losing in the national quarter finals, we knew he had the tools and talent to do well again this year and he didn’t disappoint. Matched against Joshua Mason of Bideford ABC the Tiger was ferocious from the opening bell, throwing power packed combinations and forcing a protection count. The second round saw the Tiger start when he left off, leaving the referee with no option but to hand out another standing count and call the bout off in favour of Tyler Davies winning by second round RSC.

“Tyler is one of the quietest, politest and most unassuming young lads you could wish to meet but put a pair of gloves on him and when that bell goes, he is like a demon. We are all really pleased for him at the club; he’s put so much into his pre-competition training and has reaped the rewards. Hopefully he’ll do well in the next round but win or lose, like all the lads that get through the ropes to box, he’s a champion.”

Tyler is very kindly sponsored by RM Building Services, which supports him with boxing equipment.

Shirehampton Methodist Church


March 22nd

11.00am Rev Daniel Morris Chapman

from Wesley College


April 5th

5.00pm Home Missions Anniversary Tea

Followed at 6.00pm with Evening Worship

Taken by Gary Hoare (Deacon from Lawrence Hill)


April 9th

3.00pm Holy Communion

with Rev Sandy Williams MA


April 12th

11.00am - United Service (with Sea mills joining)

Rev Sandy Williams

(including Easter Communion)

ACTA Magic Day

16th and 17th April

Two days of creative play for young children and their families in Kingsweston. The Spring event will be based at the City of Bristol College in Lawrence Weston, 10am - 1pm. Expect painting walls, fun with shadow-play and projections, music-making, drawing and lots more. A free event for all to enjoy, come and have fun!

Somerset County League Premier Division


Shirehampton FC v. Watchet Town

K.O. 3pm

Come up and watch your local team and then join us in the club house after for a drink, everyone is welcome, get behind the lads for that

final push up the table. See you there.

Shire FC.

Shirehampton Evergreens

The Shirehampton Evergreens Club always welcome new members. Please come along on Friday afternoons between 2.00-4.00pm to find out more about us. We have a game of bingo, then after we have a cup of tea and biscuit and have a general discussion about the Club.

The members decide where they would like to go on Day Trips for the year ahead. The members are the Club, not me, I only run it as chairperson on their behalf, along with the committee members.

N. Sims (Chairperson)

Evergreens Day Trips 2009

April 14th - St Fagans

May 12th - Sidmouth

June 9th - Lynton and Lynmouth

July 7th - Woollacombe

Aug 11th - Poole

Sept 9th - Dorchester Market and Weymouth

Oct 13th - Forest of Dean and Gloucester (Autumn Tints)

Nov 16th - Cadbury Garden Centre and Weston

Nov 2nd - Turkey and Tinsel Torquay, a couple of places left

Coach leaves Shire Public Hall at 9am.

For further details ring 9381725

The Public Hall Newsletter

Shirehampton Women’s Fellowship

We meet at the Public Hall on every other Wednesday at 7.30pm and finish at approx 9.30pm.

It has been running in Shirehampton for 50 years. We first met in the Old School, moving to St Mary’s Church Hall and finally we are now based in the Public Hall.

We have various events during the year. Speakers come to talk to us on many topics. We may play Bingo or have a Beetle Drive, Jewellery Parties and lots of other interesting and enjoyable evenings are arranged, always with the usual cup of tea and biscuits. How can you resist? Twice a year we also have day time coach trips plus a mystery evening tour.

For more information please phone Jean on 0117 9828960.

There was a mistake in this article, it should have read: “we also raised some funds for the hall and this could not have been achieved without the help of the Trustees and their families.”

rather than “we also raised some funds for the families.”

Apologies Ed

Volunteer Urgently Needed ...

A person is needed to deliver Shire newspapers from Barrow Hill Road to 142 Groveleaze (even numbers only) also St Bernard’s Road (Hung Road to Woodwell Road) can anyone help, please?

The papers are brought to your door each month for you to delivery. This should take about an hour each month. If you can help please telephone Pauline on 9826935. Many thanks.

If a volunteer cannot be found to deliver papers each month your paper will have to be collected from either the Library or the Post Office.

Brian Rowles

75 years - passed away 19th January 2009

After a sudden heart attack at his Kingsweston Avenue home at the end of December ‘08. Brian battled courageously for over two weeks in Southmead Hospital intensive care unit, when sadly his battle came to an end on Sunday 18th January. Brian could not have been in better hands during his time in hospital, as all his family were amazed at the great care and empathy shown by the ICU staff.

