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What's On In July

The Cameo Orchestra Concert

'Fantastic' was the word on the lips of the audience as they left the Public Hall on Saturday, 12th June, after enjoying a programme of music and singing by the Cameo Orchestra.

The Conductor - Steve Fox and Leader - Adrian Juggins commenced the programme with Broadway Marches followed by Titanic, Star Trek, Can-Can, Empire Strikes Back, Cavalier Rusticana, Grasshoppers Dance, Disney Magic, Latin America and finally with Lord of the Dance, which was outstandingly successful.

We all enjoyed Teresa Maggs rendition of 'I've got rhythm' and the Jolly songs sung by Richard Meeling 'The Policeman's Song' and 'Razzle Dazzle'.

Steve Fox mentioned that the concert was primarily staged in aid of the Public Hall Funds. This was the second time the orchestra have performed for this purpose and the Public Hall Committee have received benefit from this source, which is very much appreciated as the performers are not local, but from Warmley. On this occasion the Committee benifitted by the grand amount of 272.00, which is very welcome and will be used for refurbishment of the kitchen.

Steve, who has a friendly personality, attends the University of Cardiff and hopes to qualify in the next two years as a Drama and Music teacher. In recent months he has also put on entertainments in Shirehampton at the Ladies' Guild function at St.Bernards school and at the Cotswold Community Centre

We hope the Orchestra will be coming along, possibly later in the year, so if you would appreciate some excellent entertainment look out for the posters and come along. On this occasion, the orchestra played as an encore the 'Lord of the Dance' and left the stage with a standing ovation by the audience - it's fantastic

The George Re-opened

The above photograph shows the George, which has been completely renovated and has now re-opened as a family pub, and we are very pleased to welcome Neil and Catherine the new Landlord and Landlady, and hope they will be happy and successful in our local community.

Award of M.B.E to Mrs. Auriel James

Congratulations to Mrs. Auriel James on the well-deserved award of the M.B.E. in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in June. This was in connection with her work in Charity Search, which organisation was founded by her in 1987 with 10.00 from her pension.

This organisation has discovered numerous Charities, many of which were almost forgotten, where money is available for needy causes and on receiving applications from deserving cases, she has been able to find the necessary funds to help, which have now totalled over 7 million.

This has been a fortunate year for Mrs. James as she recently was honoured by receiving Maundy money from the Queen, as reported in our May edition. We hope Mrs. James and the organisation she has founded will long continue.

Thank You

To the Ladies of Shirehampton Methodist Bright Hour for your donation to SHIRE funds.Pleased to hear that you enjoy reading the newspaper. ED

Outdoor Concert

Members of Portway Community School's symphonic Band performing on College Green, at the official commemoration of the new plaque celebrating the twinning link between BRISTOL and BEIRA CITY, Mozambique.

Portway Community School Symphonic Band

Portway musicians are as usual very busy with a hectic schedule of events planned for the summer.

The Band will be travelling to Hannover, Germany for their third full Tour from 24th - 30th June, where they will be staying with families from Portway's partner school - The Carl Friedrich Ganss Schul; many of the children will be meeting families for the fifth time and it will be an exciting occasion. The Band will be performing several concerts, as well as travelling to the HARZ mountains and playing in GOSLAR.

On return from Germany, the Portway musicians have been selected to play at the Royal Festival Hall, London of Friday 9th July as part of the 1999 Festival, Music for Youth; this a huge honour and will be a truly awe inspiring occasion.

Also in July (15th - 21st) all Portway musicians, past and present, will be travelling to Bideford, North Devon, for the 23rd Portway Summer Music School, which will be followed by the Annual Summer Concert in Clifton Cathedral at 7.00pm on Thursday July 22nd.

Portway Community School's Summer Scheme

This year Portway Community School is running it's 5th summer scheme for children. It is running in the first two weeks of the summer holiday, mondays to fridays, starting on 26th July from 9:00 - 2:00pm. Admission will be 2.50 per child and 2.00 for additional brothers or sisters. A variety of activities will be on offer including many trips out.

St Marys News

Hi Folks,

Here we are once more into July which is our Patronal Festival time. Our celebrations this year will be on Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th and Monday 5th July 1999. The programme is as follows:

Saturday 3rd - Church open for much of the day with light refreshments available and a floral display put together by the members of our congregation. Jim Forder - our Organist and Choirmaster is to give an Organ Recital at 10.15am. Have a break from your shopping come in and enjoy the music !

Sunday 4th - (Patronal Festival Day) 10.00am Holy Communion (sung) 4.00pm Evening Prayer (said)

Monday 5th - Welcome back to our friends the Bristol Bitadel Salvation Army Band. Their performance is in the Church commencing at 7.30pm.

Admission - FREE - but a retiring collection will be given to the Salvation Army members to use as they best think fit. This is always a very popular event - please give it your support!

