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December 2019
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Remembrance: They Shall Not Be Forgotten

This year marks eighty years since WWII began in September 1939.

It also marks the 75th Anniversary of the D‐Day landings on 6th June 1944 by the allied forces on the five beaches of Normandy, France, code named Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. This was a vital step in bringing WWII to a decisive end.

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Today many of the brave men and women who had a role to play in that war are now a memory but will never be forgotten.

This year's Remembrance Ceremony at Shirehampton's War Memorial was very well attended by young and old alike. Local veteran, 99 year old Lou Merrett passed away earlier this year, but his daughter Denise attended the ceremony in his memory and she brought along her father's medals that morning.

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It is important that future generations know of past history in order to learn from it and the sacrifices made by so many to ensure the freedom of future generations.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

Kathryn Courtney: Article and photos

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Shirehampton Craft Exhibition 2019

A flurry of colour, texture and skill, welcomed visitors and promised to thrill.
Knattering knitters were sat by the door, showing that knitting was never a chore
Quilting and quilling quirky and quaint, pictures in various media and paint,
Punchneedle, crochet, table runners and mats, gift bags and boxes and bright woolly hats,
All types of pottery vibrant and bright, a dollshouse lighthouse ‐ such a delight.
Cushions, doorstops, and soft cuddly toys, designed to bring joy to girls and boys
Lacework, wall hangings, wonderful wood, all stocking fillers for kids who are good
Necklaces made out of buttons and beads, 'Wallace' cheeseboards for lovers of cheese
Tributes to those who served in the war, felt‐ work, jewellery and so much more.
Blankets and weaving, a lamp with a shade, demonstrators showing how some crafts are made.
Papier‐mache ‐ to be seen to believe, especially the fountain that adorns Shire Green
Beavers and Brownies, Rainbows too, showed us the crafts they were taught how to do.
Stomp's paper dancers like puppets afloat; HMS Black Prince, a magnificent boat
Challenges set for kids and stitchers: film title quilting, locating wild critters!
So the skills of our crafters held all in thrall, who ventured to visit Shire Public Hall

This rather feeble attempt at verse represents a desire to avoid repetition from previous craft exhibition reports because there are just so many ways you can keep repeating the truth that it just gets better and better each year.

The quality and quantity of exhibits were as amazing as ever and it is so encouraging to know that skills are being passed on to younger people too.

There were 60 exhibitors, 380 visitors not including returners and children.

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Sue Cowdell's winning film quilt, Lion King.

Congratulations to Sue Cowdell who won the Quilters' Challenge with her Lion King. I must say a huge thank you to all who exhibited, stewarded, helped with refreshments, to Jenny's artistic eye organising the displays to best advantage and especially to Gail and Ed and the committee. They don't just wave a magic wand and it all happens; organising and planning is a year‐ long exercise and the commitment shows. So THANK YOU on behalf of all the happy visitors.

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Photograph by Bob Pitchford.
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Photograph by Bob Pitchford.

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Judy Helme

Support Our Local High Street: Choice Carpets

Choice Carpets

Andrew Wilkins is the owner and Director of Choice Carpets in Shirehampton's High Street. The shop was originally owned by a husband and wife team, Mike and Sue, from 2007 until 2012. Drew originally worked alongside them as a Carpet Fitter. When the couple semi‐retired Drew bought the business from them in 2012.

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I did ask Drew why a carpet shop owner and fitter? I don't know how to do anything else. At the age of 14 my dad could see I was a bit of a wayward child. I wasn't very good academically and discipline was an issue too at school. My brother was a Carpet Fitter and dad asked him to take me on for Saturday work and holidays. It gave me guidance and kept me out of trouble. By the age of 21 I had my own van and contracts with shops, being self employed and I loved it. I still fit carpets at busy times of the year but I've got sub‐ contractors, fitters who work for me on set days of the week, and I've known them for quite a long time now.

