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18/06/2017 Is anyone there?

Posted by Mollie Young (Brearley), Easton in Gordano

 07788 590371

I was at Portway from 1947 - 1951 - Cabot House, yellow isn't really my colour and why did Chatterton always come top?Swimming was my sport, along with hockey and netball and school trips, not to the far-flung and varied as they are now - included 4 weeks in Bordeaux in Spring 1950. Is there anyone out there with memories? I'm in contact with Pam (Pointing), Grace (Wood), Maureen (Collins), Angela (Sandford), Betty (Room) - as Guides from 120th we meet up annually. This year Dunstan House, Burnham on Sea on Tuesday 20th June. Maybe there are others who would like to get in touch. As you can see I only got as far as crossing the river and have lived in the same house for 53 years. [ref: ]

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