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Avon Primary

As usual the end of last term was a busy time for the children and staff of Avon Primary. All the junior classes of the Barracks Lane school took part in a concert including the three recorder groups, hand-chimes, songs and carols. The central item being a musical nativity OA Christmas Journey by Nativity composer David Coysh. The entire Infant department performed a musical entitled OWe Were the First', Which told the Christmas story from the animals viewpoint and included songs, narration and speech. Both concerts had two performances to packed houses.

Collections taken enabled us to make a donation of 205 to the NSPCC. The school musicians entertained the Portway Ladies Club at the Tythe Barn and the PBA Retirement Association and members of the choir sang at the Christmas Charity Concert in St Mary's Church.

At the school's Gift service the children brought presents which were later distributed to local elderly folk and we celebrated the Christingle ceremony. Headmaster, Duncan Jennings, said 'The fine musical tradition of Avon Primary School and the emphasis we place on high standards of performance by all pupils is seen as an invaluable part of our Children's education and preparation for life. The dedication and hard work of our staff allow us to continue to serve the community and instill moral values,whilst having an enjoyable time'.

Community Meeting



The meeting was chaired by Philip Squire who welcomed the 17 people present.

Section Reports

i) Planning and Environment

Presented by John Callaghan

A) Portway Resources and Activity Centre - There is much concern about major changes affecting this centre. John read out a letter sent to the Council from Cllr Lukins opposing proposals to merge the centre with Southmead, Hotwells and Fishponds. She emphasised the many benefits to local users of keeping the Portway open and the disadvantages of the proposed scheme, along with the fact that very little consultation has taken place with interested parties. The meeting agreed whole-heartedly with her arguments and John is to write in support, to Mr Tiley at BCC with a copy to Cllr Jenny Smith who is on the Social Services Committee.

B) Portway Lower School site - now demolished and planning permission granted for 25 3/4 bedroom homes. The SCG has been thanked for supporting the venture.

C) Car Sales site - nothing has been heard on the status of the retrospective planning application, but complaints are continuing concerning the blocking of the public highway and washing cars. It was noted the business no longer leases space in Pembroke Road.

D) Public Footpath no. 72 - the Council's legal section will be issuing a public advertisement about this footpath.

E) Forestry - Kevin Jones, who conducted a walk and tour of the Penpole woodland area some 18 months ago, is no longer with the Council. John will find out who his replacement is and whether the woodland programme is continuing into the year 2 phase.

F) Shirehampton Lodge - a planning application for a mono tower has been turned down. John was concerned that he had no knowledge of the application being made. It was noted from the floor that an application for a drinks license has been made by the hotel. Philip Squire felt the police would probably raise objections.

G) Kingsweston House and Area - At a recent meeting of the Kingsweston Preservation Society, it was reported that residents in the area around Kingsweston Special School may be applying to change the access along Kingsweston Lane from the Iron Bridge to the long Cross roundabout making it an up-only road, Residents of Shirehampton are asked to keep an eye out for any developments, as such changes could adversely affect the traffic using the High Street.

F) Traders Association - there will be Christmas lights in the village this year for which thanks are extended to OSHIRE' for their arrangements and sponsorship.

G) Traffic lights, Lower High St - there are now filter lights at the Kingsweston Avenue junction.

H) on 7 December at 7.30pm there is a meeting at Kingsweston School. The speaker is Alan Owen of Nativity City Council who will speak on Kingsweston House. non members of the KPS are welcome to attend.

ii) Law and Order

Presented by Philip Squire. Reporting on the crime figures it was stated that in September there were no burglaries in Shirehampton but 13 cases of taking and driving cars away, 12 cases of theft and 13 other crimes, representing 4% of the total crimes committed in our sector. An example of how effective Neighbourhood Watch Schemes are, was given whereby four youths who were causing a nuisance in Station Road were caught on video, identified and the police contacted their parents. However there are other youths continuing to cause a nuisance round the public hall area, in shops and throwing eggs at doors. The police will deal with them if they have names. Philip attended a police event at Bath sponsored by Hill House Hammond who have paid for a computer system called 'Watch Out'. This is to do with Neighbourhood Watch and they are also offering 10% reduction on insurance policies for members of Neighbourhood Watch schemes (ie Contact people). Philip explained what Ocontact people' do and how to become one.A report from the last PCCG meeting at Sea Mills highlighted some local problems. One was the noise and nuisance factor of people leaving the junior disco at the Avonmouth Old Boys rugby club. A meeting with the club committee will hopefully resolve this matter. Another issue was noise and disorder on the Green. The police regularly visit the area but now winter is here the problem has ceased.

