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What's on in August

Didn't they do well? Success at Shirehampton Primary

Improved results at Shirehampton Primary have led to staff at the school being given a 'Schools Achievement Award.' Over the last 3 years, test results for 11 year olds have improved each year. There was such a big improvement last year that the government has awarded the school this financial bonus.

"We are absolutely delighted," said the headteacher, Anne Travis. "The children, staff and governors have worked very hard to achieve this result. We are very pleased with our achievement in English, Maths and Science, and this is due to the dedication of all who work in the school."

At Shirehampton Primary they have been working to improve not just the results in English, Maths and Science, but also to expand the opportunities for children in music, sport, dance and drama. The children take part in local sporting events, present termly drama productions and learn a variety of musical instruments. Staff believe that success in all these areas is really important, and encourage children to strive to do their best.

Honours for Gill after Long Slog

Gill Godill, nee Rodgers, aged 52, formerly of Watling Way, an ex-pupil of Avon Primary School, has gained a B.Sc. honours degree in social sciences with politics. It has taken Gill, an administration officer at Blackburn Magistrates Court by day, six years of part-time study through the Open University to gain her qualification and she admitted that there were times when she wondered why she had put herself up for this!

She was recently presented with her diploma at the Bridgwater Hall, Manchester, when her two sons, Elliott (25) and Matthew (23) were in attendance. WE OFFER MANY CONGRATULATIONS TO GILL IN HER HARD-EARNED SUCCESS.

(Thank you for your donation to SHIRE funds).

Witness Appeal

Southmead police are appealing for information following an indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl in Shirehampton. The incident happened on Sunday July 6 at 1am on the corner of Dursley Road and Coaley Road. The suspect grabbed the girl and indecently assaulted her before walking off along Coaley Road. The suspect is described as a black man, 6ft tall, who was wearing a T-shirt and cream or beige-coloured trousers. He spoke with a London accent.

Anyone with any information should contact Southmead CID on 01275 818181 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Calls to Crimestoppers are free and anonymous and could lead to a reward. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers through the Force website,

WANTED: New Magistrates

At Bristol Magistrates' Court, Nelson Street, Bristol. Bristol Advisory Committee is currently looking for men and women between the age of 27 and 65. Qualities needed include common sense, courage, compassion and the time to offer about 26 to 35 sittings a year plus time for training. (If the court sitting lasts for a whole day this is counted as two sittings.)

Magistrates are unpaid but can receive certain allowances to cover travelling expenses, subsistence and financial loss caused by the performance of their duties. Magistrates (or Justices of the Peace) are at the heart of Britain's system of justice and come from all walks of life, many different ethnic backgrounds and all sectors of the community. Magistrates are appointed on behalf of the Queen by the Lord Chancellor on the recommendation of the local Advisory Committee for Bristol Magistrates' Court.

For an application form, information on the selection process and what is entailed, please telephone Wendy Rollings on 0117 9435116 (direct line) or alternatively write to the following address: Mr. D. Speed, Secretary to Bristol Advisory Committee, Magistrates' Court, PO Box 107, Nelson St., Bristol BS99 7BJ.

Avonmouth Holiday Playscheme

AVONMOUTH HOLIDAY PLAYSCHEME is in operation during the summer holidays from Thursday 24th July until Friday 29th August 2003 8.30am to 6.00pm.VENUE: Avonmouth Church Hall, St Andrews Road, Avonmouth and we also use the Community Centre on Monday afternoons.For children aged between 41/2 years to 11 years old (reception - yr 6 primary).Cost 1.50 per hour for 1st child additional child(ren) in family 1.20 per hour.

You can let your child stay for a minimum of 2 hours (minimum payment is 4.80) but this depends on how many children are booked in for 1/2 days (41/2 hours) and full days (9 1/2 hours). There are also children booked for more than 4 hours during the day. Places are limited (24 maximum) for further information contact Janice Crowley on 9071902 and she will gladly send a registration and/or booking form or just leave a message.

Catherine BrownSecretary to the AHP Management Committee

Police Helicopter

Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road, Tuesday 2nd September at 7.30pm

PC Peter Sweet from the Avon and Somerset Police Helicopter Unit will show videos and talk about the work of this Unit in and around our area.This should be a fascinating evening. Do come. Open to everyone.

St. Andrew's Ladies Club

August Closed. 2nd Sept. Quiz Night.
16th Sept. By Horse and Cart to the Moon - Talk by Mr H. Bowden
7th Oct. Above Eye Level - Gordan Tarrant
21st Oct. Bingo - Fish & Chip Supper
4th Nov. Bristol Slides - Prints & Poetry. Mr R. Rogers
18th Nov. To be arranged.
Dec. Dates to be arranged.

St. Andrew's Ladies Club meet at St. Andrew Church Hall on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm. All welcome, so come along and enjoy the company.

Seen in Passing

The top end of Station Road has been barricaded off to traffic for quite some time (detour down Pembroke Road and Pembroke Avenue), while the builders of the new Savoy flats put in the amenities. It has meant a big hole in the middle of the road and another long narrow hole on the pavement stretching as far as the entrance to the Library. However, the middle of the road hole has just been filled in, so hopefully the traffic should be back to normal before long.

The huge crane is part of the Linden Homes development at Austin Place (the corner at the end of the shops in the High Street to you and me) I wonder if anyone can explain why they chose the name Austin Place (there isn't any historical connection between Shirehampton and Jane Austin is there?).

"Wylands" which has for some years been a Conference Centre has recently been up for sale, and already it is under offer. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

While Station Road and the High Street are busy with new developments, Twyford House is still boarded up and looking sad. We gather that plans are being made for its rejuvenation, but when will it start?

Diabetes UK - Shirehampton Voluntary Group

Our group is open to all diabetics, also their families and friends who want to have all necessary information in order to support them.We meet the last Thursday of each month, time 7.30pm at Penpole Community Centre at the Ridge.Arrangements can be made for anyone needing a lift. Contact no's: Tracy Zehtabi 0119 904 1831 07813 934 448 Sandra White 0117 938 1236

Dates of next meetings: August 28th, September 25th, October 23rd, November 27th.

We are very happy to report how well we have done in the last three months.

April 24th  Our first meeting, getting to know one another and exchanging experiences, which is very helpful in passing along tips.Dr. Andrew Johnson - Diabetic specialist from Southmead was able to stay for an hour giving a talk and answering questions.Tea & coffee afterwards, a table with leaflets to take and books to borrow. A very helpful and instructive start to our group.

May 22nd A visit from John O'Neill, Welfare Officer who gave some important information regarding benefits. This was followed by Dr McCowan, his Diabetic Nurse Mary Michaels plus a patient who had recently been diagnosed as being diabetic and told of her reactions and experiences. We then were split into two groups one to come up with questions someone 60+ would ask if they had just been diagnosed the second group to do the same if the patient were an 18 year old young man, this caused a lot of laughter as you can imagine what the first few questions might be.

June 26th  Pru Richardson, Diabetic Specialist Nurse from Southmead Hospital came with a selection of blood glucose meters, they are becoming easier and easier to use.Pru was very helpful in her talk and answered many questions people had on the best times to take a measurement and on insulin injections. A big plus in our meetings is not only the information from the speakers but also sharing our experiences and tips with each other.

On Saturday June 7th we held a table top sale at the Tithe Barn and collected 42.44 for our group, this will buy us more leaflets and books.

