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Pool Plug is Pulled

The long-threatened closure of Shirehampton's swimming pool finally takes place on the 4th of September.

Bristol City Council announced that the new Henbury Pool, part of the Leisure Centre sited at the re-built school premises off Avonmouth Way, will be open to the general public from Monday 12th September, though with a restricted pool programme. A member of the Henbury Leisure Centre staff will be on site to explain the new programme from 24th August.

Many Shirehampton pool users have yet to be convinced that the new facility, however modern and luxurious, necessitating as it does a car journey instead of a walk, can compensate for the loss of a local amenity. Some also feel the decision to end our pool's life was taken in a less than transparent way, with the conclusions of a previous consultation overthrown in a sudden change of policy. (See the letter extract from Mr Stephen Williams, MP, to a constituent, below.)

But all that is now past, along with the water drained for the last time from our pool. We must give the new pool a chance to work its way into our affections. But, learning from the experience we should also exercise increased vigilance that no more amenities are lost. Shirehampton is a wonderful place to live, and making the most of what we have here, whether it be leisure facilities, local shops or our green spaces, is the best way to keep it so.

Shirehampton Pool Closure: MP's explanation

The effect of the imminent closure of Shirehampton Swimming Pool extends beyond the village itself. Mr & Mrs Alan Davis of Stoke Bishop were so concerned that they wrote to their MP, Mr Stephen Williams of Bristol West, who replied in some detail. They have kindly forwarded the letter to Shire with permission to re-print it. These are extracts from the MP's comments:

'Sad though it is, I am unable to call for the pool to remain open. I am told by the council that their current strategy is to provide as many high class sports facilities as possible. To that end, pools are being built or renovated at Henbury, Horfield and Easton. When the new pools open, people will naturally be drawn to them for their improved facilities and thus other pools like Shirehampton will suffer still lower visitor numbers, far below those necessary to support the ever-increasing maintenance costs of such an old building.

'The decision to build a pool at Henbury rather than Shirehampton was taken before the Liberal Democrats took minority control of the council. This decision went against the recommendations of the all-party committee which looks into the provision of leisure facilities across Bristol. The decision was made due to the fact that a pool was included in the PFI deal proposed to rebuild Henbury School which attracted extra government money. It was primarily therefore a financial decision.'

Auto Parts 1971 to 2005

As far as I'm concerned it has always been there but I have only lived on Station Road for 26 years. Auto Parts opened in 1971 and has been an important part of the community for 34 years, and now it's gone.

Autopart's last day --- Thursday 11th August 2005

Auto Parts was the first shop I visited when we moved to Shirehampton in 1979. The van I hired to move us from Downend broke its fan belt on the second trip; it was a Sunday and with no chance of contacting the hire company Auto Parts sorted out a replacement and we were on our way again.

I can't count the number of times I've popped into Auto Parts for some bit or other, especially in the early years when the children were small and the cars I owned required almost daily maintenance.

Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, if they couldn't find a part they would try to get it for you or they would improvise, you were very rarely sent away disappointed. They were happy to come out and fit new windscreen wipers or sort out your battery or fix a bulb, a rare service in this day and age.

Dave on the last day of trading

Auto Parts wasn't always just car parts and accessories; in the 1980s with the boom in home video recorders they diversified into video hire, way before Blockbusters came on the scene, so on Saturday you could go and choose a film to watch after you had finished working on your car!

I shall miss Auto Parts, it's the end of an era, and I know that many other residents of Shire feel the same. I would like to thank Dave and all the staff for the friendly, professional and cheerful service they gave over the years. Dave didn't want to close down the business but a new landlord and increased rent meant that it was no longer viable for him to continue.

Dave is looking for new premises in Shirehampton to start business again.

I hope he finds somewhere.

Alan Cossey
Station Road

St Andrews Ladies Club

6th September Call My Bluff
20th September History of Manor Park Hospital Mr J. Bartlett
4th October Talk - Jess May Trust
18th October Alan Bills - Make-up Artist
1st November In-house Quiz
15th November To be arranged
6th December Christmas Party
16th December (Friday) Christmas Party

St Andrews Ladies meet at St Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth at 7.30pm on the 1st and 3rd of Tuesday every month. Come along - all welcome!

Tea Dance

On Thursday, September 15th the second in the new Tea Dance series will be held from 2.30pm-4.30pm in the Public Hall. John Hutton will be playing a varied programme. Everyone is welcome and the cost is 2 including a cup of tea.

Ship to Shore - Avonmouth Sea Cadets

On October 8th the Avonmouth Sea Cadets are holding a dance at the P.B.A. Club, Nibley Road to commemorate 200 years of victory at Trafalgar, from 7.30-11.30pm. Tickets 5 each - adults only. Please call 982 7015 or visit 51, Walton Road any evening.

Severnside Sirens

Next test of the Severnside warning sirens is on Sunday 11th September between 2.00 and 2.30pm. If the sirens sound on Severnside (other than a test)

  • GO IN
  • TUNE IN to local radio services Radio Bristol 94.9 & 95.5 FM, 1548 AM GWR Radio 96.3 FM

Cautionary Tale

A little while ago, someone well known in the village, aired the spare bed with an electric blanket. Went off to fetch the said guest and when they returned they found the bed had caught fire, and the room was quite seriously damaged. The source of the fire was the electric blanket. Better be safe than sorry. Electric blanket testing is available. That time of year again!

Electric Blanket Check - Shirehampton Health Centre - October 19th. Booking number 0117 9223522.

Bristol Shiplovers' Society

The Bristol Shiplovers' Society programme of meetings for the Autumn will be held in Holy Trinity Church Hall, Hotwells Road, Bristol at 7pm for 7.30pm featuring talks and slide shows by eminent speakers.

Visitors are very welcome - 2 per head

6th OCT Cargo Liners Video - commentary by Captain J A Scott
20th OCT The Channel Dash - Escape of Sharnhorst, Gneisenau, Prince Eugene from Brest; Lt Cdr Harley Boyd, Staff Officer to Admiral Ramsay at Dover
3rd NOV The Development of Aviation in the Royal Navy - Lt Cdr John Beattie, RN Historic Flight, Yeovilton
17th NOV Paddle Steamers  - Dr Donald Fry
1st DEC Amphibious Forces in the Gulf War Commodore Jamie Miller CBE, RN Naval Regional Officer, Flying Fox

Donation to Shire funds gratefully acknowledged - Ed.

