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01/10/2018 Quarry behind Barrowhill Crescent
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Posted by Keith, Shire

What is happening to the quarry? Paths have made into the undergrowth and polythene sheeting has been erected in the middle of these paths. [ref: 1650]

07/08/2014 Keith Ramsey
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Posted by Jim Sullivan, Quebec, Canada

I have lost touch with Keith Ramsey (Ramsey's Outfitters, Avonmouth Rd.) and wonder if anyone has been in touch with him recently. He moved to Tasmania with his wife Millie several years ago but a couple of years ago Millie was afflicted with Alzheimer's and Keith was not too well either. My last email from him was in early 2013 but nothing since. His brother used to have a restaurant in Bristol and might be able to help but I am unable to locate him either. [ref: 1064]

18/05/2016 Old Name for shop
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Posted by Diane Pople, Cornwall

Just an addition to my previous message regarding a previous name of a shop in Shirehampton. I think the shop was near to what was Lennards Shoe Shop. The shop I am interested in, is now named Maynews. Thanks for any info on this. [ref: 1104]

16/05/2016 Old Shop Name
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Posted by Diane Pople(nee Oram), Cornwall

Can anyone tell me the previous name of the shop next to the Continental? This would date back to the 1950's. They used to sell toys etc. they would deliver toys to your address for Christmas Eve I have been racking my brains to remember the name its driving me mad. I was a child living in Shirehampton from the middle/late 50/60's. I can't really give any more information about the shop, but I'm sure someone who lived/lives in Shirehampto at this time would probably remember the name (hope so, so I can get some sleep) Thanks for any help on this. [ref: 1103]

29/02/2016 Local events 1940,s
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Posted by Peterwalker, Manchester


I lived at 512 Portway from 1938 until 1951, I remember the regatta on the river near Pill, when did it stop,also the Lamplighters had a wooden bowling alley all the years ago, I also remember going to the festival of Britain with the school happy days [ref: 1095]

04/08/2015 NSC Shirehampton Colts
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Posted by National Smelting Company Social & Sports Club, Bristol

Does anyone remember the formation of this junior football club which was sponsored and supported by the NSC A Keith ?? was the founding father [ref: 1086]

10/07/2015 birdsong
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Posted by gareth, High Street

Has anyone else noticed the blackbird that sings the opening five notes of 'yeh yeh' by Georgie Fame? [ref: 1083]

24/12/2014 Shirehampton railway station fire
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Posted by Matt Buck, London

I've been researching the history of Shirehampton railway station in an effort to improve the wikipedia article. One of my books, Mike Oakley's Bristol Railway Stations 1840-2005, states that the station buildings (not in rail use since the 70s) burned down in the 90s, but I've been unable to find any specifics. Would anyone be able to direct me to a news article about it, or at least know a date it happened? Any information would be helpful. [ref: 1075]

10/09/2013 Hung Road
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Posted by Teresa, Brenry Bristol

I wonder if anyone can tell me about Hung road and why it is named? Also the house on the corner of Hung road and Station road has a very ornate façade and wonder about its history also,look forward to hearing any info.Many thanks [ref: 0746]

17/02/2013 Mistakes in Youth !!!
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Posted by Dave Parker, B208/15 Sel Peacock Drive Henderson 0610 Auckland New Zealand

 0064 09 835 9944

I was 18 & had visited my girl friend in Pill, we met up with my mates in a pub & overdid the drinks. Consequently, returning to Shire that night fairly drunk I stood up on the gunwale of the ferry singing my heart out. The ferry operator then ran his boat into the mud & I was propelled off the ferry & into the soft mud. I managed to clamber on the ramp amid raucous laughter from all on the ferry. My best suit was plastered in the River Avon's finest mud & ruined. To cap it off , the bus conductor refused to allow me to board the bus to Avonmouth so I walked home caked in mud, an experience I never repeated. This was in the 50s,. Keith Ramsey gents outfitters made me a new suit for 12 pounds. [ref: 0540]

15/07/2012 Shirehampton VE Day photos
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Posted by Kevin Fieldhouse, 20 Pomfrett Gardens, Stockwood, Bristol

 01275 265046

My partner Sandra Rice and I have been loaned two VE Day street celebration photos. The kind lady who let us copy the photos is Joyce Penn (nee Ralph) who for many years lived in Shirehampton. In the photos there seems to be many family groups and maybe someone looking at them may recognise some of the faces and possibly put names to them. If anyone has any information regarding anyone in the photos then could they please contact Sandra or myself on 01275 265046. Thanks in advance. Editor's note: The pictures can be seen in our Photos and Art Section, in the group labelled Shirehampton Scenes. [ref: 0510]

26/06/2012 family names.
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Posted by Janet Parsons, Hallen, S Glos.

