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Posted by Pamela Gentry, Gloucestershire


I am trying to find a Childhood Friend called Teresa (Terry Nee Williams) Now Mrs Vincent. I last corresponded with her about 20 years ago. I came across her letter only last week, but she has obviously changed her e.mail address now.. She was living in Hampshire then... I know she has a Brother called David Williams, who I last heard, was living in Henbury..Dave if you read this, would you also reply to this. (I hope Alison & Craig might see this and alert you to it, if you don't use iPad). I used to live opposite you when we were young. Terry was very friendly with Pam Webb who I didn't know at the time, lived not far from me when we were grown up and Married . Here's hoping that someone will know where Terry is now. Thank you Shire Magazine, for having such a Paper to keep Old Friendships alive. Pam. (Nee Fitzgerald). [ref: 1648]

15/03/2001 Henry POHL
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Posted by Sandra STONE, Adelaide, Australia

I used to live at 35 Mancroft Avenue, Lawrence Weston and went to the Avon Primary School from 1957 to 1959 when my family and I moved to Adelaide, South Australia. Bill, Gwen, Stephen, Martin and (me) Sandra STONE. Does anyone remember us or a Henry POHL who was in my brother Stephens class at school? I remember two blonde twins who were in my class too..... [ref: 0043]

16/06/2015 Portway Girls 19557,58 To 60,61
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Posted by Gillian Harby, Qld Australia

Hi any girls out there remember me I had a twin(Barbara) especially close friends Jenny Randall and Margaret Jones, loads of other girls, love to hear from you. Remember Miss Harris the totally scary sewing teacher, Miss Milne the rather obese form teacher et. [ref: 1081]

09/07/2014 Portway boys Rugby photos 1960-62
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Posted by Bob Wiltshire, 21 old hwy 60 west Bosque NM USA


Looking for the rugby photos 60-62 lost mine, trying to remember the team names. Remember Paul Nash(basher)Allen Reddings.Any help out there or am i to late.I just saw pictures of the tin huts we went to school in bought back memorys. [ref: 1059]

23/03/2018 Sarah Burnell
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Posted by Catherine Dupuy Nee Brady, SE137JB

Looking for an old friend Sarah Burnell from Bristol. We went to Redland High School, left 1974. Also used to attend ballet lessons with Joyce Harper School of Dance at St Peters church hall, Henleaze. Trying to locate Sarah for a special event regarding Joyce Harper. [ref: 1602]

31/01/2018 Looking for an old friend
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Posted by Katherine Simpson, Henbury

Looking for a Teresa Tanner who grew up in Shirehampton, we were friends at school and for awhile afterwards. Id love to hear from anyone who may know her whereabouts or if she married her married name. Look forward to hearing any news. [ref: 1508]

22/01/2011 old friends
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Posted by Josephine Norman now Taire, Bristol Clifton


Just want to get in touch with anyone that went to Portway girls then comp from 1963/64. Please contact if interested. [ref: 0399]

28/10/2014 Portway Secondary Modern 1953-1957.
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Posted by Charlie Wookey, Lawrence Weston

Would like to hear from anyone who went to this school during this period, Cliff Johnstone, Barry Fisher, Brian Clancy, Terry Denham, Chalky White, Dave Cains come tro mind. had good times there, [ref: 1071]

04/11/2017 Jim and Kathleen Clinton
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Posted by Gail Burns, Bury

Anybody remember the pork butcher's in Shirehampton run by James W Clinton (Jim). There was a lady there too called Kathleen (possibly Clinton). I'm trying to find out what happened to either of them. Any information would be gratefully received. [ref: 1424]

04/08/2015 old friends
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Posted by Lynne Thomas, South Wales

I'm hoping to trace some old friends from Shire. If anyone knows Ann and Pat Dunsford (that was!) I'd love to hear from them. I know Ann moved to the Bournemouth area years ago & Pat stayed in the shire area. They also had an older brother Keith. My maiden name was Mountain & we lived in Nibley Rd, Groveleaze and Wasborough flats that used to be on The Ridge. I went to Shire infants/juniors and Portway until 1967. I've been living in South Wales for over 25 years now. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Many thanks [ref: 1085]

16/08/2017 Portway School 1974 - 1981
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Posted by Pauline, Gloucestershire


Hi there, i would love to hear from anyone who went to Portway Comprehensive from 1974-1981, i completely lost touch with everyone once i had left school, it would be great to catch up on old times! Does anyone remember the raving mad Mr Berry the music teacher? and the lovely Mr Rodregus the wonderful RE teacher, and not forgetting Miss Clemance our PE teacher! [ref: 1360]

16/08/2017 Old class mates 1971 -1975 portway comprehensive school
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Posted by Mary anne stearns, Weston-super-Mare northsomerset


