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Letters . . .

Do You Have Problems Getting An Appointment With The Doctor?

Frustrating, isn't it? Ringing up the surgery only to be told that you can't get a routine appointment with a doctor when you want one. Then the pressure's on - maybe you'll take an urgent appointment, even though it's not really urgent ... but you don't want to wait another three days! Well, the Shirehampton Group Practice team are working hard to try and improve the situation. In the near future, we are going to trial a new scheme where patients who ask for an urgent appointment will be put through to a nurse, who will assess their condition. The nurse may be able to give you the advice you need, or they may recommend action you can take while waiting for the next routine appointment with a doctor, or of course they may invite you to pop into the surgery to see them. Initially this will be on a small scale to see how well you, the patient, responds to this innovative new way of getting health care advice.

Using the Service:

Meanwhile, patients can also play their part to make sure appointments are available to everyone when they really need them. For example, if you just need a sick note, it may not be necessary to see the doctor, and certainly not immediately. They can always be backdated. If you have a problem such as a cough or cold, go first to see your local pharmacist - they are highly trained professionals who can give first class advice and recommend effective over-the-counter remedies. Or you could, of course, ring NHS Direct (Tel: 0845 4647) - this facility is available 24 hours a day and is intended to complement your GP service, not compete with it. You may find just the information you are looking for, leaving your doctors to get on with treating those patients who truly need their expertise. Saturday morning is another time which is meant for emergency appointments - please try and leave routine matters to during the week - you'd really be helping.

Missed appointments:

If you know you aren't going to need your appointment, please ring and let us know - we are all human and occasionally forget or miss an appointment. Please pick up the Œphone and let us know rather than just not bothering. You may be surprised to know that during the month of February, we had 141 appointments where patients just did not turn up.


And lastly, have a thought for our highly dedicated team of receptionists - they are not there to block your route to the doctor! They will try hard to arrange a convenient appointment but can only offer those that are available. They are crucial to the effective running of the surgery and have a difficult and often stressful job to do - please support them where you can.

If you wish to talk through any issues relating to the Group Practice, please feel free to contact the Practice Manager, Carole Brooke on 0117 916 2225.

Church Services


  • Palm Sunday: (April 8th) Blessing of Palms and Procession from St. Bernard's School 10.00 a.m. Eucharist 10.15 a.m.
  • Monday (9th April) and Tuesday (10th April) Rosary and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 7 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.
  • Maundy Thursday (April 12th). Mass of the Lord's Supper with Washing of Feet at 7.30p.m. Prayer vigil until midnight.
  • Good Friday: Liturgy of the Passion and Death of the Lord at 3 p.m. Stations of the Cross. (A meditation on the Passion) 7 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. EASTER VIGIL: Easter Vigil Celebration, including Mass, commences at 8 p.m.
  • Easter Sunday: Mass at 10.00 a.m. only


  • Sunday, 8th April 4 p.m. Cotswold Community Centre followed by tea and biscuits.
  • Friday, 13th April The March - meet at The Green at 10.30 a.m.
  • Sunday, 15th April Shirehampton Baptist Church, at 10.00 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.


  • Sunday, 8th April - Palm Sunday 10 a.m. Holy Communion with distribution of Palm Crosses.
  • Thursday, 12th April - Maundy Thursday 7.30 p.m. Preparation for Good Friday and the stripping of the Sanctuary.
  • Friday, 13th April - Good Friday 2.00 p.m. A selection of religious pieces of music appropriate for the day by Shirehampton Area Choir, together with Readings.
  • Sunday, 15th April - Easter Day 10 a.m. Holy Communion.


  • Palm Sunday - April 8th 11a.m. Rev. Edward Standhaft, M.A., (Victoria, Whiteladies Road)
  • EASTER DAY - April 15th 11 a.m. Valerie Flint Johnson 6.30 p.m. Rev. Edward Standhaft, M.A., with the St. Mary's Choir - Organist and Conductor - Mr Tim Forder Sunday, April 29th - Home Missions Anniversary 5.15 p.m. Afternoon Tea 6.30 p.m. Rev. David Alderman (with a Home Missions video).

