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Millennium Garden Opened

In the early evening of Friday, July 7th, the Public Hall hosted a gathering at the Hall to witness the opening of the garden sponsered by Councillor Mrs Celia Lukins. Dr David Thomas, the Chairman of the Hall Committee welcomed everyone and invited them to tour the inside of the building where recent improvements have included major structural repairs to the building fabric, complete rewiring, redecoration of the entrance and many rooms and a completely new kitchen. There has been installed a public address system, new curtains and stage surround and a recently acquired piano, which was demonstrated by playing a wide selection of familiar tunes from Ivor Novello to Scot Joplin. Finally the overgrown land at the side of the Hall had been turned into an attractive garden with seats. The event was to thank the many local residents and organisations who have made these improvements, some were part of the SHIRE 2000 celebrations, possible. Councillor Mrs Celia Lukins the sponsor of the refurbished garden spoke of the hard work of the Sea Cadets in clearing the area, and she remembered that years ago she had had her wedding photographs taken in the garden as it was then, and that she hoped that now it would be used by all ages in the locality, particularly the elderly who might welcome a place to sit after shopping in the High Street.

David Thomas, Chairman of the Hall Association, said 'We are very keen to see the local people make full use of their Public Hall, which has served Shirehampton since 1904. After many years of gentle decline, we have now turned the corner. More people are using the Hall than ever before, and we are steadily improving the facilities. We could not have done this without help from a large number of people, and the co-operation of the City Council.

Local MP Doug Naysmith, Cllr Celia Lukins, Cllr Pat Roberts, and David Thomas, at the opening of the Millennium Garden
(Photo: Eric Verey)

A Thought for the Holidays

What are you doing here, Elijah?¹ (I Kings 19.9.13) These twice repeated words illustrate two characteristics of God¹s way with us. He calls us by name, OPerson to person. And He asks us questions, inviting a response. Compare in both respects Christ¹s question to St. Paul, formerly Saul, on the road to Damascus OSaul, Saul, why do you persecute me?¹ (Acts 9.4, 22.7, 26.14.)

Through this article God addresses the question He asked Elijah to you and to me. What are you doing here, Mary or John, David or Anne or whoever? What is the real purpose of your life? To be happy and to make others happy? Or what? And what are you doing about it? What for example do we do with our money? Do we spend it only on ourselves or do we give some of it to the hungry, the homeless, the refugees and others who need it more than we do? If so what proportion do we give away?

Holiday time (holy day time) gives us an opportunity to think seriously not only of course about our use of such money as we have at our disposal but also about our relationships with our family and friends, our leisure pursuits, our political opinions; in fact how we are fulfilling the basic purpose of our lives, why we are here at all.

God is asking each one of us today: OWhat are you doing here?¹


Bristol Film and Video Society

Readers may be interested in knowing of the Bristol Film and Video Society (BFVS) which has been in existence for about 66 years. We are a group of enthusiasts in video production with a few members still interested in film.

(I shall stilll use the term video). Although we may not be immediately on your doorstep, there are only two such clubs within the whole of Bristol. Members produce videos independently and as club productions. We have national and international recognition as a result of awards won. Also, we make good use of a large number of drama groups within the OAvon¹ area, for actors.

The activity of club nights varies with different aspects of video production. This includes sound, lighting, directing, script-writing, etc, swapping advice and ideas; guest speakers from video equipment manufacturers and retailers along with producers of video; showing our, and other clubs¹ productions; and competitions.

We meet at 7.30pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month at Filton Parish Pavilion, Elm Park, Filton, situated behind Filton Police Station. Anyone interested in visiting us is welcome free for 2 club nights. For further details, please contact Bob Bennett, Publicity Officer (tel: 0117 9568340 or mail: 9 Millward Grove, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 5AJ).

