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Summer Concert

What's on in July

July 1st and 2nd - Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6.30pm 'Pictures of Shirehampton' Exhibition. Come and see this unique Exhibition.

July 3rd - 9th - Visit to Portway School by the Hemmingen Big Band from Germany.

July 3rd and every Monday - Sequence Dance at the Public Hall for Improvers and Learners 7.30pm - 9.30pm.

July 4th & 18th Alternate Tuesdays - St Andrew's ladies club meets at 7.30pm at St Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth. july 4th Tuesday - local councillors are available for consultation at 7.30pm at Jim o'Neil House. july 5th Wednesday - Arthritis care meets at 7.30pm at the Public Hall. july 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th - Every Wednesday - Police Advice Surgery at the Methodist Church Hall. july 6th Thursday - Townswomen's Guild meet at 7.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall to hear Mr P. Shore speak on 'The Friendship Clinic'.

JULY 15th Saturday - GUIDES SUMMER FAIR & BARBEQUE at the Guide H.Q, St Mary's Road, 12 noon - 3pm. Admission 30 pence.

and West Sports Ground.

JULY 16th Sunday SHIRE TRADERS FUN DAY at the LAMPLIGHTER'S RIVER BANK 2.30pm - 6.30 pm.

JULY 17th - 24th PORTWAY SCHOOL BAND visit Summer Music School at Bideford.

JULY 18th Tuesday RAILWAY MODELLERS meet at 7.30pm.

JULY 19th Wednesday - HAPPY HEARTS meet at Beachley Walk Centre at 7.30pm. JULY 19th Wednesday - WOMEN'S INSTITUTE meets at 7.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall 'A Bead in the Necklace of Memory' by Mrs Y Bell.

JULY 19th Wednesday - SHIREHAMPTON STITCHERS meet at 7.30pm at the Public Hall.

JULY 25th Tuesday - ANNUAL PORTWAY SCHOOL BAND CONCERT at Clifton Cathedral.


JULY 28th Friday - MONTHLY SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold Centre - 7.30pm-10.30pm. Admission 15.0.


As many of the clubs and societies, who meet once a month, have a rest in August, the 'What's On' for that month is usually short. However, if you club or society does have a meeting in AUGUST, please let us know by JULY 10th via the Library and we will include it in the August edition of the 'SHIRE'.

Thank You.

Sire 2000 Senior Citizens Millennium Ccelebration

An event for those aged over 60 was held at the Public Hall on 16 June to celebrate the Millennium. It was funded by Cllr Celia Lukins, and organised Barbara Wylde and Norman Sims.

Thank You

SHIRE ADMINISTRATION would like to thank the members of the Shirehampton Branch of the TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD for their generous contribution to ŒShire' funds.

Guide HQ Shirehampton

The Committee of the Guide HQ are holding their Annual Summer Country Fair plus BBQ on Saturday 15h JULY at the Headquarters, St Mary's Road from Noon-3pm. Admission 30p.

Worthy Ccauses Local Funding

Is there any local organisation which would like a little financial support? Please state the name of the organisation, the amount and the purpose of the funding and send it to 'Shire' via the Library by July 31st.

Before Going on Holiday

Just a few reminders to help keep your home secure.

1. If you have a garden with a lawn, cut the grass fairly short before you depart.
2. Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property.
3. Cancel the milk and the papers.
4. Don't close the curtains.
5. Set automatic timer switches for lights and radio.
6. Keep valuables out of sight from windows.

St. Mary's News

Hi Folks!

You certainly know it's summer when I publish details of our Patronal Festival, which this year falls on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd July.

Saturday, July 1st - Church open for light refreshments and for people to see the floral displays.
10.15am Tim Forder (St Mary's Organist and Choir Master) will be performing a Recital on the Church Organ which will last until approximately 11am.

Sunday, July 2nd (Patronal Festival Day)
10.00am Holy Communion
4.00pm Evening Prayer (Said)

Monday, July 3rd
Bristol Citadel Salvation Army Band accompanied by their Junior Choir will be here to entertain us.

