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What a Load of Rubbish

Last week the children of Shirehampton Primary School had a recycling week. Each year group collected all their rubbish from home and brought it to school to find new uses for it. They made toys and games, lava lamps, photo frames, greeting cards and pencil pots from all the rubbish.

They also designed and made their ideal bedrooms and had a fashion show with clothes and jewellery made from all the things we usually throw away. The week ended with an assembly where the children celebrated the 'rubbish' songs they had written and showed all the wonderful things that were made.

Nuisance Calls

You're just sitting down to have a meal or watch the telly when the phone rings - you answer it - only to find that it's yet another cold caller trying to sell you something.

There is a way that you can severely cut down on these unwanted calls. Register with TPS on phone number 0845 0700 707, it takes about twenty-eight days for it to become effective, but you will notice the difference.

101 Dalmations

No, sorry, I've made a deliberate mistake! Sitting in the waiting room in the Shirehampton Health Centre the other day I read a notice saying that 101 appointments had been missed in one month recently, or the equivalent of five surgeries.

Why? There must have been a good reason for some to have been missed - but 101? Surely a quick phone call to cancel the appointment so that someone else could benefit is not unreasonable to ask? Tel. (0117) 916 2226.

Community Funds

Grants for local groups Funds have become available for community groups who operate in the Shirehampton area. Applications from any voluntary or charitable group will be considered and also from statutory bodies, such as schools, etc., if the finance is required for non-statutory purposes.

Please apply to the address below, stating the name and purpose of your group, how you will use any grant, whether you have raised any other funds for your project, and how much you require.

Community funds c/o The Public Library Station Road, Shirehampton Bristol BS11 9TU (Closing Date: 31st July 2004)

I hope you can help.

I found an item  of jewellery outside the Shire Co-op on Saturday 5th June. I have put a notice on the board in the Co-op with my phone number but had no luck in tracing the owner. I think the item is quite old and perhaps belongs to an elderly person and I would love to return it to them.

It has a unique feature which only its owner would know - if you could put a notice in your next Shire edition maybe its owner is one of your readers.

Thanks for your help Jude - 0117 940 1163


I would like to say a big thank you to all my family, friends, neighbours and customers of Hawkins Newsagents for sponsoring me in my first "Race for Life" which was held on the Downs. It was a great day, I loved every minute of it and I hope in some small way my little effort will help to make someone's life easier.

Thanks to Jeff, my boss, for allowing me to ask customers to sponsor me (it must have driven him nuts!). Thanks once again. Total raised for cancer research was £411.00.

Love Jean (Nurse). Many thanks for your kind donation - Ed.

Electric Blanket Safety Checks

Bristol City Council is running a series of electric blanket safety checks in the coming weeks. Each safety check will be free but it is on a STRICTLY ADVANCED BOOKING BASIS.

The Shirehampton session is on August 4th, 1.30pm-4.30pm at Shirehampton Health Centre, Pembroke Road. Booking telephone number is 0117 916 2200.

Go 'Football Crazy' at the City Museum

With all the excitement building up for Euro 2004, Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery is celebrating our national game with a new exhibition. An exhibition capturing the passion, comedy and beauty that is at the heart of modern British football culture goes on display at the City Museum & Art Gallery from Saturday 17th July.

'Football in our Time' is a witty and sometimes poignant celebration of football from Britain's leading football photographer, Stuart Clarke. With a special focus on Bristol's own two senior clubs, Rovers and City, the exhibition brings together 14 years of Clarke's best photography.

His work spans the whole of the game from landmark internationals and the glamour of the Premiership to the sparse dressing rooms of the lower divisions and the non-league games played to a handful of supporters week after week. The exhibition displays an intimate and thought-provoking collection that will be enjoyed by anyone caught up in the culture of the modern game, as well as people with an interest in art, photography and social documentary.

There are photographs that not only illustrate an affection for the spectacle of the match itself but also hold an avid fascination for the world that surrounds the game. Stephen Price, Head of Bristol's Museums & Art Gallery, said "This exhibition will touch a chord in many people whatever their level of interest in the game - whether they are a supporter or player of football, or whether they just appreciate good photography".

The exhibition, which is generously supported by the Bristol Evening Post, is accompanied by a wide-ranging programme of FREE events, lectures and workshops, including school holiday activities on Tuesday 20 and Thursday 22nd July 2004 and a special family funday on Sunday 5 September. 'Football in our Time' is on display from Saturday 17 July to Sunday 12 September at the City Museum & Art Gallery. Open daily 10am to 5pm. Admission is FREE.

Shire Newspaper Contacts

'SHIRE' Newapaper official address:

The Library, Public Hall, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9TU.

