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Golden Wedding

Savoy Cinema Site

Stop Thief !!!

End of an Era

School Children of World War II

Portway Community School 24th.Annual Concert

Make Your Own Delicious Toffee

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Advice Service

Shirehampton Traders' Funday

After a week of wet and windy weather, Sunday, 16th July, arrived a perfect day for the Funday organised by the Shirehampton Traders' Association. The event opened as the Portway School Band struck up with their lively tunes and at once was underway. It was very well supported and the crowd mingled through the various attractions intent on enjoying themselves. There was the Bouncy Castle - always a favourite with the children - and a great time was had by the youngsters, accompanied by their parents, in the games competitions, where there were lots of prizes. The BBQ satisfied the hungry appetites and the Line Dancing was very popular and much enjoyed by all ages from the very young to the not so young anymore'! The children found the hair braiding and face painting a source of delight and followed this up with the Fancy Dress Parade, where there were lots more prizes.

All in all, it was a very satisfactory and enjoyable day and Nicky Rodaway and Richard Devereux would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the following for their donations and prizes. Firstly to Rob Taylor for supplying the Bouncy Castle, Fun Bags, fancy hats and 300 helium filled balloons, sponsored by Honda, that bobbled about all around the ground causing great fun for the children.

Many thanks also to Leon of the Lamps, Sugar & Spice, Hawkins, Autoparts, Threshers, Shirls, Andrew Pinn, Pam's Cards, D & O Draper, Shire News, Maynews, Shoe Fayre, Woolworths, Richard Devereux, Rodaways, Creature Comforts, Tubbs, Taylors the Estate Agents, Bobbetts, Boots, Julie and Rod of CLIC, Co-op, Somerfield, Shirehampton Drug Store - with apologies to anyone we have omitted to name !. Also many thanks to Nicola/Jackie/Taz - face painters, Jo for hair braiding - Bridget (E & O) for White Elephant Stall, Mary to the Sweet Stall, and also thanks to the many helpers who came along on the day.

The proceeds will be used to brighten up the High Street with Festive Lights and Decorations at Christmas time.

The Shirehampton Traders Association has now been in existence for 2 years, and Nicky, Richard and members of the Committee hope that it will long continue for the betterment of the village.

New Practice Manager

Carole Brook has joined Drs Taylor, Archer, Hine, Addison, Green, Ward and Sharp at Shirehampton Health Centre as their new practice manager. Carole would be very happy to talk through any issues relating to the services provided by the Group Practice and looks forward to meeting many of the patients over the next few months. She can be contacted on 0117 916 2233.

(Photo: E Verey)

Portwa School Reunion - Class of 65

A reunion is being organised on Friday, 22nd September, 2000, and we are trying to contact as many people as possible, especially Jane Ellis, Margaret Phomphrey, Jonathan Walters, Christopher Taylor, Veronica(Bonnie) Jones and Peter Sargeant.

Please contact Philip Archer on 01454 633209 for details.

Hopes and Dreams

Members of Churches in Shirehampton and Sea Mills are working together on a new musical for a new millennium called Hopes and Dreams'.

Programmes (free) are available from Shirehampton Baptist Church Office (0117 982 8238) on Monday to Friday, from September 17th, before 1pm.


From 31st July, 2000, Bristol City Council have agreed to fund service 23 between Avonmouth and Westbury only, i.e., via Avonmouth Road (return - St. Andrews Road, McLaren Way), West Town Road, St. Mary's Road, Waverley Road, Lower High Street, High Street, Station Road, Hung Road, Portway, Sylvan Way, Shirehampton Road, Parry's Lane, Stoke Lane, Falcondale Road, CanfordLane.

