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June 2019
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Shirehampton Community Plan

The story thus far

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Penpole Lunch Club Receive Easter Donation.

The local Co-op in Shirehampton High Street held their Easter Raffle in aid of Penpole Lunch Club.

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Sandra White receives £140 cheque on behalf of Penpole Lunch Club.

They raised £140 for the local organisation and Sandra White received a cheque from the Co‐op staff on behalf of the Club.

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Prize draw adjudicated by a gert big RABBIT!

Sandra picked the winning raffle tickets from a box

  • first prize went to Andrew,

  • second prize had a telephone number and

  • third prize went to Gail of Staddon Pet Supplies.

by Kathryn Courtney

Golden Oldies Sing and Smile

The Golden Oldies receive a £200 Community Grant from Shire newspaper.

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Shire Newspaper Community Grants was delighted to present a cheque for £200 to the Golden Oldies at St Mary’s Church.
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The Golden‐Oldies Charity run a Sing and Smile session at St Mary’s on the first Wednesday of every month from 10:30 ‐ 11:30 am. The sing‐a‐long groups aim to reduce loneliness and isolation among older, disabled and vulnerable people.

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Up to sixteen people attend each month, but there is always room for more.

You don’t have to be a singer to enjoy a song with friends.

FREE courses ‐ Community Learning West

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Free Courses

For the communities of Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills, Shirehampton, Henbury and Brentry

Employability and Level 1 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

Sector Based Academy course in partnership with Weston College, and with interviews with Mears Care, who have vacancies in the Lawrence Weston area. Shifts will include evening and weekends. Find out about other social care jobs available as well.

Gain a level 1 qualification, FREE course to adults over 19 years who receive an eligible means tested benefit (or a partner); or who earn less than £15726.

  • Venue: Ambition Lawrence Weston, Long Cross, Lawrence Weston, BS11 0RX
  • Dates and times: Level 1 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care, 9.30 to 3pm for one week. This course may run in the summer or September, dates TBC.

Computer Skills For Absolute Beginners

Do you want to learn the basics on how to use a computer; including the language of computing and how to use a keyboard and mouse. Suitable for adults with ESOL needs as well.

Learn skills to help you at home and at work.

  • Venue: Avonmouth Community Centre, 257 Avonmouth Road, Avonmouth, BS11 9EN
  • Start date: Thursday 9th May, 1-3pm Times TBC, for 3 weeks,

Computer Skills For Work

Do you want to improve your computer skills to help you find work? Gain skills to help support you with managing Universal Credit. Covers email, using the internet, Word. Learn skills to help you at home as well.

  • Venue: Henbury Library or Lawrence Weston, venue TBC.
  • Start date: Thursday 6th June , 1-3pm TBC, for 6 weeks, option of progression to an accredited course with Weston College or City of Bristol College

Men in Sheds/Repair Café

First Saturday of the month, next one is Saturday 4th May, 10.30 to 12pm.

Blaise Weston Court, Broadlands Drive, Lawrence Weston, BS11 0AF.

Are there any other courses you or your community need? e.g.

  • Employability,
  • Level 1 Health & Social Care,
  • Family Learning,
  • Level 1 Customer Service,
  • Food Safety,
  • Relaxation for Work/ Life,
  • Maths,
  • English,
  • Computers,
  • Healthy Cooking on a Budget,
  • Starting a Business,
  • Intro to Coding.
Our FREE courses are particularly for adults 19 years+ with few or no qualifications

ESOL Conversation Clubs

Join a free ESOL English conversation group run by volunteers and supported by Community Learning/venue.

A chance to improve your spoken English, in a friendly & informal group. Opportunities to progress to a course.

  • Venue: Horfield Job Centre, BS7 0UD
  • Date and time: Friday 1.30 ‐ 3pm. This runs in term time only.
  • Venue: Junction 3 library, come and practise your English in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Date and time: Monday, 1.15 to 2.15pm. This runs in term time only.
  • Venue: Stoke Lodge Centre, Shirehampton Road, BS9 1BN
  • Date and times: term time only, 545 ‐ 6.45pm

Shirehampton Library Needs New ‘Friends’

Bristol Libraries are all staying open, for the moment.