Admission as usual is FREE! - but there will be a retiring collection which will be given to the Salvation Army Members to be used as they think fit. So come along and give them your support and enjoy the sound of some fine music.

Now for another snippet of information which will be mainly of interest to older members of St Mary's and the parish. I am sure there are those of you who remember our former incumbent - The Rev. John Smith - who had two sons - Andrew and Simon: Andrew his eldest son worked for many years for the BBC in Birmingham and eventually married a young lady called Decia. Decia latterly studied Theology and became an ordained Minister in the Church of England and served as a Curate at the parish in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Well, Andrew and Decia have now moved back to the Bristol area and I have been reliably informed that on Monday, July 17th, 2000 - Decia Smith is to be inducted as the Priest in Charge of Abbotts Leigh and Leigh Woods parishes. I am sure we wish God's blessing on Decia and Andrew's new life back in the West Country. You can see Abbotts Leigh parish church from this side of the river - so why not give them a wave!!!

Six year old Paul Armstrong has scooped a major prize in the popular children's colouring competition run by 'Shire Churches 2000'. A pupil at Avon Primary School - Paul was presented with a fine illustrated Children's Bible at a special event on June 7th. Well done Paul! This year's collection for Christian Aid came to just over 636 and thanks are due to all those who contributed in any way to the achievement. Of this, 95 came from collections in church. Brenda Dammers points out that since Christian Aid Week last year 916 has been raised and she hopes that all helpers will be encouraged by these results.

Finally, don't forget that Sunday, July 30th is the last Sunday Fernlay will be performing duties as Vicar of St Mary's - I'm sure he and Della will be happy to see many faces, both young and old, before he bows out to enjoy a well earned retirement!

Bye for now


My Knight in Shining Armour

I would like to say a big thank you to the gentleman who found my cashpoint card in the machine at Lloyds Bank in Shirehampton and returned it to the bank on Tuesday, May 30th. Unfortunately the staff at Lloyds were unable to get your name, so this is the only way I know of thanking you. I just hope you read this. My faith in humanity is very much restored.

From Mrs Stroma Griffiths.

Avon Primary School May Day Service

The annual May Day Service was once again held at Avon Primary School. All the children of the Infant department took part by singing, dancing, narrating and reciting poetry; and some of the members of the Junior Country Dancing Club also contributed to the festival.

All the children dressed in bright clothes, carried coloured streamers, sang, danced and greeted the May Queen, Hollie Toutt and her attendants, Sophie Slocombe and Stacey Hunter. The school's Folk Bank accompanied the singing and dancing. The Maypole stood at the centre of the hall which was festooned with flowers and with it's brightly coloured ribbons came to life when the children danced around it.

Headmaster, Duncan Jennings, said that as usual a lot of hard work had been put into this festival by staff and pupils to bring it up to such a high standard which was much appreciated by the audience and friends who packed the hall.

Jackie Annett

Hi, my name is Jackie Annett and I moved to Bristol just over three years ago from Lancashire. My husband is from Bristol and we both have family here. I work for Bristol Community Education, teaching basic word processing skills to adults, which may seem a little ironic when I tell you that, in the past, I tried to avoid computers like the plague! I have a degree in English Literature and Linguistics, but a glance through the Evening Post will convince even the staunchest technophobe that computer skills are in greater demand than a love of good literature. So I was finally forced out of my ivory tower and into the real world.

I enjoy my work because of my students, particularly the older ones, who always have such interesting stories to tell and who usually have a wry sense of humour. I'm always amazed, and slightly humbled, when I see people in their 60's and 70's determined to learn a new skill and having fun at the same time. If any of you readers have considered learning a new skill, but have listened to that little devil on your shoulder telling you it's too difficult, just remember this - if I can do it, anyone can!

(Jackie is a new member of our 'Shire on the Web' team. Ed.)

Two Into One!!

