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Maesteg Male Voice Concert

A Tribute to Simon

Infants and Junior Schools Combine

In September 2000 the Shirehampton Infants and Junior Schools were combined and the Director of Education (Bristol) is shown attending the first assembly of the new Shirehampton Primary School. Anne Travis (standing left) and Mr Richard Riddell (seated right) Director of Education, Bristol, and Pauline Llewellin (centre) Chair of the Board of Governors. Seated at front --- children of year 1.

St Mary's Notes

Hi Folks,

At a recent meeting with the Archdeacon of Bristol, the Parochial Church Council was informed the interregnum could last hopefully not more than nine months before a new priest is appointed for St Mary's. But have no fear 'the shop' is still open for business! I am pleased to report that we are having quite a variety of visiting preachers and speakers at our 10am Sunday Communion Services something which has been very favourably received by our congregation! I can assure you that you won't be bored pop into the church one morning when you are out shopping have a cup of tea of coffee and find out when our next visiting preacher is due to appear.

Talking of shopping Pat Davidson has now taken over the running of 'Traidcraft' and will be happy to see you after the church service on Sundays to supply any items you may want to purchase. There are also catalogues available if you like to order specific items. Please continue to support Traidcraft' for their work supporting fairly traded goods. Members of Churches in Shirehampton and Sea Mills are involved in a production of Hopes and Dreams,' a Christian celebration of the Millennium, using dance, drama and song. Rehearsals have already started. The production takes place on 13th October at St Edyth's, Sea Mills and on the 14th October at Shirehampton Public Hall. For more details telephone 0117 968 6696.

By the time you read these notes St Mary's will have already celebrated Harvest Festival (I forgot to mention last month it was being held on Sunday, 24th September! As a penance I shall stand in the corner and recite that hymn 'We plough th fields and scatter the good seed on the land' three times, backwards!!) Anyway, may I thank those of you who donated tinned food and fresh produce also also remind everyone that gifts of powdered baby milk for onward transmission to Easter Europe is acceptable at any time of the year!  It was a double celebration on Harvest Festival Sunday, as Maureen and Don Geddes celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary! Maureen is a regular member of the Shirehampton Area Choir I can't persuade Dan to join the bass line  (perhaps it's because he may sing also!)  Beryl White is holding a coffee morning in and of Mercy Ships' at the church centre from 10am-12 noon on Saturday 14th October but more details on that event may be found elsewhere in this publication.

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships? What's that some type of lifeboat? Well you would be partially right, because yes, they do save lives but not in the same way as the conventional lifeboat. Mercy Ships utilises ocean-going vessels to bring physical and spiritual healing to the poor and needy in port cities around the world. The ministry encourages societal change by following Christ's example, mobilising volunteers to serve others through medical care, relief, commuting and church development, proclamation and training. Each member of the ship's crew gives a minimum of 1 year service, which includes Teachers, Admin Staff, Engineers, Doctors, Builders, Farmers and many others. All volunteers pay their own way and are not in receipt of any salaries. They give their time, knowledge and skills free for the benefit of those living in the poorer countries throughout the world. Medical teams will deal with the operations often dealing with cleft lips and palates something which is becoming rarer in the developed world. Community Health Teams teach community leaders basic hygiene and health care, whilst farmers teach farming techniques and encourage poverty stricken people to grow their own food and supply them with free seeds. Engineers are digging wells that will provide an abundance of clean water as dirty water is the single largest cause of disease in the world today. Builders are assisting the inhabitants to build clinics and fully equip them so they can be turned over to qualified local health professionals.

You can assist these worthy causes by supporting Beryl White's Coffee Morning from 10am-12noon on Saturday 14th October at St Mary's Church Centre, Pembroke Road. Gifts suitable for prizes for the tombola may be left any morning in St Mary's Church when it is open. any cakes etc for sale or for refreshments, may be brought to the Church Centre from 8.30am onwards on the day of the coffee morning. Your generosity and support is vital to make this coffee morning a success and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have played your part by continuing to support the work of the Mercy Ships. May I thank you all in anticipation Beryl White

Traffic Chaos

Photo: E Verey

Following the fatal accident on the M5 bridge on riday 1st September, and subsequent closure of the motorway, traffic on the Portway was jammed solid from 11am to 6 pm. Immediately the motorway was opened at 6 pm, thebtraffic just disappeared and then there was a queue for about 2 hours going in the opposite direction whilst trying to get back on the motorway. It just goes to show how important the M5 bridge is as a main artery of the traffic system.