But the threat of closures and reduced services has not gone away. So a new ‘Friends of Shirehampton Library’ group has formed.

The ‘Friends’ aim to protect our Library by making it more accessible and user friendly. They will communicate the ideas and wishes the community expressed in the Library conversations and consultation events to the Council and work with the Council to implement some of these ideas in the near future.

Already there is an application for funding to make changes that will make the Library more accessible. But, as always, change and improvement is not just a matter of bricks and mortar. The ‘Friends’ need new members who might volunteer some of their time to working towards realizing some of your suggestions, things like creating a Public Living Room, setting up talks and events, encouraging schools to use the Library more.

If you would like to befriend your Library write to ash@shirecaf.org or come to the ‘Friends’ next meeting,

Wednesday 26th June, 6:00 pm in the Public Hall.

There will also be opportunities for Council training to volunteer in Libraries. Go to Libraries.volunteering@bristol.gov.uk to find out more.

Shirehampton Community Plan

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It has been a year since the successful launch of the Shirehampton Community Plan in June 2018.

There has been a lot of activity in that year, much of it behind the scenes. So we wanted to share what has been achieved and our plans to keep all residents up to date with the first year of our 5 year plan. As we have developed ideas, we have made a point of working with partners, other groups, and residents in the village and across Bristol to strengthen links and networks in supporting the village as it grows and changes. We cannot name them all ‐ the list is too long ‐ but we would like to thank all our partners in working with us to ‘make it happen’ in Shirehampton.

Our High Street

Members of the community plan steering group have met with SUSTRANS about new benches and planters in the high street.

Everything is currently in the drafting stage but there will be a meeting held where we as a community will choose our preferences for the style of seating and planters to improve our High Street. There is £40,000 available for this project, which has come from the Port Communities Resilience Fund. SUSTRANS are helping us with the project but it is very much a project led by residents who have taken part in consultations about how we want it to look.

SUSTRANS ‐ Charity ‐ Sustainable Transport

Shirehampton ‐ A dementia friendly village

We have been investigating ways to make Shirehampton a dementia friendly village; this includes having talks with Bristol Dementia Action Alliance and our health centre. Last year two events were hosted by Shire Methodist church: a dementia friends information session and a dementia information day featuring a performance of a nationally acclaimed play Don’t Leave Me Now.

Window Wanderland

We have identified that there is a good amount of interest from residents and high street traders in setting up a Window Wanderland in Shirehampton. These events are window‐based‐display walking trails with accompanying maps and events.

A Shirehampton Window Wanderland is being planned for next year.

Poppies On The Green.

This project was a great success the end of last year.

It couldn’t have happened without the help of;

  • Nova Primary School,
  • Shirehampton Primary School,
  • Kingsweston School,
  • Oasis Brightstowe Academy,

AND everyone in the community who volunteered to paint the poppies, get the display onto The Green and taken down again and those who donated plastic bottles and the Co‐op being a collection point.


  • the Craft Exhibition,
  • St. Mary’s Church,
  • Methodist Church and
  • Public Hall

for giving space for painting poppies sessions. Also local business donating materials and the local shops also displaying poppy items in their windows provided by local schools

Without you all Poppies on the Green would not have happened.

A huge thank you to you all.

For updates for our next display in 2020 please go to www.facebook.com/poppiesonthegreen

High Street Market

We are aiming to have our first High Street Market in Shirehampton on Thursday 4th July from 10am until 2.30pm.

Background work is already under way. We have a number of market traders on our books to take part. Goods and produce made available will not be in competition with our High Street and should be a wide choice. This is not only for Shirehampton but also for the surrounding villages and we look forward to your support. The High Street Market will be held the first Thursday of every month to begin with and will be reviewed after 3 months to make any changes necessary to make it even better for the future. One of our main aims is to attract residents and shoppers from outside of the village to re‐energise our High Street and local economy.

I love Shire campaign

As part of our I Love Shirehampton campaign, we contacted local schools to explore ways we could work with them to encourage children’s appreciation of all Shirehampton has to offer. Nova School responded with an offer to include Shirehampton in their What makes Bristol Brilliant module. We were able to link Nova with Friends of Lamplighters Marsh and between them they organized a trail so that the children could draw a simple map of what they had seen, and take their family member along the route to show them what they had learnt on the trip. The route was from West Town Road, down to the former sludge dock and back. John Knight from Friends of Lamplighters Marsh (FOLM) compiled the route with images and simple descriptions, images for projection, saved on a USB memory stick for Nova to use.

