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24/05/2018 Austin and Morris
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Posted by Craig Morris, Western Australia

I am researching my father and grandfather in Avonmouth in the 1920 to 1930's. Josiah Edwin Austin lived at 12 Richmond Terrace, and Henry Aston Morris lived at 9 King St, any information would be most helpful, I have tried to locate them on the Electoral Rolls but they are not available on the normal websites. Thank you in advance. Craig [ref: 1638]

19/04/2001 Johnny Molloy
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Posted by Danny Clevely, Auckland, NZ

I am seeking information about my father Johnny Molloy, his brother Terry or any of their family. He is of Irish extraction and used to live in Shirehampton/Avonmouth until at least 1951. Apparently the brothers were quite well known in the local pubs and were known to frequent dances at St. Bernard's School Hall during the late 40s. Any information would be gratefully received. [ref: 0042]

26/10/2017 Bristol Blitz
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Posted by Bronwyn Fraley, Somerset

For John Rogers, Missouri Re your article on Bristol Civilian dead, my great aunt aged 9 was killed on the school bus at Broad Weir in 1942. Recently I went to Greenbank Cem. to find her grave. Unfortunately most of the names were unreadable. I understand that she was unmarked but was just missing a shoe. [ref: 1408]

29/10/2017 `The Lodging House` Shirehampton
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Posted by John Inwood, Staines.

I am trying to find information on the Riverside Lodging House, West Town Road in the early 1900`s. I have seen a map of the area dated about 1900 which shows what I believe to be West Town Road running from the Mission Hut towards the river. There are houses shown close to the Mission Hut but nothing much nearer the river which I find surprising since letters to the Western Daily Press in 1905 complain of the lodging house sometimes flooding twice a day, at high tide, because the banks had not been repaired following a storm. The keeper of this lodging house at the time was a Richard Walker, and in 1908 one John Inwood. I would be very interested in any information concerning the lodging house or the above names. [ref: 1410]

09/10/2017 Willington family west midlands
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Posted by willington family, Birmingham west midlands uk

Just decided to add our Willington branch from the west midlands UK [ref: 1394]

27/01/2016 Johnson family history
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Posted by Chrissie, Henbury

Hiya. I am tracing my family tree and trying to find information about my great Grandmothers family. Her name is Violet Johnson nee Beazer born in 1893 died in 1982. I remember the famiky reaching five generations and trying to find the photo and newspaper article about the event which would have been in 1982 or before. Any help would be most appreciated. I know Violets daughter Joyce still lives in Shirehampton X [ref: 1094]

08/01/2016 lost touch
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Posted by haydon durbin, portishead

im looking for a mr trevor brain that lives in shire, we were in contact until the autumn last year, now I cannot reach him and don't know any of his other family members only he has a daughter called sally unknown married name please if anybody can help locate him [ref: 1092]

20/08/2015 My Twyford House Dance Partner
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Posted by Ted Howell, 476QUEENSLAND R'D S.E CALGARY AB.


Back in the 50s I had a dance partner name Teresa Gunning, I know later she married and lived for a time in Sea Mills. Can anyone put me in touch or give me news of her? Thank you. Ted [ref: 1088]

14/07/2015 Arthur Vincent
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Posted by Sharon vincent, Avonmouth


Having had very little contact with my grandfather who I understand passed away in March 2015 just a few days before my nan I understand there was an obituary/article in this newspaper in his memory? Is this online? Or can someone provide me with a copy for his forgotten family? [ref: 1084]

29/01/2015 family history/tree
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Posted by peter Vincent, 10 penpole close Shirehampton Bristol bs11 0at


Can't remember how long ago there was a photo put in the shire of my grandad a Arthur Leonard Vincent wonder if i could have a copy as i have no photos off him and if any one have any info of him and his family it would be appreciated got names but nothing else thank you [ref: 1076]

27/01/2014 Tracing lost family
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Posted by Mrs Caroline Meyerhoff, Hull

I am trying to trace a Mr Edward Wigg. I have been told his mother lived in Shirehampton. Her name is Mrs Freemantle and she lived at passage leaze.I would be so grateful for any information that could help in my search. [ref: 1039]

15/06/2009 Wiltshire
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Posted by J M Hobbs, Elmfield Sch Hse, Greystoke ave, W-o-T, BS10 6AY.