(Please note the Shirehampton Librarian Telephone number is: 0117 903 8570) 'SHIRE' Telephone numbers for:

Iinformation and advice Adverts & Copy 983 2663 or 01275 846350
Accounts 982 2941
General Enquiries 968 2291 or 983 2663
Distribution Organiser 982 6935 
Requests for Shire by Post 0117 904 3037 Fax 0117 982 1292
Internet address


Mrs J. Archer, Chairman Mrs M. Robathan, Vice Chairman. Mrs J. Daniels, Secretary Dr. D. L. Thomas, Treasurer Mr E. Verey, Miss M. Ellison, Mr G. Osman, Jill Dawson Pauline Godwin, Dr. Michael Morgan

N.B. To meet the deadline with our typesetters, Editors of Shire would appreciate it if all contributions, either written copy or adverts could be submitted to the Library by the 10th of the month before they appear in print, i.e.: The closing date for insertion in next month's issue: 10th JULY

Memories of Shirehampton

I was delighted to see my Mum (Mrs Chancellor) mentioned in Janet Kays' letter about her mother's memories of Shirehampton in the May edition of 'Shire'. My name is Gillian and I am the youngest of the Chancellor family. I didn't know Janet, but clearly remember her mother and father Eileen and Ken, also her grandmother and grandfather (Mr & Mrs Allsopp) and many other Shire personalities she recalled.

After Junior School on Tuesday afternoons (it would have been late 1940s) I would walk down Groveleaze to the Hut to join in the end of the Cheer-up Club: other ladies I remember from the Club are Mrs Hayward who lived 'on the corner' and Mrs Oliver who lived opposite her. Bessie Adams was a dear lady who always wore fancy dress and led the singing on the annual Cheer-up outgoing. We picked the coach up outside the Vicarage and often went to Weymouth or Bournemouth - Mrs Adams lived in St Mary's Road too and was great fun.

I remember being fascinated by her Devon accent, we didn't hear many different accents in those days, most of us were Shire born and bred, but my Mum and Mrs Allsopp (Eileen's Mum) shared a Welsh heritage and a Welsh accent. Like Eileen, memories of my days in Shirehampton are very clear to me - I was a member of the Shirehampton Youth Club in Groveleaze when the leader was Harry Grainger, a much respected man. Mrs Grainger taught for many years at Shirehampton Infant School, as did Miss Luxford and Mrs Wannell.

Mr Landry was for many years Headmaster at the Junior School, the School Secretary was Mrs Shacklady. I loved my days of Guiding, along with my best friend Jan who still lives in Shirehampton. The mention of Joan, Janet, Maureen and Elaine in Christopher Eynon's St Mary's News brought back happy memories of annual Dawn Chorus hikes when we met on The Green at 4am to walk to Coombe Dingle to listen to the birdsong, or took the Pill ferry to hike to Easton-in-Gordano and cooked our lunch over an open fire, and on Friday evenings when our meeting sometimes moved to The Scouts' Woods on Penpole for tracking, stalking and more camp fires.

I join Joan and co. each year in their annual reunion and we talk of little but our days in Shire. The names of these other Guides and Guiders will, I'm sure, bring back memories to some of your readers: Gloria Austin, Joyce Boon, Molly Brearley, Rose Dodson, Mary Ford, Sheila Knowles, Joan Phillips, Pam Pointing, Christine Richards, Betty Room, Angela Sampson. Some of these are still involved in Guiding (in the 70s I was a Brownie-Guider in Backwell, Somerset), and their children are actively involved with Guiding and Scouting - we were taught 'Once A Guide, Always A Guide'.

Those of us who lived in Shirehampton in the Fifties were fortunate indeed. We were free to wander the village in safety - Barracks Lane for blackberries, the riverbank at low tide to 'bounce' flat pieces of dried mud in the Avon, the Golf Course and the Horseshoe Bend - all these places are filed away in the memory bank to be recalled when the Guides meet each year in the middle of June. Perhaps some other post-war villagers will share their memories.

Shire Reminiscences by Shire People

All the reminiscences which were collected at the Public Hall in May, together with some additions and corrections received since (thanks for those) are in an album in Shire Library, which is looking after them.

There was a wealth of material about wartime in Shire, childrens' lives in the 40s, 50s and 60s, and other valuable memories. You are welcome to go and read them! I hope you will feel like adding to them. We are also collecting any memories and photos of the Public Hall for the Hall's centenary exhibition in November.

If you have anything to contribute please contact Jeanette at the Public Hall on 0117 982 9963 or Judy Helme who is writing a book on the Hall, on 0117 982 9893.

Kate Pollard

Free Advice Service

We provide a free advice service located at 115 High Street, Shirehampton. If you require any help with issues such as welfare benefits, dealing with debts, employment, housing, consumer issues and family law, then Tony the advice worker can help. He will also help you fill in those complex forms.

If there are queries that cannot be addressed at the centre, then Tony can point you 9in the right direction for the help that you need. Drop-in advice sessions at the Shirehampton centre are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9.30am and 11.30am, no appointment is necessary, so if you want some help or want to have a chat about something that is troubling you, please drop in and see him.

