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Shirehampton's Future: Alarming or Exciting?

Ethel and Les Boon 70th Wedding Anniversary

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Doctor's Departure - The End of an Era

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Shirehampton's Future: Alarming or Exciting?

Shaping a Vision for the Village

Shirehampton's community leaders are calling for villagers to recognise the challenge of change happening around them and to become actively involved in shaping it positively. Member groups of the Shirehampton Community Action Forum (which includes the majority of the local amenities, services, clubs and societies) have become increasingly concerned at the loss over recent years of many assets that once enriched Shirehampton life, and the comparative neglect from the Council that the village seems to suffer in the sharing out of Bristol's resources. So it has decided to take positive action.

It is mounting an initiative called 'Vision for Shirehampton', whose object is first to determine what the Village's current assets are, identify what has been lost in recent time, then to specify the things it needs to make the village vibrantly alive, and equipped to be a first-class place to live in this 21st Century.

This is not the first time such an attempt has been made. A study was commissioned in 2000: one of the conclusions of that study was "Community buildings: we have lost a number of these recently including Twyford House and the Portway Centre. We don't want to lose any more".

Of course, the sad truth is we have lost many more since, with yet another (The Tythe Barn) currently closing. So action is even more urgent now. 'Vision for Shirehampton' is being run in conjunction with SHIRE newspaper. It will last for several months. Each month in SHIRE we will be looking at one aspect of community life, assessing what we have, what we have lost, and what we need. The hope is that readers will enter wholeheartedly into the discussion with their letters and emails.

We also want to hold public debates on the issues raised, and to draw on the individual community groups that comprise SCAF for their input. There is a particular reason for getting this going at this time. Bristol City Council is developing its strategy for the city for the next decades. We want to have positive practical input into the Council's planning, so that Shirehampton's place in the strategy is one that Shirehampton wants and gets, rather than one that is imposed upon it.

'Vision for Shirehampton' gets under way straight away as this month we look at Shirehampton's Shops & Commercial Premises. Turn to page four to see what the commercial health of the Village is, and let us know your reaction to the situation.

Change is inevitable in any community, and ours is no exception. It is a mistake to try to alter that fact of life. But making change work for the better is something we can help happen.

Ethel and Les Boon 70th Wedding Anniversary

Ethel and Les Boon have recently celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary and a full and happy life together. They were married at the Avonmouth Congregational church, on the 17th July 1937.

They met at the Co-operative Flour Mills, Avonmouth, when Les was seventeen and a half years old and Ethel was a couple of years younger. Ethel (Née McCullock) was born in Avonmouth and lived there until she was married, while Les had moved to the Portway with his parents, at the age of fourteen. After they were married, Les and Ethel moved into the house on the Portway, with Les' parents.

They have three children David, Brian, and Joyce (now Joyce Western), seven grandchildren and ten great grandchildren, to whom they have always given their love and support.

Six months ago they moved into sheltered accommodation, in Sea Mills, where they celebrated their Platinum anniversary, with a lunch, for family, friends and the other residents, including four of their five bridesmaids. They have also had many anniversary cards, including one from the Queen.

The only time that Les and Ethel have been separated, was for the four years that he was in North Africa and Italy, during World War Two as one of the 'Desert Rats'.

The family would like to thank Jenny for the lovely meal she served, helping make the celebrations such a wonderful time for Les and Ethel.

Clear Sounds Captivate Cotswold Audience

The Clear Sounds Choir captivated the audience at the Cotswold Community Centre when the group sang at a summer concert.

With music ranging from Vivaldi to the Beatles, from Irish folk music to Hey! Big Spender!, all performed with enthusiasm and to a high standard, and everyone spent an evening in thorough enjoyment.

Most of the choir is visually impaired, and need to sing their programme from memory, or by scanning the words in Braille. Also, unable to see their musical director, Mike, (himself blind) the choir members need a tremendous sensitivity to each other in order to keep together. This is especially true in the many songs they sing unaccompanied, which they accomplish with impressive sureness of pitch.

The songs were interspersed with poems, most of them humorous, and with solo pieces.

The warmly appreciative audience were left hoping that it there will be a return visit from this remarkable choir very soon.

Do you remember this team?

This picture might be of interest to some 'Shire' readers; it was supplied to me by Mrs Janet Scott, who lives in Surrey.

The writing seems to indicate this is a Shirehampton boys team and was taken around 1910/11. The only person who can be named is a Charles John Caines, who lived in Priory Road and would have been 17 at the time. He is in the back row on the far left.

If any reader can add any names or other information regarding this picture, Mrs Scott would be delighted to receive it.

Please pass any details to me (via SHIRE) and I will see they get sent to her.

Ken Edwards

Stoke Bishop Ladies' Choir

Could I ask if by any chance there are any ladies in Shirehampton who enjoy singing and making new friends? But particularly any who perhaps don't really like going out on cold winter nights!

Stoke Bishop Ladies Choir is a happy, friendly group of about 25 ladies who love singing and meet on Monday afternoons, from 2-4pm at Stoke Bishop Village Hall (easy parking, and a bus stop right outside the Hall). We meet from September till Easter, and perform all kinds of music, but our programmes always include some familiar melodies and songs from the shows.

Our members come from all over the city, and while we do have some from Sea Mills, we have none from Shire!

So if you enjoy singing and making new friends, please do come along on September 3rd, or ring 9682084 for more details.

Sylvia Harris

(Thank you for your kind donation - Editor)

Leonard (Len) Duddridge

21/3/1928 - 7/7/2007

Margie, David, Teresa, and Alison wish to thank all the friends and neighbours who sent such beautiful floral tributes and cards of condolence. They were of great comfort after the sad death of Len.

Also, thanks a million to Christine and Adele (District Nurses) and the palliative care team for all their caring and kindness. What would we have done without you all!

Finally, kind, loving, supporting Canon Christine; thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great comfort you gave to Len and to us.

God bless you all.

Roll up! Roll up!

Portway School to the rescue

When Shirehampton Cricket Club's heavy roller broke down in the far side of the ground, pupils from Portway Community School came to the rescue. The school has been using the ground for sports activities this year and a class had arrived for a lesson. Cricket Club members asked the teacher in charge for help. Immediately the "strong" boys volunteered to pull and push the roller across the field, back to the garage.

The club would like to thank the pupils for their help.

Trevor Beacham, President, Shirehampton C.C.

Thanks from Canada

Pete & Merv Butchers would like to thank all who attended their 50th Anniversary and Pete's 80th birthday party at the PBA Club on July 21st.

It was great to see you all after such a while, and we are told that everyone had a great time.

Again, thanks.

Pete & Merv Butchers

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Someone else's child living with you?

Is someone else's child living with you?

Or is one of your children living with another family?Are you living with another family?

If this arrangement is for more than 28 days, it may be what's known as 'private fostering'. The law says you need to tell the council about it so we can ensure the children involved are well cared for and safe.

For more information contact the Children and Young People's Services office at 0117 9038700.


Shirehampton's Shops

The vitality of a neighbourhood and the prosperity of its shops are inextricably bound up with each other. If the neighbourhood has a buzz and strong community feeling, then it attracts entrepreneurs to invest money in it, building shops and businesses, and if there are thriving shops and businesses, then the community feels alive and a good place to live in and to visit.

Conversely, if the sense of community declines, and the atmosphere feels dead, then people are inclined to shop elsewhere, and businesses then will fail, which in turn causes the depressed mood to deepen, and even less people wanting to live or shop in the area. There is a tipping point, at which the number of boarded-up shops will make an area so unsatisfactory as a shopping destination that the decline becomes irreversible.