Dear Editor,

Many thanks for including my enquiry in the August edition of Shire. I received one mail response and have corresponded with the writer. Today I have discovered my grandmother's listing in the 1880 census. It appears that she was the fifth child of Samuel Peters and lived at 8 Plummer Street. Does anyone know if that residence is in Shirehampton and if so, it is still there? Samuel's occupation was given as OSugar Refining Operative'. Is (was) there a sugar refinery nearby? If so, is it written up[ in any of the local histories? Thank you again for this window in Shirehampton. Frank Burden Box 3838 Courtenay BC Canada V9N 7P2 Phone (250) 338-9843; Fax: (250) 897-3221 E-mail:

Some Caterpillar!

One day in late August I nearly trod on a remarkable caterpillar as it trundled across the footpath to almost certain death on the road. Bright green, very fat, about 12 cms long and with a Ohorn' on its tail, it was a caterpillar of the Death's Head Hawk Moth. It was soon put in a neighbour's shrubbery, hopefully to pupate, but when I looked it up I found that it likes the foliage of potatoes or deadly nightshade, neither of which seemed to be growing locally. Someone had been hoeing up the weeds by the path, possibly the related woody nightshade which may have been its host. A few years ago we found two smaller hawk moths in the garden, and a brilliant tiger moth in our lane. As they fly at night, they are seldom seen. We hope they will survive.  

Hurrah for window boxes which are becoming more common in Shirehampton; lets have more of them. The lovely hanging baskets initiated by councillor lukins must have been setting a trend.

Revd Terry Simper (1927-2000)

Many older residents will remember with appreciation the ministry of Terry when he was curate in Shirehampton between 1959-1961. It was with sorrow that we heard he had died on 28th August and I was able to attend his funeral service at St. Mary's Fishponds on 4th September. The size of the congregation was a fitting tribute to Terry - the order of service summed up very well his life with the phrase 'a priest forever'. Terry was a larger than life person and always had a fine sense of humour and a welcome when you wet him. My last meeting was when he was vicar of three parishes near Saltash.  Terry came to Shirehampton for his second term as a curate and then became curate of what was to become St. Peter's Chippenham. Following a six year spell in Australia - where we are told one of his parishes was larger than the Diocese of Bristol - he returned to the city in 1976 to serve in Lockleaze and Brislington. He retired from the Saltash parishes in 1990 and lived in Oldland Common.  We are told that Terry's interest in the church started as a seven year old choirboy at Bishopston and he became the youngest organist at the time of thirteen. A life which was great to celebrate at this funeral service, a life given to working tirelessly for the Lord.  May he rest in peace. Our thoughts are with June and the family.  Bob Chubb

In The Swim

 Following the publication of the photo of the Portway Girls' School Swimming team of 1949, we received a letter from Mr. W. Love recalling the 1955 team. It was entered for the English Schools Swimming Association's National School Team Competition. It was a very strong team and won the heat in a time that was faster than that of the eventual winners. Imagine their distress when they were disqualified as the judge said that one of the swimmers had not touched the wall on the turn. The girl vowed that she had but no protest was made by the tea manager in spite of Mr. Love's entreaties.  Of course this was in the days when the Ojudge's decision is final' and it was considered not Othe thing' to object. The team was Carol and Maureen Coneybeer, Irene George and Mr. Loves daughter, Wendy, they all swam their hearts out - it must have been a bitter disappointment. These days with all the modern electronic equipment such disputes cannot happen. Mr. Love adds that sadly Carol died at the young age of 24.  As a postscript to this, in 1961 and 1962 another team was entered reaching the national finals each time, 1961 at Wythenshaw, 1962 at Epsome & Ewell and came third on both occasions. The team was Elizabeth Morris, Susan Tozer, Susan Pepworth, Jaqueline Williams and reserve Pat Chappell. Third fastest school team in the whole of England was n achievement to be proud of so our hearts go out to the girls of 1955.    M.R. (Thank you for your contribution Ed.)