TIME TABLE - Mondays to Fridays (except Public Holidays)

Avonmouth Church 0915 : 1015 : 1115 : 1215 : 1315 : 1415 : 1515
Shirehampton Green 0924 : 1024 : 1124 : 1224 : 1324 : 1424 : 1524
Sea Mills Square 0931 : 1031 : 1131 : 1231 : 1331 : 1431 : 1531
Westbury Villlage 0940 : 1040 : 1140 : 1240 : 1340 : 1440 : 1540

Westbury Village 0945 : 1045 : 1145 : 1245 : 1345 : 1445 : 1545
Sea Mills Square 0954 : 1054 : 1154 : 1254 : 1354 : 1454 : 1554
Shirehampton Green 1001 : 1101 : 1201 : 1301 : 1401: 1501 : 1601
Avonmouth Church 1010 : 1110 : 1210 : 1310 : 1410: 1510 : 1610


THURSDAY, 2.30 - 4.30pm . Entrance 1.00

October 12th    DAVE MOREY

October 26th    JOHN HUTTON

November 9th    DAVE MOREY

November 23rd    JOHN HUTTON

December 7th    MELANIE - AMERICAN TEA


St.Mary's Toddler Group News

Let me start by apologising for a change in our September programme. The Toddler group will not be open on Monday, 11th September, as previously advertised, but all other dates remain unchanged, i.e. the New Term starts on 4th September.

A big thank you' to Angela Warren and Dawn Williams for the generous donation of toys and books - our children will get much enjoyment from them for a long time. Thanks again.

Hope to see you at the Church Centre 9.15am to 11.15am Mondays.

Sandra Neate.

Avonmouth Ladies Hockey Club

This year's Summer League hockey at Clevedon has seen our senior team achieve a reasonable level of success, despite the difficulties of getting teams out mid-week. There have also been opportunities in this league for old and new friends to join us in a game or two.

It is hoped that when we return to training in September at Gordano School on Monday evenings from 7 - 8.30pm, that some of these new friends will join us for this year's winter season.

The 1st

A new home venue at Gordano School has been agreed and home fixtures will be played at 1.00pm.

The mini-section had a very successful fund raising event this Summer at the Bristol & West Sports Ground raising 83.82 towards subsidising our rental costs throughout the winter months. It is expected that the mini's will restart mid-September - details to be confirmed.

If anyone would like more information about the activities at Avonmouth Hockey Club, please contact Sophie Lennox on (0117) 982 9515.

Shire Traders' Quiz Winners

1st Prize 15.0. Mrs Barbara Perry

2nd Prize 10.0. Mr W. D. M. Bird

3rd Prize 5.0. Mrs Mary Miles


Shirehampton Choir - Rehearsals

Christmas Concert Rehearsals re-commence on Tuesday, 19th September, in St.

Mary's Church from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

New members, men and women, young and not-so-young, would be most welcome; the only requirement is tha. you enjoy singing. So, please just come along and join us.

For further details, telephone Derek on 983 6759.

The photography shows Bro. Bill Thomson, R.O.H., P.P.G.P. of the R.A.O.B., presenting a cheque for 1,421 to Miss Christina Robins, Fund Raising Director for the Rainbow Centre for children affected by cancer and life threatening illness and bereavement.

The presentation took place at the George Inn, Totterdown, on the 27th July, 2000. 


Dear Editor


The following poem was placed amongst the flowers at Shirehampton War Memorial early in July:

Your flowers beautify this plaque
And add fragrance to the air,
But it's also your Cathedral
And your quiet place of prayer.
So little do we realise
That the Glory and the Power
Of he who made the Universe,
Lies hidden in a flower'.

Thank you 'Joey', Burma Star Veteran.

These lovely words have been placed amongst the many family keep-sakes we have of Shirehampton War Memorial.

Eleanor White.

Dear Editor

My grandparents, Frank and Edyth Saunders, lived at 63, Richmond Villas. They were both pillars of strength at the Congregational Chapel - a place that always frightened me. They had the usual large family, Uncle Bert, Auntie Ede, my mother, Winifred, Uncle Charlie, Auntie Kath and Annie and Uncle Vic.

Granny and Grandad also semi-adopted Dorothy. She was the niece of Granny and suffered from diabetes. Her mother, was Granny's sister and lived between Pill and Portbury, almost on the banks of the river. Dorothy was a chronic invalid and died very young. My father loved her, and spent as much time as he could with her telling stories and reading to her, with the help of Auntie Cis, who was the wife of Uncle Bert.

Dorothy was pre-insulin treatment. There was very little medical help until 1925 when insulin was perfected by Messrs.

