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Millennium Poem Winner

This picture shows Leanne Hawkins, winner of the Millennium Poem competition, which was printed in the January edition of SHIRE, receiving her prize from Nicky Rodaway.

St Peter's Hospice

Doctor Taylor from Shirehampton Health Centre has raised over 1,300 for a local charity with support from Sea Mills Surgery, Bradgate Surgery and Cadbury Heath, the team from Shirehampton Health Centre ran the Bristol Half Marathon and raised a fantastic 1,301.55 for St Peter's Hospice. Nicky Thomas from the Hospice, who was presented with the cheque, said: "We are thrilled to be receiving this wonderful donation. As an independent local charity we rely almost wholly upon the community to fund our vital work caring for terminally ill patients and their families, and we want to say a big thank you to everyone at Shirehampton Health Centre for their fantastic support.

St Peter's Hospice is a local independent charity providing specialised care and support for terminally ill patients and their families in and around Bristol. No charge is made and all services for patients are free due to the generosity of the people of Bristol.

Kingsweston Estate


Woodland improvements will include opening paths to their original widths & ensuring any trees next to paths are safe, this may mean removing some. As a result of these works tree surgery or machinery may be working on or near paths. Please take care when passing the machinery and follow the directions of staff when paths are temporarily closed.

We apologise for any inconvenience, but hope that you will enjoy the improved estate. For further information regarding the landscape improvements please contact the Area Landscape Manager on 0117 922 3757.

New Books Recently Added To Stock At Shirehampton Library


ANDREWS, V. Orphan
BADDIEL, D. Whatever Love Means
BAILEY, H. After the Cabaret
CLARKE, A. C. The Trigger
FLYNN, K. The Mersey Girls
GERRITEN, T. Bloodstream
GREEN, S. Deathstalker Destiny
HANSEN, D. Sole Survivor
HORWOOD, W. The Willows at Christmas
LA PLANTE, L. Trial and Retribution 3
LEATHER, S. The Bombmaker
MOORCOCK, M. The War Amongst the Angels
MURPHY, E. Comfort Me with Apples
NICHOL, J. Stinger
PEMBERTON, M. A Year to Eternity


355.31 PARKER, J. The Gurkhas
355.343 HUGHES-WILSON, J. Military Intelligence Blunders
623.8225 CHANT, C. Sea
745.594 WORMLEIGHTON, A. Creative Christmas Gifts
791.45JAR JARVIS, M. Acting Strangely
796.334 MERSON, P. Hero and Villain
808.02 OVASON, D. The Nostrodamus Code
914.237 POPE, R. West Cornwall
929.2 PEARSON, J. Blood Royal


Do you know of anyone who is housebound and would like this service to call or If you would like to become a volunteer taking the LIBRARY SERVICE TO THE HOUSEBOUND in Bristol. Please contact OUTREACH LIBRARY 9661508 COMMUNITY DIARY. Don't forget that there is a COMMUNITY DIARY in the Library, so if you are organising an event open to the Public it is a good idea to check on what dates are still free.


The third round photograph on page 9 of the February edition of 'Shire' should have had the caption C.L.I.C.

Passport Fees Increase

From Thursday December 16th THE FEES are as follows:

Applications made by post.

Adult Standard (32 pages) for persons 16 and over 28 Adult Large Size (48 pages) for ages 16 & over 38 Child Passport (valid up to 5 years) Children 0-15 years of age 14.80 Amending existing passport eg new photo, change of address 17 Applications made in person at the Passport Office ADDITIONAL FEE 12 in addition to above fees Please note attendance at the Passport Office DOES NOT guarantee a priority service. (P.S.) To those people who already have a passport, time passes quicker than you think and it is always wise to check that your passport is still in date, and not to wait until the last minute when you are at the airport or ferry terminal).


