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Litter and Rats

Shirehampton Community Group

Litter and Rats

Dear Editor,

Over the last few years anyone reading Shire Magazine will be aware of the continuing concern over litter and rubbish in our community. With the advent of several take away outlets and cafes the litter has become even more noxious and brings with it an additional problem. It is said that we are only ever a few feet away from a rat and this is probably true as they are usually resident in sewer systems, most of the time that is where they stay. Unfortunately this is no longer the case in Shirehampton. During torrential rain rats get driven out of the drains, normally just until the water subsides a little; over the last couple of years when this has happened the rats have found a positive feast of discarded food on our pavements and in overfull food bins. Rats are very clever and once a food source has been found they will return time and time again - not just when they are rained out of the sewer. In fact some are now residing permanently on our streets.

Litter is dropped by all age ranges in our community, although most people over 50 tend to use bins provided, but not all. Most of the little in the central Shirehampton area during the daytime is caused by primary school children and Portway pupils. I have watched with dismay a group of young mothers collecting their children from St Bernards school giving the youngsters sweets and crisps and doing nothing when the wrappers are thrown onto the pavement. This group were in turn passed by Mothers and children walking in the opposite direction from Shirehampton Junior School and again the youngsters simply discarded their cans and crisp packets on the ground and the adults did nothing.

Take a good look at the Green at lunch time, the seats will be full of Portway pupils munching an assortment of foods. Look again when they leave to return to school, you will see circles of rubbish around where they have been sat. When the school turns out in the afternoon there is yet another instalment of litter. Early evening sees groups of boys and girls around the area eating chips, pizza, kebabs etc. and far too often the wrappings are just dumped on the ground. Late evenings particularly at weekends see the late night clubbers tipping out from buses and taxis getting something to eat while they walk home and leaving the rubbish for someone else to clear up.

Not all litter is created by the residents of Shirehampton there is a considerable number of people who travel into the village for a variety of reasons, from banking through to shopping. They add to the litter trail.

It's not just fast food outlets that cause a problem take a good look around the cash point machines, they are frequently surrounded by little white bits of paper that were not required.

We are extremely lucky to have in Christopher Hearn someone who is dedicated to keeping our local environment clean and tidy. He should not have to baby-sit irresponsible school children of Shirehampton.

Shirehampton is probably no worse than a lot of other areas but that does not make it ok, we should be looking to be better than other places. The area of Shirehampton is fairly unique in as much as it is no longer an isolated village but neither is it exactly a suburb of the city, we stand somewhere between the two. It is time for little to be put back on the agenda as anti social and unacceptable and to start actively caring for the environment we have around us.

Liz Clifford, Pembroke Road

Shirehampton Community Group

Notes on the Shirehampton Community Group meeting held in the Public Hall on Wednesday 26 March 2003The meeting was chaired by John Parsons who welcomed those present

Section Reports

a) Planning and Environment

Local Plan - published on 17th February and includes recommendations to extend the Park and Ride and develop the area along the riverside towards the Lamplighters. The P&E sub-committee has requested information on the number of cars using the Park and Ride currently but this information has not been forthcoming. Figures up to February showed an average of 35 cars per day although local residents are using the bus regularly. John Knight is now approaching the Ombudsman about the Council's lack of response to the request for information.Five objections have been raised to the Plan and the deadline is 31st March for making comments. A public enquiry meeting is due to be held in April. Copies of the Plan are available from the library, planning department or on the website.

Environmental and Landscape Management - report which should have been issued before Christmas then at the end of January, has still not appeared. Objections to this nonappearance have been raised by the SCG and if no response is received within two months another complaint will be lodged.

Communications Mast - a lot of correspondence has been passing back and forth on this. The council have given the impression that only one objection was raised to it's erection but there have been many more than that. The Ombudsman is being informed of the perceived irregularities in the way this planning application has been dealt with by the council.

Development of Savoy Cinema/Bingo Hall - the site has been cleared and there was a positive response to objections over the length of time part of Station Road would be closed for the demolition.