Brian was a familiar face within the Shire village community, whether it be the toasted sandwiches he enjoyed from Tasdty Bites, the banter he had with Jeff from Hawkins newsagents, the rapport he shared with staff at the Co-op (and the old Somerfield), paying his paper bill at Maynews, donating some old shaving equipment to PJs or probably more enjoyable for Brian, keeping Corals bookmakers in profit . . . with his famous 20p each way bets! Brian was a true gentleman of yesteryear, never without is flat cap and back pack; he was the proud father of five girls (yes five girls!), grandfather to 13 and great grandfather to six.

Brian’s funeral service on Wednesday 4th February was a wonderful tribute to an hones and decent gent, which was handled so compassionately by Canon Christine at St Mary’s Church, along with caring professionalism by all concerned at Stenner & Hill. To all who knew of Brian’s passing the family would like to extend their heart felt thanks for their kindness, support and more importantly the lovely things about Brian that they said they’d remember.

Chris Couch (son-in-law)

Mr Michael Stephen Dodd

The sudden death of Mr Michael Stephen Dodd who was on holiday in Mozambique in the early hours of Monday 9th February, has come as a great shock to his family and friends.

Michael turned 70 on 5th February and was in good health, not realising he was to have a heart attack. He went to Shirehampton boys school, I would like to notify all his friends and relatives but I have lost contact with most of you. Michael lived in Benoni South Africa, he will be cremated on Saturday.

His son Kevin, his wife Sonja, daughter Claire and son-in-law Greg will fly up to Johannesburg from Cape Town on Friday. We will all miss Michael. God bless him.

If anyone would like to send an e-mail to Kevin and Claire at

with thanks Jean Opitz.

(Mr P. Chivers also sent a letter about this - thank you ED)

Christmas Lights Association

Shirehampton prides itself on the display each year which has, since Shirehampton Christmas Lights Association took on the task six years ago, gone from strength to strength. It is hoped to continue this trend. The lights provide a great deal of enjoyment to many people. The whole process, starting in January each year, is managed buy a small team of dedicated volunteers, many of whom have full time jobs as well!

The Association is solely supported by public donations in the collecting tins in the village shops and the occasional bequest or gift. Funds are required each year to cover the insurance, maintenance, installation, removal and upgrading of the village’s Christmas illuminations. Putting this in context a new tree bracket costs £25 to be manufactured and all of these brackets need testing annually at a cost of over £1,500.

The Fundraising People (a not for profit enterprise) provides an opportunity for you to raise funds for Shirehampton Christmas Lights Association. You buy the products you normally buy on-line from the same supplier at the same price as if going to them direct.

Many big names are involved with the project such as Asda, air France, Thomas Cook, B&Q, Boots, More Th>n Insurance and the RAC. The only difference is when you buy through The Fundraising People 80% of the commission or introducers fee from the supplier (not available to the individual) is passed on to the Association.

It is easy to do with a mere three steps:

  1. Type into your web browser
  2. Select Shirehampton Christmas Lights Association from the list of causes.
  3. There are now nearly 500 suppliers, so you can find the products and services that you need from the ‘Shop’ menu or just use the categories on the right of the screen.

The Shirehampton Christmas Lights Association would like to invite you to come to our next meeting to be held at The George on Saturday 28th March. We will be discussing how we run the switching on lights ceremony in 2009 (our Chairman has refused to dress up as a Christmas Tree this year!) timetabling the works to dress the trees and hopefully coming up with a plan to get lights into a tree(s) on Shire Green. We have three or four meetings a year (usually held in one of our local pubs) and helping out involves checking lights, getting the trees dressed, collecting donations and coming up with new ideas to raise funds etc.

The SCLA is a group of local volunteers and we would welcome any support – the more the merrier!

David Lloyd, SCLA Secretary)

Concert at Sea Mills

On Thursday 26th March at 7.45pm Roger Huckle, founder of the Emerald Ensemble, will be conducting the Bristol Chamber Orchestra in a concert at St Edyth’s Church, Sea mills. The programme will include Schubert’s Death and the Maiden and Marcello’s Oboe Concerto in D minor with guest artiste Rebecca Stevens. Tickets will be available on the door priced at £6 Adults, £5 Concessions and Children under 16 free. Tickets price includes light refreshments and this is a great opportunity to hear a good local orchestra perform nearby. Further details can be viewed on the website

Beat Surgeries (Shirehampton)

Surgeries will be held between 10.30am and 11.30am at The Ridge Community Centre on the following Wednesdays: 25 March, 29 April, 27 May, 24 June, 29 July, 26 August, 30September, 28 October and 25 November 2009.

Shire Nostalgia or A Trip Down Memory Lane

Being an ex-pat from Shire and now living in the USA I often wonder when reading the ‘Shire’ how many of the residents remember the little things that made the village of Shire and Avonmouth a wonderful place to grow up.