Thus it is absolutely vital to the well-being of Shirehampton's future that the village maintains a good number of varied, useful, shops, so that it is a place that people like to live in and non-residents love to visit.

As many of our shops belong to national chains, a lot of the future is out of our hands. Policy decisions at the headquarters of firms such as Woolworth's or Boots can happen at any time and affect our local branches, regardless of how well they are doing in Shirehampton. So a good number of locally-based small shops is essential.

The summary of our current shops on this link is like a cardiogram of our retail heart. How healthy does it seem to you? Significantly, since we first did our survey a few months ago it has had to be amended a number of times because premises have moved whilst other premises have been vacated. Ours is a constantly changing scene.

What can be done to help our commercial life not only to survive in the battle with the big supermarkets, but even to grow?

The first and obvious way is that villagers must support our local traders as much as they can. With shops as with so much in life, it's a case of 'use it or lose it'.

Next, it would be good to see the traders re-form the presently defunct Traders' Association, and send representatives to SCAF meetings, so that mutual concerns can be talked through, and shopkeepers, customers and potential customers develop strong relationships.

But now for the important bit: we want you, our readers, to help in the debate: write to SHIRE by letter (via the Library) or email ( and let us know your thoughts on our shops and businesses.

Some of the things you might want to consider:

  • Is the number and the variety of shops in Shirehampton right?
  • What shops would you like to see open in Shirehampton? For example, a hardware store, a health food shop?
  • What do you most appreciate about shopping in Shirehampton?
  • What would encourage you to shop more in the village?
  • How about an annual 'Trader of the Year' award so that excellence could be recognised and encouraged?
  • What would be the effect if a giant such as Tesco should set up here?

The Traders' Views

How do those behind the High street shop-counters see the village's retail health? We asked two of them, one from a national chain, another from a small family shop, what it is like doing business in Shirehampton.

Tony Garland has worked for the Co-op for forty-one years, and been Manager of the Shirehampton store for seventeen years. Recently, the store has seen a major refurbishment which necessitated closing to the public for a month.

A popular store with a popular manager

Tony believes the overall health of Shirehampton shops to be very good, with a good mix of shops to meet local needs. He welcomes the competition from Somerfield opposite, believing it is good for the consumer. He found that after the four-week refurbishment closure his customers came back, and he didn't lose out to the rival supermarket.

He is, however, concerned about the number of boarded-up shops, because they do not help the appearance of the place, and if there are too many, people might not feel it worth coming to shop in Shirehampton. He admits that his employers have added to the problem by closing Alldays following their takeover of the convenience store. Nevertheless, he is confident for the future.

Asked if he thought a Traders' Association would be an asset, he thought it would, particularly for the traders to be able to get together in security matters for the benefit of all.

Gail keeps her customers happy with a smile

Gail Stadon, with husband Troy, has run the Stadon Pet Supplies for eight years, changing it from a shop dealing mostly in hardware to one dedicated entirely to keeping Shirehampton's animals and their owners happy.

Like Tony, Gail believes the overall health of Shirehampton shops is good, with 'a bit of everything' on offer in the village. She finds that relationships with the village shoppers is the key to success. "If your face doesn't fit, you won't make it!" she says. She makes a point of taking an interest in the customers which encourages them to come back again and again. Certainly, during her short interview with SHIRE there was a continual stream of people coming in to buy things; all were known to her and were obviously regular customers.

Asked about her fears for the future, Gail was concerned about big stores taking away business from the smaller shops, and also the growth of internet shopping.

She was also concerned at the increase in shop-lifting and vandalism, and like Tony thought a new Traders' Association would help to fight it. She was disappointed that a recent police scheme to link shopkeepers by radio-phone had fallen through because of a lack of interest by enough shopkeepers to make it viable.

Shirehampton Shops - the Council's View

Tucked away deep in the City Council's website is a detailed and comprehensive review of shopping throughout Bristol carried out in 2006, and Shirehampton is one of the shopping centres whose health it assesses. It can be found at

The report is far too large to reproduce here, but here are some of its findings.

One hundred and fifty people were interviewed at three different locations in the High Street; the interviewers discovered that 46% of people lived within 15 minutes walking distance, that the majority of shoppers were in the older age group, and that most people used the shops for topping-up food items. Other common reasons for visiting were to meet friends and socialise, or to use services such as the banks. 95% visit at least once a week, and 83% more frequently. The report says "In terms of the other Bristol centres, Shirehampton has the highest proportion of frequent visitors."

Interestingly, it seems that some people come to shop in Shirehampton even though they live closer to another shopping centre.

However, shoppers complained about a poor choice of shops. There is also a worry about safety at night. Although 98% feel "safe or very safe" during the day, this drops to 28% after the shops shut.

The statistics gathered give us another cause for concern: apparently there is a total of 1,096 sq metres of vacant retail space out of a total of 8,454. This compares badly with, e.g., Henbury, which has only 186 sq m vacant out of a total of 7,190.

The Council's survey concludes: " Shirehampton is a medium sized centre, and is anchored by its foodstore provision. The survey shows that these stores are the main reason for shoppers visiting the centre. It is a popular destination, and the health checks show it to be relatively healthy and attractive. There are however improvements to the retail provision that could be made to benefit the centre."

Does Shire need a Traders' Association?

A Traders' Association could achieve the following:

  • Promote Shirehampton as a place to do business
  • Speak with one voice to the City Council on matters of common concern (e.g., parking, planning matters, refuse collection, anti-social behaviour)
  • Consult local residents on what they want from local businesses
  • Sponsor activities to make Shire more attractive for customers (e.g., litter clean-ups, Christmas Lights, etc.)
  • Represent businesses on other bodies, e.g., SCAF

Happy School Memories

I am writing to say 'thank you' for your excellent paper. My husband and I do not live in Shire, but in Clevedon. However, my husband lived in Shire and consequently whenever he sees your paper, it brings back memories. We receive a copy of the paper through a friend of a friend and sometimes it is passed on to a relative who also lived in Shire years back.

A special thank you for paper no. 426 (July) with the photograph of Shirehampton Junior School 1945-46. There was my husband sitting in the front row. This has brought back lots of memories and a test of his memory trying to name the pupils in the photo. Mr. Antill was certainly recognized and I heard several 'tales' of those early days that I had never heard before. The paper was taken to show another friend and between them they had a few laughs. The photo will be shown again later in the year when we meet up with another friend who lives in Yorkshire.

You can see from the above how much your paper has meant to so many of us and hope that you will continue for many years to come.

Thank you all,

Christine Simmonds.


What summer this if all the rain
Does not fall on Spanish Plain?
But drops on England's fertile land
Weeds and grass grow hand in hand.

The roads are wet in dim daylight
Stars obscured by cloud at night.
Children's play and fêtes are off
Colds abound with nasty cough.

One day perhaps, I hope it's soon
We'll feel the sun and see the moon.
What summer this without the fun
Of ice-cream, shorts, and England's sun?

Joe Earl

Life's A Journey, But...You May Not Always Be Sure Of Your Destination!

After he retired from his post as Headmaster of Avon Primary School in July 2003, Duncan Jennings had no idea what the future held. "Life's a continuous journey." he said. "Sometimes you move along a familiar road with people you know. Then you are taken off in a completely new direction, which is often full of surprises and new experiences. And this is just what has happened to me in the last couple of years!"