Musical playtime

For Mums or Carers with children 1-3 years, held on Tuesday mornings, term-time only, at the Avonmouth Community Centre from 10am - 11am (approx), 50p per family 1st session free. Small charge made for drinks and biscuits afterwards.

Telephone Ann Sparks 010934 834306 or Mandy Franklin 983 1629.

We are back

Many members of the Shirehampton community have enquired about what happened to the staff and service users when the Portway centre Building in St. Bernard's Road closed. The service relocated to the Lanercost Centre in Southmead at the end of October and the service users are now using the Lanercost Centre for recreation and activities.

However, the former Portway users missed their links with Shirehampton. As a result a brand new service - Shire Link - has been established using St. Mary's Church Centre as a base. This will enable the service users to keep their links with the community of Shirehampton who made them feel welcome and supported during their time at the Portway Centre. Following refurbishments to the Church Centre we open as a service on Monday, March 19. St Mary's will be used as a base from Monday to Friday and our aim is to use other venues in the community for activities including a wildlife group, swimming and sports, community education and T'ai Chi. We also hope to offer services for the people of Shirehampton such as cooking for the elderly and social activities. We will be working with Community Development Workers to develop these joint opportunities for activities and services for the whole community, with St. Mary's Church Centre serving as a base for this work.

Once again the staff and service users would like to thank everyone in Shirehampton for their support. We are looking forward to restoring old links and forging new links in the near future.


  • Monday 7 - 9 p.m. Judo
  • Tuesday 8 - 10 p.m. Sequence Dancing New members welcome.
  • Wednesday 7 - 9 p.m. Singing Voices
  • Thursday 6 - 9 p.m. Slimming World - rear hall
  • Friday 7 - 9 p.m. Judo (For bookings please ring 982 6771).

Shirehampton Traders' Summer Barbecue

After our two previous years' successes, this year's event will be held on Sunday 22nd July 2001 at The Lamplighters, Station Road from 2.30pm until 6.30pm activities to include bouncy castle, line dancing, games, face painting, raffles and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Children look our for your local School News Letters we are holding a great competition to design a poster to advertise the event, special prize for the winner.

Mark the date in your diaries and watch this space, more details to follow in next edition of the Shire Newspaper.


We are very pleased to welcome the Portway Centre into their new home in our Church Centre. The rear hall, toilets and kitchen have been refurbished and are very smart now and we hope everyone will be happy there. The rear hall is available in the evening and the main hall during the day.

For bookings please ring 982 6771.

Gill Bridge, CHURCH CENTRE Manager.

Shire Public Hall Bingo Club

Since the Friday night Bingo Club started at the Public Hall in September 2000, our membership has grown to 38, people coming from as far apart as Bedminster, Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Henbury and Sea Mills. The atmosphere is brilliant, everyone talking and laughing with one another, which is what the aim of the Bingo Club is all about community get together.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of people offering to help in the running of the Club, for which I am very grateful.

Bingo commences every Friday night at 7 pm at the Public Hall, and will also be taking place on Good Friday, April 13th.

It is the members who have made it a success and we look forward to seeing you there.

Bingo Caller, Norman

(Thank you for your donation to SHIRE funds).

Found in Shirehampton Cemetery

A walking stick was found in the Cemetery on Sunday, 25th February. To enquire, please ring 9382630.

A Big 'Thank You' to all our Customers from Woolworths

Staff at Woolworths Shirehampton, would like to say a special THANK YOU to our customers for helping them to win a competition held during half term week in October 2000.

The store won a competition for sales of BARBIE products during that week.