Flats next to Alldays - work is progressing on the building work.

Proposed road safety improvements for Shirehampton - work on providing pavements in Pembroke Road is well under way with just a corner to be completed at the top of Bradley Crescent. Work has already commenced in the High Street around the pedestrian crossing by the George. John Parsons commented that we had been led to believe there would be public consultation before any work commenced, but this has clearly not been the case. A comment from the floor was that with the restricted road space now from Pembroke Road into Bradley Crescent, two way traffic flow is impeded and it would be appropriate to make the whole of Pembroke Road a one way system. This suggestion will be made to the appropriate department.

Severnside Siren - on two occasions the siren has been set off by vandals which has caused confusion and concern to local residents. Although the system is radio controlled from Portishead Police Station, wires carrying power to the system are required and these have been cut. It is hoped preventative action taken will prevent a recurrence.

b) General & Highways

One non-working light reported by John says there are still faulty lamps in Severn Road.

Vandalism in the village - despite police figures for February which show crime is generally down, there have been several attacks on shops in the village recently. There is also concern about youngsters, some very young, riding motor bikes through certain roads and especially on the area along the riverbank by the PBA club. The police are being told of our concerns.

Litter - this is an ongoing problem of concern to many residents. School children from Portway are the main culprits and the school is aware of the problem. There are 15 bins in the village and the one by Woolworths is to be reinstated and an additional one placed by the video shop so there is no excuse for dropping litter. The bin on the green by the bus stop is to be re-sited nearer the seat at the bus stop. People have to be educated not to drop litter some of which includes food which is attracting vermin.

Dirty road signs - there are several road signs round the village which are very dirty, including one by the golf course and two on the Portway. John has contacted the council but no response as yet.

Wylands Conference Centre is up for sale.

Twyford House - an application has been made to convert the house and build houses in the car park area.

Date of next meeting Wednesday 28 May 2003

Future dates: 30th July, 24th September and 24th November.

When I Survey

The Beatitudes (Blessings) with which Jesusopened his definitive Sermon on the Mount are richly capable of many applications. For Christian Aid Week (May 11-18) I shall apply them briefly to our concern for the world's poor.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit" - We are blessed by Jesus if we identify ourselves with the poor,living simply that all of us, members of the humanfamily, may simply live. As Gandhi said: "There is enough in the world for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed".

"Blessed are those who mourn" - We are blessed by Jesus if we genuinely grieve for the countless children who die of malnutrition, water bornediseases, Aids and other poverty related causes.

"Blessed are the meek" - Jesus blesses us if we are  not aggressive in seeking our own wealth and power."Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness" - Jesus blesses us if we are passionately committed to justice (righteousness)for the poor.

"Blessed are the merciful" - We are blessed by Jesus if we show practical compassion for the poor and marginalised at home and abroad.

"Blessed are the pure in heart" - I don't know how best to apply this one. If you have any ideas write to "SHIRE" and let us know.

"Blessed are the peacemakers" - War and violence fall most heavily on the poor. So be not just a peace lover but actively a peacemaker and receive Jesus' blessing.

"Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake" - Unlike many of those who first heard or read these blessings we are unlikely to suffer persecution as we champion the poor.But if our commitment is costly in time, money and energy we will be blessed for it.

Please read the article entitled "Christian Aid" by our local organiser, Jane Powell, which is included in this edition of "SHIRE", and take part in the splended programme that she is arranging. May God bless your giving. In Christian Aid Week please give generously!

A.H. Dammers

Christian Aid

Instead of house-to-house collections for Christian Aid this year a number of social and fund raising events have been organised to help raise money from Shirehampton.

The first of these is a Barn Dance to be held in the Public Hall on Saturday 10th May. Tickets are 5 including Ploughman's Supper and are now on sale. Other planned events include a Coffee morning and singing on Christian Aid Saturday (17th May) in St. Mary's Church, a Tea Dance at the beginning of June and a Sponsored Bike Ride on June 15th. This bike ride is part of the annual "Bristol's Biggest Bike Ride" event and is suitable for individuals or families. If you would like more information about any of these events or wish to buy a ticket for the Barn Dance please contact me on 0117 9836186.