Shirehamptons Own 'Dads Army' - part 2

We used Penpole quarry for handgrenade practice etc. I remember one Sunday morning there and we were practicing to use the Northover Projector.I think it was an anti-tank weapon, a barrel about 4ft long mounted on a tripod, the barrel was about 3' bore. It fired a 'Molotov Cocktail'. This was a bottle of petrol, which caught on fire on impact. We loaded ours but when we fired it, a great flame shot out of the breach, the foresight had been screwed in too far, so that it smashed the bottle in the barrel. When we did guard duty at the power station, on taking your post you were given 5 rounds and I remember we had to hand these over to the next man coming on. 'Ammo' was very short. When I put my hand in my great coat pocket only the empty cartridge case came out. The clip had been handled so many times that the bullets and powder were so loose that they had fallen out. Some OArmy'!

 Another thing remembered, we were 'defending' Shirehampton and I was third man on a heavy browning machine gun, first man carried the barrel, second man the 'ammo'and muggins got lumbered with the tripod, worst job of all three. We set up out position in the corner of Mr. Daws, the dentist's front garden. This allowed us to cover the whole of the high street within out field of fire. After a while, we heard a rustling in the bushes, and Mr. Daw appeared with his own revolver and shotgun, saying we guarded the power station for I think about 18 months, then were switched to doing a patrol. We entered the  docks going up to the North end, and then out onto the shore road behind the oil tanks, past the canning factory and out across by the anti-aircraft battery in Smoke lane by Rockingham bridge, across the fields behind the smelter works, coming back into avonmouth at the little dead end road between the post office and the Tramway garage. One night about 2 am out gallant band was crossing the last field behind the post office when somebody said we were being followed. We couldn't see anything but definitely heard whatever it was. We didn't wait for it to catch up with us;

My most treasured memory of 'Dad's Army' is of coming back from weekend manoeuvres down Brean Down Way, on sunday morning. Usually our transport was a lorry of some sort, have you ever tried standing up in a steel lined meat lorry with hobnail boots on ? Difficult. This particular morning we had a coach, a real coach! We were coming up through the Eastern-in-Gordano Valley, heading home just as dawn was showing us the sun; someone at the back of the coach began to sing quietly an old negro spiritual as if to himself. I think its called 'Poor Old Joe.' Some of the words are 'I'm a-coming, I'm coming, I'm coming and my head is bending low.:' As he sang another took it up and soon the coachload, about 50 of us were singing, not load, it was as if every man had his own thoughts and was singing to himself, it was really beautiful. A few moments long remembered.  

A few names remembered - Mr. Salmon, grocer of Salmon and Hutchings, Mr. John Newman (senior) of Bradley Crescent, a butcher, sergeant in 'Dad's Army'. Joe Howes, butcher, his shop on the corner of park road by the green. Ted, or was it Eddy? Baily clerk in Baldwins coal weighbridge in the railway station yard. Mr. Paris, grocer, Pembroke road, Robin Newman, John Newman's son, Sgt Ernie Dart, Tony Coolier of Scotts lane, Park road. Bill Wall, Charlie Rice, said to have shot one of his toes off accidentally. Although Dad, brother Bill, brother Colin and I were all in 'C' company, we were not allowed on duty together, they didn't want Mum left alone if anything happened, I can't remember going on duty with even one of them.  We had our own OArmoury' at the lawn cottage, High Street, where we lived, in the living room by the dresser, behind the door through to the front room. Dad put up a rack, containing 4 rifles, 4 bayonets,, 4 gas masks and 4 tin hats. Home guards kept their equipment at home. Just memories of a very young 'Dad' Les Gray

