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Summer Play Scheme

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August - Holiday Month

Going Away

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Birds, Baths and Bells

Shire Craft Exhibition

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No "What's On" In August

The Parks Ranger Service - Working With the Community

Cooking Up A Challenge!

Shirehampton Traders' Fun Day - Pictures

PBA Fun Day - Pictures

Summer Play Scheme

There will be a summer play scheme in the Public Hall, Station Road, starting from Monday 2 August and will run for three weeks from 10 to 12.30. Children must be from 4 to 9 years old, there will be a charge of 2 per session from Monday to Thursday only. For more details please ring Barbara on 983 6158.

Sea Mills Craft Group

The Craft Exhibition and Sale will be held on Saturday, 20 November 1999 at St Edyth's Parish Centre from 11.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m.

Application forms and further information from Gordon MacFarlane tel. 968 4105, or Sea Mills library.

Prize Winning Jack

Jack Chilcotte of St Bernard's School receiving his prize from Gwyneth Vincent.

Jack won the competition for the smartest school photograph. His prize was stationery to the value of 20 from Woolworth's, Shirehampton. A delighted Jack is seen here receiving his prize from Gwyneth Vincent. Well done Jack!

August - Holiday Month

August - month of holidays, no school, life is more relaxed, going away, absolute bliss! Yes but it's not always like that, children can become fractious, quarrelsome, 'bored' (how I hate that word). So here are, hopefully, a few little distractions that may come in useful, the odd treat for instance.

Sat 31st July-Mon 30th August 1-5 p.m. weekdays; 11 a.m.-5.30 p.m. weekends Memories of Ashton Court Exhibition at Ashton Court Visitor Centre. Admission FREE.

While you're there, you could have a round of golf with the kids - bet they'd beat you! (Details from the golf kiosk tel. 9738 508)

On the other hand, of course there's the miniature railway at the top of the Estate behind the golf kiosk. Passenger carrying days in August are 1/15/29/30, it is open from 12 noon until 5.30 p.m. on those days and rides cost just 35p for further information phone David Caseley tel. 966 6664.

Thursday 5th there is the NightGlow at Ashton Court followed from Friday 6th - Sunday 8th by the International Balloon Fiesta. For further information on both these events Tel 953 5884

Sunday 15th 2-4 p.m. you could take a tour round Ashton Court Mansion.

How about the Festival of Sport on Tuesday 24th - Thursday 26th 10.30am - 12.30pm and 1.30pm - 3.30pm at Ashton Court. This is for children aged 8-14 years and includes orienteering, archery, kite making & flying, football and rugby skills, mountain biking etc.

Cost: 10 for three days or 4 per day.

For booking and further information tel. 963 9174

Sunday 25th there is a Woodland Family Fun Day at Ashton Court. Make your own woodland musical instruments; create your own woodland art, wind chime making, woodland crafts, 'tree fostering' and much more. Free to all the family. For further info tel. 929 0066

Nearer home at Blaise, Sunday 8th August, it's Blaise Discover Day, tel 963 9174

Sunday 29th. Friends of Blaise Fayre from 12 noon.

In addition, for the under 7s, accompanied by a parent or carer there is a Teddy Bears Picnic 12 noon-2 p.m. at Canford Park. Free

Going Away

1. Securing the property

So the annual holiday is nearly here, the whole family is getting excited, even the family cat knows that 'something is up'. Please don't let your enjoyment be spoilt by not taking due care before you go away and then finding when you come back that you have had an unwelcome visitor. Major comedown!

So remember:

cancel the papers and/or milk

securely shut all windows - even the smallest, yes 'they' can get in through the smallest one

mow the lawn

put away any toys/tools

make sure the garden shed is securely shut, there is a nice line going on at present in stolen garden machinery

ask a neighbour to come in to pull the curtains

invest in some time switches

arrange to have your post removed from the mat - dead give-away accumulated post

2. Family health

Of course more importantly still is the question of health and taking proper safeguards before packing the suntan oil and taking off in a blaze of excitement. I repeat here a few words of advice that have been given before:

Don't stay out in the sun for prolonged periods and do cover up. Don't put on the sun screen and think that's enough, very often it is better to wear long sleeves and a sun hat

do take care that the baby is not left lying in the sun, cover him/her up

be careful of de-hydration, drink plenty of fluid

check to see if you need any injections for where you are going

take some insect repellent

On long journeys wiggle your toes (never mind what anybody else thinks, it's your body d your health!) Take a little walk up the aircraft or coach, on long car journeys stop the car, have a breath of fresh air and stretch your legs

Finally if you are unlucky enough to have an upset stomach when you are away remember to drink to replace the lost fluids and take some sachets of electrolytes with you just in case. Having recovered from the dreaded 'lurgy' eat bland food until your insides have settled down

don't forget to take your regular medication with you

And finally have a lovely holiday and return refreshed and invigorated!