Hi, I am researching my family tree on my mother's side, Wiltshire's from Shirehampton, and Trowbridge, Wilts. George Wiltshire was my Grandfather. He had a big family of brothers and sisters. Some of the decendents are possibly still living in Shirehampton, Agnes, Arthur,Alice, Ellen, Emily, Frank, Fred,Kate, Rosina,Samual,William, John Henry, John(PoP). Henry Wiltshire had a Shop in the High Street. His children were Dorothy, Emily, Ethel, Evelyn, Frederick, John, Leslie, Mary. If anyone has any information on the family please get in touch. Regards, John M Hobbs. [ref: 0233]

30/03/2010 Mary Elizabeth Astell
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Posted by Colin Higgins, Gloucestershire

 01452 741260

I am trying to find details of the Astell family who lived in 31 St Mary's Rd in 1929/30, In particular Mary Elizabeth Astell daughter of John Edgar Astell ( Mary was 18 in 1930). If any of your readership can assist I would be very grateful Thanks in anticipation Colin Higgins, Tel number: 01452 741260 Mobile: 07977 733280 [ref: 0306]

11/07/2012 Doreen Clarke
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Posted by David Hunt, Severn Beach

 01454 632547

Good morning all. Somewhere along the line I have heard of a reference to an accident in 1947, where apparently a 7 year old girl named Doreen Clarke, was killed in an accident with a taxi. I have no other information. Clarke was the maiden name of my mother and she may have told me this. Does anyone remember or have heard of anything concerning the tragedy? I was too young at the time, and in any case, only moved to Shirehampton in August 1947, from Pensford. Thank you. Dave H. [ref: 0508]

15/06/2012 fred and martha cheeseman
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Posted by david cheeseman, north lincs

 01427 871432

My grandparents, Fred and Martha Cheeseman lived at 69 Bradley Crescent. They had two sons Bill, my dad, and Frederick who was killed in 1942. there was also two sisters but I can only remember Christine who married George, they had a son and a daughter. I would love to get in touch with them.I would be grateful if anyone who has any information or remembers the family could let me know, thank you. [ref: 0503]

11/05/2012 Gabriel Rice, Lilian Rice(ne Green) of Shirehampton
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Posted by Sandra Rice, 20 Pomfrett Gardens, Stockwood Bristol BS14 8SU

 01275 265046

I am doing family history and am trying to find anything about my late Grandfather(Gabriel Rice)and late Grandmother(Lilian Rice(ne Green). They used to live at number 10 Barrow Hill Road Shirehampton. Gabriel lived there until 1958 and Lilian until 1978. My Late father Charles(Charlie)Rice was also living at the same address in 1989. If anyone can help with any information regarding these people or anyone who knew them or remember them, please contact me. Thanks [ref: 0494]

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My William Gilbert buried St Marys 1819, married Honor Edwards nee Thomas 1800 Westbury on Trym. Their son George Thomas Gilbert born 1806 Shirehampton married Elizabeth Ford 1837 and Elizabeth Cox 1845. He went to Canada and returned to Shirehampton before settling in Australia in 1858. He left London aboard "Wildranger". Looking for family connections that have Edwards, Gingell, Hale, Britton, Osman, Filer, Wicks in our Gilbert tree. [ref: 0466]

26/12/2007 Healey Family
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Posted by Elizabeth Thorns, Cape Town, South Africa

I am trying to find a family named Healey who lived at 189 Lower High St Shirehampton, about 1945. Mrs Healey was a widow and I believe her daughter Ellen Francis lived with her and there may have been other siblings as well. Micheal Healey her husband was deceased. I have been unable to locate Lower High Street. I would be most grateful if you can help me. Thanking you. [ref: 0066]

13/08/2011 70 St Bernards Road Shirehampton
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Posted by Dawne L Dawe, Alicante Spain

 0791 293005

Hi Shirehampton, My grandfather Thomas Smith and his wife Janet Smith lived at 70 St Bernards Road Shirehampton from 1930 until 1965. My grandfather worked also at the docks for the B.P.A all his life. He never told us anything of his life and I cannot even trace a birth certificate for him. Are there any records in Shire ie doctors records, parish records, where sometime over his 35 years living in Shire he might have written down his mothers maiden name or place of birth. I have been to the records office in Cumberland basin to see if they have any P.B.A employees records and they have very little, just a shot in the dark, there might be something lingering in actual Shirehampton, that I might be able to check Thanks for your time Dawne in a very hot Spain [ref: 0435]