The PCCG meets in each area once a year and is not getting to the root of local problems. It is suggested that they change the format and meet as and when problems arise, perhaps in someone's home, so the matter can be dealt with quickly. in the event of an issue that needs addressing, the police or (in the case of Shirehampton) Philip Squire, can be contacted to arrange a meeting to focus on that particular problem.

iii) Highways

John Parsons reported that 2 street lights were not working. There is a delay in starting work on the pavements in the village, although indications are, from a report in the Nativity Evening Post, that this will start early next year. John is trying to get more information and has a meeting with Alan Cox from the Council next week. It was agreed that due to the disruption that will be caused, it is preferable not to have the work started before Christmas. He will raise the possibility of having bollards sited by Lloyds Bank to stop people parking on the pavement when visiting the cash machine.

The Nativity Airport sign on the Portway has now been moved and is visible. Welcome to Shirehampton signs - as part of Shire 2000 it was hoped 5 of these signs could be erected but the Council have not agreed to it. Their decision will be contested by John on behalf of Shire 2000, and by Cllr Lukins.

Toilet signs - two signs still remain to toilets that are no longer available. As this is misleading for travellers the Council will be asked to remove them.At the same time they will be thanked for refurbishing the public toilets in Station Road,

iv) General

John Parsons reported that 7.52 was donated at the last meeting. The Shire Directory is available along with a programme of events organised by various groups for next year. These will be available in public places. A postcard of the fountain has been produced and is available for groups to purchase at 3 for 25, to sell on to help their fund raising. A tea towel has also been ordered and will be available in December, this has been sponsored by OShire' paper.

A Millennium garden will be created round the Public Hall. It will be landscaped, planted out and seats provided, as well as floodlights (hopefully).

Shire Stitchers are making a Millennium Quilt.

v) Any other business

Woodwell Road - there are problems with flooding and blocked/collapsed drains, at the bottom end of Woodwell Road. John Parsons to take the matter up with the Council.

Dead elm trees - these are a problem in Park Road and Woodwell Road because they are becoming unsafe, It is believed these are shortly to be taken down by contractors organised by Leisure Services.

Avon University Settlement - the times of opening for advice on benefits have changed. They are now Wednesday and Friday mornings 9.30am-12 noon. Anyone can just turn up for advice and if their problem is likely to take some time, an appointment will be made for an afternoon. Meetings for next year will be 26 January, 29 March, 24 May, 26 July, 27 September (AGM) and 29 November, Date of next meeting 26 January 2000 at 7.30 pm.

Avonmouth International Seafarers Centre

Missions to seaman, British sailors, Scy and R.C. Apostleship of the Sea. Our new Centre will be opening i either late January or early February next year and is situated just inside the main gate of Royal Portbury Dock. We are now asking people to consider becoming volunteers to assist us in the Centre to carry on with the vital work we do for seafarers from all over the world, irrespective of race, creed, colour or religion. We are looking for people to serve in the coffee shop. This also incorporates the sale of sweets, soft drinks, pies, pasties etc., stamps and various items from the mini-shop. You will be asked to serve the seafarers in a friendly, caring manner, remembering that some of them may have little if any English. This is rarely a problem because even if none of their shipmates can help out, patience and a lot of hand signals usually win out.There will always be someone around to help out at busy times or assist you with any questions or problems you may come across from time to time. We will also be looking for drivers for our mini-bus. We would also ask you to bear in mind the fact that the seafarers are many miles from home and their loved ones and some of them just want to talk, (its good to listen!!!).

All volunteers fully insured when working for us and this includes drivers. We do ask that volunteers have their own means of transport. We have found from experience, that the afternoon shifts can usually be run by one person while the evening shift is better with two volunteers. The times we would need volunteers is from 2pm until 11pm daily. This obviously means that we will be looking for a large number of people to help out so that we don't have to Oflog willing hose'. We will be running three separate familiarisation days so that people can come along and have a look around and let us explain exactly how we operate and then we can sit down with a cup of coffee and answer any questions you may have or try to allay any of your misgivings. As of yet we are not able to give any firm dates for these meetings but, as soon as we can, we will do so through your group or church just before or just after the new year.