Cotswold Community Association

Mondays - Cotswold Monday Ladies' Club. There will be no meetings during August. Resume Monday Sept 6th

Thursdays - Line dancing tuition. There will be no meeting on August 5/12/19. Classes resume August 26th 2-3.15 p.m. Open invitation to have fun and a 'cuppa'

Friday - Monthly Sequence Dance, Friday August 27, 7.30-10.30 p.m. Open invitation to dance or socialise.


Reg Gazzard, who used to live in Walton Road, has died in Australia on 29 June at the age of 88 years.

Reg and his wife, Jean, emigrated to Australia thirteen years ago and lived on the Central Coast, not far from Ron Osman, who sent the sad news.

Jean's maiden name was Bassey and both she and Reg have relatives and friends still living in Shire.

Streets of Shire' - Walton Road

One of the older streets in Shirehampton, Walton Road sweeps in a gentle curve from Severn Road to Springfield Avenue.

Although not quite matching the elegance of the Royal Crescent in Bath, this local terrace does not have a character of its own. It has always seemed a light, airy, 'open' street; mainly because it is not faced by an opposite terrace.

Before the prefabricated houses were built, there were allotments and open wasteland opposite the terrace and, further still was the market garden, which occupied the land which is now Church Leaze (residents of Church Leaze should have inherited wonderful soil for their gardens!)

When the prefabs were built after the Second World War, the 'newcomers' transformed the mainly derelict land into lovely gardens, which, to this day, enhance the appearance of the Street.

At that time, too, the road was not made up and presented a very bumpy ride for the few motorists who dared to venture along it. Unfortunately, these days, some motorists use the street as a racetrack.

Not many of the immediately post-wartime inhabitants remain. Most have died and their houses been taken by younger people.

Originally of red brick, with pale yellow stone-framed windows and doors, many residents have decorated their frontages with their own particular and individual styles, including rendered/pebbledash brickwork and a variety of colour schemes in painted wood and stone.

At the bottom (i.e. Springfield) end of the road was the large black hut, which was the home of the sea cadets of 'T.S. Enterprise'. Many a time would the boys march up the road (to church parade at St Mary's, or just for practice), with bugles blaring and drums pounding. When the cadets 'moved house' the premises were for a short while, a workmen's club.

Opposite the cadet hut was a builder's yard, surrounded by a high, black fence, with large wooden doors facing Walton Road.

The person who has lived longest in Walton Road is Gertie Brabin, who has been there since 1925. She originally, as a young girl, lived with her parents, Mr and Mrs Barnes, but now lives in the same house with her husband, Eric.

Birds, Baths and Bells

Blackbirds are disappearing, they say, so it has been encouraging to have one foraging in our garden, even if he makes a mess of the borders. I say 'he' because I have not seen the hen this summer. (All brown in contrast to his black plumage, yellow beak and beady eye). Was he a single parent, I wondered, with his beak full of grubs? After a short break, he's back, presumably catering for a second brood, so the hen must be around. He's very friendly, coming quite close especially when we are watering and I'm sure (!) it was the same bird which I saw laden with worms yesterday, a long way from our garden but hopping near me as usual. He flew off to the churchyard, where perhaps he is hiding his new mate in taller trees and away from cats.

I don't dislike cats, but I wish they all had bells around their necks. Some years ago our tit-box was occupied by a pair of blue-tits whose frenzied nest-building and grub-collecting was almost too exhausting to watch; when we returned after two days absence, all was horribly quiet. The only signs of the parents were a few feathers, and the babies, almost fully fledged, were all dead in the nest. A neighbour had seen 'a large black bird' trying to get into the nest (not possible with a tit-sized hole), and we wondered if a blackbird had heard the cries of the hungry nestlings and tried to feed them.

We shall new know. Since then the box has been inspected but not occupied. Urban gardens are important resources for wildlife but birds can be fussy about their nesting, drinking, bathing and feeding arrangements. They would also like to hear a few more bells.


Shire Craft Exhibition

Yes, it's that time again when we need to let you know that the craft exhibition is on its way. Forget how many shopping days there are till Christmas, by the time you see this in 'SHIRE' there will only be about 80 days to the start of the exhibition. So now is the time to think about completing those projects that you put away for the summer or what you have time to start and finish before the end of October.