Hi does any remember going to school with a girl called mary lawler I had several friends Peter mountain Peter Jackson berverly Trudy wickens (oakman) [ref: 1361]

01/08/2017 Fredrick and Elsie Hudson
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Posted by Christine Hawkins, Dorset

Hi, I am trying to trace some of my husbands relatives, as above. Elsie was born Hawkins and they got married in 1930. Fred worked at the chemical factory. Any info or contacts would be welcome thanks christine hawkins [ref: 1354]

29/07/2017 Cold Store Section A
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Posted by Ken Sharp, Not specified

I worked with PBA 1960-64 as messenger/ junior clerk in cold store/section A. I want to make contact with Roger Mooney, Ron Hodges, Tony Schaefer, Fred Combes, or Des Villis. If they read this please contact me on [ref: 1353]

07/11/2008 Jenny Mathias
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Posted by Angus Jack, Antibes, France/Broadway, Worcs

Hi, I used to go to Cornwall College (house share) with Jenny Mathias who grew up in Shirehampton on Dursley Road I think. It's been a few years and am trying to track her down - does anyone have an e-mail for her or know where she is? I have tried Facebook and other websites like that but to no avail. If you have any info, I would love to hear from you. Many thanks, Angus [ref: 0137]

22/08/2010 Portway School 1968 - 1975
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Posted by Helen Francombe, Portsmouth

Just looking to reminisce with anyone I went to school with. Missing Bristol. [ref: 0342]

30/06/2017 Portway Comprehensive School
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Posted by Stuart Andrews, Canterbury, Kent, UK

Interesting to come across this message board. I was at Portway Comprehensive between 1969-1976 and I particularly remember trying (unsuccessfully) to revise for my A-levels during the heat wave of 76. [ref: 1309]

18/06/2017 Is anyone there?
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Posted by Mollie Young (Brearley), Easton in Gordano

 07788 590371

I was at Portway from 1947 - 1951 - Cabot House, yellow isn't really my colour and why did Chatterton always come top?Swimming was my sport, along with hockey and netball and school trips, not to the far-flung and varied as they are now - included 4 weeks in Bordeaux in Spring 1950. Is there anyone out there with memories? I'm in contact with Pam (Pointing), Grace (Wood), Maureen (Collins), Angela (Sandford), Betty (Room) - as Guides from 120th we meet up annually. This year Dunstan House, Burnham on Sea on Tuesday 20th June. Maybe there are others who would like to get in touch. As you can see I only got as far as crossing the river and have lived in the same house for 53 years. [ref: 1247]

09/05/2017 Portway School Reunion - 1968 Intake
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Posted by Duggie Moore, Shirehampton

This is a general invite to the Portway School year intake that started in September 1968. A reunion is being held on the evening of the 1st of September 2017 at Avonmouth Rugby Club by which time us survivors will have all made 60! Characters such as John Eyles, Rita O'Neill, Mark Rowley, Tony Steele, Christine Tyler, Tim Williams and a host more will be attendance and it is hoped a lot more! Any queries please contact me on the email shown. [ref: 1222]

14/04/2017 portway secondary modern for girls 1949-1951
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Posted by betty owen, leicestershire

 01536 770035

Was only at this school for a short time. Would love to hear from any members of form 1:1,( form mistress Mrs Wallis.) Pat Lazarus, Sally Watkins, Joan Lippiatt and anyone else. [ref: 1212]

31/03/2017 Beverly nicholson
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Posted by Mike brand, Highbridge

Hi I am looking for a lady called Beverly Nicholson who was in avonmouth in 1970 and is now 63 can anybody help me please [ref: 1210]

02/03/2017 Old friends
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Posted by Paul Freeman, 3 Long Road Saham Waite Shipdham Norfolk IP25 7RH

 01362 821058

Seeking news of Steve Ferris or Paul Brown or Julian Beard. I left Bristol in 1976. PS, Stewart Jarman and Nigel Poole also. [ref: 1206]

02/03/2017 Does anyone know Kevin Quincey?
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Posted by Gina, Bath

Does anyone know what happened to Kevin Quincey? He will be in his 60's now but used to live in Shirehampton in the 1980's. He rode a motorbike and was part of a small motorcycle group. He had a sister called Sharon. Sadly 'Kev' was hit in the head by a car whilst working in the road for the council. He suffered quite serious injuries but due to a house move back then, I lost track of him. Does anyone know what happened to Kev...he was such a happy chappy...always a big smile on his face! [ref: 1205]

02/01/2017 Portway boys 58 to 62
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Posted by Bob Wiltshire, 21 old hwy 60 w Bernardo New Mexico USA

 505 486 2807

Looking for Chris Parsons we went to Portway together. I left in 62.Chris lived in Avonmouth then. [ref: 1109]