Choice Carpets is an independent shop so how does he compare with the bigger companies? We try and cover all areas of normal flooring, carpets, vinyl, laminate, luxury vinyl tiles. We do a budget range up to high end luxury carpets and floorings. We mainly do houses and flats but we do some contract work for small offices. I try and offer a good all round price and it's very rare I get beaten on price with the bigger companies. Even if they offer free fitting, I don't know anyone who works for nothing. It may be a small shop but we take pride in our work, we give the personal touch. I will go along to the customer's home, measure up, take sample books with me, leave you with a quote and allow the customer to get back to me when ready to order. We can help move furniture but you need to let us know. We can remove your carpet rubbish but will charge a fee as we don't have a licence but have a gentleman who takes away our rubbish who does. Commercial disposal has to be paid for and the big businesses tend to stay away from this.

I asked Drew his thoughts on the High Street. I like the way Shirehampton has kept village life and sense of community. People say hello or good morning or tap on the shop window and wave, many are customers. I think the shops could benefit from mezzanine roofing across the pavement areas to help keep shoppers dry in rain. We need to encourage diversity in the High Street so people can shop locally as it has changed to much of the same shops over the years.

Kathryn Courtney: Article and Photo

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The Good Life

One of the great joys of living in Shirehampton is the sense of community.

And as the nights get dark, and the weather less pleasant, the people around us become more important.

In December, it is all about the lead up to Christmas. For us the highlights are the Santa Dash and Carols on the Green.

We are so excited about the Santa Dash. We took part last year, and doing a warm up with hundreds of Santas and elves was a great comic moment. I'm hoping it is a little colder this year as running round the streets of Shire in a full length felt Santa suit was hot, hot, hot! It was so lovely to see lots of familiar faces at the PBA club, and to share a post run Christmas meal with our neighbours afterwards.

Someone will know how long Carols on the Green has been happening for. I have a feeling it is one of those Shire traditions that has been going for decades and absolutely defines Christmas for a lot of people who grew up here. We are relative new comers, and what with the kids have only managed one. We are determined to make it this year, whether we are in tune or not!

Inevitably, Christmas will have its less fun bits, mostly after spending a little too much time with the relatives. But there are so many people in this world who will be cold, hungry and alone this Christmas. For us the things that matter are warmth, good food, good company. We don't need lots of stuff, expensive presents, days of trawling the shops.

Community is worth more than that, so thank you for being a part of it this year, and we hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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The Lamplighters, watering hole. Photograph courtesy of Bob Pitchford ©.
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The Tow path, Lamplighters end. Photograph courtesy of Bob Pitchford ©.
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Avonmouth end of the Tow path. Photograph courtesy of Bob Pitchford ©.
Ding dong Mary Lee on high, in Devon the bells are ringing.
Shire Kiddie

PJ'S Master Barber Leads Fight Against Knife Crime

Lizzy Tucker, owner of PJ's Barber Shop in Station Road, has been awarded the status of Master Barber, the highest accolade that a Barber can achieve.

After 37 years cutting hair Lizzy says I love my job, cutting is in my blood and I can't see myself ever giving it up. I feel very humble to receive this award. Lizzy has been supporting local trade and helping the village to thrive for seventeen years.

PJ's Barber Shop has recently joined a charitable campaign to take knives off our streets.

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BARBERS AGAINST BLADES aims to raise awareness of knife crime in the local community and offers a safe, confidential, no questions asked place to hand in a blade or weapon. Lizzy and her team are asking everyone to spread the word to save lives!

Lizzy said Knife crime is getting out of hand and I am passionate about supporting this amazing campaign. Barbers up and down the country are flocking to support BARBERS AGAINST BLADES. We donate the price of a hair cut a month to keep the campaign going.

Just put the blade in a plastic bag, pop it under or on the seat or hand it to my team. No questions, no conversation, nothing. Just a knife off the streets. A life saved! If I only get one knife handed in it will have been a success.

When a blade or weapon is handed in Lizzy will take it to a Police Station. Local Police forces are very happy to support this campaign.