27/07/2011 Old school pals
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Posted by David Hunt, Severn Beach

Good morning all. (Just). Several years back, something occurred which jogged the memory of a lad from our school, and I then went on to recall several things that he had been involved in, ie school plays etc. The amazing thing was that I had never thought of him in the intervening years. because we did not cross paths. (Still haven't for that matter). His name was Brian Meaker, and he lived in Beanacre, Kingsweston. Then a couple of days ago, into my mind came another name, also triggered by something right out of the blue. This time it is Peter Court. I think he went back even further to Shire Juniors. Brian was from Portway so about four years after Peter. I wonder if they are still out there reading this? I bet they don't remember me :-). (I was tiny. Four foot, ten and half inches tall when I left school. I did reach Five five and a half by the time I went in the RAF in Feb 1957. Not bad going for a nipper!!) Dave H. [ref: 0430]

26/05/2011 Steven James
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Posted by Patricia Gibbs, Ashton, Bristol


Hello I am looking for Steven James, he used to work for Rediffusion and lived in the St Annes area of bristol. He would be about 55 - 58. It's very important as I need to give him an urgent message about an event taking place in July 2011 which someone would love him to attend. Thanking you in anticipation. Pat. [ref: 0416]

07/03/2010 Pullin Family of Shirehampton
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Posted by Daryl Slater, Darwin, Australia


I am seeking any information on my ancestors from Shirehampton. My great-great-great granfather was Job Pullin, a gardener and his wife was Sarah, nee Lucas. Job and Sarah remained in Shirehampton all their lives. Their children that remained in Shirehampton were all daughters (as all their sons left). They were Elizabeth, who married Thomas George Hall, Ann, who married Edwin Flower and Hester Christian, who married William Edmonds. Job Pullin died in 1879 aged 84, Sarah died 1878, aged 78, Elizabeth Hall died in 1918 aged 80, Ann Flower died in 1911 aged 75 and Hester Christian Edmonds died in 1922 aged 83. All except Hester Christian are buried at St. Mary's in Shirehampton and Hester Christian is buried at Westbury On Trym church. I would be interested if there are any local records or information that may include any of them. I would like to know if there may be any old photos or articles around Shirehampton that may include any of these names. Any information greatly appreciated. [ref: 0300]

Posted by Judy Helme, Shirehampton

Hi Marc, couldn't email on address given, so please can you contact me direct on my email. Thanks Judy [ref: 0371]

07/05/2008 Avonmouth family history
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Posted by judy helme, Shirehampton

The Avonmouth Genealogy Group has transcribed various church registers, burial records, census 1841-1891 and directories for people living in Avonmouth from c1841 to 1940. Anyone requiring a search, free of charge, can contact me. [ref: 0091]

01/10/2010 Fenlon
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Posted by martina feehan, ireland

Hi I am looking for information on the late Martin Fenlon who as far as I know lived on awdelett close in shirehampton. I am trying to find which cemetery Martin was buried in he passed away around forty years ago. Thank you in advance if anyone has any information. Kind regards, martina. [ref: 0358]

28/08/2010 Shirehampton Photographers
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Posted by Daryl Slater, Darwin, Australia


Does anyone know the names of photographers operating in and around Shirehampton in the latter part of the 19th century? I am seeking information on any portrait or photographic collections of Shirehampton dated c 1850 - 1900. I am seeking any information that may lead me to any further information or photographs of my ancestors, Job and Sarah Pullin of Shirehampton. They died in 1879 and 1880. Their daughters remained in Shirehampton and they were, Elizabeth Hall, Ann Flowers and Hester Christian Edmonds. Any information greatly appreciated. Job Pullin was a gardener and is believed to have worked around Shirehampton's estates. Daryl Slater, Darwin, Australia [ref: 0344]

14/08/2010 David Meace
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Posted by Pamela Welford, Scotland

Has anyone any information regarding David Meace (geat uncle) who died 5th January 1952 leaving a widow Amy. He was living at 11 Portbury Grove Shirehampton. He'd been working at the Smelting Works but I don't know where. I'm trying to find out more but I don't know where he was buried to look for a headstone. Any information would be very welcome as I don't even know if he had family. [ref: 0340]