Grainger Players Show Changes

 I have made two changes to our proposed November show 'At your request'. This show has now been moved to April (Due to many players having personal health and family commitments), and so I have decided, and the players agree, that it would give us a chance to put on a happy 'Christmas Village Get Together' which would be a happy seasonal show with Christmas songs (not carols) and comedy, with mince pies and punch (a glass of) plus coffee etc, for those not partial to punch. We should all have a pre-christmas happy community relaxing evening, when we all join together as one.  However the dates have been changed from your pre-bookings to one week later. Thursday November 30th, Friday December 1st and Saturday December 2nd, at 7:30pm. If you still want your pre-booked tickets then you need do nothing. We'll put tickets on sale November1st. If you cannot make the date and have pre-booked tickets, would you let us know so that the tickets can be booked by someone else.

 I'm sure you will enjoy a 'Christmas Village Get Together' and the bigger show will go out in April.  If you are into another 'Barn Dance' after our last  successful fun last evening of not knowing your left foot from your right, the we have the same band, same caller and same fun on October 21st at the public hall (see advert on page...) We are looking forward to seeing you at out 'Christmas Village get together'  as a prelude to the Christmas Festivities. Shirl

Table Top Sale

 The Townswomans Guild is holding a table top sale 14th October 10am-12noon at the Methodist Church Hall. Many and Varied Items for sale, bargains galore and even early Christmas presents!  Tea and Coffee will be served.  If you would like to book a table, cost 5, please ring 9826004 or 9823281.

Station Road Playgroup

 We have places available Monday-Friday  9:30-11:30 for 2 year olds to pre-school age. Come along and and see our wonderful Early Years environment at the public hall, Station road Shirehampton.  Latest News :  The staff of Station road playgroup would like to welcome Nicky pointer who has been given the position as assistant, she joins Barbara, Jean and Jackie who make up a qualified child care team for the community of Shirehampton and surrounding areas.

Minutes of the Shirehampton Community Group Meeting held in the Public Hall on Wednesday 26th July 2000

Apologies: H & D Dammers, C Curtis, B Harries, A Parsons There were 16 people present The meeting was chaired by John Callaghan who welcomed those present . The minutes of the last meeting (24th May) were signed with one amendment Section Reports

a) Law and Order Presented by Philip Squire.

The crime rate in our area has risen from 3% to 5% Of the total for the northern district, which is not acceptable. The main crimes involve theft of or from cars. It was stressed again that all crimes, however trivial, should be reported on 0117 9454555. A reminder by the police to take all the necessary precautions when going on holiday, so as not to advertise the fact that your home is unoccupied, and that includes not displaying luggage labels where someone can pick them up on the addresses at airports etc. Statistics show that burglary rates are lower in neighbourhood watch areas, and even lower where burglar alarms are fitted. The New police superintendent is Rick Palmer, who replaces John Parker-Jones.

b) Highways Presented by John Parsons.

The Welcome to Shirehampton' signs have been erected in various parts of the village, after some 18 months of trying to obtain them. John has written to the council expressing concern about the continuing parking on double yellow lines, especially at lloyds bank, but the letter has not been acknowledged yet. However, wardens have been present in the village. John has received a letter back from Mr. Harrison at the council, regarding the loose and cracked pavers and the re-sanding. The work is to be carried out in the very near future. John enquired when/if the rest of the high street would be re-paved, but no current plans to do so. the area by the co-op is urgently in need of repair. The footpath along the river by the PBA club is almost impassable and the council is arranging to cut back the foliage and the brambles as soon as possible. The path should be regularly maintained.