Duncan now works as part of the Vergers' department of Bristol Cathedral - assisting in the preparation of services, ensuring everything is 'ship-shape and Bristol fashion', and welcoming the many visitors. But, in addition to this busy life, for the last two years he has also been studying to become an ordained minister of the Church of England. This involves following a part-time course (over three years) through a Theological College in Salisbury - the same one as Canon Christine attended when she was training to become a Vicar. "God's call to ordained ministry was not on my agenda when I left Avon Primary," Duncan commented. "but it is proving to be very exciting. And, what's more, it is this which has brought me back to Shirehampton. I'm delighted to be able to complete an important part of my training for ministry under the expert guidance of Canon Christine Froude and amongst so many friends and acquaintances."

But for the last three months Duncan has not been at St Mary's. He has been on placement in the central Bristol area of The Dings, behind Temple Meads Station. He has been part of Emmaus Bristol. This is a community which helps formerly homeless people, many of whom have alcohol or drug addictions, as well as other problems. The motto of Emmaus Bristol is:

'Giving people a bed and a reason to get out of it.'

"This very special community works on the basis of helping people to help themselves and each other." Duncan said. "The unconditional love shown there is truly remarkable. It is a place of hope and transformation. There is so much that we could all learn about living better lives. At Emmaus Bristol people come first. So, whatever their problems or past history, if they are willing, their lives can be turned around."

Members of the Community are known as Companions and a significant aspect of Emmaus Bristol is that they are expected to work a 40 hour week within the Community business. This is re-circulating second-hand furniture, bicycles and other domestic goods. Whilst he was with them, amongst other things, Duncan helped in the showroom and went out on the van collecting furniture with the Companions. "This was not only great fun, but also an enormous privilege. I learnt a lot about the difficulties people can experience, but much more about the courage and determination that so many Companions show in facing and tackling their problems."

By living and working in Emmaus people recover their self-respect, discovering how to take responsibility for their own lives as well as helping others less fortunate than themselves. The aim of Emmaus Bristol is not only to make the business self-financing, but to reach the point where they can give away 10% of all they make to those in greater need. "Although this is not a religious organisation, I saw much of the teachings of Jesus in action." Duncan observed. "Loving your neighbour - whoever they are, or whatever they're like; putting your own interests aside sometimes, to help those in need; finding the best in people, and not judging them for what they might have been. In this, Emmaus Bristol is not just a way out of homelessness, but a way that offers hope, care, and a future."

In this part of his life-journey, Duncan has been privileged to travel some way with the Companions of Emmaus Bristol; but from this month he is also pleased to be returning to St Mary's for the final nine months of his ministerial training. As well as joining in the many services and events at St Mary's, Duncan will be spending time undertaking tasks which will bring him into greater contact with the wider Shire community. For Duncan, following God's call to ordained ministry has meant that recently his life has been full of surprises - and he wouldn't have it any other way!

If you would like to find out more about Emmaus Bristol, visit their website:

Or why not get a bargain by going to their Showroom at Barton Manor, St Philips, Bristol?

You can also help by offering unwanted furniture (in good, saleable condition).Phone Emmaus Bristol on 9540886 to discuss their delivery and collection service.

Doctor's Departure - The End of an Era

As Dr. Richard Taylor packs his stethoscope away for the last time in his Shirehampton surgery, it is the end of an era. For not only does he complete twenty-five years- "A nice round figure", he says - of service to the village, but it also coincides with the opening of the new Health Centre, which replaces the recently demolished premises that began life shortly after his arrival.

Dr. Taylor is moving out of general practice to work full-time in Occupational Medicine, something he has previously been involved with part-time. His new work is principally concerned with providing expert medical advice to organisations and individuals relating to health and safety at work.

Reflecting on his time here, Richard says how he has valued being part of the community, which he sees as strong and stable, where people know each other and care for each other.

But though he feels the community has changed little, the health service has changed beyond recognition. An example is the the computerisation, which he sees as a good thing, enabling doctors to have access to records much more easily. Contrary to what some have said, he hasn't found there has been excessive growth of bureaucracy, and credits an efficient Practice Manager and staff for making the doctors' job easier. Nevertheless, he will be glad to be free from the long hours his job has sometimes demanded. Mrs Taylor (herself a doctor in the BRI) and family Katherine (21), Robert (19) and Olivia (16) will certainly appreciate the more social hours of his new job.

Richard will miss the strong relationships he has built up with patients over the years. Sometimes relationships have developed in unexpected ways, as on the more than one occasion he has called at a house, carried out a medical examination, much appreciated by the patient, only then to discover he had called at the wrong house. To have the doctor call unsent for has seemed to the recipient service indeed!

"I feel really privileged to have worked in such a nice area and met such a variety of people," he says

Shirehampton's people will wish Dr. Taylor and his wife and family well as he begins the new phase of his career.

On 1st September, a new GP, Manon Younger, joins the Health Centre team. She will be working every day of the week except Mondays and has experience in a wide range of clinical areas.

Carole Brooke, the Practice Manager invites anyone with any concerns regarding this change to contact her on 0117 916 2225.

Planning the Future of Bristol's Parks and Green Spaces

Are you passionate about parks? Then now is your chance to let the city council know what you think about its draft strategy for the future of Bristol's parks and green spaces.

A ten-week consultation period is under way and will end on September 28th. Residents will have the chance to read all about Bristol's ambitious draft plans - and comment on what they think is the best way forward.

  • We want to provide up to 70 new children's play areas. Do you think some play areas should be more natural - less plastic, steel and rubber, more water, sand and rocks?
  • We want to see places for young people in more of our parks.  What's your view?
  • Do you agree with our proposal to create dog-free areas?
  • Do you think our wildlife areas need to be more welcoming?
  • What are your priorities for change?

The draft strategy consultation document is available online at

Paper copies are available for viewing at local libraries, Brunel House, The Council House and at 33 Colston Street. There will also be a series of drop-in sessions for members of the public to ask questions and special meetings with key stakeholders, such as park user groups and community forums. Full details will be on the Bristol Parks web pages or by contacting us on 0117 922 3896.

Shirehampton Remounts

With any historical research the story is never complete as new information can arrive out of the blue at any time.  Although we thought we had gone as far as possible with the First World War story of Shirehampton remounts, letters have just come to light from Lt.Col. Driscoll who commanded the Legion of Frontiersmen in 1914.

The picture of Driscoll is from a poster of a well-known painting of him

On Legion of Frontiersmen headed paper from Adam Street, London, Driscoll wrote an open letter for distribution

"To whom it may concern:

Having had a conversation with the Chief Officer of Remounts at the War Office, I was advised to apply to the officer in charge at Liverpool, Avonmouth and Southampton, with a view to offering members of the above corps to break in horses and carry out parade movements with them, so as to perfect them for their work in the Service.  I have deputed Mr. A.G. Burchardt-Ashton to represent me in this matter, and to make all arrangements with the officers concerned.  I desire in the event of our being called out that the men be permitted to rejoin me for active service."

Driscoll considered that the Frontiersmen would perform useful duties until the Legion was granted a named unit.  It seems that they were accepted at Shirehampton as on October 29th 1914 he wrote to Burchardt-Ashton, Remount Depot, Shirehampton:

"Please inform Sgt. Newbold and Sergeant-Majors Page and Knight that I approve of your taking on the appointment of Legion Riding Master in the Remount Depot."

Does anyone recognise the names of any of the above NCOs?

One gets a hint from Driscoll's next letter to Burchardt-Ashton on November 4th that Colonel Carter, who was in charge at Shirehampton, was uncertain as to the value of the Frontiersmen who were likely to be called suddenly to active service.