Brenda Dammes would like to thank those who contribute and those who helped to raise funds for Christian Aid Week - the amount collected totalled 1,214=09p - a wonderful effort. Brenda also says she has an additional stock of the chain brooches. Any further customers should contact her directly on 982-9121 or see her at the church on Sunday mornings.

A wonderful social evening was once again held at Hallen Community Hall when Bernard Weller organised yet another 'Skittles Bonanza'. Great fun was had with competitors showing their prowess on the Alley. Superb refreshments followed   half-way through the evening and at the conclusion Fernley - our vicar - presented the prizes. The results are as follows:

Highest Score

Ladies - Jill MINOGUE

Men - (after a play off between yours truly, Albert PRICE and Derek HARVEY) was in fact Derek HARVEY. It's nice to know he can win something - as he usually gets lost on our Treasure Hunt!! Still you can't really get lost on a Skittles Alley - it's perfectly straight from one and to the other - with no roundabouts or crossroads. Well done Derek - I won't forget to put your name down for this month's bar Treasure Hunt or we shall miss the laugh you give us all! (I'm surprised he still speaks to me after all the rude things I write about him). Oh, I nearly forgot - 1999 must be his lucky year because he won a set of fridge magnets in the draw as well.

Knock-out Winners: Ladies - Gill Bridge Men - Derek Ford

Wooden spoon (lowest score): Ladies - Rachel Collard Men - Peter Waller (Bernard's brother)

Watch this space for details of the next Skittles Match in November

Jim FORDER has once again organised are of his magnificent bar Treasure Hunt's. This is always great fun with an excellent eating venue at the end of it. This year it is on Wednesday, 14th July, 1999 and the first car to leave the starting point at the Church Centre does so at around 6.30pm

Well, that's all the news for the moment - I'll chat to you again next month.


Art Exhibition

Shirehampton's twenty seventh annual ART Exhibition was held in the Public Hall from Sunday 30th May to Saturday 5th June. Over 240 pictures by local artists were on show and thirty two were sold during the exhibition. Attendance at the exhibition was poor at the beginning of the week but picked up steadily as the week went on.

The work of artists from the Portway Centre plays a big part in making our exhibition more exciting and varied than that of other local exhibitions, and were very pleased to see them again this year. Shirehampton artist Betty Barrett won the Harry Walton award for the best flower painting for the second year running, but she has a new rival in Shelley Eynon whose flower paintings were much admired. Another newcomer to the show Marianne Lethbridge, a former St. Bernards School pupil, showed work influenced by Australian aboriginal art.

Our regular exhibitors all hard pictures in the show among them John Parsons, Phil Bullock, Pat Phelan, John Case, Chris Stunchcombe (who won the award for best local landscape with his pastel picture of Gunpowder House), Margaret Ellison, Celia Owen, Pat Camer, Ann Tipping, Len Doyle and Leslie Gray.

For the Millennium 2000 we are hoping to have a special exhibition of paintings and drawings showing all aspects of Shirehampton and district. Local artists are asked to have their picture ready by the end of APRIL 2000 for the exhibition to be held later that year.


Neighbourhood Watch

The Police have issued a warning to all householders in Shirehampton, Lawerence Weston to be aware of attacks on Garden Sheds and garages, where electrical equipment, lawn mowers, strimmers and power tools are being stolen. In addition to fitting locks to sheds and garages you are advised to strengthen the hinges, which are often unscrewed to open o door, leaving the lock in place. You can overcome this problem by replacing some of the hinge screws with bolts and nuts. Shed alarms are also available at a cost of about 25 from the Police Crime Reduction Unit at Southmead.

Please be aware of other activities associated with some unwelcome visitors - offers to re-surface paths and drives with tarmac often at exorbitant prices for poor work. A group of young children asking for sponsorship money for a school (unspecified) this is not a genuine form and o money should be given.

A small group of youths have beencausing criminal damage to fences and gates in the area around the health centre. If anyone sees such activity and can give a name to any of the group, the police will be only too pleased to take action.

Hopefully this summer will bring some warmer weather soon; when it does please make sure you have closed all the windows in rooms which are not occupied, and be certain to close and lock all the windows when you leave the house unattended even if you only intend to go out for a few minutes. (If you meet a friends in the village those few minutes can turn into hours)


The next meeting of the Severnside police and community consultative group will be held at the rock centre St. Peters hall, Lawrence Weston at 7.30pm on Wednesday 14th July

St Bernard's Parish News

'The Big Noise'

You may well have heard a lot of noise about 3.15 on Friday 18th June coming from the school playground and wondering what on earth was going on! We were, in fact, taking part in a national fund-raising event for the NCPCC. The idea was that children could make as much noise as they possibly could for 1 minute to highlight the importance of allowing children to be heard. Some of the children paid 20p and used their voices and some paid 50p and were allowed to bring something with them to make even more noise!