Planning group

Shirehampton Planning Group was the first local group to develop directly out of the Community Plan.

It has already had its first birthday to celebrate its first full year of activity! As well as forming into a group and agreeing a constitution, the Planning Group has: responded to the draft Bristol Local Plan; responded to other consultations; been active in objecting to some planning applications and shown their support of others. Shire’s Planning Group also keeps other residents in touch with developments through Facebook and Next Door.

Our Future ‐ Our Young People

The first achievement of this action plan this year is the formation of a very successful Youth Network.

The members are: SCAF, Oasis community Hub, Avonmouth Community Association; Bristol City Council Youth Service; and Young Bristol. The network includes young people to help develop their plans and ideas. There is a lot of enthusiasm and help from the Navy Blues at Oasis Academy (so called because they wear blue ties) who talked to other young people in the school to gather ideas which were fed into a funding application. The Network has put in a joint application to the Youth Sector Support fund for a whole array of activities for local young people in Shire and Avonmouth. They will learn the outcome in early June. Let’s hope they are successful! In addition, in late spring, there will be Youth Bus sessions in Shire provided by Youth Bus for Young Bristol (YB4YB).

Friends of Shire Library

A Friends of Shire Library group was launched in April by a group of residents eager to work with BCC to support improvements to the library service in the village. The group agreed their vision of how to energise both the local library and to make it more open and welcoming for residents. Their aim is to make some of the library space into a public living room; this will be an open space for residents to meet, to make new friends and connections. It will become a hub where new activities and ideas will grow in the village. Friends of Shire Library has become a member of a city‐wide network of Friends of Library groups across the city to exchange ideas and information.

Healthy and Active Shire

Our first obvious partner for this plan was the Shirehampton Health Centre, which has proved to be very productive. They gave the Community Plan group our own notice board to advertise current events and activities in the village. Everyone is welcome to advertise community events on there. A different member of their busy staff team writes an article very month for the paper with advice and information to help us all to make best use of their services and how to keep well. Their Patient Participation Group (PPG) has also kindly allowed the aims in the Community Plan to be discussed at every meeting so we find new ways to support the health centre in including residents’ ideas on services.

Climate emergency meeting ‐ Extiction rebellion.

More than 30 people came to a meeting called by Extinction Rebellion to discuss the Climate Emergency ‐ the serious risk we face of runaway climate change if we allow global warming to increase.

The group meeting decided to form a local Shirehampton action group which will work to raise awareness and to keep pressure on the government to take significant action immediately to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

The first meeting of the Shirehampton Local group took place on Tuesday 14th May in the Cotswold Community Centre in Dursley Road.

The meeting discussed how the group will be organized and what actions each person would like to be involved in. This was an open meeting. Anyone who is concerned about climate change and would like to be informed of future meetings can contact maryrenee.slater@gmail.com.

If you want to know more about Extinction Rebellion you can Google them at www.risingup.org.uk, www.RebellionEarth, or www.ExtinctionRebellionBristol.

Renee Slater

Tynings Field news

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The lilacs are in blossom making the air full of a scent so you can leave your windows open on a warm day. Our new cockerel is working hard on getting his alarm sounds right but often flustered first thing. Wildflowers poke their shoots above the ground. Geese are aggressive. Apple blossom, pear and plum attracts bees and insects to pollinate and cross pollinate the many varieties we have.

Over Easter the weather was warm here trees blossom, raspberry rambled, bees buzz, hens laid, people dug and planted up while the grass has been cut by volunteers. Tiny espalier pear trees were planted 10 years after being donated by a man in Severn Road and a woman in Dursley Road now shoot 10 feet high.

People come and go to the field over the course of the day. You can meet many who stop by for a chat and sit there till the sun sinks behind Pill. Thank you to all who leave bread on the gate for birds and who give time to help out

Come and visit us on Sunday 9th June when we will be holding a plant sale and volunteer dig.