c) Youth and Schools

No report except to say that Shirehampton infants' and junior schools are to become one school from September 2000

d) Planning and Environment Report by John Callaghan

Severn Way Fun Day-11/06/00 - a letter of thanks and appreciation was received for the community involvement in this event. Over 1100 passengers travelled on the trains during the day, and although fewer joined the free guided walks than in previous years, the large numbers reflected the popularity of the event with those wishing to explore the area themselves. The full Severn Way guide is available from tourist information centre at 6.95 Shirehampton Lodge Hotel - erection of monopole mast and equipment cabin. A meeting took place on 14th June with Mr. B. Cadman (planning office) followed by a meeting with all interested parties including local residents SCG representatives and One to One (a full report in August edition of 'Shire'). In brief One to One have removed one cabinet to bring the site more in line with the original plans and argue the remaining differences are minimal. The planning department does not agree and are preparing an Enforcement Notice requiring One to One to conform to the submitted plans. One to One are in no doubt as to local feeling about the mast and without making any commitments to moving the mast, have agreed to look at alternative locations in the area. The group will be kept informed by Mr. Cadman of further progress and decisions.

Kingsweston House - The planning application for change of use from a training centre to a conference and business centre with restaurant and wedding facilities. Art and Antique gallery, ws approved. Mr. Hardy has moved in and started some of the exploratory building modifications and work. An application has been received for CCTV and Magic Eye security system renewal. Mrs. B. Harries of the KIngsweston Preservation society reports that recently, a number of cars (presumably stolen) have been dumped and set on fire, including a caravan, therefore recognising the need for security, so this application will not be opposed by KPS, and they hope for an improved system.

Savoy Bingo Hall - to date no application for change of use for this building has been submitted to the council. Various residents report that Lidl has approached them to see if they are willing to sell property in close proximity to the building so they have a bigger area to develop. In the interests of conservation of the village, the committee is concerned that the buildings housing a rank of shops in Station road by the Bingo Hall examples of Edwardian architectural character and should not be demolished and, in particular, the facades should be maintained. Cllr Pat Roberts has circulated a letter asking what people think about the possibility of Lidl Pulling down the Bingo Hall which is a good example of 1930's architecture. Anyone wishing to to give their views should contact her at the council house or email at and SCG would appreciate copies of any correspondence, so that they can gauge public feeling. Much discussion took place at the meeting, but it was stressed again that as yet, no planning application has been submitted.

Shirehampton Car Sales - John received a letter on 2nd June in response to his correspondence to the planning dept, regarding the many complaints received about this business. The dept is in communication with the car sales management. In the meantime, during July several more incidents have been reported.John will write to the council again and individuals can write to the council again and individuals can write to the Planning Department at Brunel House, if they feel strongly about the operation of the business. Twyford House - It has been reported in the Evening Post that the house is to be sold on the open market as there was 'no viable alternative'.

e) General

The report was given by John Parsons. The Shirehampton Swimming Pool - Cllr Pat Roberts is on the sub committee dealing with Bristol's pools and wants to address our September meeting on the subject to explain the councils view and gauge public feeling. The september meeting date has changed from 27th to 20th. Donations at the last meeting amounted to 11.51. Any other business There were complaints from the floor about overgrown blackberry bushes in station road (by the railway arch) and Woodwell road, which are causing problems for pedestrians. There are also worries about speeding traffic in Woodwell road and the danger to pedestrians. Date of next meeting Wednesday 20th September (Annual General Meeting)

Maesteg Male Voice Concert

 I would like to thank all those who supported the above event on 9th September. What a brilliant evening, which was indeed very well worth organising!  The choir would like to return next year, together with Enid; and Sian Hughes, the soprano, would also like to bring along the majestic childrens choir to the public hall - so watch this space. Future Events at the Public Hall Saturday December 9th, 10am to 1pm Christmas fayre. Tables 5. Raffle. Details later New Years Eve Community Get together'. Tickets 3 adults 2 children. A buffet will be provided. Bring your own drinks. Tickets will be on sale at a later date (to be advertised) (Thank you for your donation to SHIRE funds)

Whats on at the Cotswold Community Association, Dursley road, Shirehampton in October 2000

Monday - Monday ladies' club 2.3o -    4pm new members more than welcome, and are needed to keep going.

Tuesday - Bingo. Doors open 6.30 for eyes down' 7pm. Finish by 9pm

Thursday - Line Dancing 2pm to 3.15pm approx. Come and join us and have a fun hour. Monthly - Sequence Dance 7.30-10.30pm.