"See Col. Carter at once and ask him from me to back me up in my endeavour to get our men attested for the combined duties of remounts and preparedness for active service, in case the country need us.

Tell him to trust me that even if I withdraw 1000 men from the Depot for Active Service, their places will be immediately filled in the depot as I will supply also meanwhile the unattested men for work in the Depot; and these will then come on the attested list…Tell the Colonel that my proposition has gone in to Lord K[itchener] last week…What I do will remove a great load off the Remount officers, and will ensure a large force of disciplined men who will be doing all the Remount duties, whilst also preparing for active service; and who knows, how badly we may be wanted in some part or another of the Empire…If I could find time I would run down to see Col. Carter; but at present every minute is taken up.  I also want to arrange to get our fine men over from Canada and elsewhere to swell the body of useful men."

In spite of Driscoll's persuasion, it appears that Col. Carter was still unenthusiastic about using the Frontiersmen.  On December 13th Driscoll wrote to Burchardt-Ashton with a hint of irritation:

"We have offered the remounts something for their own benefit, and that of the Empire.  If the Bristol branch do not choose to avail themselves of the advantage, that is their look out.  I do not think we need trouble ourselves any further with them.  Major Fisher at Southampton on the other hand, is keenly desirous of having our men and I am sending him all I can."

Certainly, what evidence we have shows that there were many more Frontiersmen working at the Remount depots around Southampton.  There were still some at Shirehampton as, when the Frontiersmen were granted their named unit for active service in East Africa, Driscoll wrote again in February to Burchardt-Ashton:

"We are for East Africa and will sail sometime in April.  I will wire you and you can make it known to the men in the Remount Depot who care to come along…I think you can safely let the men in Shirehampton know; but we only want the best class of men."

From what we know, every Frontiersmen of an acceptable age was eager to join up with Driscoll.  After the unit was formed we know nothing about how many, if any, Frontiersmen remained working with Remounts.

The advertisement is the one Burchardt-Ashton was asked to place in as many local papers as possible to seek recruits for the new unit

(The quotations from the Driscoll letters are © Legion of Frontiersmen (Countess Mountbatten's Own) and are not to be reproduced outside this article without permission)

Geoffrey A. Pocock, July 2007

Remount Depot Query

My grandfather joined WW1 service at the Remount Depot in Swaythling in October 1915.  Do you know what the procedure was here? He was medically discharged from the Middlesex Regiment in May 1917, but I do not have a battalion number. When he joined he put his trade down as Groom although two years earlier on marriage his trade was noted as Shop Porter.  However, his father was a cab driver and groom so I assume he was working at this at the time of enlistment. What I would like to know is at the time of enlistment would he have gone into the Middlesex Regiment or Remount and what exactly the Remount did. Granddad served in France and was gassed.

On his attestation the corps is listed as A.C.L (this is a very limited guess as it is virtually unreadable but does consist of 3 letters) Remount.  Perhaps you would know what the abbreviation is likely to be.

I do not know if you will be able to help here but you may be able to point me in the right direction. So, with many thanks for your time and assistance.

Susan Haselden. (Southampton).

Avonmouth Community 5 - 12's Play Work Young Youth Project

Salutations Shire Reader,

Avonmouth Community Playwork Young Youth Group would like to share some of our news with you! We run during the school terms from September to July funding permitting. We have a remit of 30 young people who attend the club.

M.K has worked on putting together funding bids; so far MK has secured £6978 for six months posts of - 1 play co-ordinator, 1 playleader and 3 playworkers. This is to be implemented during September 2007. Also an expression of interest has been sent to the Tudor Trust and we are at present waiting to hear from them to find out if we have made the second stage of the Tudor Trusts processing system.

Schemes of work have been developed for - Football, Funk it up dance, Circus Malabaristas, cooking project, book corner. As a result we secured funding from BYCA of £1750. This is to buy in and cover the cost of 1 coach from Football in the community £50 per-session, 1 session a week for 20 weeks costing of £1000.  £200 for two Circus Malabaristas performers to work with our young people for 1 session during the autumn period of 2007 and £750 for Funk it up Dance to work with our young people for 10 session's £40 per-session with £150 for props as this particular piece of work will include a performance for management committee, parent/carer and funders. As a result of the Reading Corner ACPWYYP's playleader and a young person went on to the Dave Barrett Radio Bristol Show to appeal for books for our young people. We have donations from the Radio station, libraries. Sea Mills Library is going to try and run some activities especially for ACPWYYP during the autumn at Avonmouth library.

Projects which ran during this period were - Beatrix Potter, Harry Potter, Egyptian art, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, cooking and a South African project. All project work is ran alongside play activities i.e. football, skipping, music and dance, board games, large connect four, noughts and crosses etc. In line with project development ACPWYYP and Football in the community have devised a point gaining and loosing system. Each player is worth £1.000.000 and each play can win and lose points thought attitude and behaviour both off and on the pitch but only within the confines of ACPWYYP.

Certificates of Achievements have been introduced and implemented. In total from May to July 2007 63 certificates of Achievement have been issued to our young people, some personalised in regards to the young person's accomplishment/s. For this period May = 14, June = 17, July = 32.

Creative art work = 16, Improved Positive Behaviour = 2, Outstanding Effort = 1, Supporting Others = 12, A Positive Attitude = 8, A positive Attitude on the Football Pitch = 4, Being a Team Player = 4 also Football in the Community Coach. T.H issued 18 certificates to work along side ACPWYYP's Certificate of Achievements system. The certificates appeared to have been a hit with young people and parents/carers as well as playworkers.

Playworkers introduced a logo competition. Young people were encouraged to develop a logo for ACPWYYP. The competition was aimed at supporting both young People and playworkers gaining an ownness of their club. As a result of the competition a worker from Young Bristol judged the young people's work and ACPWYYP now has its own unique logo designed by L.M age 10 which is being slowly implemented within our organisation. The young designer received a letter, and certificate of recognition along with a gift voucher for their brilliant design.

Due to the work carried out by playworkers ACPWYYP young people have developed skills such as assertiveness, communication, imagination, fine and gross motor skills in particular around the arts and craft area and on the football pitch and skipping. Some of our little ones are moving from doing larger simple colouring pictures to smaller more intricate colouring pictures. Cooking has been an overwhelming hit with our young people. Skills developed through cooking not only affect young people's gross and fine motor skills but also their intellectual development, emotional development as well as providing a creative visual achievement which they can devour at break time.

May I also take this opportunity to ask readers if you have any old toys, books, game you do not want that are still in good working order ACPWYYP would be grateful of any small donation to aid us in delivering a positive play environment with lots of choices for our young people's play. We would particularly love to develop a home corner for our young people. Contact Sharon on 0117 9827445 - 07871050499 or email

Our registration dates are Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th of September 2007 for the next academic year. Membership yearly subscription is £2.00 which will go towards updating equipment and sessional fee of 50p which is used to cover young people's refreshments; ACPWYYP's reopens Tuesday 18th September 2007

Sharon Blake, ACPWYYP Co-ordinator

100th Birthday

Thank you for printing the photograph of my mother on the occasion of her 100th birthday.

I was very disappointed that you did not copy the text correctly leaving out the vital words "her children Margaret and Tony". You also spelt her surname incorrectly.

The text should have read "Ethel Beedell who has lived in Shirehampton for 70 years will be celebrating her 100th birthday on 18th August 2007. Her children Margaret and Tony, grandchildren and great-grandchildren wish her a very happy birthday,

Your paper is very much appreciated, giving us the local news..