My Mind and Me

Mind you have powers of reason and thought
(A fictitious person, body & mind)

I'm your mind inside a body shell
as my mind passes with you through life
it sometimes stops confused ‐ then moves on
Making me happy again with life
Mind I still remember the
brightest of stars and moon
!Don't be afraid ‐ my body will stay close
to you mind ‐ powers of reason and thought are
shining through‐ our journey is not over
We are not both slipping away
on that autumn breeze
We are still together with lots of....future
left in us ‐ Body mind in this person ‐
are all together, as we journey
down life's road to happiness.....OK

!Thanks I'm mind so happy now

John Barrett

Poet, Tuesday Group

Shirehampton Library

Support Our Local High Street: Elite Hair And Beauty.

Lorraine Douglas is the owner of Elite Hair and Beauty in Shirehampton's High Street. She went to Portway School and lives locally. Her hair dressing career began in Shirehampton with Sugar and Spice and she also worked at their Westbury‐on‐Trym branch.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I left school and it was my mum who sort of led the way to my career. It was after I had my children that I realised hair dressing and my children worked well together.

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Having worked for Nigel for a couple years for my apprenticeship, I became a mobile hairdresser and was extremely busy. My car boot was filled up with stuff, I couldn't go shopping! So I decided to work from home which I did for ten years. From there I bought a salon in Sea Mills and later this salon in Shirehampton. Unfortunately due to illness I had to sell the shop in Sea Mills. However I really do love my job and being part of the High Street.

The salon offers beauty treatments as well as hair dressing. We do all the usual cut and blow dry, quick trims, hair ups, colourings, including special occasions and weddings. We do special hair treatments. I was the only one in my class to do afro hair and chemical straightening. I also gained my qualifications in beauty and we do leg waxing, facials, epiderm abrasions, nails, in fact top to toe beauty treatments.

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I did employ people in my salon up but I decided to take a step back so my girls are self‐ employed which means when I'm not here the salon is still working. We all enjoy working here. We have lovely customers, we share a laugh, have a chat. We get along very well and it is a friendly salon for everyone.

When I asked about the High Street today Lorraine said. We need to look at what we have right now. The High Street needs some thought; we need shops that people will come for. There are too many shops that are the same and our customers feel the same about this issue.

Kathryn Courtney: Article and Photo

Climate Emergency News

Understanding Energy in Shirehampton

David Tudgey of Bristol Energy Network (BEN) spoke to the Shirehampton Climate Emergency Group about Bristol's efforts to be a carbon neutral and climate resilient city by 2030. Bristol Energy Network links community groups all over the city which are trying to create renewable energy solutions for fuel poverty and to reduce carbon emissions in their neighbourhoods. David is director of projects at BEN and has been heavily involved in planning and delivering the new community wind turbine for Ambition Lawrence Weston.

The Climate Emergency Group also hosted a Winter Event on 23rd November which included a talk by the C.H.E.E.S.E. Project (Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts). Energy Efficiency Experts will survey your home to target heat‐loss faults and suggest ways to reduce them, helping you to reduce fuel bills AND have a warmer house! We know that domestic heating is a major source of the carbon emissions driving global warming, so reducing energy waste in our homes will contribute to combating climate change.

And it's not only energy we waste. Robin Maynard of Population Matters gave a talk on the way over‐population stresses resources and contributes to climate change. We all know how easy it is to consume too much, especially at this time of year, so there was also advice on how to have a happy but environmentally friendly and sustainable Christmas.

If you are concerned about climate change and its impact on your life you may want to come along to the Climate Emergency Group's meetings. At the moment we are planning a Flood Risk and Awareness event in February. And some of us are working with Parks to create pollinator friendly planting in public places. Maybe you'd like to help. We meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road, BS11 9HA, at 7:30 pm. Meetings are open to all and we aim to have guest speakers once a month. Meetings and talks are FREE.

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Ready, Steady, Read at Nova Primary School

At the end of Term 1, Nova Primary School held a 'Ready Steady Read' sponsored reading event across the whole school to celebrate and encourage a lifelong love of reading at home and in school.

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The whole school was buzzing as children enjoyed reading everything they could get their hands on: novels, magazines, websites, comics and even packaging, over the course of just one week. They counted up minutes read and asked family and friends to sponsor them. The event, organised by former Nova Primary School teacher, Mrs Coleman, from Usborne Books, was a massive success with generous sponsorship of over £1200 from our families. Our book fair brought the total up to £1500 and Usborne topped this up enabling us to buy a whopping £2300 worth of books for our classrooms and library!