27/12/2016 Peter Pike
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Posted by David Cook, Chorley, Lancashire


Hi. I am looking to contact Peter Pike (or his elder brother Roger) who was born in Tiverton, Devon. He Lived in Bristol for some years in the 1960s and then moved to High Wycombe and then Putney. He was working for a bank the last time I saw him. We were very good friends and I would love to meet up again with him. [ref: 1108]

16/07/2016 Anyone out there?
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Posted by Alan Scaife, Melbourne, Australia


I was at Portway Boys from 59-63. Left school at 15 and after the Army went to Australia. Lived in Meadow Grove. Like to hear from any mates from those days! [ref: 1106]

27/05/2016 Debbie Hancock
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Posted by Angela Steed, Watford

 01923 710372

We are trying to contact Debbie Hancock who used to live in Coaley Road for a small group school reunion. She will be 55. We do not know if she has been married. Any information would be greatly appreciated. [ref: 1105]

26/04/2016 I misplaced two very dear friends
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Posted by Mary Lee, Bristol, Vermont - USA

[ref: 1102]

11/04/2016 Looking for Bennett Family
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Posted by Denyse Handley, Box 272, Luderitz, Namibia, Africa

 +264 81 210 587

Looking for Family of Jack & May Bennett from West Town rd, Avonmouth. Shirley, Alan, Robert & Theresa. Please contact me on my email address or Cellphone number. Regards Denyse [ref: 1100]

17/01/2016 Portway Old Boys/Portway Bristol
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Posted by Michael, Uplyme, Near Lyme Regis

 01297 442572

As a teenager, in the late 1970s and early 1980s my parents would not allow me to watch either of the Bristol football teams because of the violence and hooliganism of that time. Becasue of this I became a supporter of Portway Bristol, following them at Penpole Lane and traveling on the team coach to the likes of Heavitree, Ottery and the old Huish ground at Yeovil. Sharing my memories of this time with my now similarly aged teenage son I was wondering if anyone recalls a home derby game against Manor Farm on a Boxing Day which we narrowly won after Harold Jarman came on in the second half to score the winner? [ref: 1093]

06/11/2015 Trying to find a Childhood Friend
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Posted by Pam Nee Fitzgerald, W.U.Edge

Please can anyone help me find my Childhood Friend: Diane Jenkins nee Scott of Lawrence Weston. She has a Daughter called, Tracey & a Son named Terry. Diane & Maurice, came back from New Zealand to live in the UK again, a few years ago. I believe she could be living in Lawrence Weston, Nr her Family now. If anyone else remembers me from Childhood days, please feel free to write to me also... Pam. [ref: 1090]

27/06/2015 Any Old Buddies around Like Vic Mitchell, Doreen Hutton?
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Posted by Ted Howell, 476 Queensland Road S.E. Calgary Alberta


Just wondering if it's worth the effort of popping over to see who is still around, after an absence of nearly 50 years. Ted [ref: 1082]

12/05/2015 70 years on- Celebrating Victory.
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Posted by Peter Mitchell., 3 CF61 1TU


Just saw the above programme on BBC1, it showed Beryl Collins eating the first banana after WWII rationing. I knew Beryl in my early teens and wondered what she is doing now and how kind life had been to her. I spent the first 19 years of my life in St. Mary's Road then moved to Portview Road in 1953. [ref: 1080]

14/12/2014 PBA in 60's
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Posted by ken sharp, Weston.

 07454 390893

Wrkd at cold store 60-63. Recall Joe Champness Geo Balsdon Ron Hodges Tony Schaefer Walt Patterson Jack Britton. First xmas box in 61 £15! Good xmas that yr. Overtime til half eight. Being turned back after wlkg to work in snow Jan 63 As all iced up. Loads of extra time later due to back up of meat boats. Ant one else have memouries. [ref: 1074]

11/12/2014 Trip down memory lane
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Posted by Raymond Shepherd, Birkirkara Malta

 00356 99056975

I just came across this site for the first time, I attended Portway boys school in the mid 50's. Lived in Shirehampton-Lawrence Weston-Portishead and Clevedon. I guess my one claim to fame was running cross country for the school and becoming the junior champion. Now 72 but still kicking butt on the squash court. Would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me. [ref: 1073]

10/12/2014 Village band
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Posted by Ronald, 32 Stand Street Warwick

Hello I was born at 450 Portway in 1931. My father played in a brassband on the green. Does anyone have any information on this band? Thank for your interest. [ref: 1072]

08/10/2014 Portway School football team
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Posted by Dave Perkins, steam mills.forest of dean


Any one in the football team 60/61. I have a photo but cannot remember all of the names. Get in touch and i will post to you. [ref: 1069]