What's On in September

September 1st Thursday

  • SLIMMING WORLD every Thursday 5.30 and 7pm at Jim O'Neill House
  • BINGO or a SPEAKER at the Tythe Barn, High Street, weekly at 2pm
  • BEGINNING OF TERM for all local schools
  • TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD meets 2-4pm at the Methodist Church Hall. Speaker Mrs Merrett Smith - 'TV and Stage Make-up'

SEPTEMBER 2nd Friday

  • COFFEE MORNING at the Library 10.30am-12 noon
  • FRIDAY FUN for parents, carers and pre-school children 9.30am-11am at the Beachley Walk-in Centre weekly
  • EVERGREENS at the Public Hall 1-3pm weekly
  • BINGO at the Public Hall 6.30-8.30pm weekly

SEPTEMBER 3rd Saturday

  • COFFEE MORNING and BRING & BUY at the Methodist Church Hall 10am-12 noon

SEPTEMBER 4th Sunday

  • COTSWOLD CHURCH SERVICE (led by the Baptist Church) Community Centre, Dursley Road 4.45-5.30pm

SEPTEMBER 5th Monday

  • KEEP FIT weekly at Avonmouth Community Centre 7.30-8.30pm - admission 1
  • SEQUENCE DANCE Public Hall 7.30pm
  • SEE AND KNOW for Under 5s at St Mary's weekly 1.15-2.45pm
  • 3 OF US BINGO St Andrew's Church Hall weekly 1.45-2.45pm
  • BASIC LITERARY SKILLS COURSE at Lawrence Weston weekly - tel 0117 913 8824 for details

SEPTEMBER 6th Tuesday

  • TEA JUNCTION at St Mary's weekly 2pm: tea, chat, board games
  • BINGO or a SPEAKER at the Tythe Barn, High Street weekly at 2pm
  • ST ANDREW'S LADIES meet at 7.30pm at St Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth

SEPTEMBER 7th Wednesday

  • BRIGHT HOUR (Women's Fellowship) at Baptist Church 2.30pm
  • ARTHRITIS CARE at Jim O'Neill House at 7pm weekly

SEPTEMBER 13th Tuesday

  • POLICE BOBBY VAN monthly visit to Shirehampton Green

SEPTEMBER 14th Wednesday

  • COTSWOLD BOOK CLUB Community Hall, Dursley Road 7.30pm - 'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult

SEPTEMBER 15th Thursday

  • SECOND TEA DANCE at the Public Hall 2.30-4.30pm Admission 2
  • CARERS GROUP meets at Avonmouth Medical Centre 10am-12 noon
  • CARERS GROUP meets at Ridingleaze House, Lawrence Weston 2-4pm

SEPTEMBER 16th Friday

  • EVERGREENS OUTING to Porthcawl
  • SAHJA YOGA & MEDITATION 12.30pm, Public Hall, Penpole Room

SEPTEMBER 17th Saturday

  • ST MARY'S HARVEST WEEKEND - Book Fair 10am-12 noon - Harvest Supper & Barn Dance 7pm (tickets 6 from Church Office)

SEPTEMBER 18th Sunday

  • ST MARY'S HARVEST FESTIVAL SERVICE 10am - Preacher Ven. Tim McClure, Archdeacon of Bristol
  • COTSWOLD CHURCH SERVICE led by St Mary's 4.45-5.30pm


  • SHIREHAMPTON LOCAL HISTORY GROUP meets in the Library 2.30pm

SEPTEMBER 20th Tuesday

  • RAILWAY MODELLERS 7.30pm in the Public Hall
  • PBA PENSIONERS meet at the Club House, Nibley Road 1.30-3.30pm

SEPTEMBER 21st Wednesday

  • BRIGHT HOUR (Women's Fellowship) at Baptist Church 2.30pm
  • SHIRE STITCHERS meet 7.30pm in the Public Hall

SEPTEMBER 30th Friday

  • SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold Community Hall, Dursley Road 7.30-10pm
  • SAHJA YOGA & MEDITATION 12.30pm, Public Hall, Penpole Room

Stow House 30th Anniversary and Fun Day 23rd July 2005

30 Years of Sheltered Housing was celebrated at Stow House, Shirehampton on 23rd July. The tenants and the Scheme Manager, Joan Cormack had been planning the event for many weeks and tenants and friends of Stow House had volunteered to run various stalls.

Stow House Residents with the Deputy Lord Mayor of Bristol

The 23rd was a sunny day and many people visited Stow House throughout the day to browse the numerous stalls, many of which, were run by the tenants themselves. There was a huge raffle and a 'name the doll' competition. Visitors were also invited to view the scheme itself and look around a typical flat to give visitors and local people a chance to see inside the scheme and understand what independent sheltered housing is all about.

During the afternoon our special guest the Deputy Lord Mayor, Royston Griffey was kind enough to join us for a few hours, he spoke to the tenants and showed particular interest in how the scheme operated while looking around a tenants flat.

Tenant Nobby Holbrook with the Deputy Lord Mayor

The Deputy Lord Mayor drew the tickets and presented many of the raffle prizes as well as presenting a commemorative mug to each tenant as a memento of the day. The day was a huge success and raised over 1,000. The tenants had decided to share any profits from the day with Cancer Research UK and a donation of 533.07 has been presented to the tenants' chosen charity.

Stow House's longest residency tenant with her special presentation

Tenants would also like to thank everyone who came to the fun day and would extend a special thanks to the following local businesses who contributed towards making our day such an enjoyable and fruitful celebration; A&K Stores, Bobbit's Fruit & Veg, City Greeting Cards, The Co Op, Elite Beauty Shop, Hawkins Newsagents, Liz's Flowers, Mary' Hairdressers, Shirehampton Post Office, Staddons Pet Supplies, and Shindigs.

Tom Doyle, Customer Service Supervisor
Shirehampton Housing Office

A Personal Thank You

I wish to thank all the residents of Stow House and especially my friends Pauline, John, Shirley, Ray and their daughter Michelle, also Valerie and Tom my supervisor who on the day worked hard to make the 30 years celebrations of Stow House a wonderful and successful day.       Joan Cormack, Scheme Manager

Thank you for your kind donation to Shire funds - Ed.

