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What's on in April

Green Nappies at Our Local Health Centre!

Shirehampton Health Centre is launching a scheme that will help the environment and help parents to save money too! Does this sound too good to be true? What can they be doing?

Believe it or not, the answer lies in Real Washable Nappies. From Real Nappy Week onwards (April 7th), washable nappies will be on sale at Shirehampton Health Centre. The new style washable nappies don't need soaking or boiling, they do up with poppers or velcro and can be washed and dried in exactly the same way as any other washing. They are much easier to use than terries and our modern washing machines make washing really easy.

How do real nappies help the environment? Disposable nappies create a huge waste problem. In the UK we throw away about 9,000,000 disposable nappies every day and they end up on landfill sites (which are very nearly full), where they hang round for hundreds of years. The environmental impact of washable nappies, including washing and drying, is much lower than that of disposable.

How can washable nappies save me money? A set of washable nappies can cost you as little as 80.00 and you can use them for 2 or 3 babies. You don't even need to spend this all at once because you can buy 1 or 2 nappies at a time until you have a full set. So you can see that you can easily save several hundreds of pounds in nappy costs.

From April 7th onwards, the health visitors at Shirehampton Health Centre, in partnership with Cloth Bottom Babes and the Real Nappy Project, will make it very easy for you to see and buy real nappies. Come along to the Health Centre and buy yours!

Dr Mo McManusReal Nappy Project Development OfficerTel: 0117 930 4355 e-mail:

St Mary's Spring Fair

Thank you to everyone who came to support this lovely occasion. Cakes, preserves as well as gifts and plants were seen disappearing down the High Street and for those who wanted to linger there was tea, coffee and home-made cakes as well as Clown Fryer. The morning was such a success that another is planned for next Spring maybe on St George's or St David's Day. Watch this space!

Canon Christine Froude

Public Hall Centenary Celebrations

October 3rd, 2003, marks the Centenary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Public Hall, the Hall having been officially declared open on 29th September, 1904.The Hall Management Committee is to organise a whole series of events to mark this anniversary year and although times have changed, yet the Hall is still the focus of many community activities from playgroup, after-school club, community education, stage shows, art and craft exhibitions through to model railways and Evergreens.

We want the centenary celebrations to reflect as many as possible of the activities carried out in the Hall over the past 100 years. So what are your memories and stories of the Hall?

Write in and tell us what you want to celebrate so we can include something for everyone.

Postal address:

Shirehampton Public Hall Management Committee,
Station Road,
BS11 9TU.

Christmas Lights!

We know it's only Spring, but if we want a good display of lights at Christmas it is never too early to begin making arrangements. Therefore we are very pleased to let you know that twenty shop premises have kindly agreed to a collection box being displayed on their counters (securely fastened!) to receive donations of loose change.

If shoppers put a copper or two from their change into the boxes, it will make a marked difference to our display, not only at Christmas this year but also in future years as we now buy and therefore own our own decorations so when you shop, remember, Christmas is coming and give a copper or two!

Thelma Tillett, Shirehampton Christmas Association

The Fountain on the Green

Shirehampton's Landmark have you passed by it lately? A member of the 'Shire' team recently stood beside it and the smell was absolutely foul. On investigation he found it was full of waste food, carton, fruit, bottles, tins and every kind of waste - and there is a waste bin nearby which no doubt is emptied daily by the council!

He was so disgusted that he cleaned it out and he would like to thank Woolworths for the loan of dustpan and brush and buckets of water for this purpose.

Please don't put rubbish in the fountain, it could spread disease and it certainly gives a sorry impression of our village!

Charity Search News

You will have noticed that our Station Road charity shop has been closed for refurbishment recently. We will re-open on Monday, 10th March 2003 and we invite both new and old customers to come in to see us - have a look at the changes we have made - browse through our stock - see if you can find a bargain, there are plenty to be had!