Free walk on 6 July with naturalist Steve England in Lamplighter’s Marsh Nature Reserve

Our first expert‐led walk of the summer is with Steve England, broadcaster, forager, and naturalist. If you haven’t been before, this is a bit different. On a previous walk we ate hawthorn berry chutney and bramble shoots, and sampled mugwort. We might also get to talk about connections with royalty, Heathrow, and the Remount Centre amongst the diverse past and present of Lamplighter’s Marsh.

It’s on 6 July at 10am until noon, meeting outside the Lamplighter’s pub and it’s free. The walk is along the Yellow Brick Road to the M5 Bridge and back. The walk is limited to about 20 people so that everyone can hear and join in. Such is the popularity we’ve had five bookings in the first 24 hours. Email me at john.knight@btclick.com to book a place(s).

John Knight ‐ Friends of Lamplighter’s Marsh

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This walk is funded by a grant from Greggs Foundation Environmental

Lawrence Weston Community Farm

  • Farm Tots‐  Wednesdays 10.30‐11.30am £2.50

    Help feed the animals. For under 5s and their carers. Drop in most Wednesdays. Please check Facebook for any changes.

  • Walking Group‐ Wednesdays 2‐3.30pm

    Improve your health and meet new people by joining our free, friendly, weekly walking group.

    If coming for the first time, please arrive at 1.45 to sign up.

  • Gardening Group‐  Fridays 11 ‐12.30pm

    Interested in getting involved in gardening on the farm? Come along Fridays to help with our gardens. Call Ian 0117 9381128 for more details.

  • Herbs for Health‐  First Friday of the Month 11‐12.30

    Help sow and grow a range of herbs and learn about their uses. Have a go at using them for cooking and wellbeing. Meet new people and spend time outside. These sessions are for people living locally to the farm. Free. No experience necessary. Contact Kerry@lwfarm.org.uk 0117 9381128

  • Introduction to Volunteering ‐ Mondays 10am‐1pm June 17th, 24th and July 1st and 8th

    This 4 week course will teach you about the animals and gardens and how to work safely. You will help improve the farm and meet new people. This course is free for adults over 19 years with few or no qualifications. Kerry@lwfarm.org.uk 0117 9381128

  • Herbal First Aid‐ Sat 29th June 1pm‐ 4pm £30

    Come and find out about common plants that are great for first aid and healing. Go on a forage around the farm and create your own healing ointment to take home. To find out more and book tickets https://herbal‐first‐aid.eventbrite.co.uk

It looks like a scran bag drawn in at the middle.

R. Mum

Nova School Fayre

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Nova School Fayre, Saturday 22nd June 12‐3pm

St. Mary's News -  June

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Hi Folks!

This year seems to be flying by ‐ I find it hard to believe that in three weeks’ time we shall reach the longest day, and the nights will slowly start to draw in again! Summer holidays are now rapidly approaching and we can all look forward to a well earned few weeks of relaxation be it here or somewhere abroad, where the sunshine is more or less guaranteed. For those staying in this country, let’s hope for a similar dry and warm Summer like last year.

On Sunday, 5th May, we had a Bring & Share Lunch after the morning service to say farewell to the Trinity College Theological students who have been attached to St Mary’s for the past 12 months. Sadly, we have to say farewell to Cathie & Aidan Watson, Luke Aylen and Janey Hillier, but wish them all well for their Christian lives in the paths our good Lord has mapped out for them.

  • Golden Oldies singing group‐ Wednesday, 5th June, at 10.30 am.

    The next appearance of the Golden Oldies singing group at St Mary’s is on Wednesday, 5th June, at 10.30 am. This one hour singing session appears to be growing in popularity as I see regular faces attending each month. Come along and try it for yourself!

  • Mission Area Celebration Evening‐ Wednesday, 5th June

    Also on Wednesday, 5th June, a Mission Area Celebration Evening is being held at St Andrew’s, Avonmouth, from 7.30 pm until 9.00 pm with refreshments being served at 7.00 pm. All are welcome!

  • Messy Church‐ Thursday, 20th June

    Messy Church is on Thursday, 20th June this month and is from 3.30 pm until 5.00 pm for children interested in Arts and Crafts. There is usually a short cartoon video of some religious story shown during the session and refreshments are provided FREE!