Minor Illness Clinic

Last month's What's On' mistakenly stated that the Health Centre's Minor Illness Clinic was held on Wednesday. In fact this is the one day it is not held! It is held on every weekday (except Wednesday) from 10am-11am by appointment only.

For any queries tel Carole Brooke on 0117 916 2225.

Notice of AGM Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF)

SCAF will  be holding its AGM on Thursday 8 September 2005, at 2pm at Shire Public Hall, Station Road, Shirehampton For further information please contact Ash Bearman, at The Public Hall on 0117 982 9963. All Welcome

Jigsaws still need a home

Following the paragraph in the August Shire encouraging readers to take used jigsaws to the Library, we are now informed that new regulations do not allow the Library to stock them. We apologise for the error.

But there must be somewhere that would welcome jigsaws in good condition? Perhaps if any of our readers know of such an organisation they could tell us.

Do You Like Singing?

Would you like to make some new friends?

Stoke Bishop Ladies Choir are looking for more singers to join them in September. Beginners are very welcome too - we all have to start somewhere!

We are an all-age choir, and we meet regularly on Monday afternoons from September to Easter, singing a very wide range of music, both classical and popular, and we give two public concerts a year for charity.

Rehearsals are held on Mondays 2-4pm at St. Mary's Church Rooms, Stoke Bishop. We start on 5th September. Do come and join us, you will receive a warm welcome!!! Please tel 0117 968 208 for info.

Charity Search

Charity Search would like to thank Leon Franklin of the Lamplighters for holding a race night for us on 29th July. 232 was raised on the night.

A special thank you to Barbara Wylde for not letting anyone in the pub without buying a ticket. Well done to all on the night.

Thank you from Lorraine and Mary at Charity Search, Station Road.

Thank you for your donation to Shire funds - Ed.

St Mary's News

Hi folks!

Just where has all this year gone? Here we are already into late summer. As the years whiz by my allocated span of three score years and ten appear to be gathering speed over the horizon.

On the 16th July, the Shirehampton Area Choir performed their annual Summer Concert in the Church. The retiring collection raised almost 200 and is to go towards the Organ Restoration Fund.

On Sunday 24th July, 2005, we held our third annual Parish Outing. This year after a very tasty 'Madame Sawyer' lunch, we joined our coach for a trip to Salisbury. It was here that Canon Christine did her training for the Ministry and is where Duncan Jennings is likely to follow suit.

After running through several showers we arrived at Salisbury in time for Choral Evensong at 3pm. the music was particularly good with the combined male and female members of the Cathedral Choir leading  the singing. The floral arrangements in the Cathedral were huge and were placed there ready for the funeral next day of the Rt Honourable Edward Heath, who lived in the adjacent Cathedral Close. After Evensong we were given a 'whistle stop' tour of the Cathedral and its artifacts. I didn't realise there were three copies of the Magna Carta signed by King John in the year 1215 and one of them is displayed in the Cathedral Chapter House. No flash photography was allowed of this precious document which is displayed under a low light. After this tour we had a cream tea in the refectory and the opportunity to walk around the Cathedral Green and Close and match a glimpse of Edward Heath's house in brilliant warm sunshine. Back on the coach by 6.30pm and before we reached the Salisbury city boundary the heavens opened up with heavy showers all the way home. Who says the sun doesn't shine on the righteous!!

Many of you will remember Win Room who was a stalwart member of our congregation as were all her family. Win lived in Nibley Road until such time as she sent to Henleaze to be near her daughter Margaret. Sadly I have to report that she died on 9th August, Win's husband Noel who passed away in 1988 was a member of our Church Choir as were her sons Philip and Robert and two grandsons. We extend to them our heartfelt sympathy on their sad loss. Win's funeral was conducted by Canon Christine in St Mary's on Thursday 18th August.

On Friday 2nd September a new wooden lectern, given in memory of the late Horace Dammers by members of his family, is to be dedicated for use in St Mary's.  We are truly grateful for this wonderful gift, which will most probably stand near the chancel step.

A new 'Alpha Course' is to start at 7pm on Thursday 15th September in the church. All are welcome - details of the course can be obtained from Canon Christine, or ring the Church Office.

Saturday 17th September is the beginning of our Harvest Festival weekend. Between 10am and 12 noon on that day we a holding a Book Fair - you remember last month I mentioned a request for any good quality books, undamaged records and CDs - well now is your chance to come and buy! The Fair will be held at the west end of the church at 7pm, the same evening as our Harvest Supper and Barn Dance, which will be held in the Church Centre. Tickets cost 6 and are obtainable from the Church Office.

The next day, Sunday 18th September - the Venerable Tim McClure, Archdeacon of Bristol, will be the preacher at our 10am Holy Communion Service. Also at this Service we shall be receiving our Euro-Aid Boxes. These boxes are filled with specific  goods for the needy in Eastern Europe. Details of the items required to fill a box can be found on a Notice Board at the back of the church. If you are unable to fill a box - which costs around 5 - then individual items would be most welcome. A retiring collection on that Sunday will be used towards the transport of these goods to Eastern Europe. It costs 3 for the transport of each box. Please help if you can - and thank you in anticipation!

Now on to some dates for your October diary. at 1pm on Thursday 6th October a Beetle Drive in Church. If you are coming, then please sign the list in church or let Gill Sawyer know at the Church Office. Donations towards the cost of the church would be very much appreciated.

On the following Saturday, 8th October, our 'Mistress of all trades' Gill Sawyer - is to be licensed as a Lay Reader at Bristol Cathedral. This is a 5.30pm as far as can be ascertained at this moment in time. To be appointed a Lay Reader has involved much study and attendance at lectures. Just how this most extraordinary lady managed it between the other church duties, organising lunches and fund raising events and attending hospital for treatment for her medical condition is nothing short of a miracle. Congratulations Gill!

If anyone needs praise for what they do they would certainly have to go a long way to beat you. You simply are amazing.

If anyone is thinking of Confirmation this year, then please see Canon Christine as soon as possible. This year the Deanery Confirmation Service is to be held at 6.30pm on Sunday 20th November, 2005, at St Mary's, Almondsbury.

Well, that's all for this month!

'Bye for now. C.M.E.

Our Harvest Appeal for those in such great need

We all know from our television screens how much need there is in our world and the desperate hand-to-mouth existence of many families. EuroAid works in areas of Eastern Europe to bring relief to families who live in abject poverty.