Envelopes will still be available in all Shirehampton Churches for specific donations during Christian Aid Week, which is 11th to 17th May. If you make a donation through the envelopes and you are a taxpayer please take a moment to fill in the back of the envelope. This will add nearly 30% to the value of your gift ... and don't worry your personal information will not be used for any other purpose! If you would like to receive an envelope at home and have it collected please ring Jane Powell on the above number.

Please support Christian Aid in some way if you can and help tackle the causes and symptoms of poverty in the world's poorest people. For more details about Christian Aid and its work either call in to St. Mary's Church and pick up some information or look at the website you.

Jane Powell

Tercentennial Celebrations

This year we, in the Methodist Church, celebrate John Wesley's three-hundredth birthday! He was born in Epworth on 17th June, 1703.

It was John who started the Methodist movement which was to become the Methodist Church. For 53 years he travelled around the country on horseback, preaching often in the open air.

To mark the year we are going to blow up 300 helium balloons, with prayers written by Shirehampton children attached. Most of them will be released at 11am on Saturday June the 7th from the centre of the village. Balloons can be sponsored at 50p each. That morning is also our monthly coffee morning and bring-and-buy in the church.

On the following day, when we celebrate Pentecost, in the evening at 6.30pm we will have a Wesley songs of Praise featuring hymns written by John's brother Charles Wesley. You may have sung some before, hymns such as "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and "Love Divine". We will same some of our balloons for that service. Do come and join us to celebrate this special anniversary.Val F-J

"See and Know" Parent/Toddler Group

On Tuesday 8th April, our "See and Know" Parent/Toddler Group went to Wraxall to visit Noah's Art Zoo Farm Centre for an Easter Treat.

32 members had fun learning about the animals that Noah saved and about God's special creation. We bounced on trampolines and enjoyed a very bumpy tractor ride and we are now looking forward to another outing in the summer.If you wish to join our "See and Know" Group for the under 5's and their carers, we are at the Church Centre (term-time only) Mondays at 1.15pm and we finish at 2.45pm.

Computer Courses at Avon Primary


*Starting Wednesday, 30th April A fun and friendly 12 week course to help you develop INTERNET AND WEB PAGE DESIGN SKILLS. All you need is: to be free for 12 Wednesday mornings from 9.00 to 11.00am to have basic computer skills.A nationally recognised qualification is available on completion of the course. There is no fee to take part.

*If you do not read this until after the start date - don't panic! Just come along to see what we can offer you. Please leave your name and contact details with the school office on 0117 903 0446.


Have fun designing and creating your own T-shirt at an event to be held on Friday, 16th May from 2.00-4.00pm. All equipment, including T-shirts, are free. Tea and coffee will be served. You will have use of a digital camera, or you can use a computer to make your own design. Come along and see what fun you can have on  computer. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED - ALL AGES WELCOME. This is a UK Online "Free For All" event.

Merchant Navy Association Report

Report by chairman of the Bristol and District Branch, Mercant Navy Association.This has been a month of somewhat extreme emotions for many members as on 21st March the funeral of James Brain was held at Canford Crematorium. He is believed to be the last member of the local Branch to hold a medal for gallantry. The award of the Bristish Empire Medal was published in the London Gazette on the 5th November, 1943.

He is survived by wife Margaret, daughter Elaine and her husband at their home on the Portway, Shirehampton.

On 28th March the funeral of David George Lewis (The Dursley Dapper) was held at Westerleigh Crematorium. Both of these sad events were supported by an honour guard of Branch members past and present, and as many standard bearers as were free to attend on the day.

The Honorary Branch Chaplain, Philip Auden, was the popular choice for conducting the services and he duly obliged in this friendly way, assisted by Bob Chubb from St. Andrew's Church, Avonmouth, at the Canford Lane committal.Both shipmates were accorded all the dignity and respect which could be mustered as they "Crossed over the bar" and they will be sadly missed.

