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Shirehampton and Pill Reunited?

Time was when there was great rivalry between Shirehampton and Pill, but the two riverside communities were brought together on Wednesday 29th January in a shared desire to safeguard their common heritage.

At a meeting in St. Katherine's School, Pill, called jointly by Glyn Duck councillor on the Pill side of the River, and Pat Roberts, councillor on the Bristol side, 150 people met to hear about the Avon Barrage Water Park scheme and to express their concerns. (The scheme was featured in "Shire" Sept 2002.)

Two representatives of Alder King, part of the Consortium that has proposed the development outlined briefly what they hoped to achieve, and claimed that the original intention to pay for the barrage by building 500 houses on the Horseshoe Bend at Chapel Pill Farm had been abandoned, as North Somerset would not release Green Belt land. Instead they said they would look for other finance, and might even get Government help because of the benefits a barrage would bring.

Ben Hamilton-Baillie of the West of England Strategic Partnership, charged by the Environment Agency with the job of investigating the threat to Bristol from rising sea levels gave a presentation outlining the dangers faced by the city, and how a barrage might help the situation, and also provide needed relief to the over-stretched traffic link on the M5 Avon Bridge. However, he was at pains to point out that contrary to what Alder King's spokesman had claimed, a barrage was far from easy to build, and also that is was not the only way the flooding threat could be dealt with. Something like the Thames barrier might be the answer. The Water Park idea was not a necessary part of the solution to the flood threat. In addition, there were a huge number of considerations to take into account, and careful calculations to be made of the effect on drainage, and the many water courses that flow into the Avon.

Opened to the floor, there was a lively and continuous flow of comment, the overall tone of which was negative to the Barrage idea. Suspicion was expressed about the motives behind the proposals. One speaker was glad to hear the Chapel Pill housing was now ruled out, but said he believed the commercialisation of the river with marinas and all the ancillary development and infrastructure that entailed would ruin the essential pastoral beauty and atmosphere of our stretch of the river. Others highlighted some practical points such as that the barrage located where the planners envisaged would still leave Avonmouth vulnerable to floods, and that not just a barrage, but a lock with a sizeable holding basin would have to be built to enable boats to move to and from the Channel.

The meeting could well have continued, with other concerns such as the ecological effects yet to be raised, but time had run out. The Chairman, Robert Buck, who had maintained admirable impartiality throughout, then summed up the mood of the meeting as showing there was a great deal of suspicion of the proposals, a feeling which he shared.

If the large number of Pill and Shirehampton residents who attended the meeting are representative, then on both sides of the river the overwhelming feeling is "No barrage and no Water Park!"

Brian Blanford

New Businesses in Shire

On Saturday, 15th February 'BARGAIN BOOZE' launched theirt business in Shirehampton High Street in style with an opening by an Ali G lookalike and a street party. We welcome this business and two others who also opened in February, 'THREE COOKS' CAKES and 'CASA MIA' KITCHEN FITTINGS, as new businesses to replace the old empty shop premises and keeps our village High Street alive and kicking!

Notes on the Shirehampton Community Group Meeting

held in the Public Hall on Wednesday 29 January 2003 There were 13 people present.

Section Reports

a) Planning and Environment

Lamplighters Marsh - the review of the Local Plan is due to be published on 17th February and will be available in hard copy, application for which can be made on the website. The Plan includes reserving the Portway allotments for an extension of the Park and Ride, and retaining Lamplighters Marsh as a coastal zone between the Lamplighters Pub and M5 bridge which could mean development of the waterside frontage for light industrial use i.e. warehouses etc. Regarding the allotments, the Council has to get permission from the Secretary of State to close them.

Park & Ride - the Environmental and Landscape Management report should have been issued before Christmas but the latest date given is the end of January, however there is no sign of it. A draft was completed last July so why the hold up? It will be interesting to see if the suggestions made regarding Shirehampton have been taken into account. Some discussion ensued on the low number of cars using the Park & Ride. Official figures are not forthcoming although the number of passengers using the buses are - the comment was made that since many local residents use the buses and not the Park & Ride this does not measure the usage of the latter. If charging to enter the city is implemented it will be interesting to see if the Park & Ride is used more.

