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29/10/2017 `The Lodging House` Shirehampton

Posted by John Inwood, Staines.

I am trying to find information on the Riverside Lodging House, West Town Road in the early 1900`s. I have seen a map of the area dated about 1900 which shows what I believe to be West Town Road running from the Mission Hut towards the river. There are houses shown close to the Mission Hut but nothing much nearer the river which I find surprising since letters to the Western Daily Press in 1905 complain of the lodging house sometimes flooding twice a day, at high tide, because the banks had not been repaired following a storm. The keeper of this lodging house at the time was a Richard Walker, and in 1908 one John Inwood. I would be very interested in any information concerning the lodging house or the above names. [ref: ]

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