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13/08/2011 70 St Bernards Road Shirehampton

Posted by Dawne L Dawe, Alicante Spain

 0791 293005

Hi Shirehampton, My grandfather Thomas Smith and his wife Janet Smith lived at 70 St Bernards Road Shirehampton from 1930 until 1965. My grandfather worked also at the docks for the B.P.A all his life. He never told us anything of his life and I cannot even trace a birth certificate for him. Are there any records in Shire ie doctors records, parish records, where sometime over his 35 years living in Shire he might have written down his mothers maiden name or place of birth. I have been to the records office in Cumberland basin to see if they have any P.B.A employees records and they have very little, just a shot in the dark, there might be something lingering in actual Shirehampton, that I might be able to check Thanks for your time Dawne in a very hot Spain [ref: ]

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