Next week, children taking part will be awarded certificates for their effort and book prizes will be given for the most money raised and most sponsors in each class. We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support of our school community and look forward to filling up our book shelves with lots of exciting new titles.

St. Mary's News ‐  December

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Hi Folks!

May I wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful New Year.

We have a very busy December here at St Mary's, as you can imagine.

  • Advent Sunday ‐ 1st December

    • 8.30 am Kids Klub
    • 10.00 am Holy Communion Service
    • 6.00 pm Tree of Light Service
    At this service the white lights are lit and we hang your Memorial Cards on the branches. Tea & Coffee will follow the Service and Singers from St Mary's, Stoke Bishop, and St Mary's, Shirehampton will sing Carols in the Churchyard. Please do join us if you can.

  • GLOW at the Tithe Barn ‐  Monday 2nd December

    • Monday 2nd December GLOW at the Tithe Barn 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm for youngsters aged 10 to 17. This service aims to dive deeper into Faith, the Bible and life's tough questions.
      Effectively, it is a Messy Church for teenagers. Hot snacks served from 7:15 Entirely free.
    • Wednesday, 4th December the Golden Oldies sing songs from the past 10.30‐ 11.30 am.

    Please note that the January session will be on WEDNESDAY, 8th January.

  • Sunday, 8th December ‐ 

    • 8.30 am Kids Klub
    • 10.00 am All Age Holy Communion Service
    • 4.00 pm Christingle Service
      What is that? some of you might say. Well, a Christingle is an Orange which represents the World. It has a Candle on the top which represents Christ's light over the World. A red ribbon is wrapped around the middle symbolizing Christ's blood, shed for us all. There are four Cocktail sticks stuck into the Orange with sweets on the end of them. These represent the four seasons of the year. This is a lovely family service‐ there will be Christmas carols too.
    • 5.00 pm A similar service will be held in the Cotswold Centre in Dursley Road where anyone will be made most welcome.

  • Saturday ‐ 14th December

    • 10.30am ‐ Carols in the Churchyard to raise funds for Christian Aid. Please join them from 10am if you enjoy singing.
    • 7.00 pm ‐ the Shirehampton Area Choir annual Christmas Concert in the church to raise funds for The Kanamai Development Trust in Kenya. This money helps provide clean water, sanitation & essential basic food, education, primary health care, employment & self‐sufficiency for 10,000 villagers. Tickets for the Concert are available for £5.00 from the Church Office. During the Interval Mince Pies and Mulled Wine will be served.

  • Sunday ‐ 15th December

    • 8.30 am Kids Klub
    • 10.00am Holy Communion
    • 6.00 pm Christmas Carol service, followed by mince pies and mulled wine

  • Messy Church ‐ Tuesday, 17th December

    • Tuesday, 17th December, Messy Church 3.30 ‐ 5.00 pm with the Stomp Dancing Team
  • Two school Christmas services ‐ Thursday, 19th December

    • Thursday, 19th December Two school Christmas services.
    • Holy Communion service will be held as usual at 11.00 am.

  • Local Councillor surgery ‐  Friday, 20th December

    • Friday, 20th December, Local Councillor surgery from 10.00 am‐12.00 noon in the church. Tea & Coffee will be served as usual!

  • Sunday ‐ 22nd December

    • 8:30 am Kids Klub Service
    • 10:00 am Family Service

  • Tuesday ‐ 24th December

    • 4.00 pm Christmas Eve Family Crib Service. We encourage everyone to come dressed as a Nativity character. Children from our Kids Klub will present scenes from the Nativity.
    • 11.30 pm Midnight Mass‐ a Communion Service and celebration of Christ's birth
    • 10.00 am on Christmas morning All Age Communion Service.

Please note the church will be closed completely from Thursday, 26th (Boxing Day) until Tuesday, 2nd January, 2020, with the exception of Sunday, 29th December for our 10.00 am Holy Communion Service. There is NO Kids Klub on this day. This is in order to give all our amazing volunteers and staff a well‐earned break.