One of their projects is to take family food parcels and at St Mary's we have seen evidence of the difference just one small parcel can make to those who have virtually nothing.

This year our Harvest Appeal at St Mary's is for items for these parcels. Items required are listed below and these are the things which can be taken through customs. Can you help? Every item will be gratefully received and boxes are also available to anyone who feels they could give a complete family food parcel.

We thank all those who have generously given in the past and the many who are helping this year - we would dearly love to fill all our boxes, is this something you could support?

Items by 18th September for our Harvest Service please. Further information in church or contact Gill Sawyer, St Mary's Church Office 90770267.

Contents of a Family Food Parcel are: 1 bag of sugar (1 kg); 2 bags of plain flour (1.5 kg each); 1kg long grain rice (not tinned); 2 packets spaghetti (500g each, not tinned); 2 packets of pasta (500g each, not tinned); 3 packets of biscuits (no more than 250g each, not chocolate); 3 tins fruit (approx 400g per tin); 2 tins tomatoes (approx 400g per tin).

'Flu Vaccination Sessions Delayed until November

Shirehampton Group Practice have been informed that their 'flu vaccination supply will be delayed by up to 4 weeks. This means that our annual 'flu sessions will not take place until November.

If you usually received a letter of invitation for a 'flu jab, please be aware that this will arrive later than usual. Please do not ring the surgery to find our what is happening - we WILL send the letters out as soon as we can confirm the session dates.

If you think you are eligible for a 'flu vaccination, and you have not received a letter by the end of November, please check with reception.

As a reminder, those eligible for a 'flu jab are those with: Chronic respiratory disease - including asthma; Chronic heart disease; Chronic renal disease; Diabetes Mellitus; Chronic liver disease; All people over the age of 65 years.

If you have any concerns about the 'flu vaccination programme, please ring the Practice Manager, Carole Brooke, on 0117 916 2225.

Paradise Lost?

For years now, allotment holders have been coming from all parts of Bristol (even Nailsea) to tend their plots in Myrtle Hall and Jubilee allotments, here in Shirehampton.

The health benefits are obvious, exercise and healthy eating, the perfect combination. Yet perhaps the biggest reason that Myrtle Hall allotments are so popular (98% of plots taken) is probably the fact of its location.

I can think of nowhere within a city boundary, that offers quiet tranquillity, panoramic countryside views, wildlife, and even the odd tall sail ship sailing past!

For the last few years Jubilee allotments has been run down by the Council, with no money being spent on it. Lately the allotments have been used as a paddock for horses. No attempt was made to either maintain or let the allotment plots, despite the growing popularity of the Myrtle Hall site next door.

With no publication consultation of any form, council officials have applied to the Home Office, to sell off Jubilee allotments and have been in discussion with Jephson Housing Association, who plan to put in a planning application, to build 53 low-cost houses and flats, with parking for 67 cars. The flats, at three storeys high, right next to the river bank, are nothing like in keeping with the surrounding area and indeed with the whole river bank up through the Avon Gorge.

To the north side of the site is Stow House, a residential home for the elderly. If planners give Jephson planning permission, many elderly and disabled residents with have to put up with constant building work and dust for about 2 years of construction. The three storey flats would overshadow their mainly 'bungalow height' residence, not to mention the extra traffic going right past their homes every day. At present the residents enjoy watching badgers feeding in the early evening, amongst other wildlife that have made their home on the allotment. This pleasure would be denied them, and badgers and other wildlife moved away if planning consent is given.

This very special part of Shire is at risk, so please let your views be known to the Council Planning Department, when the planning application will be put forward in about 4 weeks time.

Let's not risk losing an allotment, scenic river walks, wildlife and Bristol's unique 'Hung Road'.

I would also like to advertise that anyone who would like an allotment should call the council on 0117 922 3972. Please note I have received no commission from the council on this advertisement!!

Paul Wilkes

Jubilee Allotments Protest Meeting

There will be a public meeting open to all interested people to discuss the proposed housing development of the riverside Jubilee Allotments site.

The meeting will be held at the PBA Club on Wednesday 7th September at 6pm

For further information ring 9826620.

Greens Discuss Allotments Housing Development

At their August meeting Shire Greens discussed the proposed development of the Riverside Jubilee Allotments housing development (see letter from Paul Wilkes on Letters page).

A number of objections were raised:

  • Proximity to sheltered housing at Stow House, elderly residents
  • Inappropriate scale of development
  • Density of proposed housing
  • Some proposed properties three storey high - loss of views/visual impact on the landscape and other residents
  • Volume of people - could easily be as many as 150
  • Volume of cars/traffic
  • Increase in traffic noise/noise in general
  • Disruption to quiet and tranquil area
  • Impact on local wildlife
  • Impact on ecology
  • Impact on River Avon Trail & Forest of Avon Trail
  • Proposed area is part of floodplain
  • No proposed additional amenities/facilities to cope with large increase in population in a very small area
  • Loss of more open public green space in Shire

The decision was made to write a letter of objection to the developers, and also to ascertain the views of the City Council's Parks & Landscape Team.

The next meeting of the Greens is on Tuesday 13th September, 7.30pm at The Lamplighters pub.

Cotswold Table Top Sale

End of summer, start of autumn - time for a clear-out? Then book a table at the Cotswold Community Association Table Top Sale in the Community Hall in Dursley Road on Saturday 1st October, 10.30am to noon, and get yourself some useful spare cash.

Or if you are looking for bargains, just come along, and see what's on offer. You're sure to see something you really need, or just takes your fancy. To book a table (5) for selling, phone 9140428.

Letter written on the 14th July

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

I hope the events of the last few days will have persuaded the writer of the letter in your May issue that he or she does not represent the feelings of the majority. Fortunately I was not personally involved with the events in London but we must all have been deeply moved both by the events and also by the thousands of floral and other tributes that loved ones and others who wish to demonstrate their compassion have left at the places where the tragedies occurred.

I think that we probably all said a prayer then - and I say a prayer now whenever I pass a roadside tribute that their God might keep the deceased person safe in his protection - (and incidentally the sight of the flowers also makes me respect the road more carefully).

David Elkington
Wellington, Somerset

Dear Sir

During one of my nightly walks through the village, I noticed a notice on the noticeboard of the community hall offering 'tap lessons'. I think this is a wonderful idea. Everybody should be encouraged to have a basic knowledge of plumbing as you never know when you might need those skills.