June 9-14th was diabetes week and on Saturday 14th we were outside the Co-op collecting for them. It was a very enjoyable time, we spoke to many people who told us they had diabetes and we look forward to seeing them at our meetings. Don't forget arrangements can be made for those who need lifts.Glad to report that we collected 105, we would like to express our thanks to the generosity of Shire residents.Many thanks also for all help given by staff at the Co-op and loan of table and chairs.

Fitness for all

LAWRENCE WESTON: The Rock Community Centre at St Peter's Church Hall, Ridingleaze is holding fitness classes for all ages, from today.They are: yoga for beginners, Mondays, 11.30am-12.30pm; healthy eating, Tuesdays, 11.30am-12.30pm and gentle exercise 12.30-1.30pm; lunch club Thursdays, noon.For more details ring 9384636.

Balloon Prayers Wing Their Way

We were fortunate on the day that the 300 balloons took flight carrying prayers from Shirehampton schoolchildren. The wind was light so they flew high and far.The furthest balloon, which travelled about 130 miles as the crow (or ballon) flies, was found in Grantham. It was only 40 miles short of Epworth where John Wesley, whose 300th birthday we were celebrating, was born. James Wright of Shire Primary wrote the prayer on the label. The balloon was sponsored by Hazel Thorne.Runners up were Kirsty Goad from Avon Primary, whose balloon landed in Market Harborough, Aaron Collett from Shire Primary whose balloon landed in Leamington Spa, and Daniel Tuckwell from St. Bernard's whose balloon landed in Shipston-on-Stour.

You may remember the photograph in the July issue of "SHIRE" about the balloons.

A Death Wish?

I sometimes wonder if we do actually have a death wish. Driving through Shirehampton the other day an elderly lady stepped off the pavement, not looking to right or to left, almost under my front wheels. It didn't do my blood pressure or my heart rate much good either!! And I don't think she was even aware of what she had done. My blood ran cold when I though what the consequences could have been.

We all need to be aware of other road/pavement users. I have several times narrowly missed being knocked down by cyclists whooshing down the pavement (not designated as a cycle path) outside my house when I have been weeding from the pavement. I know that I would come off very much second best.

Incidentally why do some cyclists still ride on the pavement when there is a designated cycle track on the road beside them? Maybe it's the perversity of human nature, or don't they trust their fellow car drivers?       M.R.

"Thank You"

from Kaye Thomas of K.J. Hair Design I would like to thank all customers for their support over the last two and a half years, but unfortunately I am retiring from hairdressing to help my husband run our new venture, a public house. Instead of cutting hair I will be pulling pints!The hairdressing business will still be open under new ownership. I would like to wish Hayley Collings and Paula Herbert the best of luck in their new venture. Once again I would like to thank everyone for many memories that I will always cherish.

Kaye Thomas

Station Road Car Sales

Dear Shire News,

As you probably know we are a two man band trying hard to work from the Old Filling Station on Station Road for the last three years, we are surrounded by double yellow lines. I totally agree that certain parking  wardens are over zealous regarding parking in Station Road and not concentrating more on the High Street. But like yourselves we are not above the law, if we leave a vehicle illegally parked outside whilst manoevering our stock around we accept that we will be "ticketed" first before they move up Station Road. Please remember not all the cars parked outside our garage belong to us! Although we are blamed.

Have you noticed the dumper trucks going the wrong way down Woodwell Road? None of them are even road registered (i.e. no number plates, tax discs) it also seems OK to leave two articulated lorries blocking access for up to five hours, but I hear you say they are only making a living, sound familiar? We would like to think that the good people of Shire have accepted us over the years, being outsiders we have also made many good friends and helped a few of you but remember when the builders are all gone we will be still here.

With regards, Mark James


We would have liked to print a letter complaining about rubbish made by adults with their piles of discarded receipts at the shop checkouts, but as the writer did not sign their name at the end of it, we couldn't.


Chris Inker returns ...

Chris Inker has finally returned to his home in Shirehampton and is now enjoying a well-earned leave for a few months after a long voyage of eight months on the "Fort Rosalie" supporting the British Forces in the Middle East. Our hero has now spent about forty years afloat which must be something of a record in this day and age. "Keep up the good work Chris your country needs you!" He has more medals than a Russian Admiral but he is too modest to wear them ...

Hamish Grant, Merchant Navy Association

"Carers Count" is back!

As many of your readers know, I am a Project Officer and have been working on a project in Avonmouth and Shirehampton to identify hidden Carers in this area. Unfortunately the funding for this came to an end in April this year, I am writing to let your readers know some good news, the project has now been refunded and we are back!

The project now covers the Avonmouth, Shirehampton, Lawrence Weston and Sea Mills areas, so if you know any Carers in these areas, do ask them to contact me. This project has a specific focus upon the health of Carers, as often Carers often neglect their own health due to the pressures upon them when caring for someone or several others. Are you a Carer? It is estimated that there are over 50,000 Carers in Bristol & South Glos. Many Carers do not realise that they are Carers, a carer is someone who supports another person who could not cope or continue to live in their own home without that help, be it a child with special needs or an adult, a parent or partner, a friend or neighbour. Some Carers give support for just a few hours, others it is twenty-four hours a day, week after week, year after year.

The cost of this for many Carers financially and emotionally is immense; their caring role may be socially isolating, as it can be difficult for Carers to leave the person they support. The Carers group held in Avonmouth meets once a month, do come along and join us on Tuesday 2nd September 2003. 10am-12 noon.Please contact Helen Mathias for more details.Avonmouth Medical Centre, Collins St, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 1JJ.Telephone: 0117 982 5247 or Tel Carers Line: 0117 965 2200

The Carers Centre offers:
Carersline, a confidential telephone information and listening service for Carers, Monday-Saturday, 10am-1pm.
Home Visits, from staff who will really listen to you and try to help.Interpreters and information, for Carers in appropriate formats for Carers who do not speak English and on Carersline two days a week.
Carers Groups, in Fishponds, Knowle, Lawrence Weston, Southmead, Hartcliffe, Avonmouth, Patchway, Severn Beach, Thornbury, Yate and Easton.
Bristol Carers Voice & South Glos Carers Advisory Network, ensuring Carers are actively involved in development of services and their needs are voiced.
Support with individual circumstances (e.g. financial support, hospital discharge).
Information & Support for professionals, raising their awareness of carers needs.

What's on in September

SEPTEMBER 1st Monday, BLOOD TRANSFUSION SESSION at the Baptist Church Hall, 1.30pm-3.30pm and 5.30pm-7.30pm.

SEPTEMBER 2nd, "POLICE HELICOPTER", talk with video at the COTSWOLD CENTRE, 7.30pm, everyone welcome.
SEPTEMBER 2nd, Tuesday CARERS GROUP at Avonmouth Medical Centre, 10am-12 noon.

SEPTEMBER 7th, Sunday, 10am SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER at Holy Communion at St. Mary's Church.

SEPTEMBER 9th, Tuesday, BEGINNERS ON COMPUTERS, UK Courses at the Public Hall, 4.30-6.30pm; "INTRODUCTION TO E MAIL & INTERNET" begins Friday September 12th, 1.30-3.30pm; DIGITAL IMAGING for Returners or Beginners, September 12th, 4pm-5pm.

Do you give Blood?

Look out for the regular Donor session held in the Baptist Church Hall, Station Road. Next sessions:- Monday September 1st, Monday October 20th 1.30-3.30pm and 5.30-7.30pm.

Library News

We would like to say "Thank You" to Mrs C. Fowles for kindly presenting the library with a "Schematic of Sinter" works which was wonderfully produced by her husband. This is now hung in the library for everyone to appreciate. A second "Thank You" to all the children (and staff) of Station Road Playgroup who made us a beautiful card and gave us some chocolates in appreciation for reading stories to them during the year. We hope that they enjoyed their visits to the library as much as we enjoyed seeing their happy faces.