We have a website address at: and our e-mail address is:

A copy of our programme should be found at Shire Library

Multiple Sclerosis Society

Dear Editor

Thanks to the function held at the Public Hall put on by Councillor Celia Lukins and to the over 60¹s who attended, the Bristol Branch of the MS Society are better off by £48. Sincere thanks go all those kind people who donated to help sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis.

To Shirl, Liz and Mon, your continued support is so much appreciated. We understand you and your friends instigared the above collection. The collecting tin held at your shop, contained £20.70.

Yours sincerely

Barrie Griffiths
Fundraiser/Publicity Officer
Bristol Branch
34 West Town Road
Bristol, BS11 9NQ

The Olympic Aquatic Centre, Sydney.

What a place! Absolutely amazing! The first impression is how light and airy it is with none of that horrible chlorine smell one usually associates with swimming pools. The reason for this is that the water is purified using ozone and one third the normal amount of chlorine. In addition all the seats have their own air-conditioning, a pipe runs behind them giving out cool air, wonderful, so the spectators sit in total comfort. The surrounds of the pool are wide and easy to walk on. I went with a party on a conducted tour and we were all walking round in our outdoor shoes, nobody minded, athletes foot and verrucas are the swimmers' responsibility 'We don't bother about things like that'. The Aquatic Centre is open to the public and has already been in use for some time. The competition pool is not exactly the right length as it is adjusted precisely for each meet. At the end of each lane there is a T.V. screen for the swimmers to see their time without raising their head; there are special lane dividers which do not cause a wash; the water is the same level as the wall so that it laps gently over the top without making waves, goes down a grating and is then re-cycled and returned to the pool. Also there are ten lanes so that in an eight lane final no-one has an outside lane. And of course times are recorded electronically so there can be no doubts as often used to happen when times were dependent on the quickness of the eye of the judge and the swiftness of thumb on watch having taken up the slack!. Many records are expected to go in the forthcoming Olympic Games. The diving pool is beyond the Olympic Pool and apart from the normal spray which shows the divers where the surface is there is a huge bubble which can be activated for the benefit of those learning and practising new dives as it acts as a 'cushion' to land on. This pool is also designed to be used for water-polo, as is the Olympic Pool. In general usage the main pool can only be used by serious swimmers.

Apart from the main competition pool there is another eight lane full length one with an adjustable floor! Imagine that. There is too a play section with the usual chutes and 'waves' and a beginners' and learners pool. The day I was there the Centre was alive with the public and school children having their school swimming lesson, a session for disabled swimmers had just finished. An adult can spend the day there for about £2. I couldn't help comparing our amenities unfavourably! I shall certainly be watching the Olympics with great interest.


This picture shows some of those who braved indifferent weather on 31 May, when Ralph Hack (right) led the first perambulation of the Parish Boundary for 28 years, as part of the Shire 2000 celebrations. The group are standing next to one of the boundary markers on the golf course. (Photo: Val Flint-Johnson)


The Open University offers today's way to study. Its radical expertise - perfected over thirty years - is shaped for a world of internet revolution, where people increasingly work from home and where lifelong learing is a reality for everyone, regardless of their career.

You can enter at a level that suits your experience and your confidence. If you haven't studied for a while, we'll help you get going again. Alternatively, you may already have a qualification and are looking for further study at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Either way, the OU offers maximum flexibility. You can study for a single course or combine courses for a qualification. We offer certificates, diplomas, and undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. The choice is yours. We really can promise you a life-changing experience. Absorbing new information, discovering new ideas, meeting like-minded people and developing you intellectual skills will give you an unbelievable sense of achievement and a platform for the next phase of your life.

Please take time to read the leaflet which is in the Library and contact us today for a free prospectus at:

The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes

Then you can choose from our exceptional range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. All you have to do is complete and return the freepost coupon   provided, call our 24 hour OU hotline on 0870 900 0305 or visit our website on

Sea Mills & Ditrict Millenniun Festival

Saturday 16th September is a date to note in your diary. An opportunity to celebrate the New Millennium at a local Festival. The venue is Sea Mills Recreation Ground which is off Shirehampton Road opposite to Sea Mills Post Office. The opening by the Lord Mayor is at 11.30am and the event runs until 5.30pm.