07/10/2014 Does anyone remember me ?
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Posted by susan Terry (Payne), Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Left Portway in 1971, remember Lynn Thomas, Jane Porch and Glynis Long. would love to contact anyone who remembers me. [ref: 1066]

26/07/2014 Julie Knight
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Posted by Leigh Armstrong (formerly ONeill, Umina Beach, NSW Australia

I went to Portway school, Shirehampton. I am looking for Julie Knight..... We left in 1975 If anyone knows her .....where she is now now...please email me Thanks Leigh [ref: 1062]

14/07/2014 Looking for surviving relatives of Sir Robert Stephens
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Posted by Simon Hancock, Bristol


I am producing a series of stories from Shirehampton to be aired on BBC Radio Bristol on Wednesday 30 July and am trying to get in contact with any living relatives of Sir Robert Stephens, who lived at 34 Priory Road, Shirehampton from 1931-39. A blue plaque is on the wall of the property. Please email Thank you. [ref: 1060]

25/06/2014 Request
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Posted by David Hunt, Bristol

Hello everybody. I am wondering if anyone can remember a lad named Terry Williams. About 1952 time, Terry emigrated to NZ, and came around the classroom asking for all of our names to be in an autograph book so that he would have some memories of us. I have never heard of him since but often wonder how he got on. Did he ever come back? Is he in contact with anyone in Shire. I do not know where he lived, but our school would have covered most of the surrounding areas. For myself, we lived in Middleton Road, Lawrence Weston at the time. If anyone can remember him, I would love to hear from them. Thank you. David. PS. Other names coming to mind are Ted Jarrett, , David Boon, George Hollis, Terry King [ref: 1056]

18/06/2014 School reunion
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Posted by Tony Wintle, Carmarthen

Hi I was at portway school until 1969 when I started work I have been told of school reunion any one know if so when . [ref: 1046]

02/05/2014 school days in shirehampton
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Posted by Barbara Biggs nee Cripps, cambridge


I lived in Bradley Avenue from 1948 to 1954 and went to portway sec modern girls school , does anyone recall the R E mistress Miss Banister ? Often think about old friends Pamela Brunsden ,Kathleen Bennett , Iris Jarret ,and Eddie Rawcliffe all locals we all played out in Bradley Crescent together . missed my old home when moved away to live in army married quarters. Would love to hear from anyone from those days. [ref: 1042]

05/12/2013 Margaret Tindall
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Posted by Ann Attfield (nee Newell), Necton, Nr Swaffham, Norfolk

 01760 441475

I have been looking for my dear friend Margaret for a number of years, the last address I have was 55 Station Road, Shirehampton, but I understand she has moved to another property in the same street. We had many happy times together sharing our love of dance. Sadly we lost touch over the years and I would very much like to hear from her. There are lots of things to tell her, I am now on my own, and would very much like to catch up. Still have the same interests and hope to see a performance in Bristol soon. If you know her, please tell her about my message. Margaret if you read this, please telephone me. [ref: 1035]

16/07/2013 Peter Rice
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Posted by Cavan McElligott, 5, Hampton Rd, Cotham, Bristol, BS6,6HW

 0117 973 4983

Greetings to anyone who attended Portway Comprehensive School in the 1960's ! I'm trying to contact a very good school friend of mine, Peter Rice from Avonmouth. I saw him a couple of times after he left school and I understand he then went into the Army. From then on, I lost all contact with him. If anyone knows where he is or has contact details, I'd be most grateful. [ref: 0637]

15/06/2013 Shirehampton Youth Club Harry Granger
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Posted by John O'Neill, West Gosford NSW Australia 2250


Following an illness I was bought to Australia by my daughter Leigh, I have a daughter Kerry living in Melbourne. My son Nick is living in Pilning. I remember the old days . I sometimes speak to Les Wiltshire Joe Dixon. I was head boy at Portway School. Have met Pam Wortley and would be pleased to hear from any old friends. John O'Neill [ref: 0599]

27/05/2013 Portway Girls' School 1953-55
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Posted by Rosemary Rawcliffe (Day), Farnborough


Does anyone have any information on pupils at the school from 1953-1955? My particuular friends were Pat Jones, Beryl Williams and Anita Crownshaw. I used to travel to school each day from my home in Henbury/Brentry and lost touch with them when my family moved to Hampshire in 1955. Would love to hear about old times. [ref: 0573]

06/01/2012 Betty Lippiatt
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Posted by Jane Hayward (nee RAWSON), 51 Bridgman Grove Filton BRISTOL BS34 7HP

 0117 9698905

Has anyone contact details for Betty Lippiatt (now aged 70) who attended Portway Girls School as from 1953 and lived at Woodleaze, Sea Mills? A very old friend Jane Rawson would like to contact her. [ref: 0459]

04/12/2012 Michael cousins
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Posted by Les walker, Shelly beach now Australia