The stories I loved to hear, were so unbelievable to me, especially when I was old enough to query my father's tales. He was able to make each one sound true and, indeed, he always believed he was right. One story was how, when making the bed, as they shook the sheets when changing them, all the sugar which had fallen out of Dorothy's skin fell onto the floor, so they always took a sweeping brush to clear this sugar away !. It must have been a toil of love, because Dorothy was bedded in a room at the very top of the house.

Another story was that Dorothy had a septic finger which would never heal. Today, we know the folly of ignoring diabetics' injuries, no matter how small. When dad told this tale his voice dropped and he became quite melodramatic, he said 'As that little maid died in my arms, tha. septic finger went away, and there was no mark to show where it was, and the sugar had done it's work'.

I always thought the best tale was one nasty snowy, freezing cold day, Dad and Auntie Cis sat with Dorothy, who was gradually becoming more and more comatose. She heard a noise from the street and asked Auntie Cis to see what it was. Auntie Cis replied 'Oh ! it is the horses and the hearse taking old Mrs Lloyd to be buried'. Dorothy asked 'Tell me about the flowers, are they lovely or just white lillies ?' Aunti Cis replied 'No my dear, there is just one long cross of holly, but the berries are beautiful. Dorothy became agitated, 'Don't let them put holly on me, please, the prickles will come down and scratch me. Promise you don't let them, Jim'. Dad was very sad when he recalled this.

As I grew older, and even now, I can hear my father telling me this. The oddest thing of all is that Dorothy had no prickles on top of her - she had a whole, heavy Church, as she lies under St. Mary's, her grave having been moved for the re-building of the Church. Her name is on the wall with the other names, where Dad hoped she slept in peace.

Mrs Mary Hill, nee Powell

In those days, of Hung Road.

Dear Editor

A special thank you for sending me the copies of the SHIRE community newspaper. I accidently found the Shire Website a few months ago and have been corresponding with Mrs Ethel Thomas since writing for a copy of her book Shirehampton Story.

Today I have received the Shire copy with article about the

Willingtons-Wellingtons and the letter from my cousin Maureen Woolan. I have found another cousin Patricia Smith of Melbourne and Stephen and Hestor Willlington-Wellington are our great-great-grandparents. I would be grateful for any information re the Andrews family (Hestors maiden name).  The christian names of our relatives who came to Australia are Nelson Wellington, Thomas Wellington, Elizabeth Sainsbury (nee Wellington).  My postal address is Mrs J Robbins, Box 1134 Mildura, Victoria, Australia.


Yours sincerely

Judith Robbins

Dear Editor

The worries of the Grandparent in your August issue have been shared by the Governors of the schools for many years. There are always those who despite requests to keep their cars out of St. Mary's Walk continue to drive down the cul-de-sac.

We had this problem very much in mind when looking at building works which will be carried out in the next year at the New Primary School. You will appreciate that we only received planning permission at the end of July and work has to be phased to avoid disruption to the children. One of the first jobs planned for 2001 is the providing of an access adjacent to the cemetery, by moving the existing fence and providing a footpath from the original Infants entrance into the Infant playground. This will avoid children and parents using the second part of the road to gain access to the school.

The existing boundary wall of the school in St. Mary's Walk will be lowered and a footpath which will to the Office Reception will be INSIDE the wall.There will be some disruption to entrances from time to time when the building work is undertaken but we are sure that this will be well worthwhile in the long run.

Finally I agree with your correspondent - please leave you cars either at St. Mary's Walk - or better still AT HOME !.

Bob Chubb, Vice-Chairman of Shirehampton Primary School Governors.

The Evergreens Coach Outing

The Evergreens have arranged a coach outing to Chepstow Market on Sunday, September 10th, at the cost o. 12.00 for coach and 3-course meal, or 4.00 for coach fare only.

The coach will leave outside of the Shirehampton Co-op at 9.30am, and will pick-up at the Lawrence Weston lay-by, or the outside of the Hope and Anchor, if arranged.

Further details and booking, please ring 9823180.

Bingo at the Public Hall, Station Road

Bingo takes place every Friday evening at the Public Hall, Station Road.