Christmas Lighting Funds

Watch out for the collection tins which will be appearing on the counters of many shops in the village during this month giving you the opportunity to off-load any heavy coins which you have been carrying around everywhere in your purse! What a brilliant addition they could add to the Christmas lighting ...

Also there is a good excuse for a "night out". A fund-raising race night is to be held at the Lamplighter's on Friday, 23rd May - come along and enjoy yourself whilst helping to fund the lights!!

Shirehampton Junior School Reunion

Did you attend Shirehampton Junior School starting September 1963? You would have been there with Stephen Simmons, Alan Robinson, Gillian Palmer, Michele Nash, Joseph Ellis, etc.

We are holding a Reunion at the Lamplighters on the 7th June - for information phone Alan on 0117 9241112 or Gill on 01454 631500.

St. Andrew's Ladies Club

May 6th Notes and Verses Mrs Cooper
20th By Horse Cart to the Moon By Mr. Bowden
June 3rd Cotswolds Wildflowers Keith Taylor
17th Crown Jewels Mr. & Mrs. WynnJuly 1st Mongolia Bernard Trapp
15th AGM with American Supper
MEETING - September 2nd and 16th to be arranged.

ST. ANDREW LADIES CLUB, meeting at St. Andrew Church Hall on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm.

Acknowledgements - Jim Brain

Jim Brain, aged 84, passed peacefully away at Shirehampton Nursing Home on 12 March. Wife Margaret, daughter Elaine and son-in-law John would like to thank staff at the nursing home for their care, with special thanks to family, friends and neighbours for their cards and kind support. Thanks also to Richard and Joan at Stenner and Hill, the Merchant Navy Association Bristol Branch, their Chaplain the Revd. Philip Auden, and Bob Chubb for the funeral service at Canford.

Thank you.Elaine Amos

Views on Avon Barrage and Park and Ride

Dear Editor,

May I comment on two points within the April edition of the Shire; the possibility of an Avon Barrage and the Avonmouth (now Portway) Park and Ride.

The Environment Agency are considering tidal flood protection of Bristol City Centre and the impact on the Floating Harbour. Another body has resurrected the proposal for a barrage across the River Avon in the vicinity of the M5 Bridge, primarily as a means of providing flood protection to the City Centre, and secondly to route traffic from Portishead to the Portway. The Environment Agency have considered various flood defence options, including the barrage, and will report in the Catchment Flood Management Plan to be issued in June this year. It appears that there will be formal consultation, and workshops. Issues that will need to be resolved if a barrage were built include, who would pay for the additional dredging, who underwrites subsidence caused by raised ground water levels, and pressures to develop Lamplight's Marsh.

The Avonmouth Park and Ride has an excellent and popular bus service, but there is no need to use a car or go to the Park and Ride site. As a result of pressure from the Community Group, there are pick up and set down points on the Portway adjacent to the Station Road footbridge and at Woodwell Road. It is difficult to gauge the number of cars using the Park and Ride, as the City Council ignore requests for that data. The number of cars using the site, will be an issue when the Inspector for the Local Plan Public Inquiry hears evidence regarding the proposal to reserve the Portway allotments as an extension to the Park and Ride site.

John Knight, Wellington Mews, Shirehampton

Council Tax

Dear Editor,

I have just received by new Council Tax bill for the new year and yet again the bill has gone up.

The biggest rise is for the police, a whopping 33%, when was the last time you saw a uniformed police presence in Shire, in fact when was the last time you heard of the beat officer being in Shire, I can't even get her to phone me back.

Maybe some of this money might be put to good use and open our local station (Avonmouth Police Station) back up, instead of it being a 9 to 5 station Mon to Fri. If you phone after these hours you get the call handling centre (Southmead), who takes your message and faxes it through to the local station (Avonmouth), if they are doing this why not open the station up and it can be dealt with at that station.

Maybe Councillor Spud Murphy ought to look into this, as he says "if you got a problem, call/see me". If I got a problem I would like to go into a Police Station or speak to my local beat officer (if you can get hold of her).Come on Spud you are quick to shout about traffic calming issues how about shouting a bit louder and get our Police Station open.