Perhaps you have heard that at the end of July the two schools Shirehampton Infants and Junior will cease as independent units. When school returns in September it will be as the newly established Shirehampton Primary School. A lot of work has gone into making sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. Most of the staff will be coming back although two well known faces will be in retirement from the Junior School, Helene Webb, and Marriane Willis and they leave with our good wishes for the future. Three new teachers have been appointed to fill the vacancies. The new Head Teacher will be Mrs Anne Travis (who is at present overseeing the changes) and Mr Colin Thompson will be taking up the position as Deputy Head Teacher in September.

Unfortunately the building work needed to 'unite' the two schools will not be started until about October, then a new entrance will be made in St Mary's Walk. We hope to have some photographs of the staff when they are all together in September.

It is planned to have both schools open for visitors from 4pm until 7pm on Thursday, July 20th when past staff and former pupils will be very welcome. We hope to have school log books and photos on display - if you have any items of memorabilia which you could lend to us please get in touch. If you need any other details please contact the Schools.


After a knock-out competition amongst 150 Bristol Primary Schools the final of the Coronation Football Cup took place at Abbots Leigh on May 25th. Shirehampton Junior School team had won through to this final against Tynings Primary School. It was a very exciting game which went into extra time when unfortunately Shirehampton lost 2-0. There were some brilliant displays from Reeve Jorden (in goal), Matthew Groves up front and Kris Reid in defence who were ably supported by the rest of the team. Well done to the team and to the school for getting through the final.

Avonmouth Hockey Club

Since the end of last year's winter season, Avonmouth Hockey Club has been on tour to Holland, had their annual Dinner Dance and elected the officers for next season.

This year's tour to Holland was the club's first trip abroad and was enjoyed by all. The team finished middle of its league and three members were involved in umpiring at all levels throughout the duration of the tournament. I think plans for next year's tour may see us staying closer to home, but we will be having just as much fun.

This year's Dinner Dance was a roaring success with 'Doing Time' providing the after dinner entertainment. Awards to 1st team player of the year, Catherine Killian, and 2nd team player of the year, Becky Jones were made along with the Captain's and Club awards. It was refreshing to see newer members of the club being successful.

The club is currently participating in the Clevedon Summer League with mixed success and as this league draws to a close, the winter training schedule will recommence in August.

The mini hockey section is currently on a break until September, but it is hope parents and players will attend our sports day and B-B-Q on July 16th at the Bristol and West Sports ground.

Anyone interested in joining our Minis - 8-11 year olds; Juniors, 12-15 year olds; or Seniors please contact Sophie Lennox on 0117 982 9515.

Shire AGM


There were 25 people present.

The meeting was chaired by John Parsons who welcomed those present.

The minutes of the last meeting (29 March) were signed with no amendments.

Matters Arising

Shire Missal - J Parsons has spoken to Revd Fernley Symons and the likelihood is that the Missal will return to Bristol, possibly to the museum. The cost of insurance and appropriate and secure storage conditions dictates where it is kept. At present it is on view in St Mary's Church as part of the Shire 2000 exhibition.

Section Reports

a) Law and Order

Presented by Philip Squire.

The PCCG meetings have now ceased but any problems that arise which require a meeting with the police, will be dealt with at specially called meetings of interested parties. In theory, this should result in a quicker response to particular issues. There are still problems with parking on double yellow lines outside Lloyds Bank, and one incident occurred where a resident was injured by a car door. Parking is now the province of the Council and the meeting endorsed a suggestion that Philip Squire write to them about this problem, because unless something is done (eg a parking fine) it won't stop happening. John Callaghan said that individual letters to the Council would also help.