May we also ask our supporter who are kind enough to bring in gifts for sale not to leave them on the doorstep when the shop is closed, we have found that they are often opened by passers-by and sometimes the contents are strewn along the pavement and in the road. This, of course, creates a hazard for road users and makes the good unsuitable for sale.

We look forward to seeing you soon

Primary Exhibit at Academy

Year 5 pupils at Shirehampton Primary School have been working with fabric to produce a Batik wall hanging. This exciting piece of work is on exhibition at The Royal West of England Academy, Queen's Road, Clifton from 16th March to 12th April 2003.

The exhibition is called “Culture” and is a representation from school children all over Bristol.

The children of Shirehampton did a straw poll of favourite Christmas presents which gave an insight into the cultural lives of 9 and 10 year olds. The most popular gift was Play Station 2 games and equipment. A console was designed and pupils experimented with colourways and enlargements. The image was repeated in the style of Andy Warhol.

Chris Inker

We wish a safe voyage and an early end to the hostilities to Chris Inker, Quartermaster on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship 'Ford Rosalie.' Local hero Chris, who is a member of the Bristol Branch of the Merchant Navy Association, is at present in the Middle East supporting our forces.

Park and Ride

Have you used the Portway Park and Ride yet? the other day three of us wanted to go into town and as it was mid-day on a busy weekday decided to give it a whirl! It seemed like a good idea what with parking and traffic etc. Though I have previously driven past the P&P and seen the large sign showing where the entrance is I had never actually seen it (the entrance, that is). I must confess that we did have a little difficulty actually finding the entrance and I do think that another sign further along nearer the traffic lights would be helpful! Talking to the attendant I don't think we were the only ones to have the same problem!

Anyway the journey to town and back couldn't have been easier, and with various stops along the way and easy access onto the low-level platform of the bus making it easy to get push chairs etc on and off I would recommend it to anyone.

The service runs every fifteen minutes and doesn't take long to get to the Centre where we got off. I know that now I have found my way around I shall certainly make good use of it.

Friends of Shirehampton Primary School

It has only been a year and a half since Shirehampton Infants and Junior schools became one, joined physically by a new, modern reception area, offices and connecting corridors. Led by a strong Headteacher Mrs Anne Travis, supportive deputy, and competent and approachable staff the school is going from strength to strength.

The school also boasts of a Friends of school committee who organise a variety of fundraising events the result of which provide the children with extra luxuries. The latest project is developing the playground areas. This was decided as it is important for the children and parents to see an end product for all their support and hard work. The children were asked to design their ideal playground including seating areas, shade and play equipment. The Friends of School have now started to purchase these. The play equipment now in the Key Stage One playground and has proved to be very popular. Plans are being made for an adventure playground in the Key Stage Two playground, new equipment for the reception children and nursery playground. As the weather improves the children are looking forward to seeing the plant boxes burst with colour and eating their packed lunches on the new table and benches.

Local traders have given donations in the past, which have been raffled and have helped towards our funds. A few always support us and we are very grateful to them.

We welcome any ideas or offers of help from the community as this is for our children of the future and it is important to teach them now to be appreciative and proud of their school and the area that they live in.

Sally Knowlson & Sian Curtis, SPS Friends of School

We're Back: A Second Reunion aged from 65-80

Due to the success of last year's 2002 reunion of Sea Mills Junior School pupils, it has been decided to hold another one this year on Saturday, May 10th, from 6pm to 10pm at Sea Mills Junior School, so that anyone who is interested in looking around the school and at the many photographs can do so at their leisure and then congregate in the main hall.

We are charging 1.50 per person this year as nibbles, etc., will be provided. However, please bring your own drink - coffee and tea will be provided.

We hope it will be as successful as last year.Tel. No. 0117 968 5778, 924 7371, 908 2926, 983 6314.See you all in May.

Pillow Lace Club

Meet at the Public Hall each Friday evening from 7 - 9pm.

