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03/08/2010 70 St Bernards Road Shirehampton Bristol

Posted by Dawne L Dawe, Spain

 0034 676831836

Can anyone in the Shirehampton area, tell me, if there are any parish records to be viewed. My grandfather Thomas Smith and his wife Janet, lived at St Bernards for most of their married life from 1930 until my grandfather passed away in 1965. My grandfather was a Home Child sent from Liverpool to Canada 1910, he eventually came back to Avonmouth where he met and married Janet Evans. I am trying to trace anything he might have given as information ie, district of Liverpool, name of his mother, any detail, whatsoever, and as he lived in Shirehampton so long I thought there might be some records I could view on the address they lived at so long. Any help would be greatly appreciated. [ref: ]

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