Doors open at 6.15pm, eyes down at 7pm. Refreshments available, Admission 20p

Art Exhibition and Sale

At Shirehampton Public Hall, Station Road, Shirehampton, on Saturday, 23rd September, from 10am to 5.00pm. Refreshments available. Proceeds in aid of Macmillan cancer relief.

Table Top Sale

The Townswomen's Guild is holding a Table Top Sale on Saturday, 14th October, from 10am to 12 noon, at the Methodist Church Hall.

St. Andrew's Ladies Club

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month at 7.30pm to approximately 9.15pm at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth. Everyone welcome to come and give the Club a try.

PROGRAMME for September/December 2000

Sept. 5th Quiz Night

Sept. 19th Visit toRoyal Mail, Filton

Oct. 3rd W.I. Markets - Mrs Rowles

Oct. 17th Bristol Curiosities - Brenda Hardingham

Nov. 7th Dreams and Wishes - Talk

Nov. 21st Lasting Impression - Susan Marshfield

Dec. 5th Christmas Party



 11.00a. Service for re-dedication of Chairs and Refurbishment.

HARVEST FESTIVAL WEEKEND Saturday, September 23rd:

7.00pm Harvest Supper Sunday, September 24th:

11.00am & 6.30pm Harvest Services - Rev. David Alderman.

Coombe Dingle Millennium Festival


A day packed with exhibits, displays and activities put on by locally based groups.

To be opened by the Lord Mayor at 11.30am and including:

Community Flower Shop & Plant Sale

Vintage agricultural machinery exhibit,

Portway Community School Band,

Community Band, Jazz Quartet, Highland pipers,

Police Dog demonstration,

Judo display, St. Edyths flags & banners,

Country dancing, Line dancing,

Fire Brigade demonstration,

Face painting & balloons

Refreshments, creche, etc, etc, etc.


Golden Wedding

Congratulations to Eric and Vera Verey who celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on 16 September 2000.

Eric was born in Ibstock in Leicestershire but came to live at Two-Mile-Hill, Kingswood, Bristol with his family in the early 1930's. Vera (nee Hillman) is a local girl having been born in Passage Leaze, Shirehampton, the daughter of the late Ivy and Hugh Hillman. They met when both worked for the National Smelting Company at Avonmouth and married at St. Mary's church in 1950. The ceremony was conducted by Rev Maurice Tucker, a family friend, and the reception was held in the Sea Cadet headquarters in Walton Road. They have lived in Shirehampton for the last 48 years.

They have one son Christopher who is married to Jill and now lives in Rochdale, Lancashire with their granddaughters Emma and Karen.

Savoy Cinema Site

A number of constitiuents have asked me for information re this development. The up to date information I have at present is that the supermarket group Lidl have purchased the site with a view to demolishing the cinema, and building a supermarket. They say they are not interested in acquiring the adjacent shops, but do feel the site is a little small. They have expressed an interest in buying 24 Woodwell Rd. This address is a council house, and the council is unlikely therefore to sell it. However, the tenants may have a 'right to buy', under the 'right to buy' legislation. Lidl may also be interested in the Old School, but this is in private ownership. It is not known if they have approached the owners. As yet, there i. no planning application . If and when the City Council receives an application, I will make sure the plans go on display in the library. At the moment, opinion is divided in the community, some would welcome it, some are opposed. Please let your councillors know what you think ?.

Pat Roberts, City Councillor, Avonmouth Ward.

Dear Editor


IN TOUCH' has asked me to say 'Thank you' through the pages of 'SHIRE' community newspaper to everyone who contributed to making our Line Dance held on Friday, 23rd June a success. We raised approximately 220 for the benefit of IN TOUCH'.

Particular thanks go to the following - David Doyle for providing the music and guidance at reduced cost, the Thresher Wine Shop for providing the glasses and drinks at a discount and for their donation given towards the raffle, and last but not least the two volunteer bar staff who kept the drinks flowing.

Rosemary Clarke (Ms), Treasurer.

Stop Thief !!!

On the morning of Wednesday 9th August a passer-by told me that there was a hole in the glass door leading into our Charity Shop in Station Road, Shirehampton. Someone had broken in, vandalised the till, and made off with a number of items we had for sale.