  • STOMP Dance Display‐ Saturday 22nd June at 2.00 pm

    On Saturday 22nd June at 2.00 pm there will be a STOMP Dance Display in St Mary’s which will include the Shire Stomp Group, the Patchway Stomp Group, Severn Beach Primary School and dancers who attended the Dance Fever Camp. If there are any other Dance Groups wishing to attend and join in they should contact Amy Boucher ‐ E‐mail address: confidance@rocketmail.com

  • Patronal Festival Weekend‐ Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June

    Our Patronal Festival Weekend this year is on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June. This is because our Patron Saint is St Mary the Mother of Jesus. The church will be open as usual on the Saturday morning for the serving of Tea and Coffee, but in the afternoon Cream Teas will be served and you will also be able to admire the Patchwork Group Wall Hangings, which hopefully will be finished and available for display as well as the Floral Display around the church.

  • Patronal Festival Sunday ‐ Sunday (30th June)

    On Patronal Festival Sunday (30th June), there will be NO KIDS KLUB and NO 10.00am HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE at St Mary’s as many of us will be attending an Ordination Service at Bristol Cathedral when Aidan, Luke and Janey will be ordained Deacons. In a further 12 months time after more training and working in a Parish Church they will then be ordained Priest.

    As there is no morning service that day, we shall be holding an Evening Service of Holy Communion at 6.00 pm. Please come along if you are able.

Well, that’s it for another month, but I have to ask you ‐ What sort of car did Jesus drive? Answer ‐ a Christler!

’Bye for now! C.M.E.

Hello from Shire Methodist Church!

The Easter weekend already seems a long time ago, but its message of new life continues to be celebrated. One of our members appeared on BBC TV on Easter Sunday singing her heart out with a choir at Bristol’s New Room, one of the earliest and most well‐known buildings in the history of the Methodist Church. The programme was co‐presented by Karen Gibson, famous for conducting the Kingdom Gospel choir which sang at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Some members of Shire Methodist church shared tea and chat (and an obligatory selfie!) with her during the filming.

Just before Easter Sunday, we enjoyed sharing the message of Good Friday in a walk around the village with friends from other churches, some even wearing costume! We celebrated the start of Easter itself with songs and prayers in Shirehampton Park in the early sunshine of Easter Sunday, followed by a delicious breakfast provided by our friends at St Mary’s.

We continue to meet with our friends from other local churches on the second Sunday of every month at 4.45pm to host a short church service at the Cotswold Community Centre, which is followed by refreshments. If a morning church service is not your thing, you are invited to join us there for just what you have been looking for!

Our regular Sunday services, starting at 11am, are in our own building on the High Street and continue to be a great encouragement to our members and visitors alike. We are joined each week by different speakers from around the area. Please note that we won’t be meeting in Shirehampton on 9th June, instead we will be at Sea Mills Methodist Church to share Morning Worship as part of the Sea Mills 100 Celebrations, which looks set to be a wonderful weekend of fun and reminiscing.

On the first Saturday morning of each month, 10am onwards, we host our coffee morning, complete with bacon butties, bacon supplied by Woods, Shire’s well‐known family butcher. Please pop by and give it a try (if you haven’t already)!

You are also invited to attend our free events between 2‐4pm every Monday afternoon (except bank holidays) when we alternate between a film or afternoon tea. Our films range from the old classics like the Ealing Comedies (we showed Kind Hearts and Coronets in May) to recent award‐winners like La La Land. Both are a good opportunity to come and see our new colourful and comfortable seating which has replaced the cinema‐style seats which have given decades of service. If you are interested in buying some of the vintage cinema seats that used to be our church pews, please get in touch!

Our hall is used by many groups including Weight Watchers, the Dragon Club, Shirehampton Planning Group, the Shire Newspaper and Shirehampton’s new pop‐up market. If you are interested in hiring our premises please contact Bridget Williams (0117 982 0586)

However you are continuing to celebrate the season of Easter, may God’s peace be with you

Talking Tables ‐ Lawrence Weston Farm

awaiting photo

Nature Notes…

awaiting photo

A picture to make you smile, I hope! They looked so pretty in the sunshine today, I thought I’d share them with you.