Remembering the good times and the bad, things that the young ones will never know. Yes we had the war years and the rationing, the women of the local area making clothes from Spillers flour sacks, or if they were lucky to latch on to some parachute silk, making a wedding dress. No fishnet or sheer silk stockings, they used some kind of mixture of calamine lotion and rubbed it on their legs followed with a dark pencil to make the seam in the back of the legs.

No street lamps at night, only the little buttons we wore so we would not bump into each other when walking down the street in the dark. Then there were the large water tanks on some of the corners, placed there to fight the incendiary bombs (they made nice swimming poles for a while), not to forget the little boards placed on the ends of the street that would turn yellow if mustard gas was in the area, or the elaborate bomb shelter built under the playground of the Shire Infants School where we would go on the days the sirens blared at us.

While at school the nurse checking the children’s hair for nits and other wild animals, plus the lovely tasting cod liver oil and mat they would give you. Oh yes, the good old days.

I even remember some kids wearing wooden shoes (clogs) as we could not buy any shoes. Cobblers were a precious commodity back then and we had a very good one that had a shop on the corner of Bradley Crescent and Bradley Avenue. He was handicapped with hearing and speech but was a fine man and did a wonderful job on our shoes.

On Saturday we went to the Tuppeny Rush or the Bug Hatch as it was known to see the cowboy flicks which never ended so you had to go back the following Saturday to see what happened. I never did forgive Hitler for bringing down my favourite movie theatre, but he got his just reward didn’t he.

How many remember all the airplanes they unloaded off the ships and parked them all the way up the Portway from Avonmouth to Hotwells? What a sight that was, a lot of planes being readied for D-Day.

I remember my first professional haircut when I was about five years old (previously it was a bowl on your head and your father cut around it). It was in the barber shop located in Bradley Crescent, the barber was named Jock and the young kids were cared to death of him, and getting in that chair was like going to the torture chamber. For the smaller kids Jock would place a board across the arms of the chair and that’s where you sat, with your feet on top of the chair seat. After a few years I stopped crying and Jock let me sit in the chair. He remained my barber of the rest of my years in Shire.

All the little shops would sell sweets (Rationed Coupons) and if you were lucky you7 could buy broken biscuits (now that was a treat). The shop at the bottom of Priory Road was my hang-out (Roaches I believe it was named). Five Woodbines in a small packet for the grown-ups.

I can only remember three fish and chip shops, where we always could buy the scrumps for a penny or two (that’s left over fried batter for you younger people). I can think of a chip shop in Bradley, and another on the High Street opposite the graveyard and another on Station Road. How could we forget the Spam fritters when there was no fish to be had.

Who could forget the local milkman, Archie, and his little horse Cricket? And Ivor the man who delivered coal to your house if you were lucky enough to get a bag. The man was always black with coal dust, never saw him otherwise. Then there was the cockle lady from Wales with the large basket of cockles on her head, and the elderly lady who pushes a baby pram around the village, no baby, just using it to get around picking up stuff and begging for stuff from the merchants. She started the trend of the homeless look, and had many cats. She lived on the Lower High Street on the bank near Meadow Grove. As kids we were scared of her because rumour had it she was a witch.

We also had our favourite Bobby, a friend to all, but there was one man we all feared when he knocked on your door and that was the man who came after you when you missed school. The Truant Officer. Yes, we had one, but I cannot remember his name.

Is the small green box still in the hallway, or under the stairs where your parents told you to put all your pennies (as it was the money box).

To this day I still think it had something to do with the gas, but as they say, parents know best.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk down memory lane, until next time, good health to you all.

John Rogers

St Mary’s News

Hi Folks!

Here are the notes for March and our thoughts turn to Spring, but as I write if I look outside all I can see is snow everywhere and a snow plough has just gone up the road! Never mind, it’s bound to get warmer soon.

Our recent Beetle Drive was well attended and very much enjoyed by all the participants. On the eve of Candlemas (which marks the end of Epiphany) we had an Evening Service of Compline for Candlemas when the church was lit entirely by candlelight. Forty-five people were present and the church looked magnificent, which was appreciated for its beauty, serenity and quietness.

Our Silent Auction was a great evening, commencing with supper and raised the sum of £1,900 – a super social event as well as a fund raiser.

I mentioned last monthly the sudden death of Brian Blandford and St Mary’s was pleased to be able to host his Memorial Service as the Baptist Church is currently being refurbished. A sad event for all of us, but it did produce a brighter note when I had the good fortune to see a former classmate from my junior school days – Jasmine Rogers, now Williams, and to meet her husband Peter who did his Ministry training with Brian.

Jasmine sends her regards to anyone who remembers her from her days as a youngster in Shirehampton. Not only have we lost Brian, but there has been a large number of funerals in the parish since Christmas. To all those bereaved families, we extend our heartfelt sympathy.