New Class Teacher - Mrs Caroline Armstrong

Caroline Armstrong joined us at the beginning of this term to teach Class 3 (years 3 and 4). She has 8 years' teaching experience and previously taught at Upper Horfield Primary School.

Caroline has travelled extensively and has worked in South America, Greece, Australia and Spain. She lists travelling, swimming, horse-riding, cooking and walking among her many hobbies.

Caroline says she is enjoying her first term here and is looking forward to next year. We are all very pleased to welcome her to St Bernard's and hope that she has a long and happy time with us.

St Bernard's Toddler Group

Our Toddler Group is still going strong. We are looking forward to this year's summer trip which this year will be to Cricket St. Thomas on the 8th July.

A lot of the children who have been with us for a while will be starting school on September so ther will be lots of room for some new faces. If you are 0 - 4 years old then please come along to the school on Thursday's during term time from 2 - 3.30pm and bring your Mum, Dad, Gran, Aunty, Uncle, or whoever. We will be very pleased to see you.

Friends of St. Bernard's

The Friends have been busy fund-raising to continue in their support of the school by providing us with resources that would otherwise have to go without. The Friends recently held a Summer Fair at the school which, although the weather was not brilliant, raised about 450. The dads are holding their own sponsored bike ride on 4th July which should boost funds even further. (For some reason the route starts at the Lamplighters, and includes stops at two other pubs before returning to the Lamplighters - I suppose they would need to stop for a glass of water if it is a hot day!) We are holding our annual barbecue on the 16th July, which is always a good event.

Over the years the Friends have raised a tremendous amount of money for the school which has enabled up to buy things that we would otherwise have to go without. The aim of the friends is always to have a good time while fund-raising and we usually achieve this. We rely heavily on the support on people in the local community, from the Parish as well as from parents and grandparents etc and we are always pleased with the level oh help and support we receive.

Voucher Collection

Once again, we have been extremely pleased at the number of vouchers that we have collected both foe the Walkers Crisps and Tesco promotions. We have placed our first order for 43 books from the Walkers catalogue and still have some vouchers to count. We have collected enough Tesco vouchers to exchange for some software.

We will participate in any of the schemes that enable us to buy equipment so please keep on collection any vouchers on our behalf.

Design a Poster Winners

The winning entry in the 'Design a Poster' Competition for the Funday on Sunday 11th July, has been won by Holly Trickey, aged 9. Photos of the presentation to her of a prize awarded by Woolworths will be included in the August edition of 'SHIRE'.

The Funday and BBQ has been organised by the Shirehampton Traders' Association and profits will go to the Association's Millennium Fund to cover the cost of the events and activities which it is intended to arrange next year in celebration of this very special time.

The Funday is being held in the garden of the Lamplighters Public House by kind permission of Leon Franklin. It will be run from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. Tickets are 2.00 for adults and 1.00 for children under 14 years. Tickets include free entry to a Prize Draw.

The attraction will include bouncy castle, raffle, under 10's Fancy Dress Competition, face painting, music and competitions.

Tickets are available from Rodaways, Woolworth's (Dot), CLIC shop, Liz's Flowers & Cards and Creature Comforts. Come along and enjoy a happy family evening.


This month's Wordsearch Puzzle contains 11 words being the names of English rivers.

Send your answers to WORDSEARCH NO. 16, The Editor, 'SHIRE', The Library, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 9TU, in a sealed envelope by the 10th July. The first correct entry opened will be awarded a prize to the value of 2.00.

The winner of last month's Wordsearch Puzzle, 9 Leisure Activities was Mrs. I. Webber of Winchcombe Grove, Shirehampton. The answers were: CROCHET, TRAVEL, WATER SKIING, MARQUESTRY, GARDENING, SWIMMING, READING, TELEVISION, FILMS.

This month's wordsearch puzzle contains: 11 English Rivers

Can You Help?

The Grainger Players desperately need a copy of the music of 'World in Union' (the ITV Rugby Union World Cup theme - it sounds rather like 'I vow to thee my country').

If you can help, please see Shirl at Liz's Flowers in the High Street, or phone (0117) 938 1332.

Wasp Sting?

If you are stung by a wasp or bee - put an ice cube on immediately. This will soothe the pain and freeze the blood vessels around the sting, which localises the venom.

Good Samaritans

I wish to thank everyone who helped me when I fell at the bottom of the ridge on the evening of May 5th, especially the gentleman from Alldays and the Paramedics. Thank you for everything Barbara Bisd

Introducing Bristol's New Parks Ranger Service

With magnificent heritage estates and some 450 parks and open spaces, Bristol is one of the greenest cities in England. This wealth of landscapes is cared for by a group of dedicated staff, including grounds maintenance teams and landscape managers. Over the past year, a further service has been developed to enable people to get the maximum enjoyment from their visits to bristol's parks - the parks ranger service.