Mary (Mollie) Portingale 18/5/16-25/11/99. A greatly missed Mother and Grandmother. Thank you all for your cards and messages of sympathy, and understanding. From Ruth, Martyn, Margaret, and Grandchildren Adam, Nadine, Oliver.

Shirehampton Methoduist Church

Sunday, 2nd January 11 a.m. United Covenant Service Rev. DavidAlderman

6.30 p.m. United Songs of Praise Rev. David Alderman

Dear Editor,

I wish to provide you with the true facts of the incident on the High St (19th November) under the article titled 'High Street Disasters'. I was just walking past the Red Cross Shop when I heard an elderly lady shouting 'stay thereS, I'm coming'. I looked across and saw another elderly lady on one knee behind the telephone box in front of the chip shop. I crossed the zebra crossing to assist but before I reached the other side, Liz, from the Travel House, who was putting out an advertising board, also went to assist the lady. She was supported by the lady from the bus, who stated she had seen her fall whilst on the bus, and by Liz (who is not elderly) and I carried her bags. She was taken to the Red Cross Shop when myself and Liz left.

Who ever gave you the reported events of this incident which I can only assume was the elderly lady from the bus, did not give you a factual account and she was certainly the only elderly assistant out of the three of us. Just to correct the implication that people like myself and Liz are not prepared to assist someone in need.

Yours faithfully S. L. Carver (not elderly aged 34).

Thoughts for the Millennium

January falls the snow,
February could winds blow,
In March peep out the early flowers,
And April come the sunny showers,
In May the roses bloom so sweet,
In June is when young lovers meet,
In July brightly shines the sun,
In August harvest is begun,
September turns the green leaves to brown,
October winds then shakes them down,
November fills with bleak and smear,
December comes and end the year.

Pete Millard

The Good Years in Shirehampton

The Millennium cannot pass without just a mention of Shirehampton St John Ambulance Brigade. For 50 years the Brigade were very active in the Shirehampton area.

The photo is one of many taken, this is the 1970 annual inspection in Springfield School. During the brigade time public duties were covered voluntary. The Savoy every night, also Saturday morning childrens shows, Carlton cinema in Westbury, Orpheus North View, the Ice Rink, Hippodrome and many other entertainment halls in Bristol, Rugby in Avonmouth and Cribbs Causeway, Sports Camps, and garden parties locally. A first aid course for the public was very popular with a local doctor also training with Lecturers. The division was the first in Bristol to cover the Gordano motorway services for accidents.

We also had plenty of social occasion dances in Somerset Hall. Every year outings to the seaside the first Sunday in September. I can only account for 35 years with Shirehampton Division before going to HQ in Bristol until I retired when I was 70. How things have changed in these 50 years I wonder is it for the best? But a very good job of First Aid and Home Nursing knowledge was enjoyed in Shirehampton.

DA Whitehead B.E.M.

Tea Dances in Year 2000

January 20th
February 3rd, 17th
March 2nd, 16th
April 6th, 20th

Methodist Church Sea Mills Thursday's 2.30-4.30 1

Programme St. Andrews Ladies Club

Jan 4th Beetle Drive
Jan 18th Paula Payne - Craft demonstration
Feb 1st Marion Stephens - Dolls house furniture
Feb 15th Bill Knight - History of he cinemas
March 7th Sue Harding - Teapots
March 21st Dr Dolittle Theatre Trip
April 4th Dreams & wishes talk
April 18th Outing to be arranged
May 2nd Jenny Thwaites artistry in wool

Programme at Cotswold Centre



Every Monday 2.30 - 4.00 New members welcome Recommencing January 10th (not 3rd)


BINGO SESSIONS Restarting January 4th

Doors open 6.30 for 7 p.m. start



Back on January 6th

FRIDAY Monthly Sequence Dance

Cocktail of Modern, Sequence and Line Dance

Do join us in a pleasant evening

January 28th 7.30 - 10.30

Dear Editor,

Some thoughts from the sunny southern hemisphere as the festive season approaches to be followed by the new millennium and whatever that strange event may bring.