May I take the opportunity, on behalf of Reverend Helen, to thank everyone who contributes so much to our church and community life, whether you donate your time, money or items for the church, for our coffee mornings, our children and youth groups or any other activities.

The list is endless and we could not provide all the services and visits we do without your help ‐ we are extremely grateful to you all.

Wishing you all a joyful, blessed Christmas and a restful New Year.


News from Shirehampton Baptist Church

November began with a Safeguarding Course about the importance of Safe‐guarding within the Church context. The course was designed by the Baptist Union of Great Britain and proved to be very helpful.

On November 10th we remembered all who lost their lives in World Wars one and two and also those who fought in the wars that followed in various parts of the world and which are still going on.

Some important Christmas events to announce:

  • Carol and Christingle service ‐ December 8th

    December 8th there will be a Carol and Christingle service in the Cotswold Community hall Dursley Road at 5pm. We invite folk of all ages to learn the Christmas message through a beautiful visual aid and whether you can sing or not bring your voice to join in the carols.

  • Mainly Music ‐ December 12th

    On December 12th Mainly Music ends the term with a party full of fun and surprises.

  • Carol service at our Church in Station Road ‐ 6 30 pm on Sunday December 22nd

    Nearer Christmas there will be a Carol service at our Church in Station Road at 6 30 pm on Sunday December 22nd and a Family Time at 10 30am on Christmas Morning

  • Shire Carols on the Green ‐ Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve is Shire Carols on the Green. This tradition has been going for many years and unites the village. It will be led by Lyn Morton who with her husband Chris runs the Charity ALfA which develops skills with adults with learning disabilities. Bring your jam jars and candles and may the words of the carols reach your hearts.

May this Christmas Season bring all readers peace and joy

Christmas at the Churches

Christmas at the churches

  • St Mary's

    • Sunday, 22nd December ‐ 8.30 am Kids Klub Service 10:00 am Family Service NO EVENING SERVICE
    • Tuesday, 24th December ‐ 4:00 pm Family Crib Service 11:30 pm Midnight Mass and Communion Service
    • Christmas Day ‐ 10:00 am All Age Communion Service
  • Shirehampton Methodist Church

    • Sunday 22nd December 3:30 ‐ Candle‐lit Carol Service led by KiGglle
    • Christmas Day 10:00am ‐ Morning Worship
    • Sunday 29th December ‐ Morning Worship at Horfield Methodist Church (NO service in Shirehampton)
  • Shirehampton Baptist Church

    • December 8th ‐ Christingle Carol Service at the Community Hall, Dursley Road 5:00 pm
    • December 22nd 10:30 am ‐ Sunday Service 6:30 pm Carol Service
    • Christmas Day ‐ Short Family Service 10:00 am

Hello and Happy Christmas from Shire Methodist

We are looking forward to many Christmas events this December.

Please come along and join us if you can.

  • On Sunday 1st December, we will gather for Morning Worship as usual at 11am but will be outside, at the relevant time, to encourage the Santa Dashers along the High Street with waving and cheers, and perhaps a few prayers!
  • The following day, Monday 2nd December, there will be a Film Club tea, starting at 2pm. On Sunday 8th December, we will join the Cotswold Christian Community at 5pm at the Cotswold Centre, Dursley Road, for carols and Christingles.
  • On Sunday 22nd December, we are holding a candle‐lit carol service in our church at 3.30pm, which will be led by KiGglle (our young people's group).
  • Christmas Day will be celebrated at our church with Morning Worship from 10am, Wednesday 25th December.
  • We will end the year by joining our friends at Horfield Methodist Church for Morning Worship on Sunday 29th December: please note there will not be a service at Shirehampton Methodist Church on that day.

Another key event this December is a general election.

This might fill you with apathy, dread or perhaps hope that there is an opportunity to do something constructive towards the next chapter of our country's political life. The Methodist Church belongs to an organisation called the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) which works with other churches for peace and justice. JPIT reminds us in the run‐up to these elections to Love, Pray and Vote.