Not only have we lost the benefit we might have had from the sale of the gifts people have so kindly given us we also face the cost of putting right the damage.

Should your readers see anything suspicious on another occasion we would be very grateful if they would report the matter to the local police as soon as they can.

Thanking you all for your continued support.


End of an Era

On 21 July the Shirehampton Red Cross Group said a sad last goodbye to their local meeting place. For the last 60 years they have been meeting at the Portway Centre, which was previously the Shirehampton Clinic. From 8 September they will be meeting at the Beachley Walk Centre, Shirehampton. Hundreds of adults and children have learnt first aid by attending the group. Group memebers have given thousands of hours service providing first aid cover at events throughout Avon'.

One founder member, Dai Davies, has attended for the whole 60 years. Terry Hills, Group Leader says 'although we are sad to be leaving the Portway Centre, we are looking forward to another 60 years of helping in the local community'.

To find out more ring Lesley Robinson on 0117 973 8242 (day) or Terry Hills on 0117 985 8258 (evenings).

Shirehampton's Own 'Dads's Army' !

As a member of the Home Guard during the 2nd World War, I have often thought when watching Dad's Army on the TV that there cannot be very many 'Dad's' still around and so I decided to record a few memories of that time some 60 years ago.

I was a very young 'Dad' of 141/2 year when I joined the Home Guard on 12th December, 1940, enlisting at Avonmouth in an old shop which I believe was the old Co-op building next to the National School. My outfit was 'C' Company, 14th Battalion, City of Bristol Home Guard. Previoiusly this Service' had been known as the Local Defence Volunteers - a very heroic band of men as they had no uniforms or arms !. However, by the time I joined up as a Home Guard, we had uniforms but no rifles. In due course our armoury was located on the 2nd floor of the old shop and we went up there 'on the day' to draw our rifles to be met by long wooden chests which on opening presented us with a solid block of brown grease.

On seeing this, we were given a knife and told to cut out our weapons. Mine - No. 1139770 - was an American 5 shot Remington of 1917, .300 calibre, which we were told to clean but not to take apart.

As we all took our gear home, my brother Bill - who was also in the Company - had arrived home first and when we arrived we found he had his rifle in pieces on the kitchen table. He later became a fitter armourer in the R.A.F. My father and other brother, Colin, were also in C' Company, and, Colin later also joined the R.A.F. Dad, having been a Sgt. Musketry Instructor in the Territorials before WW1, had this rank in our Company. We paraded in the Old National School yard and our C.O. was Major Pobjoy, Manager of Lloyds Bank - our own Mainwaring' !!. The second in Command was Captain Ivor Westlake (Hairdresser), then Lt. H. G. Nothey (Schoolmaster) and my own Section Officer was Lt. H.G. Hill, who later commanded C;

Company. In our little Section I remember Cpl. Ivor Simmonds and L/Cpl. Bert Lovelace, both P.B.A. engine drivers.

Our main Guard Duty was mounting a 6-man guard at the Power Station in St. Andrew's Road. However, we became so dangerous when on sentry duty, we were forbidden to load our rifles !. The number of bullet holes in our guard hut had testified to the danger.

This Guard Hut was inside the iron fence of the Power Station Compound and one night, I think early in 1941, we were alerted by the Air Raid warning and we all piled down into the shelter beneath the Power Station except one man, named Diamond, who insisted on staying in his bunk. During the raid we heard two loud 'thumps' and realised the bombs were close. When we came up from the shelter we found the wooden Guard hut had been blown from its six brick legs and was down the far end of the compound blown apart by th. 2 bombs which had landed right behind the hut but outside the fence. The amazing thing was that Diamond was still in his bunk and was unhurt. In other raids later, found Diamond in the lead going down to the shelter !.

School Children of World War II

This photograph shows a group of pupils from Shirehampton School who were evacuated in 1940 to Devoran School in Cornwall, when air raids began and bombs fell on Shirehampton and Avonmouth.

Bottom row, left, shows Vic Mitchell, 3rd left is Angus McLeod, and far right is Tommy Beecham, who has been in touch recently with 'SHIRE' and is now living at Vic Mitchell, who now lives in Plymouth, sent in this photograph as he is interested in finding where these friends are now. Do you know the names of the girls and the other boy ?.