On Wednesday 4th March it is the first of our Lent Evenings – from 7.00pm until 9.00pm which commences with Supper. These will continue each Wednesday until the 1st April. Please sign up on the list at the back of the church for the Wednesdays you will be attending. This is so we will know how many to cater for. There is no charge, but a Retiring Collection will be available for you to make a donation.

St Mary’s is to host this year’s Women’s World Day of Prayer Service on Friday 6th March at 2.30pm. All are welcome. It is not a service just for women – men are equally welcome, too!

On Saturday 21st March (Yippee the First Day of Spring) is our annual Quiet Day at Trinity College, Stoke Bishop which will be led by Bill McDougall – a member of the College staff. Lunch will be provided – sign up if you intend coming on the list at the west end of the church.

The next day (Sunday 22nd March) is Mothering Sunday when we shall be holding an informal Holy Communion Service at 10.00am which is suitable for all the family, and posies of flowers will be given to the children to take home to their mothers. Please do think about coming – you will receive a warm welcome!

The following Saturday (28th March) we will be holding our Spring Fayre in church from 10.00am until 12.00 noon when you can purchase some of Gill Sawyers’ home-made produce, gifts and toys. You will not be disappointed and you will also be helping us in another of our fund-raising events. Just think – next year all these events may well be taking place in The Tithe Barn when we shall have much more space for you to move around.

On Saturday 4th April at 4.00pm we shall be holding our ‘Forget-me-not’ Service in St Mar’s, which is for any person who has suffered the loss of a member of their family or a friend through an untimely death and have had difficulty coming to terms with their bereavement. This Service is mainly directed towards such people, but of course any other person is also welcome to come along.

Canon Christine has asked me to stray into early April events, in case that edition of ‘Shire’ should be delayed for any reason, as pre-Easter celebrations occur early in that month.

On Sunday 5th April (Palm Sunday) we shall have our usual 10.00am Holy Communion Service, but at 6.00pm Tim Forder and Alan Gibson will be giving a musical presentation of ‘The Passion’ which will be followed by a Buffet Supper. Once again, all are welcome.

On Monday and Tuesday, 6th and 7th April at 8.00pm there will be a Service of Compline by Candlelight. If you missed the last one at Candlemas you will have the chance to experience another two during Holy Week!

On Wednesday 8th April at 7.30pm you will have the opportunity to see the dramatic presentation of ‘The Five Sides of a Circle’ – the Gospel as seen from the perspective of the Disciples. This is produced by the Rev Neville Boundy. Tickets for this cost £6 and will include Nibbles and a Glass of Wine. Please see Gill Sawyer at the Church Office for Tickets.

On Thursday 9th April (Maundy Thursday) there will be no 11.00am Service of Holy Communion at St Mary’s because at 10.30am there is a service at Bristol Cathedral for ‘The Blessing of the Oils’ which all are invited to attend. However, there will be a Holy Communion Service at 6.30pm at St Mary’s, followed by Supper. Again, sign up if you intend coming.

The next day is, of course, Good Friday and at 10am we shall be holding a Family Service around the Cross in St Mary’s and at 10.45am we shall be joined by those folk who have taken part in the Walk of Witness around the parish for Hot Cross Buns which will be served at the west end of the church.

At 1.00pm there will be ‘The Stations of the Cross’ before the Shirehampton Area Choir will be singing at 2.00pm – The Last Supper by E H Thiman.

On Easter Sunday morning there will be our usual 7.00am Sunrise Service at Shirehampton Park followed by Breakfast at Shirehampton Cricket Club. Pleases sign up on the list at the west end of the church if you are coming to this service so that it will give us some idea of how many to cater for Breakfast. At 8.30am, back in St Mary’s will be our ‘Kids Klub’ service before our 10am Easter Day Holy Communion Service.

From Tuesday 14th until Friday 17th April (inclusive) we shall again be holding our Holiday Club for children aged from five to eight years. Details for this can be obtained from Gill Sawyer at the Church Office.

Finally, a silly joke! Did you hear about the Churchwarden who took his car for its first service? It’s true – he crashed into the Pulpit! Well, I thought it was funny, anyway.

I’ll speak to you all again next month.

Bye for now – C.M.E.

News from Station Road Pre-School

It has been an exciting time in Pre-School, not only for the children but also for the staff. Christmas has come and gone and Father Christmas is on his well-deserved holidays, though some of our children are already thinking about next year’s list!