I note that 'Shire' is now on the web. Although my wife, June, and I are not as yet computer wise it is our intention to acquire and acquaint ourselves with the mystery of cyber-space. In time we hope to make some Ohits' on your home page. In the meantime we hope you, your staff and readers at home and abroad enjoy all the nice things that we associate with Christmas and the beginning of a brand new year. You may at least take heart in the knowledge that in two weeks the shortest day of day-light hours will be upon you and the sun will head your way again. We hope you all enjoy a delicious spring and summer. There follows two pages of thoughts from down under for your consideration. For now, yours sincerely, (Peter Cottman)

Poet's Corner

God bless the master of this house,
Likewise the mistress too,
And all the little children
That around the table go,
Love and joy come to you,
And to your family too,
And God bless you and send you
A Happy New Millennium

Pete Millard

Cheque Presentation

Photograph showing the presentation of a cheque which was raised for the Rainbow Centre Charity Organisation. They help children and their families in times of sickness, and support them in after care. The amount raised was from a sponsored fishing day done by Brother Len Netcott K.O.M. of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, welcome Lodge No. 3478 at Avonmouth Workmens Club.

The idea was for him to catch as many pounds in weight as possible, which was eighty five pounds in total at the end of the session, thus raising 400.

The photograph shows Brother Len Netcott handing the cheque over to Brother Bill Thomson R.O.H., Provincial Grand Primo of Bristol. This will then be handed over to the Rainbow Centre with all other donations at a later date.

The Future of Kingsweston House

Mr Jimmy James, Public Relations Officer of the Kingsweston Preservation Society, has supplied the following information concerning Kingsweston House, at present under the jurisdiction of the Property Division of Bristol City Council.

From over 400 enquiries concerning the property, five remain for consideration. They are as follows:

1. Figaros Wedding Co. Use for weddings and events
2. Investment Homes Ltd. Hotel, restaurant and leisure use
3. Hardy Associates. Business centre/conference facilities
4. The Steiner Waldorf School
5. The Spitalfields Trust. For use as their headquarters There would be a 125 year lease, with a 10 year rent free period to allow for repair and restoration, together with 3.5 acres of ground from a total acreage of 28.

Evergreen Club

Restarts on Friday January 7th 2000. Everyone welcome

Dear Editor

Concerning your article on 'Organ Blower' I took over the job from a Tom Beacham in 1941-42 and carried on until early 1944. I believe the organist was a Mr Wesley who lived in Redland, travelling to Shirehampton by bus every Sunday. I remember being paid 2/6p for services rendered at wedding ceremonies. Mr Beacham, father of Tom, was the verger and then lived in Groveleaze, and the vicar was a Mr Dixon. I am now 70 years old, born in Shirehampton, originally living at 19 Fairford Road. E. Weston.

Sequence Dancing

New class starts Monday 10th January from 7.30pm-9.30pm at the Public Hall, Shirehampton, for improvers and learners. Enquiries telephone 0117 9686526

Thank You

Tythe Barn would like to thank the Avonmouth skittles league for their kind donation towards their Christmas lunch.

Thank You

To Mrs Beryl Eden for your donation towards OShire' funds. It was much appreciated. Ed.

Avon Primary School

Members of the choir who sang and narrated a musical nativity OA Christmas Journey', by Bristol composer David Coysh, as part of the 11th Charity Christmas concert, at St Mary's Church.

Penpole Tenants Association

The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress attending the first anniversary celebrations of the Tenants Association.

Christmas Fayre

Lydia and Lois Morgan keeping an appointment with Father Christmas at the fayre held at the Public Hall, Shirehampton.

Vic Wiltshire

'SHIRE' paper is fortunate to have obtained several cartoon illustrations by Victor (Vic) Wiltshire for inclusion in the paper.

Vic was born in Avonmouth in 1924, then his family moved to 18 Bradley Crescent, Shirehampton where his father had a shoe shop. He went to Portway School and remembers the Art Master, R. Sissons, who was at the school during years 1936-37. He thought Vic was Otoo good with the brush' to the exclusion of academic subjects which he thought would serve him better career-wise.

On leaving school be joined Partridge and Love, a firm of printers as an artist. The family moved to Carlisle and whilst there Vic worked in the local Theatre, painting scenery. During his National Service years he worked as a cartoonist for the Air Ministry. He married in 1947 and has two daughters. By the time he joined Glovers Advertising Agency he had decided to take up the art of cartooning seriously, but it took him three years to make the break-through. He is a founder member of the British Cartoonist Club based in London, whose first President was The Duke of Bedford.

