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Posted by Pamela Gentry, Gloucestershire


I am trying to find a Childhood Friend called Teresa (Terry Nee Williams) Now Mrs Vincent. I last corresponded with her about 20 years ago. I came across her letter only last week, but she has obviously changed her e.mail address now.. She was living in Hampshire then... I know she has a Brother called David Williams, who I last heard, was living in Henbury..Dave if you read this, would you also reply to this. (I hope Alison & Craig might see this and alert you to it, if you don't use iPad). I used to live opposite you when we were young. Terry was very friendly with Pam Webb who I didn't know at the time, lived not far from me when we were grown up and Married . Here's hoping that someone will know where Terry is now. Thank you Shire Magazine, for having such a Paper to keep Old Friendships alive. Pam. (Nee Fitzgerald). [ref: ]

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