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Royal Vist Planned!

What's on in Shire

Action Forum Launch Party

Bereavement --- Sadie Horton

Exploring Computers Together

St. Mary's News

Book Signing at Avon Primary

Royal Vist Planned!

We have just learned that HRH the Earl of Wessex will visit Shirehampton Public Hall on 24th September, to mark the Centenary of the laying of the foundation stone. We have no more information yet, but we will print full details when they become available. Watch this space!

Callers Ring Alarm Bells

Bristol City Council is warning people to beware of door-to-door callers claiming to work on behalf of the city council.Recently, a man claiming to be from a company named "JR Holdings" called on a resident, claiming he had been sent by Environmental Health to clear his garden. The man did some work to the resident's garden and charged the resident £300.Bristol City Council is concerned that residents may be taken in by such bogus callers. Today the council issued the following advice to residents in an effort to make sure they are not tricked on their own doorstep:

  • If someone calls saying that they are from the council, always ask to see their identity card.
  • Make sure the photo on the card matches the caller.
  • If you are not expecting a visit from a council officer, check which department the caller is from/working on behalf, ask them to wait on the doorstep, close the door and ring the council to check that the caller is genuine.
  • Any council officer will be only too happy to wait and to supply contact details which can be used to verify their visit.The council emphasised the importance of residents being wary of cold callers, whether they are selling services or products, or claiming to work for public bodies such as the council, gas, electricity of water companies.

A spokeswoman for the council said: "When the doorbell rings, remember to 'Stop, chain nd check'.
"Stop and think if you are expecting anyone.
"Chain - make sure the chain or bar is in place before opening the door.
"And always c heck to see who is calling by using a window or door viewer. You can verify the identity of the caller by telephoning their employer. Never let anyone into your house who you are not expecting or do not know.
"Ask unexpected callers to make an appointment and to call back later and make sure someone is with you in the house when/if they return. Be wary of paying for agreed services in cash as it tells people you have money in the house. If you are at all in doubt phone 999 and tell the police."

St. Mary's Church

Service to celebrate our "new" Church Sunday, 22nd June at 10.00am Service led by Bishop Michael of Swindon.

Patronal Weekend, July 5th, 6th, 7th This weekend is even more special this year as we celebrate the completion of the works in our beautiful building. We hope you will be able to visit during the weekend and share in our please. We will have our Flower Festival, plus these events:

Saturday, 5th July Summer Fayre 10.00am until noon.
Sunday, 6th July Holy Communion 10.00am - with the Very Rev. Robert Grimley, Dean of Bristol Cathedral Portway Band Concert & Tea - 3pm
Monday, 7th July Salvation Army Concert at 7.30pm on the Green (in the Church if wet)

Celebrations at Shirehampton Methodist Church

On Saturday, 7th June at about 11a.m. we will be releasing balloons to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of John Wesley's birth. The balloons will be carrying prayers written by children from the Shirehampton schools. On Sunday, 8th June, Pentecost, we will continue to celebrate with a Wesley Songs of Praise at 4p.m.

Thanks to our Organist

Shirehampton Methodists said "Thank you" to Mrs. Irene Williams this month for her long and faithful service as Organist. She has been playing since she was a young girl, and has served as our Organist for the last 25 years. We are pleased that she continues to worship with us as a valued member of our congregation.

What's on in Shire

JUNE 1st, Sunday BAPTIST CHURCH SERVICE at the Cotswold Community Centre at 4.45pm

JUNE 2nd, Monday A.G.M. of SHIRE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER at the Methodist Church Hall at 5.30pm.
JUNE 2nd, Every Monday, 3 of Us BINGO at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth 1.15pm-2.45pm.
JUNE 2nd, Mondays each week during term time SEE & KNOW for under 5's at the St. Mary's Church Centre 1.15pm-2.45pm.
JUNE 2nd, Each Monday FREE BASIC LITERACY CLASSES at Lawrence Weston Tel: 9038824.
JUNE 2nd, Monday ALL LOCAL SCHOOLS start again after the Half Term Holiday

JUNE 3rd, Tuesday St. Andrew's LADIES CLUB meets at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth at 7.30pm "Cotswold Flowers" by Keith Taylor.