Parks rangers are increasingly recognised as key to the successful maintenance and management of various landscapes, be they in the City or in the Country side. Bristol's park rangers are all about encouraging people to use and appreciate these facilities. They work with school groups, give guided walks and provide environmental interpretation. THey report damage and misuse of the parks and are equipped to deal with most emergencies, from a lost child to a burning litter bin. If they can't deal with the problem themselves, they will know someone who can and they are equipped with mobile phones to respond quickly and efficiently.

Bristol's park rangers work in partnership with numerous organisations and individuals. The police, youth services, the British trust for Conservation Volunteers and friends of parks groups are some of those working with the rangers to maximise resources and the best possible service to park users.

Many will remember the 'Parkies' or 'Park Wardens' on their motorbikes, locking and unlocking parks, enforcing bylaws and responding to acts of vandalism. The new parks ranger service is about preventing problems by increasing awareness of the respect for Bristol's green heritage. By liaising with user groups, leading events and providing a link between the public and council officers, the park rangers are enabling the people of Bristol to become involved in the management of their parks, now and for the future generations.

If you would like to get in touch with the parks ranger service, you can contact them seven days a week:

North Team

Tel: 0117 9505447 or 0468 033207

If you would like to make a comment about the parks ranger service, please write to the Estates Manager, Bristol City Council, Leisure Services Department, Colston House, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5AQ.


I thought the enclosed story found in an old magazine may be of interest to some of your old readers.

I well remember the Dump Harris concerts at the public hall, also passing the Harris bakery on my way to school as when a child I lived in Pembroke Avenue.

My aunty Kathy Davey, Dursley Road sends me the Shire news which I enjoy.

Phyllis Rawden (nee Smith) Malaga Spain.

Quaker Quarter Hour

This was the commercial title fort he much better remembered Carroll Levis and his Discoveries. Sponsored by Quaker Oats on Luxembourg, this first amateur talent series offering grand cash prizes began on October 17, 1937 with listeners postal-voting the Crawford Brothers as winners. They sang Ten Tiny Toes.

Levis, a genial giant from Vancouver, sometimes assisted by his brother Cyril, short to stardom, touring variety theatres, making a major movie, Discoveries (1939) which featured Dump Harris and Tony (Laurel and Hardy lookalikes), and continued broadcasting through to 1958.

Catch phrases included, 'Lets give him a big hand' and 'The new and unknown artists of today are truly the starts of tomorrow'.

'Thats Entertainment' - The Grainger Players

Thank you to the Grainger Players who gave their all in 'thats Entertainment' at the Public Hall. We attend the Saturday evening performance on 22nd May and what an evening. Fun, laughter and even tears during one of the songs. When Shirl came out in her smart red jacket, we thought she'd become a red coat. Monica was most taken aback when surprised with a 'Gotcha'.

If you are ever in Shire Village, do call in at Elizabeth Ann Florists, Shirl, Liz and Mon give such a great welcome and they are such happy people, doing so much for the community. If you're feeling low, your spirits will be lifted after being in their company for just a few minutes.

We sincerely thank all who gave the the collections at each performance; the total raised was 93.00 for which Bristol Branch is truly grateful. If you would like to know more about the Bristol Branch please contact Barrie on 9828747

Barrie and Marina Griffiths Fundraisers and Publicity Organisers. The Multiple Sclerosis soc.

A Choirboy Selected - Jack Cooke

It must have been a very daunting time when young nine year old Edward Cooke joined the line up at Avonmouth Church of England School to be 'voice tested' by the Head Master, Billy Powell.

The Vicar of Avonmouth Revd Harold Gibson had told the head that he wanted some more boys in the choir.

Selection was simple the boys were told to sing and the head listened - those who satisfied him were to report to the Vicar the following Sunday morning. Young Edward was selected.

That was 81 years ago and now Edward - better known to all those at St. Andrews Avonmouth as Jack Cooke celebrated 81 years singing in the Church Choir.

Jack is also a regular singer in the Shirehampton Choir concerts. He also is a valued member of the team, which selects the Sunday hymns.

All who know Jack are well aware of his love for singing and his love for his Church.

We all congratulate him on a marvellous record and are sure he will keep this up - onward to the century Jack !!!

News From T.S Enterprise

Now that the boating season is upon us, the cadets are very busy pulling, power - boating canoeing and sailing, and over the past few weeks three cadets from the unit spent a week on T.S Royalist, which is a square rigged sail training ship. Also a number of cadets spent a week at camber, near plymouth, where a number of qualifications were gained.