The problem of getting hold of the local police was raised yet again. Philip suggested that if there is no response from Avonmouth police station, contact Portishead HQ direct. It is also possible to write and complain about this issue because the police can only act if crimes are committed, although they have been seen talking to the youths in an attempt to get to know them and hopefully avert any problems.

b) Highways

Presented by John Parsons

Following the efforts of John Parsons and Cllr Lukins, Shirehampton is now to have ŒWelcome' signs erected as soon as possible. Signs have been erected directing travellers to and from the Railway Station. John has written to the Council regarding the new pavements, ie replacement of cracked pavers and fine sand to be sprinkled in between them - no response yet. He has also asked if the pavement by the Co-op is to be replaced.

c) Youth and Schools

No report.

d) Planning and Environment

Report by John Callaghan.

Footpaths - there is a Severn Way Fun day on 11 June - leaflets were available. The Golf Club path modifications have gone through and Footpath No. 72 Kingsweston is now official. The committee has been instrumental in providing information for the ŒBristol Walks accessible by public transport'.

Savoy Bingo Hall - this building has been sold by Gala Leisure because they believe the cost of refurbishment is prohibitive. There is much speculation as to what will happen to the site but no planning applications have been received by the Planning Office as yet. One rumour is that it will be developed as accommodation for elderly people, and the other that Lidl have purchased the site to develop a supermarket. This latter issue was discussed. The site is part of a conservation area and there would be concerns about additional traffic through the village as well as the effect on other local shops. However, nothing can be done until a planning application is submitted, but it is important to be aware and monitor the situation.

Swimming Pool - it is believed the Council plan to close the Shirehampton Baths and replace them with a pool at Robin Cousins Sports Centre, however there is confusion over the current situation.

Council Spending - the Council are issuing questionnaires through their paper delivered to every household, and a copy was in today's Evening Post, asking people how they want money spent in Bristol. One to One mast - the planning department informed One to One that the mast did not conform to the original application and some modifications have been made, which will be checked out. A report has recommended that in future applications for these masts should be more tightly controlled. The residents of Hermitage Close are taking their protest further over this particular one.

Kingsweston House - both John and Sue Hook reported back on a presentation made by the potential new tenants, John Hardy and Hardy Associates. The proposals made, on the face of it are ideal in that the company will use the house for corporate entertaining, wedding receptions, etc but, at the same time restore it to its former glory. There will be numerous planning applications submitted for different work and Sue suggested we give John a mandate to act on behalf of SCG over these, just as George Cooper has done in the past - the meeting agreed. Sue read out the proposals made for the house which includes 3 acres of land, the remainder of which remains accessible to the public. Even though the proposals sound ideal, Sue urged vigilance to ensure that there is an inventory of other artefacts that were removed when the police were using the house.

Shirehampton Football Club - have submitted an application for a small covered area on the ground - no objection from SCG. Lamplighters - an application has been made to erect a wooden stable which involves the removal of some trees and a wall. resident has objected. Car Sales - Pembroke Road - this is now under new management and the old habits are returning, resulting in complaints from residents - ie parking on double yellow lines, obstructing the pavement etc. John has asked the Planning Department for details of the planning application and whether it has been approved. Investigations are being made and he will be notified. Bobbetts - the sales vendor is no longer there. Shops are entitled to use 3ft of space in front of their shops to display goods, but not beyond that or on the kerb side. Keep under observation.

John was asked if we could be notified by the Council of planning applications submitted but this would cost 60 per year subscription, however the Planning Department has a web site with the information on.

e) General

The Shire Churches currently have an exhibition running as part of the Millennium celebrations.

On Wednesday, May 31st at 6.30pm the perambulation of the parish boundaries will take place for anyone wishing to join in. Ralph Hack explained the ceremony which takes place at Rogationtide and gave details of the route which is marked by the old boundary stones. Donations made at the last meeting amounted to 12.50.

Any other business

Philip Squire reminded the meeting that the Annual Art Exhibition was taking place from Monday, May 29th to Saturday June 3rd. There is also an exhibition of Shirehampton pictures on the weekend of July 1st and 2nd as part of the Shire 2000 programme.

Date of next meeting is July 26th, 2000 at 7.30pm.