MONDAYS Cotswold Monday Ladies Club 2.30-4.00 New members welcome TUESDAYS Bingo Session 6.30 for 7 p.m.-9 p.m. approx. Come and try your luck THURSDAYS Line Dancing Tuition 2.00-3.30. Come and learn in a friendly atmosphere with a refreshing cup of tea, coffee or squash before going home MONDAY MARCH 13th Cotswold Community A.G.M. at 4.15 p.m. FRIDAY MARCH 31st Monthly Sequence Dance. Mixture of modern line dancing and sequence dance. join us in a pleasant social evening

Distributor Urgently Required For Delivery In Barrowhill Crescent

We urgently require a volunteer for distribution of 'Shire' in Barrowhill Crescent, otherwise unfortunately we shall be unable to deliver in this road. Please ring 0117-9043037

Shirehampton Community Group Meeting

Held In The Public Hall On Wednesday 26 January 2000 There were 18 people present. John Callaghan was in the chair. The meeting was chaired by John Callaghan who welcomed those present.

Section Reports

a) Law and Order

Presented by Philip Squire.

The boundaries for police beats has changed and we now have Constable Davies in Shirehampton. The local Inspector wants his men out and about more and is providing mountain bikes for them so they have easier access to certain areas where trouble occurs but cars can't get to. This should help in situations where youth are riding motor bikes on cycle/pedestrian paths for instance, and causing anxiety and consternation to other users. The number of burglaries in the area is low but car thefts make up most of the crime, especially by young joy riders who then burn out the cars. Six youths from Lawrence Weston have been arrested and charged for this crime. Bus shelters are subject to vandalism.

Youths congregating in the High Street, stealing from shops and taking purses from shoppers are taking up much police time. Some local police are giving up time to spend training young men in such activities as motor bike maintenance, which seems to be successful. There was much discussion about the problems being experienced in Sea Mills with young people behaving in an anti-social way. Three quite recent incidents involving petrol tankers on the Bristow Way roundabout in Avonmouth, has resulted in the Highways Agency being asked to investigate why this had happened, i.e. possibly the camber in the road or speeding. An application for a bye-law to prevent drinking on the Green has been put before the Council.

There is now a traffic warden in Shire.

b) Planning and Environment

Presented by John Callaghan

A) Portway Centre - no further news

B) Portway Lower School site - building work has commenced

C) Health & Environment Services - Alan Cox visited John and left literature which would be of interest to businesses and householders alike

D) Application for Retail Services - at the Garage in Kingsweston Avenue. No objections will be raised

E) Dead elm trees - now been taken down in Park Road and Wood Vale

F) Pavement refurbishment - now underway and subject of much discussion. The main problem will be preventing people parking on the new pavements and the meeting was asked to set an example in this and also report any vehicles they saw parking illegally. The traffic warden will help in this. The pavement is being widened between the Lifeboat and the Red Cross Shop by 12". The temporary traffic lights are working reasonably well and it is worth observing the situation for future reference, in case it could be considered as a permanent solution to traffic congestion in the High St. 

G) Portway - roadworks are going on in one section and a lane is closed on the river side, resulting in a reduction in traffic speed - possibly make it a permanent feature - John would welcome comments on this

H) Kingsweston House - the KPS met on 7 December. There are five bodies interested in leasing the house - a wedding company, hotelier, business conference company, Steiner Waldorf School and a Charitable Trust. Whoever leases the house will have 3 acres of land and have to comply with many conditions relating to the grounds and building.

c) Youth & Schools John Parsons reported that he and Andrew Stewart had attended a meeting at Portway School who have applied to become a Sports College of Excellence. If successful it will be one of just two in bristol and will provide a range of sporting and fitness facilities for the local community. They have to raise 50,000 by May and the grant if made will be worth 500,000.

d) Community Care John Parsons reported that Roland Jones no longer works in Shirehampton so his links have lessened although he is still entitled to be a Trustee of the SCG at present. It is unlikely he will be at future meetings and John has written thanking him for his contribution to the community.

e) Highways The pavements were again discussed - the digging up of the old pavements is taking place on Sundays with consideration being shown to church services. Boots will be asked if their delivery driver can use the rear entrance whilst the temporary traffic lights are in operation to avoid unnecessary congestion. Having requested steel bollards by Lloyds Bank and Boots, we have informed this is not possible. Two of the three bollards by the Shell garage have been damaged.