Does any body back home know the where abouts of Michael cousins (fuzz) he lived in pill after moving from shire, then I heard from a great mate of mine don wescott (bomber) rip that he'd moved but did not know where, then another great mate terry (Louie) heard he was now in portishead fuzz e mail me les walker [ref: 0531]

14/09/2009 old school photos
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Posted by tony chivers, Ourimbah, NSW , Australia

I attended Portway School from 1962 to 1966 (approx!) and Avonmouth Church of England school 1956 to 62 (I think!). I am very keen to locate any photos of the school and pupils from that time, any suggestions please? [ref: 0263]

17/10/2009 Old Friends From Shire and TS Enterprise
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Posted by Brian Warner, Malvern Worcestershire

Looking to contact Ernie Ritch and old friends from Avonmouth Sea Cadets from the early 1960's onwards. I now live in Malvern Worcestershire. [ref: 0269]

26/04/2012 Julie knight
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Posted by Leigh Armstrong (née O'Neill), Lumina beach, nsw, australia

I have been looking for Julie Knight. Left Portway School in 1975. I last saw her in 1982 in Florida, USA. Anyone know of her whereabouts, please email me. Thanks Leigh [ref: 0491]

21/04/2012 Missing Friend
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Posted by Keith FitzGerald, Adelaide South Australia


My Wife & I married in St. Mary's Church, June 6th 1959. We are seeking info re Chief Bridesmaid, Pat King. We have searched for many years to locate her, to no avail. If anyone can assist in her re-locating we will be most grateful. Denise (Nee Revell) & I migrated here in 1973 with our 2 Children, Claire & Neil. Continued success with your "Shire" Publication, keeping us in touch with "The Old Home". Kindest Regards, & Appreciation Keith FitzGerald [ref: 0487]

29/02/2012 keith jones
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Posted by kenneth thornhill, Preston

Hello Ive just found this wonderful site, I was born in Shirehampton in 1944 and lived in Barrow Hill road till I joined the army, My family lived there till my mothers death in 1984. I am looking for a friend I was at school with Keith Jones (Kuff) we went to Portway boys. Ken Thornhill [ref: 0475]

27/01/2012 Search for old friend.
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Posted by Dave Parker,, 15,Sel Peacock Drive,Henderson,Auckland,New Zealand.

 0064 09 835 9944

Searching for PETER MANN formerly Avonmouth, now possibly Shirehampton resident. We were school mates in Avonmouth school then Portway school approx. 1950. I would like to catch up for oldtime sake by email Peter, I have been in N.Z. 40 years but still have memories of being a kid in U.K. Please reply by email if you read this. Dave. [ref: 0465]

18/01/2012 Find a Friend
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Posted by Ann Rossiter, Mallorca, Spain

Does anyone know the whereabouts or have news about Kay Morgan, who lived in Pembroke Avenue, behind St. Bernards. She was born around 1943. Many thanks. [ref: 0463]

04/04/2011 Contact wanted with any Fawdrys in the Bristol area.
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Posted by Michael Fawdry, Portugal

 00351 919134585

I am now 66 and was adopted as a baby. A little late in the day, I am wanting to contact blood relations I believe live in the Bristol area. Any information will be gratefully received, in confidence, and all Fawdrys contacted (if given sufficient details Tel.Nos. etc ) or please ask any to contact me. Thanks in anticipation. M.L.Fawdry. [ref: 0410]

16/04/2007 Carol Cox (nee Jackson)
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Posted by Bev Lowe, Perth, Australia

Hi, my name is Bev Lowe (nee Nicolson). I emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1981. I would dearly like to find Carol Cox (nee Jackson). She was my bestest friend when we were at Portway School (upper and lower). Last I heard Carol was in Westbury (I think). Love to talk to you again about you and your family. Jenni is now 30 years old. James is the same age. I lived in Woodwell Road, Carol lived in Churchleaze, remember "knocking off school"? [ref: 0007]

08/08/2010 Remembering
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Posted by John O,Neill, 113 Yallambee Avenue, West Gosford, NSW 2250 Australia

 02 4325 5059

I moved to Groveleaze Shirehampton from Hotwells in 1946. After changing schools from Hotwells Council to Portway Secondary Modern. I became Head Prefect. I served an apprenticeship at the (SMELTING WORKS) married a London girl I met at Butlins Phwelli North Wales. We Lived in St Bernards Road until 1972. We had 3 children Leigh, Kerry now in Australia, Nick living in Pilning. Any contacts. [ref: 0339]

20/04/2010 Portway school 1964-1970
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Posted by Philip Williams, Singapore

 +65 97866806

I am looking for ex pupils of Portway school and have set up a group on Facebook (Portway school 1964-1970) if anyone wants to share please join the site [ref: 0312]

09/06/2010 Malcolm Camfield
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Posted by Sadie Morgan, bristol