The programme for this Festival is very broad based and provides an opportunity for many local groups to show off their skills. Leading the music will be the superb Portway School Band with a Jazz Quartet, Community Band and Highland Pipers to follow. Varied arena events will capture your interest - a lively Judo display, Police Dogs, County and Line Dancing, a Fire Brigade demo etc. Side Shows, Junior races, badge making, face painting and a participative Millennium Mural ensure activities for all age groups. Included in the Festival will be a range of exhibits from Local groups and societies. The Sea Mills Flower Show with over 100 classes will be looking to attract your entries and your attention in its 120ft. marquee. Why not get your youngsters to make a scarecrow (max. size 4ft) to enter in this Show. Schedules available at Sea Mills and Shirehampton Libraries. Other attractions include a Vintage Agricultural Machinery exhibit, a Barbegue, soft drinks, icecreams and refreshments. Do come. Entry £1 adults and 50p Juniors. (This event is sponsored by a Millennium Festival Awards grant).


Dear Editor, For some years I have been searching for information about my mother, Mary Kathleen Peters, born in Shirehampton on July 30, 1904 (possibly 1905). This week I have discovered the Shirehampton part of the story. I am anxious to know anything about her mother - born Mary Ann Peters on November 3, 1880 - also of Shirehampton. Mary Ann later married Thomas Henry Llewellyn on March 23, 1913. Because she was unmarried at the time of my mother's birth my mother was dispatched to a convent orphanage in either (probably) Cheltenham or (possibly) Gloucester.

Mary Ann was a Catholic and died in Shirehampton in April of either 1955 or 1954. She had two sons by her husband - Reginald Thomas Llewellyn, who still lives in Australia but who is unable to provide much information, and Thomas who died sometime in the 1950s.

If anyone has any information which will help me to uncover any more of my mother's family history I would be most appreciative. I shall be in England sometime in October/November and plan to spend a few days in Shirehampton following up any leads I can get.

Thank you for a great publication

Frank Burden, Box 3838, Courtenay, B.C., Canada, V9N 7P2 (250) 338-9843 - (250) 897-3221 (fax.) (e-mail)

Family History

Dear Editor

My name is Maureen Woolan, I live in a little town called Drouin, in Victoria, Australia. I have been doing family history for some 17 years now and have discovered that my great grandmother was born in Shirehampton and her family had connections with the Lamplighters Inn, the Powder House and Wellington House. Her name was Elizabeth Russell Willington or Wellington and her father's name was Stephen Willington, mother Ester Andrews. Elizabeth was born in 1835.

For many years I have been trying to find somebody who would know that name or a family history group that I can contact in or near Shirehampton with no luck. By chance I was lucky to have sent to me a copy of your newspaper from a cousin who lives in Mildura Vic Australia, and so I decided to try my luck one more time. If anybody out there would like to contact me it would be just great.

I can be contacted at or my address is Maureen Woolan, 40 Main South Road, Drouin 3818, Victoria, Australia.


The letters in SHAWL represent the initial letters of the areas covered by our network: Shirehampton, Henbury, Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston. The Shawl Network was formed to allow local education providers and community groups to share information and pool resources. This means that these groups will be working together to produce joint publicity and to ensure that the needs of the local community are being met. The benenfits of this to individual members of the community, including all you readers out there, are:

€ The Shawl Newsletter. Watch out for our Newsletter containing information on courses and activities near you. You will find it in your local Library. € You can join a variety of activities, from line dancing to computing. Many courses are free, and you'll have fun, make new friends and learn new skills all at the same time!

€ YOUR views are important. We welcome comments from individual members of the community, so if you don't find anything to interest you in the Newsletter, give us a call on 0117 9030059 and tell us about it!