Friday October 27th. Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road, Shirehampton Advance Notice If The Table Top Sale On Saturday, 18th November, At 1.30pm.  Doors open for setting up tables 10.30am onwards. To reserve tables, Telephone 982 4401 - Vi Bennet.

Street Distributors of SHIRE Required For Pembroke Road, Pembroke Avenue And Severn Road.  Volunteers are required to deliver 'SHIRE' to houses in Pembroke road, Pembroke Avenue and Severn road, commencing the October edition if possible .  Please phone Mike Husher on 904 3037 if able to provide this service, which would be very much appreciated.  Very many thanks to grant Watkins who has delivered this 'round' for a very long spell and we wish him good luck for the future.

Wordsearch Puzzle No. 31 This month's wordsearch puzzle contains 9 types of pasta. S end your answers to WORDSEARCH NO. 31. The editor, OSHIRE', The Library, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 9TU, In a sealed envelope by 10th October 2000.  The first correct entry opened will receive a prize to the value of 2.00. The winner of the Wordsearch No. 30 for 7 Natural Phenomena is Mrs. J. Doul of Lower High Street, and the answers were - Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tornado, Hurricane, Eclipse, Tidal Wave and Drought.

Lecture at the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, Clock Tower Yard, Temple Meads (at the bottom of Station Approach Road) Millennium Lecture at 2pm 'Ecology, Economy, Community - A Holistic Analysis for More Effective Action' By Helena Norberg-Hodge, Director, International Society for Ecology and Culture. (The 13.01 train from Shirehampton arrives at Temple meads at 13.27) For more information please ring 0117 988 29121.

Library News

 We have had a very successful summer with two groups of children attending our craft activity sessions and over 25 children (and their carers) attending a very enjoyable OPunch and Judy' show - the latter being enjoyed by adults (and staff) as much as children.  We are hoping to have an activity during half term based on Harry Potter'/ Dragons - with the possibility of children helping to make a collage mural for the library wall. (Assistance from artistic/eager adults would be much appreciated). Watch the library notice board for further details.  We are still looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping at the library, possibly by bringing our OSHIRE' folder of cuttings up-to-date, coffee mornings or even the garden! If you could spare a little time and are interested, please give Eileen a call at the library.  Don't forget to make suer your events etc are in the community diary.  Thank you for your continued support. Eileen and staff Thank you to Christines Friends  I would like to thank all mums friends for the cards and flowers sent to her while she was in hospital. Mum is now at home making a full recovery and it won't be long until she is back to her old self. Once again 'Thank you'. Jennie Collins, Christine Collins Daughter.

Kingsweston Preservation Society Report

 The society for many years has been concerned for the future of Kingsweston House, so it is committees pleasure to give all members an update. Members who attend the meeting at Kingsweston school will be aware of the proposals John hardy put forward to open the house as a conference centre, with a restaurant and small bar , and there will also be rooms available to let to small businesses. These proposals were accepted by Bristol city council and John Hardy moved in early in July.  Car parks have been cleared, and progress is being made inside the house.  One of our main concerns has been for the pictures - would they vanish and never to be seen again like the chandelier? Well, today a prayer has been answered and the pictures have been returned. Those who visited the house on open day, 16th September, 10am to4pm will have seen  the pictures back in place.  

We wish John Hardy and all who set up business within Kingsweston house a happy and prosperous future and may they all enjoy the house and grounds as all our members and friends do. The society was set up over 23 years ago to fight the proposed development the police planned for the house and grounds. We hope any future matters of concern can be solved by discussion.  

Barbara Harries - Planning & Historic Buildings.

Summer Fayre, Tythe Barn, 12th August, 2000 All Proceeds to the Merchant Navy Memorial Fund Bucket collection        211.45 Raffle                100.00 Stalls/Tea and coffee        301.55                613.00  Result of competition Oguess weight of cake' Winner - Mrs. M. Reid - Weight 3 lbs 2 1/2oz  Thank you to all those who helped and supported us in many different ways on that day. M. Grant (On behalf of the merchant navy assn.)