By the time you read this we will have started our childrens Summer Reading Scheme - The Reading Maze - which will continue throughout the summer holidays.We will be having 2 craft activity sessions to tie in with the scheme and a visit from Wizzo the Wizard, their will be a nominal charge for these and booking is essential due to limited spaces. More details and tickets from the library.

May we wish you all a wonderful summer - and don't forget your reading material for those long days and evenings in the garden or on the beach.

St. Mary's News

Hi folks!

August is here once more - traditionally the main holiday month - as the children are home from school. On the subject of schools, we are sorry to learn that Duncan Jennings is leaving his post as Headmaster of Avon Primary School, Barracks Lane. Duncan has strong ties with Shirehampton - he was formerly a Music Master at Portway School and was for many years over Organist and Choirmaster. We must just say "Au Revoir" as I'm sure we shall still see him about from time to time in Shirehampton. We wish him well for the future and what it may hold for him.

As you will have been aware our Patronal Festival was during the first weekend in July and was a resounding success. The Strawberry Cream Teas after the Summer Fayre were extremely well received - thanks to Gill Sawyer visiting the Fruit and Vegetable Market early that morning. On that day we were able to raise 1,000 towards Church Funds. On the Sunday afternoon the church was filled with music provided by Portway Oldies Music Society (P.O.M.S.). They provided us with a very varied selection of music and was well worth the price of 3 for a ticket. The money raised by their concert is used for the benefit of the Music Department at Portway School. So well done and thank you all of you.

But the music did not end there, as on the Monday evening the Bristol Citadel Salvation Army Band gave a concert on the Village Green. In a perfect setting under the trees and on a beautiful summer evening the sounds of the Brass Band could be heard by a wider audience. Many passers-by stopped to listen and one little girl was brought by her parents in her "Nightie" - no doubt as a treat before going to bed.

Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed some gorgeous sunshine much to the delight of couples getting married at St. Mary's. Don't let people kid you church weddings are on the decline, they certaintly aren't, we have had 11 weddings so far this year!

Thank you to those people who have expressed their pleasure at seeing a flag flying on the church flag-pole. It will continue to be flown on appropriate occasions, either the "Union Jack" or St. George's Flag.

The new Bishop of Bristol, Bishop Mike as he likes to be known, was enthroned at Bristol Cathedral on Saturday, 21st June 2003 and during the Service, Canon Christine, who is the Dean of Womens Ministry was entrusted with the carrying of his Cope. I am given to understand that everything went off well and Bishop Mike preached a very moving sermon. He will be coming to St Mary's later in the year, for our Confirmation Service, which is to be held at 6.30pm on Sunday, 16th November, 2003.

Finally, I have to report that two Stalwart members of St Mary's have recently died, first Annie Bollen who was a member of our Church Choir and the Area Choir and secondly, Edythe Morgan. Edythe had become very frail over the last few years and regrettably could no longer come to services. However, she remained bright and cheerful to the last and enjoyed receiving home Communion which she insisted was always followed up with a chat and a cup of tea. We shall miss them both. Also a school mate of mine passed away suddenly during early July, his name was  Leon White, and he lived next door to the Co-op. He was in my class in the Junior School and was also, when a boy, a member for a time in the Church Choir. He was a familiar figure strolling around the village and I shall certainly miss seeing him on his walkabouts. Well, that's it folks!

Bye for now C.M.E.

Congratulation Marie Lloyd Morris

A Longtime Teacher of the PianoBelated congratulations on your 90th Birthday from all your former pupils of Shirehampton and Avonmouth. With all our good wishes and happy memories of the past with us to recall.

Sound of Shire Madness

Its time you showed support for your Local Ska band "The Simalators" ...

Ska music never really dies. The new madness musical "Our House" is a huge hit as are Two tone/Ska revival weekends at Butlins. Local band The Simalators has had huge success. Although mainly being a cover band Their own song "Thomas Kirby" has been played on local BBC radio, The Evening Post has written a full page spread on them and at last count their website had received 45,000 hits.

I met up with the band's trumpet player Graham or better known as "G" in the Lamplighters, to discuss their history, success and upcoming gigs.When asked why people should come to a gig Graham was full of enthusiastic responses "It's just a brilliant night of fun. We get a good mixture of all ages!! Students love it because it's a guaranteed wild night out, with a good vibe and upbeat music. They really get into the old Bad Manners dance sometimes the floor bounces! The older fans enjoy it because it takes them back to their youth, they can have a great sing a long, dress up in their Fred Perry shirts and Doc Martins some say we perform the songs better than originals."

In fact when the Simalators supported the Ska Divas with original members of Bad Manners they were told that they performed the song "Lip Up Fatty" just how they intended it.

If you get to see The Simalators you will be treated to classic Madness, Specials and Bad Manner tracks along with the bands own Ska offerings. This mixture is too good to be missed by the band's very own local superfans. Graham mentions with foodness "We have two very loyal local fans called Ricky and Lorraine residents of St Mary's Road who take all of our gig photographs."

Most band members have their roots in Shirehampton either living or having attended or bunked Portway School, which helped nurture, their musical skills. Graham stated "Its great being able to play a musical instrument and the buzz from playing in a band is amazing you are on a high for days after your performance. We've never failed to get a crowd moving which is a great feeling. I'd encourage anyone who is involved in music to join a band but you have to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. The show off in me loves playing jazz but nothing compares to the thrill of playing in a Ska band."

To find out more that The Simalators visit Upcoming gigs Saturday 23 August @Fleece and Firkin, and Friday 3rd October @ the Prom Music Angela Spencer

About the Reading Maze

Join the Reading Maze and be part of the fun at all Bristol libraries this summer! Events and activities are going on all over the city, check out this leaflet and book yourself a place. There will be a small charge for most events and advance booking is essential. Also, please note, no unaccompanied under 5's please. Starting on July 14th young readers can pick up a Reading Maze folder from their library and starting collecting stickers for books borrowed and read over the summer holidays. Those who complete the challenge will receive a certificate, medal and entry to a prize draw.
* Lose Your MarblesMonday 4th August 2.30-3.30Sea Mills Library
* Waste not Craft WorkshopWednesday 13th August 10-12Avonmouth Library

Thursday 21st August10am-11am Shirehampton Library

Joining the library is easy and free; ask the staff at your local library to help you.Children under 14 will need the permission of a parent or guardian.For further information ring: 0117 903 8570

Summer Events in Bristol's Parks

AT BLAIZE CASTLE Tuesday 5th August. Hair braiding. 11am to 4pm.
Tuesday 12th August. Face painting. 11am to 4pm.
Wednesday 13th August. Sports activity taster. 2pm to 3pm.
Monday 18th August. Bristol Zoo animal show and talk. 11am to 1pm.
Tuesday 19th August. Face painting. 11am to 4pm.
Wednesday 20th August. Bouncy castle. 11am to 4pm.
Monday 25th August. Puppet and magic show. 1pm to 3pm.

For further information on all of these, please contact the play area supervisor, Nicola, Tel: 0117 950 5899 or the Rangers on 0117 950 5447.

In addition, BLAISE CRICKET DAY will be held on Wednesday 6 August, 10.30am to 3pm. A day of expert cricket coaching for boys and girls aged between 8-13 years. Cost 5. Booking essential.Tel: 0117 963 9174.

