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Community Group Meeting

Letters to the Editor

Community Group Meeting

Minutes of the Shirehampton Community Group Meeting held in the Public Hall on Wednesday 31st March 1999

There were 23 people present and John Parsons chaired the meeting.

Section Reports:

Community Care

R Jones reported that a petrol driven strimmer has been acquired and the gardening is progressing.

Law & Order

Philip Squire stated that any unfamiliar cars left parked and unused for several days should be reported, in case they are abandoned.

Crime figures for February show Shirehampton representing 4% of the total for the Division. The majority of these crimes were down to criminal damage and theft from shops. Reduce these and the total crime would at least halve. Other crimes were made up of burglaries, theft of or from motor vehicles and violent assault (mainly household violence, which has recently been entered into crime statistics).

The Chief Constable will attend the next PCCG meeting at Avonmouth School, 7.00pm on Wednesday 7 April - people who want their say about policing matters are encouraged to attend.

Philip has a list of security items at bargain prices, including tamper proof tax disc holders, Vehicle Watch stickers for cars, membership of the Key Club etc. Details from Philip.

It was stressed again that no strangers should be admitted to homes as distraction burglaries, especially by young people, are on the increase. There is also a group of bogus antique dealers working in the area and people are urged not to sell anything at the door unless they are aware of the true value.

There have been two fires and vandalism around the health centre, and a group of youths are causing a nuisance and being abusive to staff during the evenings. A shop assistant in Alldays was recently hit in the face when she refused to serve a group of youngsters. The police were notified immediately. Two cars have been set alight recently.

Philip recently attended a meeting at Southmead and is very impressed by the way the ordinary members of the public there have taken on the responsibility of trying to beat crime, in co-operation with the police. It has been highly successful to date.

Planning & Environment

John Callaghan reported on the following:-

A planning application has been made to construct a residential nursing home on the site of the old laundry in St Mary's Road. The committee felt this was a good alternative use for the site and would lodge no objections.

The George - Cllr Lukins is actively pursuing the owners to ascertain future intentions, and Shire Traders are also involved. Unconfirmed reports suggest it will re-open in August as a family pub but the police will ensure the landlord is worthy of the job. It will be good news for the village if this goes ahead. it is also believed an application to enlarge the windows will be made, but as this is in a conservation area and the building is of architectural interest, it is unlikely permission will be granted. SCG would oppose any change.

Blaise Castle/Kingsweston - It was today announced that the estate has been awarded a 2.7m grant from English Heritage to restore an estate to its former glory. It is believed a play area is to be provided with facilities for teenagers and the proposed equipment structure is higher than a house therefore, objections have been raised by residents local to Blaise Castle. Barbara Hayes has discovered two application for development around the mast on Kingsweston Down and although not granted work is going ahead. KPS have informed the Council who are delaying a decision, and work has slowed down.

Aldi - it is believed Aldi has put the Portway site on the market and that Westbury Homes have expressed an interest in building 39 houses.

Lidl - has withdrawn its application for Coles Nursery site. The chemist hop in Station Road is being refurbished but for what purpose is not yet known.

With Lloyds Bank closing its Avonmouth and Stoke Bishop branches this could cause traffic problems in Shirehampton, however it could also be beneficial for local shops.

Twyford House - Cllr Lukins has asked for clarification on whether it will be put up for sale when it closes in July. However the Council are approaching vaious organisations about using the premises and selling will be the last resort.

Car Sales - Station Road - retrospective planning permission now applied for. It is generally felt the business is good for the village but the planning application will be opposed unless certain conditions are imposed. These include fewer cars on the forecourt because the current level means difficulty in manoeuvering them and the business spills out on to the public highway and behind the old school. Anyone wishing to oppose or support the application has 21 days from 22 March to do so, and should direct correspondence to Mr White at Planning Transport Development Service.

John Knight continues to represent SCG on the Bristol Plan. Park and Ride still causes concern especially re: the flood plain. If it goes ahead the cheap bus service should be made available to all local people. The field opposite the Lamplighters is up for re-letting but conservation issues should be considered prior to re-let.

Severn Way foot path runs from M5 Bridge to the gun powder house and the Severn Beach Line train service has an interest so is asking for volunteers to adopt sections of the line - details available from John Callaghan.