We are also training very hard for the boat pulling (rowing) and boat handling competitions which will be help at Bristol Adventure unit on 20th June. Also we are having an open day on 24th July starting of with a car boot sale from 9am until 12.30pm. The charge to anyone who would like a pitch is 4 per car or 5 with a trailer and the person to contact is LT Fowler on 9697777. From 1pm on, we shall be having displays, stalls, activities and much more. All are welcome to the best place to be on 24th July at T.S Enterprise, Station Road, opposite the Lamplighters.

Shirehampton Community Group

Miniutes of the Shirehampton Community Group meeting held in the Public Hall on Wednesday 25 May 1999

There were 23 people present

The meeting was chaired by Andrew Stewart who welcomed those present.

Section Reports

a) Youth and Schools

A stewart explained that mr Astley had intended coming to the meeting but was in Africa and Mr Peck also tendered apologies. The school is very popular and is over subscribed for admission in September. Andrew wanted some clarification on the logo competition to feed back to the school, and it was confirmed that copyright would belong to the organisers of the competition. A prize for the winning logo would no doubt be forthcoming, and the chosen logo would be used in advertising events in Shire during next year.

b) Community Care

No report

c) Law & Order

Philip Squire has been alerted via the internet, of criminal activity whereby someone calls a company and asks for the postcode. Once given the caller says a prize has been won and he/she asks for the home address of the person he/she is speaking to - women are especially targeted. Burglaries have taken place as a result of home address being given.

Crime figures are largely unchanged from previous months although 25 of every 60 involves criminal damage or theft. A spate of car damage occurred in Station Road in early April. General reminders were given to lock ladders and garden tools away after use and close windows when leaving the house, especially ground floor ones or those near a sloping or flat roof. When going on holiday, ensure milk, papers etc are cancelled and if possible ask a neighbour to keep an eye out. Automatic timers for lights are a good idea.

A new company set up to employ homeless or ex-homeless people, called Aspire, will be delivering catalogues to households in the hope of purchases being made. Order forms will be left and the catalogues collected. There is no step selling and no pressure to buy. the police and council are aware of this company.

d) Planning & Environment

John Callaghan reported on the following:-

Lower Portway School - No firm plans submitted to date although monthly contact kept with planning office. Plans for a restaurant/pub at the tip of the triangle have been rejected. Local residents have 'prevented' travellers camping in the grounds.

The George - Refurbishment in progress to open at the Spring Bank Holiday as a family style restaurant/pub. New windows are not as per planning submission proposal which causes changes in this conservation area. The police will be extra vigilant when the pub opens for business.

Golf club public way - Minor changes are being made to the footpath from the Shirehmapton Road corner (bus stop at Park Gates) to the Portway (bottom) gate. These changes are to improve safety of walkers. Representatives of the Ramblers Association, two local rambler clubs, KPS, and SCG together with a representative of the Council's public rights of way committee and Shire golf club walked the route and with a minor adjustment, agreed the proposal. The golf club to liaise with the National Trust to agree route and safety notices. The proposal will have to be legally approved.

Car Sales - Station Road - Still concern about this business and several people have written to the council who it is believed requested a retrospective planning application. No information received from council to date. One objection concerned the fact that Park Hill service station was refused permission for forecourt car sales despite not being in a conversation area, whereas this operation did not go through the planning application system. Some storage of cars is now taking place opposite the Rising Sun but this does not seem to have relieved congestion on the forecourt site.

Traders Association - have met but minutes not available yet. It is believed a Fun Day and barbecue will be held at the Lamplighters in July.

Severn Way Fun Day - John Knight has asked that leaflets be distributed advertising this for Sunday 6 June. It informs part of the West of England Environment fortnight and is intended to promote the Severn Way - Sea Mills circular walks, with free travel on the Severn Beach railway.

Kingsweston - an article will appear in 'Shire' from Barbara Harries, making people more aware of the sensitive nature of this area and the gradual erosion that is taking place.

e) Highways and General

John Parsons reported. Only two lights reported as not working. The metal milestone in Shirehampton Park is broken and Leisure Services are intending to repair it in June. There is mow a new sign at St.Bernard's Road and the Park Road slip road cul-de-sac sign will take a couple of months.

Pavements - John met with a council representative who confirmed they will be upgrading pavements in the centre of the village from the George to Somerfields, by raising kerbs and relaying pavements with small grey pavers, deemed to be stronger then larger slaps. The pavement between the Red Cross shop and the Lifeboat is to be widened by one foot. Broken slabs by the Shell garage have been repaired. There is still concern about cars parking on pavements, especially by the bank, causing both obstruction and damage.

General - The next meeting of the Shire 2000 committee, open to all, will be in the public hall on 9 June and at 3pm. One firm event has been decided for next year, on 8 July and that is a barbecue on the riverbank at the Lamplighters with various attractions including a tug o war contest, from 6.60 - 9.30pm.

Avon University settlement will have a new advice worker starting in June for two days per week, 9.30 - 11.30am for anyone needing advice on benefits etc. Donations at the last meeting were 6.59.

f) Any Other Business

Parking lines by the shops in the Somerfield rank would tidy up parking and relieve congestion. This to be followed up.