The service is totally confidential and independent of any other agency. Shirehampton Advice Centre tel. no. 0117 982 9399. The Advice Service is sponsored by Avon (University Settlement) Community Association

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

The Miles Arms in Avonmouth is supporting Garry B's latest fund-raising disco in aid of Muscular Dystrophy charities. Please come along and support our efforts to raise the 20 million pounds it is estimated is needed for research into potential treatments (and may be a cure) for this devastating condition which is caused by the faulty gene.

Parent Project UK has mobilised parents across the country to campaign for funding to find a cure. As a response to the Government's White Paper on Genetics, a bid was submitted to the Department of Health in October with two other charities and a consortium of leading UK scientists and clinicians.

The project hopes to begin clinical trials in order to correct the faulty gene by using "molecular patches' or antisense oligonucleotides. If successful this could mean that boys with DMD could expect a much longer lifespan as the treatment would slow down the rapid rate of muscle wasting.

In April, the DOH awarded £1.6million pounds towards this research - welcome news, but leaving a million pound shortfall. Please help to add another 'brick' to the wall of fund-raising for this research, and have a great evening in the process, on Saturday 31st July.

Passports Lost, Stolen or Strayed

The loss of a passport must be reported to the U.K. Passport Service and the police whether at home or abroad. If abroad you must contact the local British Consulate, Embassy or High Commission, plus the local police. If lost at home you must report the loss or theft to the UKPS, phone 0870 521 0410.

Your passport will then be cancelled and even if it turns up later it will be invalid, but you must advise UKPS that it's found as you will have to send it in. When reporting the loss it's just as well to apply for a new one at the same time. It is advisable to photocopy the details or make a note of your passport number and date of issue and keep these separately from the passport (but don't do as I so nearly did and leave the passport in the photocopier).

By the way, make sure that your passport has at least six months unexpired time left on it from the date of entry into a foreign country. Upon renewal these months are added on so you don't lose anything. A few weeks ago I read an item in the paper which said that the Government was proposing to end charging over 75s for their passports.

I rang the UKPS and was told that the proposal has not yet passed through Parliament but hopefully will be in the next session. So you over 75s with 'itchy feet' - watch this space. Remember that your passport is a valuable document and must be kept safe at all times.

Shirehampton Directory

Don't forget that this most useful booklet is available in the Library. It contains information and contact numbers for a wide variety of organisations in Shirehampton. No home should be without one! It could be yours for a very modest donation.

They Made the Record

On Friday, May 21st the attempt on the Guinness Records in Bath organised by the Blow Out Sax School took place. They aimed to get 400 saxophone players playing together for 5 consecutive minutes the 3 pieces of music which had been composed specially for the event.

In fact there were 529 Saxophonists in all who played. Congratulations to them all. We understand that among this assembly were several local saxophonists from Shirehampton. As luck would have it 10 days later over 900 saxophonists congregated in Toronto in Canada to bump up the record further.

It is hoped that both attempts will enter the Guinness Book of Records. Watch this space for news that maybe another attempt will be made in England to get a 1000 plus players together nationally.

Raise a Smile in August!

Has anyone an amusing or funny story to tell to make us laugh or raise a wry smile? If so, let us have it for our August edition, copy to the library by the 10th July please.

32nd Local Art Exhibition

This year's Exhibition was staged by Twyford Art Club as part of the Hall's Centenary Celebrations. The Exhibition has featured in 32 of the 100 years of the Hall's existence. Its continued success owes much to the Hall and its facilities which provide an excellent setting.


John Case, Chairman, welcomed guests and exhibitors highlighting its origins as part of the Bristol 600 celebrations in 1973 and mentioned that one exhibitor, Mr Jack Doyle, had entered every exhibition. He paid tribute to the Exhibition Joint Secretaries and others who had worked so hard to make it a success.

He introduced Councillor Bill Martin, who had recently completed 2 years as Bristol's Lord Mayor and invited him to open the Exhibition. Bill Martin said that whilst his busy life in business and local affairs had not allowed him to paint he appreciated the work of others and knew what he liked. He had already toured the Exhibition and selected a number of purchases and hoped that others would do the same.

He was impressed by the standard and variety of work. He concluded that he would like to be invited back again next year, hopefully to buy but not to open. There were 217 entries, 20 up on last year. Good use was made of the new studio picture rail system which was funded with the aid of a Community Grant.

The Local Art Exhibition is sponsored by 'Shire' whose continued support is appreciated. Exhibitors voted Chris Stinchcombe's pastel 'Blagdon Lake' as their favourite work on show and he receives the award of the 'Philip Squire Painting' which he will hold for a year.