Allotments - a lot of work has been done on one allotment site including a large car park. A question from the floor wanted clarification on why that site and not another one close by which is in a bat state. It was ascertained that the car park is largely for the benefit of walkers on the Severn Way.

Some enquiries will be made as to why the children's play area by the Lamplighters had diminished to just swings now.

Highways & General

John Parsons reported. He has written about broken or missing signs at St Bernard's Road and Park Road, and again about the bad state of the village pavements, especially the stretch from the George to Hawkins Newsagent, where the kerb has all but disappeared and an accident recently occurred as a result. John attended a meeting with the Avonmouth bridge contractors and said about 68% of the work has been completed and it will be finished by the end of 2000. Around 200,000 trees will be planted around the area.

Millennium Committee - sponsored by the Public Hall Association 'Shire 2000' has been set up to co-ordinate any ideas for Millennium celebrations, projects and events. There have been a variety of suggestions including art and craft exhibitions on the theme of Shirehampton, an exhibition on Shire past and present, sports days/weeks, teas, open air church services, a community garden round the public hall, 'Welcome to Shirehampton' signs, a Shirehampton calendar and postcards etc. A Shire logo competition is appearing in Shire during April. Anyone with ideas is invited to attend the next meeting on 8 April.

Date of next meeting 26 May 1999

The Annual General Meeting of the Avon (University Settlement) Community Association will be held in the upstairs room of the library, Station Road, Shirehampton on 2nd June 1999 commencing at 7.15 p.m.

Anyone who is interested in the work of this organisation will be very welcome.

Margaret Hedges.(Hon. Secretary.)

Shirehampton Co-operative Women's Guild

Meeting Dates:

Meetings are held at 6, Portbury Grove, on Tuesdays at 2 p.m:

  • April 13th, 27th
  • May 11th, 25th
  • June 22nd
  • July 6th, 20th
  • August 3rd

Wordsearch No. 14

This month's Wordsearch Puzzle contains 10 words being the names of dances.

Send your answers to WORDSEARCH NO. 14, The Editor, 'SHIRE', The Library, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9TU, in a sealed envelope by the 10th May. The first correct entry opened will be awarded a prize to the value of 2.00

The winner of last month's Wordsearch Puzzle 7 CRAFTS was Mrs G. M. Dicker of Dursley Road. The answers were: EMBROIDERY, SCULPTING, WEAVING, MARQUETRY, BASKETRY, SPINNING, LUTHIER

Public Hall - Table Top Sale

There will be a Table Top Sale on June 26th at the Public Hall. Tables 7.00 each.

Doors open at 12 noon for sellers and 1 p.m. for buyers.

It is being held in aid of the Public Hall upkeep funds.

To book a table please telephone Barbara on 983 6158 or Norman on 982 0406.

Barbara Wylde and Norman Sims.

St. Mary's Church Centre - Halls for Hire

St. Mary's Church Centre has spotless, well appointed halls availabel for hire, especially during the day, particularly suitable for community services activities.

Present bookings are:

Every Mon. & Fri. 7 - 9.00 p.m. Judo

Every Weds. 7 - 8.30 p.m. Portway Centre Choir Practice

Every Thurs. 7 - 9.00 p.m. Slimming World (rear hall)

Every third Weds. 7 - 9.00 p.m. British Heart Foundation (rear hall)

Every month used for collection and distribution of SHIRE newspaper free of charge, as our contribution to the local community.

Please ring the Manager on 982 6771 for booking arrangements.

Bingo Club - Tythe Barn

The FRIDAY NIGHT BINGO, held at the Tythe Barn, High Street, is open to non-members.

Doors open at 6.30 p.m. - Eyes down at 7.30 p.m.

Refreshments are available. Come along and join in for an enjoyable evening.

Letters to the Editor

1,110.00 raised for Bristol charity appeal

The Grand Appeal - answered in Shirehampton 1,110.00 raised for Bristol charity appeal.

The P.B.A. Social club went Irish for just one night, in aid of THE GRAND APPEAL - THE ROYAL HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN, BRISTOL. The tickets had been sold out for weeks before the Britsol Irish Band, Wylde Green, gave a classic performance of traditional Irish music that had the audience stamping their feet, clapping their hands and shouting for more.