JUNE 4th, Wednesday EVERGREENS' OUTING to Swanage
JUNE 4th & 5th, Every Wednesday & Thursday A.U.S. DROP IN SESSIONS at the A.U.S. Cottage, 115 High Street, 9.30am-11.30am.
JUNE 4th, Wednesday A.G.M. of A.U.S. at the Advice Centre, at 115, High Street.
JUNE 4th, Wednesday each week EARLY MORNING SWIM at Shirehampton Baths 7am-8am and 8.30am-9.30am.
JUNE 4th, Wednesday ARTHRITIS CARE meets at 7.30pm at Jim O'Neil House.

JUNE 5th, Thursday TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD meets 2pm-4pm at the Methodist Church Hall.

JUNE 6th, Friday every week PILLOWLACE CLUB meets 7pm-9pm at the Public Hall.
JUNE 6th, Friday COFFEE MORNING at the Library 10.30am-12 noon.
JUNE 6th, BINGO at the Public Hall 6.30pm-8.30pm every Friday.JUNE 6th, Friday weekly EVERGREENS at the Public Hall 1pm-3pm.

JUNE 7th, Saturday The Methodist Church is releasing 300 Sponsored BALLOONS printed with prayers on them at 11am to celebrate the 300 Anniversary of John Wesley's birth.
JUNE 7th, Saturday SHIREHAMPTON JUNIOR pre 1963 REUNION at the Lamplighters.
JUNE 7th, Saturday COFFEE MORNING at the Methodist Church Hall.

JUNE 8th, Sunday At the Methodist Church at 6.30pmPENTECOST SERVICE with Wesley Songs of Praise

UNE 15th, Sunday SPONSORED BIKE RIDE for Christian Aid
JUNE 15th Sunday Church of England Service at the Cotswold Community Centre at 4.45pm

JUNE 17th Tuesday RAILWAY MODELLERS meet at 7.30pm at the Public Hall
JUNE 17th, Tuesday St. Andrew's LADIES CLUB meet at 7.30pm at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth "Crown Jewels" by Mr. & Mrs. Wynn

JUNE 18th, Wednesday HAPPY HEARTS WEST meet at 7.30pm at Beachley Walk Centre
JUNE 18th, Wednesday WOMEN'S INSTITUTE at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30pm.
JUNE 18th, Wednesday SHIRE STITCHERS meet at 7.30pm at the Public Hall

JUNE 28th, Friday SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold Community Centre 7.30pm-10pm.Avon (University Settlement)

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Avon (University Settlement) Community Association will be held on Wednesday, 4th June, at the Advice Centre, 115 High Street, Shirehampton, at 7.30pm. Anyone interested in the work of our organisation will be very welcome.

Action Forum Launch Party

Shirehampton Community Action Forum is holding a Launch Party to mark the formation of the Forum as an independent organisation. It will be on Thursday 26 June 2003 at 6.30-8.30pm at the Public Hall. All local people are welcome, but if you would like to attend, please contact Ash Bearman, at Shirehampton Public Hall, Station Rd, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9TU. email: Tel: 0117 982 9963.

Shirehampton W.I.

Speaker for the meeting on 17th September - Mr. A. Marker - Slides shown to music

Obituary Frank Hind - 1923-2003

Frank was born in 1923 in Torquay, one of 13 children. He joined the Royal Air Force during the war, and it was whilst he was stationed in the grounds of Kingweston House that he met Doreen. He was posted to Sierra Leone and India, where he served in the Military Police, so they did not get married until after the war. They lived for most of their married life in Shirehampton, and celebrated their Gold Wedding a few years ago in the Public Hall, where they had their wedding reception. Sadly, Frank passed away very suddenly on Easter Sunday, 20th April, 2003. He will always be remembered lovingly by his wife Doreen, children Christopher, David and Sue, as well as his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Mrs Doreen Hind and family would like to thank all their friends and neighbours who rallied round with their support after the sudden death of Frank in April. Thank you also for the many cards and letters received at this sad time.

A special thanks must also go to the Minister of Shirehampton Baptist Church, who conducted the service and told us all about the life of Frank. Many thanks for your generous donation to "Shire" - Editor

Portway Oldies Music Society

Portway Oldies Music Society (POMS) are very pleased to share the programme with the Bristol Brass Consort for the forthcoming POMS concert during the afternoon of 6th July 2003 at St Mary's Church, Shirehampton.