I have been researching my Husband's family, generations of which lived in Shirehampton. Does anyone know of any families connected to the following - Painter, Catlin, Sharpe, Sandell? It seems that all of the families just disappeared. [ref: 0506]

21/05/2012 Looking for help finding a picture
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Posted by Lucy )'brien, Shirehampton, Hung Road

Sometime ago when the Lamplighters pub was open there was a picture on the wall of a man on a horse, I think there is also milk bottles in the picture. There was a story in the shire paper some time ago about the picture. This man is my great grandfather, and I would like some further information on this. Can anyone help? [ref: 0499]

12/05/2012 Gabriel, Lily, Charlie Rice of 10 Barrow Hill Road Shirehampton
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I am looking for any information regarding my late Grandfather(Gabriel)and late Grandmother(Lily) and late father(Charlie). Their surname was Rice. Gabriel lived at that address until 1958 and Lily until 1979. My Father lived there until 1990. Any and all information would be welcome. Thank you in advance. [ref: 0495]

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Posted by Chris Goerge, 2 Blethwin Close, Henbury, Bristol BS10 7BH


I am the secretary of Avonmouth Football Club and would like the help of the local people in the area of ANY information, pictures or history on the football club. It has been a big part of my 27years alive as my father played for the club as have I the last ten seasons and with these emotional ties and the fact the club is 93years old I decided to set up our club website 14 months ago. It gets amazing hit rates of over 100,000hits a month and for a relative small club (with big ambitions) it is surprising. So now I am tying everything up, past season tables, a new in depth result history and would love to add old pictures which people may have from their playing days or as supporters through the years. It truly is an amazing club and much loved by 100's, but I know there are many more in hiding, to which I want to unearth. Many thanks, Chris George AFC [ref: 0489]

18/01/2012 Looking for an old friend
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Posted by Ann Rossiter, Mallorca, Spain

Does anyone know the whereabouts or have any news of Kay Morgan, born around 1943, lived in Pembroke Avenue, behind St. Bernards School? [ref: 0462]

05/01/2012 Margaret A Lewis
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Posted by Clive Alexander, 5 Ludlow Close, Swindon SN3 1EZ

Searching for my cousin Margaret Lewis born 1940-1950 ? We believe she married a Malcolm Hunt and had a son Nicholas. Last known address was Trymside, Sea Mills. Would love to hear from her if anyone knowns her. Thank you [ref: 0458]

13/12/2011 local history
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Posted by David Cemlyn, 22 Effingham Road BS6 5BJ

 0117 9246182

Can you help with any information about the Elizabethan Cottage at the rear of 30 High St. We are researching the cottage and would very much welcome any information that you might have. When we have finished the work we hope to write a small publication. The work is proving very interesting and will perhaps be quite significant for the history of Shirehampton. David Cemlyn MA B.Sc. and Maureen Waters Genealogist. We can be contacted at or on 9246182. We are Bristol based and can call or meet you say in the Church cafe if you would like. [ref: 0451]

20/10/2011 Remount Depot
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Posted by Paul Richards, Bradley Stoke

Hi I was fascinated by the posts about the remount depot. My father was born in 1914 and was brought to Bristol whilst young as his father had a job at the remount depot. He had been a jockey and a horse trainer.My father told me had been given an honorary warrant officer rank. Irononically I was born in South Bristol but am now working in Shire, odd how history comes first circle [ref: 0443]

05/07/2011 Grandparents house
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Posted by Margaret West-Sadler, Churchdown Gloucester

 01452 857388

My grandparents Captain(rn) and Mrs A Legge lived in a house in Shirehampton and I think it was called Lowander,does any one know if its still there or do they remember it. thank you [ref: 0423]

19/06/2011 Finding Phyliss Hawksby
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Posted by Christine Scott, 10880 63rd avenue delta b.c. canada


I know that Diane Thomas got in contact with Phyliss with the help of Shire on the Web.If you get this message please e-mail me at the above address thanks [ref: 0421]

10/06/2011 Help for an elderly Mum
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Posted by Susan Tarr, 180 North Highway 89, NSL,Utah 84054


My mum is one of the oldest residents in Shirehampton. Now disabled, she needs help; 1 good meal brought to her daily for nourishment and help 4 x a week from a Caregiver to help her with home chores for her comfort. If you know anyone willing to help, please contact me in the USA for arrangements and reimbursement. Many thanks. She would prefer a local person. She feels vunerable now she has less strength. Susan Tarr, daughter. [ref: 0420]

17/10/2010 Myrtle Hall
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Posted by robin, France

Is the site of Myrtle Hall where the allotments now are? [ref: 0361]

02/11/2006 Old Portway School
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Posted by Ron Simmons

Have you any pictures of the old Portway School which was at the end of the swimming baths road (I forgot the name) [Editor's note: Park Hill] and the Portway. This would be about 1942+. My teacher was Mr Bazeley. The girls part of the school was next door. The clinic was just around the corner. We used to ride our bikes up shire hill from Avonmouth 4 times a day rain or shine . I cannot see them doing that nowadays. [ref: 0046]

29/08/2010 A Memory of the late 1950s to early 1960s.
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Posted by Jennifer Elaine Skinner, 8, Church Walk North, Rodbourne Cheney, Swindon, Wiltshire.