The areas of life that JPIT encourages us to think about when voting are public services (housing, education, social care and healthcare), poverty in the UK, refugees and migration, the climate emergency, Britain in the world (defence, aid and trade), Union in the UK and Brexit. As people who are called to love our neighbours, we might feel compelled to contact our prospective future MPs to find out their policies relating to each of these areas and consider how they might affect our local, national and global neighbours.

Here we are talking about religion and politics, two issues that many of us have been encouraged to avoid due to the fear of arguments, conflict and division. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, gave some very helpful advice almost 250 years ago. He wrote that on 6th October, 1774, I met with those of our society who had votes in the ensuing election, and advised them:

  1. To vote, without fee or reward, for the person they judged most worthy;
  2. To speak no evil of the person they voted against;
  3. To take care their spirits were not sharpened against those that voted on the other side.

May God's peace be with you all during December.

Everyone at Shire Methodist

St Bernard's parishioners warmly welcome you to our Carols with the Community event on Sunday, Dec 15th from 3‐4pm in St Bernard's Catholic church.

Join us for some traditional carols as well as songs chosen by our Polish‐speaking and Malayalam‐speaking church families. There will be a chance to sing, reflect upon seasonal readings and try sweet treats from some of the cultures represented in our church!

Everyone is welcome to this event for all the family.

Tandem Arts is running a couple of free family craft activities in the run up to Christmas.

Come along to the Shirehampton Public Hall on Saturday Dec 7th 10am‐12noon for some festive crafting. Suitable for all ages.

Children are to be accompanied by an adult.

Another creative afternoon will be taking place in the library on Tuesday Dec 10th , 3pm‐5pm.

This is when 'Shire's Living Room' is opening its doors to all and everyone interested to drop in for a chat, a drink, a game or some other activity as advertised.

Shire's Living Room @Shire Library

Friends of Shire Library invite you to their

Christmas Party in Shire's Library Living Room, Thursday 12th December, 6:00 ‐ 8:00 pm.

Cast your vote in the Public Hall and then join us for a hot drink, mince pies and a friendly chat. Hope to see you then.

Talking Tables Cooking Sessions at Lawrence Weston Community Farm

If you are aged 50+ and would like to feel more confident about cooking nutritious and tasty food

If you would you like to meet and eat with people in a fun and friendly environment then come along to LinkAge Talking Tables at Lawrence Weston Community Farm every Tuesday from 21st January to 10th March 2020 10am ‐ 1pm.

Sessions are free and suitable for people with access or dietary requirements.

What's On at Lawrence Weston Farm in December and January?

  • Farm Tots ‐  Wednesdays 10.30‐11.30am £2.50

    Help feed the animals. For under 5s and their carers. Drop in most Wednesdays. Please check Facebook for any changes.

  • Walking Group ‐  Wednesdays 2‐3.30pm

    Improve your health and meet new people by joining our free, friendly, weekly walking group. If coming for the first time, please arrive at 1.45 to sign up.

  • Gardening Group ‐ Fridays 11 ‐12.30pm

    Interested in getting involved in gardening on the farm? Come along Fridays to help with our gardens. Call Ian 0117 9381128 for more details.

  • Herbs for Health First ‐  Friday of the Month 11‐12.30

    Help sow and grow a range of herbs and learn about their uses. Have a go at using them for cooking and wellbeing. Meet new people and spend time outside. These sessions are for people living locally to the farm. Free. No experience necessary. Contact Kerry@lwfarm.org.uk 0117 9381128

  • Garland and Cards ‐ Tues 3rd Dec 10am‐2pm £40

    Lino Print your own Christmas Cards and make a Christmas Garland. Bring a lunch, hot drinks and seasonal snacks provided. To book https://garland‐and‐card.eventbrite.co.uk

  • Woodland Skills ‐ Dates TBC Mondays 10‐1 January 2020

    Meet other people, enjoy being outside, gain confidence. Have a go at whittling, fire making, weaving, using tools and more on this 6 week course. To book a place call Kerry on 0117 9381128 or kerry@lwfarm.org.uk. This course is aimed at people with few or no qualifications or living with mental health issues.