This concert will be the highlight of the POMS fund raising year and we hope to have a good audience from Shirehampton and the surrounding area. The concert will present music in a variety of styles ranging from early English compositions to music from the world of film and stage.

Bristol Brass Consort is made up from leading musicians from Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cardiff as well as Bristol. They regularly perform, including new music commissioned by the group, at some of the leading venues in the South West. POMS is a Shirehampton based charity whose membership is largely drawn from former pupils of Portway School. POMS raise money during the year to provide extra items of equipment and support to the Music Department of Portway School. Tickets for the concert will be available on the door or in advance from POMS on 0117 9824911. £3 for Adults or £2 for Concessions.

Bereavement --- Sadie Horton

Sadie passed away on 14th April, 2003, aged 84 years. She was born in London, and travelled to Bristol for family visits, until moving to Shirehampton and into the new prefabs in 1947, where she lived on the Cotswold Estate. Sadie then moved into a new bungalow when the prefabs were demolished. She was an active member of the Civil Defence Corps, where she learnt to drive, and pass her test in an ambulance. She worked in both Shirehampton and Avonmouth, and was a keen member of the P.B.A. club. Sadie enjoyed the social events, especially her skittle evenings at the club, she also had some good laughs with the other cleaning staff on the mornings she worked. When Sadie was 77, she accomplished one of her dreams, which was to abseil down the Avon Gorge. It was also an opportunity to raise some money for a charity. Another ambition was to fly in Concorde, and although she had a fear of flying, she fulfilled her wish in May 1995.

Her daughter Sandra, and son-in-law Alan would like to thank everyone for sending cards of sympathy, donations for the heart and lung foundation and floral tributes. Thank you also to everyone for their help and friendship to Sadie over the past years.Thank you for the donation to SHIRE funds.

Changing Times

I am looking for anyone who has photographs of Shire as it once was - i.e. "The Old Co-op", "The Estate Office" etc, to use in a community project to make a record of Shire as it used to be and Shire as it is now.All photos will be carefully looked after, copied and returned safely.Please ring Enid Churchill on 0771 40000 71.

Exploring Computers Together

The first community education course has just finished at Shirehampton Primary School. Run by the Family Learning Centre, two basic computer courses started in January - one aimed at parents with their children and the other at adults. This is the first time the school's state-of-the-art computer suite has been available for use by members of the local community. The computer suite has 16 workstations, which are normally used by children of all ages at the school for cross-curriculum projects as well as the teaching of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Debbie Bradshaw, whose children attend the school said, "The course helped me gain experience and confidence but also to understand better what my children are learning at school. I'm looking forward to developing my skills on the next course."

A further two more advanced courses are planned for the Summer Term, starting after Easter, run by Course Tutor, Sylvia Campbell, from the Family Learning Centre. On Tuesdays from 3.20pm to 5.20pm parents will be able to attend while their children attend a crèche in the school; children and parents will join together for the last 30 minutes of this session. A further session for adults will be held on Thursdays from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. These courses are open to anyone with some basic computer skills and more details are available by contacting Shirehampton Primary School on 0117 903 1447.

The enclosed photograph shows one of the groups successfully finishing their beginners' course.

For further information about this press release, please contact Mrs. Anne Travis, Headteacher, on 0117 903 1447.

Dear Editor,

The police at Avonmouth police station have been aware that residents within the Shirehampton area have noticed a motor cycle craze of riding motor bikes without helmet's, driving them at high speeds on the road, causing a general nuisance and annoyance to local residents throughout the area.

As a response to this officers from Avonmouth have been proactively targeting the hot spot areas that these motor bikes have been seen in over the past few weeks. The areas have been targeted by officers both in plain clothes and uniform.

There has been considerable success, which has resulted in: two juveniles have been arrested and charged with a number of offences; two stolen bikes have been returned to there lawful owners; a number of unidentifiable bikes have been removed from circulation and destroyed.

There is no implicit or implied consent for motor cycles to be used off road. All riders must have a driving license, there vehicle be of a road worthy condition and comply with all road traffic legislation.