Hi,I have been searching for my Dad, Malcolm Camfield, who I never knew.I just found out that he is dead. Does anyone out there know if there are any pictures of him on Friends Reunited, Lawrence Weston School, that's where he went in the 1960s. I have no picture of him and cannot identify him. Would be very grateful for any help or information. Sadie from Bristol. [ref: 0321]

30/04/2010 Lost touch with friend who is somewhere in New Zealand
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Posted by Tony Ricardson, 80 Golborne Road London W10


Patricia Johson and her sister June left England in the late 50 or early 60s. They lived in Edmonton and moved to Wellington. Love to contact them again [ref: 0315]

01/01/2010 Valerie Shepherd
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Posted by Bob, The Netherlands

Hi, does anyone know about Valerie Shepherd. She has a sister named Janice or Jane. In the early seventies she used to live in Bristol UK. I met her in 1973 in Mallorca - Spain and I like to know how she is doing right now. My name is Bob Onderdelinden and now I'm living in a small village near Eindhoven - The Netherlands. [ref: 0276]

06/10/2009 Peter Smits
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Posted by Rob Hainey, 27 Meadow Grove

Hello people. I'm looking for a man called Peter Smits. I believe he used to live or maybe still does on the Portway. He grew up on the batch which was down the back of Gardner Haskins. The truth is I'm really looking for his brother Donald, he went to South Africa many moons ago.A mate mentioned Peter used to stay on the Portway so I said I would put out a feeler to see if anyone knows him. Hopefully somebody knows of him Cheers Rob [ref: 0267]

02/10/2009 Constable
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Posted by nick, shirehampton

I am trying to trace a Jane Constable, she used to live with her family in Old Quarry Road. She had a sister called Ann. The family moved to Swansea to run a boarding house or a hotel. Can anyone please help me locate the constable family? Thank you. [ref: 0266]

11/06/2009 Pam Reynolds memorial bench
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Posted by Janet Thomas, Shirehampton

A bench with 2 memorial plaques to Pam Reynolds was donated to the Public Hall in Shirehampton when the Portway Day Centre closed. The bench has deteriorated and will have to be removed for safety. The plaques have been kept. If any member of Pam's family or friends would like these, please contact the Public Hall, email [ref: 0230]

17/05/2009 Portway Comprehensive Bristol
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Posted by Philip Williams, Singapore

 +65 9855 0668

Does anyone remember Philip & Nigel Williams twins who attended the Portway School in Bristol in the 60's. I have been living in Singapore for 30 years and Nigel my brother in Sydney for 30 years, as time passes it would be nice to catch up with anyone who still remembers us ! Does anyone know of any 60's reunions? [ref: 0219]

23/02/2004 Donald Reginald Francis
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Posted by Cheryl Francis, Margate, Kent

I am trying to find my husband Lee Clifford Francis's brother. He moved to australia in 1990 and has not spoken since. He misses him tereribly but is not really sure as to how to go about looking for him. I have a previos adress but to no avail his name is Donald Reginald Francis age approx 42 (date of birth is 13 May 1962 ). His last known address was 11 Broad Beech Way, Waikiki, Perth, Western Australia 6169. That was a couple of years back. I am desperate to find him, for my husband, so please if any one who lives in that area has any knowledge of his whereabouts I would be grateful if you could let me know how to either go about looking for him. Please email me with any information possible. [ref: 0025]

13/02/2009 Portway School
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Posted by Peter William Walker, 20A Pethorn Lane, Hyde, Cheshire SK14 5DL


I wonder if anybody remembers me. I attended Portway Sec School from about 1948 until 1952. I went on the school trip to the Festival of Britain [ref: 0194]

07/02/2009 Locating lost relatives
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Posted by John Hudia, 1315 Ransom Street


My name is John Hudia. I was born in Skegness. My mother married a Henry Hudia. We came to the USA in1957. Her previous name was Skipworth also Allen. We lived at 64st Andrews Drive. [ref: 0191]

25/01/2009 Portway Upper and Lower School
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Posted by wayne derrick

I was at Portway Lower and Upper between 82- 86. There was a message asking for poeple from that era. I am one of them!! [ref: 0185]

20/01/2009 Pat and Roy Peters
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Posted by Sandra Carter, Skegness Lincolnshire


I am trying to trace Pat and Roy Peters. Any means of contact will do (adress/phone/e-mail/mobile). They were my neighbours in Priory Road Bristol. I believe they moved to live near their son in the Shirehampton area. I have moved and lost contact. They were very good neighbours to me and I would like to contact them again [ref: 0183]

30/12/2008 George Deverson. Whereabouts
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Posted by David Parker, 64, Ruze Vida Drive, West harbour, Waitakere City, 0614, Aucklan