We have been witnessing the explosion of activity over the past couple of weeks, as the fledgling sparrows, closely followed by the starlings, have been filling the garden and the riverbank with their parents as they learn the art of feeding themselves. The noise at times is amazingly loud, so much a part of early Spring. I also love the jackdaws, as they let you get quite close to them when they are feeding young. They hang out in the PBA field most of the time.

Many of my friends who live locally are enjoying feeding both adult and young hedgehogs, and although I haven’t seen any evidence of them in my garden this year, I will be putting out food later on.

The sparrows in our nest box out front is still there at time of writing. We feel sure they will leave soon, but what’s the betting it will be this weekend when I’m away?! I’m sure David Attenborough would have better luck!!

I learnt a hard lesson a few days ago when coming into the back garden with the dogs after a walk. Young starlings were on the ground with parents and one was almost caught by my terrier, as I’ d released his lead on the way in, not thinking there might be birds the other side of the gate! I shouted and he stopped but had just made a slight contact with the baby before it ran to cover in the corner of the garden. I put the dogs away and we had a worrying time watching for the chick. It stayed all night, so Jeff took it to a safe place near the adults the next morning. We couldn’t see any obvious injury, so just hoped with time it would recover strength to rejoin the others. Really really hope so. The moral being, at fledging time keep the dogs on leads until safely indoors!

Happy nature watching, Bobbie Perkins

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐‐>    editor@shire.org.uk

  ‐ Sue Saunders


I am a volunteer at the After‐Stroke Club which meets every Thursday afternoon at the P.B.A. We recently applied for a grant and were thrilled to receive one from you for £100. We have purchased a new CD player and some lovely CD’s so that our clients will be able to sing along every Thursday afternoon without having to wind up the old player, which only worked when it felt like it!

Thank you so very much on their behalf,

Sue Saunders.

Sarah & Robin ‐ Congratulations.

awaiting photo
Sarah and Robin

Congratulations to Sarah and Robin on your wedding. From all your friends on the Shire Committee.

Shire newspaper AGM

Shire Newspaper will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday 5th August 2019 at 5:00 pm in the Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road, Shirehampton.

The meeting is open to the public and we would urge anyone who might be interested in joining the editorial team or contributing to any part of the production process to come along and find out more.

Articles for Shire ‐ Shropbox

awaiting photo
Shire's drop box in the library

Should you have any articles / letters for publication in and do not have access to e mail / computer we have placed a box in the Library for your submissions.

News from Your Local MP

April has brought some welcome news on two key transport projects in Shirehampton. The new railway station, to be called ‘Portway Parkway’ at the Park and Ride in Shirehampton has now been granted planning consent. This is an important part of Darren’s North Bristol Transport Plan, which seeks to deliver three major transport hubs at the key entry points into the city bringing rail, park & ride, parking and electric vehicle charging and cycle hire and lock‐up onto one site. These hubs wouldn’t just be great for residents needing to get into and out of town, but vital for our increasing commuter traffic as we try and persuade them to use public transport instead of their cars; reducing congestion and air pollution for all of us.

Darren also welcomed news that the council has submitted a planning application for the works to raise and re‐open the historic Iron Bridge (reference 19/01367/FB). From reading comments on the planning portal, social media and the emails Darren has received directly, he knows there are different views and preferences for how the bridge could have been fixed. However, given the period the bridge has been out of action, alongside the council’s severely limited financial resources and advice on the feasibility of options from English Heritage, Darren senses any alternative is highly likely to have been unfeasible or cost prohibitive or else the council would be pursuing it. Crucially for Darren, the new plans also ensure accessibility for those less able to walk‐up steps or who need flat access for wheelchairs and push chairs, thus making the bridge something everyone can use and enjoy. The application is due to be determined on 14th May. Darren has also been pleased to see investment in the junction near the bridge which has been something of an accident black‐spot in recent years.

Darren is also pleased to see the former TOFs store on the High Street will re‐open as a B and M Express. However, whilst it’s good to see one less empty premise, we all need to shop local and support our vital small businesses wherever we can.