03/08/2010 70 St Bernards Road Shirehampton Bristol
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Posted by Dawne L Dawe, Spain

 0034 676831836

Can anyone in the Shirehampton area, tell me, if there are any parish records to be viewed. My grandfather Thomas Smith and his wife Janet, lived at St Bernards for most of their married life from 1930 until my grandfather passed away in 1965. My grandfather was a Home Child sent from Liverpool to Canada 1910, he eventually came back to Avonmouth where he met and married Janet Evans. I am trying to trace anything he might have given as information ie, district of Liverpool, name of his mother, any detail, whatsoever, and as he lived in Shirehampton so long I thought there might be some records I could view on the address they lived at so long. Any help would be greatly appreciated. [ref: 0336]

04/07/2002 Lewis family
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Posted by John Lewis

Researching my family history, the given address of my grandparents in September 1919 was 'Remount Depot Shirehampton' . If you are able to connect me with anyone who can give information about this establishment, I'd be most grateful. [ref: 0037]

21/04/2010 John Gale Pitt
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Posted by Neil W Price, P.O. Box 808, Pakenham, Victoria, Australia 3810

Seeking any information on John Gale Pitt (my GG Grandfather) born about 1829 in Bristol. He was the Keeper and Accountant of the Magazine (as shown on his daughters wedding cert) in June 1876. Any info on his family would be appreciated. [ref: 0313]

12/04/2010 Cottey Family tree
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Posted by Tina Fletcher, Cornwall

I have found that my great grand parents lived in 3 Glass St, Shirehampton in 1901. Does this address still exist? Does anyone know where it was? I used to live in Bristol and visit regularly so I would like to be able to find a location. [ref: 0308]

09/02/2010 Great Grandmother - Winnie Dawson (maiden name)
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Posted by Tracey Stevens, Australia

I am trying to track down any family that my late grandfather (Thomas Edwin Cadwallader) may have. I have a letter dated 17-02-1936 from his stepfather (name unknown). The address is stated as 12 KingsWeston Avenue, Shirehampton, Bristol. Does anyone have any suggestions??? [ref: 0293]

27/10/2009 Moss family
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Posted by Rena Lee, 2 Fresian Drive, Strathalbyn, South Australia.

George(?) and Fanny Moss lived at 25 Walton Road in 1915, and I'm not sure for how long. They had a son who died at a young age. My father, John Harris(Jack) was sent to school from London, possibly a boys home, in the mid 1900's, and was in the care of the Mosses. I would love any info on this family, as Fanny was like a nanna to our family until her death in Surrey in 1965, aged 86. George had died when she was quite young. I think George may have worked with Esso, or some similar company. As my family now reside in Australia, I am unable to do much in the way of research myself. [ref: 0271]

28/09/2009 Polish man in Shirehampton, 1960's
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Posted by Helen Allen, Norfolk

Hello, I am trying desperately to trace the life of my grandfather. He was from Poland and on his marriage certificate it shows that on July 10th 1965 he married a lady called Shirley Ann Nash at Shirehampton Baptist Church. At this time he assumed the name Jon Alexander. The address at time of marriage is 2 Station Rd, Shirehampton which I now know is the AMD solicitors office. At the time she was in her late 20's and he in his late 30's ish. Shirley's father's name was Frederick Nash and he worked on the Bristol Railway. I have no idea of what happened to them after this date. They may or may not have remained in the area. They had both been Salvation Army Officers until just before they married. If anybody has even the slightest snippet of information about either of them from before or after the marriage I would be really really grateful to hear from you. Just to know where they are or where they have been laid to rest would be amazing. Thank you all :-) [ref: 0265]

10/10/2008 Family History
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Posted by Linda Williams, Kingston Ontario

Hi I am trying to find out some family history. My fathers name was Phillip Howell Williams. I was told that the family was from England. The name was sent down to every first son born. [ref: 0134]

04/08/2009 Frederick William COOMBS
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Posted by Trevor Coombs, Bristol

I am looking for information regarding Frederick William COOMBS, born 1901, Shirehampton (my grandfather). He married Doris Elizabeth Hallen LEWIS in 1925, and was recorded on the marriage certificate as living at The Green, occupation Clerk (at Docks). Moved to Bristol 1926-27 and fathered four sons, one of which died in infancy. The marriage did not last and, at time of their divorce in 1936, Frederick William COOMBS was recorded as having returned to Shirehampton (possibly with a new woman!). After 1936, the trail goes cold. Believed dead before early-1950s. For my family tree (and also my ageing father's peace of mind) I would like to find out what happened to him. Does anyone know? [ref: 0254]

