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Posted by Chris Goerge, 2 Blethwin Close, Henbury, Bristol BS10 7BH


I am the secretary of Avonmouth Football Club and would like the help of the local people in the area of ANY information, pictures or history on the football club. It has been a big part of my 27years alive as my father played for the club as have I the last ten seasons and with these emotional ties and the fact the club is 93years old I decided to set up our club website 14 months ago. It gets amazing hit rates of over 100,000hits a month and for a relative small club (with big ambitions) it is surprising. So now I am tying everything up, past season tables, a new in depth result history and would love to add old pictures which people may have from their playing days or as supporters through the years. It truly is an amazing club and much loved by 100's, but I know there are many more in hiding, to which I want to unearth. Many thanks, Chris George AFC [ref: ]

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