Mr M Phillips
Local Resident of Shire

OFSTED Praises Progress at Shirehampton Primary

Shirehampton Primary School has been praised for its progress in the first Ofsted inspection since its amalgamation in 2000. Inspectors visited the school in January and commended the achievements made despite considerable disruption over the past three years.

The school was created from the separate infant and junior schools when two buildings were joined in a 750,000 development.

The inspectors said staff are committed to making positive changes at the school. "The school has come a long way since September 2000, and is well thought of by parents", the report said. "It is improving in many areas, and working well to achieve the quality to which it aspires".

Teaching was good, with very good provision for pupils with special needs. Teaching in the nursery and reception classes was particularly commended. Thanks to the brand new computer suite, particular progress has been made in Information and Communication Technology. Test results in English, Maths and Science for 11 year olds have continued to improve each year.

"Staff are knowledgeable in the understanding of their subjects and possess a sound range of methods for their teaching," the report said.

The emphasis on the care, welfare and safety of pupils was also commended for her strong leadership, said the positive report reflects the efforts of staff and governors. "We are delighted with the outcome of the inspection", she said. "We have a great staff team which provides a high standard of education, including extra opportunities for pupils to enjoy music, drama, dance, sport and ICT. The children are proud of their school. With the support of our governors and the determination of all staff, amalgamation has been achieved with the minimum of disruption and maximum effectiveness, despite the upheaval of a year long building programme."

Chair of governors, Pauline Llewellin, agreed the report was encouraging for everyone at Shirehampton Primary. "It is a delightful school to be part of," she said. "We are working to continue to maintain our improving standards and I agreed with the Ofsted inspectors when they say 'everyone deserves much credit'."

The intake for this September into the reception and nursery classes is very nearly full. To secure a place for 3 or 4 year old child it is advisable to contact the school (Tel: 903 1447) as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Community Volunteers Support Park Project

The proposal to develop a Community Park for the Shirehampton community on the Daisy Field site alongside the Portway got off to a great start with the creation of 300 metres of new hedgerow to help create a wildlife-friendly boundary to the area. Over two days in February and March a total of 36 adults and children joined in fun and friendly sessions to plant a total of 680 young trees. "The sun shone for us and a great start was made to improving this area of open space for the community" said Park Development Worker Richard, "many thanks to all those who took part and worked so hard to make this such a successful project". During the March event bird boxes made by pupils at St Bernard's School were also put up in the trees on the site.

The wider community consultation for the park proposal has been moving forward with over 180 adults and children expressing an opinion on what they would like to see improved on the site. However, more ideas and comments are very welcome and further opportunities to "have a say" are being planned.

If you would like to put forward ideas and/or concerns or get involved in the Park proposal please contact Richard Fletcher, Community Park Project Development Worker for SCAF at Shirehampton Public Hall, 0117 982 9963.

Shirehampton Primary School - Wind in the Willows

Shirehampton Primary School's spectacular production of The Wind in the Willows took place this week. The play closely followed the story by Kenneth Grahame but with added songs and even a line dance included. Narrators told the story of Mr Toad and his adventures, in which he was handcuffed, imprisoned, starved, chased, insulted and thrown in a canal! Fortunately, he had his friends, Ratty, Mole and Badger to help him chase the weasels out of Toad Hall.All the children took the parts of animals and looked brilliant in papier mache masks and face paints.

Shirehampton Methodist Church Programme

Saturday, May 3rd - MAY FAYRE10am-12 noon - VARIOUS STALLS, REFRESHMENTS - COME AND BUY A BARGAINA dmission: 10p

Thanks from Normandy Veterans Association

Dear Editor,

The Bristol Branch of the Normandy Veterans Association wish to thank the Residents of Shirehampton for the generosity they showed at the collection in Shire on Friday and Saturday the 11th/12th of April. A special thanks to the management of Woolworths, Somerfields, Alldays and the Co-op for allowing us to use their forecourts. The Association supports a number of charities including the Ghurkhas, the New Children's Hospital and supports the needs of widows and members where necessary.