Communications Mast - an application to erect a mast on the junction of Station Road and Portway was submitted on 6 December. Not all of the affected residents were notified by letter and others not until 20th December. A notice was posted on the pedestrian bridge but not very visible. It is widely believed this was deliberately 'buried' in the pre-Christmas rush and as a result the application was passed. However protests are continuing partly on the grounds that there are already too many masts around the village, and that this particular one is close to a bus stop used by a lot of children. The Ombudsman has been approached about the way the application procedure was carried out.

Development of Savoy Cinema/Bingo Hall - the work has now started and when demolition of the bingo hall is in progress the section of Station Road between Pembroke Road and Avenue will be closed - probably a couple of days.

Flats next to Alldays - the area has been cleared of trees and work started on 22 flats with just 17 parking spaces.

Proposed road safety improvements for Shirehampton - John Parsons is awaiting news from the Council. He noted that work had started on traffic calming measures in Sea Mills already (see addendum).

Red Cross shop - the application for change of use to an off licence thought to have been turned down, wasn't and the shop has commenced trading.

Avon Barrage - the Joint Structure Planning Committee of North Somerset and Bristol City Council were holding a meeting in Pill this evening, which was being attended by people from Shirehampton and Avonmouth. Await details.

Swimming Pool - several people from Shirehampton attended the meeting at the Council House but said the decision was a foregone conclusion that Henbury would get the pool. Several conditions have to be met by Henbury before it goes ahead so the underlying message was it's not cut and dried yet.

b) General & Highways Report given by John Parsons.

Donations at the last meeting totalled £4.80.

Still no response from the Council regarding the missing 'finger' signs at Park Gates. This has been going on for two years.

One non-working light reported but John notices all the lamps in Severn Road were out or on during the day.

Park & Ride bus shelters - the promise made last July of new shelters has not materialised but it seems new ones are being designed with electronic indicators stating when the next bus is due. The kerbs are also apparently being raised. We await further news.

Complaints about the problem of pedestrians crossing the Portway at Hung Road lights - nothing further to report.

Any other business

A question was asked about the proposed Youth Café and Resource Centre. This is probably going to open in the premises formerly used by Swift Travel Agency and run under the umbrella of the Shire Community Forum and with the local churches.

Complaints about the litter in the village include the need to replace the bin that was outside of Woolworths where litter accumulates, and the possible relocation of the one by the fountain to site it nearer the bus stop seats so people will use the bin instead of the ground. The litter created by school children at lunch time, especially the discarded pizza boxes is causing annoyance and concern.

Future speakers - John Parsons said if there were any particular speakers of groups we would like to invite to our meetings, let him know.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 26 March 2003 Future dates: 28th May, 30th July, 24th September and 24th November.

Addendum - High Street improvements:

John finally spoke to the council on 4th February and reports as follows. "Many will have been waiting with bated breath for the traffic management works within the main village. Unfortunately there has been a hiccup over the primary funding from the Dept. of Transport - but we are still near the top of the list. Hopefully, however, some pavement works are to commence shortly in Pembroke Road which should a) help pedestrians and b) slow the traffic down in that area.

Watch this space!"

What's on in March

MARCH 1st Saturday COFFEE MORNING at the Methodist Church Hall
MARCH 1st Saturday STAMP FAIR at the Public Hall 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

MARCH 2nd Sunday Baptist Church Service at the Cotswold Community Hall at 4.45 p.m.

MARCH 3rd Monday Every Week Three of Us BINGO at the St. Andrew's Church Hall 1.15 p.m. - 2.45 p.m.

MARCH 4th Tuesday each week Penpole Tenants Association Luncheon Club 11.30 a.m. at 60, The Ridge.
MARCH 4th Tuesday Avonmouth Ladies Club meets at St. Andrew's Church Hall at 7.30 p.m.