It was suggested the brewery who own the George should be congratulated on the way they have decorated the pub.

Avonmouth Wildlife Group meets next Wednesday 16 June in the community centre at 7.30pm, and is open to all

Date of next meeting 28 July 1999

'On The Beat' - Local Police Report

Parents, do you know where your children are when they are out with their friends?

It appears very often that the majority of the local youths are not where they are supposed to be, many are found 'hanging around' the High street being a general nuisance. The 13 years old (plus) are either smoking, which is sometimes cannabis - or drunk. The 10 years (plus) are breaking windows or bottles and terrorising the elderly.

Parents do you really mean to allow your children to be a nuisance to others ? There are still some parents who believe their children are 'Little Angels' and then call the police when their child has been 'dealt with' by an irate person.

I ask parents to make certain of their children's wherabouts and take positive action to prevent their children getting away with it please take positive action now.

Summer Concert

The Shirehampton choir's Summer Concert will be held on SAturday 24th July at 7.30pm. This will take place at St. Mary's Church, and a returning collection will be made for church funds. The choir have also been invited to perform the same programme at Henberry Village Hall on Saturday 10th July in order to raise funds for their hall.

This years programme includes much favourites as 'The Carnival is Over' 'If' 'Amazing Grace' and 'The Three Bells' from the choir. Items with the audience include 'one Day at a Time', 'Mocking Bind Hill' and 'The Old Rugged Cross', plus one or two fun items of particular note this year!!

Between the songs there will be a few memories of the 50's, 60's and 70's with a question of two on events TV shows and films etc... I may even be able to drum up a prize or two.

As always, admission is FREE but don't forget that contribution to get out! I look forward to seeing full church on 24th as usual

Derek Harvey

Jack Cooke

The Shirehampton choir would like to wish Jack, a loyal and keen member of the choir, a very happy 90th birthday which he celebrates on 26th July. Jack is always willing to perform solo items and will again be doing so at our Summer Comcert on 24th July.

Jack has rarely missed a rehearsal - only in the event of holidays - and has said to me on many an occasion, 'I don't look upon rehearsals as such, but as a social night out'. Those who know him will agree, he's a bit of a character to say the least, and although he calls us terrors 'The Opposition' (he is a base) he remains one of the leading in the choir.

Thank you for just being there Jack, Derek Harvey

Round The Back At Belladonna

I was very pleased to find a toad in our shed a short time ago. Here, I thought, was the perfect answer to slugs and snails so I put him carefully under the foliage in the dampest part of the garden. But we don't have a pond, so I expect he escaped under the gate and down the 'back lane'.

In the North of England they are called 'ginnels', with a hard G, or 'gennels', with a soft G - a corruption of 'gain - hole', or short-cut; or they might be 'entries' or alleys, or 'passages', but in Shire they are just back lanes. When they were built, access to the back of the house was more important than it is now; coalmen, dustmen, some tradesmen, children and fathers with dirty boots were required to go 'round the back', which could be quite a way if you lived in a terraced house. Until about twenty years ago the dustbins were still collected from the lanes, and sadly the practice of putting rubbish there dies hard. Builders waster, old iron and broken glass can still be found, not to mention drinks, cans and sweet packets. The main sewers serving the adjacent houses run beneath the lanes, so beware, anyone who obstructs them, when these century old pipes need renewal.

Local pedestrians, and there are many, use these lanes nowdays. Overgrown fences and gates give the place an abandoned air and encourage vandalism; rubbish and vegetation obstruct access to the rear of houses. If the litter is removed and the vegetation cut at least twice a year, a surprising transformation can occur. Butterflies and wild flowers appear and even garden surplus plants can flourish. Some people already do this; how about helping them occasionally ? And we should consider ourselves fortunate in Shirehampton that we have ample open spaces for exercising dogs - not the public footpaths of the lanes.

If you find any unusual flora or fauna in your local lane, please and tell the Belladonna c/o Shire Newspaper.

Gypsies/Travellers - Shirehampton Road

Once again Gypsies/Travellers have descending upon the Bristol City Council land on Shirehampton Road.

While this land is occupied by the Gypsies/Travellers a large number of the local community is unable to use this area for their leisure time.

This is becoming an increasingly regular problem. If you wish to register your views or report a particular incident, contact Bristol City Council on the following numbers. Your reports will demonstrate the strength of the local feeling and also help to compile a diary that them from returning. The council also need your views on how you wish to see the site effectively secured as the wooden posts are not adequate, other sites have been secured by using large rocks.

The consequence of not acting is that this area could become an unofficial site similar to the eyesore that plagued the Avon Gorge for many many months.

Contact Numbers.