Library News

Oh dear - was it something we said???  Once again we have to say a 'Fond Farewell' to a member of staff. Jeanette has decided to leave the Library Service, though we will all still see her regularly as she will continue to work in the Public Hall. She will be sorely missed by the two of us who remain and we wish her well in her new job.

In the near future we will be having a book returns box placed in the foyer of the Public Hall so you will be able to safely return your books when the library is closed - watch this space for further information.

We are involved with the 'City of Culture' promotion of Treasure Island and have several copies for loan - have you read it recently?If not, why not borrow a copy? We have children's, adult, large print and spoken word versions available.

Eileen & Marilyn

Dogs Fouling

Dear Editor,

I am writing to ask the person who walks their dog along the Portway between Barrow Hill and Groveleaze to stop allowing it to foul the path and grass verge. The Environmental Health have been informed and have asked all residents to report the identity of this person to them. Anyone who allows their dog to foul paths are liable to be fined.

Not only is this a health hazard, but it is someone's lack of respect for their community.

(Name and address supplied)

This also applies to many other roads locally - there have been many complaints made verbally to us at 'SHIRE'. Ed.

Antique Shop Closes

Angie and Paul of Alexandra House Antique and Collectables, would like to thank everyone for their support and custom over the last six years. It is with sadness and regret that we have to close the shop, as it has become no longer financially viable, however, Angela will be continuing with her interests at the antique fairs.

We would like to once again thank all the new friends, both customers and trade, we have met in the past six years.

Angela and Paul

News from St Bernards' RC Primary School

The Friends of St Bernard's RC Primary School are delighted to announce the opening of the newly refurbished cookery school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, staff and everyone else who has been involved in raising funds to enable us to provide this facility for the pupils at the school.

We would like to thank the Plumb Centre, Maurice Lay Distributors, IKEA and Waitrose who have all made valuable contributions in the form of kitchen units, equipment and vouchers. Also our very grateful thanks to Phil Pinnell of Pinnell Plumbing & Heating plus his band of able and willing helpers who have all worked so hard.

The previous children's kitchen at St Bernard's was old and badly in need of replacement. The new kitchen is modern and has been built with the children in mind. We hope that they, and others following them will have the great fun while they learn to cook.

St Mary's News

Hi folks! Here we are into Spring & rapidly approaching the season of Easter - a very important time in the church calendar. With all our decorations now complete it is wonderful to have full use of our church building once more. We would like to thank the other churches for the use of their premises for funerals whilst we were unable to use St Mary's. The new lighting system is now functioning and what a vast difference this has made - no more struggling to read in pools of darkness - it is almost as if St Mary's has been re-born!

I am pleased to report that Canon Christine has restored Morning Prayer during the week - this has not been said at St Mary's for several decades. Morning Prayer is now held Monday to Friday inclusive at 9.00 am on these days. It is a short service of meditation prayers and readings and lasts approximately 25 minutes. Please use the South Door in Pembroke Road to gain access to the church for this service.

Our Lent Course on Wednesday evenings - 'The Bible for Beginners' has got off to a flying start with over 30 persons attending. If you wish to join in please come to St Mary's Church Centre at 7.00 pm - it doesn't matter if you've missed the first few weeks - you will be very welcome.

It was pleasing to see a good response to the Women's World Day of Prayer Service held at 2.30 pm on Friday 7th March, which this year was held in St Bernards Roman Catholic Church. Thanks must go to Father Ryan for hosting the service this time.

March also saw the enthronement of Rowan - the new Archbishop of Canterbury in Canterbury Cathedral. Like Canon Christine he hails from Swansea - so he's got to the a good 'un!

The Very Rev Horace Dammers has recently had a spell in hospital but we are pleased to report he is now home again and sharing in worship once more with his wife Brenda at St Mary's. We do miss his familiar face when he is not with us. We pray for his continued restoration to good health.

