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18/09/2010 The Bucklewell and Caroline Penny

Posted by Angela Smith (nee Powell), Boulder City, Nevada, USA

 (702) 417-6154 (USA)

I was very pleased to see Caroline Penny's article on the wildlife around the location of the Bucklewell. A few years ago I was thrilled to visit the elusive well. I would like to contact Caroline Penny, the author of the article, and point her in the direction of my historical novel River of Passion published by Publish America. The novel is a series of short stories relating to the Avon, Shirehampton, the Bucklewell etc. Each chapter is a different era and history of the area woven into a fictional story. The book is based on actual history of the area and 75\% of the time writing the book was taken in researching Shire's history. I was born in Shire and lived there until I was 16 when we moved to Dorset. I also published Shire a small book of reimiscences of growing up in Shire during the 50s and 60s. Thank you. [ref: ]

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