 01793 433305

I was wondering if there was anyone out there in Shirehampton, that remembers the condemned cottages off Pembroke Road. I lived there from 1955 to I think 1963. My address was 5, Ellenborough Place, Pembroke Road. I used to play at the back of Woolworths up the lane, with friends Jill Bowyer, Steven Symons, Steven Pearce, Steven Dall, Alison Hargraves, who all lived in Pembroke Road. It would be great if anyone has any photo's or memory, of these cottages. They were opposite a hair dressers called Teresa's. Me and my friends used to go to the cinema on a Saturday morning, watch a western, then go to the back of Woolworths, and act out a western, with the large crate boxes. Any comments much appreciated. [ref: 0345]

18/09/2010 The Bucklewell and Caroline Penny
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Posted by Angela Smith (nee Powell), Boulder City, Nevada, USA

 (702) 417-6154 (USA)

I was very pleased to see Caroline Penny's article on the wildlife around the location of the Bucklewell. A few years ago I was thrilled to visit the elusive well. I would like to contact Caroline Penny, the author of the article, and point her in the direction of my historical novel River of Passion published by Publish America. The novel is a series of short stories relating to the Avon, Shirehampton, the Bucklewell etc. Each chapter is a different era and history of the area woven into a fictional story. The book is based on actual history of the area and 75\% of the time writing the book was taken in researching Shire's history. I was born in Shire and lived there until I was 16 when we moved to Dorset. I also published Shire a small book of reimiscences of growing up in Shire during the 50s and 60s. Thank you. [ref: 0351]

05/09/2010 1774 survey
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Posted by Tim Robbins, Melbourne, Australia

I would appreciate any information regarding a 1774 survey relating to Shirehampton. Ralph Hack referred to the survey as mentioning Stephen Willington as a 'Powder Magazine Keeper', and as occupier of 'a Dwelling House Garden and Paddock.' [ref: 0347]

26/07/2010 Myrtle Hall Shirehampton
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Posted by Robin, France

In 1826 Henry Kemp and his family lived at Myrtle Hall. Henry was an associate of James Lyon of Redland, Clifton a merchant and shipping broker. Henry had retired from the East India Company as a Chief Mate. What I would like to know is the physical size and social status of Myrtle Hall at that time [ref: 0332]

21/07/2010 Roach Family
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Posted by Keith, Bristol

I am researching the Roach Family of - Hotwells and Bristol area. Would anyone have any connection or information related to this local family Please contact : [ref: 0330]

08/04/2009 Weston House - Kingsweston Road - Lawrence Weston
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Posted by Keith Cranney, Bristol

 01454 613985

Would any readers have any knowledge of Lawrence Weston house also known as Weston House that was situated on or near Kingsweston Road - Lawrence Weston. This house should not be confused with Kingsweston House, it was once the home of the Robinson family. I believe the property may also possibly have had a connection to the PALMER family I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has any memories, family links or photographs of the property Please Contact : Kind Regards Keith [ref: 0205]

19/02/2010 Shirehampton History, specifically Shirehampton Public Hall
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Posted by Gillian Smith, Shirehampton

Hello. I am a MA Historical Archaeology Student at the University of Bristol. I am undertaking a historic building survey of Shirehampton Public Hall, and would like to appeal for any information relating to this building and the wider area of Shirehampton. Any pictures, maps and memories of the building and area would be extremely useful. Thank You Gillian Smith [ref: 0295]

26/01/2010 1983 Portway School Reunion Saturday March 13th 2010
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Posted by Kim Pennell (Gilbert), Shirehamtpon


Please note my mobile number is 07876590452. Please contact me for tickets. Thanks. Kim [ref: 0291]

02/01/2010 Old children's picture
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Posted by Andrew McRobert, Sydney, Australia

I have just been given a hand-drawn picture, comprising my given names, with a separate drawing below each letter. It is signed "W. Pretty". It must have been done when I was quite small (I am now 61). I can find nothing in Google referring to a W. Pretty as an artist, but I have noticed a number of "Mr. Pretty" references to people who seem to have played a part in the life of Shirehampton. I am wondering whether anybody reading this has any information on 'my' W. Pretty. [ref: 0277]

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Posted by Jayne Harvey, 11, The Bean Acre, Shire

Can anyone please give me any info on the proposed Shire Christmas Market - which I understand is to be held in November. In particular I need the contact details of the person/s who are organising the market. Many thanks [ref: 0264]