The Sean Eirean McMahon Academy of Dancing endeared themselves to the audience with a superlative display of traditional Irish dancing, which was a highlight of the evening. The school also very kindly waived their fee and donated it to the charity - for which many thanks.

The event received tremendous support from traders and individual in Shirehampton who generoulsy gave their time and/or donated prizes for the raffle and charity auction. Those attending responded magnificently, giving generously to all of the fund raising activities.

It certainly was a night to remember and showed what community spirity can achieve.

Ann Kington, secretary of the P.B.A. Social club received a ceque for 1,110.00 on behalf of The Grand Appeal.

Jean Blowen

Distribution of Maundy Money by the Queen

Dear Editor,

April 1st, Maundy Thursday, the day Dad met the Queen! By tradition the Sovereign washed the feet of her people as Jesus did to his disciples during the last supper. Today, the Queen gives purses containing Maundy money, on this occasion to 73 men and 73 women (the number represents the Queen's age) who were nominated for their work in the community and Church.

Mr. Charles Ford and Mrs. Auriel James from St. Mary's Church, Shirehampton, were honoured to receive their purses from the Queen at Bristol Cathedral. It was a memorable occasion for everyone, followed by a Buffet lunch at the Council House for recipients and their partners. The photograph above shows Dot and Chas Ford with his Maunday purses after the ceremony.

Julie Smith (daughter).

Honey to the Bee

Dear Editor,

Hello, my name is Andy, and I would like to introduce myself as a local Beekeeper. I have kept bees (five hives) on the Portway allotments for over four years now without incident. However, I am becoming concerned at the increased number of young people I see down on the allotments without reason to be there, particularly near my hives. Bees are not naturally aggressive (hopefully you haven't been watching too many horror films), but they are fiercely defensive especillay at this time of year when they are beginning to breed. There is NO public right of way on the allotments, but I'm not trying to argue that point. What I would like to say is for your own safety, please do not approach the hives. If you should disturb the bees i.e. by tipping them, they may pursue for up to two miles, and because of your body's natural response in producing adrenalin, when preparing for 'Fight or flight' they can select the scent of their assailant. If you are genuinely interested in seeing them, please contact me as I have spare protective clothing and would be happy to demonstrate some bee-keeping skills. Bees, especially Honeybees (which are the kind bee keepers look after), are responsible for pollinating over 60% of the world's crops, without them we would starve!

They also provide us with honey as they produce far in excess of their needs, and other less-known by-products such as beeswax used in candle making, handcreams, furniture polish etc, propolis and bee venom which is used to treat people with allergic reactions to bee stings. Further one of the best cures for Hayfever is eating the 'cappings' from honeycomb.

I would also like to hear from schools or other organisations that might like me to offer a 'Honey extracting' demonstration, many ex-pupils of Shirehampton Infants have already enjoyed this experience, and no doubt the delicious honey too!

So please give the bees some space; you would be quite safe if you keep to the footpaths as the hives are positioned to maximise public safety.

Thankyou for your co-operation, let's hope for a good summer for us and the bees!

Yours faithfully,

Andy Edgeworth

Severnside Police and Community Group

A meeting of the group was held at Avonmouth Primary School on Wednesday, 7th April, at 7.30 p.m.

The Chief Constable had hped to speak at the meeting, but unfortunately, other important duties prevented him attending. Inspector Palfreman is on annual leave, so the senior police representative was Acting Inspector Davies, who explained to the members to concept of geographic policing, where each district is responsible for all crime within its geographic boundary. Only in exceptional circumstances would members of the Avonmouth police station go outside their area, or policemen from other districts be brought to Avonmouth.

We were pleased to hear that action is being taken against people riding bicycles on the pavement, except where the pavement is part of a dedicated cycle path, e.g, parts of the Portway.Dduring march, twenty seven people were stopped and spoken to about this offence and the police have pledged to take further action against offenders, if necessary, sending them to court..

The police are particularly anxious to reduce the criminal damage figures for Shirehampton - (included in this category of crime are damage to telephone boxes, bus shelters, gates and fences, shop windows and vehicles). If members of the public are willing to report any incident of damage and, if possible ringing the police while the incident is taking place, then we have a chance of reducing our area crime figures.