A resident of Pembroke Road has voiced concern again over traffic volume and speed along that road, as well as poor lighting. Damage has occurred to windows in that resident's house as a result of the traffic. The Council have mad this a low priority and the only way to get improved lighting is when a lamp fails and a better one is put in. John will keep on at the council because they have admitted the standard of lighting is below recommended levels. Smelly drains had been reported in Bradley Crescent - now remedied, and work is progressing in the Woodwell Road area, presumably to deal with the flooding problem.

The historic road sign in Shirehampton Park - the Council is awaiting a tender. John to chase up.

f) General Shire 2000 to meet bi-monthly going forward. The activities taking place will be reported in 'Shire' and plenty of projects are underway. Those that have already taken place have been successful financially and in terms of enjoyment - these include the New Year party, Children's disco and Songs of Praise at the Methodist Church.

No progress yet on the 'Welcome' signs for the village although Cllr Lukins has also been campaigning for them.

John asked if the meeting would like the occasional visiting speaker and suggestions that the police helicopter team or the forensic people should be invited was welcomed. They will be booked two meetings ahead so plenty of publicity can be put out.

The Millennium Garden at the Public Hall - local organisations will be asked to send volunteers to work on it. The Sea Scouts have already expressed an interest.

g) Any Other Business

Penpole Lane - what chance of widening it? John said very little as major capital involved. Some work on trimming back the overhanging trees and bushes, has been done.

Beating the bounds - this tradition to be revived this year, one Tuesday in April walking round the parish boundary and finishing at St Bernard's for coffee.

It is hoped a plaque can be placed in the church yard to commemorate the 250th anniversary of a chapelry at Ham Green, served by the Vicar of Shirehampton to minister to the sea men whose ships docked on that stretch of river.

Shirehampton Cemetery - the water tank with tap that used to be available for visitors to graves has been taken away and replaced by a standpipe which has no soakaway. This is very inconvenient and unsatisfactory and a Mr Endicott, from the Council, has been asked to follow up the complaint. Nothing heard to date.

The cycle path sign on the Green is misleading. Needs turning round. Disabled parking bays by Somerfield - these are being used by able bodied drivers although marked 'disabled'. A job for the new traffic warden. Pavement congestion by traders - signs on the actual footpath are not permitted and should be reported - similarly traders' goods should not encroach on public walkways.

Date of next meeting 29 March 2000 at 7.30 p.m.

Memories of Portway School

Dear Editor

So very pleased my work was useful in your interesting paper and feel free to contact me should you wish at any time.

It would seem from many of the articles that I am not the only one to miss the familiar old school buildings of Lower Portway School. That unique and instantly recognised school hall will have held many memories, trying to climb those ropes which hung temptingly from the ceiling as we watched Mr Heals the Headmaster read the morning prayers, followed by Mr Beasley and his classical records in the hope that the little wide-eyed angels staring blankly back at him would reach greater heights. Memories also of the swimming baths being built, and opened by dear old Mr Scammel who swam there every day and handed out shelled monkey-nuts provided we chewed them into milk, a habit I still retain, and standing outside the new 'Savoy' cinema asking complete strangers to take you in if it was an 'A' film - not now perhaps, things have changed.

Thank you again for your warm write-up, just one correction, having spent six years in the RAF during the war, two in Africa, I was too old, I fear, for National Service.


Vic Wiltshire
17, Woodland Court
Bishops Knoll
Sneyd Park
Bristol BS9 1NR

Funds Needed To Buy Boathouse For Regatta

In the 14 years since its rebirth Pill Regatta has gone from strength to strength. In the tradition of the sailing pilots dating back to John Cabot and the 'Matthew', events have been held on the River Avon since 1986. Over 50 local youngsters have been sent on sail training adventures and a large fleet of boats acquired, most of them built by Chairman Robin Wall, with some help from the Committee.

For some years the boats have been stored in a building next to the Creek. At the end of 1999 the boathouse was put up for sale with very little notice. Not having funds to buy the property, the Regatta Committee had to think and act fast. It was decided to bid at auction in London, the funds to be found in the short term from personal loans. Happily the property was secured but will cost close to 15,000.