We’re now looking forward to being able to get out and about in the garden more as the weather dries out. We’re planning to get a new shed which means all our bikes can stay outside so we can use them all the time. In the summer we’re hoping for a pop-up gazebo to keep us sun-safe while in the garden. Outdoor play has a much higher profile now so it’s good that we’ve got the space to enjoy. We’re planning an Easter Egg hunt and are looking for a sponsor to provide the prizes – can anyone help?

Our other great news is that we’ve been awarded the Bristol Standard. This is an amazing achievement and is down to the hard work of our staff team in putting together our application.

We have a new Chairperson and are keen for parents/carers to join the committee to help further manage and direct the great work of Pre-School. It’s a fairly informal meeting which happens about eight evenings a year. Just let Rachael know if you’re interested and one of the committee members will talk you through the commitment.

We’re also looking for a new treasurer. Our current treasurer is hoping to retire from this role but will happily help any volunteer to get up to speed with the paperwork before retiring from the role. Any volunteers? Again, please let Rachael know and we can have an informal about the role and responsibilities. Our books are externally audited and our procedures are rigorous so a huge amount of work has been done so the role is as simple and straightforward as we can make it.

We’d like to offer our thanks to Marc at Lee Hill Partnership, Office 3, The Coach House, 24 Station Road, Shirehampton for carrying out our audit free of charge. Thank you Marc.

As you can tell Pre-School continues to work hard for the benefit of all the children who attend.

Jo Hill, Chairperson

Station Road Pre-School

Award for Avonmouth Fire Station

The cadets of TS Enterprise (Bristol-Avonmouth Sea Cadets) have recently celebrated the achievements and activities of the past year with their annual ‘Stars of Enterprise’ awards ceremony.

The Commanding Officer, Lt (SCC) Barbara Hillier RNR said: “The cadets have had a very busy year. We have several awards open to those who give us assistance. This year the Charles Ekins Memorial Cup was awarded to White Watch from Avonmouth Fire Station. This was in recognition of their giving up a great deal of their time to teach some of our senior cadets the art of fire-fighting over a period of a number of weeks.” She added “It was particularly significant to have Firefighter Zac Garrett of White Watch as Zac was a former TS Enterprise Sea Cadet and a Royal Navy Radar Operator aboard MS Danae.”

Other awards include a barrel made from a rare piece of the last wooden warship called HMS Ganges, a replica of the medal awarded to officers present at the Battle of Trafalgar and cups and shields in memory of past instructors and other benefactors. A Captain of the Sea Cadet Corps Letter of Commendation, the highest and rarely given award for a cadet, was awarded to Leading Cadet Hillier for his swift thinking and flawless application of his first aid training on an injured member of the public.

Petty Officer (SCC) Christopher Batt says: “The highlight of the evening was the computer slide show which had photographs of the literally hundreds of activities that the cadets undertook in 2008. 2009 is off to a good start with the runner-up prize in part of the Avon District Drill Competition last weekend.”

He went on to say: “Anyone aged from 10 to 18 who wants to know more about being a cadet should call 0117 938 1845 or send an email titled ‘Let me join the fun’ to”.

New What’s On Feature on our Website

From time to time SHIRE is asked to put items in our What’s On page too late for our deadline. To get in the paper we must receive details before the 10th day of the previous month. This means that we need nearly two months notice to publicise events which happen towards the end of a month, or in the first week of the following month.

We have now added a feature to our website to enable organisers of events to add details of their plans whenever they are available. These details can then be seen by anyone, even if they do not have a copy of SHIRE newspaper. If you are organising an event, visit to publicise it.

Once you have arrived at the site, click on the Message Board link at the bottom of the screen and then click on Coming Events. This will show all the notices added by others. To add a new message, click in Post a new message and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are looking for forthcoming events, visit the site to see what is available. If you know someone who is organising something and it is not there, encourage them to add it to the site. We are totally dependent on local people adding information.

If you do not have internet access at home, you can visit our site at the public library. The library staff will help you find if you are unfamiliar with the internet.

Neighbourhood Partnership

For Avonmouth and Kingsweston Neighbourhood Partnership, which has been in operation for just over a year, young peoples issues are currently high on the list of priorities with a focus on how to engage with young people.

Funding allocated to the partnership has already been allocated to a number of youth groups and assistance has been provided in securing funding for redevelopment of the local BMX track and skate park. Other work includes visits to the local youth group by councillors and council officers to discuss directly with the young people concerns that were previously raised at the NP launch; joint working on a Police and Young People Together Project and Avon and Somerset Police, looking at improving relationships between young people and the police, and setting up a youth forum that covers the whole Partnership area and work with the NP to influence services directly affecting young people.

There have been two open-themed meetings looking in more depth at the identified priorities of the Partnership – planning and neighbourhood policing and anti-social behaviour.