Ron Thorpe Secretary, Twyford Art Club Photographs by E. Verey

Contact With Children

I've split up with my wife and she won't let me see the children - what can I do? The first step is to try and reach an agreement with your ex-partner with regards to the children. A Solicitor can help, for example by trying to resolve the disagreement through correspondence and set up an agreement as to when and where contact can take place or by referring you to a mediator to try and reach a compromise.

What if that doesn't work? It is possible to apply to the Court for a Contact Order under section 8 of the Children Act 1989. The amount and type of contact can be rigidly defined in the Order or the Court can be more flexible, for example by specifying "reasonable contact". The contact could be daytime only, overnight or even indirect via letters and telephone calls.

The judge can even specify that contact should be supervised to protect the welfare of the children or that contact should take place in a contact centre. What will the judge consider in making his decision? The starting point is that it is the right of the child to have contact with his or her parents, not the right of the parents. The underlying principle of the Children Act 1989 is that the welfare of the child is the Court's paramount consideration.

The Act also provides that any proceedings in matters such as contact should be dealt with without delay. The Court will try to get the parties to agree on contact, and the judge will not make a Contact Order unless it is better for the child that such an Order is made.

There is therefore a strong emphasis on negotiation and mediation to reach an agreement in disputes over children. "Welfare" is not expressly defined by the 1989 Act but the Court will have regard to the following factors contained in section 1(3) in considering whether to make an Order:-

a) The wishes and feelings of the child (in light of their age and understanding); b) The child's physical, emotional and educational needs; c) The likely effect on the child of a change in circumstances; d) The child's age, sex, background and other relevant characteristics; e) Any harm the child has suffered or is at risk of suffering; f) How capable the child's parents and any other relevant person are of meeting the child's needs; g) The range of powers available to the Court.

I wasn't married to my children's mother and do not have parental responsibility for them, can I still apply to the Court for an Order? Any parent or guardian of the child, whether or not married to the other parent, can apply for an Order under the 1989 Act. In addition, anyone with a Residence Order in relation to the child or other existing Order granting custody or care and control over the child is entitled to apply.

You an also apply under the Act if you are or were married to a natural parent of the child or if the child has lived with you for at least three years. Other people, such as grandparents, may be able to apply for an Order under the 1989 Act, but they will need to apply to the Court for permission to make an application.

How long with the Order last for? The Order will usually continue until the child reaches the age of 16 or until discharged by the Court, if earlier. It is possible to apply to the Court to have an Order varied, extended or discharged if appropriate. The Court also has the power to make an interim Order pending resolution of the proceedings.

A Massive Thank You!

I would like to say a massive thanks to all the people who came in my limo on my birthday, because without you lot it wouldn't have been as brilliant as it was.

The people I would most like to thank are my family, Ron-Miestee (aka) Biff, Neiley, Spam, Turner, Kyra, Katie Crocker, Charlotte Stephens, Tara Leonard, Anne Marie Cockle, Josh Bridgeman, Zac Palmer, Raf Simmons, Sean Smith, Marie Sage and last but not least Charlotte Hone.

Thank you for the cake Oberjean! You're all amazing.

Loads of love Amy Thorne

St Mary's News

Hi folks!

This is the month when St.Mary's is shown off at its very best! It is our Patronal Festival Celebrations which as you may recall I briefly mentioned last month. On Saturday 4th July the Church will be open from 10am until 4pm. Come and see it fully decorated with flowers and between 10am and 12.00 noon you will also have the opportunity to browse around the stalls of out Summer Fayre.Don't miss it or you may miss a bargain!

From 12.30pm till 4.00pm cream teas will be served (guess who will be at  the front of the queue?). Jim Forder our Organist will also be at hand to play your favourite hymn tune, I hope you've sent him details to the church office, which will give Jim the chance to locate the music!. Next day Sunday is the day we remember our Patron Saint St. Mary the Mother of Jesus. Holy Communion is at 10am and our guest speaker is Mr Keith Thomas.

He will be talking about 'Sunflower Children's Hospice' in South Africa. Also Andy Schuman and his family will be with us for the very first time - come and give them that traditional St.Mary's welcome! On Monday evening (5th July) The Bristol Citadel Salvation Army Band will provide us with a concert of music on the Village Green, a super setting on a June Summer's evening.

Should the weather be unfortunately wet, then the concert will be held in the Church. Please give this your support A retiring collection will be given to the Salvation Army Band members to be used as they think best. Now an apology to June Goslin. When I made mention of her Easter Bonnet I spelt her name wrongly by adding a letter 'g' to the end of her name. An easy mistake for a senile old idiot like me!

I do know a "gosling" is a young goose but I did have a good "gander" at her Easter Bonnet!! The Wedding/Marriage Celebration day on Saturday 29th May was an outstanding success. Over 150 people attended the Marriage Vows Renewal Service led by Canon Christine.