 0064 09 8322877

G'day Guys, Does anyone remember George Deverson ? a former Director of Avonmouth Engineering Service Ltd., St. Andrews Road, Avonmouth. around 1950 onwards. George also played soccer for Avonmouth St. Andrews AFC late 40s./50s. He took me on as an apprentice draughtsman in 1953 & I transferred to J.D.Wilson & Ptners to complete my 'time' served. He was a very sociable person who was admired by everyone who knew him. I went back to work on contract several times in the 60s for him. However, I've been in New Zealand for 35 years & I've often wondered what happened to him. He had a younger brother Eddie who lived in Shirehampton. If anyone has any updates on George I would be very interested in hearing about him. Please contact me by email. Thanks in advance. Dave Parker. [ref: 0148]

28/10/2008 Langridge-Weech
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Posted by Charles Weech, Ontario, Canada

Louise would you please contact me regarding Amelia Caroline Langridge. [ref: 0135]

17/08/2008 Alan Powell
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Posted by Frank Appleford

An old buddy of mine has just moved to Shirehampton and I have lost his contact details. I'm visiting the UK soon and would like to meet up with Alan for a little chat. If you know Alan please contact me. [ref: 0119]

15/08/2008 Bakers by the name of Filer
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Posted by John Gilbert, Longwood Australia

My Great Great Grand Father George Gilbert stayed with the Filer family before coming to Australia in the 1850's. The Filers are in our family tree and had a Bakery in Shirehampton, Bristol or Avonmouth at this time. The family names of Britton, Hale, Gingell are attached to this part of the world. Can anyone help? [ref: 0118]

11/08/2008 In search of Rockley relatives
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Posted by Denise Rockley

I'm searching for my Aunt Yvonne N Phillips (nee) Rockley in Australia, husband Dick Phillips, daughter Cheryl Gaye Smith. Uncle William Arthur Rockley in England, father's name Arthur Bousten Rockley. Both of them are in their 80's. That's all the information I have. Hope someone can help me find them. [ref: 0113]

11/05/2008 Jamie Giltrow
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Posted by Christine Cranney

I am trying to trace Jamie Giltrow who lived in Shirehampton. We went to Lawrence Weston school together until she left in 1968/9 to go to London we were 12/13 then. [ref: 0092]

14/04/2008 Patty Cole? (nee) Mitchell
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Posted by Mike & Denise (nee Maggs) Brittain, Clevedon

We are seeking information on whereabouts of Patty Cole? (nee) Mitchell, originally from Brookthorpe Avenue, Lawrence Weston and believed to still be in the local area. [ref: 0074]

23/03/2008 Information wanted on Peter Collins
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Posted by Claire Harney, Tauranga, New Zealand

Can anybody help me with the whereabouts of one Peter Collins. I am trying to find him on behalf of my dad Robert Dudbridge. Dad and Peter were best friends in and out of school. Peter and Dad went to Portway Boys school together in the mid to late 1950's . Peter has a sister Maurine. He and his mum and sister used to live in Park Rd, Shirehampton. If you know Peter or know where he is then please email me on Thank you in anticipation. [ref: 0071]

07/12/2007 Brian Derrick
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Posted by John Rogers, USA

Looking For Old Friend. Does anyone know the whereabouts of a man by the name of Brian Derrick who lived at the top of Burnham Rd and Springfield Ave. Brian had an older sister named Nancy and a brother named Cyril. Any information will be appreciated. [ref: 0063]

13/10/2007 Newman's the Butchers
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Posted by Margaret O'Connor, Portishead

Hello, I am trying to trace the family that ran Newman's the Butchers in the High Street in Shirehampton. The two brothers were called Trevor and John, Trevor was my Father's and Mother's best man, we are celebrating my fathers 80th birthday in December and wondered if Trevor is still alive. Any information would be gratefully received. [ref: 0005]

05/02/2007 Douglas and Elvyn Thomas
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Posted by Chris Sayer, formerly Ian Thomas, Brackley, Northants

Douglas and Elvyn Thomas moved from the Hounslow area in the 60's to Thornbury near Bristol in the mid 60's. They had 4 daughters who attended the Almondsbury C of E School at that time. I think one Daughter was called Joanne and another was called Julia. They have an Aunt on their Mothers side called Avril Rosser who lives in the Andover area whilst their parents now live in Northamptonshire. I am trying to find the four Daughters of Douglas and Elvyn Thomas and would be very grateful for any help. I am their brother, who was adopted in 1964, my name then was Ian. Elvyn, my Mother has made it very clear that she wished I didn't exist (sorry, not my fault) and I have yet to ever look into the face of someone related to me. The longer shot would be if you stumble across this message and you are my Father (name not mentioned on Birth Cert’). A driver who has three sons, I would love to meet you all as well. If you can help a dream come true, please do by contacting me. [ref: 0009]