This was a great achievement and the store was well rewarded. Dot, the Manager at Woolies, received the news via e-mail informing her the prize was a trip to Lapland for 2 adults and 2 children. After much thought, Dot decided to award the prize to Vina McConnell and Sue Gates, who were involved in selling the products, along with Sue's two boys, Daniel and Justin, and Sue has sent us the following run-down of the visit. 'We flew from Gatwick on the 10th December at 8a.m. on 'Air 2000', the flight taking about 4 hours and the adults had Bucks Fizz for breakfast! As we approached Ivalo airport we were warned that it was -15 degrees and snowing gently and on landing we were greeted by local Finns and their reindeer. We were then moved a distance by coach to a wooden lodge where we had a hot lunch and met Father Christmas and then changed into snow suits. By this time it was almost pitch black, although it was only 2.30 in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent on a frozen lake at a reindeer farm. Vina and I drove a snowmobile through the woods and we all had a sleigh ride pulled by reindeer. We were then given a traditional Finnish drink and a pancake to warm us up, and also to keep us warm we had toboggans to play on, something Vina and I had not done for years! People have asked us if the trip is really for children and we think it was good for both children and adults. There were many older children and grandparents as well. We have never seen anything quite like it to live in semi-darkness for 6 months of the year would not suit us we decided, although it was very beautiful and very unspoilt.

There was one more bonus no one had counted on, as when we flew out of Ivalo, the Captain informed us that the northern lights (Aurora) were particularly bright that night, something most people will never see. The whole trip took about 24 hours and everyone we spoke to would go again. Thanks again to you, Dot, and all our customers this was a trip of a lifetime and an experience we will never forget.

Sue Gates.

Help for our Wildlife

To those of you who read Katie Robson's eloquent appeal on behalf of our wildlife, and wondered where and how they could help, there is a way. The currently named 'Avonmouth Wildlife Group' (soon to be the 'Estuary Wildlife Group') is a small, dedicated group of people fighting for our flora and fauna.

We have our own wildlife haven between Avonmouth and Shirehampton, which, with solid and tangible help from Bristol City Council in the shape of Jan Walters, the Wildlife Officer is set to become a very important site for plants and animals.

We do need more people to join us. If you are concerned about our diminishing green field sites, and shrinking habitats for our wildlife, why not find out more about how you can make a difference? Interested? Ring Bobbie on 9831029 Chairman, Avonmouth Wildlife Group.


Five year old Harriet Bridgeman, who was in the Reception Class at Avon Primary School is pictured here holding a European Eagle Owl. Harriet had the opportunity of coming face to face with the largest species of the owl family during a visit of the Welsh Birds of Prey Centre to the Barracks Lane school in March, when all the children were introduced to many other birds of prey including the Kestrel and the Buzzard.

On the same day Class 4 of the Junior Department held a sale in aid of the Indian Earthquake Appeal, when they raised over 105. This, together with the 220 collected for Barnardo's at the Christmas Concerts all adds to the considerable charitable work undertaken at Avon Primary recently. The children have had talks from a representative of Barnardo's and are now involved in fund-raising by adopting and decorating an egg - very appropraite as a pre-Easter activity.

Duncan Jennings, Headmaster, said that encouraging the children to actively think of others is very important in an increasingly self-centred world. 'The children, parents and Friends of Avon Primary are always extremely generous, whether we are fund raising for charity or school funds. Academic achievement is very important - exemplified by our early years and Infant departments success in 97% of KS1 children achieving Level 2 or above in their SATs last year, but wider social concern is equally needed if children are to grow to be useful members of society'.


On Wednesday 21 March at about mid-day, the wall and front garden of the bungalow at the corner of High Street and Old Barrow Hill suddenly slippes away across the road, probably due to a build up of flood water.

Photo: Eric Verey


Julie would like to sincerely thank the volunteer staff who have supported her as manager over the last six and a half years. Their dedication, enthusiasm and most of all friendship, I will always cherish. Thanks must also go to the customers who have supported the shop and therefore the CLIC organisation.

Since opening the shop on the 27th September 1994 I have made so many wonderful friends whom I shall miss very much.

I wish the new manager every success and finally thanks again to the 'Hard working happy volunteers' at CLIC - Shirehampton.