Maybe you could run some 'body building lessons'. Now that would be really handy as I have let it go a bit lately in as much as there is a long scratch right along the driver's door of our Vauxhall Astra that needs sorting out.

Keep up the good work.

Chris Napier

Dear Editor

Thank your for printing the article about Twyford House in the Shire. Something seems to have got lost in the translation - as the saying goes.

I was trained to be a librarian at the Central Library on College Green not at Shirehampton where there used to be only one librarian and a caretaker. There was a very old typewriter there with the keys set in a half circle.

I must have worked as a relief librarian in every library in West Bristol. At Cheltenham Road we used to turn the electric fire on its back to make toast.

They were happy carefree days for me, I cannot remember any librarians from those days - but they must still be around somewhere - about 1943.

Just imagine working alone in the library until 10pm then locking up and walking home!

Margaret Parfitt

Dear Editor

This is just a short note to thank the staff at Twyford House CC in Penpole Lane who helped me on the 29th July after I had been involved in a car crash. Their help, along with Keith who looked after my car overnight, made a very unpleasant experience a little less stressful. Many thanks also to the ambulance crew and out local policeman, PC Pitman.

Pauline Wudarski
Groveleaze, Shirehampton

Dear Sir

I am a regular reader of 'The Shire'. My brother-in-law posts me two copies each month - one for myself and one for Cliff Jones, formerly of Nibley Road. We both enjoy the paper - I post his copy to Cape Town every month from Benoni. As you can see, two well travelled papers. All down to Mr Tom Hillman's thoughtfulness.

The other reason for this letter is that I'm trying to trace family of mine, who emigrated to Australia in 1948. Their names are Eddy and Sylvia Dodd and their children are called Peter, Simon and Sonia. It's a long shot, but if one of your readers in Australia can help, they can reply to me at the following address.

M. S. Dodd, P.O. Box 14453 Farramere, Benoni, Fauteng, South Africa

Dear Shire

They say that if you have a good experience of service only a handful of people get to hear about it. Perhaps by writing to Shire, the generous response from Glen Dimplex Home Appliances may receive the kind of publicity it deserves.

At Lawrence Weston Community Farm there is a Belling cooker used mainly for the Lunch Club.

However, it did not fully work and when both ovens were switched on it tripped the electricity supply. We could not afford to replace the cooker so decided to have it repaired.

Unfortunately the electrician who came was unable to replace the broken parts without knowing the model of the cooker. As there was no identification on the cooker and no paperwork we thought we could go no further.

Luckily someone had the address for Belling, so I wrote to the company to ask if they could help to identify the model of cooker based on a description of it. In response I received a reply from Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, who own Belling, asking if I could send a photograph, which I did by e-mail. In response the company not only identified the model of the cooker, but offered to carry out the repairs free of charge. They supplied the parts and an engineer to restore our cooker back to full working order.

I would describe this as outstanding service. The Management Committee of Lawrence Weston Community Farm were delighted and wish to express their thanks to Glen Dimplex Home Appliances for their generosity and thought it worthy enough to write to the Shire.

Rosemary Clarke
Member of Management Committee of Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Dear Editor

I was born and raised in Shirehampton and would dearly love to locate a boyhood friend, one James Arthur George Dudbridge. Jim had a younger brother Robert and an older sister, Margaret. They lived on Park Road between the Swimming Baths and the corner of St Bernard's Road. I was friends with Jim from about 1945.

My name is Ray Morris and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I served an apprenticeship at the National Smelting Works as a fitter/turner and one of my mates was Dennis Dowling who I would like to meet again. I am planning a visit in June and July of next year and intend visiting 'Shire'. If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

My email address is and my website is

Many thanks in anticipation

Ray Morris

Dear Editor

Just to let you know that I found  the 1950s photograph of the teaching staff at Portway Boys' School very interesting but I'm afraid I can't remember any of the missing names. However, I do have a rare photograph of the teaching staff at the Portway Girls' School.

With research I have arrived at the following:

Photograph of Portway Girls' School Teachers, taken in 1949.

Back row - left to right: Miss Thomson/Mrs Louis (needlework), Miss Claris Davies/Mrs Fowles (dom. sci), Miss Brayley (PE), Miss Winchester (Eng), Mrs Adams, Miss John (dom. sci), Miss Elery (PE).

Middle row - left to right: Miss Jones (sci), Miss Harris (needlework), Miss Wyatt (Eng. and Dep. Head), Mrs Judson (RE and French), Mrs Howells (Secretary), Miss R. Dyer (RE, Eng. and Maths).

Front row - left to right: Miss Rees (Eng.), Mrs G. Evans (Eng. and History), Miss Shewell (Headmistress), Miss Banister (History and Eng.), Mrs Cross (History and Eng.)

Kind regards

Rob Woodburn

Dear Editor

Seeing, in the July issue, the 1950s photograph of Portway Secondary School teachers reminded me of my school days there in the late 50s and early 60s. One teacher, particularly, stood out in my memories - Mr Dinham. He taught me music and French in addition to other subjects, but it was those two for which I remember him. He was not a tall man and his small round glasses gave him a rather scientific air. I remember too that even on the hottest days his dark, double breasted suit would remain buttoned and tie knotted in place.

I often recollect an image of him at the front of the class resting in dreamlike state, on an old wind-up gramophone from which Gustav Holst's Planet Suite would be emanating. It may not have been every pupil's cup of tea but for me his love of the classics introduced me to a world of music that I still greatly enjoy and appreciate.

He was an inspirational teacher and had a knack of encouraging pupils to want to know more about any subject he taught, which in turn gave us more confidence to learn. My one regret was that I did not ever tell him what a profound effect his teaching had upon me. My lifelong interest and subsequent second career in writing and art I am sure was planted by him back in those days when students had respect for teachers - and themselves.

I wonder how many other of your readers can recollect a teacher that inspired them - and why?

John White, Plympton, Plymouth


Sylvia Mary Hack

Myself and Waine would like to thank everyone for all their cards, letters, flowers and words of support following the sad loss of my dear Mum, and also to Rev. Canon Christine Froude for conducting the lovely service.

Thanks again

Karen Alexander

Dear Editor,

As Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator of Portway I would like to thank our local beat bobby, PC Gareth Davies and his colleague for their swift action in removing the travellers who had entered and parked illegally on the Daisy Field alongside the A4 Portway at Shirehampton on Friday, 12th August 2005.