20/05/2009 Willington family of Shirehampton
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Posted by Pam Glover, Australia

hello I am researching the Willington family of Shirehampton. At one stage they had Lamplighters before Stephen Willington went bankrupt. He died in 1846 and the family went their separate ways. I would appreciate any information and am particularly interested in what happened to his sister Harriet, bap. 10th October 1799 and married Edwin Joynour (Joyner /Joiner) in 1820 at St Pauls Bristol. I am happy to share the information I already have with other researchers Thank you for any assistance. [ref: 0221]

16/12/2002 Violet Mary James
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Posted by Keith R. Williams, Melbourne Australia

I am living in Melbourne, Australia and I recently brought up Shirehampton on my computer, the reason was that my mother was born in Shirehampton and I wanted to find out some information about her birthplace. Looking at your Website I see that it has become quite a community and would appreciate any further information about the town. My mother was born on January 4th 1914 and her name was Violet Mary James and the family home was in Springfield Road either number 3 or 4 situated at opposite Walton Road this is the only information I have.Is there any way that this information could be comfirmed as it would help our family greatly? My mother's father's name was Edward Hathway James, I believe he was a coal merchant but not nescessarily in Shirehampton, her mother's name was Annie James. I hope to hear from you in the future as it would assist us a great deal as I would like to visit your town on my next trip to England. [ref: 0035]

18/12/2008 Looking for Simmons and Miles Family
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Posted by Andy Miles, 15 Church Hayes Cl, Nailsea, BS48 4LY

 01275 851415

Researching family history and looking for descendents and ancestors of Simmons and Miles families who were in Shirehampton, Pill and Avonmouth 100 years + or - of 1900, when the 2 were joined by marriage. Ran [ref: 0146]

02/11/2006 Brocklebank family
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Posted by Donna Lloyd nee Rhoades, Australia

Hello. I was born in Shirehampton in 1921, and I am trying to find out if anyone remembers the Brocklebank family who lived in Penpole Avenue, or if anyone knows anything about the family. I am researching family history. I have very fond memories of Shirehampton, and often feel quite home sick even after living in Australia for 36 years. It would be wonderful to be in contact with anyone who remembers me (I was then Donna Rhoades) and lived in Kingsweston Avenue. Hope to hear from you. [ref: 0012]

04/07/2008 William Henry Parsons
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Posted by Ed Parsons, Edmonton, Alberta

 780 471 1133

My grand father William Henry Parsons married to Kate Mattock address Shirehampton district Wells left England in 1912 to Canada. His father may have been Alfred Parsons of no 20 Bradley Crescent Pembroke road Gloucestershire subdistrict Westbury. If so he should of had 4 siblings left in England Ada, Florence, Loris, Walter. Look familiar please email [ref: 0103]

07/01/2008 The Crebers
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Posted by Paul Bradshaw, Shipham, Somerset

A million to one chance finding has prompted me to write this letter. While clearing out an old friend's house I came across the back page of the February 2007 edition of SHIRE (No.421). The back page is titled 'The Crebers'. On reading this short article I realised it contains a missing part of my family's history which was never ever talked about. In the photograph is my mother (top tow, third from the left) who would have been 20/21 years old at the time. She is Eileen Creber. I would like to contact anyone (in particular Mr Ferndown who wrote the article) who might be able to shed some light on the Creber side of my family which is a complete blank sheet. [ref: 0067]

23/06/2008 Creber Family
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Posted by Paul Siddons

 01275 373113

I am keen to find out more about Mr. Ferdown's article in SHIRE edition 421regarding the adopted twins in the Creber family. John Creber (later to be known as John Siddons) was my father. The history of his childhood is unknown to myself and my two sisters and the possibility of a twin sister is a real shock. If anyone has any detail ,no mater how small, please email me or call 01275 373113. [ref: 0100]

19/10/2007 Harry Boyes
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Posted by Stuart Howell, Hempstead, near Gillingham, Kent