Congratulations to David Eddolls of Shirehampton Village Bakery on being named champion Baker of the Western Region of the National Association of Master Bakers, at the competition held in Glastonbury on Thursday, 15th March. David lives in Westbury-on-Trym but does all his baking at ther bakery in Shire High Street. He was at work at 3am on the day of the competition to bake his bread and confectionery ready to take it and have it presented ready for judging at mid-day at the competition venue. This is an annual event open to all bakers and student bakers in the Western area, which stretches from Bristol down to Bournemouth on the south coast and from North Devon and Somerset right down to Cornwall. There were over 200 entrants, with the winner for the past two years hoping to make it three in a row, so to beat that kind of opposition and to be declared Champion Baker is a really outstanding achievement.

We are sure all our readers will join with us and all his colleagues to say again 'CONGRATULATIONS DAVID!'

Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Mr and Mrs A. G. Tiley

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Tiley who will be celebrating their Diamond Wedding at 'Kings Weston House' on the evening of 28th April, 2001. Mr Tiley (nee Sylvia Small) was born and grew up in Shirehampton and was a pupil at Portway School on the day it opened.

We feel sure they will have a very enjoyable and successful evening and we send our good wishes to them both for good health and happiness in the future.

The SHIRE Team


It is with regret that we record the death of Elizabeth Jean Handford on 22nd March at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, aged 82. Jean lived almost all of her life in Passage Leaze and she will be sadly missed by her neighbours and many friends.

Our condolences go to her brother Dennis and wife Pam, and all of the family.

SHIRE Committee


We are very happy to report to you that this new club will be opening in April - or possibly May - at the Public Hall. We don't have a precise date yet because we need a little more setting-up time in which to buy lovely new equipment and recruit the staff, etc. - very exciting and pleasurable tasks! The Club has been established with the help of the Bristol Association for Neighbourhood Daycare, the support of the Public Hall Community Association and the newly confirmed New Opportunities Fund. It is run by its own management committee - composed of a group of local parents - which has been working on the project since early last year. During that period it has been researching the needs of local parents and children in order to best fulfil its objective of providing really high-quality affordable childcare in a safe, friendly and stimulating environment.

Eventually the Club will have places for 24 children from Avon Primary, St. Bernard's Primary, Shirehampton Infants and Shirehampton Junior Schools, but will begin with smaller numbers in the initial start-up period. Fees in the first year for each of the after-school 3-hour sessions are 4.50 and 4.00 for siblings.

We will be bringing you updated news of the Club in 'SHIRE', and we will also shortly be giving you news of the Club's combined launch celebration and info morning at the Public Hall ! Look out for notices outside the Hall or in the village.

How can interested people link up with the Club? Well, we are happy to welcome more parents onto the management committee or to get involved in our activities in other ways as a volunteer !

If we do a second round of recruitment, look out for our ads. In the meantime, if you would like to have more information, or to enrol your child on our waiting list, please ring me - I'm Community Worker, Kate Pollard, at the Public Hall, on 982 9963. If I'm out, please leave me an answerphone message so that I can ring you back ASAP.


This year the choir will lead a special service of hymns, readings and anthems by famous composers entitled 'Reflections of the Cross', which commemorates Christ's final hour on the cross.

The presentation will be on Good Friday, 13th April, in St. Mary's Church, starting at 2.00 p.m. Everyone is welcome and admission is FREE. Derek Harvey.

Forthcoming Events

Tuesday, 8th May, rehearsals recommence for Shirehampton Choir for the Summer Concert at 7.30 p.m. in St. Mary's Church.


The following events will take place at the Public Hall, on Friday, 2 pm to 6pm

April 6th KEYNOTES
13th No Club
27th BINGO New Members Welcome


A coach trip has been arranged on Sunday, May 6th, to Weymouth. Local pick-ups are available.

7.00 per person - with deposit of 3.50.

Enquiries to Bev at Somerfield.


Hi Folks!

