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27/07/2011 Old school pals

Posted by David Hunt, Severn Beach

Good morning all. (Just). Several years back, something occurred which jogged the memory of a lad from our school, and I then went on to recall several things that he had been involved in, ie school plays etc. The amazing thing was that I had never thought of him in the intervening years. because we did not cross paths. (Still haven't for that matter). His name was Brian Meaker, and he lived in Beanacre, Kingsweston. Then a couple of days ago, into my mind came another name, also triggered by something right out of the blue. This time it is Peter Court. I think he went back even further to Shire Juniors. Brian was from Portway so about four years after Peter. I wonder if they are still out there reading this? I bet they don't remember me :-). (I was tiny. Four foot, ten and half inches tall when I left school. I did reach Five five and a half by the time I went in the RAF in Feb 1957. Not bad going for a nipper!!) Dave H. [ref: ]

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