He worked for the People newspaper on a series of cartoons entitled 'Marriage is such fun' and the series was the start of his trade-mark Vic!! His work has been published in 'Punch', 'John Bull' and magazines and periodicals circulated worldwide. He was also the illustrator for the successful book 'KREK WAITER'S PEAK BRISTLE' - translation 'Correct way to speak Bristol'. He gave up full time work as a cartoonist to start his own advertising business, but in recent years he has suffered a stroke that has affected his right hand.

Unable to draw anymore he is working on the possibility of compiling a book of his past successes. He still lives in West Bristol and says he still has happy thoughts of Shirehampton.

Good Luck Vic.

News from Shire Baptist Church

(serving the community in Jesus' name)

Coming soon to a place near you - the Alpha Course

Have you seen the posters around Shire? There's a person struggling under the weight of a big red question mark. One of the slogans says 'If you don't look, you can't find'. Have you wondered what it's all about? Well, at last I have the answer.

The Alpha Course is coming soon to the Cotswold Estate in Shirehampton. It is usually a 10-week course and topics vary from 'Who is Jesus?' to 'The person and work of the Holy Spirit'. The sessions will be informal and include some information, a discussion time and a meal. It is open to anyone who is interested in finding out more about Jesus Christ. As we are now in a new millennium, and this dates from the birth of Christ, I am sure many of our readers have thoughts and questions which we hope to answer on the course.

Invitations will be out shortly, but anyone is welcome to attend. It starts the last week in January. More details of date, time and location available from the Church Office (Tel: 982 8238).

We look forward to seeing you there. Don't forget our other weekly activities:


TIME TOTSTOP: Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 9.30 a.m. - 11.15 a.m. in the Church Hall. Daily entrance fee 70p.

SHED: Years 3 - 6. Thursday 6.30 - 7.30 p.m. in Church Hall. 30p weekly entrance fee.

ROUTEZ: Ages 11-18. Church hall, Friday evenings 8 - 9.30 p.m. CARING HANDS: For anyone. Fridays 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. in the Church Hall (opposite the Bingo Hall). Join us for tea or coffee and/or lunch. A warm welcome and friendship awaits you there.

BRIGHT HOUR: Open to all female adults. Wednesday 2.45 - 3.30 p.m. followed by tea and biscuits. Held in the Church Hall.


Obituary - Clifford Lambert

It is with great sadness that I record the death of Cliff Lambert, late of Old Quarry Road, who after a short, severe illness dies in Southmead Hospital on Thursday morning 18th November.

He will be remembered for his excellent academic record and his sporting prowess whilst at the old Portway School just before the war. He volunteered for the RAF during the conflict and served as a Navigator in Bomber Command.

During his RAF service he met Beryl who later became his wife, and with family and friends they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary only last January.

He played rugby for several sessions immediately after the war for Avonmouth Rugby Club and was held by all in high esteem.

He joined the Bristol Police Force in the late O40's and served most diligently until his retirement. His main passion in life were his family, home, gardening and sport, but he never forgot his friends or his ties with Shire.

He was a quietly spoken gentleman with great compassion and affection. I know his many friends and work associates will offer Beryl, his daughter Susan and all his family our heartfelt and deepest sympathy in their great loss and know that he will be sadly missed.


Shire 2000 News

Lydia and Lois Morgan keeping an appointment with Father Christmas at the Fayre held at the Public Hall

As this edition of SHIRE appears, a number of SHIRE 2000 events will have taken place. The New Year's Eve Party at the Public Hall marks the beginning of the new millennium with fireworks at midnight, and church services on Sunday 2 January include a United Churches Songs of Praise at 6.30 p.m. and a joint Methodist/Baptist Covenant Service at 1.00 on Sunday morning. The New Year Disco for Under 10's is being held at 6.30 p.m. on Monday 3 January at the Public Hall.

These events are only the beginning of the SHIRE 2000 programme. Full details of all events were published in last month's SHIRE, so cut out the page and keep it for the rest of the year. There will be a pause for breath after this month, and the next scheduled activity is an Exhibition of local Shirehampton history, to be held at the Public Hall from Friday 31 March until Sunday 2 April. This is being organised by Ralph Hack, who will be very pleased to receive any offers of help, on 0117 982 4958. Also in April, the Grainger Players will be holding their Millennium Spectacular Show, also at the Public Hall. They aim to make this their best show yet, so it should be well worth waiting for. Tickets are available at Liz's Flower Shop in the High Street.