The Willingtons of Wellington House

With regard to the list of families living in Shirehampton in the 17th and 18th century, as compiled by an anonymous contributor, and published in the June issue of 'Shire', the only name I have come across so far, and can vouch for is that of Willingtons, who were Yeoman farmers in Shirehampton about 1840.

In 1835 Stephen Willington was proprietor of the Lamplighters Hall. He died in London 20 December 1846, aged 44 after a few hours illness, the effect of a paralytic siezure, leaving a widow and nine children. Only six weeks afterwards on 5 February 1847, his wife Hester passed away at Newport, Glos. aged 39, leaving the nine children to lament her loss. During the 1850's and 60's, one John Willington was keeper at the Powder Magazine in Hung Road. This was quite a remunerative occupation (danger money I suppose!), but unfortunately his two sons drank and gambled most of his fortune away.

The Willingtons lived in the house now called Wellington House, 107 Station Road. For some reason now not known, some of the Willingtons called themselves Wellington, but they were always careful to put Willington on official documents, like marriage lines etc. Some of the Willingtons are buried in St. Mary's churchyard, their graves actually beneath the enlarged present church.

I know of two direct desendants of the family: i.e. Mrs Judith Robbins who lives in Victoria, Australia, and Mrs Pam Tuppen living in Penshurst, Kent. Ethel Thomas (Mrs)

55 Cook Street

Avonmouth Holiday Playscheme

Dear Sir/Madam

Avonmouth Holiday Playscheme is hoping to run in August 2000 but definitely during the school holidays in October 2000, February 2001, Easter 2001 and Whitsun 2001 (not during Christmas school holidays). Provisional dates: W/c Monday 14th August to Friday 1st September (to be confirmed)

Time: 8.30am to 6.00pm.
Where: St Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth Road, Bristol.
Age: 41/2 to 12 years
Cost: £1.00/hour for 1st child additional child(ren) there is a reduction and can stay for 1/2 day or full day.

For those of you who are tax payers you can claim back 70% in childcard costs by picking up a leaflet called FAMILY TAX CREDIT which can be obtainable from your local Post Office, Job Centre or possibly the Social Services office.

Please ring for confirmation of the above date(s) and for a booking form on Tel: 9827445.

News From SHIRE 2000

SHIRE 2000 is pleased to announce that a number of events are planned for the second part of the Millennium year. These include:

Second Senior Citizens' entertainment in August 18th at the Public Hall
Traders' Barbecue on 16 July at Lamplighters Field
December Carol Concert in the Public Hall
Friday Evening Bingo sessions in the Public Hall
Church Concert on 14 October
Unveiling of Millennium Quilt at Autumn Craft Show
New Year's Eve Party at the Public Hall
Groveleaze Youth Centre 40th Anniversary Show in October

In addition it is hoped to install a plaque in St. Mary's Church to commemorate the chapel for seaman which preceeded the church. The SHIRE 2000 Committee held its final meeting on 5 July. Members felt that the activities above would now proceed without needing any intervention from SHIRE 2000. However, they all felt that the experience of working together to mark the millennium had been very valuable, and hoped that the Public Hall Association would set up an events committee, please ring David Thomas on 0117 982 2941.


When I was a student of Geology, I learnt of the myth, found among stonemasons all over the world, of the 'Frog in Stone'. Men had been suprised by a frog leaping out of a rock as they chiselled away at it. I was reminded of this as our new pond was being dug in our small garden last February, because underneath the many stones which were moved were dozens of small hibernating frogs which leapt out and surprised us. Five months later we are delighted owners of tadpoles, donated by friends, and an increasing number of froglets, and there is a wealth of vegetation around and in the pond. We worried about the diet of the first batch, as our pondweed was hardly established; but the second offering of tadpoles came with their own duckweed and they browsed underneath it constantly. We also suspect that they had a cannibalistic taste for their cousins. Our granddaughters told us we must give them a few rabbit pellets, and these they demolish with much excitement. The pondweed proliferates and the water is crystal clear. We don't want fish at the moment, or a fountain, but we would be interested in newts!.