Dan Scadding

Dan Scadding (19) who recently passed out from Lympstone as a Royal Marine Commando. He completed 32 weeks intensive training which is considered to be the toughest in the world. During training he won the Middleweight Boxing Championships and also received the Physical Training Superior Awards. On passing out, Dan received two extra, special awards:-THE DETERMINATION AWARD - Presented to the recruit who has shown the most determination, effort and commitment to reach the extremely high standard required to become a Royal Marine Commando.

THE COMMANDANTS DAGGER - Awarded to Dan as a member of the best all round Rifle Section of his troop. Congratulations are in order, along with our very best wishes for the future.

Neighbourhood Watch

There has been a spate of thefts from garages and sheds in our area recently, so householders are advised never to leave them unlocked, particularly if they have a connecting door to the house. Fit shed and garage doors with a strong padlock and make sure that they are solid enough, not to be kicked in.

Lock ladders inside the garage or shed to stop a thief using them to gain access through bedroom windows. If ladders have to be left outside, chain or padlock them horizontally to a sturdy bracket on an outside wall. Have you fitted key operated locks to all downstairs window? Remember a thief can get through any window with a gap larger than a human head, so even small windows should have a lock fitted.

Did you know that one in five motorists do not always bother to lock their car doors and close all the windows! When cars are left for long periods of time in the same spot this carelessness makes it easy for the criminals.

Distraction Burglaries

An elderly lady from Sea Mills opened the door to two men claiming to be from Bristol City Council come to check on the state of her boundary wall, while she was showing one man the wall the other man stole her purse. NEVER admit anyone to your house without an identity card with a photograph on it. If in doubt, don't open the door, and insist on the caller having an appointment to come and see you when someone you know is present.


28th Annual Art Exhibition

The Shirehampton Art Exhibition was held at the Public Hall from May 28th to June 3rd and attracted over four hundred visitors, some of whom came quite long distances to buy pictures.

The Exhibition was opened by Katie Harding, Promotions Officer of the Tate Britain Gallery who commented on the improving standard of the work on show. This was high praise coming from someone who had been working on the opening of the Tate Modern, and who conducts tours of major galleries both at home and abroad.

Two hundred and fifteen pictures were on show all from people who live locally or who attend painting classes or art clubs in our area. Many of the artists are well known regular exhibitors, but we were delighted to have work submitted by some younger artists among them Phil Weeks, Tony Milsom and Marianne Lethbridge. Another young artist, Shelley Eynon won the Harry Walton award for the best flower painting. We were pleased to welcome to the opening preview our oldest artists Marion Cleaves who at 97 is still showing her pictures. Also present were several members of the Portway Centre Art Club. We were distressed to hear that the Portway Centre is to close soon, as it has long been an important part of village life. However, the good news is that they will still be exhibiting their exciting pictures in our future shows


Letters to the Editor

Lack of Sparrows

Dear Editor,

With reference to your article, my husband and I had noticed the absence of house sparrows in our garden...until last winter. A vociferous group spent the winter with us, and still put in sporadic appearances even now the harsh weather is over. Could it be that they move around as mood/food supply dictates? It seems they can be surprisingly local. We have had sparrowhawks in the garden, but have only ever seen them preying on young blackbirds or doves.

With regard to the list of species seen in Shirehampton gardens, the following additional species have been in our Cotswold estate garden: dunnock, song thrush, long-tailed tit (Europe's tiniest bird), goldfinch, wood pigeon, collared dove, great spotted woodpecker, siskin and willow warbler.

We have never seen herons land in our garden (perhaps it is too overgrown?!) but regularly see them pass overhead. Likewise, buzzards and several species of gull are often seen soaring above, and we have also enjoyed the rare treat of ducks and mute swans making their way either out towards the sea or back towards the city. The crow family is well presented by magpies, jackdaws and rooks. At night sometimes the tawny owl can be heard from across the river, as can the harsh cry of the pheasant during the day. Can we add to the list of Shirehampton species? Is anyone interested in forming a local bird-watching group to share this absorbing hobby? Please contact me via Shire'.