Bristol City Council Liaison Office

Ian Holding and David Thomas 0117 9223807

Environmental Emergency Control 0117 9222050

Local MP

Dr Doug Naysmith 9502385

'Recollections of my Early Days and Sketches of Village Life'

Further Extracts From 'Recollections Of My Early Days And Sketches Of Village Life' - Francois Baron 1823-1899

Journey To London

There was little to disturb the monotony of life in our village, so that I was pleased to find that my parents were about to remove to London. A city of which of course I had heard much, and greatly desired to see.

To London, was a very long day's journey then, for Railways were unknown, so places were booked a week in advance in 'The Old Company's Coach' from Bristol.

This started at 6 o'clock precisely, which required us to leave Shirehampton soon after 4 am. I well remember all the preliminaries, and my enjoyment of the journey especially when I was permitted to ascend to the seat behind the Coachman for several stages during the day. We entered Knightsbridge at 10 at night, and were set down at the top of Sloane Street, and were driven thence to Montpellier Place, brompton, where furnished apartments had been engaged with a Jewish Landlady, until the arrival of our luggage & furniture by Canal, that being the best mode of transit, and avoiding the violent shaking by the old road wagon. That winter however proved a very severe one the canals were frozen over for many weeks, and the Pentecostal season arriving we were politely told we could not remain as Gentiles, in the house, the family being devout & conscientious Israelites. It seemed to be a painful course of instruction for the Jewish boys. The Professor of Hebrew who came to the house had but little patience, and freely applied the rod, so always after the first few minutes crying began and sobbing continued, till the lesson was over. Our furniture soon after arriving we settled down in Montpelliar Place.

Shirehampton Revisited

In my 17th year (1840), I had the great pleasure of visiting the scenes of my Childhood, with my beloved Father. This was my first Railway journey. The great Western, having recently opened to Bristol. We arrived at the George Inn to be warmly welcomed by my Uncle, Aunt, and several Cousins. Many persons who had known my Father, came long distances to see him, and we were heartily received by the many friends on whom we called. I visited the various haunts of my boyhood, with keen enjoyment, and was especially pleased to attend a Service, in the once despised Wesleyan Chapel. It had not grown in size nor had the attendance much increased, but I listened with delight to the Gospel from the lips of a venerable looking lay preacher, and feeling I should like to preserve his words I was engaged in noting them down, when there was a long pause, this I was glad of, as I had more to write, so I finished, and looking up to the pulpit, I found the preached was looking at me, and pointing his finger to my little note book he said slowly & solemnly, Young Man, you will find it much better to put away that book & listen to me. Of course I obeyed, feeling sorry that the dear man had been troubled by what he considered inattention.

I was grieved to find that many of the Tradesmen and Farmers had passed away, dying as they had lived, in great spiritual ignorance. And many of those I saw had become so ruined by drink, that they seemed incapable of doing anything, until again stimulated by that which had been such a curse to them.

Children's Summer Holiday Activities

We have been advised by the Library Staff of the following events taking place during July and August.

A 'Reading Scheme' on 19th July, and 'Make a Book' on August 11th from 10.30 am-12 noon, and August 23rd from 2.30-4 pm. Look out for posters and information sheets at your local library.

SHIRE 2000 'Working together to mark the Millennium'

SHIRE 2000 is continuing to plan and co-ordinate celebrations in Shirehampton, throughout the year 2000. It is sponsored by the Public Hall Community Association, the Community Group, and Shire Newspaper.

The list of events which are definitely planned continues to grow. The list of firm commitments now includes:

  • An open air ecumenical public service
  • An Art Exhibition featuring pictures of Shirehampton, put on by Twyford Art Club
  • A Community Quilt illustrating various local themes, made by Shire Stitchers
  • Perambulation of the Parish Boundary
  • A Summer Riverside Barbecue at the Lamplighters fields
  • Publication of a new Directory of community organisations
  • Shire on the Web, a community web site to put Shirehampton on the internet
  • An exhibition of Shirehampton Local History
  • Shire 2000 Logo
  • One or more Children's Parties
  • Production of a Shirehampton Postcard
  • Grainger Players Spectacular Millennium Show

Many other activities are also being actively considered. Many individual groups are also planning their own celebrations. If your group has plans, and would like to include them in SHIRE 2000 publicity, please let us know, either by dropping a note to SHIRE 2000 at the Library, ringing 0117 982 2941, or sending an e-mail to

We hope to publish the winning entry in the SHIRE 2000 logo competition in next month's SHIRE. This will be chosen at the next meeting of SHIRE 2000. This will be at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 7 July, at the Public Hall. You are very welcome to attend.


All the staff and the Trustees of Charity Search would like to congratulate the founder, Mrs Auriel James, on being awarded an MBE in the Birthday Honours list.

Several Shirehampton people have been amongst the many elderly folk who have received help as a result of contacting Charity Search and I am sure that they would wish to join us in sending congratulations on this richly deserved honour.