31/03/2009 Philip Napier Miles
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Posted by Niall Hoskin, Dundry


I got interested last year in the life and especially the music of the last squire of Kingsweston: I shared that interest with the late lamented Brian Blandford. I am still determined that, as a tribute to Brian's efforts and in time for the 75th anniversary of Miles' death which will be in 2010, there should be a performance of some of Miles' music. I'd welcome any information and help from Shire readers! [ref: 0203]

30/08/2006 Remount Depot
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Posted by Geoffrey A. Pocock (U.K. Historian)

I have noticed brief mentions on your website of the Remount Depot at Shirehampton Avonmouth. I have been researching this Depot and its associated one at Swaythling near Southampton. I have learned that the land used for Remounts at Swaythling, Southampton was offered for sale in 1919 by the War Office. I would like to discover whether the War Office carried out the same policy at Shirehampton and also find the location of the land used. Until the army took over Remounts in the spring of 1915, both depots were run by the Legion of Frontiersmen. The army took over when the Frontiersmen were granted their own named unit (25th Bn Royal Fusiliers (Frontiersmen)). I have a photograph of the Frontiersmen in their picturesque uniforms working with horses at Avonmouth in late 1914. This has been clearly reproduced in my History of One Hundred Years of the Legion of Frontiersmen, published by Phillimore in 2004. The depot was commanded at first by Legion Captain Arthur Burchardt-Ashton. [ref: 0049]

08/01/2009 Wassail at Atwood Drive Allotment, saturday 17th Jan, 10am
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Posted by Sam Bailey

Atwood Drive Allotment Association would like to invite the community to the Wassail in the Orchard of the allotments in Lawrence Weston. The festivities start at 10am, everyone is welcome. There will be a raffle, home made goodies, have a look around the allotment if you are thinking of getting a plot. Feel free to check out the website A Wassail is a traditional Anglo-Saxon ceremoney to celebrate the new year and bless the apple trees. Hope to see you there. [ref: 0179]

02/01/2009 Old Seamen Mission Portview Road
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Posted by Emma

Recently moved to a flat at the above, and am trying to find any information and photos on the building. I was given a plan of the ground floor when I moved in but would love to know more about the building. I found a photo and some info on this website by googling and would love to know more. I'm also thinking of giving Most Haunted a call- but if they were to see a real ghostI I think they would freak out. thanks Em [ref: 0155]

19/12/2008 Found Brooch
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Posted by Jennifer clarke

I found a brooch on Springfield avenue and Bradley crescent on the 19th December. If you're the owner please contact me for its return. [ref: 0147]

27/11/2008 Lord Mayor's visit to Shirehampton Infants School March 1978
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Posted by Sal Langley

Does anyone have any archive of this visit? [ref: 0144]

27/06/2006 Merriman's Road
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Posted by Jane Simmonds, Shirehampton, Bristol

Does anyone have any interesting facts about Merriman's Rd or any history about the houses there? [ref: 0047]

12/08/2008 Books by Ethel Thomas
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Posted by Sally, Shirehampton


Hi, I'm looking to buy/find both of the Shirehampton books by Ethel Thomas, I'd be grateful if anyone was able to help, or point me in the right direction. Thanks [ref: 0114]

24/02/2006 Cornwall
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Posted by Diane Pople (nee Oram)

Hi there, I used to live in the prefabs at Old Barrow Hill. I lived there from the age of six until I was 21, and I was wondering if you have any photos or news on the prefabs, I would love to have any info or news. Thanks and regards. [ref: 0051]

24/10/2007 Portishead Cruising Club
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Posted by Margaret O’Connor

This year is the 75th anniversary of the Portishead Cruising Club. Although we are called the Portishead Cruising Club, our clubhouse is in Pill opposite the pub in Hung Road in Shire, that used to be called the Lamplighters, any stories or even better if anyone has any photos that are connected with the cruising club would be very gratefully received. Regards [ref: 0061]

23/03/2006 Row Houses
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Posted by John Rogers, St.Louis USA

Does anyone have any pictures of the old Row Houses that were situated in Lower High Street next to Meadow Grove, they were demolished in the early 1950s and the bungalows built in their place. They were called 'The bank". I lived there from 1932 until 1937. [ref: 0050]

10/02/2006 Penpole Point Seat
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Posted by Doreen Dorrington, Ontario Canada

Hello from Canada. love your Web site. I grew up in Shirehampton In the Fifties and spent many a summer day at the top of Penpole point. There was a very unusual seat at the top. I think it was green, made of iron. I was wondering if it was still there? And does anyone know anything about it? Is it some kind of monument? And when was it put there. I lived at 25 Chelwood Road. My name was Doreen Cooper. If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from them. [ref: 0052]