John Brodie (Public Relations Officer)

St. Mary's News

Hi folks!

St. Mary's is at last minus scaffolding, electricians, carpenters, painters and decorators. All was back to normal by Easter Sunday - the only remaining work to be done is in the South Porch, where an inclined ramp access is to be constructed to assist access for the disabled. This will be similar to the west porch entrance when completed.

Our new upholstered chairs were in place for the first wedding of the year on Saturday 12th April and for Palm Sunday the following day. Coffee each day is now served at the west end of the church again instead of the Choir Vestry. Full use can now be made of the new kitchen, come in and see the new work and rest your legs for 10 minutes, if you haven't been inside St. Mary's recently I can assure you that you will be amazed at its transformation, it seems so spacious and light.

Please may I appeal to those of you who use the church path between High Street and Pemeroke Road not to drop litter in the churchyard. I know some litter is blown in by the wind, but do your best to help us keep God's acre as it should be, clean and tidy and a pleasure to look at! One of our members, Mike Budd, has volunteered to be our "litter picker" and will be checking the churchyard each week. The worst place for litter is the east end, next to the narrow lane between the old "Beehive Off-Licence" and High Street, here we seem to accumulate discarded drink cans and bottles by the dozen. Finally, may I point out the Garden of Rememberance is not a picnic area and to use that area of the churchyard respectfully. Bins are provided for the disposal of dead flowers etc. Thank you for your co-operation.

Part of the former north aisle is now used as a Memorial Chapel and as flowers are no longer permitted in the new Garden of Rememberance, may I remind you that you are welcome to place flowers in memory of loved ones here. They will probably last longer and will receive a regular top-up of water. The wooden plaque displaying the names of those whose mortal remains lie under the church building, which used to be in the south aisle, is to be re-erected in the Memorial Chapel. The Lady Chapel is now back in use for Morning Prayer on Mondays to Fridays from 9am until 9.30am.

On Palm Sunday, after 10am Holy Communion, the congregation enjoyed a light lunch in the Church Centre before being transported in two coaches to Wells Cathedral for Choral Evensong at 3.00pm. The singing was superb - performed by Wells Cathedral Voluntary Choir and was of an expected high standard. After Evensong we adjourned to The White Hart Hotel, which is opposite the Cathedral Green, for a Cream Tea. This was even a happier occasion when it was revealed that the previous Thursday it was Vera and Norman Locke's Diamond Wedding Anniversary. A surprise celebration cake, made by Gill Sawyer, was then cut by Vera and Norman and distributed by them to all present. A wonderful finale to a wonderful day!

Sunday 25th May 2003, is Rogation Sunday when we pray for a fruitful harvest. After 10am Holy Communion we shall be "beating the bounds" an ancient custom whereby we walk around the parish boundary seeking out the old boundary stones. This will be followed by a Parish Picnic (weather permitting).The following Thursday, 29th May is Ascension Day with the usual said Holy Communion Service at 11.00am (followed of course by Tea or Coffee!!)

Bye for now


Public Hall Centenary Celebration

To commemorate this celebration there will be available a Medal on sale from 1st December, 2003, depicting the Shirehampton Public Hall together with a Certificate of Authenticity, as it will be a Limited Edition.

On Saturday evening, the 26th June, come and dance to the sounds of the 40's, 50's and 60's, with a live band and there will be a cabaret. During the interval we shall be entertained by a comedian.

There will also be a BAR.On 25th September, 2004, the Maesteg Childrens' Choir with Soloists will be coming along - this is a programme not to be missed.

Further details regarding tickets, etc., will be advertised in the "SHIRE" at a later date.


Panathlon Challenge - Portway Community School

On Thursday, 27th March, pupils from years 7-11 competed in the Finals of the Royal & Sun Alliance Panathlon Challenge at Whitchurch Sports Centre. Teams represented the school in cycling, netball, basketball, boys and girls football, table tennis, badminton, chess and, in the afternoon, indoor athletics.