Last month I did not have the figures available for our Silent Auction and I am pleased to tell you we raised just over 1,300 towards our new Chair Fund. Thank you to all - for this was not only a fund raising event but a wonderful social evening with a first class supper.

Also last month The Guild of Vergers had their AGM at Wraxall Parish Rectory. Canon Christine, John Bull and Jill Eynan attended as did yours truly as an invited guest. (Actually I think I was only invited because I was the supplier of the car transport - which enabled the other three to drink the red wine with the lunch!!) It was quite a humurous meeting and the lunch was most enjoyable. There were Vergers from such places as Tewkesbury & South Wales - so Canon Christine felt quite at home!

Once you mention Easter, very often people's thoughts turn to weddings. Our first wedding service for 2003 is on Saturday 12th April - so the happy couple will have a beautiful church building in which to hold their wedding ceremony.

On Sunday 6th April the Archdeacon of Bristol - Tim McClure - will be attending our 10.00 am Holy Communion Service and at the same time he will commission the Planning Team. (This is a group from our congregation who will be our 'think tank'). The following Sunday is Palm Sunday (13th April) - Holy Communion as usual at 10.00 am but this will be followed by light lunch before some of us embark on a coach trip to Wells Cathedral for Choral Evensong followed by a cream tea at a nearby hotel. A mild sunny day would be wonderful - I'll ask Canon Christine to have a word with Head Office!!

On Maunday Thursday (17th April) there will be no 11.00 Said Communion Service - Canon Christine wondered if anyone would like to join her attending a Service at Bristol Cathedral for the Blessing of the Oils. Please speak to her for further information. At 6.30 pm the same day there will be a Service of Holy Communion at St Mary's with the washing of feet. (I suppose I had better change my socks this month!) The next day of course is Good Friday. At 10.00 am there will be a Family Service with the Hot Cross Buns and the children will be performing a tableau around the Cross. At 1.00 pm will be the Good Friday Devotion followed at 2 pm by The Shirehampton Area Choirs' performance of Faure's Requiem.Easter Sunday (20th April) - 10.00 am Holy communion Service. Children will be welcome to attend dressed as Easter Bunnies, Chickens or Lambs! After the Service there will be an Easter Egg Hunt.

Wednesday 23rd April is St George's Day - the Patron Saint of England. (Canon Christine please note you will be required to pay homage to us Englanders!!) At 6.30 pm on that day Canon Christine will be holding a Service for the Renewal of Promises. Come and join us and satisfy your curiosity - all are welcome.

By the time you read these notes the improvements to Pembroke Road in the vicinity of the church will hopefully be completed. A footpath is to be constructed adjacent to the churchyard wall which will give safer access to the church and Health Centre. Various other improvements should slow down the passage of road traffic between Bradley Crescent and Waverley Road and reduce the number of vehicles travelling the wrong way on this one-way section of Pembroke Road.

Well folks, that's it for this month.

Bye for now C.M.E.

When I Survey

From Very Rev A. H. Dammers

My childhood and early youth living at Reedham on the Norfolk Broads leads me to a vision of the effects of an Avon Barrage opposite to that envisaged by Mr Blandford in the last two issues of Shire. The peacefully flowing river would provide a paradise for small boat sailors, canoeists and rowing people. Fishermen would share a freshwater harvest with the otters, resident kingfishers and herons. The historic port of Sea Mills would be rehabilitated. The danger of floods which increases annually because of the global warming would be eliminated as would future damage to the A4 highway.

Perhaps a water taxi, electrically driven to avoid noise and pollution, could provide local people with time to spare with a picturesque journey for a day in town and visitors with a chance to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Mr Blandford may well be right and my vision but a dream. But let us await, or better still promote an authoritative, independent report on all aspects of the case before we make up our minds. Above all, in this and other matters let us not assume that changes are necessarily likely to be harmful.