The final April event will be a series of Ecumenical Exhibitions held by the churches, from Easter (23 April) to Pentecost (11 June). We will publish more details of these nearer the date.

Don't forget that you can keep up to date with all SHIRE 2000 events by visiting Shire on the Web, which is accessible on the internet at, and can also be looked at free by anyone at local Public Libraries.

Portway Community School

Portway Community School has won a prestigious national award for its involvement with the local community. School activities which include the Saturday Club, After-Hours Club and the Summer Scheme have opened up the school to the community.

Portway Community School will join 270 other schools, from all parts of the UK, next year, when they all receive the Schools Curriculum Award 2000 at a ceremony in London.

The Schools Curriculum Award first started in 1982 to promote the idea of the school at the heart of the community and is run by an independent charity with sponsorship from government departments and private industry. Headteacher Nigel Astley said 'This is a very important award for us, the hard work of teachers, students and local people has been rightly recognised'.

What's On in Shire

Mondays January 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

COTSWOLD LADIES CLUB meets weekly at the Cotswold Centre 2.30pm - 4pm. WOMEN'S BRIGHT HOUR at the Methodist Church Hall 2.30pm for an interesting series of talks and demonstrations.

PLAYGROUP at the Beachley Walk Centre 9.15am - 11.15am during term time.

OVER 50'S SWIMMING in Shirehampton Baths 3pm.

JUDO at the Church Centre 6.30pm.

SEA CADETS 7pm - 9.30pm

KELLAWAY PLAYERS at the Public Hall 7.30pm.

GROVELEAZE YOUTH CLUB 7.15pm - 9.45pm.

AVONMOUTH RUGBY FOR GIRLS (13-16) 6pm at Barracks Lane KYOTO SHOTOKAN Karate Dojo Club train at St. Bernards School, Beginners 6.45-8.00pm, Seniors 8.00-9.30 p.m.

AVONMOUTH LADIES HOCKEY club training 7.30pm-9pm University Ground, Coombe Dingle.

TUESDAYS January 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

TANG-SOO-DO at the Public Hall, Children 7-10 years 6.30pm - 7pm (10 upwards) 7.30pm 9pm.

FIRST AID FOR CADETS organised by St. John's at Beachley Walk Centre Badgers 6pm - 7.45pm.

SEQUENCE DANCING at the Baptist Church Hall, Dancing 8.15-10.15pm.

PLAYGROUP at the Beachley Walk Centre 9.15am - 11.15am during term time. TOT STOP for mothers with toddlers and babies 9.30am - 11.15am at the Baptist Church Hall.

SOFT PLAY at Robin Cousins for under 5s 1.30pm -3pm

AVONMOUTH Mini Hockey 6-7pm at Bristol and West Sports Club, Portway, for further details 9828039.

SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB 7pm - 10pm at Portway School.

PORTWAY SWIMMING CLUB Meeting at 7.30pm - 9.30pm at Shirehampton Baths.

KARATE at Church Centre 7pm - 8pm.

FLOWER ARRANGING CLASSES at Twyford House 6.30pm. For details ring 982750.

AVONMOUTH RUGBY Seniors at Rugby Club 7pm.

TAE KWON DO 6.00pm at Robin Cousins Sports Centre

ARMY CADET FORCE 7.30pm-9pm at Old Scout Hut, Ermine Way, Shirehampton for boys and girls.

STOP SMOKING GROUP meets at Lawrence Weston Clinic. For details ring Mike Davies 9823205.

SHIRE BADGERS SET ages 6-11 years 7pm at Beachley Walk Centre. New members welcome.

WEDNESDAYS January 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

PORTWAY SWIMMING CLUB at Bristol North Pool (County Standard).

(Alternate) WOMENS FELLOWSHIP 7.30 - 9,00pm St. Bernard's Hall.

BAPTIST WOMEN'S BRIGHT HOUR 2.45pm - 3.45 at the Baptist Church Hall.

PORTWAY CENTRE CHOIR PRACTICE 7.30-8.30pm at St. Mary's Church Hall.

COFFEE MORNING 10am-12noon Methodist Church. All welcome.

PLAYGROUP at the Beachley Walk Centre 9.15am 1.15pm during term time. TOT STOP for mothers with toddlers and babies 9.30 am - 11.15am at the Baptist Church Hall.

AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Twyford House 7.30-9.30pm NETBALL CLUB 7-9pm. Manor Farm, Portway. Ring 9856253.