Also DAIRY OPENING & BUTTER MAKING DEMONSTRATION on Sunday 10 AUGUST, 11am to 4pm, at Blaise Castle House Museum. An opportunity to step inside the pretty thatched dairy at Blaise Castle Museum and see butter being made using traditional hand techniques. Tel: 0117 950 6789.

At Lawrence Weston Moor Local Nature Reserve on WEDNESDAY 13 AUGUST, 10am to 3.30pm, FREE, DAMSELS AND DRAGONS. Come and meet the watery wildlife at Lawrence Weston Moor. Fun activity for children between 8 and 12 years. Booking is essential. Telephone Angela or Sarah on 0117 917 7270. (Bristol City Council and Avon Wildlife Trust joint event).

What's on in August

AUGUST 1st, Friday, COFFEE MORNING at the Library 10.30am-12 noon.
AUGUST 1st, Friday, BINGO at the Public Hall every Friday 6.30pm-8.30pm.

AUGUST 2nd, Saturday, COFFEE MORNING at the Methodist Church Hall

AUGUST 3rd, Sunday, Baptist Church Service at the Cotswold Centre, 4.45pm.

AUGUST 4th, Monday, READERS MAZE for children "Lose Your Marbles" 2.30pm-3.30pm.

AUGUST 6th, Wednesday, ARTHRITIS CARE at 7.00pm at Jim O'Neil House.

AUGUST 7th, Thursday every week, Tea & Coffee at St. Mary's 10am-10.45am; Communion at 11am then Tea & Coffee served again 11.30am-12 noon.

AUGUST 9th, Saturday, STAMP FAIR at the Public Hall, 9am-4pm.

AUGUST 13th, Wednesday READING MAZE for children "Waste Not Craft Workshop" at Avonmouth Library 10am-12 noon.

AUGUST 17th, Sunday Church of England Service at the Cotswold Community Centre, 4.45pm.

AUGUST 18th, Tuesday RAILWAY MODELLERS 7.30pm at the Public Hall.

AUGUST 19th, Wednesday HAPPY HEARTS WEST 7.30pm at the Beachley Walk Centre.

AUGUST 21st, Thursday READING MAZE for children "Wizzo the Wizard" 10am-11am, at Shirehampton Library.

AUGUST 23rd, Saturday LIBRARY will be closed.

AUGUST 25th, Monday BANK HOLIDAY, The Library will be closed.

AUGUST 29th, Friday SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold COMMUNITY CENTRE 7.30-10pm.



Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3th SWEB Bristol Harbour Festival. BRISTOL HARBOUR. A weekend of entertainment on and off the water for all the family. 11.00am-5.00pm. Free. Bristol Harbour Railway. See details in Sat 5/Sun 6 July listing.
Tug "John King". BRISTOL INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM. See Sat 12/Sun 13 July.
Fire boat Pyronaut. BRISTOL INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM. Take a trip around the harbour on this boat and see the water cannon demonstrated. 12.00noon-5.00pm. 3.00 (1.50 child).

Saturday 2nd - Sunday 24thDino-Dig. WILDWALK-AT-BRISTOL, Harbourside, Bristol. Try your skills as a palaeontologist in the fossil excavation pit. Free with ticket to Wildwalk.

MONDAY 4th - FRIDAY 8TH DNA for dinner. EXPLORE-AT-BRISTOL, Harbourside, Bristol. Extract DNA from fruit and vegetables, take a look at some of your own DNA, and play a gene game to find out more about this amazing molecule. 12.00noon-1.00pm and 2.00pm-3.00pm. Cost 1.00 plus ticket to Explore. Suitable for over 5s' under 12s must be with adult. For more details Tel: 0845 3451235.

WEDNESDAY 6TH - THURSDAY 7TH Steam Open Day. AVON VALLEY RAILWAY, Bitton Station, nr Keynsham. Enjoy rides on steam-hauled trains. 11.00am-4.00pm. Tel: 0117 932 5538.

THURSDAY 7TH - SUNDAY 10TH Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. ASHTON COURT ESTATE. 150 hot air balloons and lots of supporting entertainment and stalls. Mass balloon launches at 6.00am and 6.00pm (subject to weather). Entertainment from 10.00am-5.00pm. Information Tel: (0117) 953 5884.


Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th Tug "John King". BRISTOL INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM.

Monday 18th - Friday 22ndDNA for dinner workshop. EXPLORE-AT-BRISTOL.

MONDAY 28TH Whodunit? workshop. EXPLORE-AT-BRISTOL.

WEDNESDAY 30TH - THURSDAY 31STSteam Open Day. AVON VALLEY RAILWAY, Bitton Station, nr Keynsham. Enjoy rides on steam-hauled trains. 11.00am-4.00pm. Tel: 0117 932 5538.

'Bristol Society of Model & Experimental Engineers'

Founded in 1909 the Society, now a registered charity, is dedicated to the promotion of fine engineering. Although the range of modelling has changed over the 94 years of the Society's existence, the love and admiration of fine craftsmanship still survives.If you would like to take up model engineering of any type or would like to help maintain the railway, new members are always welcome.Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm at the Stapleton and Begbrook Community Association, Frenchay Road, Bristol.

Ashton Court Estate Miniature Railway

Weather permitting normal passenger service: 12.00-17.30, August 3rd Sunday, 24th Sunday, 25th Monday and 31st Sunday.

Bristol SMEE will be staging another Model Engineering Exhibition at the Thornbury Sport and Leisure Centre, Thornbury this year, 2003, August 15th, 16th, 17th. The work displayed has all been created with love and enthusiasm by individuals from all walks of life. The main ingredient being patience and perseverance with often just basic tooling being used.

It's your chance to see fine craftsmanship, Locomotives, Clocks, Stationary Engines, Ships, Cars and Machine Tools. Complemented by many trade stands.

The Railway's Thirtieth Anniversary

This year 2003 sees the 30th anniversary of the opening of the railway at Ashton. It moved to Ashton Court Estate from a site in Canford Park, Westbury-on-Trym, where a much smaller railway operated from the early 1950s up to the time of departure.The present railway, a joint effort between Bristol City Council and The Bristol Society of Model & Experimental Engineers, was opened on June 2nd 1973 by the then Sheriff of Bristol. Development work is underway which should ensure the railway continues to serve as a public amenity for at least another 30 years.

Community Park Event!!

Look out for a great FREE family event down on the Daisy Field on Saturday 6th September 12-4pm. Come down with all the family and have a go on the amazing inflatable assault course or bouncy castle, buy a raffle ticket, make some mosaics or have a bash at Green woodworking. You could have a henna tattoo done, your hair braided and your face painted! Come and meet some majestic falcons, learn to juggle and loads more. You just can't afford to miss it!!

The Daisy Field is alongside The Portway and starts at the Station Road junction. The event has been made possible by generous grants from The Countryside Trust and the Greater Bristol Foundation and the help and support of Shirehampton's finest volunteers! For further information or to take part on the day please contact Richard at Shirehampton Community Action Forum - 0117 982 9963.

Tennis Coaching Available

At Canford Park, Westbury on Trym, starting 1st August until September 19th, Tennis Coaching. Beginners Thursdays, Improvers Fridays and Advanced Wednesdays.For details contact Janet Reed on 0117 9222789.

Avon Valley Railway

August: 6-7 Midweek Service; 13-14 Midweek Service; 17 (Sunday Lunch Option); 20-21 Midweek Service; 23-25 Bank Holiday; 27-28 Midweek Service.

Timetable A:Bitton dep. 11.00, 12.15, 1.30, 2.45, 4.00; River Boyd - no alighting or boarding; Bitton dep. 11.25, 12.40, 1.55, 3.10, 4.25; Oldland dep. 11.45, 1.00, 2.15, 3.30, 4.45; Bitton arr. 11.50, 1.05, 2.20, 3.35, 4.50.