A Note From The Grainger Players

We would like to thank you for your excellent support and the wonderful community spirit shown during the recent run of 'That's Entertainment' and we do very much appreciate your coming along to our continuing productions.

We have received a flood of requests to pre-book for our Millennium Special Show 'Spirit to 2000' and also for the proposed 2-night 'Village Christmas Get-together' (which will be an evening of sing-a-long, comedy, mince pies etc), so I thought you would like to know of our future plans.

We had not planned to do another Show until the Millennium Special next May, but with so many requests being received asking us not to leave it so long, we thought that instead of the normal type of Show we would get together with you for some Christmas fun so that is what the 'Village Christmas Get-together' will be an olde fashioned community evening, which we will put on for just two nights - I will give you the actual dates next month.

Hopefully, the Millennium Special 'Spirit to 2000' Show will be just that, a special show and that is why I have doubled rehearsal time by not staging another Show until then.

To make it a real community 'coming together', I have invited some of the ex-Shire Players, with whom I worked in pantomimes during 1979-1986 and some of the ex-Kellaway Players, together with some of our founder members to join us so that those people who have entertained you over the past 20 years can join with their counterparts of today. There will be a wealth of talent and the players from yesteryear with the 'spirit towards 2000' and will make it special at the Millennium.

I had planned not to open the pre-booking of either Show until September, but you decided differently and consequently we had to open pre-booking three days after the last Show and already we are over half to three-quarters booked for both December and May.

We have started rehearsals of condensing 100 years into a 2-hour Show, which is fortunately going along well. If you would like to pre-book for these Shows, then call into Elizabeth Ann Flower Shop, at 27a High Street, and see Liz, or telephone her on 933 1381.

Hope you all have an enjoyable summer.

Shirl (Producer).

What's On In July

JULY 1st Thursday   

SHIREHAMPTON'S TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD 7.30 pm at the Methodist Church Hall W.I. Markets by Mrs Rowles

JULY 5th Monday and every Monday  

LADIES CLUB 2.30 pm-4 pm at the Cotswold Centre

JULY 5th Monday and every Monday  

WOMEN'S BRIGHT HOUR at the Methodist Church Hall 2.30 pm

JULY 6th Tuesday   

LOCAL COUNCILLORS available for consultation 7.30 pm at Jim O'Neil House 7.30 pm

JULY 6th Tuesday and every Tuesday  

SHIREHAMPTON CHOIR rehearse in St Mary's 7.30 pm

JULY 6th Tuesday   

STOP SMOKING GROUP at Lawrence Weston Clinic. Ring 98203205 for details. This group meets every Tuesday

JULY 6th Tuesday   

CO-OPERATIVE WOMEN'S GUILD meets at 6, Portbury Grove 2 pm-4 pm

JULY 6th Tuesday   

ST ANDREW'S LADIES' CLUB meet at St Andrew's Church Hall, Avonmouth at 7.30 pm to hear Tony Harvey speak on 'Shelter'

JULY 7th Wednesday   

COFFEE MORNING at the Methodist Church Hall. Homemade cakes, tea and coffee, organised by the Ladies of the BRIGHT HOUR

JULY 7th Wednesday   

MILLENNIUM MEETING at the Public Hall. Everyone welcome

JULY 7th Wednesday   

WEST BRISTOL ARTHRITIS CARE meets at 7.30 pm at the Public Hall

JULY 7th Wednesday   

TOY LIBRARY at Beachley Walk Centre 1 pm -3 pm

JULY 8th Thursday and every Thursday  

LINE DANCING TUITION 2 pm-3 pm. Open to all - do join us

JULY 11th Sunday   

SHIREHAMPTON TRADERS are organising a B.B.Q. 4 pm-8 pm at the Lamplighters. Everyone welcome

JULY 20th Tuesday   

CO-OPERATIVE WOMEN'S GUILD 2 pm-4 pm at 6, Portbury Grove

JULY 20th Tuesday   

RAILWAY MODELLERS at the Public Hall at 7.30 pm

JULY 20th Tuesday   

ST ANDREW'S LADIES meet at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Church Hall, Plants, Hanging Baskets & Tubs by Mr D. Everitt

JULY 21st Wednesday   

HAPPY HEARTS WEST meet at St Mary's Church Centre 7.30 pm-9.30 pm

JULY 23rd Friday   

LOCAL SCHOOLS break up for the Summer Holidays

JULY 26th - AUGUST 6th Mondays - Fridays

PORTWAY COMMUNITY SCHOOL'S SUMMER SCHEME - Portway Community School 9:00am - 2:00pm 2.50 per child, 2.00 for additional brothers/sisters. Come along and have fun!!

JULY 30th Friday   

SEQUENCE DANCE at the Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road 7.30 pm-10.30 pm. Admission 1.50