Katie Robson
Via email

You can email SHIRE through

Award For SHIRE 2000 Web Site

The SHIRE 2000 section of Shire on the Web, Shirehampton's own Community Web Site, has been named as Site of the Month for June, by Digital City Bristol.

This citation reads:

'More than simply celebrating the Millennium, this site celebrates the way the people of Shirehampton are working together to build a greater sense of community, with benefits for all. It not only offers a varied programme of public and local events, but might just also inspire other people to make more of their own community life...' Digital City Bristol hosts Shire on the Web, and is a very large site devoted to all aspects of Bristol. Shire on the Web is constantly updated, and includes an internet edition of SHIRE, a Directory of local organisations, adverts from local businesses, and much more. If you have previously visited the site, drop in again and see what's new, and if you have not yet seen it, visit us for the first time. We have just added a series of aerial photographs of Shirehampton, taken by Les Harrold. To visit the site, just type in your browser. If you do not have a computer with an internet connection, you can very easily view Shire on the Web using the public access computer at Shirehampton and other nearby libraries. The Librarians will be very pleased to show you how to do this if you need any help.

Just a Matter of Dates

The Revd. Clement Dixon arrived in Shirehampton and was Inducted the 9th Vicar in 1920. He retired in 1949, after having served the Parish 29 years. His long stay, he used to say, was due to events.

In January 1928, St Mary's Church was completely gutted by a great fire, and became a total loss. Mr Dixon felt it was his duty to see a new church was built, and moreover paid for. The enlarged new church inflicted a great debt on the Parish. When this had been achieved, the War came. Thousands of troops were stationed in, or were passing through, Shirehampton and had to be cared for, and Mr Dixon built St Mary's Canteen, which Mr Dixon opened and ran every day starting in the first week of the war and continued until the last. No Air Raid, however dangerous, kept Mr Dixon at home, when the injured might need his help; all these things were added to his normal duties as Parish Priest, and Honorary Chaplain to the Forces. Most memorable are the Garisson Para de Services held in St Mary's during the War which Mr Dixon organised, perfect to the last detail. The population of Shirehampton had drastically risen from 4,001 in 1921 to 11,000 in 1928 due to the Corporation Housing Estate. From 1939 Mr Dixon had no help and had to carry on single-handed. No wonder his heart was thoroughly worn out when he came to retire - his last service was at 8 am on February 21st, 1949.

The Revd. J A Lovejoy came to Shirehampton the same year, and was Inducted 10th Vicar on the Feast of Corpus Christi, June 16th, 1949. The Revd. Fernly Symons was Inducted 12th Vicar on November 14th, 1972, serving only 28 years, so did not stay as long as Mr Dixon. Mr Dixon died on April 12th, 1951, aged 70, and did not enjoy a comparatively long retirement. We hope Mr Symons will fare better. Ethel Thomas (Mrs)

Top Award For Portway Community School

On Tuesday, June 6th, the Chair of Governors, Tony wood, member of staff, Majorie McCartney and two students, Jenny Lee and Luke Redler from Portway Community School enjoyed a day in London to attend a ceremony at the Barbican Centre to receive the Schools Curriculum Award 2000. This prestigious national award is presented every three years to schools which are at the heart of their community. It is in recognition of the quality of life and work within the school. This is enriched by links with the community and environment and introduces young people to their social and cultural heritage.

Morocco 2001

Over this summer a team of 13 students from Years 8 and 9 are busily raising funds for their two-week expedition to the North African country of Morocco. The team are planning to travel to Morocco next Easter spending this time trekking in the High Atlas Mountains, absorbing the culture of the Berbers and experiencing the ancient and modern aspects of Marrakech. Funds for this expedition are being raised through paper rounds, baby sitting, gardening, car washing, ironing and the famous school discos. Team members are:- Robert Sivers, Matthew Pepper, Andrew Collins, Kelly Arnold-Wright, Mark Warren, Joseph Hayward, Emily Batterham, Emma Hurst, Chloe Michael, Terrie Raby, Matthew Sperring, Victoria Arnold-Wright, Maisie McFie, Ms A Wood.