The Avon Valley Railway is more than just a train ride, offering a whole new experience for some or a nostalgic memory for others. It's a real treat for the whole family!The track now extends south to the proposed location of a new platform at the River Avon. With the opening planned during 2003, passengers will be able to enjoy walks in the surrounding countryside, as well as the many attractions the River Avon has to offer.

Shirehampton Community Action Forum Launch

SHIREHAMPTON Community Action Forum (SCAF) held its Launch Party on the evening of Thursday 26 June 2003, at Shirehampton Public Hall. The event was an informal celebration of the achievement of the Forum over the last 18 months, and a thank you to all those individuals and organisation that have contributed to its success. It also marked SCAF becoming an independent group - a not for profit community organisation. Over 50 guests - including local Councillors Pat Roberts & Spud Murphy - enjoyed a lovely buffet, and glass of wine on a pleasant summer evening. A series of display boards presented a snapshot of the achievements and future plans.

The Forum was established by the Shirehampton Public Hall Association, to bring together a wide range of local voluntary and statutory organisations. These are working in partnership to advance social welfare, community safety, housing, health, education, the environment, expand positive awareness of the area, and leisure-time occupations. The Forum has set up a number of Action Groups. These cover Youth Support, Community Safety, and Housing. Shirehampton Greens deals with environment issues. At the last count, 37 organisations have participated in the work of the Forum or at least one of the Action Groups. The cross-fertilisation between groups and individuals working in the Forum has been very productive.

The Forum has been sufficiently successful that it has now been set up as an organisation in its own right. The more local organisations that we can bring together, the greater effect we can have on local concerns about community safety, provision of services for young people, housing problems, and the development of a community park." If you would like to know more about the Forum, or become a member, please contact Ash at Shire Public Hall on 982 9963.

Football Photograph

THIS is a picture of the team which started off as the Groveleaze Youth Club team and then became the Avon University team and used to play on the field on the Portway near by Sylvan Way (was this later called Manor Farm Sports Ground?)Mr Lynn Lloyd thinks it was taken some time between 1956 and 1960. The person who sent the photograph is a David Taylor, who used to live on the Avonmouth Road and who emigrated to Canada in approximately 1963/64. About 20 years ago when David came home on a visit 3 or 4 lads on the photo got together to meet David in Portishead. If anyone in the photo would like to get in touch with David Taylor please ring his brother in law, Tel: 01275 848374.Our thanks go to Lynn Lloyd who brought the photo back to England and then to "SHIRE" so we could print it.

Back row (left to right):- 1. John (Ginger) Claymore; 2. Ron Giltrow; 3. John Chard; 4. Dave Brown; 5. Julian Kennett; 6. Twinkle Toe Roger; 7. Charlie Lawton; 8. Dave Taylor.

Middle row (left to right):- 9. Bill Thompson; 10. Make Bennett; 11. Ronnie Stapleton; 12. Dave Butt; 13. Dave Carey; 14. Leon White; in front Dave Partridge.

Bristol's Biggest Bike Ride

Cyclists at the Ready in Millennium Square

On Sunday, 15th June two groups of people took part in Bristol's Biggest Bike Ride in support of Christian Aid. One group met at the Shirehampton Health Centre and cycled together to the start point at Millennium Square, the other group joined us there at the start.

Everyone took part in cycling the 13-mile Avon Gorge Loop ride. The people that started at the Health Centre, completed the 13-mile ride, then cycled back to Shirehampton, a total of 24 miles.After completing the ride, we all enjoyed a picnic at Brunel Way Picnic Park.

It was an excellent event and I'm sure that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it (even though the may have been a little bit sore afterwards!).

Sam Saunders

Christian Aid

The final total of money raised for Christian Aid from Shirehampton this year is 2,212.65 a tremendous achievement! There were 2 more successful events in June which helped us to attain this significant amount of money. At the Tea Dance on June 18th in St Mary's Church Hall about 50 people thoroughly enjoyed the excellent music and dancing provided by Myra Jenkins and the delicious Strawberry Cream Tea put on by Gill Sawyer. Thank you both very much for all your hard work that day. Hopefully we can do the same again next year. The Sponsored Bike ride was held on 15th June and brought in 423. Please read the report by Sam Saunders which is also in this edition of SHIRE. Thank you once again to everyone who has contributed to Christian Aid and been involved in the fund raising efforts. Some of the projects that Christian Aid will be directing its funds to this year include the building of water pumps in poor villages in Sri Lanka (175 each) and the purchase of very sensitive metal detectors for the location of landmines which have been buried in soil or vegetation in Cambodia (1,500 each). For more information about the work of Christian Aid visit

Jane and Richard Powell

Lawrence Weston Library To Get Face lift

An innovative partnership arrangement between Bristol City Council and The City of Bristol College will provide a big boost for library users in Lawrence Weston from the end of this summer.

Under the new partnership arrangements, the library would be refurbished with new furniture and fittings and see its opening hours almost double. The library is adjacent to the former Lawrence Weston School and is currently the least busy in the city per opening hour. Issues have dropped by 14% since the school closed last year and the building is in need of around 50,000 worth of internal and external redecoration. It currently opens only 23 hours per week.

The college have a centre on the former school site serving the north west of the city, with a Learning Resource Centre for its students on the upper floor of the library building. This facility is remote from the college centre entrance and has no access for students with disabilities.

Under the agreement, which will be reviewed annually, the college would take over the day-to-day running of both facilities and the management of existing library staff. They would also pay for the building to be refurbished from July, with it re-opening during August.

The library would continue to be a part of the city's trailblazing People's Network offering free internet access and other computer facilities and would host events and activities developed as part of the citywide library programme. Opening hours would increase from 23 to 42 per week, including Saturday mornings as at present.

Kate Davenport, Head of Libraries, said: "Libraries play an important role in the local community. They help encourage reading and raise literacy standards, provide information and free computer access and ensure a safe and free community facility for young and older people and those caring for young children. This imaginative arrangement has benefits for library users and college students alike and is an innovative way to give Lawrence Weston library a new lease of life.

Surprise 80th Birthday Party

A well-known teacher at Avon Primary School, Grace McLaughlin, had the shock of her life, when a surprise party was organised at the school to celebrate her 80th Birthday on 16th June.

Grace is a much loved and respected teacher, who has spent a lifetime in Education - the past 40 years at Avon Primary School and the last 20 of them as Governor, part-time volunteer and helper, also running  the Folk Band, playing her accordion and assisting John Potter with the Country Dance Club.

Friends, past and present colleagues, some former pupils and their parents, turned out in force to join the Barn Dance which was organised to celebrate Grace's milestone.

During the evening she was presented with a variety of presents - including a dream-come-true voucher for a ride in a hot air balloon. A very happy evening was enjoyed by everyone. (Grace would like to thank, most sincerely, all who came to her wonderful surprise party and helped to make it a never-to-be-forgotten evening. Bless you all and thank you).

Thank you for the donation to Shire funds - ED

Afternoon Tea for the Elderly

On Friday June 6th we entertained a group of 30 local elderly residents to afternoon tea at Shirehampton Park Golf Club. We provided transport to get our guests to the Club where we entertained them for tea. It was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion for everyone concerned. Our guests certainly enjoyed themselves and appreciated our hospitality as has been proved by the delightful thank you card subsequently received from them. This occasion was a great success thanks to those who volunteered to act as "drivers" and "greeters" and who made our guests so welcome.

from Avon Mouthpiece(The voice of the Rotary Club of Avonmouth)

Happy 60th Birthday to our very special Mum (Shirley Harvey)

Enjoy your special day. With lots of love from Michelle, Colin, Wayne, Linzi, Darren, Claire, Jade, Courtney, Jack, Aaron and Ben. (Thank you for your donation to SHIRE funds).