A very warm thanks to all of who loaned wedding dresses, photographs and other memorabilia. Roy Miller must have been wanted by the police when he got married, because no-one recognised him! Was he in disguise? Sunday 11th July is prize giving day for members of our Sunday School.

These will be distributed to the worthy recipients at our 10am Holy Communion Service At 7.30pm, the following Friday 16th July, the Shirehampton Area Choir will be performing their Summer Music Concert. Tickets are being sold  this year and are available at £5 each from the Church Office, Jim Forder or any choir member.

For your money you will hear some wonderful music and wine and nibbles will also be served! All proceeds are to be donated to the Organ Repair Fund. Our "Open Gardens" season is with us once more - please check the list on the notice board in church for the names and dates of which gardens are open.

Last year a considerable sum of money was raised for the church funds and it also proved to be an excellent social event Be careful you don't get crushed in the rush! Nick and Lucy Broad are delighted to announce the birth of their fourth daughter Emily Elizabeth on Friday 4th June! That's a wonderful way to increase the numbers in our congregation as Emily was in church on Sunday 6th - beat that if you can!

Sunday 6th June was Trinity Sunday and our Guest Preacher was the Archdeacon of Malmesbury - The venerable Alan Hawker. He gave a very amusing sermon and afterwards said what a lovely church building we have at St.Mary's. We would also like to make mention of a very kind and thoughtful gift from Gil Brookes. He has made 2 wooden crosses in light-coloured oak.

Much love and care has gone into their creation and they will be used regularly when taking Holy Communion to the elderly and to the Residential Homes around the village, Now for our skittles evening results. Highest men's score in the knock-out competition was Albert Price and the lady's highest score was Joy Webber.

Two new trophies were also presented for the highest score - one called "Nan's Trophy" and the other "Bernards Trophy". "Nan's Trophy" was presented to Mary Derrick and "Bernard's Trophy" to Albert Price - two winning scores on one evening? No need to ask where he spent his youth!!

Needless to say the trophies were named after Bernard and Nan Waller who until recently were the founder members and organisers of past skittles evenings. A very worthy tribute to them! The sum of £128 was raised for our Organ Fund that evening. Finally, some advance information about our Summer Car Rally/Treasure Hunt.

This is to be held on Saturday 7th August 2004, and will leave from the Church Centre Car Park at 5pm. Check the Notice Board in the church for more details nearer the time.

Well, that's it folks!

New Arrivals at Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Four lambs born this spring are proving to be a popular attraction at Lawrence Weston Community Farm. The as-yet unnamed lambs were born on the 9th May, the 1st June and twins on 5th June. All four are settling in well with their mothers. Carol Drysdale, Chairperson of the Farm said, "We are delighted to have our new additions. Seeing the mothers and babies together is extremely satisfying.

Unfortunately one mother has been ill and unable to feed her lamb. We have been feeding with a bottle without any problem". Pictured is the first lamb born only minutes after entering this world. Anyone wanting to see the lambs or other animals can visit the Farm, which is situated on Saltmarsh Drive in Lawrence Weston. Entry to the Farm is free (but donations to the Farm will be welcomed).

An adult must accompany children under 10 years of age. The Farm is open every day including Bank Holidays from 9.30am to 4.00pm, except Mondays and Christmas Day. There is now a shop open at the Farm. It is open on Wednesdays between 3.00 and 4.30pm and Friday from 10am until 3pm.

Visitors can buy drinks, light refreshments, eggs, garden products such as beans and potatoes, ceramics and garden furniture. Although not quite a café the shop is somewhere visitors can now buy refreshments and sit whilst they enjoy them.

The Farm is supported through funding from Bristol City Council.

Celebrate D-Day at Bristol's Industrial Museum

On Saturday 14 August 2004, Bristol Industrial Museum will transport visitors back to the 1940s with a weekend of activities commemorating life in Bristol towards the end of World War 2. The Industrial Museum's popular working trains will be joined by vintage military road vehicles, including landing craft and models, to create a working dockside prior to D-Day.

During the weekend visitors will be able to see the world premiere of the third in the Ministry of Entertainment's trilogy of wartime plays, "Yes, We Have No Bananas", which looks at life in a south coast town in 1944 with ordinary people beset by food shortages and American GIs.

Visitors will also be able to attend a Wartime cookery talk by the world-famous food author, Marguerite Patten OBE to hear her talking about feeding a family in times of food shortage and rationing. They can learn some classic and exciting jive dance moves of the 1940s with the Elmgrove LeRoc Dance School.

In the evening the Industrial Museum will invite visitors to 'button on their braces', 'paint on stocking seams' and dance the night away. Visitors can buy tickets to a 1940s 'hangar dance' and enjoy the big band sounds of the greats with the renowned Tony Strudwick Orchestra.

For more information about the event telephone 0117 922 3605 or email

This event is generously supported by the Bristol Magpies, supporters of Bristol's Museum Service.