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Nature Notes…

awaiting photo
Incy wincy

I was tidying up the cushions in the conservatory a couple of weeks ago, as you do, and spotted what I thought was a stain on the back of one.

On looking closer, I realised a stain it most certainly wasn't!! I am now the carer of a little clutch of spiderlings!! Will do some serious research to find out when they are likely to hatch!

On a much less nervy subject, I added peanuts to the mix in the garden, to encourage different birds to visit. If worked very quickly, as blue tits, a Robin and joy of joys, a group of long tailed tits have come a calling!

I will also put suet pellets out in a tray for the Robin. I feel they struggle a bit with the conventional feeders.

I had to give the gold finches feeder a very deep clean recently. The very wet weather had caused the food at the base to start to go mouldy, and the birds had sensibly decided to look elsewhere for a while. It's a big feeder, with ten perches, so really fiddly, but I was really pleased I got it clean before it did too much damage to my little friends.

It will soon be a busy time with winter fast approaching, so I need to keep on top of things from now on!

Happy nature watching all, Bobbie Perkins.

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐‐>    editor@shire.org.uk

 Re: Frederick Redwood's letter concerning the Market Garden in Pembroke Road  Christopher M. Eynon

Dear Editor,

With reference to Frederick Redwood's letter concerning the Market Garden in Pembroke Road ‐ this business was owned by the Hayward family. Mr Hayward was unkindly nicknamed Humpy Hayward as he unfortunately had a hump back. There was also a Greengrocer's shop in Pembroke Road on the corner of Pembroke Avenue which, if my memory is correct, was also owned by the Hayward family. It later became a Dress Shop.

Christopher M. Eynon.

 HUGE THANK YOU to all who supported  Jo Pickford & Jo Barnes

Dear Editor,

We wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all our friends, family and local people who were able to come along and support our Coffee Morning in aid of BREAST CANCER on 18th October. £504.45 was raised from the sale of raffle tickets, drinks & cakes. Thank you to the 191 Scout Group for letting us use the hut. We collected a large number of bras which have been donated to help raise further funds for research into breast cancer. We really appreciate everyone's support.

Jo Pickford & Jo Barnes

 Parks Department EXCEL  Gil Osman

Dear Editor,

What an excellent job the Parks Department of Bristol City Council is making of clearance work at Lamplighters Marsh. It's amazing what can be done with one man ( a very helpful employee) and one machine. The scrub is being cut back to the large brambles and other bushes, leaving the area much more open and attractive. Walkers are not confined to the footpath and children can leave the path to explore, with room to run around and play with a ball and so on; i.e. it is much more family friendly. It also reduces the possible conflict between walkers and riders. The picnic‐ tables will be much more in use by families if the area is maintained in this way in the summer. Lone female walkers and joggers will feel less threatened in this much more open environment.

So well done, again, to the Council! This is the sort of thing I pay my rates for. I wish Bristol City Council would apply the same treatment to Penpole Point and the picnic area in Shirehampton Park.

Yours sincerely,

Gil Osman

Avonmouth Football Club Centenary

Avonmouth FC is celebrating its centenary this year and has organised a number of events to mark this milestone.

Like many men's organisations it was formed directly after the Great War to provide activities that would counteract the horrors experienced during the previous four years of conflict. The village church was central to the club's launch and the club was known for many years as Avonmouth St Andrews.

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AFC 1953-54 Suburban League Div 1 winners

Over the years there have been a number of local families involved in the club's organisation and development with the principal ambition of being central in the community. In its first 75 years there were only three secretaries: Arthur Rowley, Bert Britton and Des Villis. On the playing side there have been a number of professional footballers who commenced their careers at Avonmouth, including brothers Ernie and Jack Brinton, Tommy Wright, Harold 'H' Jarman and probably the most famous, Roy Bentley,who captained Chelsea to their first ever English Division 1 (now Premiership) title and who also played for England as centre forward. Several Avonmouth FC players have represented the county of Gloucestershire and Suburban League, including Bert Britton, Jeff Holloway, Dave (Oscar) Rowley, Mike Pugh, Dave Potter and Mike Sperring who captained the Suburban League side.

the club has won many honours

Over the years the club has won many honours at junior and senior level including the Bristol and Suburban League top division title. The current first team is again at the top of the league and hoping for promotion to the Gloucestershire County League. Ground development is also continuing with the pitch being turned through 90? and superb new changing rooms and toilets added this year, satisfying higher league requirements.

