Old Postcards of Shirehampton by David Hoey

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I have been looking at your website on Shirehampton, and found it most interesting indeed! I used to live there from the mid-1940's through to the mid-1970's, and have included some old photographs which you and your readers of this site may find of interest. The first view is a postcard photograph of Station Road, taken in the mid-1950's (reverse postmarked 1955). On the extreme left is the edge of the St.Bernard's RC School; just by the trees on the left side of the road can be seen the canopy of the Savoy Cinema overhanging the pavement; in the middle of the view on the right side of the road is the row of shops which included Churchill's Hairdressers in the nearest one; and to the right is the Shirehampton Public Library with its clock tower.

The second view is also a postcard photograph, but of Penpole Point, which being unused has no postmarked date, but was probably taken in the 1930's, as the tall building in the distance which is shown still intact, had disappeared by the 1950's. A friend of mine remembers it being in a derelict state in the late 1940's, and being demolished about 1950 or '51. Only the stone pillar in the foreground remains to these times. (The open grass space has now been mostly taken over by bushes these days.)

The third view is a private photograph taken by an acquaintance on the 2nd of July 1965 (date written on the back). Of interest is the green-and-cream livery of the service 2A double-deck 'bus with its open-platform entry. This vehicle would have had a conductor as well as the driver. To the left of this view is the Woolworth's store, with the 'Broadmead' record-shop adjacent to the right, followed by a bank (possibly Midland Bank?) and hidden by the bus would be the Lennard's shoe shop (only the roof can be seen). Above the roof of Lennard's is a white wall which was the start of a row of shops which comprised of Maynard's newsagents and Bendall's groceries, followed by a clothing shop and others. To the immediate right of the bus is the pine tree which stood in front of the chapel. The row of shops on the right side of the road comprised of an ironmonger (possibly Wright's?) and also Stan Butts Butchers and other shops. The row of buildings with the hip roof set back from the road comprised of the Shirehampton Post Office, a fish-and-chip shop and possibly a florist? To the extreme right is the George Inn, and at the lower right are the steps leading to the middle of Shirehampton Green.

I hope you find that these views and information have been of interest to you, and you may possibly wish to share them with your readers?

Yours faithfully,

Mr. D. Hoey.