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Who we are:

is a small not-for-profit volunteer community organization. We produce a monthly community newspaper which we distribute free to every household in Shirehampton. We also run a website, on the Web, which reproduces the monthly printed paper with some additional material that did not make it into print. All of our committee members, editors and distributors are volunteers. No one is paid anything. We cover our costs through advertising and distribute any monies remaining after costs as grants to local community organizations.

What data we collect:

We collect and keep names, and contact email addresses or telephone numbers and in some cases postal addresses from our volunteers, our committee members and our distributors.

We also have contact details of current and past advertisers which we keep for billing and marketing purposes. Advertisers can ask to have their details removed from our contact lists at any time. click here

We also keep names and contact details of all those who submit articles or letters to the editor which are published, either in the printed edition or on the web.

What we do with your data:

  • We use your data to contact you with relevant information about your volunteer work for us
  • We may share your data with other volunteers at as required by their roles and responsibilities
  • We use advertisers data for billing and marketing purposes
  • We keep contributors data so that we are able to contact the writer if issues arise after publication, eg. if any formal complaint is made about any material we publish or if readers wish to contact the author
  • We will not disclose your details to any reader or third party without your consent
  • We will not sell or pass on your data to any third parties outside of

Shire on the Web

  • The website does not collect or store personal data
  • The website does not use cookies

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