These motor cycles cause a nuisance to residents and are dangerous to other road users. If you see a bike being used off road and it's causing a nuisance call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Thank you,WPC Williams

Summer Crime

Warnings for motorists. The Police Operative DRIVE has asked motorists when visiting beauty spots this summer to remember 5 points to prevent their car being broken into while they are absent.

  1. Lock the doors and wind up all the windows.
  2. Radios - security mark them, use removable panels and security features.
  3. Fit an ignition immobilizer.
  4. Don't leave things on view.
  5. Think about where you park your car.

Library News

Just for a change it is not "Goodbye", but "Hello and Welcome".We are very pleased to welcome two new members of staff, Lynn and Liz, who both joined us in April. We look forward to having them as part of the Library Team for a nice long time and are confident that you will all make them feel welcome and appreciated.

During May we had two half day Internet training sessions as part of Adult Learners Week Free 4 all campaign. These were deemed very useful by those who attended. Children, do not forget that we have our Reading Maze summer reading scheme and activities coming up in the School Holidays.

Dear Editor,

I am in your debt and would like to thank you for publishing a letter I wrote in Issue No. 373 [Feb. 2003] - "Calling Old Friends" ... I'm very pleased to say, that in response, I received a letter from Marilyn Gorry who also sent me 2 copies of "SHIRE" Mag and contacted my friends in Canada. I have been able to contact them, and we are now going to catch up on our different experiences over the last 30 odd years of living on opposite sides of the world.

King regards,Dave & Zeny Parker, Auckland, New Zealand

St. Mary's News

Hi folks!

On the Sunday evening after Easter (Low Sunday) we held our Annual Parochial Church Meeting. At that meeting members of the Parochial Church Council are elected. John Bull stepped down this year after many years service and was thanked by Canon Christine for his contribution during that time. He is to continue as Verger which will keep him busy. Derek Ford and Jill Sawyer have been elected again as Church Wardens and Jill Eynon as Deputy Warden.

Many of you over the past few weeks will have noticed two new glass display cabinets situated in the Chancel near the Sanctuary Step. These have been very kindly given by Lilian Simmons in memory of her late husband Herbert (Sam). They are yet to be dedicated to this memory, but Lilian has allowed them to be taken into use immediately. Already on display in one of them is the Jubilee Cushion which was made by Doreen Hunt to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee; the Memorial Book listing the war dead from Shirehampton, compiled by the late Les. Gray and the world famous Missal - a Communion Service Book illuminated by the late Irene Base. I am happy to report the Missal is permanently back at St. Mary's and may be used on an occasional basis. Other examples of Miss Base's handiwork are also on display - so do take a look the next time you come into Church.

We have also recently had delivered - 148 stacking chairs. These are for use in the church when large numbers attend for Special Services, Weddings & Funerals etc - also a few will be available for our regular Coffee Mornings, the remainder when not in use will be kept in our store room. They are coloured blue and are very comfortable.

Sunday 15th June is Trinity Sunday when the Church acknowledges the glory of the Eternal Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and for the remaining twenty-five or so Sundays of the year, considers the great teachings and lessons of the faith.

On Sunday 22nd June, Bishop Michael of Swindon will be joining us at our 10.00am Holy Communion Service to celebrate the completion of the re-ordering and re-decoration of the church building.

I have decided to mention details of our Patronal Festival in July in case "Shire" is delayed at the printers, so here's a chance to put the dates in your diary. On Saturday, 5th July we shall be holding our Summer Fayre in the church from 10am-5pm. A variety of things will be for sale including Cakes, Jams etc, also "Shelley Anne" will have an Exhibition and Sale of her water colour paintings. Cream Teas will be available in the afternoon. We also hope to have on display our ancient Quaker Prayer Book, given by a Quaker, Richard Brittaine, to end a controversy because he assaulted William Porter one of the Kings Boat men. The Prayer Book is dated February 1682. It has not been on display for a considerable number of years!

On Sunday, 6th July, the Very Rev. Robert Grimley, Dean of Bristol, will be preaching at our 10am Holy Communion Service. During Sunday afternoon we hope to have a concert of music provided by former members of Portway School Band.