Spring is here and Easter is almost upon us. The fifth Sunday in Lent is called Passion Sunday and this year falls on the first day of April. It is also the date when we hold our A.G.M. and a new Parochial Church Council is elected for the next 12 months. Next comes Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered into Jerusalem for the final week of teaching in the Temple, known as Holy Week - which led up to the Last Supper, instituted on Maunday Thursday evening, immediately before he went to the Garden of Gethsemane, where he was betrayed, and taken away to trial before the High Priest in the early morning and afterwards to be condemned by Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor. Jesus was crucified later that day, called - Good Friday. He went on to rise from the grave on the first day of the week - Easter Day - and of this event every Sunday is the weekly commemoration! Details of Holy Week and Easter Services appear elsewhere in this newspaper. When the church is open during the mornings of Holy Week - why not pop inside and take a look at the Easter Garden. If you have a young child with you, it provides an excellent way of explaining what Holy Week and Easter is all about - and don't forget the opportunity to take a welcome break at the same time with a cup of tea or coffee.

Well, that's all for this month -

Bye for now!



The Churches of Shirehampton and Avonmouth meet together on Good Friday to carry a cross from Shirehampton Green to St Andrew's Church in Avonmouth. We do this to remember the walk of our Lord Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, when He was made to carry His own cross to his Execution on Calvary. Believing as we do that His death was for us, this occasion is one of profound importance to us, and the act of carrying the cross helps us to identify with His unique sacrifice. It also reminds people who see us of His actions on our behalf in the hope that they may consider these matter for themselves.

The occasion is also an opportunity for all denominations to gather around the Cross, putting aside our differences and showing our unity on the central truths of our salvation. The march will meet at The Green at 10 a.m.


Last Autumn I went to Vermont, New England, with my sister and three friends. We stayed in a ŒCondo' and had a grand time. Having hired a car we were able to get about and see quite a lot of the area, the Vermont villages were exactly as I had pictured them. We were up in the mountains near Mount Mansfield which we actually were able to drive up, it was a bit hairy with all the hair-pin bends but well worth it. I was driving and actually chickened out before I had quite got to the top! There was an interesting notice in the ŒCondo' to the effect that visitors were advised not to go up into the woods because of bears. Bears? Bears! I was really surprised as I didn't think there were bears in that part of the country, which only goes to show how little we really know about others places. I mentioned this to my cousin who lives in New York State and with whom we later stayed, who said that only last year when she got home one afternoon there was a bear lumbering across her garden. She also has many deer that visit her on a daily basis to eat the plants. And to think that I complain about the squirrels!

It was very interesting driving round and not only admiring the beautiful scenery and colours of Autumn, but also becoming aware of the differences between our two countries and cultures. For instance the speed limits were quite considerably lower than ours. 25m/h in built up areas, 50m/h on main road going down to 35m/h when passing a school in session and 55m/h on the motorway. This of course was in Vermont, each state sets its own tariff. New York State's motorway limit was if I remember rightly 65m/h, but I don't think it was very strictly adhered to judging by my experience when being driven down to New York, I was frightened to death and mightily glad to arrive!!

When eating out the portions served are HUGE and it is quite usual to take away the uneaten food in a box to be eaten at another time, alternatively you can order one meal and two plates thus sharing not only the meal but also the expense, this too is quite normal. We had one very delicious meal of turkey pot pie in a prize-winning restaurant called Dinners Dunn in the village of Jefferson. It was here too that we met and talked to a fascinating lady called Elaine who makes quilts and sells them all over the world, they are exquisite and very expensive. I'm sure that the Shirehampton Stitchers would love to see them, she does have a web site: she only really started doing them after she had retired from nursing. The shop is in her 100 year old home and the quilts are displayed in bedroom settings. It was facinating walking through the village because at first sight the only shop appeared to be a general store and hardware shop with its wares spilling out on to the side walk, and then it became apparent that what looked like private homes were in fact shops. I must say it was lovely to see the village unspoilt by great ugly modern boarding.