Margaret Head

Our sincere apologies to everyone for the errors. - Editor

Peter George Howell

Mary, George, and family would like to thank everyone for their messages of support, sympathy, cards, and flowers following the sudden death of their eldest son Peter on 21st July 2007.

Special thanks to Canon Christine for her understanding and comfort at such a difficult time.

Thank you all so very much. Your kindness means so much to us.

Mary & George Howell

St Andrew's Ladies Club - change of programme

Please note a change of programme for the meeting on 20th November at St Andrews Ladies Club, Avonmouth.

Instead of Brian Amesbury "About Bristol", the speaker will be Mr. Packham speaking on "Bristol 200"

Giving Bristol's Older People a Voice

Bristol Older People's Forum is open to all Bristolians aged 55 or over. It serves them by highlighting their concerns and giving them a voice in local government, as well as providing much useful information. It also hosts a number of open Forum meetings, the next one of which takes place at the Council House on Thursday 27th September at 10.30am, due to finish by 12.30pm. There us also a Day of Celebration of Older Age planned for Saturday 27th October.

BOPF's summer newsletter carries a report of a Help the Aged survey that claims that nearly one in three of older people believe their lives have got worse in the last year, and that 93 per cent believe their lives have not got any better during the year,

The survey found that nearly three quarters of British adults believe that age discrimination exists in the everyday lives of older people.

Further disturbing conclusions include: one in five older people lives in poverty, and one in three pensioners on the lowest incomes are spending more than ten per cent of their income on council tax.

There is much else of importance to older people in the Newsletter and older people would benefit from getting a copy from the Forum.

To join the Bristol Older People's Forum, contact the organisation c/o Age Concern, Canningford House, 38 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6BY. Tel. 0117-9279222.


Shire Community Fund Applications

For some years now Shire newspaper has given grants to local community organisations from whatever profit the paper has made.  The amount available is less this year, but nevertheless we are glad to be able once again to make some grants.

If your organisation is serving the local community, and you have a specific need your normal funds do not cover, then you are invited to make an application. Address it to Community Fund, Shire Newspaper, and hand the application into the Library by 15th September.

Methodist Bright Hour

Many thanks to all who supported our Coffee Morning in aid of Bright Hour funds. We raised over £60.

Our next Coffee Morning and Sale with Tombola will be on Saturday September 1st at 10 am to noon.

See you there!

Replacement Pre-fab Homes Ready

The first homes built to replace 330 pre-fabs on 15 sites throughout Bristol are ready to take tenants. Six bungalows have been built on the Walton Road site in Shirehampton to replace four pre-fabs.

The demolition and rebuilding programme which is due for completion in 2012, includes 746 new private homes. The new council accommodation will be a mix of two-bedroom bungalows, two-bedroom flats and two, three and four-bedroom houses.

The majority of prefab tenants have been moved to other suitable council accommodation in the city and have been supported by the council throughout their move.

Original prefab tenants are considered first for the new homes being provided by this development.


This year's 'flu vaccination campaign:

If you are 65 years old, or your 65th birthday falls between now and 31st March 2008, you are eligible for a 'flu vaccination. This year, however, you will NOT receive an invitation by letter.

Dates for the sessions are listed below and will also be displayed in the Health Centre and local chemists. As usual, you do not need to make an appointment; just turn up at one of the sessions (although preferably not all at the beginning - there is PLENTY of vaccine this year!).

With our move to the new Health Centre set for December, we have been able to secure an early delivery of 'flu vaccine and so clinics will be held earlier than in previous years. We would like to ask everyone to help us by making every effort to attend one of the sessions. Please do not take valuable treatment room appointments for your 'flu vaccination.

Any patient under 65 years who is eligible due to a medical risk (eg diabetics, asthmatics, etc) will receive a letter inviting them to attend.

HOME VISITS: If you are housebound and require a home visit, please contact us by the end of September on 916 2226 (preferably at quieter times).

We look forward to seeing you.

Shirehampton Sessions:

Saturday 22nd September 2007 9.00 - 11.30am
Saturday 13th October 2007 9.00 - 11.30am
Thursday 18th October 2007 5.00pm - 6.00pm
Thursday 8th November 2007 5.00pm - 6.00pm

Capel Road Sessions:

Friday 21st September 2007 2.00pm - 3.00pm
Friday 12th October 2007 2.00pm - 3.00pm

St Mary's Churchyard

I am sure many of you will agree that our Garden of Remembrance is looking much better.  We do like to keep the churchyard clean and tidy but unfortunately some dog owners are letting their dogs leave offerings that we don't really want!

Children and wedding and funeral groups regularly walk or stand on the grass and it is not pleasant if it is littered with dog mess.

So PLEASE, if your dog fouls the churchyard, bag its mess and put it in a bin.  St Mary's belongs to the community so if you notice this happening please challenge the owner and speak to Canon Christine Froude.

With many thanks

Jonathan Saunders and Julie Smith

Churchwardens, St Mary's Church

Portway Community School Awards Assembly

On the last Monday afternoon of the summer term the school assembled with a buzz of excitement for the presentation of sports awards. On the tables set out across the front of the gym was an impressive array of medals, cups and shields.

The afternoon proceedings were opened by Mr K. Robotham, followed by a video presentation of the sporting achievements of the year and emphasising respect, responsibility and kindness. Among those shown were Luke Krupa who has won a golf scholarship to Millfield School, and Jon Tomkins and Adam Cole who are going to the Basketball Academy at Filton College, all of whom were presented with certificates. Also shown was the girls' basketball team that came second in the country, the girls in the team were: Helen Kerr, Sam Markes, Natalie Long, Claire Rowbotham, Becky White and Abby Richards. Shauna Holly and Jazz Gardiner were unable to attend. The girls were also presented with certificates. These were all notable achievements and the recipients are to be congratulated; they must all have worked very hard to have reached such a high standard.

An enthusiastic school congratulates its winning sports stars

There then followed the presentation of medals to year and house winners. Record breakers' medals and certificates were presented to Scott Jenkins, Luis Barns, Haydn Williams, Siobhan White, Lewis Long and George Tomkins. The winning House on Sports' Day was Greens and the cup and shield was presented to the senior captains. Well done Greens!

The girls basketball team: second in the country

A representative from the Bristol Athletic Club presented 'Performance of the (Sports) Day' awards to Kerry Palmer, Luke Stephens and Scott Jenkins. Certificates were presented to Sports Leaders and the final presentations were made to the junior and senior 'Sports Personalities': Jack Hembrough, Kerry Ballard, Josh Stawrowski, and Ally Richards.

Record breakers

Junior Sports Personalities of the Year

Senior Sports Personalities of the Year

Congratulations to all those who received medals and cups, I'm sure they were richly deserved. It was an enjoyable afternoon and showed that we can still be proud of our young people.

Report Abandoned Trolleys

Isn't it annoying when you come across a shopping trolley someone has been too lazy to return to the store after they have loaded their car? Now there's something you can do about it..

All you have to do is ring Bristol City Council's Customer Services number 0117 9223838 to report any abandoned trolleys, and the new recovery system will take care of the problem.

Shirehampton Methodist Church

Harvest Festival Services

Sunday 30th September

11 am Rev David Alderman
12 noon Lunch
6 pm Rev David Alderman

Friends from Sea Mills and Easter Compton will

be joining us for this service

Co-op Charity Sale

On Saturday July 7th the Co-op held a Table-top sale outside the store in aid of The Children's Society. It was a nice day, and plenty of people came to support them.