Brenda Dammers

Shirehampton in Art

Everyone who visited our Exhibition on 1st and 2nd of July came away saying how much they enjoyed seeing our district through the eyes of artists. Some of the pictures were nostalgic, Shire in the early 1900's, many of our older visitors remembering their childhood in the village. Two pictures of the' Cockle Lady' who came to Shirehampton to sell her cockles every Saturday for eighty years, again brought back memories.

We were indebted to John Parsons for his pictures of maritime activity, particularly the 'Mathew' outward bound, and of her return also for the Waverley at Horseshoe Bend. David Tudor lent us his marvellous model of Shirehampton Station and the area between the station and the Portway; this was a great attraction for the children who came with their parents. Shirehampton Infants School and St Bernards School sent in their childrens pictures of Shirehampton and we could all see that there are plenty of budding artists in our area. Many thanks to the Headteachers for sending in the work from their schools.

See our Art & Photos section for a virtual  Exhibition of the Shirehampton in Art show.

Neighbourhood Watch

Last year crime figures for Shirehampton represented 3 to 4% of the total figure for C district, North Bristol. This year to date the crime figure has gone up to 5 to 6%, largely due to criminal damage and vehicle theft. We can do something about it by being more vigilant and taking greater precautions to protect our property.

Where there is an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme crime figures are noticeably lower. Neighbours look after each others property and are quick to report any incident to the police. Shirehampton has very few such schemes at the moment, but the new district Superintendent is very keen to encourage people to start a scheme in their street. Anyone interested in such a project should contact Wendy Hull at Southmead Police Station. Tel: 9454545.

Beware of doorstep traders trying to buy antiques, and particularly if they come from the Brighton area!. Residents in Henleaze and Westbury on Trym have had mail drops from a firm called Bygone Days, there have been various complaints in the past regarding the methods this company uses to persuade people to part with their antiques.

If you are going away on holiday this month ask yourself before you leave if you have put all valuables out of sight, cancelled milk and paper deliveries, closed and locked all your windows and doors and arranged with a trustworthy neighbour to keep an eye on your property. By the way don't have your home address on your luggage labels when you are on the outward journey - burglars can read!.


Bingo Hall - No application for development of this site had been received at the Bristol City Planning Department by the end of June. Rumours were circulating that Lidl were exploring the possibility of acquiring adjoining properties to the site to include their design plan.

Local Councillor Pat Roberts has requested on the internet that residents express their views regarding keeping the building because of the particular architecture and character associated with the old style cinemas, One to One Mast - A meeting was held, mid June, attended by the residents of Hermitage Close, Mr B. Cadman of the North Bristol Planning Department and Mr Andrew Wilkes, Agent for One to One, Gordon Simonds, Community Relations and Corporate Affairs, and Mark Odalin, all of One to One, and the Assistant to Mr Doug Naysmith, our local M.P.

The Planning Officer pointed out that the Mast as erected did not conform to the plans in the proposal. After much discussion, One to One were in no doubt about residents' feelings and undertook to investigate several alternative sites. Mr Cadman agreed to inform the residents of the outcome and feed-back from these investigations.

Kingsweston House - The Application for change of use to a Business & Conference Centre, with facilities for Wedding Parties and an Antique and Art Gallery was approved by the BCC Planning Committe in June. The lease had not yet been finalised or signed.

Mrs Beryl Backwell,

Wishing you a Happy 65th Birthday - Good Luck and Good Health. Love Margo, Bert and Joyce.


Mondays - No Ladies Club Meetings during August Recommence on September 4th.
Tuesdays - Bingo - Doors open 6.30pm Eyes down 7pm - 9.00 (approx)
Thursdays - August 3rd No Line Dancing
August 10th, 17th, 23rd, 29th at 2pm - 3.15pm as normal.
Friday - August 25th 7.30 - 10.30pm MONTHLY SEQUENCE DANCE.