Drop a line to SHIRE, c/o The Library, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 9TU, or ring SHIRE on (0117) 983 2663.

Portway Community School 24th.Annual Concert

Once again Clifton Cathedral was the venue for Portway School's annual concert on 25th. July when the Lord Mayor of Bristol and a packed and appreciative audience enjoyed a varied programme of music. The opening shoe-tapping piece was the Broadway Showstopper Overture played by the Symphonic Band. One of the other pieces played by the Symphonic Band was Totonac Rain Dance',

The Concert Band and the Wind Band, both of which are made up of less experienced musicians, performed several pieces, displaying their considerable prowess and are to be congratulated, to pick out a particular piece would be invidious. But as always my real favourite was the Jazz Rock Band !. We needed something to calm us down after that and were treated to a medley of tunes ..... It's Still The Same Old Story ....' sung by the entire group. The final piece of the evening was Walton's stirring Crown Imperial', also performed by the Symphonic Band.

Congratulations to one and all!!

It was a most enjoyable evening and one which I always look forward to, next year's is on 19th July - be there !.

Charlotte-Danielle Nichols

Happy 21st Birthday (belated) to our eldest daughter. Much love from Mum and Dad.

Happy 21st, Charlotte, with love from Ryan, Jessica, Elizabeth, Daniel and Bethany.

Anna and Kevin Nichols would like to thank Julie, Jewell and Marie Daley for their invaluable help on Charlotte's 21st.

Make Your Own Delicious Toffee

Many thanks to everyone for the various toffee recipes I received. I'd like to give a special thanks to Bridgette for the loan of her wonderful book..


1lb granulated sugar      1 tbsp. golden syrup

2oz butter      1 tsp. lemon juice

1 tin condensed milk      half tsp. vinegar

Place the sugar, butter and syrup into a heavy saucepan. Melt together over a low heat whilst stirring. Bring the mixture to the boil, then add condensed milk, lemon juice and vinegar. Continue to boil until the mixture forms a firm ball, then drop a little into a cup of cold water. Pour into a well-buttered tin and allow to cool. A word of warning - although children enjoy eating the end product, this recipe is not suitable for them to make, as the mixture can be particularly hazardous when bubbling !.

Shirehampton in Art

The Exhibition of Shirehampton in Art held in July, as part of the Shire 2000 Millennium celebrations, was a great success. However, it was only open for 2 days, so many people missed it. To give you a second chance to see it, Shire on the Web has created a virtual exhibition, featuring the highlights from the real exhibition held at the Public Hall. To visit the virtual exhibition, you need a computer with an internet connection, or you can use the free terminal in the Public Library. The address is . Typing this in your web browser will bring up the homepage. Once you have arrived at Shire on the Web, clikc your mous on the Photos & Art' item on the menu at the bottom of the screeen. You will then have a choice of photos, or the virtual exhibition. Once you enter the exhibition, you will see one painting at a time. To move on to the next one, simply click Next'.

Shire on the Web is sponsored by this newspaper. We are delighted to be able to give all those who missed this most interesting show a second chance to see some of its exhibits.

Protecting Our Children

I'm sure nobody can be unaware of the current chaos engendered by a national newsapaper's campaign to name and shame' convicted sex offenders following the terrible murder of little Sara Payne. News broadcasts are peppered with words like vigilantism, mob and witch-hunt, as worried parents, who no longer trust the authorities to deal adequately with paedophiles, take matters into their own hands. Each side insists that the other is wrong, but no one really seems to know what to do.

However, there are some measures that we, as parents, can take to protect our children. The following advice is taken from a booklet called Protecting Our Children - A Guide For Parents.

Leaving Children in the Care of Others

Check on anyone left in charge. Talk to referees

Check with other parents if leaving children in a nursery, play group or any kind of activity group.

Ensure that any sports clubs used by children have a written code of practice on child protection.

Ask staff and volunteers if they have agreed to be police checked.

Find out who and how many people will be in charge of children.

Find out if the group is registered or involved with the Local Authority. € Drop in once or twice to see what is happening and to find out if your children are happy.

Follow your instincts. Refuse to leave children if you are not happy with the arrangements.