Back row: Tony, Nigel, Jenny;  Front Row: Hale, Becky, Alice

Well done again to Jenny and her famous bucket. The total amount made was £988.79. What a brilliant result! Also, well done to the kids - Haley, Becky, Alice. What wonderful little sales people! (I speak from experience) Janet, Tony and Nigel were on hand too.

Tony, Sandra and Nigel

The opinion all round was "When's the next one?"

Sandra White, Chair, Penpole Residents

Forty years up a ladder!

I enclose a photo of my dear friend Martin Belston, who was Shirehampton's window cleaner for over forty years.

Not bad for 70 years old this year!

Alan Bushell

Simon Charlton

Congratulations on your graduation 1st Class B.A. (Hons) in Finance and Accounting.

Good luck for your future.

We are very proud of you.

Love, Mum, Dad, and family

Many thanks for your kind donation - Editor

Mary Watkins (née Bradshaw)

May 1917 - June 2007

In the early 50's Mary and Arthur went on the assisted passage scheme with their three boys to begin a new life in Australia. They settled in Wollongong, and after retirement moved to Canberra to be near their daughter Barbara and son David - children born in Australia.

They returned several times during the 80's and 90's to visit both sides of the family.

Her ashes will be scattered near Arthur's at Wollongong.

V.E. Celebration Party, 1945

Mike Anthill has sent us this reminder of WWII victory celebrations in the old tin Guide and Scout Hut at the top of St Mary's Road.

He has recalled some names: can readers supply the rest?

Back row, from left: Christina Williamson, Mrs Ross, ?, Mrs Barnes, Mrs. Cook, Eddie Barnes, Mrs Husher.

Middle: Ken Ross, Mike Anthill, Ray Husher

Front: Pat Johnson, Pat Riddick, Tony Williams, Bob Riddick

Portway Numbers Cut

The pupil intake at Portway is to be halved from 216 to 108, according to a BBC report, and even this reduced target may not be met.

In its news item, the broadcaster recounts how the Shirehampton secondary school numbers have fallen by almost a third since 2003 to just over 700.

A council spokesman is quoted as saying "The main reason for making these changes is to satisfy government requirements regarding the management of the school estate in preparation for the next phase of Building Schools for Future programme.

"They won't authorise new money to be spent on rebuilding schools unless the school capacity figures more accurately reflect the actual level of current demand."

The report also recounts the possibility of Portway becoming an Academy.

The full report can be found on the BBC website at

New Head for Portway

A further piece of news from Portway is that a new head teacher has been appointed, but we are led to believe the appointment is for one year only. We await further details.

SCAF Fund-raising Dinner 17th November 2007

Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF) is holding a Fund-raising Dinner on 17th November at Kings Weston House. The evening will include entertainment by a group of singers, doing a mixture of music, from Songs from the Shows to madrigals.

The tickets will be available for sale from mid September. In addition to them being available from the Public Hall, Eileen at Shirehampton Library has kindly agreed to sell them, so they will be obtainable from Monday to Saturday. We have arranged for minibuses to be available to get you back to Shire at the end of the evening. The bus tickets are £3.00 each, which must be pre-purchased with your dinner tickets, as they will not be available on the night. SCAF are most grateful for Eileen's help with this

It is our intention to recoup Gift Aid on the ticket sales, so there will be details to fill in on the back of the ticket, if you are a British taxpayer. The government will give us 28p in every pound the ticket costs. Well worth doing.  Shirehampton Community Action Forum is a registered charity, so is able to do benefit in this way.

All funds raised from this dinner will go to SCAF, to help it continue with community development work, e.g., young people's activities, community safety, and the green agenda for the village.

We look forward to seeing you at 7.30pm on 17th November at Kings Weston House..

Many thanks to John Hardy for providing SCAF with this lovely venue.

Pat Roberts.

Blaise Attack: Police Appeal

Police are appealing for a group of youngsters who went to the aid of a 65-year-old woman who was attacked by two other youngsters in the Henbury area.

The incident took place on Sunday August 12 at about 7.40pm within Blaise Castle Estate Park - not far from the museum. Two youngsters aged 12-13 years approached the victim and pushed her over and started kicking her.

It is believed that the two suspects were chased off by a group of older youths. The group of teenagers assisted the victim.

The suspects are described as two white males. One had mousey/brown coloured hair and wore glasses, while the second had gelled blonde hair and had bright blue eyes.

Police are particularly keen to contact the group of teenagers who went to the woman's aid, who they believe could have useful information to help their enquiries.

Anyone who saw the incident or any of the group of teenagers is asked to contact the police at Avonmouth on 0845 4567000. Anyone who can help should contact us through our secure Crimestoppers contact form at, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. You do not have to give your name and you could receive a reward.

Scout Photos

I sent the 191 Scout Group photo (August SHIRE) to my brother Don Carter in Sidmouth. The date of the photo is 1935 or 1936 at Penpole Camp.

We only have seven names out of the eight boys in the photo (it was a while ago). Left to right they are Reg Clark, Bill Handford, Sid Camp, Dennis Handford, Ivor Clark, Don Carter (black shorts), ? Prudowe.

191st St Mary's Scout Group was started in 1933 by the curate at that time, Rev. Burnley, assisted by Michael Falconer, who was the son of the local GP.

Here is a photo of Penpole Camp 2, showing Reg Clark, Don Carter, Sid Camp,Norman Henstridge, Den Handford, Bill Derek, -? -?, Bill Handford.

Jean Doul

Mrs. Auriel James 1924 - 2007

It is with great sadness that we have to record the death of Mrs. Auriel James MBE, widow of Colin and long-time resident of Pembroke Road, at the age of eighty three. She had had an operation some four months ago but never fully recovered and passed away peacefully in a Nursing Home in Horfield on Sunday 12th August. Our deepest sympathies are extended to her daughter, her two sons and their families.

Following a very active life, Auriel will be remembered by many people for many kindnesses and for her contribution to many spheres, including of course being a stalwart of St. Mary's Church, Shirehampton and as the founder of Charity Search. It was after serving in the Sue Ryder organisation that Auriel began fully to realise that there were so many elderly folk whose incomes were insufficient even for the bare necessities; her response was not just to talk about it but to do something truly positive. Thus it came about that she started Charity Search some twenty years ago, originally just to help deserving folk in Bristol; it was soon discovered that many peoples' needs were — and are — so great that the charity had perforce to become involved in trying to help people from all over the country. This of course it is still doing today with its office in Avonmouth and the two shops in Station Road, Shirehampton and North Street, Bedminster.

It was for this wish to help, this concern for others that Auriel was honoured with the MBE a decade or so ago — and it is this concern that is perhaps the most fitting epitaph to honour her passing.

Professor Frank Rhodes,

Chair, Charity Search Trustees

Bradley House Summer Fair

A Summer Fair took place in the gardens of Bradley House Residential Home, High Street, Shirehampton, on Saturday August 4th 2007, as a fund-raising day for St Mary's Church, Shirehampton charities, and raised a total of £430.35.

Thanks to the pleasant weather, a lot of people were able to enjoy the numerous items on offer on the stalls which included a very well supplied bric-a-brac, delicious home made cakes, preserves, BBQ burgers and sausages, drinks, a bouncy castle and a lucky dip for children.

The raffle drawn at the end of the event saw a lot of satisfied winners. A list of uncollected prizes has been posted on Bradley House's front door.