Shire Juniors Governers

AND FINALLY.....the last meeting of the Shirehampton Junior School Governors was held on 10th June. Although the future will be in the hands of a new Board of Governors for the Primary school in September there was quite a bit of business to conclude. I found that I was thinking back over some twenty years of School Governors - trying to remember all their names, as this is the opportunity to thank them all - many who gave years of loyal and voluntary service. The Governors kindly gave me a presentation but I do feel that I should be accepting this on behalf of all those who supported the school in the past. Being a School Governor has meant in recent years increasing workload but being able to support hard working staff makes it worthwhile. So to all our Governors, past and present many thanks for all your work.

If you would like to be considered as a Governor, they are appointed by various groups, write to Pauline Draisey, Bristol Education Centre, Sheridan Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 0PU

Bob Chubb, Chairman (till end of August!)

St. Mary's Toddler Group - News

Firstly, I would like to say "Goodbye and Good Luck to all our 'grown up toddlers who will be starting Nursery School or going into Reception class in September "Have lots of fun learning new things, children". Here are some important dates for the new term:-Monday 4th September - Welcome to new members at 9.15am. Monday 11th September - We are painting today, so old clothes please! Monday 18th September - Our 1st Anniversary, so come along with your carer if you are under 5 and join in celebrations!

All enquiries to Mrs Sandra Neate Tel: 3777999

St. Mary's TODDLER GROUP, The Church Centre, Pembroke Road, Mondays 9.15am - 11.15am (excluding School holidays).

Songtime - Free Play - Juice Break - Stories - Painting - Fun.


Saturday 10th June, as luck would have it, was a bright sunny day with a light wind, just the conditions to introduce new sailors to dinghy sailing. A friendly welcome was made to those interested in this popular outdoor pursuit and eight adults and two children took to the water with some of our members; in addition, other members talked with those remaining on land and encouraged them to come down for a trial sail at a later date. A good time was had by all and our members enjoyed sharing their love of sailing at Shirehampton. Since the Open Day, one young family has joined us, with their boat, impressed by the friendly atmosphere and social events that we organise.

We extend a warm welcome to others who do not realise what fun there is to be had, right on their doorstep!.


As there is only a few copies left of the recent run of SHIREHAMPTO N DIRECTORY, before more copies are printed, we would be grateful if those organisations which have been included in the present issue would check to make sure their details are still correct, if they need ammending, please put the current facts in the Library, addressing the envelope to "DIRECTORY" c/o Shire Newpaper. If your organisation is not in the current directory and you would like it included in the next edition, please put the relevant details - e.g. Name, times and place of meeting, telephone number of secretary etc and send them via the Library to Shire Directory. We are trying to make sure that the new edition is correct and up to date.


BINGO SESSION at the Public Hall, Friday Evening AUGUST 11th.

News of  Shire on the Web

Shire on the Web, our own Community Web Site, continues to grow. Recent additions include a magnificent set of aerial photos of Shire, by Les Harrold and a large number of photos in and around the High Street, by Alex Wright. In response to a steady trickle of enquiries from around the world, we have added a page to the Contacts section, to help people trace long lost relatives and friends. This is likely to be particularly helpful to former residents and their descendants, who are researching their family history. The number of local businesses advertising on the site is steadily growing. Why not have a look, and see which local businesses are keeping up with the latest technology and using the internet?. If you have a business of your own, it is very cheap to join our list of advertisers. It is very easy to access Shire on the Web. The Public Libraries at Shirehampton, and also Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston and Sea Mills, all have a computer for anyone to use, which will have a Shire 2000 logo on the front screen. Use the mouse to click on this logo, and the home page will appear. Please ask the Librarian for help if you need it. You can also view Shire on the Web if you have a computer with an internet connection at home. The address is Typing this in your web browser will bring up the homepage.