Now the huge task of raising enough cash to repay the generous interest-free loans has begun. It has been agreed to settle up before this year's Regatta on 26th August. A variety of different charities including the National Lottery are being approached but with no guarantee that these will be helpful, work has already started locally. A scheme to sell shares has been abandoned as not viable, though donations will not be refused. Apart from organising events themselves, the Committee are inviting everyone, particularly those who have been sent on sailing trips or enjoyed previous Regattas to repay the investment by raising funds themselves. Any sort of undertaking will be welcomed - a sponsored row to Flatholm, a walk or cycle, coffee morning, plant sale, whist drive, fashion show or plain old-fashioned collection; the possibilities are endless. Anyone with cash or ideas please contact Robin Wall on 01275 372216.

Addendum For Sailing Clubs

When Portishead Cruising Club heard that there was a chance that the boathouse would be lost because Regatta had no funds an offer was put in to buy before the auction. As soon as it became obvious that the Regatta Committee was planning to bid, PCC immediately withdrew to prevent a conflict of interest. Despite deciding not to make any direct donation the Club was extremely supportive and pledged to help with fund-raising, with a river cruise planned. The possibility of renting dinghy parking will also be explored. As a show of good faith a spontaneous collection at an EGM realised over 220!

Shirehampton Allotments & Gardens Association

The allotment hut on the Portway at Barrow Hill will be open every Saturday morning from 1.00am to 12.00 for your gardening requirements.

shire 2000 coach tour of avonmouth and portbury docks on tuesday 4th April 2000 A coach tour of Avonmouth and Portbury docks has been arranged for Tuesday 4th April, with a commentary by Mr Patrick Kearon of the Bristol Port Company. The tour will take 11/2 to 2 hours and takes place entirely by coach with no walking involved.

The coach will depart from the Public Hall, Station Road at 2pm and pick-up points will be by the Hope & Anchor and the car park at the rear of St Andrew's House, St Andrew's Road, Avonmouth. The return journey will be at approximately 4pm.

To book tickets at 3.30 each, please ring 'Shire' newspaper on 983 2663.

Avon Primary School

To mark the significance of the Year 2000 the children of Avon Primary School in Barracks Lane have buried a time capsule in the grounds. Each of the seven classes has chosen an object which represents something of which they are interested and reflects what children of their age are doing at present. For example, Class 2 (6 and 7 year olds) have been designing and making puppets in their technology lessons. They have made one which is dressed in our school uniform to go in the time capsule in order to demonstrate some of the work they do and to show someone who may discover it in another 1000 years how the pupils of Avon dressed in the Year 2000 (very smartly!).

We have also planted an oak tree in the grounds, both to mark the Millennium and also to further enhance the pleasant environment of the school, as well as contributing to the ecology.

Shirehampton Junior School

We would like to thank all the local shops who kindly donated gifts for our Christmas raffle. The children had a lovely time. Thank you for your generosity, in particular Shirehampton Drug Store, Woolworths, Bobbets and Hawkings Newsagents.

Music at Portway

Portway Symphonic Band gives Portway Easter Concert at 7pm on Wednesday March 29th.

New Venue, Different Day

Shirehampton Amateur Radio Club now meet every Friday at 7.30pm in the Sea Cadets HQ, Lower Station Road.

Change Of Location

The Happy Hearts Club meet the third Wednesday of each month at the Beachley Walk Centre.

Portway Stroke Club

Ernie Wherlock presented a cheque for 5,000, donated by Shell International Ltd to Mrs Pat Rowe, organiser of the Portway Stroke Club. As a former Shell employee, Ernie can apply to the Shell employee Action Grant Committee for a monetary grant. The Committee was set up to provide resources aimed at encouraging Shell employees and pensioners to participate in good causes in their local communities. Ernie and his wife Doreen were for many years supporters of the Portway Stroke Club until having to give up owing to Doreen's ill health.

Strokes can affect any age group and at present the club has members with ages ranging from 20's to 80's. They rely on voluntary help, which includes providing transport to and from the club, which meets at the Port of Bristol Sports and Social Club on Thursday afternoons. Further information can be obtained from Pat Rowe Tel: 951 1398 or George Parsons Tel: 982 6004.