31/07/2005 James Arthur George Dudbridge
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Posted by Ray Morris, Australia

I was born and raised in Shirehampton, and would dearly love to locate a boyhood friend, one James Arthur George Dudbridge. Jim had a younger brother Robert and an older sister, Margaret. They lived on Park Rd, between the Swimming Baths and the corner of St Bernards Rd. I was friends with Jim from about 1945. My name is Ray Morris and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I served an apprenticeship at the National Smelting Works as a fitter /turner and one of my mates was a Dennis Dowling who I would like to meet again.I am planning a visit in June and July of next year and intend visiting "Shire". If anyone can help I would be most grateful.My website is Many thanks in anticipation. [ref: 0017]

31/07/2004 ANNE OWEN
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Posted by David Allen, Whitkirk,Leeds

 0113 2645255

I'm DAVID ALLEN and trying to trace ANNE OWEN of 379 Portway,Shirehampton (1956) her married name may be SMITH. I was a pen friend during my RAF National Sevice days. We met up briefly. Just curious to know how life has treated her. Also would like to trace RALPH TAYLOR from the same area who was with me in the RAF. Any help would be appreciated [ref: 0020]

03/01/2004 Charles FORD
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Posted by Louise Argent, Somerset

I am researching my FORD family history and would be delighted to make contact with Mr Charles FORD of Shirehampton or his daughter Julie SMITH (or other family member). Charles FORD is the first cousin of my grandmother Sylvia Alethea BUTTERWORTH (nee FORD). Sylvia's father was Albert James FORD (killed WWI). Albert's brother was Charles William FORD b.1886. Charles William FORD was the father of Charles FORD of Shirehampton. I know that Mr Charles FORD of Shirehampton is married to Dorothy. He was presented with Maundy money in 1999 and was involved with the scouts. He has at least one daughter Julie SMITH. I would be grateful if anyone can put me in touch with a member of this family. [ref: 0026]

19/08/2003 Kaye Tracie Barry
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Posted by Joan Carr, Tennessee, USA

I'm trying to locate my niece who lived at 17 Bradley Crescent, Shirehampton Village, Bristol BX11 9SP Feb. 1996. She married and I have lost touch with her and don't know her married name. She is my deceased brothers only daughter and I really want to find her. I can't find a web site or cannot locate the marriage license bureau so that I can search for her married name. I know that she married around August of 1996 or 1997. Her single name was: Kaye Tracie Barry. Do you have any suggestions that could help me? I would so much appreciate it. She has lived around the Bristol area for most of her life. I just don't know where else to start as I don't have the funds to hire a private detective to help me. Thank You [ref: 0028]

01/07/2003 Pat Ford
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Posted by Paul Barton

I'm trying to contact Pat Ford formally of West town Rd, he wrote to the "Shire" Sunday 27th February 2000, unfortunately his letter didn't show his e-mail address, all it said was he was keen to contact any one who lived in West Town Rd in the fifties. According to his letter Pat is now living in South Africa. Thanks to you all you are doing a great job, bringing people in touch with each other after years apart. Bye and thank you. [ref: 0030]

24/02/2003 Jenny Mathias
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Posted by Rob Hignell

I am trying to contact Jenny Mathias, who I know lived in Shirehampton and I believe is now teaching English in Thailand. She shared a house in Bristol and I have mail for her. [ref: 0032]

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Posted by Christine Ellis, Exmouth, Devon

I am trying to locate a Gentleman named JAMES WAYNE CLINTON (probably known as Jim, appox age now 72), in relation to Baby Ellis. The last place I know of his residence was "The Pork Butchers" (which he owned), Pembroke Rd, Shirehampton in 1969. If anyone knows of his whereabouts since then I would be most grateful if you could contact me. [ref: 0036]

25/06/2002 Portway School
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Posted by Jason Moore(Powell)

I am interested in finding pupils who went to Portway Lower School and Portway Upper School between 1980 and 1986. My name back then was Jason Powell. My address now is Lawrence Weston. When I went to Portway School, I lived in Cook Street in Avonmouth. I've moved around a lot since leaving school, but have settled in Lawrence Weston and have been married nearly 2 years. Many thanks. [ref: 0038]

28/11/2001 Jennifer Loft
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Posted by Doreen nee Cooper, Guelph Canada

 010 519 780 1172

My name is Doreen [nee Cooper ]. I lived at 25 Chelwood Rd Sirehampton left in 64. I would like to find my old school friend Jennifer Loft who lived at number II . She had a brother Barry sisters Pauline and Patricia . Her father's name was Cyril. She has two children Tracy and Russel . Her husband's name was Jim ? The last I heard she was in the Weston super mare area. I would love to hear from anyone with any Info. [ref: 0041]