Departure of Head of Avon Primary

Duncan Jennings, who succeeded me as Headteacher of Avon Primary School five years ago, left the school at the end of this summer term.

Duncan began and finished his teaching career in Shirehampton. As a young teacher he worked at Portway School playing a full part in it's thriving musical activities. After teaching at Monks Park School and Filton Avenue Junior School he became Deputy Head and subsequently Headteacher of Henbury Court Junior School. In September 1998 Duncan returned Shirehampton as Head of Avon Primary.

Duncan has made a major contribution to the school involving himself fully in a wide range of activities. His musical expertise, especially his outstanding keyboard skills, will be sorely missed. Duncan has always stressed the importance of the school's role in the community taking every opportunity to apply this principle in practice.

Many of you will also remember Duncan as a fine Organist and Choirmaster of St. Mary's Church several years ago. He still plays for the occasional service at St. Mary's.

After nearly thirty distinguished years in the teaching profession Duncan feels ready for a change of career. As a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher his departure will be a great loss to the Education Service in general and Avon Primary School in particular. Everyone acquainted with Duncan will want to join me in wishing him every success in the future.

John Potter

A Visit to Highgrove

After 21/2 years on the waiting list the members of Shire Townswomen's Guild set off for our visit to Highgrove in great excitement. On arrival at our given time we were met by our guide and started our leisurely tour of Prince Charles' garden, in beautiful sunshine. It is difficult to describe all the areas we saw but my impression is of many different gardens within the boundary of the main one. There is the fernery, the lovely wild flower meadow, the colourful beds of perennials and the stumpery which has been made from the roots of fallen trees. We strolled through light and shade along the natural grass or stone paths, or into a sudden clearing where there is a statue, piece of sculpture or a fountain, many of which have been given to the Prince. We admired the hundreds of almost slug free hostas which are a national collection and a special interest of the Prince and we were reminded that the garden is completely organic.

The kitchen garden is impressive with its neat rows of vegetables and the roses and lilacs round the walls. The 1000s of tulips edging the main avenue and the black and white garden are more formal, both giving a close view from the house. This garden has not been laid out, it has grown over the years, and will continue to do so as the Prince himself decides how to change and develop it. Our guide told us many times that he really does take a passionate interest in it and the eight full time gardeners follow his wishes. He often works with them and when he returns home after official duties he is able to relax there.

At the end of our 1 1/2 hour tour we were served tea or coffee and the special Duchy biscuits and we then had a short time to look at and buy the plants and other items from the Highgrove shop. It was a memorable day. AP.

Message from Canon Christine Froude

DEAR ALL, It is a great joy for me to write to you about all that has been happening at St. Mary's where many people have given of their time, talents and money to make possible the refurbishment of our church building.

When visitors enter the building for the first time, there are many different things that they comment on, the gold stars on the dark blue ceiling in the chancel, the comfortable blue upholstered chairs set out in a chevron pattern, the airy spaciousness of the white, cream and gold colour scheme, the beautiful new oak fitments that are so in keeping with the original style of the building, the stunning colour of the floor now that it has been sanded and sealed, the Memorial Chapel still to be furnished. And then there are the more practical things, toilets, store room, kitchen and office, new lighting as well as disabled access to the West and South porches. The reordering and redecorating has given us a building that is a joy to behold as well as a delight to use, and used it  is in many different ways throughout the week.

As we celebrate all that has been achieved we pray that it may all be to the glory of God and to the sharing of his love here in Shirehampton. This is your church, it belongs to you. Why not come and see for yourself all that has been achieved. You will be assured of a warm welcome. With best wishes Canon Christine Froude.


O God;
Make the doorway of this church
wide enough to receive all who
need human love and fellowship;
narrow enough to shut out all
envy, pride and strife.
Make its threshold smooth enough to
be no stumbling block to children,
or barrier to the elderly and disabled.
Let its door be rugged and strong
to turn back the tempter's power
but open and inviting to those who
are your guests.
God, make this church the door
way toyour eternal kingdom
through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Memorial Chapel

THE enclosing of our side aisle enclosed no only our Lady Chapel but created a new small chapel. The Rev Canon Christine Froude has an extensive funeral ministry and so the PCC approved the use of this area as a Memorial Chapel. In this area it is hoped to have a small altar table so that services can be accommodated. The chapel will also house the Book of Remembrance and will have shelving so that people can leave flowers for their loved ones. The pricket for candles will have a prayer board adjacent to it so that people can pin up prayer requests. The memorial board will be re-hung. This area will be available when ever the church is open, for people to spend time quietly or in prayer. It will be a quiet space for people to draw aside from their busy lives.

We have been fortunate in having some items given for this Chapel and we hope that by the end of this years it will be fully refurbished. We will be reliant on the goodwill of people for this but we feel that it is right to set aside an area within church specifically for all those in our community who have been bereaved or for those who are asking for our prayers.Tony Sawyer

SERVICE TO CELEBRATE Refurbishment of St. Mary's

On Sunday morning, 22nd June, St. Mary's Church celebrated a very special service. The Celebrant and Preacher was the Bishop of Swindon, the Rt. Rev. Michael Doe. Also present was the Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr David Kitson and other invited guests. The occasion was to thank God for our newly re-furbished church. As many Shirehampton residents will know, work began in September 2002 when a new kitchen, toilets, office and store were constructed at the West End and a wood/glass screen was built to enclose a Memorial Chapel and the Lady Chapel. This work was completed by December and immediately after Christmas work began on the re-decoration. This entailed mountains of scaffolding being erected within to enable painters etc to reach the high vaulted ceiling. When the scaffolding was finally removed, the old worm-eaten chairs were removed, the floors stripped and varnished, new chairs were delivered and new carpets laid. Many other furnishings, including altar hangings, display cabinets etc were put into place. All this has resulted in a beautiful light, bright church in which to worship. Nothing was achieved without a lot of dedicated toil, prayerful guidance and much fund raising - but at last we can see the results of our labours.

Bishop of Swindon cutting the Celebration Cake, Canon Christine Froude on the left

During the time of disruption not one Sunday service had to be re-scheduled elsewhere, even when there was no electricity, candles being the only light. This says a great deal for the small hard-working band of volunteers who, each Saturday, would replace chairs, sweep, vacuum, dust and polish to make the church presentable for Sunday morning. None of this work would have been possible without the dedication of the Churchwardens, Treasurer and Parochial Church Council, headed by the Rev. Canon Christine Froude, who obtained the faculty and trusted in our Lord to guide them. Yes, maybe we shall be paying off our debts for some years but it has all been worthwhile. The various fund raising events from Barn Dances to skittles evenings to auctions, sales and suppers have been great "fund-raisers", showing what a wonderful friendly spirit exists within our church community. There is still much to be done but we look forward with optimism to each challenge.

If you haven't seen the transformation, why not pop in one morning for coffee and conversation or tea and "tittle-tattle" - a warm welcome awaits! Or maybe you would prefer to spend a few quiet moments in our Lady Chapel - whatever suits you best we look forward to seeing you.