The following local businesses had generously donated some of the raffle prizes:

Somerfield, Bargain Booze, PJ's Hairdressing, Maynews, Nails and Beauty, Stadon Pet Supplies, Creatures Comfort, Boots, the Cooperative, Sugar and Spice hairdresser, Flower World, Bobbets, D & P Fashions.

Tubs of W.B. Butchers should be particularly thanked for his donation of all the delicious BBQ meat.

A big thank you to all the Residents, families, friends and members of staff for their very hard work and efforts that enabled that special event to be such a big success.

What's On in September

Saturday 1st SEPTEMBER


Sunday 2nd SEPTEMBER

COTSWOLD CHURCH SERVICE (led by the Baptist Church) Community Centre, Dursley Road 4.45 pm - 5.30 pm

Monday 3rd SEPTEMBER

SEE AND KNOW for Under 5s at St Mary's weekly 1.15 pm - 2.45 pm
3 OF US BINGO St Andrew's Church Church Hall weekly 1.45 pm - 2.45 pm
KEEP FIT weekly at Avonmouth Community Centre 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
BASIC LITERARY SKILLS COURSE at Lawrence Weston weekly - tel 0117 9138824 for details
KYOTO SHOTOKHAN KARATE CLUB trains at St. Bernard's School weekly 6.30-8.30pm
DROP-IN ADVICE CENTRE AUS Community Association at St Andrew's Church Hall Avonmouth weekly 9.30 - 11.30 am sponsored by St Andrew's Church

Tuesday 4th SEPTEMBER

ST ANDREW'S LADIES meet at 7.30pm at St Andrew's Church Hall Avonmouth. Quiz
TEA JUNCTION at St Mary's weekly 2pm: tea, chat, board games
CRAFTY GROUP at St Mary's every Tuesday 2 - 2.30pm
AUS Advice Sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9.30-11am at 116 High Street

Wednesday 5th SEPTEMBER

ACTA Community Youth Theatre for 11-16s weekly at the Public Hall 6.30 pm
KEEP FIT weekly at the Cotswold community Centre Dursley Road 10.30 - 11.30 am for those with some movement experience
SHIREHAMPTON CRAFT GROUP every Wednesday 1.30 - 3 pm at Avonside District Guide HQ, St. Mary's Rd. For information tel 983192

Thursday 6th SEPTEMBER

TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD 2-4pm Methodist Church Hall
KICK BOXING weekly at the Public Hall 5.15 - 7.15 pm
STROKE SUPPORT every Thursday at the PBA Club Nibley Road 1.30-4 pm
SLIMMING WORLD weekly at Jim O'Neill House 5.30 pm & 7 pm
GRAINGER PLAYERS DRAMA CLUB weekly at the Public Hall 7.30 - 9.30 pm
KYOTO SHOTOKHAN KARATE CLUB trains at Avonmouth RFC weekly 6.30-8.30pm

Friday 7th SEPTEMBER

PORTWAY SCHOOL REUNION 8 pm till late at Avonmouth Rugby Club Barracks Lane; Year '68. Ring 0117 9828309 for details
FRIDAY FUN for parents, carers and pre-school children 9.30 am - 11 am at the Beachley Walk Centre weekly
EVERGREENS at the Public Hall 1pm - 3 pm weekly
BINGO at the Public Hall 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm weekly
PILLOW LACE GROUP 7 - 9 pm weekly at the Public Hall
SHIREHAMPTON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB 7.30 - 10 pm weekly at T.S. Enterprise
COFFEE MORNING at the Library 10 am - noon.
KEEP FIT weekly at the Cotswold community Centre Dursley Road 10.30

Saturday 8th SEPTEMBER

STAMP & POSTCARD FAIR at the Public Hall 10 am - 4 pm. Enquiries: tel Kevin on 0117 9021134

Sunday 9th SEPTEMBER

DARTMOOR CHALLENGE WALK in aid of Marie Curie Nursing Service. Entry £10 Tel 01884 703535 for details

Monday 10th SEPTEMBER

COTSWOLD BOOK CLUB 7.30 pm "The Island" by Victoria Hislop Ring 9047319 for venue

Tuesday 11th SEPTEMBER

POLICE BOBBY VAN monthly visit to Shirehampton Green
PBA PENSIONERS meet at the Club House, Nibley Road 1.30pm - 3.30 pm

Wednesday 12th SEPTEMBER

WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP at the Public Hall
WOMEN'S BRIGHT HOUR at the Baptist Church, Station Road, 2.30 - 3.30 pm

Sunday 16th SEPTEMBER

COTSWOLD CHURCH SERVICE (led by St Mary's) 4.45 pm - 5.30 pm

Monday 17th SEPTEMBER

LOCAL HISTORY GROUP 2pm at the Library

Tuesday 18th SEPTEMBER

ST ANDREW'S LADIES 7.30pm at St Andrew's Church Hall Avonmouth. "Another Fine Mess - Part 2" by Cedric Platt

Wednesday 19th SEPTEMBER

SHIREHAMPTON STITCHERS at the Public Hall 7.30 pm

Thursday 20th SEPTEMBER

CARERS GROUP at Avonmouth Medical Centre 10 am - noon
CARERS GROUP at Ridingleaze House, Lawrence Weston 2 pm

Sunday 23rd SEPTEMBER

8K MULTI-TERRAIN RACE Start 10 am Portishead Lake Grounds - Family all-age Fun Run Register on day before 9.30 am. Organisers Rotary Club of Portishead

Wednesday 26th SEPTEMBER

AREA CHOIR REHEARSAL St Mary's 7.30pm (NB rehearsals on Tuesdays in subsequent weeks)
WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP at the Public Hall 7.30 - 9.30 pm
WOMEN'S BRIGHT HOUR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION at the Baptist Church, Station Road, 2.30 - 3.30 pm.

Thursday 27th SEPTEMBER

DIABETES UK 7.30 pm at the Penpole Tenants Association Hall

Friday 28th SEPTEMBER

SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road

Saturday 29th SEPTEMBER

LAWRENCE WESTON SCHOOL REUNION 7.30 pm at Avonmouth Rugby Club, Barracks Lane, for those peoplewho attended Sept 1972 - July 1977

Additional Local Activities

PLAYGROUP at the Public Hall every week 9.15-11 .45am Monday to Friday; 12.30 - 2.45pm Monday to Wednesday only
KIDS KLUB at St Mary's 8.3Oam most Sunday mornings. Breakfast and a short service. For information Tel: 907 7026
SEA CADETS Mondays and Thursdays each week 12?18 years old; Juniors (10 ? 12 years old) Thursday 6.45 ? 8.45pm at T S Enterprise, Station Road
FREE. Improve your English; Computers and Communication; Art and Communication; Help with your Maths. Contact Gill Lloyd on 31125530

School Term & Holiday Dates 2007/2008

Term 1: Mon 3 Sept to Fri 19 October
Term 2: Wed 31 Oct to Wed 19 December
Term 3 Thurs 3 Jan to Fri 15 February
Term 4: Mon 25 Feb to Fri 4 April
Term 5: Mon 21 April to Fri 23 May
Term 6: Mon 2 June to Fri 25 July

Model Railway Exhibition Full Steam Ahead!

This year's exhibition is on the 22nd of September at the Public Hall, doors open at 10 am till 5 pm

We have a good selection of layouts in 0, 00, and N gauge. All layouts this year are new to the Shire show.

Of real local interest is Shirehampton Station: this is an n gauge layout built by the founder of our club, the late Dave Tudor and exhibited by his son Phil Tudor.