Examination Success - Portway Community School Year 2000  This was another successful year for those Portway students who took GCSE and A Level examinations in the summer. Portway's GCSE (A+ - C) results rose by 4%, The Advanced level were also very good with all the students wishing to gain a place in higher education being able to do so.  A particular word of congratulation must go to Annabell Stewart, who achieved one A and three B grades at A Level; She is now leaving Shirehampton to take up her place at Southampton university to study for a music degree.   Portway staff were also delighted to hear of another examination success by the students, notably Paul Kelly, who was awarded a first class honours degree in computer science from Greenwich University and Alex Stuart who was awarded an upper 2nd class honours in music from the Birmingham Conservatoire of music. Congratulations to all!

School Term and Holiday Dates 1st September 2000 to 31st August 2001
Autumn Term    : Begins        : Monday 4th September
Half Term    : Monday 23rd-Friday 27th     October
Ends        : Thursday 21st December
Spring Term    : Begins        : Monday 8th January
Half Term    : Monday 19th -Friday 23rd   February.
Ends        : Tuesday 24th July


Christmas holiday    Monday, 25th December
Boxing Day holiday    Tuesday, 26th December
New year        Monday, 1st January
Good Friday        13th April
Easter Monday    16th April
May Day        7th May
Spring Bank Holiday    28th May
Summer Bank     27th August

IMPORTANT: The school year is based on a calendar of 195 days. Five days are to be used for staff professional development, which means that schools will be open to receive pupils for the legal minimum of 190 days (380 sessions). It will be necessary for parents and other interested parties to contact individual schools direct for confirmation of five dates they are close to pupils.

Dear Editor,  Regarding the photo in the September issue. The surname of the young person in the middle is  rumble, her first name id either Hilda or Miriam. The Rumble's lived in Lawrence Weston.  Betty Green is the one behind Angus McLeod and lived in Meadow Grove. Both these girls were evacuated to cornwall, and were taken care of by a Mr. and Mrs. Watts.  Betty Green passed away 15 years ago. She suffered for some time with multiple sclerosis and in her late years was confined to a wheelchair. She married Ray Mansfield and had 2 sons; one is living in Bristol and one in Pill, With their families. Such a nostalgic picture. Thank you for printing it. Beryl Eden  

We have also heard from Katherine Smalcot that Josephine Smalcot (nee Baily) who is on the left in the back row of the picture, passed away 5 years ago.  Many thanks to Beryl and Katherine for letting us have this information which will be passed on to Vic Mitchell.    Ed.

A Tribute to Simon

By John Horwood father of Simon Horwood who passed away suddenly in June of Natural causes, aged 25. Simon to us was a son, brother, and friend, Loyal and caring, Always  helping hand to lend. So strong and tall, A man without Foes, So special and kind, Why he's gone no one knows. Now his memories are so very dear, His laugh, His jokes, His presence always near. Of what we had with Simon, All now to be treasured, The love from us all, Just cannot be measured. He tried so hard, With a moan and a smile, He just seems to have gone, Somewhere for a while. Mountains and paths, We walked side by side, Now he will have the Lord, As his companion and guide.

What's on in October

OCTOBER 2nd Monday and every Monday AVONMOUTH LADIES HOCKEY TRAINING SESSION 7pm-8.30 pm at Gordano School, Portishead
OCTOBER 3rd Tuesday LOCAL COUNCILLORS are available for consultation 7.30 pm at Jim O'Niel House
OCTOBER 3rd Tuesday St Andrew's LADIES CLUB meet at St Andrew's Church Hall at 7.30 pm to hear about WI Markets by Mrs Rowles
OCTOBER 4th & 6th Every Wednesday and Friday 9.30-11 am DROP IN ADVICE SESSIONS at the A.U.S. Cottage HIGH STREET (next door to Twyford House)
OCTOBER 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th Every Wednesday POLICE SURGERY at the Methodist Church Hall (Off Penpole Ave) 9 am-11 am
OCTOBER 5th Thursday TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD 7.30 pm at the Met