I have already mentioned the speed limits but another interesting difference was the traffic lights. It was perfectly legal to turn right on red providing there was nothing coming along the road from your left, bearing in mind that they drive on the right. This gives rise to notices on traffic lights in built up areas that say ŒNo turning right on red'. And what is more there are precious few roundabouts, I saw one in use and one under construction, I am given to understand that they are not liked and are the reason why some Americans will not drive in the U.K. One thing that I think we could do well to copy were the rules that applied to school buses. When stopped and with the large red light on the back flashing all traffic must stop behind the bus because schoolchildren are getting off. I'm sure this simple rule must have saved lives. The buses too are a very distinctive colour (orange/yellow) and shape, sort of bull nosed and old fashioned. Visiting Boston, Lexington and Concord and Philadelphia it was interesting to see the difference in emphasis placed on the events that gave America its independence. Like all teenage children it had to be fought for and what we call The American War of Independence they call The Revolution. It is very salutary always to see the other side of the question! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and hope that I may one day go again to stay with my American cousins.


Shirehampton Chat is an internet discussion group, for all things about Shirehampton, which has been started in the past month. It gives a means for anyone in the world who wants to ask questions or give answers about Shire to do so. Anyone can join the group and take part in the discusssions. More than 50 messages have been posted in the first month of operation, and topics covered have included memories of local schools, exchanges of old pictures, and the ghost of Meadow Grove.

Shirehampton Chat is moderated by former resident Angela Smith, who now lives in the United Sates, and contributors include people now living in Canada, USA, New Zealand, and of course Shirehampton. If you wish to join Shirehampton Chat, it can easily be accessed from SHIRE's own web site, Shire on the Web. Just type in the address line of your internet browser, and click on the link on the title page.


A volunteer is required to deliver 'Shire' to addresses in Valerian Close. Also a volunteer driver is required to deliver to various roads around the village.

Please ring 9827268 or 9824459.

Your help would be much appreciated.


This Group provides activities to help your child learn through play. Sessions are held on Fridays (term time only) for parents and carers with children 0 - 4 years. Opening times 10 - 11.30 a.m. Session fee: 50p.


Jean and family would like to thank our relatives, friends and neighbours for all their support and kindness, and for all the cards, lovely flowers and attendance at my father's funeral.

Also we would like to thank the Rev. Tony Wheeler for his lovely service and to thank Doctors, District Nurses and Carers for their kindness.

Letters . . .

Dear Editor

Reading Marion Robathan's memories of Portway School brought my own flooding back. It felt like yesterday that in 1953 I found myself along with other new pupils standing in the playground waiting for our names to be called out to place us into our allotted class. It was a very nervous experience tinged with excitement and apprehension.

I was put into 1/1 where our form teacher was Miss Walsh. She taught us English, French and Music and gave us a really good start at Portway. I was lucky to stay in the class for the next four years and although we were a boisterous lot, we always knew when to draw the line. I agree with Marion that Miss Shewell was a remarkable Head Mistress. She gained our respect through her kindness, fairness and quite a sense of humour. The discipline at Portway in those days taught us not only to respect our teachers, but also to respect ourselves. I am not alone when I say that there was a downside to the school. Having to make the dreaded cap and apron for our cookery class and Miss Harris making me feel I was the only person in the whole of the universe who couldn't sew a straight line! Also the long trek to the Playing Fields for 5 minutes of hockey and the smell of un-deodorised P.E. kit in cages in the corridor! Now the school has been demolished, I am left with only some wonderful memories and a treasured brick saved for me by Thelma Tillot (nee Taylor)! Thank you Marion and all who taught me at Portway.

Norma Wyllie (nee Chivers).


Dear Ed,

What has happened to the Youth Club in Groveleaze ? It has stopped opening on a regular basis and I believe does not have a regular female leader. Surely in the current climate, we should be providing some recreational outlet for Shirehampton young people as they have very little else. Perhaps a meeting place where they could talk would stop them congregating in the village, which gives rise to complaints made to the Police.


Dear Editor

With reference to the recent articles about class 5 at Shirehampton School in 1949, I also have a copy of this photograph (somewhere!) and remember those days quite well. As Head Boy that year I knew the headmaster, Mr. Landy, quite well and he was very much a father figure. Part of my duties included leaving each lesson early so that I could ring the bell signifying change of class.