We welcome feedback from users. In particular, we would like to receive your comments on the content, and any suggestions for improvements. We would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to contibute additional material. Write to Shire on the Web, c/o Shirehampton Library, ring 982 2941, or email

Internet Help Wanted

Shire on the Web, our own web site, has now been running for a year. However, some of the team who have produced it are moving on to other things, so there is an opportunity for one or two more people to join our enthusiastic team. If you are interested in the local community, and in computers, have access to a computer, and would like to get involved, we would be delighted to hear from you.

To find out more, please email, ring David Thomas on 0117 982 2941, or write to Shire on the Web, c/o Shirehampton Public Library.

Hallen Short Mat Bowls Club

Short Mat Bowls is an indoor version of the famous game. It can be played all the year round irrespective of the weather!.

If you have played before or would like to 'have a go', the Hallen Short Mat Bowls Club would be delighted to see you. We meet on Tuesday evenings, 8.00 - 10.00pm and Thursday afternoons, 2.30 - 4.30pm at the Hallen Centre, Moorhouse Lane, Hallen.

Tuition is available for beginners and all equipment is supplied (with the exception of footwear).

For further information telephone:

Esme Lewis - 9505709, or Margaret Hedges - 9824215.

Books Recently Added to Stock at Shirehampton Library


R. ALGERS Gentle Yearning
C. ARNOLD Class Action
W. COLEMAN Mambo Hips and Make Believe
B. CORNWELL Sharpe¹s Trafalger
E. DAISH Summer Romance
M. DOBBS Whispers of Betrayal
J. GARBER In a Perfect State
L. GARDINER The Other Daughter
M.GRAHAM Practising Wearing Purple
M. HARAN Baby Come Back
K. HAYES Bridge of Shadows
D. HILL Interlude
S. HOWATCH The High Flyer
J. KARON A New Song
M. KEYES Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married
P. LOVESEY When the Ashes Burn
S. MARTINI The Attorney
D. Morrelli Burnt Sienna
J. MYERSON Laura Blundy
A. PERRY The Twisted Root
G. PHINN Over Hill and Dale
D. STEEL The Wedding
J. STRALEY The Angels Will Not Care
J. THAYER Terminal Event
T. TILLIS Final Act
S. TUROW Personal Injuries
B. WILLIAMS Soldiers of God
B. WILLIAMS Stealth Bomber
G. WILLIAMS Dr. Mortimer and the Aldgate Mystery
C. WINDSOR Cold Fusion
D. WYNNE-JONES Dark Lord of Derkholm


362.41 WHITE See it My Way
364.152 Unsolved Murders and Mysteries
438.2 Teach Yourself German
582.16 Illustrated Book of Trees
598.094 Birds of Britain and Europe
623.26 MOON One Step Beyond
629.227 Bicycling Maintenance and Repair
629.283 AA Driving Test Theory
629.283 The Official Driving Manual
635.9 Good Plant Guide
641.5945 Classic Italian Receipes
791.43HAN GARDNER Tom Hanks

Local Blood Donating Sessions

The aim of the service is to collect enough donations to keep the hospitals supplied everyday. You can give blood a minimum of 12 weeks after you last donated and no more than 3 times a year. Please make every effort to attend the session to which you have been invited, this may not always be possible for reasons of holiday, business or other commitments, in which case there is a list of alternative blood donor centres, which you can discover by telephoning 0117 9912000.

Panel code: TB80
Address: Baptist Church Hall
17 Station Road
Bristol, BS11 9TU

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 13.30 to 15.15 and 17.00 to 19.15
Tuesday, September 12, 2000 13.30 to 15.15 and 17.00 to 19.15
Wednesday, October 18, 2000 13.30 to 15.15 and 17.00 19.15
Monday, November 20, 2000 13.30 to 15.15 and 17.00 to 19.15
Thursday, January 18, 2001 13.30 to 15.15 and 17.00 to 19.15
Tuesday, February 06, 2001 13.30 to 15.15 and 17.00 to 19.15
Monday, March 19, 2001 13.30 to 15.15 and 17.00 to 19.15