The next meeting will concentrate on young peoples’ issues. Other priorities identified at the launch of the Partnership include housing and pre-fabricated reinforced concrete (PRCs) and anti social behaviour. Specific concerns around housing include too many houses in Avonmouth being converted into flats and a redevelopment of a large proportion of the PRC housing stock in Lawrence Weston and Sea Mills.

Arts for Ministry

Arts for Ministry was created about ten years ago to bring together people involved in music, dance, drama and mime. Debz Strong, as she was then, now she is Mrs Debz Spinney, was involved from the beginning. The group went on to present Hopes and Dreams, Year of Jubilee and other productions in several venues including the Public Hall in Shirehampton.

Class Act was part of Arts for Ministry and is part of Shire Baptist. Over the years they have also performed at school assemblies, church services and outdoor events.

Debz, who established and directs Class Act is experienced in drama and teaching. She gives those she tutors confidence and encouragement. With her enthusiasm to develop the skills of others, and herself, Class Act have attended workshops, including Ministry training weeks led by a professional mime artiste.

Her dedication to the group resulted in those involved, from teenager through to pensioner, being able to improve and progress within a safe environment.

Mr and Mrs Spinney have moved and will be involved with the Church and community where they now live. Debz will no doubt extend the Arts for Ministry work there also.

Shire Baptist values the friendship, talent and fun of these two lovely people. Best regards go to them both for the future.

Class Act, including Debz, will be performing at Shire Baptist for the Family Service on Sunday May 10th, starting at 10.30am.

Tickers for shirehampton Spring Sparkler Selling Well

Don’t miss your chance to don your glad rags for the ‘Shirehampton Spring Sparkler’ – an evening of dinner, dancing and other delights to raise funds for the refurbishment of the Shirehampton Tithe Barn.

Date: Saturday 18th April, 2009

Time: 7pm for 7.30pm

Venue: Kingsweston House, Shirehampton

Tickets, which are selling fast, cost £37.50 per head and include a drink on arrival and a three course dinner with coffee. There will also be a raffle during the evening and music from across the decades for you to dance the night away to.

Reverend Canon Christine Froude said: “The Tithe Barn is an unrealised asset – it has served the community faithfully since its construction in the 15th century but is now in need of repair and modernisation.

“We at St Mary’s have a vision to transform it into a a much-needed community resource at the heart of our village, enabling us to maintain and expand our programme of activities and services for the people who live here.

“We have already sold a good number of tickets but I do hope many more individuals, families and businesses in the village, well feel able to help make our vision a reality by supporting the Spring Sparkler or perhaps contributing a prize for the raffle.

“Why not bring a group of friends or family together to celebrate a special occasion – tables of ten are available at a discounted rate of £350, or just £35 per head.”

For further information or to purchase tickets please contact the church office on 0117 907 7026 or email

Volunteering at The Luncheon Club

On Tuesday 13th January volunteers at the Penpole Luncheon Club received a helping hand from pupils at Oasis Academy Brightstowe who assisted with dinner service and clear-up duties.

Inclusion Officer Julie Beeton arranged for the pupils to help out at the weekly Luncheon Club that is held in the Penpole Community Rooms in order to teach them respect for their local community.

Year 8 pupils Jo Iles, Daniel Ward and Micaiah Jones got stuck in, serving dinner to the elderly locals, clearing away dishes and even organising the bingo tickets for the after-dinner game.

Jo Iles said: “We enjoyed serving the elderly people lunch and getting to know them. We made an effort to be extra polite and made sure they had everything they wanted. After we served the pudding, we got invited to have some too, but Dan didn’t want to because he was so busy organising the bingo tickets!”

Regular volunteer Sandra said: “The pupils were a great help and obviously on their best behaviour. Our residents loved meeting the young people and have insisted they come back soon.”

The pupil’s efforts were well received and Inclusion Officer Julie Beeton is keen to organise the visits to the Luncheon Club on a regular basis.

Laura Hope

PR and Marketing Support Officer

My Story Project

Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bristol launch My Story project at Shirehampton Golf Club

The RT Hon the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bristol visited the Avon Youth Association Youth Bus at Shirehampton Golf Club and met the young people involved in the youth-led My Story project, which was launched on Friday 30th January.

Young people from Shirehampton were one of three groups involved in the My Story project which developed media skills and enabled young people to create audio-visual stories about their lives, communities and where they lived.

The young people’s stories went live and online on the media rich website at:

Young people were presented with certificates of achievement by the Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor was also interested to hear there was only one active youth bus and was keen to see what further support could be given to Avon Youth Association.

Sam and the Lord Mayor

Sam and the Lord Mayor

Friends and family also watched some of the stories created by the young people. The young people received bright goody bags, with My Story hoodies!

Rebecca Quansah from MediaBox was also there, as was Sas from South West Screen.