Doris (Dolly) Simpson

~ 19th December 1919 to 27th February 2003 ~

Doris, formerly of Old Park Road, passed peacefully away at Frenchay Hospital, aged 85. The funeral service took place at St Mary's, Shirehampton followed by cremation at Canford.

The family would like to thank all family, friends and neighbours for their support, cards and messages of sympathy and for the donations towards Cancer research.Many thanks also to Canon Christine Froude who conducted the service and gave us strength and support.

Bless you all, Anne, Jean, Jimmy and families

Peter Millard


Kath would like to thank Family, Friends and Neighbours for all the support given in the sad loss of Husband Pete, who passed away suddenly on February 14th and also for the cards and the donations made to the British Heart Foundation.

Grateful thanks to Canon Christine Froude for her sincerity and for the lovely service to all Pete's friends at a full Church.A special thank you to Judith and Mark for all their help.

(Thank you for your donation to SHIRE funds).

What's on in April

APRIL 1st - St andrew's LADIES CLUB 7.30pm at St Andrew's Church Hall. Talk on Tibet by Bernard Tapp.
APRIL 1st - Tuesday each week PENPOLE TENANTS ASSOCIATION Luncheon Club, 11.30am at 60 The Ridge.

APRIL 2nd - Wednesdays and Fridays every week A.U.S. DROP IN SESSION at the A.U.S. Cottage, High Street 9.30am - 11.30am
APRIL 2nd - Wednesday ARTHRITIS CARE meets at 7.30am at Jim O'Neil House.
APRIL 2nd - Wednesday EARLY MORNING SWIM at Shirehampton Baths 7am - 8am and 8.30am - 9am.
APRIL 2nd - Wednesday each week BNAGAVAD GITE class at the Public Hall. Ring 820696 for details.

APRIL 3rd - Thursday TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD 2pm - 4pm at the Methodist Church Hall.

APRIL 4th - Friday COFFEE MORNING at the Library 10.30am - noon.
APRIL 4th - Friday weekly BINGO at the Public Hall 6.30pm - 8.30pm.
APRIL 4th - Every Friday EVERGREENS at the Public Hall 1pm - 3pm.
APRIL 4th - Friday FRIDAY FUN at the Beachley Walk Centre for Parents, Carers and Pre-School children 9.30am - 11.30am.

APRIL 5th - Saturday COFFEE MORNING at the Methodist Church Hall.
APRIL 5th - STAMP FAIR at the Public Hall 9am - 4pm.

APRIL 6th - Sunday Baptist Church Service at the Cotswold Community Hall at 4.45pm.

APRIL 7th - Monday weekly 3 of Us BINGO at St Andrew's Church Hall 1.15pm - 2.45pm.
APRIL 7th - Monday every week FREE BASIC LITERACY CLASSES at Lawrence Weston. Ring 9038824 for details.

APRIL 8th - Tuesday EVERGEEN OUTING to Moreton in the Marsh and Bourton on the Water.


APRIL 15th - Tuesday St Andrew's LADIES CLUB 7.30pm at St Andrew's Church Hall TRIP OUT.
APRIL 15th - Tuesday RAILWAY MODELLERS meet at 7.30pm at the Public Hall.

APRIL 16th - Wednesday HAPPY HEARTS WEST meet at 7.30pm at Beachley Walk Centre.
APRIL 16th - Wednesday WOMEN'S INSTITUTE meets at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30pm.
APRIL 16th - Wednesday SHIRE STITCHERS meet at 7.30pm at the Public Hall.

APRIL 18th - GOOD FRIDAY and also APRIL 21st EASTER MONDAY, both Bank Holidays when the Library will be closed.

APRIL 20th - Sunday Church of England Service at 4.45pm at the Cotswold Community Centre.

APRIL 25th - Friday SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold Community Centre 7.30pm - 10pm.


FORTHCOMING EVENT - 31st ANNUAL ART EXHIBITION at the Public Hall, Saturday May 24th - Tuesday May 27th, both dates inclusive. Entry forms are available in the Library.