The club, like most local organisations, has experienced the ups and downs of amateur sport and most significantly had to vacate its West Town Road ground when the Ministry of Transport compulsory purchased the King George's Trust site to build the M5 Avon Road Bridge in 1967. This meant playing fixtures at other grounds including Sea Mills Park, Portway Playing Field and Canford Park, enabling two senior and two junior sides to continue.

considerable difficult negotiations

The Trust was given a site at the end of Barracks Lane as compensation but due to its poor construction it was never going to be suitable for soccer. With the agreement of the rugby and bowls clubs, that make up the Trust, and after considerable difficult negotiations with the City Council, Avonmouth FC returned to Avonmouth Road in 1986 utilising the pitch and clubhouse vacated by Avonmouth Rugby Club.

Avonmouth FC has been supported extensively over the years by local businesses and shops such as Jarmans, Frosts, Vincent's Coaches and most recently the Enovert Community Trust, Nisbets, Ibstock Enovert Trust and The Bristol Port Company.

The club has considerable paper archive including photographs and AGM minutes dating back to the 1920's but the most important personal memories have been lost ‐ there is no one left from those very early days!

Since researching the club's history we have identified two other Avonmouth football clubs, namely Athletic and Rovers who were in existence prior to WW1. There was also a football pitch adjacent to Cook Street but no one knows who played there. So if anyone can shed light on these two other clubs and whether there was a relationship with Avonmouth St Andrews we would be delighted to hear from you. There are excellent short personal recollections of Avonmouth football available in the two Mouthful of Memories booklets produced by Judy Helme and Sue Davies, but we would love more recollections to fill the gaps and complete the Avonmouth Football Club 100 year history.

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club

Saturday November 2nd the City and Port of Bristol play the first of three indoor friendly games arranged for the Winter Season at the City and County of Bristol Indoor Bowls Club.

Playing on six rinks the opponents were the formidable Indoor Club Team.

Some of the City and Port players do play indoors through the outdoor close season but for others this was an opportunity to try their hand at bowling on what is a very different surface to grass. An enjoyable afternoon's bowling ended with a meal, a drink and a chat about the game of bowls won 133 ‐ 77 by the hosts.

The next indoor game is on Saturday January 18th and the final one on Saturday February 29th both starting at 6.15pm ‐‐‐ both games will be against local club teams.

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Transistor radio, me? Nooooo…
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The City and County Indoor Club opened in 2000. It has nine rinks to bowl on and an excellent bar and catering facility.The current membership is about 750 drawn from Bristol and the surrounding areas. The club has hosted some prestigious events and next April the World Singles and Mixed Pairs Championships will be played there.

Having such an excellent bowling facility in BS3 enables bowlers to bowl all year round‐ outdoors from April until September and indoors for the remainder of the year.

Prior to the opening of the Indoor Club there was a six rink facility under the Dolman Stand at the City Ground and some of the long standing bowlers still speak of that with great affection and have wonderful memories of it ‐‐‐ especially Sunday evenings.

What else is going on at the City and Port of Bristol Club?

There will be two Sunday evening Social Events on January 26th and on March 29th. Between the two early in March, comes the Annual Winter Bowling Break which once again will be at the TLH in Torquay. There will be bowling each day on the hotel's own four rink indoor arena and also the chance to make the most of the wide range of facilities that the hotel has to offer. There is plenty of time to explore Torquay and the surrounding area using the excellent bus service or maybe the Land Train.

why not come and see us

Bowling really is the Sport for All, so why not come and see us at the start of the 2020 season in April. You can try bowling completely free of charge or obligation. If you like it and decide to join a club shirt is yours also free of charge. The club has two qualified coaches waiting to provide coaching for new bowlers or for existing bowlers looking to improve.

The green is situated adjacent to the main City and Port of Bristol ( PBA) Club and there is a large free car park.

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