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17/02/2013 Mistakes in Youth !!!

Posted by Dave Parker, B208/15 Sel Peacock Drive Henderson 0610 Auckland New Zealand

 0064 09 835 9944

I was 18 & had visited my girl friend in Pill, we met up with my mates in a pub & overdid the drinks. Consequently, returning to Shire that night fairly drunk I stood up on the gunwale of the ferry singing my heart out. The ferry operator then ran his boat into the mud & I was propelled off the ferry & into the soft mud. I managed to clamber on the ramp amid raucous laughter from all on the ferry. My best suit was plastered in the River Avon's finest mud & ruined. To cap it off , the bus conductor refused to allow me to board the bus to Avonmouth so I walked home caked in mud, an experience I never repeated. This was in the 50s,. Keith Ramsey gents outfitters made me a new suit for 12 pounds. [ref: ]

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