Then there will be John Evans' Montpelier. This is a labour of love by John; it is still in the building stage but there is a lot done and plenty for you to see and recognise. John has put in a lot of research, time, and many, many hours of hard work to make this an authentic reproduction of Montpelier, and it is truly a lovely model.

We will also have part of the Page railway on show, built by Doctor Page while he was a ship's doctor. It has a scale all of its own, as it is built with anything he could lay his hands on at the time. For anyone not familiar with the connection, Doctor Page was a local Doctor who had his surgery in the large house at the bottom of Mancroft avenue.

We also have two layouts from the Thombury and Glos MRC: an 0 gauge and their American N gauge.

Dunster will be there: this is another great layout, and we are in the stages of signing up other layouts for the day.

We hope to have Pete Adams with his new layout, where you can have a go at operating a train in 00 gauge

We have had a wagon commissioned by West Wales Wagons: it is of a local Bristol firm, F.G. MULLIS, a coal merchant of Clifton Down. It comes in two variations: pristine and weathered.

There will also be trade stands and refreshments on sale. It will be a great show, and we hope to see all those who enjoyed last years show and a lot of new faces.

Prices on the door will be Adults £3.00 OAP £2.00 Child £1.00 Family £6.00

Tony Davies

St Mary's News

Hi Folks!

As I write these notes we are enjoying a few days of Summer weather - July wasn't much better than June. Unfortunately, water-logged ground caused the cancellation of the Bristol Flower Show - so Canon Christine was not able to lead the Service there.

Once again St. Mary's has reached the final 12 in the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group Competition for "The most innovative Fund raising" by a church. To reach this stage means that Gill Sawyer - our Lay Minister has once again had her nose to the grindstone producing and submitting our entry for this year. We are deeply indebted to her for all her work. It means that representatives from St. Mary's will be invited to the "Final" at St. Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle on Tuesday, 27th November. Our prize for reaching the final twelve is £100 together with 12 Calendars for 2008. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could win this year after coming so close last year - fingers crossed and a prayer to Head Office is all we ask you to do!!

Our Summer Fayre over the Patronal Festival Weekend raised just over £1800 and the Area Choir Concert on the Sunday produced a further £350. Our Sound of Music Singalong and film accompanied by an Austrian flavour Buffet raised a further £400. It was a great fun evening with some very innovative costumes worn by many of the participants.

After Holy Communion on Sunday, 15th July the congregation enjoyed lunch in the Church before being whisked away by coach to Worcester Cathedral. A guided tour around the Cathedral was followed by Evensong. Regrettably it was "said" as the Choir were away. Afterwards, we enjoyed tea in the Chapter House .

Al and Jo' - the Shirehampton Youth Project Leaders, have now left us. Al was here for 2 years and Jo' for one year We wish them well for the future, and new Youth Leaders are now being actively sought.

Our Open Gardens Season has now come to an end and grateful thanks must go to "Penhill" Residential Home in Station Road for opening their garden which raised over £100 towards funds for St. Mary's. We thank Stephen and Barbara - the Proprietors - for their generosity. Thanks must also go to Monique and Elizabeth the Proprietors of Bradley House Residential Home in the High Street for their generosity in organising a Summer Fayre in their rear garden which raised £430. This too was donated to the work of St. Mary's. After the recent lead theft from our church roof we are very much encouraged to receive such support. It is extremely unlikely that we shall ever receive any compensation even though the offenders have been apprehended.

We also had an Open Allotment Afternoon at Myrtle Hall, courtesy of Marion Brailey and Belinda Beese. As well as refreshments, visitors had the opportunity to buy fresh produce taken there and then from the ground. This was a very novel idea and the very first one of its kind. Thank you Marion and Belinda - your gift was very much appreciated!

On Saturday, 4th August we held our Annual Car Treasure Hunt organised by Tim Forder. Fortunately we had beautiful weather that evening. The clues were very clever - some of which proved to be "brain teasers". Anyway, the destination was the "White Hart Inn at Ford, just over the Wiltshire border. It was a quaint old place and the food was magnificent. Winners were Sandra & David Neate, second was Stephen Simmons accompanied by his mother Lilian and Brenda Dammers and Sheila Bubb. Third were Roger & Mary Derrick accompanied by George and Pam Goulding.

Our Alpha Course Guest Supper is being held on Thursday, 20th September in St. Mary's Church from 7 until 9 pm. You will be made most welcome - also, if you know of anyone who might be interested, bring them along too! The "Alpha Course" proper commences on Thursday, 27th September from 7 until 9 pm each week for 10 weeks until Thursday, 29th November. Ask Canon Christine, Andy Schuman or Gill Sawyer for details.

As October draws ever closer so does the time of our Harvest Appeal and Harvest Festival. The Harvest Appeal is for Euro Aid and we are asking for donations of food to feed the hungry in Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. If you would like to make up a "Family Food Parcel" these are the items:

One 1kg bag of sugar;
One 1.5kg bag of plain flour;
One 465g approx. variety bag of 25 treat size chocolate bars;
Two 1kg packets of long grained rice (not tinned);
Two 500g packets of spaghetti (not tinned);
Two 500g packets of pasta (not tinned);
Three 250g packet of biscuits;
Two 400g tins of fruit;
Two 400g tins of tomatoes;
Four185g tins of tuna fish.

Please wrap these items in extra plastic bags sealed with sticky tape to avoid disasters should the manufacturers packaging split!

Alternatively, if you are unable to supply the above items you may wish to consider donating £3, which is the cost of transporting each box. Whatever you decide to do, your help will be very much appreciated by those unfortunate people who are just scratching a living in order to exist. I am confident that once again we can rely on your generosity.

Our Harvest Supper is to be held at 7.30 pm on Saturday, 6th October in the Church and tickets will be available from the Church Office price £6. Everyone welcome! The next day is Harvest Sunday when Canon Christine will be preaching at out 10 am Holy Communion Service - again all will be assured of a warm welcome at this festival service.

So, 'bye for now! C.M.E.

Apologies to CME and readers for some spelling mistakes that crept into his last month's article, and also a mistake in August's "What's On" column giving the wrong start date for Area Choir rehearsals. See this month's "What's On" for correct information. - Editor

Summer Soiree helps Baptist Project

Imagine....a lovely house in the country, a room with a beautiful grand piano, music floating on the summer air across the lawn as guests mill about chatting, eating the tastiest of canapés and sipping cool drinks. Perfect......but it must be admitted, it did rain a bit.

Nevertheless, the evening at Mike and Celia Jenkinson's Almondsbury house was a superb success, and the forty-five or more people who were fortunate to be there did not have their enjoyment dampened one bit by the weather. In fact moving from room to room in the house was itself a delight, and pianist Philip Blandford had the benefit of an audience always close enough to appreciate the music.

Host Mike Jenkinson and daughter Rachel enjoy the music at the Summer Soiree

The evening was in aid of a new building project of Shirehampton Baptist Church, plans for which are at the moment before Bristol City Council. If approved, the intention is to join the existing two buildings together, and locate the front entrance of the "new" church on the Station Road side of the site. At the moment, to the confusion of visitors, Station Rd is actually the back of the premises. The result of the proposed changes will be a more convenient building, and facilities meeting modern standards.

The musical Soiree raised £100 towards the project.

Shirehampton in Bloom

Hurrah for the new hanging baskets and window boxes which have recently appeared in Bradley Crescent - let's have some more! winter pansies are good value. It's a shame that we can't see some of the lovely gardens hidden behind our terraced houses; the Open Gardens scheme has been a revelation.