My best friends at the time included David White, Roger Barnes, Alan Griffin, and David Maby but some of the girls did catch my eye ! My nickname was 'Mouser' because of my mousey-coloured hair although it was initially very fair. I went on to Cotham Grammar School via the 11-plus and later worked at Fisons in Avonmouth. I have lived in Shirehampton most of my life and some of your readers may have known my late wife, Rita Wilkes, who sadly died in 1995.

I know that some of the class live in or near Shirehampton and it would be nice to get in touch and reminisce about the old days. Incidentally, Diane Wright was quite correct. My 60th birthday was last September and I had a lovely surprise party thanks to my children, Paul, Richard and Debbie. Alan Wilkes (middle of front row)

Calling Ex-Portway School Girls

I would very much like to contact Portway Girls who travelled to the Scilly Isles with Miss Surtees in June 1952. It certainly would be an exciting reunion with as many as possible from the group meeting to take a return trip next year the 50th year anniversary so many years we must be spread all over the world!

I read last month of Iris Hawsby in Canada meeting up with her school friends. I have kept in touch on my return trips to England with Pat Skuse (nee Taylor) and at Christmas time I heard from Brenda Williams (nee Champ). I should like to hear from Brenda Champ, Carolyn Jones, Barbara Harvey, Pam Drew, Joan Miller, Jeanette Wood, Janet Hanley, Joyce Sparrow, Irene King, Peggy Oliver, Pat Webb, Pam Chaney, Julianne Tilly, Barbara Jarvis, Annette Down and Ann Muirhead. I remember Pat Webb came down to Portway School from Hotwells. Sincerely, Billie Burke (nee Milson).

Address: 1402 Mareno Court, Lady Lake, Florida 32159, USA .


Dear Editor,

I was interested in the item from JRB about the Panto's which were written, performed in and directed by the Revd Geoffrey Griffiths. My memory tells me that the Panto referred to was Phil Black and the Severn Wharfs, Philblack being the old name for Sevalco and I believe the Severn Wharves were down towards Aust.

I also remember the last nights when we stayed until the early hours breaking the set down. We were ably assisted by amongst others, Bert Dancey (who helped with the producing) and a great supporter was Arthur Richards who was the caretaker at the Public Hall. Yes, those were the days ! Bob Chubb.


I have been compelled to respond to the article submitted by 'J.R.B.' as I have 'taken some stick' over the exposure of my naked 16-year-old legs. Apparently 'Tubs' the Butcher said he was having his breakfast one morning and opened up his copy of 'Shire' and saw my lily white legs which completely put him off his toast. Yes - 'J.R.B.' - the legs look much the same - perhaps a little fatter now and they are occasionally exposed to sunlight in the summer, when viewing is allowed!. By the way 'J.R.B.' I think I know who you are!

The Pantomime Photograph was of Phil Black and the SEVERN Wharves. I still have some of the old scripts at home - some incomplete - of 'Jean and the Back Stalk' and 'Waves in the Wood' Geoffrey GRIFFITHS was certainly gifted with many talents. I have found another photograph of the Pantomime - 'Waves in the Wood' - when I played the part of Lord Avon. I cannot understand why I was never snapped up by Hollywood !!!

Chris Eynon


Back Row (Left to Right) Rita Marston, Chris Eynon, Les Jones, Rob Bolwell, Sheila Shepstone, Reg Burgin, Anna Gazzard, Christine Allen, Annette Rex. Front Row - seated (Left to Right) Pauline Packer, Anne Havard, Sylvia Wiltshire, June Thomas. Kneeling - Brian Blackmore

I wonder where many of them are now ?

Golden Wedding Acknowledgement

We would like to thank everyone involved for all the cards, flowers, presents and good wishes we received on the occasion of our recent Golden Wedding Anniversary.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our day, thank you all very much for making it so special.

George and Mary Howell