It was a great relief to the local residents some of whom have suffered at the hands of previously illegally parked travellers in the vicinity.

Yours sincerely

David Williams
Portway Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

Pantomime Visit

The Evergreens will be running a trip from Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston to the pantomime at the Playhouse Theatre, Weston-super-Mare, for the afternoon performance on 3rd January 2006.

The price is 20 including transport. There are only 10 seats left. Please ring 9823180 for more information or call in at the Public Hall on Friday afternoons, 1pm to 6pm.    Norman Sims

Thank You, P.C. Gareth!

Finding Out About The Past

Would you like to know more about what happened in past times, especially in and around Bristol? Some good opportunities to do that are provided by Bristol University with Local History and Archaeology Courses.

Amongst those coming soon are:

  • Sugar and Slaves - a day-school on Bristol's role in the sugar and slave trades.
  • Sources for local History - a course in Taunton record office handling local history sources.
  • West Country Sailing Ships and People - a day-school which explores the importance of sailing ships in the West Country.

If you would like details about these and other courses visit the website: or contact Catherine Shepherd on 0117 954 6070 or email

Tribute to 'Mo' Harvey

A lovely lad with a heart of gold,
Who never did as he was told.
Shirehampton he was, born and bred,
And poor Mo had his demons in his head!!
Always a smile and never a frown,
Mo was a tonic to have around!
By Portway School sat on a log,
You would often see Mo with his dog.
We miss you Mo, but what must be must be,
Good night and God Bless and sleep peacefully!


Everyone is warmly welcomed to these special events:

Sunday 18th September, 6.30pm Ecumenical Service Commissioning of new youth workers. Led by Rev. David Alderman. Organist: Mr Tim Forder Harvest Festival Weekend

Saturday 24 Sept, 7.30pm Concert by 'Miscellany' Tickets 5: Available from the church and from church stewards

Sunday 25th September Harvest Services 11am Rev. David Alderney & Rev. Debbie Godefroy 6.30pm Rev David Alderman

Minister to leave Shirehampton

Tim Baynes-Clarke, Minister of Shirehampton Baptist Church for the last seven years, is to leave Shirehampton in January next year for France.

Tim & Monique Baynes-Clarke --- on the move to France

Baptist Church members will not be the only people in the village who will be sorry to see Tim depart, for as well as energetically working for his congregation, he has also been deeply involved in the larger community, being a founder trustee of the Shirehampton Community Action Forum, and Chairman of the SCAF Youth Support Group.

In addition, his Christian ministry has gone beyond the confines of the local church. He is a Trustee of Interserve International mission group, and teacher for Freedom in Christ Ministries. Involvement with this non-denominational organisation, which describes its mission as 'to equip the Body of Christ to be alive, free and complete in Him' has sent him to various conferences in this country and, last year in Burundi. His connection with the organisation has led to call to work on their behalf in France.

His task there will be to set up an international office, initially working with local churches on an informal basis to introduce Freedom in Christ ministries, and find how to set it up in a way that is culturally suitable.

Tim is no stranger to France, his wife Monique being French. The couple met whilst both were serving as missionaries in Pakistan.

Of his time in Shirehampton, Tim says 'Our time in the church and village has been very happy. Shire still has much of a village feel and it has been a privilege to be part of its life. I have really enjoyed the work with the schools and being involved with setting up the Shire Churches and Youth Project and the Youth Support Action Group of SCAF. There is a real potential for our children and young people to have a hope for their future and I hope that some of what these groups and activities and involvements will lead to is real change for their lives. It has been a privilege to serve the Baptist Church and a real pleasure to be able to work together closely with my colleagues in the other churches in the village.'

Baptist Churches are autonomous bodies, so the selection of a new minister is the responsibility of the local members themselves. The process has already started, part of which is the prayerful drawing up of church and minister profiles to help ascertain what sort of man or woman would be the right person for Shire. Because the new minister will be serving the village as well as the church, the church officers invite readers who are not members to make their views known to then. If your would like to express ideas about a new minister you can either write to Shirehampton Baptist Church, 17 Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9TU or e-mail


Enjoyed a good book lately???

Have your really enjoyed a book lately? One that you would recommend to other readers?

Please let us know. We are starting a 'Readers Recommend' board so would love to have your views. You can write a small review - like this one by Mr Brown or just the title and author with a word or two of rating - you can remain anonymous if you wish. You will also be able to see what others are recommending and perhaps try one of those.

This won't work without your help - so come on, give us your views.



The Library is for everyone --- children enjoy snakes and ladders

This Accursed Land - Lennard Bickel

Dear Reader

You will find the book highly readable, interesting and challenging; a cliff-hanger, especially after Aladdin's Cave. This is the point when it will be difficult to put down. You will learn of the real hardships of explorers.

'Mawson's subsequent agonising and solitary struggle to stay alive. ' See book.

S. K. Brown

Do men read?

One characteristic of Book Clubs that's been noted is that they tend to have a far greater number of women than men.

Why is this? In these equality days, it can't be that men are too busy being the bread-winners and only their wives (who have their own careers) have the time to read, let alone discuss what they read.

Could it be that men have memories of school classes where girls out-shone the boys in things requiring brain power? Do they have a fear of being intimidated by women's ability to talk intelligently about what they have read? Do men think that the only books likely to be read in the group are 'chick lit' novellas?

Even if that were true (which it isn't) the way to alter the choice of books is to join in and make sure real meat is on the literary menu.

Men, the time has come to buck the trend - join your local book club that meets monthly in the Cotswold Community Centre and strike a blow for the literary equality of the sexes! The present lone man not only survives the experience, but has a marvellous time having all the wonderful women (who include his wife, it needs to be said) to himself.

The September book on Wednesday 14th is 'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picault, then October 12th sees the group in what is sure to be a vigorous dissection of D. H. Lawrence's 'The Rainbow'.

So if any men (and women) would like to know more about the book club, phone 9828683.

Community Group's demise leaves gap

For many years the Shirehampton Community Group, open to all residents, met regularly in the Public Hall, and did vital work keeping an eye on issues that could affect village life. The group was particularly valuable in monitoring planning applications and council plans and intentions.