If you are worried about vehicles which appear to have been abandoned, please do not hesitate to inform the police, giving the registration number, colour and make of car, so that ownership can be checked. If the car proves to be perfectly legitimate, don't feel that you have done something wrong by reporting it - it is always better to be safe than sorry, and the police are quite happy to investigate reports from the public.

Finally, a word of thanks to P.C. Steve Phillipou, our community constable, for his hard work in Shirehampton - you may not have seen him, but he mostly works in the evenings because that is the time when crimes occur.


Shirehampton Methodist Church - May Fayre

Saturday, May 15th at 10 a.m. - Admission 10p

Various stalls, gifts, fancy goods, cakes, White Elephant, Tea and Coffee, etc.

A warm welcome awaits all.

Please note that the St. Joghn's Cadets now meet at Shirehampton Methodist Church Hall at 7:00pm on Tuesdays.

May Queen - 1947

This photograph was taken in May 1947, at Shirehampton Infant School. I was chosen to be the May Queen. I remember sitting in a large chair with a red velvet cushion and children danced in the hall around a tall, blue wooden maypole with coloured ribbons attached to the top.

From left to right - Jean Cole, Meureen Ann, Jennifer Deacon, Irene Roberts, Dawn Mitchell, Heather Cook, Jacqueline Macey, Pam Cook, Wendy Griffin.

Euro Support for England 2006 World Cup Campaign

Ian White MEP has added his voice to the England 2006 World Cup Campaign after Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Geoff Hurst visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday.

Angela Billingham MEP, Secretary of the Sports Intergroup, hosted the visit by Sir Bobby and Sir Geoff and they delivered a clear message to MEPs - the Home of Football should host the 2006 World Cup!

Labour Euro MPs have joined the Prime Minister in giving their wholehearted support to the campaign.

Mr White said: 'Britain has the vision, enthusiasm and commitment required to host a great World Cup, as demonstrated during Euro 96.

Our commitment to sport is unrivalled, and I know that the people of the West Country would be delighted to welcome friends from abroad to enjoy a fantastic sporting extravaganza.'

Already the campaign for 2006 has inspired hundreds of supporters from the West Country to send letters and e-mails of support to the Football Association and the clubs in this region are actively promoting England's case.

Mr White said: 'With the outstanding facilities England has and the success of Euro 96, the Home of football is the natural home for the 2006 World Cup. All Labour MEPs will be actively supporting it in this region and across the country.'

Labour Backs Students Across Europe

Labour MEP, Ian White, today backed the introduction of a European Student Card which will allow students from the West Country to have better access to student facilities across Europe.

With about 12 million higher education students throughout the European Union, the European Student Card would enable British students to easily prove their status and to access any benefits to which they may be entitled.

In most Member States, students are able to take advantage of benefits and discounts for things such as stationery and reduced price access to theatres and galleries.

Mr White said: 'Many students from the West Country visit other European countries during their studies. This student card builds on the groundwork of other regions, bringing a European dimension to education.

There is so much to learn from joint partnership and co-operation with students and colleagues in other countries.

Travelling can be one of the greatest experiences to gain while studying. Labour MEPs are working on a practical level to make students feel active participants in the work of the European Union'.

Conversion Commenced - Missions to Seamen Building

It is most pleasing to see that work has begun to restore the former Missions to Seamen building on the corner of Portview Road, Avonmouth. The place has been empty now for 17 years, derelict and subject to vandalism and had become an eyesore.

The Missions to Seamen first began their work in Avonmouth in 1889, using a corrugated iron building on this site. Just after the First World War Mr. Henry Herbert Wills and his wife Mary Monica Cunliffe went on a world cruise, and were so impressed by the work they saw being done by the M. to S. in all their ports of call, that when they returned home to Bristol they donated the present building, which comprises 124/126 Portview Road. Mrs. Wills laid the foundation stone on 24 February 1925, but alas by this time her husband had passed away and the building was dedicated to his memory.

A substantial and attractive stone building, it consisted of a large concert hall with stage for dances and film shows etc. Besides recreation and refreshment rooms, there were rooms with bunk beds for seamen unable to get home when changing ships. The Officers quarters were on the top floor. Down in the cellars was a skittle alley. During the War, the cellars were used as an Air Raid Shelter, when people living as far away as Cook Street took shelter there.