So Sunday 22nd June was a time of joyful celebration to share with many that, with God's help, love and prayers nothing is impossible.Maureen Geddes

The Font

"Mummy, when am I going to have my hair washed in church?" asks our 2 year old, Katie. "In September," I reply. Her face is a picture of excitement and anticipation. She has already packed her toilet bag with a bottle of shampoo and a towel and is counting down the days!

We have decided to have our 3 children baptised in September. We don't come from an Anglican background and so have looked carefully at what it means. For us it is a dedication of our children to God and to ask for His help and guidance along with the support of our friends and family to raise our children according to God's teaching.

Our children are too young to understand all that God has done for us, but they are not too young to receive the sign of God's forgiveness which is the washing in water. We, of course, will explain to Katie why she is having her hair washed in church and that she won't need the shampoo and towel!!!!Nick & Lucie Broad, Sophie, Katie and Mollie

Nick and Lucie's children are among the first to be baptised in the font since it has been moved to its new position in the South aisle. Adjacent to the font is the beautiful Paschal candlestick made by local craftsman Dick Helme and given in memory of Dot Knight, a former parishioner, by her family.

Cafe Corner

"Cafe Corner" is the name given to the west end of the church where tea and coffee are available every day between 10am and noon. Perhaps you have seen the colourful banner on the outside of the church building reminding passers by. Those who drop in are given a welcoming smile, a hot drink, someone to chat with... if they want to. Some come to look around the building and other to sit and pray. All are made welcome by our large team of helpers.

Fund Raising:

WHAT A wonderful year we have had - the support of our church family and people in the community of Shirehampton has been phenomenal. Not only have people helped us to raise large sums towards our refurbishment, hopefully they have had a lot of fun doing so.

We especially thank all those who have given towards  our new chairs. When the chairs for our Lady Chapel were given as a memorial gift we realised how wonderful it would be if we had similar chairs within the body of our church (especially as the old ones were riddled with woodworm!) - but 12,000; it seemed way out of our reach with a large loan already in place.  We thought and prayed about this and decided to put the Gift Day money towards this project and over half the sum needed was raised. Over 70 people joined our 'Twenty Chair Club' and raised the amazing sum of 3,617 plus the tax refund on this amount. A silent Auction raised about 1,300 and suddenly what had seemed a dream became a reality. Many people in the community have contributed to our chair fund in a variety of ways and to you all we say a sincere thank you.

Fund raising continues - Fayres to supplement our general funds and specific events to pay for specific item within our refurbishment. We are currently focussing on paying for our floor which was cleaned with dramatic effect. What was just a rather dirty floor turned our to be a beautiful colour and of a special wood - Archangel red pine. Our Sea Supper on Friday 18th July is now a 'sell-out' and proceeds will go towards the 'cleaning of the planks'!

Thank you to the many, many people in our community who have supported our fund raising events in any way. The total cost of our refurbishment was 216,000 so we've a way to go yet! God has been faithful to us and blessed us greatly and we thank him for all that we have achieved.

Gill Sawyer

The West Window

The west window in St. Mary's was originally the east window above the alter and contained the names of Shirehampton men who died in the First World War. It was replaced in 1960 by the present east window, during the incumbency of the Rev. John Smith, and was given by Mrs. M. D. Dixon, wife of a previous vicar of Shirehampton in memory of her husband and brother.

When the original window was moved to the west end of the church the opportunity was taken to add the names of those from the parish who fell in the Second World War. This work was undertaken by Mr. Geoffrey Robinson of Bell & Sons, Bristol.When it returned it included my late father's name - L. Enyon - and is particularly poignant for me as my father was lost at sea and has no grave. I have felt very honoured and privileged to be asked by Canon Christine, on the last two Remembrance Sundays, during the Act of Remembrance, to hang a poppy wreath or poppy cross beneath the window. It does allow me to pay tribute to the father I never knew.

The late Les Gray was convinced many more Shirehampton men died during the Second World War whose names did not appear in the window. He then set about the task of researching the identity of others who had fallen and compiled a Book of Remembrance. He was very meticulous in his research, which included dates of birth, schools attended, places of employment and the service in which they served at the time of their death. When Les Gray died he bequeathed the Book to St. Mary's. It can be viewed in one of the display cabinets in the chancel.

During the early 80s two flags were hung on the west wall either side of the west window. A Union Flag was given by my mother in memory of my father and the late Winifred Hack gave a United Nations Flag. They remained in situ until the recent redecoration of the church, when both were replaced by Mr. Ralph Hack and myself. I must admit the vibrant colours of the replacement flags do look striking against the newly decorated wall.

When you next visit St. Mary's and are sat drinking a cup of tea or coffee at the west end of the church, take a look at the west window and Les Gray's book, and remember those who gave their tomorrow in order that we can enjoy or today! Christopher M. Enyon

An exciting addition to the Chancel are two new display cabinets given in memory of Sam Simmons by Lilian and the family. The Shirehampton Missal and other historic books and beautiful artefacts owned by the parish are displayed in them.Left: The Peace corner was introduced by the Very Reverend Horace Dammers and has been refurbished and reinstated adjacent to the office in the South aisle. It is a focus for issues of peace, justice and reconciliation and displays literature and information on a broad range of topics.


Who died on Friday July 4th

Annie was a well known and highly respected member of our community of Shirehampton for which she worked tirelessly in so many different ways. She held a special place at St Mary's where she sang for many years.

Many of us shy away from life's difficult issues but Annie could always be relied upon to act openly and honestly in all situations and for this she won the respect and admiration of all who knew her. But there was another side to Annie too; she was gregarious and sociable, making many friends. She had a lovely sense of humour and a delightful laugh.

Annie's parents were Arthur & Agnes Chappell who lived at The Cottage, Lower High St, Shirehampton. Their children were Gilbert, Edith, Lillian, Kate, Rose, Annie, Rose, Stanley, Nina and Violet. Sadly Rose and Nina died at an early age.

Annie was born on the 28 July 1915. At the age of 5 she attended Station Road Infant School Shirehampton, leaving there at 11 to join Portbury Grove School completing her school years at the age of 14, leaving school to work in domestic service.

Upon reaching 16, Annie's family moved to 48 Meadow Grove Shirehampton, from where Annie and her sister Kate enjoyed going on long cycle rides.

Annie took a major set back in her life when she contracted TB at the age of 21, she endured a major bone graft to her spine which was pioneering surgery at the time. Her boyfriend Arthur Bollen gave her much support. Arthur and Annie married in St Mary's, in September 1939, following the outbreak of war. Arthur was posted overseas to North Africa where he was captured and taken as a prisoner of war. During this time Annie worked at Fisons and National Smelting. She also learnt first aid as a volunteer with St John Ambulance. At the end of the war Arthur returned home needing a lot of care. They then lived briefly with Annie's parents at Meadow Grove until they obtained a prefab on the Portway.

Ray, their only child, arrived in 1952 and the family then moved to Akeman Way, Avonmouth. A further move was made in 1957 to Kingsweston Avenue so that Annie could be near to her father who was then unwell and who died shortly after. Annie worked for many years as a bookkeeper for Bristol Cars and after her retirement helped Arthur in the car repair business he started with his nephew Bill. When Arthur became ill, Annie nursed him through his illness until his death in 1988. In her younger days Annie became a member of the Labour party, attending conferences as a delegate. She was also committed on a local level, often to be seen outside the polling stations at election time.