The Salvation Army Bristol Citadel Band will be paying their annual visit to St Mary's the next evening, Monday 7th July. The venue this year will be on the Village Green at 7.30pm, but will be held in the Church should the weather be inclement. Please give this worthy function your support, and bring a rug or chair to sit on.

Finally, we are considering a Summer Coach Outing on Saturday 16th August to either the Severn Valley Railway or the West Midlands Safari Park. Participants will have a choice of either venue as the railway runs past part of the Safari Park. Final costs have yet to be worked out, but there is a notice in the church on which to put your name if you are interested. Please indicate whether you wish to visit the Railway or the Safari Park.

Well, that's all for this month!'Bye for now, C.M.E.

Public Hall Centenary Celebration

The dance that is going to be held as part of the Public Hall Centenary Celebration will be on 26th June, 2004. Further details will be announced in a later edition of Shire.

Cotswold community association

The Cotswold Community Association require a caretaker for various duties at the Cotswold Community Hall in Dursley Road. A small remuneration is payable. For further details, please contact Brian Blandford - 904573.Also, there is now a coffee morning at the Hall on alternate Tuesdays mornings from 10.30am. Everyone welcome.

Computer Tips - Issue Two

MS Word

Are you having trouble positioning your clipart where you want it? This is probably because the wrapping style is set to "In line with text" which means the picture cannot be freely moved around the document. To change this right click on the picture, left click on Format Picture, left click on the Layout tab and left click on "In front of text", then click on OK. The picture will now have white circular handles in the corners and you can drag the picture anywhere you wish. (To drag the picture press and hold the left mouse on the picture, move the mouse to the new position and release the mouse button.)

Starting Up

Would you like to set a program to start automatically when you load Windows? Here's how, left click on Start, left click on Settings, left click on Taskbar & Start Menu, left click on the Advanced tab and left click on Add, to start the Wizard. In the first step of the wizard you have to locate the program you want to start, to do this left click on the browse button and then locate the program, once you have highlighted the desired program left click on OK. The path of the program will appear in the location box, left click on Next. Step two of the wizard requires you to select the folder you wish to put the program in, locate the STARTUP folder in the list and left click on it. (Do not confuse with the Start Menu folder!) Left click on Next. For the final step type the name of the program or use the one suggested and left click on Finish. Next time you load Windows the program you selected will start automatically.


Hopefully you are all very wary of viruses and keep your virus scanners up to date, however these are no defence against a certain type of email, the dreaded virus hoax! This type of email is designed to scare you witless into thinking you have a virus that doesn't exist and advises you to delete a file off your computer, a file that is usually required by Windows and is present on every computer. In order to combat this type of email the first thing you should do is check an anti-virus vendor's website they maintain a list of hoaxes as well as real viruses. An example being: Check for clues in the email such as ""Microsoft and AOL have warned this virus is very dangerous!" Microsoft and AOL do not publish information about viruses, and they certainly do not spam everyone with emails about them either. Lastly put the message where it belongs, in the trash and above all DO NOT forward it to everyone in your address book, that's what the twisted individuals who write these messages want you to do.

Well that's all for this issue, hopefully you have found out something useful! You can email me any feedback at

Severn Four Credit Union

Severn Four Credit Union has now relocated to premises at 115 High Street, Shirehampton, and we look forward to welcoming local people who may be interested in becoming members.If you want to know more about how to save with your local credit union and learn how members can apply for low-cost loans by saving regularly - please call Jan Clark on 0117 938 1439 or email for details. Join the fastest-growing financial movement in the world and find out what 100 million credit union members in 84 countries already know!

Book Signing at Avon Primary

Pupils in Class 5, Avon Primary School were treated to a memorable History lesson when author, John Budd, visited the school to talk to them about his experiences during World War II. Mr. Budd, whose book "Chickens on the Lawn", details his evacuation from Bedminster to Cornwall added an extra dimension to the children's learning.

Class 5 have been learning about how the war affected children in the local area and have been busy investigating evacuation, rationing, air raid shelters. Morse code and The Blitz. The whole class have been enthusiastic about the topic, with many children bringing in photographs, ration cards and treasured mementoes belonging to Grandparents. The children are now planning a class newspaper with interviews from evacuees, first-hand accounts of the Blitz, WWII style advertisements, recipes and lots more. Hold the presses, here come Class 5!