Hello, this may be a bit or a long shot but I am attempting to find out any information on my wifes' great grandfather. His name was Harry Boyes and according to his death certificate, he died 16/12/1916 at 115 Richmond road and his occupation was listed as clerk at Shirehampton Remount Camp. I was wondering if anyone out there knew any information about him (which I know is unlikely) or had any information about how he would have ended up down there, as in 1911 he was living with his family in Leeds and they seem to have stayed there. As a clerk was he alone or were there more than one and as a civilian clerk what would his duties have been. As I have already said I am aware that this is a bit of a long shot but would be grateful if anyone out there has any ideas. [ref: 0004]

22/05/2008 Unknown Lascar Seaman
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Posted by David Hunt, Severn Beach

 01454 632547

In the late 1950's or early 60's my father and I drove two private hire cars to the funeral of a Lascar Seaman who had died at sea on the Brocklebank ship Matra(1949). Cunard, who were the ship agents, sent a senior member to represent Brocklebanks, and my father and I took the Cunard agents and others to the funeral and then to the cemetery in Shirehampton. The grave is unmarked, and backs on to Priory road. I know roughly where the grave is, but the area around has been levelled and it is difficult to be 100% certain of its actual location. Through the years I have often visited the grave and think of his family back home as I would imagine they have never been able to see or comprehend where their relative is buried. I wonder if anyone knows anything about this situation, It seems a shame that someone loses their life and may be buried, almost anonymously. I would be interested to hear from anyone who maybe was at the funeral, or remembers the situation. Thank you. David (Hunt) [ref: 0093]

01/04/2008 Convalescent Home near Station Rd
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Posted by Diane Hildreth, Brisbane Australia

I am seeking information about a small convalescent home ( probably a house from the 1891 census description ) where the head and matron were CHARLES and MATILDA TYLER situated at 3 Victoria Place. On the same census page are the School cottages on Station Road with one of these properties being at the intersection of Victoria Place and Station Rd. There is a WEDMORE family living in one cottage and a DUCKETT family occupying the other. A Thomas GOODE and family are living at 2 Victoria Place. Does anyone in Shirehampton know anything about these people or the TYLER home? My gt grandmother was living there as a 15 year old girl. She came from the Barton Regis area of Bristol and was only there for awhile maybe 2/3 years before emigrating to New Zealand. I'm not sure if she was sick or working there as she is listed both as an inmate and a domestic servant. I would be grateful of any leads. Many thanks for your site. [ref: 0073]

27/02/2008 No 10 NCC at West Camp, 1944
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Posted by Terry Farebrother, Buckinghamshire

My father was a conscientious objector in WWII. His non-combatant company (No. 10 NCC) was based in Shirehampton, at “West Camp”, in late 1944. Over Christmas that year they joined and performed in Cinderella, a pantomime put on with the RAMC at Southmeads Hospital. I have a photo of the pantomime cast and a copy of the programme. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who remembers the 10 NCC or indeed West Camp in 1944, in Shirehampton. I have draft-written a book on my father’s experience as a C.O. during the war and any extra information on the time at West Camp, including photos, would be most helpful. [ref: 0069]

10/01/2008 Palmer Family, Blaise and Kingsweston
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Posted by A J (Tony) Haggerty, Auckland, New Zealand

In your December edition there was a query on John S Harford of Blaise Castle House. My mother Elsie Haggerty, wife of Jim, the foundation caretaker at Avon School, had ancestral family on her mother’s side (Palmer) who worked on the Blaise and Kingsweston estates. Elsie’s mother was born in Lawrence Weston Lane in 1881. If any other members of the family have any information on the family I would love to hear from them. I have gathered quite a bit but anything more would be welcome. [ref: 0068]

13/12/2007 History of the George Inn
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Posted by Barry R Catlin, Chepstow

Having read the above article on your web-site and researching the CATLIN family history, would anyone know where I can access the Densmore Walker reference to the Baron Diary and also the Catlin pictures from the late Miss E Collins. Thank you for your support. [ref: 0064]

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Posted by Ian Spence, Bicton, Western Australia

I am researching my family tree and wonder if anyone is researching or has any information on the following families in Clifton/Shirehampton from the early 1900's: SPENCE, ROSSITER, NOBLE, PICKFORD or ROYAL [ref: 0001]

22/10/2007 JAMES BIRD
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Posted by Maureen Carroll, Ontario, Canada