Adjoining the main building was the Seamens Chapel, which was used for a short time in 1941 as the Parish Church after St Andrew's was burnt out, until it too was blitzed. In more recent times the Chapel was the venue for Avonmouth's Women's World Day of Prayer Services.

The building was put up for sale in April 1982, when the Missions to Seamen joined with the British Sailors Society and the Apostleship of the Sea to form the International Seafarers Centre at Avonmouth, using the premises in Gloucester Road formerly the Merchant Navy Club.

There is a great deal of work involved converting the building into 12 flats and one maisonette, which is expected to take 12 months. At the time of writing the Chapel has already been demolished to be the site of the maisonette, designed in keeping with the whole. Much damage was caused through the roof lead having been stolen, thus letting in the rain and causing wood rot.

I have been assured that the foundation stone is to remain in situ, and that it is hoped to erect another plaque in memory of the Merchant Seamen who lost their lives in the Wars.

We shall look forward to next summer when a new leasr of life will begin for the former Missions to Seamen building.

120th Guides News

Hello again, we were delighted to hear that many ex members saw our last article, and would like to say that if any of you would like to pay us a visit you would be most welcome.

Our Thinking Day celebrations included making Danish paper hearts and filling them with sweets, and listening to national Anthems of the world, as well as taking part in a Thinking Day Quiz. We also joined a large number of other units at Red Maids School, and where lots of activities and information were available featuring a host of foreign countries, all of which of course shared a common link in Guiding.

The girls made origami Star Boxes filled with chocolate truffles and peppermint creams for mothers day, which we hope were enjoyed by those who received them. Our last few weeks followed an Easter theme, with Cards, pom-pom chicks, and egg painting amongst the crafts we tried. We are now looking towards St Georges Day, and trying to find a suitable manner in which to celebrate it. Are there any Morris Dancers out there that might be willing to show us your skills?

Several more badges have been earned including Trefoil awards, and the Agility badge.

Summer is showing it's face at last, and the Guides have an abseiling trip booked in May, this will be the first experience for most of us, it is also hoped that we can organise some orienteering too! Of course we shall have to get out the obligatory barbecue soon. We have another two new members in the Company, Leanne and Carli, so welcome to them, and we hope you enjoy being with us.

Plans are forging ahead for the Switzerland trip, and once again we thank all those who have supported this venture to date.

That's all from us at the moment, we will let you know how the abseiling went soon.

Yours in Guiding,

120th Guides (c/o 67 Watling Way, Shirehampton, Bristol. BS11 9NL)

Spring Visitor

The other morning when my husband was getting up, he heard thumping and banging sounds and thought 'Oh heavens the boiler is blowing up' because the last time the boiler was serviced, the man said that it was getting on in years and the end might be in sight.

However, on going into the sitting room he discovered a squirrel playing hide and seek behind the curtains. My husband couldn't quite work out on the spur of the moment how the squirrel had got in nor how long he had been there. So he opened the garden door and closed all other exits. The squirrel took the hint, and we hope disappeared into the garden.

Later we worked out that the squirrel must have climbed up the cherry tree, jumped onto the roof and in the dark fallen down the chimney, he didn't make much mess at his entrance.

Talking to friends, we discovered that several have been plagued with squirrels getting into their roof lofts, where they have played havoc and done quite a bit of damage, some squirrels have chewed up guttering or anything else they could gnaw through.

Has anyone else had experience of squirrels? We are just wondering whether this visit was a one off or whether he was just casing the joint for further raids! Perhaps we should put a cowl on the chimney!


It's Showtime, It's Cushion Time!

Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd May are the dates for the Grainger Players' Show 'THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT', the last Show before our 'MILLENNIUM SPECTACULAR'. So this will be our only Show this year, giving us time to really try to 'go to town' for the Millennium Show by having more rehearsal time.

But this Show is just as important, because it gives us all (ourselves an you, our audience) a chance for a happy community evening where we can all join together in humour and sing-a-long, plus a few surprises.

This is your evening - I always work towards a Show that will give you a relaxing evening, where in today's mad world we can step back to 'community spirit' and remember who we really are deep down, even if it's just for a few hours - just think, for that time - NO telephone, NO TV, NO computer, just 'OLDE WORLDE' time - WELL, IT WILL BE IF YOU REMEMBER YOUR CUSHIONS TO STOP 'NUMB BUMS'!