South Africa 2000

Yet again, Portway are embarking on a major expeditiion to the developing world. Six students will spend a month trekking and working on a project in South Africa following an itinerary that has been developed by them over the past 18 months. The team is joining with another 6 students from a Newcastle school to complete the agreed objectives:-

  • Complete a challenging trek in the Drakensberg Mountains and attempting Thabana-Ntleyana (highest peak south of Kilimanjaro at 3,600m).
  • Carry out a community project working in a local community.
  • To complete an acclimatisation trek and learn more about South African wildlife and landscape.

The students have raised their funds through jobs, coffee mornings and school discos. They are now going through their final inoculations and kit checks before flying out of London Heathrow on July 12th. The students will face daily challenges as they are allocated roles to ensure the itinerary is achieved. They will actually lead the expedition; other roles include assistant leader, medic, accountant, transport, supplies, accommodation and team scribe who will write in the journal. They are all given the opportunity to perform each role, which is reviewed individually and in team review sessions. The aim is to promote leadership skills and develop student's confidence and abilities. They will face many challenges over the month, for example, trekking at altitude, camping at -10o C, meeting villagers on acclimatisation treks, working and living in a rural village during the project, learning bush craft, managing a huge budget for 14 people, negotiating the best price for transport and accommodation, being a good team member, trekking at altitude, and the list goes on.

What can be guaranteed is the forgoing of special friendships as the students live, eat, laugh and cry together as they travel through one of the most beautiful, exciting countries in the world. It certainly will be an experience of a lifetime with memories lasting long after the campfires have died.

Team members are - Kim Grimes, Zoe Grimes, Gina Leech, Mark Reid, Robert Solway, Allan Chung, Ms Allison Wood.

The Island Race - A 100 day Fun Run.

The Island Race - THE Event of the Millennium is a 100 day Fun Run Relay and is passing through Shirehampton on Saturday, July 1st. It started on May 12th in Scotland and is following a 4,500 miles route around the coastline of Britain.

It aims to raise 3 million for charity with individual days being sponsored by companies who will provide teams of runners for their particular day. A baton containing a message of goodwill from their patron HRH The Princess Royal will be carried round the entire route.

On July lst, the team of runners will leave Hewish at 10am and arrive at Severn View Services at 3.30pm. It is expected that the runners will be passing through our area at about 1.45pm. Their route will take them from the Avonmouth Bridge, Avonmouth Road to the traffic lights into Kingsweston Avenue, the Beanacre, Saltmarsh Drive, Lawrence Weston Drive and eventually the Severn Way Footpath. Why not turn out and give them some encouragement on their way.

St. Mary's Church Centre Bookings - July

Every Monday

9.15am - Morning Toddlers' Group
7.00-9,00pm - Judo

Every Tuesday

7.30-9.30pm - Private Hire
Every Wednesday - Portway Centre Choir

Every Thursday

7.00-9.00pm - Slimming World

Every Friday

7.00-9.00 - Judo

Summer Concert

The Shirehampton Choir will be presenting their Summer Concert on Saturday, July 29th at 7.30pm in St Mary's Church.

Items this year include 'I do like to be beside the Seaside', 'Rose of England', 'Sailing', 'The Drinking Song', 'Elizabethan Serenade' and 'The Holy City', to name a few, but there will also be several favourites for everyone to sing along with.

We are also including this year, a short musical sketch entitled 'SWISH', which some of your may remember us performing at the Public Hall many years ago during the Gang-Show days of the 191st Scouts, directed and produced by Reg Clark.

In addition we are also very pleased to welcome Lee Hormsby our soloists for the concert. He is a professional singer who some of you may have seen locally, and he will not only be performing alone, but joining the choir for several of their items.

Please make a note of the date. Admission is FREE as always, but there will be a collection for church funds. See you there, DEREK HARVEY.