I am researching my ancestors in the Shirehampton area and would appreciate suggestions where I might look for more results. JAMES BIRD married ANNE PENNANT in Liverpool in 1803. Shortly after the marriage I found them living at GILSLAKE Farm, in the Parish of Almondsbury. A few miles from that property was another BIRD farmer which makes me wonder if they are related. Why would James Bird move to Glouc otherwise? On my Grandfather's birth certificate it states he was born in Shirehampton - I gather Almondsbury and Shirehampton are fairly close. Is St Mary's Church located in Shirehampton or Almondsbury or are there two St Mary churches? Thank you for your interest. [ref: 0002]

22/10/2007 Frederick Lewis
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Posted by Margaret Alexander, Swindon, Wiltshire

I am looking for information regarding Frederick Lewis who was Station Master at Sea Mills 1881, 1891 and 1901 census. His children, especially Samuel, who had two sons, Ivor and Leslie and trying to contact Ivor's daughter Margaret, still living in Bristol and we believe Shirehampton. Any information about the family would be so helpful, they are my "brick wall". [ref: 0003]

24/02/2007 Moses Kilminster
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Posted by Helen, Victoria, Australia

My name is Helen & I live in Victoria, Australia. I came across an article someone had written about their visit here, it was very good. It was called "My boomerang did come back". I was "googling" Shirehampton", trying to find info on my G,G,G,G, grandfather Moses Kilminster. He was born in your town in 1774 & married Mary (?). He died in Bristol, 1840. There was an article in your paper that states that Moses owned "The George Inn" in the early 1800's. I am trying to find anything on him & his wife. Also his son George, b, 1835, who married Elizabeth Hillier in 1844. I'm sure I will be distant cousin to some of you!!! Thankyou for your time. [ref: 0008]

29/01/2007 ohn and Sarah Manning
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Posted by Jack Manning, Flookburgh, Cumbria

My father was born in a maternity home in Bristol in 1906 but was adopted at the age of about 2 years - by a family in Cumbria. Our family, including my father (now deceased) have tried desperately to find any of his family. After my father was adopted in about 1908, our family have not been able to find any trace of his birth family - even after determined research through records.We now hear that his grand parents, John and Sarah Manning are buried at Shirehampton. Is there anyone in that community who would be kind enough to look in the cemetery for their grave or in the parish records if there is no headstone. Is there more than one cemetery in Shirehampton? If someone could just verify that this is the case then we would come down from Cumbria to look at the grave and perhaps concentrate our seaches in that area. [ref: 0010]

15/11/2006 Massam/Jakeman
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Posted by Peter Wallhead, Metheringham, Lincoln

On searching my family tree I found out that my mother Marjorie May Massam lived at 18b Priory Rd Shirehampton. She gave birth to my presumably half sister on the 13 Aug 1942. My sister was adopted and then named Elizabeth Jane Jakeman. Her adoptive father was a high ranking police officer. We think my mother had her adopted because at the time Bristol was in rubble and there was of course poverty and rationing. Does anyone know either my mother or sister from around that time? [ref: 0011]

15/05/2006 Herbert and Gertrude Cook
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Posted by Marlene Shaw, Bargoed, Mid-Glamorgan

I am looking for any relatives or info on my Grt Uncle Herbert and Grt Aunt Gertrude Cook who lived at Quarry Road Shirehampton in the 1950 /60`s not sure when, Herbert originally from Wales, I believe they had two daughters Rosie and Gertrude if anyone knows of any relations please get in touch, Many Thanks [ref: 0013]

27/01/2006 George THOMAS
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Posted by Patricia G., Melbourne, Australia

From the 1841 census I have found the family of George THOMAS and wife Sarah farming at Shirehampton and through the subsequent censuses descendents to 1881 still in the district. They also had some interaction with the ROSSER family of Henbury with whom my own THOMAS ancestors of Almondsbury were related. Anyone researching these families and could perhaps offer some help as to whether the THOMAS families were related. I see a James THOMAS died at Shirehampton 2nd December 1877 and his wife Frances 1873. Is there a graveyard surviving in the village? Any information appreciated. [ref: 0014]

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Posted by John Featherstone, Weston-super-Mare

CAPTAIN JACK GARLICK, Merchant Navy (lived in Bristol and married to Gracie) lost around 1941 in the North Atlantic understood, with all hands. Ship unknown. Any help with tracing medals that could have been awarded would be gratefully received. [ref: 0015]