There are still some tickets available at LIZ'S FLOWERS, HIGH STREET (Tel: 938 1332), but there are only a few left. As usual, we shall be supporting the charity M.S.

Hope to see you there.

Shirl, Producer.

What's On In May

MAY 3rd Monday MAY BANK HOLIDAY Library will be closed.

MAY 3rd Monday MAY FAYRE at St. Mary's Church Centre from 12 noon

MAY 4TH Tuesday SHIREHAMPTON CHOIR rehearses every Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. for their Summer Concert in St. Mary's

MAY 4th Tuesday and every Tuesday STOP SMOKING GROUP at Lawrence Weston Clinic, for details ring Mike Davis at Clinic 982-3205

MAY 4th Tuesday LOCAL COUNCILLORS are available for consultation 7.30 p.m. at Jim O'Neil House

MAY4th Tuesday St. Andrew's LADIES CLUB meets at 7.30 p.m. in St. Andrew's Church Hall to hear 'Plays a guitar and writes in the Observer' rev. Ron Blick

MAY 5th Wednesday MILLENNIUM MEETING at 7.30 p.m. at the Public Hall. All welcome

MAY 5th Wednesday TOY LIBRARY at Beachley Walk Centre 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

MAY 5th Wednesday WEST BRISTOL ARTHRITIS CARE meets at 7.30 p.m. at the Public Hall

MAY 6th Thursday SHIREHAMPTON TOWNSWOMEN'S GUILD meets at 7.30 p.m. at the Methodist Church Hall. 'Artistry in Wool' by Sally Wellman

MAY 9th-MAY 15th CHRISTIAN AID WEEK for detail ring 982-9121

MAY 10th Monday and alternate Mondays CHILD MINDERS GROUP at the Walk Centre at 11 a.m.

MAY 11th Tuesday CO-OPERATIVE WOMEN'S GUILD meets at 6 Portbury Grove 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

MAY 14th Friday LAST DAY FOR ENTRY FORMS for the ART EXHIBITION to be returned to the Library

MAY 18th Tuesday RAILWAY MODELLERS meet at 7.30 p.m. at the Public Hall

MAY 18th Tuesday SHIREHAMPTON STITCHERS meet at 7.15 p.m. at the Public Hall

MAY 18th Tuesday St. Andrew's LADIES CLUB meets at 7.30 p.m. at St. Andrew's Church Hall 'Living in the Tower of London' Mr. & Mrs. Wynn

MAY 19th Wednesday WOMEN'S INSTITUTE meets at 7.30 p.m. at the Methodist Church Hall for Resolutions

MAY 20th, 21st, 23rd Thursday, Friday & Saturday 'THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT' by the GRAINGER PLAYERS at the Public Hall nightly. Tickets 3 Adult 2.50 Senior Citizen 1.50 Children

MAY 25th Tuesday WOMEN'S CO-OPERATIVE GUILD meets at 6 Portbury Grove 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

MAY 26th Wednesday SHIREHAMPTON COMMUNITY GROUP at the Public Hall at 7.30 p.m. Everyone welcome

MAY 28th Friday SEQUENCE DANCE at the COTSWOLD COMMUNITY CENTRE Dursley Road 7.30-10.15 p.m. Admission 1.50

MAY 30th Sunday-Saturday JUNE 6th LOCAL ART EXHIBITION at the Public Hall Open to the Public Sunday 3 p.m.-6 p.m. Other days 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

MAY 31st Monday SRPING BANK HOLIDAY The Library will be closed

MAY 31st Monday-Friday JUNE 4th, both dates inclusive HALF TERM HOLIDAY for all LOCAL SCHOOLS


Wednesday May 19th


A 2 hour walk around Henbury village and Blaise Castle grounds. Easy terrain of footpaths and pavements. Meet at Henbury Church. Contact Joan Pickering 0117 962 0199 or Anita Simms 0117 968 1523

Admission 2.50

JUNE 7th Monday 'SHIRE' A.G.M. 5.30 p.m. at the Public Hall. Open meeting.

JUNE 2nd Wednesday Avon University Settlement A.G.M. at 7.15 p.m. in the Public Hall Upstairs Room