Acknowledgement - Evans, Alfred David

The family would like to warmly thank all friends and neighbours for their cards and messages of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Special thanks to the Minister of the Methodist Church, Shirehampton, and also to the Staff and Patrons of the Hope and Anchor.

Donations have been forwarded to the British Heart Foundation. Thank you for your donation to SHIRE funds.

Ron Lewis

I would like to thank my family and friends for all the help I was given whilst Ron was so ill and for the flowers and cards, the wonderful turnout at the church with the bells ringing and Rob for a lovely buffet at Shire Club.

I would also like to thank Canon Christine Froud for her time and patience with my in my very sad days and such a moving service, everyone has agreed with me, and also Joan at Stenner and Hill.]

God bless you all - Joyce Lewis (Thank you for your kind donation - Ed.)

When I'm Cleaning Windows

Those of you of more mature years will remember George Formby and his song "When I'm Cleaning Windows" - where are his modern day equivalents? From what I hear there are many people who would welcome him/her with open arms!

Songs that Won the War

We could have renamed this performance as 'Songs that Won Shirehampton' - The Grainger Players at their best. The singing was superb and the sketches were side splitting. There were many new faces in the cast this time' it's so exciting to see the younger generation joining in, singing and acting so well.

A great many thanks go to Liz and Mon for putting the show together with the help of all the fantastic crew as this show was a roaring success. As the cast is in excess of 35 members we won't pick anybody out but 'Bless them All, the Long, the Short & the Tall'.

Many people will know that for a number of years there has always been a retiring collection in aid of the Bristol branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and this time was no exception and a fantastic £100 was raised. We were also presented with a cheque for a further £100 from The Grainger Players in memory of Shirley James (whose memory will live on in Shire).

"Thank you all so much." So 'Thank You' Liz, Mon and the Grainger Players for a fantastic evening's entertainment and the generous audience who so kindly donated to MS. Looking forward to the next performance! Barrie & Marina Griffiths Multiple Sclerosis Society Bristol branch.

A Thank You Message from Gill Watt

I would like to thank the Grainger Players for the beautiful flowers given to me in memory of my sister Shirley on the Friday night 'War Show', it was a lovely gesture. Knowing Shirl she was there in the wings watching and willing you all to do well, and you did, it was a great show.

I've always admired how you all get up there and perform. Being a youth leader in the past Shirley loved it if she had children or teenagers in her shows so she would have really enjoyed the 'Andrew Sisters', Sophie, Vikki and Shelley, such a great performance and Dale with 'Daisy, Daisy', he was a real hit with the audience. You all put so much into it and it was a fun night.

Liz and Monica - you had double the work producing as well as being up there on stage, you really are producers in your own right now. I think Shirley would think it was in capable hands, so all the best for future shows. Thanks once again to you all for being so kind to me.

All the best, Gill


Your valuable support over three nights of our latest show made it one to remember. We had in the audience two grand ladies, Mrs Wayman 103 years and Mrs Anstee 91 years, but the icing on the cake was war veteran Mr Bill Limbrick aged 88 years who had served in the Western Desert, Sicily and Italy.

Who would have thought that he would be centre stage on the 60th anniversary of D Day in his Village Hall all those years on. A local lad brought up in Bradley Crescent a deserving  winner of our food parcel. Well done Bill. It was a jolly evening something to suit everyone young and old.

The finale was as good as the last night of the proms with all the flags waving. You can give yourselves a pat on the back. Without you the audience this could not have been possible and when you leave with a smile on your face it makes it all worthwhile for the Grainger Players.

God bless you all and thank you once again for your support.


Avon Primary school was well represented on Monday 10th May at the Annual Ceremony for the distribution of the Lord Mayor's Medals and Certificates of Commendation, held at the Council House. Two former members of staff were awarded Certificates of Commendation.

Mrs Marina Griffiths for her untiring work on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis society. In spite of suffering with MS herself, she produces a monthly newsletter and organises sales to raise money for the society, including her beautiful hand-made cards.

She was formerly a general assistant at Avon Primary and still supports the school in many ways. Mrs Betty Young was the crossing warden for many years and has now retired after shepherding many hundreds of children safely across Lower High Street (but not all at once !!).

Well done and congratulations to you both.

Ladies Disco - Raising Funds for Bristol Oncology

We lost a very dear Husband and Father last October to a brain tumour. Although he received treatment at the Oncology Hospital the tumour was too deep seated to shrink and was inoperable. I, like a lot of people when going through a traumatic time said "I would like to do something to help other families having to go through what we went through".

So I did, by organising a Ladies Only disco with the help of my mum, sister and some friends. It was a great success. It was held at the Avonmouth Rugby Club on Friday 7th May. Tickets were slow to sell at first but we eventually sold a lot and we raised £600.