She moved to old Barrow Hill 5 years ago, continuing to be an active member of the community, taking part in the "Pensions' Voice" and local tenants association; she also became secretary of the women's section of the Royal British Legion. Her hobbies were art, dress making, gardening and music. She was a faithful member at St Mary's singing in the church and area choir. Having lived in the village of Shirehampton all her life she had another interest in local history, campaigning for the National Trust to restore the Rush Pool at Shirehampton Park, which she knew as a child. To date, the National Trust is drawing up a plan to see if this can be achieved. Annie became unwell during the latter part of 2002 and was diagnosed with cancer. She suffered much as her condition became worse and was eventually admitted to St Peter's Hospice. Even at this stage she kept fighting and was determined to return home. She was much more ill than she thought and certainly than she let on.

Annie will be sadly missed by our community, by her Church, by her relations, by her friends but most of all by her loving son Ray, daughter-in-law Jean and grandchildren Michael, Aaron and Mark.Our sympathy goes to her family.

Fred Hobart

Fred was born in 1911, in Gleneagle Road, Streatham; the second in a family of six children.The family was bombed out during the 1st World War and they moved to Littlehampton, where coincidentally, his future wife also spent her childhood. After the war they moved back to Streatham, and later again to Canvey Island, where Fred's first job at 13 was the horse drawn milk round. In later life he had many tales to tell of that beloved horse.

When he was 16 he spent a year at Gravesend Sea School, where he learnt the basics necessary for life as a sailor, and thus fulfil his desire for travel and adventure. The next period in Fred's life was a happy time and led to him seeing much of the world several times over. He had many adventures, including a spell in post revolutionary Russia, and all this became the bedrock of his amazing yarns, including mermaids, pillars of light, dubious deep sea surgery and other sagas.

He worked his way up from the fo'castle until he gained his Masters ticket in 1940 in the early years of the 2nd World War. This had not been an easy task as he was virtually self taught, having been a confirmed school truant. During the War he served in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary fuelling the fighting ships of the Royal Navy. As you can imagine, this took him into many dangerous situations. His brother Daniel and many of his friends were killed leaving deep scars on this mind.

One of the things that kept Fred going was falling in love with and marrying Yacy Yvette in 1940. During the War his first two daughters, Patricia and Rosalind, were born. He returned home from the Far East in 1945 and his daughter Dreda and son Paul were born in the following two years.

Fred's first job ashore in 1947 was as a deep sea pilot in the North Sea and the family moved to King's Lynn. In 1953 Fred was appointed Dock Master in the Oil Basin at Avonmouth and he continued to work for the PBA in various dockmaster posts until his retirement as Dock Master of the City Docks in 1976. During these years from 1953 the family lived and flourished in Shirehampton. They took a lively interest in all aspects of the Parish of St. Bernards. Fred also took an active part in the establishment of the Apostleship of the Sea and the building of the church of St. Brendan in Avonmouth.

Fred and Mrs Hobart continued to enjoy themselves in retirement travelling mainly in Europe, visiting places inland that had eluded him as a sailor, and enjoying their growing family of grandchildren, and eventually great grandchildren.

Sadly, Yacy his wife died in 1991 and Fred will now be happy to be with her again.


Dreda Orfila and all her family would like to thank all friends and neighbours of Captain Fred Hobart who sent tributes and cards of condolence.Thanks also to Captain Hamish Grant, Chairman of Bristol Branch of the Merchant Navy Association for arranging for the flag at their memorial on the Welsh Back to fly at half-mast during the day of Fred's funeral.Special thanks too, to Father Ryan for his comforting words during the funeral Mass, and his kindness and helpfulness both before and after Fred's death.

P.S. Thank you for your generous donation to Shire funds. Ed.


The funeral of Edythe Morgan, aged 94, took place at St. Mary's Church, on Friday 11th July. For over seventy years she lived in Shirehampton.

Edythe was born in Churchdown near Gloucester on 10th September 1908. Her early years were spent among her family of farmers, bakers, stockbreeders - hardworking, honest, slow to change. They gave her her old-fashioned virtues of constancy, industry, modesty - and above all devotion to family. She had plenty on whom to lavish that devotion: two brothers, two sisters - one of whom, Biddy, survives her - and two children, Brian and Kay. Life's unpredictable cycle has brought Kay to live in Painswick, just a mile or two from her Mothers' birthplace.

In 1918 her family moved to live at The Beanacre & afterwards at Kingsweston Avenue, from where Edythe walked daily to the Old School in Station Road, Shirehampton.

She was apprenticed to become a tailoress and furrier, learning in conditions of Victorian strictness in Regent Street, Clifton.She married Harry Morgan from Avonmouth and they settled in Shire. They were known and cherished widely, through Harry's work, his many years as a member of Avonmouth choir, their subsequent loyal membership of St. Mary's congregation, the vast network created by merging their two large families, and by the sheer length of time they lived at the centre of the Shire community. They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1982 and sadly Harry died the following year. Edythe continued to live independently, supported by family and many wonderful friends and neighbours, until her death.

From those beginnings in Churchdown grew a loving family stretching all the way to great-grandchildren in Australia and France. Edythe died peacefully at the BRI on 2nd July after seeing all her immediate family. Canon Christine Froude also visited and was a wonderful strength throughout. Brian and Kay would like to thank everyone who sent cards and donations for St. Mary's Church. A special thank-you to neighbours and friends for their many years of support.

In Remembrance

LYNTON WALDEN was born on June 9th 1924. Later on he went to the Catheral School and then to Bristol University where he qualified in Dentistry with L.D.S., B.D.S. in 1947. He practised in Henleaze and in Shirehampton. The local surgery was at the top end of Station Road, and we think he arrived to work there in the early 1950's. In 1957 he married Wendy and they had two daughters Sarah and Jane. Lyn was a founder member of Avonmouth Rotary Club and became its President in 1973, and was for many years Club Treasurer.

He was in Dental Practice for 41 years, and was well known for his sense of humour, he understood his patients well and was particularly good with children. More recently in retirement he suffered from Parkinson's disease and since 2001 had lived at Holmwood House, Westbury on Trym. Even when he was ill he could still make people smile. He died on June 24th.

There are many of his patients who live locally who will remember him with great affection. Our sympathy goes to his wife Wendy and their two daughters.

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FOLEY, Rose Caroline

Cyril, husband, and Sheila, daughter, wish to thank all family and friends for their floral tributes, many cards and donations to Cancer Research.Special thanks to Joan, Joyce and Ray, for their kindness, help and unstinting support during her illness.(Thank you for your donation to "SHIRE" funds).

When I survey

In my last article I wrote about the Beatitudes or Blessings with which Jesus began his Sermon on the Mount, the flagship as it were of his teaching. Of the first beatitude, "Blessed are the poor in spirit", I wrote: "We are blessed by Jesus if we identify ourselves with the poor, living simply that all of us, members of the human family, may simply live." As Gandhi said: "There is enough in the world for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed!"

What I didn't say is that to live simply is a key to happiness. The Greek word "Makarioi" which is usually translated "blessed" can equally well be translated as "happy". "Happy are the poor in spirit".They are freed from envy, what Shakespeare called "the green eyed monster". Too many people become unhappy, burdening themselves with debt; for example by buying a large car that they can't afford out of envy of a richer neighbour who has one.

Secondly, debt makes many people unhappy, both the corporate debts in the developing world for whose remission the Jubilee Campaign campaigned and their personal debts. "Buy now, pay later" is a cursed slogan. As Dickens' Mr Micawber said: "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery".

Thirdly they are liberated from the widespread dissatisfaction with what they already have, for most of us more than enough for our needs. They are not taken in by the oft repeated lie that you are saving money when you spent it on a product.Space does not allow me to give further examples that show a sustainable life style to be a happy one. So more on this subject in the next "When I Survey".

A.H. Dammers

Note to Secretaries of Clubs and Societies

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