MARCH 5th & 6th Wednesday & Thursday every week A.U.S. " Drop in" Sessions at the A.U.S. Cottage, High St. 9.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.
MARCH 5th Wednesday ARTHRITIS CARE meets 7.30 p.m. at Jim O'Neil House.
MARCH 5th Wednesday EARLY MORNING SWIM at Shirehampton Baths 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. and 8.30 a.m. - 9 a.m.
MARCH 5th Wednesday each week BNAGAVAD-GITE Class at the Public Hall ring 9820690 for details.

MARCH 6th Thursday TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. at the Methodist Church Hall A.G.M.

MARCH 7th Friday COFFEE MORNING at the Library 10.30 a.m. - 12 noon.
MARCH 7th Friday Weekly BINGO at the Public Hall 6.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.
MARCH 7th Every Friday at the Public Hall EVERGREENS 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
MARCH 7th Friday each week FRIDAY FUN at Beachley Walk Centre for Parents, Carers and Pre-School children 9.30 a.m. - 11 a.m.

MARCH 16th Sunday Church of England Service at 4.45 p.m. at the Cotswold Community Centre.

MARCH 18th Tuesday RAILWAY MODELLERS meet at the Public Hall at 7.30 p.m.
MARCH 18th Tuesday AVONMOUTH LADIES CLUB meets at St. Andrew's Church Hall at 7.30 p.m.

MARCH 19th Wednesday HAPPY HEARTS WEST meet at 7.30 p.m. at the Beachley Walk Centre.
MARCH 19th Wednesday WOMEN'S INSTITUTE meets at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 p.m.
MARCH 19th Wednesday SHIRE STITCHERS meet at 7.30 p.m. at the Public Hall.

MARCH 28th Friday SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold Community Centre 7.30 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Portway School PE Department Royal & Sun Alliance Panathlon challenge.

On Friday 31st January 60 pupils chosen from years 7-11 competed in the annual Panathlon challenge at Monks Park School. Having already secured a silver medal in the orienteering the previous week the whole team competed in the remaining 8 events with great deal of enthusiasm. These sports were: Badminton (yr 11), Basketball (yr 10/11), Cycling skills relay (yr 7-10), Chess (yr 10/11), Boys football/Girls football (yr 7/8), Netball (yr 10/11), Table tennis (yr 7-11), Indoor athletics (yr 7-11).

All the boys and girls who did compete did so with a great deal of skill as well as a sense of fair play and the school ended the day with gold medals in boys football, cycling, chess and basketball. Crucially the team achieved a silver in Indoor Athletics which, although being a great achievement meant that Portway finished 3rd overall, only 2 points behind the joint winners St Bernadettes and the hosts Monks Park. Fortunately the team get another chance to win gold as we will compete for the 'plate' competition in March.

Despite coming 3rd overall the day did end on a high as they were awarded the Fair Play award in recognition of the way all competitors conducted themselves throughout the day - well done to all involved. Next month: All the results from Junior and Senior Basketball as well as boys and girls football and hockey update.

New Health Centre Meetings

The meeting scheduled for February 12th & 13th, had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, and a new date will be announced.

The Final Show at the Savoy Cinema

....but happy memories will remain
(Photo: E Verey)

Who's Who?

It has come to our attention that there may be a little confusion about which group is which in Shirehampton.

The Public Hall is managed by the Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association. This community association also runs two community development projects:

Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF) The Community Park Project (part of SCAF) Both of the above projects are based at the Public Hall, and are managed by the Community Association. In the near future SCAF will become an independent organisation from the Community Association - but hopes to remain based at the Public Hall.

Shirehampton Community Group is a separate organisation from both the Shirehampton Public Hall Community Association and SCAF. It holds regular open public meetings at the Public Hall on a number of important issues.

For more information or contact details about any of these groups please contact Ash Bearman (SCAF) on 982.