It was a fantastic night, some were in fancy dress but everyone was in high spirits and the night included a Karaoke session with some talented Shirehampton vocalists, a large raffle and refreshments. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our local traders.

To The Co-op, Tubbs, Somerfield, Boots, Woolworth, Asda, Victoria Wine, Bargain Booze, Hawkins, Maynews, Martyn's Cards, Shirehampton Bakery, Three Cooks Bakery, Bobbets and the Pound Hut, our heartfelt thanks for your support. Also thanks to Paul Scholars and staff at Avonmouth Rugby Club, and to George (Carol) Celebrations Disco who was fantastic and kept everybody dancing until the witching hour.

The money raised will be sent to the Oncology Hospital in Bristol to help buy digital equipment that will allow patients that have had C.A.T. scans, like my dad, to have immediate results rather than an agonising and sometimes crucial wait. Our next fund raiser is a family picnic sponsored walk in a couple of months time and yes, we will be holding a Ladies Disco later in the year.

New Books at the Library

Non Fiction

641.5638 Sheasby, Anne Fat Free Cooking for Health
641.5634 Vorderman, Carol Detox Recipes
641.8653 Lewis, Sara 30 Minute Kid's Cakes
791.45 Black, Cilla What's It All About
914.4 Insight Guides France
641.8653 Maher, Barbara Ultimate Cake
647.9442 Doeser, Linda Taste of China
684.08 Bridgewater, Alan and Jill Carpenter Quick & Easy Projects for the Weekend
641.5631 Sheasby, Anne Gluten Free Cooking for Health
641.5631 France, Christine Low Cholesterol Cooking for Health
635.974 Feltwell, John Clematis and Climbers
635 Greenwood, Pippa Garden Problem Solver
364.1523 Fido, Martin A History of British Serial Killing
616.8527 Trickett, Shirley Coping with Anxiety and Depression
791.45 Wax, Ruby How Do You Want Me?
818.5 Angelou, May The Heart of a Woman
364.15554 Long, Bob & DCI Bob McLachlan Monsters and Men        
914.23 Titch Hikers Guide
778.0285 Johnson, Dave How to Do Everything With Your Digital Camera


Rainey, Doreen Just For You
Harrison, Sarah That Was Then
Koontz, Dean The Face
Mason, Sarah The Party Season
Devine, Thea The Forever Kiss
Goddard, Robert Days Without Number
Du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca
Kennedy, Bernadine Taken
Read, Mark Brandon Chopper
Simms, Chris Outside the White Lines
Sharp, Zoe First Drop
Fairstein, Linda The Kills
Burgh, Anita The Visitor
Xingjian, Gao Soul Mountain
Dalby, Liza The Tale of Murasaki
Pearson, Ridley The Pied Piper
Pearson, Ridley The First Victim
Brown, Benita In Love and Friendship
Baker, Anne A Mansion by the Mersey
Dickinson, David Death & The Jubilee
Howatch, Susan The Wonder Worker
McGregor, Elizabeth A Way Through the Mountains
Mallinson, Allan The Nizam's Daughters
Charles, Paul The Justice Factory
Hewson, David The Villa of Mysteries
Granger, Pip Trouble in Paradise
Archer, Geoffrey Eagle Trap
Grisham, John The Last Juror

Grainger Players - "Songs that Won the War!"

It was in 1995 when the Grainger Players put on a show to commemorate 50 years since V.E. Day in 1945, and now they have given us a show to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of D.Day in 1944. In those intervening 9 years, the Grainger Players have undergone many changes and many things have happened, the most notable being the recent loss of their founder and producer, Shirley James.

What certainly has not changed though is their enthusiasm, commitment and ability to put on a first-class performance to engender that community spirit and sense of national pride which was so important to Shirl, and I am sure she would have been proud and well satisfied with this performance. The show was built around the songs which many of us remember from those eventful years, and what a pleasure it was to be able to hear all the words.

This was not just because we know most of them anyway, but because all the cast, and especially the younger ones, had obviously put in a lot of hard work at rehearsal which enabled them to perform to such a high standard, both collectively and individually. We had the usual input of tap dancing and comedy, with sketches, involving some would-be Land Girls, some evacuees, and a couple of "little perishers" called the "Higgins Kinds".

We had a sing-a-long in an air raid shelter, and visits from the Andrews Sisters, Flanagan and Allan, and of course, Lilli Marlene. The back-drop to the stage was really stunning and fully captured the mood of the show, as did all the colourful dresses and uniforms.

To the producers, the pianist, all the cast, and the small army of backstage helpers, without whose support it is impossible to put on such a show as this, a big "THANK YOU" for a really enjoyable evenings entertainment, and we sincerely hope you will all carry on with the good work.

All proceeds from the show will go to the M.S. Charity, and the total raised will be reported elsewhere in "SHIRE".