Don't forget the exhibition is open to all residents of Shire and the surrounding area or if you attend any classes or clubs within the area then you are welcome to exhibit. We are always keen to see new people coming forward as well as all our regular exhibitors. We are especially keen to receive exhibits from young people in Shire, our local uniform groups always put in some interesting projects and we would like to see more of these as well as individual efforts.

Therefore, if you are planning to exhibit for yourself or if you know someone who might like to exhibit look out for the booking forms in 'SHIRE' next month. Booking forms are also available in all the local libraries.

If you would like any further information about the exhibition then please ring either Ed or Gail on 0117 9821879 evenings are best but there is an answer-phone so leave a message.

Shire Craft Exhibition is Sponsored by 'Shire' Newspaper

Sea Mills Flower Show - 11th September 1999

The plant sale was a great success on 22 May. Thanks to all who contributed and those that came along. We hope you enjoyed the visit.

We hope you have got your entries in for this year's Best Kept Garden.

This year why not have a go at shallots, section 1, class 8 and 8a - have a family competition for those which pass through a 22mm diameter ring and those that don't! Don't forget 'Top Tray for Vegetables' and 'Top Vase for Flowers' - good items for the children to have a go at, as is Class 95. In the light of that, cooked carrots are good for you according to recent research!

What about Class 101? Just the job for a wet August holiday day.

So folks, buzz off down to the Library and get your Schedule now! Get planting, DIY-ing, painting, etc, in the 111 classes you and your family can enter.

Must buzz off now - see you soon!

120th Guides

Hello again,

120th Guides here, and this month we must start with a very long list of thank you's:

Firstly, to Shire for printing articles which have raised our awareness to possible sources for funds etc.

To Avon and Somerset Constabulary for the donation of 100 from the proceeds of the sale of unclaimed stolen goods, this has allowed us to purchase a mobile phone for use in emergencies and while out on adventurous activities. It will also be very useful for reporting any vandalism and nuisance during meetings so be warned!

To the Bristol Youth Forum, for a grant of 300 towards a new cooker for the H.Q. building. Of course, this well benefit all the units that meet there but our girls should be very proud of themselves for their skills in putting together a successful application.

Also to Brittania Zinc for a further 50 towards the cooker. We shall be taking some girls out to look at some soon.

Thanks also to our Ex-members for 50 towards the Switzerland trip, they tell us many of them went there several years ago and have very fond memories. Finally to ASDA Cribbs Causeway for allowing us to spend an evening bag packing we believe we raised about 320 for our Activities fund most of this will be used for Switzerland, whilst some will go toward activities for the girls who are not going on the trip. This afternoon sees us manning a stall at the H.Q. Summer Fayre in order to raise money for all the essential work required on the building.

On a lighter note, we all enjoyed another abseilling trip, and most of us are now ready to brave the rock face, our planned climbing trip had to be postponed and is now booked for October. One of our Patrols enjoyed a cook out at Woodhouse Park a few weeks ago, and the Patrol Leader and Seconder laid out a very enjoyable paper chase for the others to complete. Several of the girls are going boating this Thursday, and on Friday we are challenging 191 Scouts to a water fight - should be fun!

Friday 23rd sees our last meeting before the summer break and we are holding a barbecue at Woodhouse.

We would like to wish the Brownies a very nice Pack Holiday, and look forward to some of you joining us in September. Of course, we hope all those going to Switzerland have a very enjoyable and memorable experience too.

Finally, we would like to welcome our new members, and send our bet wishes to those who have moved on.

Yours in Guiding,

120th Bristol (St Mary's) Guides

Contacts: Mrs S. Boucher 982 6743 Mrs V. Edgeworth 908 1685

We look forward to hearing about the Switzerland trip when you come back. Ed.

Challenge of the Arctic Overcome

"Wonderful sense of achievement!" was how Pill's cycling lifeboat fundraiser Robert Buck enthusiastically described ending his epic ride to North Cape, in Norway last week. This remote spot is the most Northerly in Europe with only the islands of Spitzbergen between it and the Arctic Pole.

There were three main objectives to this trip - to get fit enough to ride the distance, to raise the profile of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, and raise a minimum of 2,500. Each has been surpassed. 'The time and effort that I've put in has been totally justified. What has really pleased me is how easy it was to raise such an impressive sum. I thought that would be much harder than the cycling. In the end, it has all turned out remarkably easy'. The total has passed 5,000 with yet more to come.

"What was a bit of a shock was the weather, despite starting our cycling at Tromso, a long way inside the Arctic Circle, we had extraordinarily hot weather - up to 27.25C (80.25F) for five days" reports Robert. "This was good for sightseeing but bad for cycling uphill - and there were plenty of those! The scenery was wonderful; snow-capped mountains with glaciers and waterfalls, fjords, birch forest and tundra. It was breathtaking in every sense".