Shirehampton Methodist Church

Sunday March 26th 6.30pm. Visit of Bristol Evangel Choir. A warm welcome is extended to all.

Tythe Barn

Monday Whist 7pm
Wednesday afternoon 2.15pm Bingo
Wednesday Whist 7pm
Thursday 2.15pm Meeting with Speaker or Entertainment or Bingo
Friday doors open 6.30pm for Bingo 7.15pm
Saturday Bingo starts 7.15pm

Anyone 50 plus welcome to join us. We also have trips - holidays etc.

Many thanks

D.G.Knight (Mrs)

Women's Institute

Programme for 2000:

March 15th Beetle Drive
April 19th "My Work in Albania" Mr G. Flint-Johnson
May 17th resolutions
June 21st "Cotswold Manors and Villages"
July 19th "A Bead in the Necklace of Memory"
August 16th Outing
September 20th "New Zealand" Mr D. Packham
October 18th Annual General Meeting
November 15th "Wild Flowers in Avon Gorge" Mr K. Taylor
December 20th xmas party Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the month 7.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall.

Letters to the Editor

Responses To A Letter

December's Shire included a letter from Julian Culliford, offering information on the Webb and Neate families. We have now received this letter describing the response he had:

Dear Editor

This is just to let you know about the responses that I received. You put me in touch with 3 people:

1) Mrs Guinn in Devon - she was a Webb and told me some interesting information about Webbs in Avonmouth although we haven't been able to make a connection between our two families as yet.

2) Nr Neate in Westbury-on-Trym - he didn't tell me anything about his own Neate family but having pursued the information I sent him he doesn't believe that our Neat(e) families are connected.

3) Vince Parker of Weston-super-Mare - it turns out that his mother is 100 years old. She was born Edith Patience Webb and brought up in Pembroke Road but left Shire when she married I believe and now lives in Hertfordshire. She is my grandmother's first cousin.

There was another person who contacted me direct via email - a Mr Rogers who used to live in Shirehampton but who now lives in the USA. He is interested in Shirehampton history and he said that he enjoyed reading the few short letters written by my great-great uncle in 1878 that I was able to send him. I would like to thank you and the Shire for making it possible for people to find lost relatives or simply other people who are interested in Shirehampton's past. How lucky Shirehampton is to have a service like the one that you offer through Shire.

Thank you once again

Kind regards

Julian Culliford

Disabled Parking Bays in Shirehampton

Dear Editor

There is a disabled parking bay outside Woolworth's and another outside Somerfield's . These are the only two disabled bays which registered disabled people can use while shopping in the village. To use these bays the car should display an orange badge. The person the licence is issued to should be the driver or passenger of the car. It is illegal to use the licence on someone's behalf if they are not a passenger . Also to use the parking bay, the disabled person should need to exit the car while parked. It seems a lot of people feel it's OK to use disabled parking bays as 'they'll only be a few minutes', but if they had to spend time in a wheelchair or walking with the aid of crutches, then they might realise that without disabled parking bays, it may mean the person with the disability is unable to get to the shops, bank etc, and have to return home minus shopping.

Just take a look at the disabled parking bays in places like Tesco or Asda for example, as well as in the village of Shirehampton and see how many illegal and thoughtless parkers you can spot.

Yours sincerely

Barrie Griffiths
Fundraiser/Publicity Organiser, Bristol

Charity Box Stolen

Dear Editor

It's happened again! A collecting box has been stolen from Elizabeth Ann Flowers. It was on the counter where Liz, Shirl and Mon sell the flowers - it was a box of Shining Stars and asked people for a donation. As a lot of locals in Shire will know, Elizabeth Ann flowers and The Grainger Players support the local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. First of all, I would like to thank all the local support from the Shirehampton public who made a donation to the Shining Stars appeal and of course, I would like to thank Liz, Shirl and Mon for their continuing support and in no way can they be held responsible for the sad loss. They have said they'll go on supporting us and we, as a charity will keep supporting them.