St Andrew's Ladies Club Meetings

At St Andrews Church Hall on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays every month from 7.30am to 9.15pm.
4th March - Talk on Tibet by Bernard Tapp
18th March - To be arranged
1st April - To be arranged
15th April  Trip out - details to follow.

Free basic literacy classes

In Lawrence Weston - Mondays 1pm - 3pm. Free crèche. Phone 9038824 for details.


We understand that plans are underway to demolish Rushlands Residential Home and Kirkby Road flats in Lawrence Weston and replace them with a complex of units of sheltered accommodation. Rushlands has had a very good record of looking after elderly people who are no longer able to look after themselves. There will be a Consultation process over the next three months with residents and Health Workers before a final decision is reached.

Evergreen's Outings 2003

April 8th - Moreton-in-the-Marsh and Bourton-on-the-Water
May 20th - Trip up the Avon & Kennett Canal
June 4th - Swanage
July 15th - Trago Mills and Paignton
August 12th - Lynton and Lynmouth
Sept 10th - Dorchester Market and Weymouth
Sept 17th - Weston
For further information ring 982 3180 Non-Evergreen members are welcome.

'Shirehampton Greens' Environmental Action Group

'Shire Greens' is a community group under the umbrella of Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF). Shire Greens wants to make a positive environmental change and would like to hear from anyone in the Shire community who is interested in, or has any concerns about, environmental issues, e.g. open space, recycling, composting, energy, traffic, outdoor facilities, waste, local food issues etc.

If you would like more information on Shirehampton Community Park or you would like to help and support Shire Greens please contact Richard on 0117 982 9963.


Pat and family extend sincere thanks to all who have given us support in our sad loss. The cards, letters, floral tributes, donations, friendship and sympathy have been a great comfort.

Special thanks to Shirehampton Doctors and Nurses, the PBA Executive Committee, Skittles Committee, Skittlers and PBA staff. Thanks also to neighbours and friends and all who attended the church and burial. Thank you to Chreistine (Canon) who conducted the service the way I wished - God Bless you all (Many thanks for your donation to SHIRE funds)

Avon Primary School Lottery Award Boosts Avon's Sporting Facilities!

Avon Primary School are celebrating after receiving a grant of £1,300 from the National Lottery's Awards  for All programme. The grant will enable Avon Primary to establish cricket and gymnastic clubs run by external fully qualified coaches. The grant will also enable the school to purchase new gymnastics padded tables and benches along with a considerable amount of Kwik cricket equipment.

Nigel Cooley, the school's PE co-ordinator said "This award will help us to greatly improve our after school club provision and our overall facilities. We hope to start these clubs in May and September with the ambition of significantly improving our children's opportunities. It may also be possible to establish links with local gymnastics and cricket clubs so that children can pursue their interests after leaving the care of Avon Primary".

Scout News

Friday 13 December 2002 saw the Investiture of Daniel Arnel, who left the Cub Pack to join the Scout Troop

Calling all Secretaries of Societies and Clubs

Please will all Secretaries of local clubs and societies let us have their programmes for the year so that the events can be included inb the 'What's On'. Details to the Library please, by the 10th of the month. Thank you

Shirehampton Community Park

Community Park consultation dates. A series of consultation dates have been arranged to enable you to give your views about a community-led proposal to improve the Daisy Field and a nearby allotment site and create Shirehampton Community Park.

If the Park is to meet the needs of local people then your views important and needed. All are welcome to come along and find out more, raise concerns, give ideas for improvements and make comments at the following dates and places:
Wednesday 12th March, 6-9pm, Shirehampton Public Hall, Station Road. All are welcome. Come and chat with the Park Development Worker. Refreshments will be provided.
There will also be opportunities to see a display and make comments on:
26th-28th February - at Shirehampton Library
7th-12th March - at Shirehampton Public Hall
14th-19th March - at Shirehampton Health Centre

Shirehampton Traders' Association

Just a timely reminder that subscriptions of £10 per annum are now due from members of the above Association.