Be aware of changes in your children's behaviour which might indicate that something is no. right.

Be alert to children not wanting to go with someone or stay with them. Sometimes children say things like, 'I don't want to go out tonight', when they really mean, 'I don't want to be left with that person. He or she scares me'.

Creative Writing Group

Two or three local people have expressed an interest in setting up a creative writing group. If you are interested in joining such a group, or if you know of one already in existence, please write to the Editor, giving your name and telephone number or address.

What's on in September

SEPTEMBER 1st & 6th Every Wednesday & Friday DROP IN ADVICE SESSIONS at the A.U.S Cottage, High Street (next door to Twyford House) 9.30am - 11.30am SEPTEMBER 4th Monday ALL LOCAL SCHOOLS BEGIN the AUTUMN TERM SEPTEMBER 4th Monday St. Mary's Toddler Group start the new term at 9.15am.

Enquiries ring 3777999 Mrs Sandra Neale

SEPTEMBER 4th Monday the weekly meetings of the LADIES CLUB at the Cotswold Centre begin again at 2pm

SEPTEMBER 5th Tuesday St. Andrew's LADIES CLUB meets at 7.30pm at St.

Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth for Quiz Night.

SEPTEMBE. 5th Tuesday LOCAL COUNCILLORS are available for consultation at 7.30pm at Jim O'Neil House.

SEPTEMBER 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th Every Wednesday POLICE SURGERY at the Methodist Church Hall (Off Penpole Ave) 9am -11am.

SEPTEMBER 6th Wednesday WEST BRISTOL ARTHRITIS CARE meets at 7.30pm at the Public Hall.

SEPTEMBER 7th Thursday TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD meets at 7.30pm in the Methodist Church Hall to hear Mrs A Wood of Alexander House speak on 'Antiques'

SEPTEMBER 9th Saturday CONCERT by MAESTEG MALE VOICE CHOIR at the Public Hall 7pm. Tickets 5

SEPTEMBER 10th Sunday at the Methodist Church at 11am SERVICE OF


SEPTEMBER 11th Monday COMMUNITY EDUCATION CLASSES start again. Prospectus at the Library.


SESSIONS at Shirehampton Baptist Church Hall, Station Road, 1.30pm - 3.15pm and 5pm - 7.15pm


SEPTEMBER 16th Saturday CRUISE TO ILFRACOMBE on the M.V. BALMORAL organised by the Merchant Navy Association

SEPTEMBER 16th Saturday SEA MILLS & COOMBE DINGLE MILLENNIUM FESTIVAL 11.30am - 5.30pm at Sea Mills Recreational Ground

SEPTEMBE. 18th Monday 1st ANNIVERSARY of St. Mary's Toddler Group Celebration

SEPTEMBER 18th Monday KEEP FIT CLASSES start at Avonmouth Community Centre 7.30pm - 8.30pm

SEPTEMBER 19th Tuesday and every following TUESDAY, SHIREHAMPTON CHIOR begin to rehearse for their Christmas Concert. 7.30pm

SEPTEMBE. 19th Tuesday St. Andrews LADIES CLUB meet at 7.30pm for a visit to the Royal Mail at Filton

SEPTEMBER 19th Tuesday RAILWAY MODELLERS meet at 7.30pm in the Public Hall

SEPTEMBER 20th Wednesday WOMEN'S INSTITUTE meet at the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30pm hear Mr D,PACKHAM speak on NEW ZEALAND

SEPTEMBER 20th Wednesday HAPPY HEART WEST meet at 7.30pm at the Beachley Walk Centre


SEPTEMBER 20th Wednesday COMMUNITY GROUP MEETING at 7.30pm at the Public Hall. On the agenda the future of SHIREHAMPTON SWIMMING POOL. Everyone welcome.

SEPTEMBER 23rd & 24th FESTIVAL WEEKEND at the Methodist Church Saturday 7pm



Advice Service

A free confidential advice service is provided on Wednesday and Friday mornings (9.30 -11.30) at the Avon University Settlement Advice Centre, 115 High Street, Shirehampton, tel 0117 982 9399. This picture shows the Advisor, Pam Beale.

(Photo: E Verey)