12/08/2005 John Weeks
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Posted by Barb Drummond

I am researching John Weeks of Bristol's Bush Tavern who retired to Shirehampton in the early 1800s. His brother and nephew both Phillip, were involved with the Lamplighters in at about this time. His daughter lived in the village about 1840. Can anyone help with information on these people? Regards. [ref: 0016]

31/05/2005 Frances Shayle George
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Posted by Caroline Morris, Auckland New Zealand

I am currently researching my Late mother in law's family and have traced the line back to a Frances Shayle George who was the daughter of John Southwell. She was born in Clifton Circa 1827-9 and she married at Boyton in 1848. She and her husband Thomas Shayle George then emigrated to New Zealand in 1850 with their young son. I have been unable to find any reference to John other than his son George (born 1808) from his first marriage. George was a vicar at Yetminster Dorset I have some sketchy information about John Southwell from family papers that say he was a lawyer and received the Freedom of Bristol at some stage but there the trail goes cold. I would appreciate any information on John Southwell. [ref: 0019]

11/03/2004 LEAVER family
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Posted by John Leaver, Stonehouse, Glos

I stumbled across the wonderful Shirehampton web-site whilst doing a search for information about the Remount Department for Avonmouth/Shirehampton. If anyone has info. on the Remounts generally or has any recollections of the LEAVER family of Kingsweston Avenue, Shire, I would be thrilled to hear from them. Charles Edward Leaver, my grandfather, was an officer in the Remount Department during WWI. [ref: 0022]

03/04/2004 Leonard Cook
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Posted by Marlene Shaw, Mid-Glamorgan

Hi, I am researching my Family Tree, my Grandfather`s Brother who I have recently found was living at 372 Portway Shirehampton in abt 1954 ,would anyone know of any Family or relatives of Leonard Cook (who once lived in Wales). Are Leonards Family still living in the area at all? Please contact me. [ref: 0021]

08/03/2004 Mary Herbert
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Posted by Pam Mason, Basingstoke, Hants

I'm trying to trace any relatives of a Mary Herbert who used to live at 86 Bradley Crescent, Shirehampton, Bristol (during the 1920s possibly). My grandmother, Winifred Catherine Drew, from Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire, used to refer to her as cousin Mary. Sorry I don't have any further info than that, but if anyone does know of her or her offspring, I'd very much appreciate an e-mail. [ref: 0024]

17/04/2003 Mary Ann Onion
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Posted by B Ward

Can any kind Shirehamptonian help with my family research please. Mary Ann Onion is buried in Shirehampton cemetary. She died aged 90 in 1858. In the 1851 census she was detailed as a widow, pauper, licence victualler and appears to be living in an institution in Shirehampton. It is believed she had connections to the Lamplighters, an inn in the Shirehampton area. I see on your website that there is mention of Mr Onion's Lamplighters and hoped there might be more info available on Mary Ann and her family. Any info on her possible address in 1851, her maiden name or family would be great - or any ideas where such records can be searched. Is the Lamplighters still there - is there any history such as the details you have on the George? Thanks [ref: 0031]

08/01/2003 Bert Churchill
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Posted by Mark Taylor

I am trying to locate information, or confirm details I have obtained off of relatives, whilst researching my family tree, that there was indeed a Barbers shop in Station Road, owned/run by a Bert Churchill, also I am having extreme difficulty in locating any information about Openacre or Open Acre Barracks where apparently during WW2, RMP were based. Any information you may be willing to offer on these 2 items, I would be grateful to receive. Thank you [ref: 0033]

12/02/2002 Charles Fredrick Palin
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Posted by Alec Roberts, Wrexham - North Wales

 01978 359304

My name is Alec Roberts and I am trying to find information on my Aunty and Uncle who lived in the Shirehampton area. Their names were:- Charles Fredrick Palin (possibly known as Charlie Palin) Pat Palin. Their one time address was:- 201 Mancroft Avenue, Lawrence Weston, Bristol. I believe that Charlie Palin past away in the early 1970's and Pat Palin past away in the late 1970's early 1980's. Information has led me to believe that they were both buried in Shirehampton. I would dearly love to find their final resting place. As our family lost contact over 30 years ago I hope someone in the area may have some information. My Aunty Pat had a sister named Jane and her husband was Fred (surname unknown). If anyone has any information would they be so kind as to contact me. [ref: 0039]