Another effect of the weather was that mosquitoes were particularly abundant, which was something of an added challenge. The midnight sun meant they were active 24 hours a day. As most nights were spent 'rough camping', using the pit latrine or bathing in mountain streams could have an extra dimension! "In some respects it was a relief when it did rain - it was easier riding and it kept the 'mossies' away", says Robert.

All 25 riders, aged between 16 and 64 years, completed the 310-mile ride without serious mishap. In doing so, a considerable sum of money has been raised for the RNLI in its 175th anniversary year.

"The support and interest that there has been for this trip has been truly fantastic" says Robert "I can't thank everyone enough for their generosity and support".

Congratulations to Robert Buck on this truly wonderful achievement. Ed.


Mollie Young is the first Lady President of Portishead Rotary Club, she was brought up in Shirehampton being the elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Brearley, who used to live in Park Road. Of recent years, she has been prime organiser of the annual Swimathon, which is run by Portishead Rotary Club and raises huge sums of funds for local charities as well as national ones.

Although she now lives across the river, she frequently crosses the M5 Bridge as she has worked for many years in the shipping industry in Avonmouth as well as visiting her sister Mrs Ann Taylor, who still lives here in Park Road.

Mollie is photographed in her chain office, which she collected at the Handover of President ceremony at the beginning of July. We wish Mollie every success in her presidential year.

I'm sure Mollie will want to kill me for this but I remember her as a schoolgirl swimming her heart out, I can still see her at galas - getting excited or what! Glad to hear you are keeping up the good work Mollie - you haven't changed! Ed.

No "What's On" In August

Many of the clubs and societies that hold once-a-month meetings, usually have a break in August, and so we do not print this "What's On". However, this is a reminder for all members of either Shirehampton's Townswomen's Guild or Women's Institute, remember that although there is no meeting, both these clubs have outings in August. The outing of Women's Institute is on August 18.

The Parks Ranger Service - Working With the Community

Whether you are a regular user, a first time visitor, an individual or group with special needs, someone who has never been to a park but would like to go on a walk with a knowledgeable guide, a school class wanting to learn about nature or a youth club wanting to improve your fishing skills then get in touch with the Parks Ranger Service and see what we can offer you!

Bristol's Parks Ranger Service is here to help you get the most from your visit to the park.

There are just twelve Parks Rangers in the Service, working throughout the city. The Ranger's motto is 'People, Parks and Nature - Working Together', and it is in this way that all the parties involved will benefit most. So, if you have an idea for a project, if you want to lend a hand, or if you just want to come along to one of the events run by the Parks Rangers and meet the staff, we would love to hear from you!

The Parks Ranger Service can be contacted as follows:

North Team: 0117 950 5447, 0410 396 708

South Team: 0410 396 713

A Root to Success - Bristol in Bloom

Gardening gives many people a lot of pleasure, be it hanging baskets and colourful tubs at the front of a house or a large garden with bright rockeries and beautiful trees. The Gardening Awards, supported by the Bristol Evening Post are your chance to win and award for all your efforts. The categories range from 'Best Large Front Garden' to 'Best House Frontage; so you don't necessarily have to have a garden at all.

Entry to all these competitions is free and open to all those within the City of Bristol boundary. Please ring for further information and a leaflet on (0117) 922 2694 or look out for details in the Bristol Evening Post.

Cooking Up A Challenge!

Mrs Jean Pearce, Cook at Avon Primary School was runner-up in the area heat of the National School Cook of the Year competition, which was held recently. The Contest, which is sponsored by British Meat and LACA, was judged on taste and appeal to children, technical catering ability, balance of main course and sweet, portion size, visual presentation and nutritional balance. Jean's mouth-watering menu consisted of Pork and Apple Slice, served with new potatoes and shallots, sliced carrots and green dwarf beans, with Lime Yogurt dessert and chocolate Viennese Straws.

There was a time limit of 1.5 hour's preparation and cooking time and a cost control of 60p for one main course and one sweet. Jean enjoyed the challenge and was delighted with her success. Headmaster, Duncan Jennings said, "We are very proud of Jean's achievement and certainly benefit from the commitment and enthusiasm she brings to her work in preparing meals for us at Avon Primary. The children and staff are looking forward to tasting the award winning menu!"

Shirehampton Traders' Fun Day - Pictures

Tanya, Laurie, Dot, Nicky, Sue, Leon

PBA Fun Day - Pictures

1999 May Queen - Jessica Lewis