New traders locally are particularly welcome to join the Association which acts as the collective voice of the traders to support the aims of the Community Council and the Christmas Lights Association etc. Last Christmas we were able to donate a substantial amount towards the cost of the lights and this purpose will continue to be our major objective for this year.

Subscription cheques should be made payable to the Shirehapton Traders' Association and addressed topThe Treasurer, Shirehampton Traders' Association, Rodaway & Son, 'Shire House' 14/16 High Street, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 0DP. Cash will be accepted at this address and an official receipt will be given in respect of both types of payment.

Further information regarding the Association may be obtained from Mrs Nicky Rodaway. Tel: 938 06112.

Memory Boost

World memory champion helps students at Portway Community School with exam revision Students preparing for exams at Portway Community School are to get tips from some of the world's top experts in brain power. Mind, memory and motivation experts, including members of the Mensa Gifted Children's Foundation, a World Memory Champion and leading educationalists, have created a revolutionary new course.

The one day study skills seminar Maximize Your Potential will take place at Kings Weston House on Wednesday 29th January 2003. Maximize Your Potential uses state of the art computerised presentation methods that teach students how to remember facts and figures easily, how to identify their individual learning styles, how to increase their brain power and improve their exam grades.

Award winning presenters from the world of radio, TV and education spend a day with students in an engaging and interactive programme, showing them there are no limits to what they can achieve. Students will face many challenges within their lifetime and they are instructed how they can break the doors down and become successful.

One of Britain's leading educational teacher training organisations, ICAA (International Curriculum and Assessment Agency) has developed this unique study skills programme with the help of World Memory Champion Jonathan Hancock and Mensa Foundation for Gifted Children chief executive Robert Allen. For further information about the programme and to arrange for radio or newspaper interviews at the school please contact Gabrielle Murtagh, Assistant Headteacher on 0117 982 8442.

Sea Mills Infant School 50th Anniversary Celebrations

This April marks the 50th Anniversary of the official opening of Sea Mills Infant School. The school was opened by The Lord Mayor in 1953, together with five other new schools in Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston. We are planning to celebrate in early April by holding some Open Days during which ex-pupils and staff can visit, as well as a concert and a reunion. We also hope to see the unveiling of a commissioned work of art, and are to be visited by Robin Cousins, also an ex-pupil of the school.

If you are, or know an old pupil of the school, either contact Anne Triggle, née English on 0117 982 2587/0117 377 2929, the school direct 0117 903 0088 or contact the Friends Reunited website for further information about events. We would also be pleased to borrow photos or memorabilia for display purposes.
(Thank you for your kind donation - Editor)

Quiz Night

Funds raised go the Friends of Portway School. All welcome at Avonmouth Rugby Club on Friday, 28th March, 7pm for 7.30pm start. Bar - Raffle - Teams of up to 5 £2.00 per person - Prize for winning team. For tickets please contact Reception at Portway Community School, Penpole Lane, Shirehampton or phone 982 8442.

Sarah 'Sadie' Sanderson 9th March 1910-23rd Jan 2002

Sadie, formerly of Barwick House and Stowe House, Shirehampton passed away peacefully age 92 years on Thursday 23rd January at the B.R.I. surrounded by her children. the funeral took place at the Methodist church, Penpole Lane, Shirehampton on Wednesday 29th January.

The following poem was written by, and read at the service by Sadie's granddaughter Allison Knapp (nee Hawkessy). Allison's poem was a collection of childhood memories and was a moving tribute to the special times spent with 'Sadie' as a child.

Thank you to family and friends for their cards and messages of sympathy from Joan, Royston, Gerald and Clifford Sanderson and their families.
(Many thanks for your donation to shire funds.)

Many memories came back throughout that day
As Nan so sadly slipped away
So I share this with you as Nan lays nearby
As we try to be strong and try not to cry.