THURSDAYS January 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

AVONMOUTH RUGBY CLUB Seniors practice, 7pm. AVONMOUTH RUGBY CLUB practice for Juniors & Colts 6pm ring 9852426 for details.

SLIMMING WORLD 5.30pm - 7.30pm Rear Hall Church Centre.

(Alternate) PORTWAY LADIES CLUB 7.30pm - 9.30pm Tythe Barn, High Street. STROKE SUPPORT meets each week in the afternoons at the PBA Club, Nibley Road, for further details Tel: 9684207.

SEA CADETS 7pm - 9.30pm at the unit in Station Road.

PLAYGROUP at the Beachley Walk Centre 9.15am - 11.15am during term time.

STAY FIT 2pm- 3pm FOR SENIOR CITIZENS at the Public Hall.

SOFT PLAY for under 5 years at Robin Cousins 1.45-3.30pm.

SHIREHAMPTON GATEWAY CLUB at Groveleaze Youth Centre 7.30pm-9pm.

THE SHED 6.30pm at Baptist Church 3-6 school years.

GROUP WITH NO NAME 7-9pm for School years 10-13 at the Baptist Church. LINE DANCING TUITION 2pm-3pm approx. Open Invitation to come along to Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road.

FRIDAYS January 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

ROUTEZ (11-16 yrs) at Baptist Church Hall 8-9.30pm.

AVONMOUTH RUGBY Colts and Juniors training at Rugby Club 6.00pm.

PORTWAY SWIMMING CLUB meets 7.30pm - 10pmat Henbury Baths.

JUDO at the Church Centre at 6.30pm.

SHIREHAMPTON RED CROSS meets at the Portway Centre, St Bernards Road.

EVERGREENS 2pm-4pm at the Public Hall, during term time.

GROVELEAZE YOUTH CLUB 7.15pm - 9.45pm.

PILLOW LACE CLUB 7-9pm at Public Hall.

ARMY CADET FORCE 7.30pm-9pm.

COFFEE & TEA available in the Baptist Church Hall Coff Lounge 10-12 noon.

TAE KWON DO 6pm in the Portway Community School gym.

BINGO at Ththe Barn, High Street at 6.30pm.

SATURDAYS January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

PORTWAY SCHOOL SATURDAY CLUB for 8-13 yrs, 9am - 12 noon.

JUNIOR FOOTBALL 9am-11am, 7-14 years at Robin Cousins Sports Centre.

AVONMOUTH HOCKEY CLUB matches most Saturdays ring 982-8039.

SUNDAYS January 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

AVONMOUTH RUGBY Training sessions at Barracks Lane at 10am.

PORTWAY SWIMMING CLUB Henbury School Pool 3pm - 4.30pm.

What's On in January

December 31st Friday: NEW YEAR'S PARTY at the Public Hall. For details ring Shirley James 0117 987 9467 or 0117 938 1332 daytime. Party starts at 8.30 p.m.

January 1st Saturday: NEW YEAR'S DAY. The Library is closed and also will be closed on Monday, January 3rd.

January 2nd Sunday: UNITED CHURCHES SONGS OF PRAISE at 6.30 p.m. at the Methodist Church.

January 3rd Monday: NEW YEAR DISCO FOR UNDER 10s 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at the Public Hall. Tickets 1.50 from Barbara Wylde. Tel: 0117 9836158. January 4th Tuesday: LOCAL COUNCILLORS are available for Consultation 7.30 p.m at Jim O'Neil House.

January 4th Tuesday: ST. ANDREW'S LADIES CLUB meets at 7.30 p.m. at St.

Andrew's Church Hall Avonmouth for a Beetle Drive. January 4th Tuesday and every Tuesday: BINGO SESSIONS at the Cotswold Community Centre at 7 p.m. Everyone welcome.

January 5th Wednesday: THE LIBRARY RE-OPENS after the holiday.

January 5th Wednesday: ARTHRITIS CARE 7.30 p.m. at the Public Hall.

January 5th Wednesday: ALL LOCAL SCHOOLS begin the Spring Term. January 6th Thursday: T.S. ENTERPRISE SEA CADETS start again after the holiday.

January 7th Thursday: TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD meets at 7.30 p.m. at the Methodist Church Hall for a 25th BIRTHDAY PARTY.

January 8th Friday: THE EVERGREENS start again after the break.