Wedding Bells at St Mary's

Over 150 people attended the Blessing of Marriage service at St. Mary's on 29th May. It came at the end of a perfect day when many visitors from near and far took a trip down Memory Lane. The wedding dresses, marriage registers as well as the photographs and other memorabilia evoked memories of friends and neighbours from times gone by.

"Do you remember ..." was on everyone's lips. Wedding cake and coffee, the chance to have your photo taken in the newly refurbished Lady Chapel, as well as the opportunity to win a limousine for an evening (courtesy of Stenner and Hill) rounded off a very special day when St. Mary's was host to over 300 visitors.

Thank you to everyone who so generously lent items for exhibition and to all who came. Two couples were so impressed that they have booked their wedding for next year!

Canon Christine (Kelly McGarry won the evening out in the limousine).

Joining Forces in Barracks Lane

A Wake Up Call The opening of new composting bays this month at Barracks Lane Allotments in Shirehampton was just one event which brought Bristol into International Compost Awareness Week. Celebrated from 6th to 8th May, throughout Europe, Canada and the USA, the event's theme this year was Be Resourceful - Compost!

Barracks Lane Compost Bays were built by The Recycling Consortium (TRC), supported with a grant from Bristol City Council's Sustainable Neighbourhood  Fund. It is the final phase of three such projects in North West Bristol with the funds aimed at recycling more of the city's green waste.

Pat Roberts, Councillor for the Avonmouth ward, with colleagues from Bristol's Waste Minimisation and Recycling Select Committee, opened the bins and she linked the compost awareness message with a general warning to beware. 'We have no choice but to compost, recycle, and do everything possible to radically reduce the waste going to landfill, because the government intend to fine Local Authorities that don't, and fines will inevitably mean the Council tax payer doing the paying.'

The scale of the UK problem cannot be ignored: each year we discard more than 27 million tonnes of domestic rubbish; that's about a tonne for every household and it's always growing. A tiny percentage is incinerated but everything else goes into landfill, and the land has taken its fill. Up to a third of organic waste could be compostable at home, and this campaign is all about highlighting the value of household and community composting.

It conserves resources, saves energy, reduces air and water pollution, and provides gardeners with a rich soil conditioner - for free. Encouraging composting is simply one of the easiest and most important steps anyone can take to reduce the huge amount of waste which is transported every single night to landfill sites.

So be resourceful - and join up. For more information about buying a subsidised home compost bin in Bristol ring the Recycling Helpline on 0117 903 1221. Allotments are available at more than 120 sites throughout the Bristol area. Telephone 0117 922 3737 for full details and to request leaflet with locations - or visit

New Dates for Evergreen's

Day Trips - 2004

July 1st     Lynton and Lynmouth

Aug 18th    Seaton and Sidmouth Sept 22nd   Swansea

Oct 5th FRANCE AND BELGIUM      (7am start)

Oct 19th    Bullring Nov 9th         Exeter Concert by Maesteg Childrens' Choir

Tickets for the concert by the Maesteg Childrens' Choir will be on sale at the Public Hall from July 9th and every Friday from noon until 3pm. Tickets are £5 each. Further details may be obtained from Norman on 0117 982 3180. The Concert is on September 25th, starting at 7pm.

Letters to the Editor

Indian History

Dear Editor,

I understand that the village of Shirehampton is mentioned in the history of India. The reason apparently is that Indira Gandhi (1917-84) Prime Minister of India (1966-77) and (1980-84) lodged in Shirehampton while a student at Badminton School. Her maiden name was Nehru.

Can anybody provide any details of where and in what years Indira Nehru (Gandhi) lodged in Shirehampton?


Anthony Mitchell


Dear Editor,

On Friday 14th on returning home after an enjoyable lunch with two of my daughters to celebrate my birthday I had an unfortunate accident. As a result I was stood on the street with my head bleeding. Although Rosemary, my youngest daughter was with me, we could not stop the bleeding.

Fortunately for us a woman passing in her car stopped and offered to help.   I do not know who this woman was, but through the Shire I would like to pass on my thanks to her for her help.

Mrs L D Clarke

Shop Front

Dear Editor,

The shop windows of CLIC have always been a pleasure to see, filled with interesting and attractive objects. Christmas and Easter displays are a delight; their care, and their time must be endless.

Their June 6th window has moved me, as one of the older members of this community, to express my gratitude to them for the tastefully arranged memorial to our valiant heroes. It is truly special.

Yours - B. Marten

Nice One

The other day I met a lady of maturer years, struggling to walk up a hill. I mentioned that the steepness of the path seemed to increase daily. "Oh no" she replied, "it is not that, it is my wonky knee." I said that I hoped it could be put right.

She explained that it wasn't likely, because it couldn't be operated on as she had a heart condition. As she continued her climb she concluded "I am a tough old bird, I chew nails and spit rust" and this made me chuckle as I went down the hill. Perhaps it is an old fashioned saying, but this is the first time I had heard it..