A big thanks to all the tutors who made the project possible, including Jessie Currie, Ina Hume, Megan Lynas, Tom Stubbs, Melvyn Ternan and Steven Tunn.

The My Story project was run by Vanishing Rites in partnership with Avon Youth Association and Black Carers Project.

What's On in Shire

Sunday March 1st

St Mary’s 10am Communion with the Dean of Bristol, the Rev Robert Grimley. The Lord and Lady Mayress attending

Cotswold Service - at the Cotswold Centre, Dursley Road 4.45pm - 5.30pm led by Shire Baptist Church.

Monday March 2nd

TotStop for under 5s at St Mary’s weekly 1.15 – 2.45pm

Keep Fit weekly at Avonmouth Community Centre 7.30 – 8.30pm

Basic Literary Skills Course at Lawrence Weston weekly Tel: 0117 913 8824 for details

Kyoto Shotokhan Karate Club trains at St Bernard’s School weekly 6.30 – 8.30pm

Drop-in Advice Centre AUS Community Association at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Avonmouth – weekly 9.30 – 11.30am sponsored by St Andrew’s Church

Tuesday March 3rd

St Andrew’s Ladies Club 7.30pm at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Beetle Drive.

Penpole Lunch Club 11am – 1.45pm – 2 course meal £2.75 Transport door to door (weekly)

St Mary’s Craft Group weekly 2-3.30pm in church

Totstop for Under 5’s at Shirehampton Baptist Church – weekly 9 – 11am.

St Mary’s Art Group every Tuesday afternoon.

St Andrew’s Ladies 7.30pm at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Avonmouth, Bring & Buy

Bristol Shiplovers Society talk H.M.S. Belfast by Mr Nick Hewitt

Wednesday March 4th

Every Wednesday - Shirehampton Model Railway Club 7.30pm Public Hall weekly

Shire Advice Sessions every Wednesday and Thursday 9.30 – 11am at 115 High Street

Shirehampton Craft Group weekly at Guide HQ, St Mary’s Road, 1.30 pm – 3.00pm Tel 9823192 for information.

ACTA Community Youth Theatre for 11 – 16’s weekly at the Public Hall 5pm – 6.30pm

Keep Fit weekly at the Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road 10.30am.

1st of Lent Evonsong at St Mary’s which will take place every Wednesday until April 1st with speaker David Mowat, Traveller and Peace Worker in the Middle East

Thursday March 5th

Shirehampton Townswomen’s Guild 2 – 4pm Methodist Church Hall

Kick boxing weekly at the Public Hall 5.15- 7.15pm

Slimming World weekly 5.30pm and 7pm at Jim O’Neill House

Grainger Players Drama Club at the Public Hall 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Kyoto Shotokhan Karate Club trains at Avonmouth RFC weekly 6.30 – 8.30pm

Shire Advice Service Wedneday and Thursday 9.30 - 11am at 115 High Street.

Friday March 6th

Library will be open 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm.

Coffee Morning at the Library, 1st Friday of the month 10.30am - 12.30.

Friday Fun for parents, carers, and pre-school children 9.30-11am at Beachley Walk Centre weekly

Evergreens weekly at the Public Hall 2 – 3pm

Bingo at the Public Hall 6.30 – 8.30 pm weekly

Pillow Lace Group every Friday 7 – 9pm at the Public Hall

Shirehampton Amateur Radio Club weekly at T.S.Enterprise 7.30 – 10pm

Keep Fit weekly at the Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road 10.30 am – 11.30 am

Saturday March 7th

Library will be open - 10am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm

Bring & Buy Sale at Shirehampton Methodist Church 10am - noon.

Tuesday March 10th

Port of Bristol Retired Employees Association at the Club House.

Wednesday March 11th

Bright Hour (Woman’s Fellowship) Baptist Church 2.30pm – fortnightly

Thursday March 12th & 26th

Advice Session at St Mary’s – second and fourth Thursdays 2 – 4pm

Sunday March 15th

Cotswold Service at Cotswold Centrey, Dursley Road 4.45pm - 5.30pm led by St Mary’s Church.

Monday March 16th

Shirehampton Local History Group will meet at 2.30pm at the Library

Tuesday February 17th

St Andrew’s Ladies Club - 7.30pm at St Andrew’s Church Hall, talk on “Fire & Safety in the Home”

Saturday March 21st

French Evening at the Cotswold Centre at 7.30pm, tickets £7

Tuesday March 24th

Bristol Shiplovers Society - 7.30pm at H.M.S. Flying Fox, talk S.S. Severn Princess by Tim Ryan

Thursday March 26th

Diabetes UK Penpole Tenants Association Hall 7.30pm. Carers Group meets at Avonmouth Medical Centre 10am-12 noon. Carer’s Group meets at Ridingleaze, Lawrence Weston 2pm

Friday March 27th

Sequence Dance Cotswold Community Centre 7.30pm - 10pm


Playgroup at the Public Hall every week 9.15-11.45am Mon-Fri; 12.30-2.45pm Mon-Wed only.