It is a sad state of affairs when people stoop so low that they need to steal from the disabled. Shirehampton has a good community and a lot of generous and friendly people. This cruel theft, though upsetting, will not stop the fundraising attempts by the Bristol Branch. Multiple Sclerosis is a cruel disease and some of you may know my wife suffers from it, as do other people living locally. Money is needed for research into the cause and cure of MS and as a branch we also help sufferers with welfare needs. The only source of income we get is from donation and fundraising events.

So don't let's spend too much time thinking about the sad person who stole the stars and money in this despicable crime. Let's look on the bright side and maybe this millennium, there will be effective treatment and possibly a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Yours sincerely

Barrie Griffiths
Fundraiser/Publicity Organiser, Bristol

Christmas Lights

Dear Editor

I refer to I. K. Foster's letter in last month's issue regarding Shire and the poor show of Christmas lights. What about support from the people of Shire by contributing say 1 for one month's issue of the Shire, or maybe collection boxes in the shops? This is how they do it in Thornbury apparently, and they also run a competition for the best-dressed Christmas theme shop window.

J. Aslop

With reference to the letter about the lights at Portishead, yes they were magnificent, but I understand that the cost this year was 6,000. Ed.

40th Wedding Anniversary

John and Ann Spring celebrate 40 years on February 20th. With love from all their family. They have lived in Shirehampton for 34 years and were married at Avonmouth Congregational Church.

Friends Of Shirehampton Infants School

A big thank you to the following local businesses who with their kind donations helped us raise 800 at our Christmas Fayre.

Post Office, Hawkins, Woolworths, All Days, Threshers, Rodaways, Shirehampton Drug Store, Swift Travel, Flowers by Liz Sugar 'n' Spice, The Lamplighters, Martyn's Cards, Co-Operative, Shirehampton Autoparts

A Happy, Prosperous New Year to you all.

Thank you to parents and staff who helped on the day. Well done to the children who also worked very hard.

Local History

The village of Shirehampton in the 17th and early 18th centuries consisted of 36 dwellings, housing just over 40 families, and having a total population of around 200 people.

We know some of the people who lived in Shirehampton at this time and we also know their occupations from their probate inventories. Perhaps some of the following have descendants living in Shirehampton today!

Arthur King - Vintner, Arthur Baker - Husbandman, Elizabeth Dyer - Widow, Henry Durberne - Mariner, Richard Highway - Husbandman, Thomas Whiting - Yeoman, John Prior - Yeoman, Anthony Matthew - Pilot, Thomas Sergeant - Husbandman, William Matthews - Mariner, Thomas Collins - Yeoman, William Rowe - Husbandman, John Green - Yeoman, Roger Wade - Mariner, John Pearce - Thatcher, Christopher Willcox - Yeoman, John Cheshire - Husbandman, Thomas Smith - Yeoman, Elizabeth Bateman - Widow, Thomas Cobden - Husbandman, William Woodham - Husbandman, George Morris - Husbandman, Robert George - Husbandman, Margaret Smith - Widow, Joan Taylor - Widow, John Clement - Butcher, William Parker - Yeoman, John Stokes - Yeoman, Richard Willington - Yeoman

Apart from the few who made a living as seamen, nearly everyone else was involved in agriculture either as a husbandman (small farmer) or a yeoman (farming over 50 acres).

Artists - Be Prepared

Shirehampton's 28th Annual Art Exhibition will be held in the Public Hall from Sunday 28th May to Saturday 3rd June. Entry forms for the Exhibition will be available in your 'Shire' and from local libraries from April until 10th May. Entries are limited to four per person and entrants must live in our area or attend Art classes in the Avonmouth, Shirehampton, Sea Mills or Lawrence Weston area.

To celebrate the Millennium we are having an additional Exhibition on Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd July, which will consist of pictures of Shirehampton and district. The same regulations will apply as for our usual exhibition.

Now is the time for all our artists to get working, spread the cost of your mounting and framing and have a good look around Shirehampton - there are lots of places worthy of making a painting.