Darren will be hosting a Café Politics sessions at Morgan’s Coffee Shop at Kings Weston House in mid‐June, if you would like to attend, and informally chat about local issues or national politics over a coffee, please book your ticket via www.darren‐jones.co.uk/cafepolitics/

Darren Jones MP

Member of Parliament, Bristol North West

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club

There was a winning start to the 2019 season when Bristol Arrow came to the green on April 14th. In rather cool conditions each side won two rinks, but the overall score ended in favour of City and Port by just six shots, in a game reduced to eighteen ends.

This was the first of almost fifty mixed friendlies to be enjoyed on Wednesdays and week‐ends between April and late September.

The first competitive game of the season was on Thursday April 25th when Bristol St. Andrews C came to the green to open the 2019 Men’s Bristol and District season. Due mainly to illness City and Port played short on two of the three rinks and consequently had shots deducted at the end of the game. But the one complete rink did well and won by enough shots to bring about an overall victory and a welcome six points to start the campaign on a positive note.

awaiting photo

The Ladies League team had to wait until May 1st for their first game, away to Portishead RBL. Ladies play two rinks and both were well contested. Each side won a rink but the hosts won overall by just two shots. City and Port picked up two points to start this seasons attempt to improve on last season’s excellent third place finish.

The ladies team has a busy time ahead with a weekly league game and participation in both Top Club and Inter Club competitions. This year’s opponents are Page Park and Ardagh respectively.

David Hinksman will be partnered by Ken Davies in the City and County pair’s competition away at Olveston in the first round.

Game of the season so far is undoubtedly the one between Julie Looker and Lindsay Collin in the first round of the Champion of Champions competition on May 7th. Lindsay is a bowler with many years’ experience at county and national levels who has won the competition and been a regional finalist in years past. So quite a challenge for Julie but with 21 shots the winning target, the game, which lasted almost two hours and saw 22 ends plus trial ends played was close throughout. There were never more than four shots between the two bowlers. With the approach of the 21 shot target the game became very nip and tuck, eventually reaching a score of 20‐20 just one more shot needed to win it. The final end, and shot was held by each player before that final wood came to rest and a measure was required to determine who was closest to the jack. By a very narrow margin it was Julie. What a good game and what a result for Julie who will now play Christine Batt of Henleaze in the second round.

Away from the green Sunday 16th June will be Big Band Night, featuring The David Salt Big Band, lead by Andrew Champion, in the ballroom starting at 7.30pm.

PBA Social & Sports Club News

Saturday 1st June FUN DAY from 12 noon to midnight. Events include Live Bands, Hot Air Balloons, Stalls and Fun Fair rides.

Regular Weekly events:

Youth Football: In conjunction with the lighter evenings the football training for the youth is back at the club grounds from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The club will be open for refreshments!

Skittles: The skittles have 2 lanes and games are played Monday to Friday 51 weeks a year with 32 teams playing with over 300 plus skittlers, ages range from 18 year to over 80. All welcome!

Bingo: Every Wednesday evening, starts at 8.30 pm. All welcome to enjoy a relaxing evening and who knows you may win!

Food: Every Friday food is served and co‐insides with the Happy Hour 4pm until 7pm.

Smelters Belters Boxing Show

Saturday 27th April Filton Community Hall, Filton, Bristol

National Smelting Co Boxing Club AKA The Smelters held their third tournament of the season at Filton Community Centre on Saturday the 27th of April. A sold out and lively crowd were treated to 16 contests. Two skills with no loser contests and fourteen hard fought competitive bouts. The host club featured in twelve of these winning and losing six each.

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National Smelting’s Logan Dorrington racks up his 15th win from 17 bouts against a very game and tough Nathan Martin of Tamar ABC.

Fantastic wins for Juniors Ronnie Butler, Josh Pook, Jazper Peacey, Josh Power, crowd pleaser Logan Dorrington and heavyweight Dan Goldstone. Gallant battling loses for Harry Moles, Harvey Tyler, Warren Portingale, Owen Vaughan, Dwayne Horne & Kyle Cripps. Supporting bout wins for Brandon Charnock & Evan Crabb of Launceston ABC.

The Smelters would like to thank all of the Coaches, Boxers, Official and supporters that helped to make this the success that it was and another Smelters Belter of a boxing show.

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