My Nan

'Big Nan' as we knew her best
Just knocked spots off all the rest
The special times we used to share
Her ability to love and care

From infants school she'd pick me up
four years old, a little pup
Some rubbish sweets from Jenny Ray's
And from the window she'd watch me play

Our endless walks with Auntie Mabel
With blackberries soaking on the table
Scratched to bits with purple fingers
Our blackberry picking days memory lingers

No. 12 Barwick was my second home
At the end of school that's where I'd roam
As it was probably was for one or two.
BS11 0BQ

Marrowfat peas and a lamb chop dinner
Bread pudding for afters was always a winner
Nan would warm up my clothes for school to wear
And put ribbons in my ringleted hair

Later we'd go ballroom dancing
My wonderful partner, graceful, enchanting
Methodist bright hour for a nice cup of tea
Jam doughnuts and quavers, Nan would treat me

Spent many a night having midnight feasts
We has so much fun to say the least
Little holidays there if Mum was painting
My little bag packed and Nan was waiting

She'd patch me up if I was poorly
A morning downstairs whilst Nan did her laundry
In the lift getting stuck in between floors
Alarm bells ringing as Nan opened the doors

Polishing brass on floor No. 3
'Mustn't step on it' Nan said to me.
This lady has truly touched our lives
Grandsons and daughters, husbands and wives

Not here today but never apart
As Nan lives with all of us deep in our heart
Nan loved to laugh and give us her time
This is my Nan, she used to be mine

St Mary's News

Hi Folks! Here we are - the 1st March - St David's Day. If you see Canon Christine around on this day give her a daffodil! (or even a pound of leeks!!) - you're sure to get a hug and a kiss in return!

"Enough of this tomfoolery - get on with what we want to hear" you are no doubt saying. Shrove Tuesday this year falls on 4th March with Ash Wednesday the following day - the first day of Lent. At 6.30pm on Ash Wednesday there is a service of Holy Communion with marking of ashes. This service is followed by the beginning of our Lent Course - "Bible for Beginners" - led by Elizabeth Harper and should be finished at 9pm. The course is throughout Lent on each Wednesday - the final session will be on the 9th April, 2003.

On Thursday 13th March at 2.45pm the new Bishop of Bristol - Bishop Mike - will be formally elected by the College of Canons in Bristol Cathedral. Following this he will pay homage to the Queen - probably during the month of April - and will be installed at Bristol Cathedral on the 21st June.

On Saturday 15th March we are having our St Patrick's Day Fayre from 10am until 12 noon in Church. Come and bring your children to see "Fryer" the clown! I'm led to believe he has green hair and is dressed like a monk - to find out more you will have to come along and see for yourselves. There will be lots of fun for all ages and many Irish goodies amongst other things for sale.

On Saturday 22nd March there is a Lent Quiet Day at Trinity College, Stoke Bishop led by Rev David Runcorn. See Canon Christine if you are interested.

Have you been inside St Mary's recently - if not take a look - some of the scaffolding has been removed revealing the ceiling in the Chancel and Sanctuary, which is now a very dark blue - like a clear night sky - and it is bedecked with golden stars of varying sizes, including a large star - the Star of the East. The church will look magnificent when all the work is finished. It is wonderful to see the stone quoins again around the doors, windows and arches which have been painted over when the building was last redecorated some 40 years ago.

On the subject of stars, I've been requested to ask you to consider purchasing your Easter Cards from St Mary's. Each card will cost £1 and will pay for the cost of one star on the ceiling. These cards will be available in church - and just think you will be able to look up and think "One of those stars in mine!"

We would like to thank those of you who generously donated gifts and services to the Silent Auction - I haven't got the figures yet to tell you how much we made. Also a successful Valentine's Party was held for those couples being married in St Mary's this year.

On Saturday 21st February - a memorial service for Richard Connett was held - this was a wonderful service commemorating his short, but very full life. In his 44 years he achieved more than most of us would have in 70+ years. A retiring collection raised sufficient money to enable us to purchase another five new chairs.