A Day to Remember

Friday 4th February 2000 turned out a very happy day for Avonmouth, and one that will be remembered in the annals of the Parish. The contractors having finished their work of converting Flying Angel House (the Mission to Seamen premises at 124-126 Portview Road) handed it over to Redland Housing Assocation, and it was formally opened. To commemorate the building's long association with seamen, a very tasteful plaque has been erected on the outside wall in memory of the seamen from around the world who lost their lives at sea, and previously used the Mission for rest, comfort and prayer. The plaque was unveiled by Mr Ted Williams representing the Bristol Branch of the Merchant Navy Association, and it was then dedicated by the Mission to Seamen Chaplain at Avonmouth, the Revd. Philip Auden.

Councillor Mrs Celia Lukins JP (Chair of Bristol City Council Housing Committee, and our local councillor) opened the refurbished building by unveiling a small plaque in the foyer. Afterwards the assembled guests were invited to inspect the new flats.

The architects and contractors have done a magnificent job to make 7 one-bedroomed and 5 two-bedroomed flats, plus 1 two-bedroomed maisonette, leaving the outside walls unchanged. Each flat has a roomy dining/living room, bedroom, spacious kitchen with serving hatch and bathroom. Each flat has a telephone link with the front door. The tenants are to be homeless families on the Bristol Housing list. At the time of writing, already six tenants have been allocated.

It is very good that after being empty for 17 years, derelict and vandalised, becoming an eyesore, Flying Angel House has been put to useful purpose again. It is hoped the new tenants will turn the flats into homes, and we wish them every happiness living in Avonmouth.

Women's World Day Prayer

The Christian women of Indonesia invite you to join them in prayer on Friday March 3rd 2000 in the Baptist Church, Station Road. Service devised by the women of Indonesia. Mrs Heather McQueen who has been a missionary in Indonesia will be the Speaker.

'talitha Koum' - Young Woman, Stand Up

Women's World Day of Prayer will be celebrated in almost 180 countries on Friday March 3rd, 2000.

Each year the Order of Service to be used throughout the world on the Day of Prayer is prepared by Christian Women in a different country. this year it is the turn of Indonesia.

The exotic islands of Indonesia are sometimes described as 'emeralds set in a sapphire sea'. They separate the Indian and Pacific Oceans along the Equator. Recently the country has experienced much civil unrest as the people strive for greater democracy. Economic depression means that many now live below the poverty line.

However, the women of Indonesia have not lost faith. In this special year they remind us of the story of Jairus' daughter and the words of Jesus - 'Talitha Koum' - Young Women, Stand Up. They challenge the young people of the world to carry our faith, which has lasted for two thousand years, into this new Millennium.

Library News

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the closure of the Library on Wednesday 2nd February, but as can now be seen, we were finally having the new counter fitted. At the time of writing there is still some work to be done to complete the refurbishment but we hope that this will be achieved with the minimum of disturbance to you, 'our readers'. We would ask for just a little more patience whilst we ourselves adapt to the new desk and the re-organisation of our paperwork

We hope that, like us, you think that this is a vast improvement as it gives us more space to enable us to attend to your needs. We would like to thank everyone who has responded to our request for information to be entered into 'The Community Diary' and hope that you will give us all your support in this endeavour.

Forthcoming events at the Library are an 'Internet Roadshow' on Saturday 18th March, when we will have experts from the Council IT department in the library with laptop computers. So why not come along and try out this Internet thing for yourselves with help on hand to advise you? We are also hoping to arrange for a childrens' visit and give a talk to a school class to celebrate 'World Book Day', which is on March 10th. Thank you all again for your patience and support.

Eileen and the Library staff.


Norman Locke has retired as Co-ordinator of the Kings Quarry neighbourhood watch after 13 years service to the local community. The residents of the 300 houses in the scheme have been fortunate in having someone prepared to give his time to represent others. We thank him for his efforts on our behalf and wish him well in the future.

His successor will be Mr J. Blanks of 16, Kingsweston Avenue.

Team Avon!

This picture shows Nicky Rodaway and staff of Rodaway and Sons showing the new boards, for the 'TEAM' consortium of Estate Agents.