Being the Finals, Portway faced some stiff opposition from Speedwell, St. George and Whitfield schools. Unfortunately athletes found the competition a little too strong and although gaining a Silver in cycling, Portway came fourth overall. Despite not winning Gold, students were pleased to win the Fair Play Trophy - an award which they also gained in the previous round - and which is awarded to the school which shows the best sportsmanship throughout the day.

This is a credit to all pupils who took part with a positive attitude and a respect for their opponents.Well done to all 75 pupils who took part - you were excellent ambassadors to the school and community.

What's On In May

May 1st, Thursday SHIREHAMPTON'S TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD 2pm - 4pm at the Methodist Church.

MAY 2nd, Friday PILLOW LACE CLUB meets every Friday 7pm - 9pm at the Public Hall.
MAY 2nd, Friday COFFEE MORNING at the Library 10.30am - 12 noon.
MAY 2nd, Friday BINGO at the Public Hall 6.30pm - 8.30pm.
MAY 2nd, Friday EVERGREENS at the Public Hall 1pm - 3pm.
MAY 2nd, Friday each week FRIDAY FUN at the Beachley Walk Centre for Parents, Carers and Pre-School age children 9.30am - 11.30am.

MAY 3rd, Saturday COFFEE MORNING at the Methodist Church Hall.
MAY 3rd, Saturday STAMP FAIR at the Public Hall 9am - 4pm.

MAY 4th, Sunday BAPTIST CHURCH SERVICE at the Cotswold Community Hall at 4.45pm.

MAY 5th, Monday MAY DAY BANK HOLIDAY, The LIBRARY will be closed.

MAY 6th, Tuesday, St. ANDREW'S LADIES CLUB meet at 7.30pm at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth.

MAY 7th & 8th, every Wednesday & Thursday A.U.S. DROP IN Sessions at the A.U.S. Cottage, High Street, 9.30am - 11.30am.
MAY 7th, Wednesday every week EARLY MORNING SWIM at Shirehampton Baths 7am - 8am and 8.30am - 9am.
MAY 7th, Wednesday ARTHRITIS CARE meets at 7.30pm at Jim O'Neil House.

MAY 9th, Friday CLOSING DATE for Entry Forms for the ANNUAL LOCAL ART EXHIBITION to be handed in.

MAY 10th, Saturday TABLE TOP SALE at the Methodist Church Hall 10.30am - 12 noon. To hire a table please telephone 9821704 or 9821855 for details.
MAY 10th, Saturday SEA MILLS JUNIOR SCHOOL REUNION 6pm - 10pm at Sea Mills Junior School for ages 65-80. Admission 1.50.

MAY 12th, Monday every week 3 of US BINGO at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth, 1.15pm - 2.45pm.
MAY 12th, Monday every FREE BASIC LITERACY CLASSES at Lawrence Weston. Telephone 9038824 for details.

MAY 18th, Sunday CHURCH OF ENGLAND SERVICE at the Cotswold Centre at 4.45pm.

MAY 20th, Tuesday EVERGREEN OUTING Trip up the Avon and Kennet Canal.
MAY 20th, Tuesday St. Andrew's LADIES CLUB 7.30pm at St. Andrew's Church Hall.
MAY 20th, Tuesday RAILWAY MODELLERS meet at 7.30pm at the Public Hall.

MAY 21st, Wednesday HAPPY HEARTS WEST at 7.30pm at the Beachley Walk Centre.
MAY 21st, Wednesday WOMEN'S INSTITUTE meets at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30pm.
MAY 21st, Wednesday SHIRE STITCHERS meet at 7.30pm at the Public Hall.

MAY 24th, Saturday to MAY 27th, Tuesday both dates inclusive ANNUAL LOCAL ART EXHIBITION at the Public Hall.

MAY 26th, Monday to MAY 30th, Friday. Both dates inclusive HALF TERM HOLIDAY FOR ALL LOCAL SCHOOLS.

MAY 30th, Friday SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold COMMUNITY CENTRE Admission 1.50 7.30pm-10pm.