Unfortunately, a couple years ago, with the departure from the village of key people from the committee, the group folded. Also, the arrival of Shirehampton Community Action Forum, which does excellent work in linking together various local bodies, caused some to believe the older Community Group had become redundant. This certainly was not the case, as the remit of SCAF (bound by its trust deed as a registered charity) does not extend to monitoring planning applications and mounting protests against actions that threaten the well-being of the village.

With the spate of recent amenity losses, particularly the closure of the swimming pool, and now the proposed housing development in the Jubilee Allotments site, (see Paul Wilkes letter elsewhere in this issue) the gap left by the demise of the Shirehampton Community Group is painfully obvious.

The time has come to resurrect the Group before the chill wind of closure threatens yet more of our amenities; the question is, where are the people with the commitment, time and energy to get it started again? If you feel the need for such a group, then write to the Shire.

The Finest Joint in the Village

Just opposite CLIC, along Shire's main street
Stands W & B, our own local shop for meat
It's not very deep, and its not very wide,
And sometimes it's difficult to get inside
But once through the door, oh, what a sight

To gaze around with pure delight
To see all the meat on display, and rejoice
Unless you're a vegetarian by choice
Behind the counter, in his stripey apron
Stands Tubs, and his display of streaky bacon

And who is there who is not impressed
By his cheerful greeting, with smile and jest
He has sausages, faggots, lamb and pork chops
Much better than found in supermarket shops
What's more, his meat doesn't come pre-packed

In polystyrene trays, and that's a fact
You can buy kidneys, and if politely asked, he'll bring
A nice rolled joint tied up with string
He's got burgers, tripe, and beef that's been minced
How much more need you know to be convinced?

He produces chops with his knife and cleaver
And 'Madam, how about a nice slice of liver?'
And just to show he's still in his prime
He'll bone you a joint in double quick time
Then, with an amazing turn of speed

He makes for the counter to serve those who feed
On meats that are pre-cooked, or crusty pies, or cheese
Whatever you want, he's got all of these
It reads family butcher upon his sign
But when I asked if he could butcher mine

He replied 'I'm sorry mate, I would if I could
But it wouldn't do my trade any good'
Tubs, with sister Anne and affable Paul
Provide good service to all those who call
To have a good chat and then buy their meat

At the best 'meat in' place in our High Street

Malcolm Jones

So What's New?

How often have we heard (or even uttered them ourselves) words to the effect 'kids today have no respect for authority or property' or ' In my day.....'? Quite possibly these sentiments have been expressed more frequently during the long school holiday, when bored children have perhaps made their presence felt in the community in less than desirable ways.

There is a tendency for 'seniors' to look back on their childhood and perhaps chuckle at the little peccadilloes of their youth and dismiss them as 'mischief' whilst denouncing today's 'young hooligans' - but as the title of this article suggests, nothing is new.

I recently came across some interesting little cameos of village life that made me smile. A rather testy vicar in Norton in Herefordshire obviously had a very jaundiced view of his congregation and vented his feelings to the Registrar of the Consistory Court in Hereford.

On the subject of children he was most vehement, and I quote, 'The village is full of rude children who only meet in the churchyard on weekdays to play, to climb up the church, to break windows etc, and even upon the Lord's Day in time of Divine Service often make such a noise that I can scarcely be heard in the church. I applied to the parents and to the churchwardens but all in vain. One of the late churchwardens told me that they were neighbour's children and that he was not willing to put them to trouble.'

However, it was not just the children who evoked such strong feelings in this reverend gentleman. He had a fair number of 'base' children born in his parish and the defiance of the single mothers was clear to see. However, my favourite example was the case of Elizabeth Morris who had divulged the name of the child's father to the Parish Overseers (the latter day Child Support Agency!) but threatened that if they gave her any trouble she would supply them with more 'base' children! What about respecting authority?

Whilst we could quite easily identify these scenarios with 21st century Britain, they actually took place in 1737. So again I say 'What's new?'

Changes to Waste and Recycling Collections

On June 27th there was an important change to waste collections for Bristol - refuse and recycling is now collected on the same day. The aim is to give you just one day to remember for putting out all your rubbish and recycling. Make sure that it is put out somewhere clearly visible at the front of your property.

Bristol City Council have also changed the total amount of rubbish that will be collected from each house. The Council will now collect only one wheeled bin (or equivalent), plus your black recycling box(es) and any extra, untied carrier bags of recycling, from each household. Please also leave out any extra wheeled bins you may have so that they can be removed.

There are some very good reasons for these changes. Every day Bristol residents throw away over 500 tonnes of rubbish. A special train is used to transport this to landfill sites. This is wasteful, expensive and bad for the environment and people's health. We are running out of space for landfill sites and the gases they produce are a cause of climate change. It is also costing us more and more money  - the more we throw away, the more Council Tax we will have to pay because of government charges and fines.

Luckily there is an alternative - recycling. Most of what we are throwing away could be re-used or made into something new. The changes to the rubbish and recycling collection services have been introduced to encourage residents to produce less rubbish and to recycle more.

If you live in a house (or a flat with space at the front to put out recycling) and don't have a black recycling box, call Bristol 0117 922 3838 or email to get one delivered for free. Please also call if you're not sure of your new collection day or need extra boxes.

If you live in a block of flats and don't have space to put out a black box, then you may be able to have communal recycling bins installed in your block of flats instead. Please contact the Council on the number above. For more information on these services, or if you want to know how to recycle other materials, please see, call the helpline on Bristol 0117 922 3838 or email

Frequently Recycled Questions

What can I put into my black recycling box? - Paper,  newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, junk mail, rinsed glass bottles and jars, kitchen foil, metal takeaway containers, rinsed metal food and drink cans, aerosol cans, engine oil (in a sealed container), batteries (in a labelled bag), spectacles, clothes and shoes (in a plastic bag to keep dry), car batteries (place next to box on a dry day).

Can I get any extra help to reduce or or store my rubbish? - Yes. You can arrange a visit from a Waste Doctor who can visit your house and give you advice on how to reduce your rubbish. If you live in a very large household you may be eligible for a larger wheelie bin. If you have physical difficulty in moving your wheeled bin and/or black box out to the kerbside, the Council can make extra arrangements for you. If you have a garden then discount compost bins, for kitchen and garden waste, are available for 17 (including delivery). Free lids for black boxes are also available. For any of the above please call the helpline (922 3838).