Kids Klub at St Mary’s 8.30am most Sunday mornings. Breakfast and a short service. For information Tel: 9077026

Sea Cadets Mondays and Thursdays each week 12-18 years old; Juniors 10-12 years old – Thursday 6.45-8.45pm at T.S. Enterprise, Station Road

City of Bristol Basic Skills Classes – FREE. Improve your English; Computers and Communication; Art and Communication; help with your maths. Contact Gill Lloyd on 31125530

Bumps and Rhyme for babies and toddlers every Monday 11.20 – 11.40am followed by Story Time 12 Noon – 12.15pm – at the Library

Twyford Art Club meets three times a week at the Public Hall. For details contact John Case at the Hall.


April 18th Spring Sparkler in aid of St Mary’s at Kings Weston House. Tickets £37.50 per head.


The Cotswold Community Association AGM will be held on April 23rd at 10am in the CCA Hall.

CORRECTION: the Bristol Shiplover’s Society. Please note re programme for 2009 in last month’s issue, that all meetings commence at 7.30pm

Things you Probably Never Knew Your Mobile Phone Could Do

There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it:

FIRST Emergency: The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialled even if the keypad is locked. Try it out.

SECOND Have you locked your keys in the car?

Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their mobile phone from your cell phone.

Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock. Saves someone from having to drive your keys to you. Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles away, and if you can reach someone who has the other ‘remote’ for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the trunk).

Editor’s Note: It works fine! We tried it out and it unlocked our car over a mobile phone!’

THIRD Hidden Battery Power: Imagine your mobile battery is very low. To activate, press the keys *3370# Your mobile will restart with this reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery. This reserve will get charged when you charge your mobile next time.

FOURTH How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?

To check your Mobile phone’s serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 #

A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. When your phone gets stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless. You probably won’t get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can’t use/sell it either. If everybody does this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.

ATM - PIN Number Reversal - Good to Know: If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234, then you would put in 4321. The ATM system recognizes that your PIN number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to the location. This information was recently broadcast on CTV by Crime Stoppers however it is seldom used because people just don’t know about it. Please pass this along to everyone.

Shirehampton Taders’ Grand Easter Raffle

A raffle has been arranged for the 9th April 2009. It will take place outside the Co-operative in Shirehampton

all the prizes have been generously donated by the Shirehampton traders and local residents. Profits from this raffle will be give to the Co-operative’s chosen charity of this year, which is the RNID (charity for the deaf).

The Co-operative would like to express their gratitude to the great response that they have received from the other traders and hope that the day goes well.

So, if you are really lucky, you could get your nails done, buy a new outfit, get your hair done, get a takeaway or a sit-down meal, have a relaxing bath at the end of the evening, put on some smellies and cuddle up in bed with a lovely soft toy!

Those are just some of the brilliant prizes to be won!

More information on the time of the draw will be given nearer the time. Posters will be put up around the village.

So good luck!

Thank you

Tony Garland, Co-operative Manager

Traders Taking Part

Beauty Salons:

  • Paulines
  • Jupe
  • Nails
  • PJs
  • Elite Hair and Beauty
  • Chicos
  • Pet Shops
  • The Pet Shop
  • Staden Pet Supplies

Food Outlets:

  • Simply Fish
  • Ali Mahal
  • Dragon 1
  • The Coffee Shop
  • The George Inn
  • D&P Fashion
  • The Post Office
  • Bobbets
  • Discount Card Shop
  • BMX 24/7
  • Collectable Gifts and Cards
  • The Co-Operative
  • Autoparts
  • Choice Carpets
  • Blockbusters
  • Tubs
  • Electric Shop
  • Lloyds chemists
  • The Newshop
  • Miles Morgan
  • Pouind Hit
  • Flowerworld

Estate Agents:

  • Taylors
  • Haarts
  • Ocean Rodaway
  • Thomas Davis
  • Somerfield

Keep Fit Classes starting again

Avonmouth Medical Centre is pleased to announce that the keep fit classes are starting again with our new trainer, Ruth.

We are now an active choices centre for Bristol City Council and welcome all ages both patients and non-patients.

We would be delighted to see everyone, please come and meet us and give it a try, first session is free and sessions are held on Monday from 12pm - 1pm and Thursdays 11am - 12pm at a cost of £1 per session, followed by tea and biscuits.

for further information please contact Reception on 0117 9824322 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.