Now on a sadder note I have to report that some person or persons stole an item of garden furniture from Canon Christine's rear garden at the Vicarage. This seems so very unfair, to steal from someone who gives so much of her time and who is extremely generous with her gifts to the sick and elderly in the parish. Any information about this crime which occurred between 12th and 13th February 2003 would be much appreciated - or if the thief or thieves leave a message on Canon Christine's answerphone as to where the missing item may be recovered, the matter could then be closed without any further ado!

'Bye for now CME

Shirehampton Churches United Service

On the Last Sunday of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity we held a special service in Shirehampton Methodist Church. With our Anglican colleagues and some friends from the Baptist church we joined together in a service of Holy Communion. Revd David Alderman and Revd Canon Christine Froude joined in leading the service and Revd Canon Brian Duckett preached on the topic of Covenant. After the service, over a cup of tea, we discussed the proposed Covenant between the Anglican and Methodist Church. The two Churches have been talking nationally and have drawn up a Covenant which is to be the subject of a vote later this year by the Anglican General Synod and Methodist Conference.

The Covenant is a series of affirmations and commitments. To quote one of the clauses - " We commit ourselves to realise more deeply our common life and mission and to share the distinctive contributions of our traditions, taking steps to bring about closer collaboration in all areas of witness and service in our needy world". In the introduction Brian Duckett likened the covenant to a boy and girl agreeing to walk out together, to get to know each other better. After a question time we recognised how much we are already working together in the Village, and resolved to get to know each other better.

If you would like to see the proposed covenant please ask at either St Mary's or the Methodist Church.

Obituary Lionel Henry Coombs

Born Shirehampton 1918. Left Shirehampton in 1950s. Died january 2003. Although living in the USA he enjoyed the Shire newspaper. Remembered by nieces and nephews. (Thank you for your donation - Editor)

Acknowledgement - David Rice

Sue, Dave, Pat, Kevin and Andrew would like to thank all relatives and friends for your kind words, cards and flowers on the sad loss of our dear Dad (Dave). Many thanks to the Tuesday Club and the George for your kindness. Also a very big thank you to Elizabeth and all the residents of the Orchards for looking after Dad while he lived there. Many thanks for their donation to British Heart Foundation. God Bless you all. (Thanks for your donation - Editor)

Acknowledgement - Richard Connett

Josie, John, Carol and families warmly thank everyone who contributed to the success of the service of thanksgiving held on Sunday February 2nd at St Mary's, Shirehampton. We are grateful to Canon Christine Froude for her sympathetic sincerity in conducting this comforting service from its very inception to its ending.

It was a wonderful tribute to Richard's memory to have so many relatives and friends as to practically fill the Church. This and the great number of cards, flowers, and messages expressing sympathy (the donations at the Church to be given to St Mary's chair appeal and Macmillan Nurses) was a heartwarming experience to us all, in the face of the sadness of the occasion. (Thank you for your donation - Editor)


Betty and Eddy would like to express their sincere thank to family and friends for cards and messages of sympathy, also donations to Pilgrim's Hospice, Kent, where their son John passed peacefully away on Jan 23rd after a long illness. Thank you all. (Thank you for your donation - Editor)

Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

It was interesting to read about the Great Shire Youth Litterthon in January's edition of Shire. It is a pity that some of those who took part are not around The Green after Portway pupils have finished their chip lunches; or when pupils are on their way home from school and throwing uneaten sandwiches in the gutter; or when three girls stood giggling on the pavement about the number of sweet papers they have dropped on the floor.

Fast-food outlets have a lot to answer for, but surely those who use them ought to be taught to dispose of the wrappings in a sensible, considerate way. G. Cooper.

Donations to Charity

Dear Editor,

Once again friends and residents of Jim O'Neil House have saved their pennies over the last year and collected a fantastic £150. This will be donated to the following charities: clic, St Peter's Hospice and Cystic Fibrosis equally. Well done folks.
Warden, Jim O'Neil House, Shirehampton