What about furniture and large items? - The Sofa Project (954 3567) will collect re-usable or repairable items if they are suitable for resale. Alternatively, try Emmaus (954 3567 - they also sell second hand goods to the public), Sue Ryder (924 4910), the Missing Persons Charity (944 4648), SPACE (955 5755) or the Kingswood Project (961 6226). If is not suitable for re-use, call the City Council on 922 3838 to arrange a disposal collection (they will take up to three items, there is a 15 charge except for people on certain benefits).


Walking the Great Wall of China is an experience not many can lay claim to. But Brian Raybould has done it and filmed it.

On Thursday 20th October at 7pm Brian is bringing his film to the Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road and will be talking about his walk along one of the world's most amazing structures, which is claimed to be the only made-made feature that can be seen from space.

Admission is free but there will be a collection in aid of Mercy Ships, a work that brings medical aid to poor and remote corners of the world.

Farewell to Youth Workers

A lot of young people in Shirehampton will be very sad to see the departure of four people from the village, Jenny, Lorna, Marick and Anne.

The quartet have been here between one and two years working with the three local churches, Shire Baptist, St Mary's and the Methodist Church to run youth clubs, be involved in the local schools and in general stimulate young life in the village.

They have been doing so as part of the ongoing work of South Western Youth Ministries (SWYM). This is a Christian organisation that encourages young people from various European countries to take a year or more out in order to work in churches learning leadership skills and developing young life in the communities they are placed in. Jenny and Lorna are from England whilst Marick is from the Czech Republic and Anne from Germany.

Shire people, particularly the young, have taken all four to their hearts and they will be greatly missed. An opportunity to say farewell was given at a barbecue held at St Mary's recently, and people in the churches have contributed to 'Thank You' gifts.

Shire people hope they will not lose touch with the departing workers entirely. They will at least be able to see Lorna from time to time as she is returning to Bristol in the Autumn to take up a supervisory role with SWYM.

Now the churches wait expectantly for the next SWYM team in the Autumn - these young people have proved for some years how much they enrich the young life of the churches and the village.

Shirehampton Chat

Last month's edition included some memories from John Merrett provoked by the online discussion group 'Shirehampton Chat.' The group is currently very active, with contributions both from current Shire residents and others from around the world who have a connection to the village.

If you want to visit Shirehampton Chat, whether to read other people's contributions or to join in the discussions, use any internet browser and type in


in the address panel. You will then get simple instructions on how to join the Yahoo discussion group.

Did you know that SHIRE has its own web site?

Every issue of SHIRE is included, usually about the middle of the month of publication of the newspaper. If you do not receive your copy of the printed paper for any reason, or if you loose it, you can still read what you missed on the internet. Just go to Shire on the Web, at

and click on the NEWS link at the bottom of the page. You will then have access to every edition of SHIRE since 1999.

The archive of back issues on the web is fully searchable. If you think you read something in SHIRE at any time since 1999 and want to remember what the article said, just go to Shire on the Web, type in a relevant word or phrase and there is a very good chance you will find what you are looking for.

Shire on the Web also has a lot of other local information. This includes general information about the village, a directory or local organisations with meeting times and contact details and information about local businesses. If you would like to see other information, please contact us, either by email to or by letter to Shire, c/o The Library

A Golden Celebration

Our warmest congratulations go to Doris and Arnold Woodruffe of Coaley Road, Shirehampton, who celebrated their Golden Wedding on July 30th.

Doris and Arnold celebrating 50 years together

One hundred and seventy family members and friends joined the couple in a disco and dance at the Manor Farm Football Club. Instead of receiving presents to mark the occasion the hosts gave their guests the opportunity to take part in a Raffle which raised 700. Mr & Mrs Woodruffe presented this to Ward 61 in the Oncology Unit of the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

On Sunday 31st July, after morning service at Shirehampton Parish Church, Canon Christine Froude conducted a ceremony of Blessing of the Rings at which Arnold and Doris renewed their vows.

Shirehampton Craft Exhibition 2005

After all the hype and excitement of last year's centenary for the Public Hall, it doesn't seem all that long ago I was letting you all know about the Craft Exhibition then but here we are again and it's time to think about getting out all your crafty bits and looking to enter something into the exhibition.

As ever the Craft Exhibition will be taking place during October half term opening to the public on Tuesday 26th from 11am until 5pm with the last day on Saturday 29th from 10am until 4pm.

This is a great opportunity for you to show off your skills and we are always amazed at the quality and variety we get each year - and don't forget if you want to sell some of your crafts this is the ideal place, our visitors are always keen to take something home with them.

As you will know if you have been to exhibitions before we take all kinds of crafts from all age ranges. If you are willing to bring your exhibits along then we will find a place for you. It's your exhibition we want it to reflect the village now, so come along and be part of this lively and fun week.

We are always looking for stewards and demonstrators so feel free to put your name down on the booking form. You don't have to exhibit to be a steward or demonstrator.

So how do you go about getting something into the Exhibition or involved in helping? Below is a booking form for entries to the craft exhibition. Make use of it, fill it in and either hand it to the library or send it to the address shown.

If you want to send details by e-mail this is fine, please send to:

Will the Lark Ascend Again?

It is now 10 years since the concert in the Public Hall marking the 75th Anniversary of the first ever public performance of Vaughan Williams' wonderfully evocative piece 'Lark Ascending'.

Do we have to wait another 10 years before once again making something of this unique distinction for our village and our hall? Why not an annual chamber concert that would include this increasingly popular classic?

The Carers

Apologies to the Carers groups. Last month we printed the wrong day for their meetings.

The correct day is the third Thursday of each month, for both groups.

The Avonmouth Group of Carers meets at the Avonmouth Medical Centre from 10am to 12 noon.

The Lawrence Weston group of carers meets at Ridingleaze House, Lawrence Weston, from 2pm to 4pm.

A Garden Challenge

On a very hot day at the end of July a group of volunteers came from Computershare to work in the garden of the Cottage in Shirehampton owned by Avon (University Settlement) Community Association from where they run an Advice Service. The 'Garden Challenge' was organised by Business in the Community and we are extremely grateful for their hard work cutting back, clearing ivy and brambles and weeding.

Now that the garden has been restored to something like its original format we are looking for a volunteer to keep it in shape. If there is anyone who has a couple of hours a week to spare please get in touch with Moyra Tel: 9681922. Pictured: Darrell and some of his team from Computershare.